What should be included in a wedding video?

wedding video

Wedding videos are an essential part of any wedding. Many couples prefer to have no video shoot at their weddings, which they; however, regret later. Wedding videography is critical. There are so many moments that you miss during the wedding, you can enjoy those moments later via your wedding video. Wedding videography is a perfect way to relive those precious moments.

Shooting the video of a wedding is a big responsibility that comes with a level of stress. The best way to reduce the stress and capture everything the couple wants is to plan the shots and ensure you have the right equipment shooting at the right resolution.

Talk with the participants to get a feel for the timeline of the activities, so you can be in the right place at the right time. Work with them to develop a list of important shots, and keep the list with you as you shoot the wedding.

Wedding videos are great for capturing authentic moments with guests, saving your favourite memories, sharing your ceremony with distant loved ones, and much more. These 29 wedding video ideas are among the most inspiring and creative you’ll find, covering a wide range of budgets, types, and styles. So whether you want wedding video ideas for you and your partner to watch after the big day, ideas for wedding videos to be shown during the reception, or even ideas to be shared with guests before the actual wedding, this post has something for everyone!

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Must-Have Wedding Shots

There’s only one first kiss at the end of the ceremony. If you miss it, there is no re-do. Good planning puts you in the right place to capture these must-have moments.

Traditional wedding video shots that should be part of every wedding video include:

  • Groom waiting at the altar.
  • Processional with the bride’s entrance.
  • Vow recital.
  • First kiss as a married couple.
  • Recessional.
  • First dance.
  • Cake cutting.
  • Bouquet toss.
  • Father-daughter dance.
  • Best man and maid of honour toasts.

wedding video

Preparation Shots

You can take a few shots as the wedding party prepares, but some, such as the groom pinning on his boutonniere, require some staging (or good timing).

Before the ceremony, look for these shots:

  • Bride and bridesmaids are getting ready.
  • Exterior shot of the church or venue.
  • Interior wide shot of the church or venue.
  • Altar.
  • Flowers.
  • Wedding program.
  • Groom and ushers hanging out.
  • Pinning boutonniere on the groom.

The Ceremony

Generally, the ceremony is the hardest part of the wedding to film. If possible, bring along an assistant who can record from a second angle. Views of both the groom’s face and the bride walking down the aisle, for example, make for interesting, poignant footage.

Other parts of the ceremony to shoot include:

  • Guests being escorted down the aisle.
  • Guests sitting, reading programs, and talking.
  • Family members entering the venue or church.
  • Father kissing the bride and handing her off to the groom.
  • The ceremony. Record it all if you have space, and edit later.
  • The must-have shots mentioned previously of the groom at the altar, the processional and bride’s entrance, the first kiss and the recessional.

The Reception

With the tough business of filming the ceremony over, you can relax a bit and have fun at the reception. In addition to the shots previously mentioned, look for these opportunities:

  • Exterior shot of reception site.
  • Guests signing guestbook.
  • Receiving line.
  • Champagne toast.
  • Cocktail hour.
  • Servers passing food.
  • Ice sculpture.
  • Table tags.
  • Gift table.
  • Wide shot of reception room.
  • Closeup of place settings.
  • Guest favours.
  • Centrepiece.
  • Blessing.
  • The first dance of couple.
  • Cake cutting.
  • Bouquet toss.
  • Garter removal.
  • Last dance of the evening.
  • The newlyweds’ exit.

The Unexpected

Even with a prepared list of shots, be open to unexpected opportunities to capture the mood of the day. Watch for the ring bearer and flower girl to giggle or play. Record a glance between the newlyweds, a spontaneous (or planned) group dance, or the happy tears of a parent. These emotional moments add immensely to the wedding video.

Wedding Video Tips and Tricks

If you would like to put your wedding on film without incurring too many costs, then you can make your video. This is a possible option and is one that many couples have chosen in the past and present. With that in mind, we have collected a range of helpful advice that you can use to make your complete wedding videos as captivating as possible.

Do I Need a Videographer for my Wedding?

Even if you are going to take control of your wedding videos, it’s still important that you hire someone who can oversee the process. After all, it is your wedding day, so there will be a lot for you to think about beyond making videos. Therefore, you need to select a videographer. You can choose one of your guests to be the videographer, but you will need to make sure they have a decent camera to use. When you are thinking about this, here are some other options:

  • You can pay a college student to do the filming so that one of your guests does not have to do it and you can keep costs down.
  • You can allow guests to take their footage so they can send it to you later. You can then package it all into a series of clips or a full movie.
  • You can use special techniques like drone wedding videography to do the filming from a distance. This would be an unforgettable way to record videos.
  • The Elements Needed for Successful Filming
  • When you are having videos recorded at your wedding, the logistics and the person filming are both important factors, but these are secondary matters. It is the quality of your videos that truly makes a difference. We have discussed them below.

A Good Camera

There are many options available for you to record video footage at your wedding. You do not have to use just one, as combining them can provide you with unique viewpoints and extra video content to enjoy.

Some of your options include:

  • Smartphones — many mobile devices have high-quality cameras that only take seconds to start filming. They can be great for capturing spontaneous moments.
  • Portable cameras — some cameras can be strapped to your head or worn on your body. These are great if you want to retain some flexibility whilst your filming. They will allow your chosen videographer to film more easily.
  • Video cameras — it might be worth hiring a specialist camera that is made for events like weddings. There are some basic models out there that are ideal.
  • Drone wedding videography — using drones to film your wedding is something you might not have thought of before, but if you would like a birds’ eye view, then there is no better choice. However, you will need to make sure drones are legal where you live.

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Additional Components

  • A camera is essential, but its effectiveness will be boosted by including some other pieces of equipment on your list. These include
  • A tripod — just like any major event, there is a lot of noise and movement. It can be difficult to keep a camera steady and prevent any blurring taking place. If you can find a tripod and position it securely, then your videos will look a lot better. You can find ones that work for ordinary cameras and smartphones.
  • Batteries and memory cards — you would not want any of your equipment to fail or run out of space during your special day, so make sure that you have got spare storage space and batteries.
  • Voice recording — getting the visuals is only one part of recording videos. The sound is equally important, but it will only be picked up if you have a great microphone. The main focus will be the wedding vows and speeches delivered at the reception, and this is when the camera should be positioned close to the speakers. It is worth doing a test run with microphones.
  • Light — when filming, you will want to ensure that the video comes out looking bright and easy to watch. Therefore, you will need to check the lighting at your venue.

Explore must-see wedding video ideas:

The best wedding video ideas combine filming style with unique moments and perspectives. Whether you plan on hiring a videographer or making your wedding video yourself, use one or more of the following ideas to capture your day the way you and your partner want to remember it.

Create a wedding trailer.

Use dialogue, music, and various clips throughout the day to create a story. Order the clips chronologically, but look for moments within sections (like the ceremony or the photo session after) that capture the emotions you felt during that period. Add music that emphasizes those feelings and include dialogue through voiceover if you’d like to add commentary, or through natural ceremony moments like the “I dos.”

Make a social media collage.

Use your wedding hashtag to identify videos of your ceremony and reception taken by your guests. Look for their videos on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Save and edit their videos in the order of events for the day. Use an app such as Animoto to add finishing touches like music.

Interview the exes.

This only works if you’re all on good terms and they’re already invited to the wedding, but a good-natured participant can add some fun to the wedding video if you choose to include them. Ask them what it was like to date each other and what advice they would give to your future spouse. This could also be a hilarious option to show to your guests during the reception. 

Make it funny.

Pick out your favourite moments from your wedding day and create a video around that. For example, we’ve heard of a bride who asked that all her brother’s “um’s” and “uh’s” during his reception speech be cut into one hilarious mega clip for her to torture him with. So the sky is the limit.

Be sentimental by honouring loved ones.

Honour those you’ve lost by including clips of them at their weddings alongside similar ones of yours. For example, if you have a clip of them making a silly face while getting ready for their big day, mimic that shot while you’re getting ready, too. If you don’t have their videos available, then add photos of them to your video slideshow.

Focus on the reception.

If you’ve chosen to elope, a reception wedding video is a great way to capture the fun with all your friends and family. Pro tip: Capturing audio at reception is challenging because of the music and conversations going on in the background, so make sure you or your videographer has a lavalier microphone to capture the moment without having to stop the party.

Highlight the ceremony.

If you choose to focus your wedding video on the ceremony, you’ll want to set up at least three camera angles: Down the aisle cam, groom cam, and bride cam. Editing these points of view together will help you capture every moment. And if you have a professional videographer, they’ll help set up and run these angles, plus capture more candid moments on a handheld for those small-yet-special moments, like your favourite aunt turning in her chair to watch you walk down the aisle.

Creatively save the date.

Reenact your proposal, add title cards that tell the story of your journey as a couple, or even hire an animator to create a beautiful cartoon version of the video like the unique storybook example below. Make sure you at least include large and legible text that clearly states your names, the wedding venue address, and the ceremony date and time. Cover all your bases by adding this information to the video description box if it’s uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo.

Capture the proposal.

There are two options for every proposal wedding video. You can either film the surprise by setting up cameras ahead of time and asking invited observers to assist using their smartphone cameras. Or you can reenact the moment with enhancements that make it look extra beautiful on film. For example, filming at that same location during sunset hours will help you capture a magical glow, plus some gorgeous B roll footage of the sun going down.

Introduce the wedding party.

Get the gang involved by asking them to introduce themselves, say what their role is in the wedding party, and explain how they know the bride or groom. They can also add a line or two of advice they would give about marriage and some good wishes. This is another option that you can have completed before the big day.

Use mixed media.

A mixed media wedding video uses a combination of different filming styles and cameras to capture a truly unique feeling that can reflect the way you want to remember your special day. For example, suppose your goal for the wedding video is to highlight your most important family members. In that case, you can combine interviews of them with getting-ready footage, adding their loving messages in voiceover for some poignant moments.

Do a same-day edit.

Same-day edits are wedding getting-ready and ceremony videos that are edited and shared during the reception. It’s a beautiful keepsake that doubles as entertainment for your guests. Make sure you trust whoever you hire or ask to do this edit since their first draft will also be their last and you’ll be too busy to give them notes on it before it’s shown.

Try stop-motion.

Stop-motion is a whimsical film technique that stops filming, moves a person or object within the shot, then begins filming again. In the amazing example shown below, the videographer chose to use stop-motion on items such as the bridal party’s shoes, the glassware, and the couple cutting the cake.

Turn it into a music video.

Recreate your favourite music video or give your unique spin on a song you love. One important thing to know: Copyright laws might prevent you from sharing this on social media and YouTube.

Tell your love story through interviews.

You and your partner can talk separately about the night you met, your first kiss, and the first time you said you love each other. The differences between your two stories may be heartfelt or hilarious, depending on the outcome. You could get the perspective of your family members and wedding party too if they were an integral part of your union.

Do a film parody.

Make a mini version of your favourite movie. If you’re not interested in learning lines, you can always recreate a memorable scene such as The Notebook film’s kissing in the rain moment. If it’s a dry day outside, have friends dump water bottles over your heads, so it’s visible in the shot for a hilarious take on the iconic moment.

Lip sync with your wedding party and guests.

The below example of a cute wedding video shows scenes from the ceremony intercut with their bridal party joyfully dancing and lip-syncing to a Justin Timberlake song.

Host a video booth.

Assign a camera operator to set up and run a camera in front of two seats in a quiet spot of the wedding venue. Give them prompts to answer or invite them to use the video as a digital signature book.

Get the kids involved.

Kids say (and film) the darndest things so, with permission from their parents, have them use a smartphone to capture moments they love about the wedding. You can even create a video scavenger hunt to entertain them with items like “best dance move” and “funniest bridal party member” on their list.

Send video thank-you notes.

Film 10-second videos are thanking each guest for their time and gift. Add special effects, music, and text to make it extra special. TikTok is a great platform for short-form videos like these because it offers plenty of creative editing options and allows you to easily send your creations to family and friends who don’t have the app.

Share your honeymoon trip.

Film your partner dozing off by the pool, your first dinner together, and any funny moments you may share while you’re out adventuring.

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Film in a cinematic style.

Cinematic wedding videos are a little more elaborate than your average wedding video because they’re more like an artistic short film rather than a compilation of the day’s best moments. As professional wedding cinematographers White in Revery discuss in their vlog on filming cinematic weddings, they often go out of their way the days or hours before the wedding to create Hollywood-like scenes to elevate the piece. Natural landscapes such as beaches or forests look pleasantly dramatic, as do candles, hanging lights, and paper lanterns.

If you’re not confident in your skills as a video director, producer, and editor, there are plenty of wedding videography packages to choose from. Before you shop around, make sure you have some wedding video ideas — like the ones above! — in mind, so you can capture the essence of your wedding exactly as you want to remember it.

We hope this guide has helped take some of the stress out of planning video for your wedding. Now, it’s time to start making videos—and we’re here to make it easy.

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