What is good wedding entertainment?

Wedding entertainment ideas have evolved significantly over the years and can be what sets a wedding over the top for guests. Good entertainment will not only keep your guests engaged throughout the reception, but will also act as an essential icebreaker. You are likely to have guests who are not familiar with others in attendance, so stirring activities will encourage your friends and family to mingle. But how can you make sure you find the right entertainment for all types of personalities, without settling for stale options? 

Weddings are wonderful occasions for sure but without doubt, long days. On average, a wedding from start to finish is 10 hours long and with that comes a lot of downtime for your guests.

But it needn’t be like this! With a little thought and planning, your wedding can be the talk of the town. Keeping guests occupied with things to do/watch/interact with is the way to go.

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As a regular wedding guest, I know a good wedding when I see one. The ones that stick in my mind are those where entertainment/activities have been laid on for the guests. A little downtime during the day is great, but by implementing some of these suggestions, your guests will love you forever!

Planning a wedding can feel like a full-time job unto itself. While you want to showcase your personality and your joy at being a couple in love, you also want to show your guests a party they won’t forget. That’s why entertainment is so important!

Good wedding entertainment keeps people engaged throughout your special day and gives them something to remember forever. Whether you choose a traditional wedding band or go for something unexpected and unique, here are our top ten forms of wedding entertainment for 2020 and 2021. 

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Top Wedding Entertainment Ideas for 2020/2021


Your guests will not be expecting a magician to entertain them as they dine, drink, and dance – and that’s what makes a magician an exciting and unusual choice.

Sax players

Who doesn’t want to unleash their inner “Careless Whispers?” A saxophonist can add some jazz to your wedding in the best possible way. 

Glitter bars 

Hire a glitter artist to cover your guests, young and old alike, with enough glitter to look like they’re heading to a festival. 

Fire performer

The edgy drama of a fire spinner will take your wedding reception to the next level. 

Champagne skirts

A hostess with a customized champagne skirt will make their way around your reception, offering champagne flutes to one and all. 


Everyone loves to see themselves through the eyes of a caricaturist, and the drawings make a wonderful keepsake. 

Children’s performer 

If you plan to invite children to your reception, it is a good idea to provide them with their source of entertainment. A children’s performer will delight the kiddies while the adults party the evening away. 


There’s a reason why wedding bands are a popular staple – everyone loves to dance during the reception. Choose a band that specializes in the style of music you like best, and who are willing to play a range of classics and contemporary hits. 


There’s a reason that so many people love having a photo booth at weddings and parties! They give guests an excuse to let loose and gives them a keepsake to take home. 

Casino tables

Fancy a dance with lady luck? Set up a casino table at your wedding, with fun gifts as the prizes. 

Marshmallow by the Fire

No matter how big or small the event, something sweet by the fire will always be a welcomed treat, for all ages! Especially if you’re planning for a Summer/ Autumn wedding, having a fire outside when the weather is nice is never a bad idea!

Props For Your Guests

There’s one common thing that unites all of your guests – they all want to have fun!

So whether you’re getting lots of masks for your wedding party to get some goofy photos or some props they can dress with on the dance floor, it will always make for great fun and awesome pictures!

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Role Play

I loved this idea! If you’re from an artistic background ( don’t have to be, though) and maybe have some friends who are talented “actors”, ask them to do a role play for your guests! It can be a day in the life of the couple or how they met or any truly fun story and can be slightly exaggerated! It will make everyone laugh with tears, I promise you! It’s such a great ice breaker during the canapés time, for example.

Hire a Magician

Seriously, you NEED to hire a magician! I’ve rarely seen so many faces drop and people being so entertained and laughing whilst having their necklace stolen in front of them. It’s such a brilliant idea for your wedding reception entertainment, and we know just the guy you will want to hire! He is incredible!

We have an awesome magician to recommend for your wedding or event! Check out Matthew Le Mottee; he’s an incredible magician we saw with our own eyes and still have no idea what had happened!

Slideshow Sing-Along

Another one of my favourite ideas – slideshow sing-along.

This one works well for the groom actually- last chance to embarrass him with pictures from College, in front of his new wife and family. Ask the groom’s friends or family who know him best to put together a slideshow with some funny or embarrassing moments from his childhood and make a poem or sing a song to describe the images.

It can go on for ages and gets the best reactions from everyone!

Famous Person Impersonator

Yes, this is a thing. And yes, Michael Jackson is not dead!

This was the first time we’ve seen an impersonator, but it got everyone so excited and started cheering whilst he was making the famous dance moves! Nobody knew this was coming, so definitely a night to remember!

If you want to check out the France wedding who revived Michael Jackson, here’s the entire story, it might give you an idea or two!

Acrobat Musicians

If I were to rate the most exciting and memorable wedding entertainment I’ve ever seen at a wedding, it would hand down be this one – an acrobatic musician.

This girl played her songs so perfectly and beautifully as I’ve never heard before – all whilst spinning around and turning upside down with a huge circus circle! Everyone was speechless and for the best reasons! If you ever hire them, please have us shoot your wedding. We’ll even give you a discount, just so we can listen to them again, for real.

A couple who tried this and proved to be a fantastic idea is Jess + Moses, whose New Forest wedding we shot a while back and I still remember as if it was yesterday!

Glow Sticks

Love how creative people are when it comes to their wedding reception entertainment and having glow sticks is so much fun! Makes for great photos during the evening reception and also for great entertainers for your guests!

Pizza Van

Whilst having a pizza van for your wedding isn’t necessarily a game or an entertainer for your guests, it’s certainly a way to make everyone happy and also seems to bring people together!

I vote that every wedding should have a pizza van at one point in the evening.

Ice Cream Truck 

Are you planning a Summer wedding? Do you love ice cream? No happy human would say NO to this. Then, it would help if you had an ice cream truck.

Bouncy Castle

Another fantastic idea if you have children attending your wedding – have a bouncy castle to keep them happily entertained outside. You’ll soon find everyone loves it and grown-ups will most likely be trying it, too. Another one for your wedding entertainment ideas list!

Check out some of Melbourne’s best Wedding Singers to help you celebrate on your special day.

Flash Mob

Have you ever seen a flash mob on YouTube and wished you were there, too?! There’s something so exciting about watching people dancing out of nowhere, with the same moves!

Imagine surprising the bride and groom with a flash mob on their wedding day! Or you could even get them involved, too, and surprise everyone else present at the wedding! I bet there will be some awesome reactions! So so lucky to have seen this happen during this Scotland wedding! The bride’s reaction was priceless, as this was one of her dreams!


Hiring a caricaturist for a few hours during the wedding reception is such a brilliant idea! It also creates an instant keepsake for your guests and something so special to remember your wedding day. Highly recommend this one! Can’t wait to see it at a wedding!


If you’re the non-traditional type, then having a Piñata for your wedding is the best idea ever! It can be hung from a tree outside or somewhere inside the venue, and it can even replace your wedding cake! Fill it with candies and let the fun begin!

Heads or Tail/Answers Fun Questions

Another game we loved seeing during a wedding reception in the Cotswolds was a heads or tails game.

Have someone organize it and get people at the tables to flip the coin. Last one standing gets to win a prize, of course! A bottle of champagne or a chocolate box is a simple and cheap idea to get everyone entertained and interact with each other as many probably meet for the first time! Wish I had thought of this for my wedding!

Selfie Stick On Dinner Tables

Do you have lots of younger people invited to your wedding?

Then have a selfie stick on the tables and make sure you create your wedding hashtag so they can tag you if they post the photo on social media! That way, you get to see lots of fun and silly poses during the wedding reception.

Make Your Wedding Cake

Another unique but incredibly fun experience was seeing the chef bringing out all the components for the wedding cake – for the guests to put together!

Gloves were involved, of course, but instantly, some guests turned into children whilst playing with fruits and cream to build up a delicious-looking cake- whilst everyone else was taking photos on their phones and sharing them! What a great way to have people talking about your wedding – or your wedding venue! Another one of my favourite wedding, reception entertainment ideas!

It’s so hard to name my top favourite wedding reception ideas, but making your wedding cake is one of the top 5, at least! Here’s the amazing barn wedding if you care to see.


Another game that best suits your competitive guests, table football — or foosball — is a fun wedding entertainment idea for everyone. Set up a row of three or four tables for your reception and start the fun with a bride vs. groom grudge match for all of your guests to watch. Then let your guests compete — make it just for fun or offer a grand prize at the end of the night for the winner/winning team.

Wedding table Mad Libs

Treat your friends and family to good fun that they can enjoy from the comfort of their seats. Leave custom Mad Libs at each place setting and bring on the roar of laughter as your guests wait for their meals or the dance floor to ramp up. Set aside a collection box by the exit and read all of your guests’ answers for a good chuckle after your big day.

Scavenger hunt

Make a list of 10-20 wedding reception memories for guests to capture on their phones with a digital scavenger hunt. Encourage your guests to mingle with others they may not know for a “new friends selfie” or take a photo of their favourite centrepiece – everyone can follow along with the wedding hashtag. Be sure to limit this to the reception only, so your guests aren’t distracted and snapping photos during your ceremony.

Cigar bar

Infuse your reception with a touch of old-school class in the form of an Instagram-worthy cigar bar. Be sure to stock the bar with a variety of flavours and blends that your guests can tailor to suit their preferences. As a bonus, hire a cigar-friendly bartender to educate your friends and family on the best cocktails to pair with their cigar.

S’mores and bonfires

Spread some more love at your reception! Cue the campfire and draw in your guests of all ages with warm blankets and sweet treats. Best suited for a late fall or winter wedding, making s’mores over a cozy fire is the perfect relaxing reception activity.


Add a dash of mystery to your special day with a magical performance. A magician can break the lull between the wedding dinner with more variety than directly jumping to an energetic DJ. The right magician will be able to mix up their act and props to match the theme of your wedding.

Colouring booth

Make a bright statement and incorporate the comeback of colouring books into your wedding day. Varying levels of difficulty will keep the kids – and adults – entertained by putting their artistic skills to the test. Distribute pre-made wedding colouring books or create a custom colouring book inspired by photos taken throughout your relationship.

Balloon Darts

Up the ante of a traditional dartboard with a DIY paint balloon dartboard. The game is cost-effective, simple to organize, and extremely fun to play. Tack vibrant balloons filled with assorted paints – likely matching the colour scheme of your wedding – to your board. Depending on how you look at it, the result of this activity will create a beautiful, whimsical splatter or daring modern art that you can treasure forever.

Dance-Off Competition

Who wouldn’t find a dance-off competition fun to watch??

If you’re hiring a live band for your wedding in the evening, ask them to organize a dance-off competition between guys/ girls or between groomsmen/ bridesmaids and so on. We’ve seen this at a wedding and let me tell you, everyone rocked some crazy moves on the dance floor!

We were even asked to judge who the winner was! It was hilarious, and got everyone started! Best off – this idea doesn’t cost you a penny!

Beer Pong

You may have heard about beer pong before, but have you ever seen it at a wedding? I’ll tell you; it is SO much fun! It brings strangers together, and everyone has a good laugh! If your wedding venue happens to have a ping-pong table at hand, don’t miss this chance! One of my favourite entertainment ideas!


Organizing a bonfire in the evening doesn’t work for any wedding or location, but if it does, it’s such a wonderful idea! Having people around the fire is just the right way to end a very exciting day! There’s something truly magical about fire, so I don’t need to convince you it’s a good idea.

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Who doesn’t love some fireworks? Again, depending on the location of your wedding and even of the season, having fireworks is a fun way to get everyone together staring at the sky. It gets lots of fun reactions and some pretty photos, too. It is a bit pricey, of course, but if this is high on your list, then do it! It’s only once you get to do whatever you want.

If you’re planning to have a wedding cocktail before the actual reception, we can help you with that, as well. Here’s a collection of our favourite wedding cocktail hour games for you to keep everyone busy and cheerful.

It isn’t easy to select the perfect entertainment or activity for your wedding day, so pick something that complements your theme and adds to the overall ambience. If you can’t decide on one, narrow it down to a handful that is manageable for your budget and unique venue space. Whatever option you choose, ensure the entertainment is enjoyable and will stand out in your guests’ memory for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Entertainment

Wedding Cocktail Hour Ideas to Keep Guests Entertained
  1. Create Photo Ops. While you're having pictures taken, create opportunities for your guests to take a few photos of their own. 
  2. Let Them Play Games. 
  3. Interactive Guest Books. 
  4. Interactive Drink Stations. 
  5. Don't Forget the Little Ones.
Group Games & Interactive Activities
  1. The Shoe Game. This is one of our favourite games to play at wedding receptions! 
  2. Wheel of Fun. 
  3. Word Search. 
  4. Poker Station. 
  5. Dart Art Station. 
  6. Themed Photo Booth. 
  7. Create a Custom Snapchat Geofilter for Your Reception. 
  8. Board Game Station.

Background. Today the term "elopement" is colloquially used for any marriage performed in haste, with a limited public engagement period or without a public engagement period. Some couples elope because they wish to avoid parental or religious objections.

Favourite (and unique) ideas to keep your wedding guests entertained throughout the day.
  1. Hire food stations. 
  2. Encourage some friendly competition. 
  3. Think beyond a photo booth. 
  4. Consider your venue. 
  5. Mix it up! 
  6. Encourage some DIY. 
  7. Go all out with the favours. 
  8. Start conversations.
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