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When you start wedding planning, you think about all the things to help get you started, such as deciding if you want a winter wedding vs. a summer wedding, what venue you want for the reception, and so many other things. But, one thing that you should definitely know before you start buying bridesmaid dresses, ordering flowers, and beautiful wedding motifs is to find your wedding colours.


Hi, girls! It’s the right time to think about your wedding colour theme if you have settled to have your big day in 2020. Lucky for you, we’ve helped so many brides and bridesmaids find their perfect colours for their weddings, and now we want to share with you our favourite wedding colours that are getting huge in 2020. We hope these colour palettes will inspire you and get you one step closer to the most magical day of your life! Happy pinning always!


For the future brides and grooms, there are a lot of decisions to make. From a wedding dress to the wedding cake. One of the things that are important for your special day are colours, which can be crucial. When it comes to colours, you should always pay attention to choose the right combinations.


The perfect time to get married is in summer. This time also gives you a lot of options for the right colour combos. We decided to introduce all the combinations that will look amazing on your wedding day, and for sure they will be a total hit in 2020.


Wedding colour trends are continually changing, and being on-trend can be a complete minefield. The possibilities are endless, with a multitude of colours, tones and trends. Getting the colour right can be a real art and something that sets you apart from all other weddings, is having your own style, which is why it is so important to make your wedding your own and implement your style and taste into your wedding.


A ton of brides likes to find out what the trending wedding colours are, what the most popular colours of the year are, what the most popular wedding colours are based on season, or just merely like looking up what the Pantone wedding colours are for the year. Get ready because we’re here to help you and so many other brides to find their perfect wedding colours for their 2020 weddings!


If there is one leading guide that brides all over the world can trust every year that predicts colours prevalent in high-fashion and pop culture each year, that is Pantone colours of the year. Based on experience planning my own wedding, this was extremely helpful!


What is Pantone, you ask? Basically, the Pantone colour decides what the next colour trends will be for each year and provides wedding colour ideas. These popular wedding colours will then be prevalent in the fashion industry as well as observe media, technology, and even more for possible themes and colours the following year! 




This gender-neutral mint colour is a great pastel shade of green predicted to dominate fashion and interiors. It’s also on our very own list of top 2020 wedding colour schemes. It’s a fresh, oxygenating tone that is aligned with nature and yet goes in harmony with just about everything!



Purist Slate Blue is the sunny and softer side of the familiar blue hue we’ve come to associate with calm and relaxed traits. Blue and all its shades represent meditation, peace, and escapism, which grounds us and yet uplifts us because of its association with spirituality.


Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year, Classic Blue, is the perfect hue to set the mood for a laid-back summer wedding. Punchy Pink, peach, light ivory, and organic green all come together with this beautiful rich sky blue to create a palette that’s reminiscent of the summer sky at dusk. It’s calm, restful, and elegantly simple. If you’re a free-spirited couple looking for a nostalgic or bohemian wedding theme that intertwines colour with a nostalgic feel, then this could be the palette for you. 


Mulberry Purple

If you tend to shy away from pink and purple hues, you might want to take another look at Mulberry Purple – a colour that offers a more profound blend of purple and Pink. This is a grown-up glam, coming of age, yet surprisingly soothing colour.



Cantaloupe is a rejuvenating colour that compliments every gender, even if it is associated with being soft and sweet. This colour is known to create a perfect balance between the physical and mental aspects of a person.


Champagne Yellow

Champagne yellow is touted to be the next “millennial pink”. It’s been linked to well-loved brands and psychologically proves it is the most energetic colour due to its light hue – catching the human eye.


Dusty Aqua 

Shades of aqua are having a major moment. We saw this trend start to emerge in 2019 as a jewel-toned turquoise, and we’re excited to see subtle and sweet hues paired with other trending colours (hint: sherbet pink) of the year!


Sherbet Pink 

The 80s called, they said we could steal the colour pink in 2020! Expect to see a soft version of this colour used in subtle, even unexpected, places this year. Think shoes, small decor accessories, bowties, pattern-play, etc. We can’t wait for more of this one!



Go bold or go home — colour blocking is in, and saffron will surely be used in lots of blocked colour combos in 2020! We can’t wait to see how our brides get creative with this orangey mustard hue.


Punchy Rust 

Oh, you thought we were leaving rust in 2019? Nope! It’s here to stay — and in an even bigger way. Expect the rust trend to take on an element of punch this year. The colour will come to the forefront of design in bold ways.



Rose pink + Grey

With this combination of colours, you will get a bright look. It’s a perfectly balanced combo that will look amazing on your wedding day. You can choose the rose pink colour of the bridal dress and grey suit for the groom and groomsmen. Rose pink bouquets have an impressive look.


Blush + Grey

One of the primary colours that are present in every wedding is blush. It always gives a gorgeous look for the bridal dresses and also you can choose bouquets in this colour. Grey suit with the blush tie is an excellent choice.


Dusty Blue + Blush

These colours are always the right choice for summer and spring weddings. White gown for the bride and dusty blue bridal dresses are a perfect match. Add to that blush bouquets with dusty blue grooms tie, and there is a fairytale for you. You can also consider silver-grey table linen with blush centrepieces.


Dusty Rose + Black

If you choose dusty rose for your special day, you will not make a mistake. It looks good with everything – bridesmaids dresses, bouquets or centrepieces. To make a perfect match, you should consider a black suit for the groom.


Lavender + Light Purple

Lavender and Light Purple is a fantastic combo for summer weddings. Your bridesmaids will look gorgeous in lavender dresses. With a white bridal gown and light purple bouquets, you will get an elegant look. You can also choose white wedding cake with light purple flower decorations or white linen and lavender centrepieces.


Purple + Pink

If you are looking for something gentle and stylish, you should consider this combo. Imagine your bridesmaids in mismatched pink and purple dresses with purple and pink wedding bouquets, and you will get perfect summer wedding. You can also choose white wedding cake with purple or pink decorations.


Hot Pink + Ice blue

For a bright and classy wedding, you should choose this colour combo. You can make a combination with a white wedding gown and ice blue bridesmaids dresses. You should add to this hot pink wedding bouquets and white linen with pink centrepieces. For the groom and groomsmen choose black suits.


White + Light blue

This simple but elegant combination is a perfect choice for spring and summer weddings. You can choose light blue bridesmaids dresses, and you can arrange wedding bouquets with blue and white flowers.


Custom Pinor Noir, Custom Warm Orchid, Custom Honey, Custom Icy Moss, Custom Waterfall

A wedding with a rosy vibe is all you need for a lovely and bright day! Pretty pinks paired with golden yellow and minty green hues create a wondrous balance of hot and cool for any summer wedding. This palette brings gorgeous graphics, playful patterns, and florals of all types to life effortlessly across wedding day décor and apparel, making it easy to set a pretty yet ethereal atmosphere. And really, you almost want to bite into a delicious slice of watermelon after playing with these hues!



Custom Papaya, Light Salmon, Honey, Clover Green


The warmth of summer is on full display with this bold and mature colour palette! Sure, orange isn’t your typical wedding colour these days (in the 1970s, definitely yes). Still, this lush tropical palette proves you can really elevate your wedding day décor and details with invigorating colour. Orange and yellow are cheerful colours that are sure to spark joy with your guests. Light salmon pink and clover green provide just enough contrast to keep this stunning palette grounded and organic.


While this palette emanates a tropical feel, it’s quite adaptable across various wedding styles—bohemian, rustic, and modern, for instance. Warm palettes like this also complement a variety of textures, such as wood, metal, and velvet!



Custom Lavender, Custom Waterfall, Custom Pineapple, Lace

We all know that everything comes back into style eventually, right? This vintage palette painted in lavender, pastel green, poppy pineapple, and cool lace is just the proof! Enter the term “granny chic” into your vocab— because you’re going to need to know that if you are drawn to a pastel combo like this along with retro prints, wallpaper, and kitschy décor! We absolutely adore it and are excited by all the possibilities of incorporating this look and its feminine palette into a blooming summer wedding.



Custom Antique Sage, Custom Lemon, Coconut, Peach, Custom Butter Pecan

This is sweet as an ice-cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day! Minty sage and lemon yellow come together in delightful harmony in this mood-boosting palette. It has us dreaming of grabbing a nap in a grove of willow trees on a lazy, summer day. The happy-go-lucky duo is complemented by neutral peach and tan which also gives it an overall nostalgic feel. There are so many natural ways to bring these colours into a summer wedding—think sunflowers, eucalyptus, succulents, goldenrod, and other gorgeous botanicals.



Custom Papya, Ash Rose, Coconut, Peach, Matte Copper

Exuding a shabby chic and vintage feel, this sunny palette is great for rustic, late-summer wedding themes. Gold, dusty blush hues, and copper come together in a way that is down to earth and easy to incorporate for a garden escape or modern city setting alike. Think of incorporating wood, fun textures, straight lines, and muted florals into your summer nuptials. If warm-and-cozy meets airy is what you’re looking for, then this will surely have your heart—​and wedding guests dancing at a party that will stand out in every single way!



Custom Antique Blue, Custom Ashwood, Custom Honey, Custom Soft Blush, Custom Celadon

For a picture-perfect summer wedding colour scheme, simply look up at the sky! Make pale antique blue into your something blue while setting the stage for a chic midsummer affair. Much like fresh dewdrops after a warm summer rain shower, this colour palette of antique blue, woodsy tan, honey, sweet blush, and minty green comes together with a certain softness you won’t be able to find elsewhere. These summer wedding colours are light, airy, and easy to incorporate into nearly every part of your big day—from attire to flowers, table linens, and stationery.



Custom Pineapple, Custom Papaya, Watermelon, Pink Glass, White

Summer is the perfect time to add bold pops of cheerful colour. In a halo of sunny yellow, your summer wedding day will be filled with cheerful smiles and happy energy with this popping palette! It doesn’t get any more deliciously sweet than yellow, papaya and pinks coming together with a soft ombre effect that has us dreaming of yummy sorbet. The colours are playful and feminine, and even evoke a bit of a bohemian and slightly rustic vibe. This lighthearted palette is romantic, sweet, and full of fun summer vigour.


Do you love 2020 wedding colours? We hope you are obsessing over these colour schemes as much as we are! If you now have an idea of what wedding colours you are moving forward with based off our popular wedding colours, Pantone wedding colours of 2020, or the seasonal wedding colours of 2020 talked about in this blog, be sure to take the next step and order a colour swatch or shop our bridesmaid’s collection! Also, we’d love to hear about how we’ve helped you make your dream wedding come true – be sure to comment below and share the love!


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