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31+ Ultimate Bucks Night Party Ideas in Brisbane (2024)

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Organizing an Epic Bucks Party in Brisbane?

Brisbane? Are you even being serious with me right now… It was a phrase you may have heard 10 years ago as a possible Bucks destination. Not anymore, the locals are fit, and the nightclub scene possesses some of the biggest venues and parties in Australia.

Wedding season is coming, and you can't say "I do" without an epic party with your boys. As it so happens, there's a ton of ways to have a significant event in the city that can fit every type of mood and style. Without further ado, here are the best bucks party ideas in Brisbane.

Ideas for a bucks party in Brisbane doesn't mean you need to default to strip clubs or getting hammered on a bar crawl. There are plenty of other things to do that are entertaining, exciting, and out of the ordinary.

Sure, we all know how you're "supposed" to spend your Buck's Night, but sometimes a man wants more than to spend his last night as a bucks emptying his wallet in a sweaty strip-club or being pelted with paintballs.

So for the gallant groom-to-be, we've put together a list of places to make your Buck's Night a perfect night of friendly competition, satisfying eats and lots and lots of booze.

hangover 2 guys party

When it comes to planning bucks parties, there're plenty of clichés. But if it's come time for you to plan your friend's big send-off and you're coming up short–there's also lots you can do that's completely different.

If you donʼt want to be dragged down by planning precisely who is coming, or a destination was already on the cards, roll with that. Weekend bucks parties that get everyone out of town and away from their everyday lives and responsibilities are what memories are made of- so why not go big? When it comes to paying for the bucks party, it is common for the groomsmen to cover the bucks if the shindig is taking place somewhere local or nearby to all involved.

We've also covered bucks party ideas in Melbourne here.

For destination getaways, the Groom should include his own airfare and lodgings, unless some of the group is flush for cash and wants to throw down. There is nothing wrong with everyone covering their personal expenses, allowing for more activities and fun in the sun once away. The best man is typically in charge of organizing the group, but ideas from everyone will help to make it even more memorable.


In true Hangover fashion, having a bucks blowout the night (or even the weekend) before the wedding is a huge no. There is no telling what shenanigans the group will get up to, and more often than not, one man is always lost or left behind after a heavy night of partying. The party should typically be thrown a minimum of 3 weeks out from the big day, allowing for plenty of recovery time, while also providing extra padding should the Groom get too messy and come back with any extracurricular facial additions.


A bucks party is the pinnacle of every groupʼs friendship. After years of being there for each other through thick and thin, the Groom is about to start a new adventure with his wife to be, who hopefully everyone likes. If not, it could be the last time you see him… (we joke). Regardless, his last weekend of freedom should be epic, solidifying your bond and his memories of his last days of (metaphorical) singledom (not a word). While planning, it should be a blast, it should also be thought out to ensure maximum enjoyment with minimal room for mistakes. Follow our recommendations for creating the ultimate bucks party, and watch your status as the groomʼs best men and squad skyrocket to legendary proportions.

Golf Bucks Day Out

Holey Moley


All good Buck's Nights start at church. That's just the way it's always been. Luckily this repurposed church is home to an extravagant mini golf course and bar.

Holey Moley has a selection of party packages for plenty of drinks, pizza and pies while you and your mates compete for supremacy on the green and the prestigious Holey Moley Trophy. Good luck!


Top Golf Bucks Party


Mini golf is fun and all, but few things are as satisfying as whacking the ball with the grace and technique of a pre-2009 Tiger Woods but the alcohol and party-vibe of a post-2009 Tiger Woods.

For our friends on the Gold Coast, Top Golf took the excellent driving range and decided to add giant, colourful targets, electronic scoring and a full-service bar and kitchen.

Choose from their extensive menu featuring cocktails, margaritas and "Golf bags" (cocktails served in a light-up, golf-bag-shaped mug) to be delivered to your private bay while you show off your golf swing.


Go Bananas World Bucks Party


A fun day out with the boys on your bucks day in Brisbane. Our golf package is nicely fun and with our golf bunnies, simply making this a unique bucks activity in Brisbane.

Gaming Bucks Nights

Have you and your buddies been friends since you were pimply and playing video games all day long? Honor the past with a few shots of gin to match.


Netherworld Arcade


An oasis for gamers and geeks lost in the desert of Fortitude Valley, Netherworld is the place to be for retro games, stacks of board games and a seemingly endless stream of alcoholic elixirs.

Etch the story of your Buck's Night in the stone tablets of history by recording a new pinball high score and capturing the elusive Creature from the Black Lagoon pin. Or just down a few house-made, "loaded" sodas and watch a Kurt Russel movie, anything is fair game.


Lucky & Sons


Tucked inside the historic TCB Building, B. Lucky & Sons is bringing their good fortune to Fortitude Valley in Brisbane's CBD.

Our arcade bar is a swift stroll from Chinatown Mall and Brunswick St Mall. You'll be straight into the games in no time.

With a luxury bar, the newest games and old school classics, B. Lucky & Sons have you sorted for the perfect night out.

Dinner With The Boys Bucks

Les Bubbles Dinner Bucks


Where Queensland history meets Buck's two favourite pastimes: booze and meat.

Proudly boasting Brisbane's best steak, Les Bubbles have offered the Bath-House to those celebrating their final night of single life.

Standing because once held the headquarters of an illegal casino at the centre of the Fitzgerald Enquiry, the Bath-House's wild past provides the perfect atmosphere for a wild night, complete with private bar, DJ on request and canapés featuring Les Bubble's signature steak fries. Shhh… we won't tell.


The Lord Alfred Bucks Dinner


At Lord Alfred, you will find a space that suits any occasion. This grand old girl has been restored, taking care to retain the heritage of years gone by, allowing you to step back in time but enjoy all the services & amenities of today. Making our house, your house, you will find private cocktail settings overlooking Caxton Street for you and a small group of friends, a wrap-around verandah and private bar upstairs for those more significant occasions, the perfect outdoor brasserie for that Sunday afternoon get together, underground cellar dining rooms for your corporate dinners and much more!


Wooden Horse Restaurant for Bucks Dinner


Using the freshest local produce, we have the space to give classic dishes a modern twist without compromising quality and that unmistakable flavour we all came to love in the first place.

Wooden Horse is perfect for all types of events. Impress your family & friends with our variety of food and wine packages.

Clubbing Bucks Party

Really want to party it up before the big day? Without getting into too much trouble with your partner, there are plenty of nightlife options around town. But first, rent yourself a party bus in Brisbane before you hit the best clubs in the city. Party buses often come with full bars, loud sound systems, and best of all, a designated driver who will get you home in one piece.

With a designated driver in place, it's time to work out all those nervous wedding jitters. Brisbane is full of dance clubs that give you and the guys the soundtrack you need to sway and drink the night away.

Every bucks should have a wild and unique Buck's Night, so check out any of these places for a night you won't (intentionally) forget.

XY2BAR Bucks Nightclub


Located in the heart of Fortitude Valley, XY2 is the home to sweet drinks, sweet tunes & sweet dance moves.

Our emerging residents Dj's know how to get people partying, mixing together new dance and hip hop music.

XY2 will not disappoint with friendly staff, private spaces to hold any function and a sound system that will blow your mind; it is the perfect place to begin, end or stay for a night to remember!


Cloud Land Bucks Club


Be surprised, be delighted, be indulged. Located in the thriving heart of Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. Cloudland is more than a bar and offers so much more than you might imagine.

With its two charming bars, delightful Italian restaurant, eclectic collection of private booths, captivating function rooms, wedding venues and bewitching event spaces, Cloudland is a venue that invites you to visit day and night – for premium food and drinks served lunch and dinner, intimate occasions, grand events, romantic celebrations, weddings… and more, including service that is out of this world.

Cloudland is a beautiful urban oasis with a proud Brisbane history – a Garden of Eden – abundant with decadence and hidden gems. It's where old-world charm blends seamlessly with vivacious modern interior design. It's unforgettable. Step into a landscape that's ever-changing and excites every sense. Put yourself boldly on the centre stage, to see and be seen. Enjoy a discrete and intimate liaison, escape the hustle and bustle, come together and connect. Lose yourself in the fantasy and magic as you relax and afford yourself the freedom to be your best self. Grab a lunch-time bite, share an after-work drink, dance, find your new love, marry here, Celebrate.

Be yourself – whatever your style. Any occasion. Any time.


The Beat Mega-club Bucks


Brisbane's biggest LGBTQI nightclub, The Beat Megaclub, has been spinning tunes from its Ann St location for more than 30 years. Still ever-popular, this is the place to dance, meet friends and party seven days a week.

Paintball Bucks Party

Ah yes. The paintball range. That perfect place to test out your offensive and defensive skills as you destroy the competition. Are you sure your best man is up to snuff? This is his chance to prove himself. 

Skirmish Samford Bucks


Want to have a great day with your mates and not end up airfreighted to Hobart? Getting lumbered with the soon to be in-laws for your bucks party, well perhaps having a handful of someone else's boob is not the best way to go. Play it safe, and have a ball, a paintball bucks party with us, at Paintball Samford, is sure to be a hit with you and your mates.

Bucks parties are our specialty. We host many bucks paintball parties, and they have always proved very popular with everyone who has attended. Bucks parties usually choose to play the Saturday afternoon session and venture on from there. With this in mind, we try to direct all our bucks parties into the Saturday afternoon session for a better atmosphere.


Brisbane Paintballing Bucks Event


Bucks are enjoying a day out every week. We have adults of all ages come and play at our Delta Force Paintball Petrie Centre. They come to us for the thrills, the action, and to shoot their mates in ladies' dresses for fun. We believe there is no better way to spend your Bucks or Hens party than a day of paintball – firing paint all over your mates and shooting anything that moves on the game zone.


Top Gun Paintballing Bucks Day


After 25 years of fast-paced action, we're still committed to sharing the experience with you at a competitive rate. Our goal is to see as many people enjoy the thrills of Top Gun paintballing as possible without the cost being a barrier. We also offer added incentives for large groups, with free ammo for your team, depending on the size of your booking.


Tacops Paintball


Enjoy your last few days of freedom with mates, do you have what it takes to face the hailstorm at the end of your session?

Axe Throwing Bucks Event

Have you ever been at the pub throwing a few competitive darts around and thought, 'yeah, darts is a sweet way to pass the time, but it just lacks a bit of danger? I wish I could step it up a notch.' One way is to put your hand upon the board and see who can throw a dart between your fingers. We do not recommend it. The other is to give the sport of axe throwing a hurl! It's primitive, it's fun and will challenge all.

bucks party axe throwing

Maniax Bucks Axe Throwing


MANIAX was the first Urban Axe Throwing company in Australia, established in 2014 in Sydney NSW. They are also the largest in Australia, with venues in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and soon Adelaide. They've had over 200,000 people through our doors across Australia, which equates to approx 8 million axes thrown! That's with no significant axe-idents beyond a splinter.

You and the guys want to throw some stuff? Excellent! The best Brisbane bucks party ideas include plenty of sharp objects to sail through the air. Grab yourself a nice sharp axe and send it hurling to the bullseye. 


The Bucks Co


The sport <cough> is synonymous with Lumberjack competitions world-wide, and as expected, requires training (provided on the day) and few safety rules to ensure you don't get hit with a wayward axe. We've all seen the destruction Patrick Bateman in American Psycho. Caused. Naturally, boozed blokes and axes are a worse mix than Ouzo and Milk (keep quiet strange Greek Uncle Stavros), so keep the booze away from this one.


Lumberpunks Bucks


No matter if you are throwing axes by yourself, with a mate or with a bunch of friends, we have a package to suit you!

As the capital of Queensland, it was only fitting that the 2nd Lumber Punks venue would find a home in Brisbane in the laid back suburb of West End.

Known as a cultural hub for its weekend markets, organic cafes, family-friendly Greek and Vietnamese restaurants with a casual vibe.

Archery Bucks Party

Someone in the bucks party starting to get on your nerves? Nothing solves a little aggression like an archery tag. 

bucks party archery wards

Archery Attack Bucks Event


If you're looking for a great bucks party, look no further than Archery Attack! We have the perfect experience for you and your bucks, and you'll love every minute of an Archery Attack session.

We know how important it is to put on the best bucks party possible. We also know that a significant part of that is getting to give the buck a real server! Archery Attack is perfect for that! You and your party will be loaded up with our awesome bows and custom foam-tipped arrows, and taken through a bunch of different games and challenges where you'll get to go head to head. You'll be dodging and diving, roaming the battlefield with and getting to shoot your mates. Most importantly, though, we have the buck hunt, so you'll be able to give it to the man of the evening!


Archery Warz Bucks Day Out


Are you planning a Buck's Day for your best mate and looking to deliver the group something with the intensity of paintball that doesn't break the bank? Bow Tag Archery Warz is live-action and player vs. player archery. 

Sessions are usually 60-90 minutes in length and run at locations all across Melbourne and Canberra. Many of our locations have fully licensed bars or are close-by to popular bars and restaurants. You can combine Archery Warz with Bubble Soccer and Soccer Pool and make further savings by doing multiple activities at the one location.

Archery Warfare Bucks Battle


Combat Archery is a team-based sport that offers a competitive, combative experience. The concept of the competition is similar to a game of dodgeball but is played with bows and foam-tipped arrows.

Combat Archery is an opportunity for people to experience how archery was used initially for combat. Teams battle in an elimination-style format that is safe, yet adrenaline pumping and oh so addictive!!


Archery Games Bucks Fights


Planning the big day before the actual Big Day? If your Groom is looking for something a little different, intense and active, then Archery Tag is your answer.

Who's this for?

Your buck or hen will hail you a hero for organizing the most incredible day for them. If you've got a group of let's say 10 or 20 guests, we'll host an Archery Tag event at a Sydney location of your choice, indoors or out.

Bucks Sky Diving

Wedding planning is basically jumping into the unknown and doing everything you can to land gracefully. If you can handle a wedding, you should feel pretty equipped to take on skydiving!

bucks skydicing day out

I Fly World Bucks Skydive


We're a truly uplifting experience for those looking to organize a Bucks Party! Alternative Bucks ideas are all the rage, and you can't get more extreme than flying in a wind tunnel! We're the best way to ensure your party pals enjoy an unforgettable experience - so don't keep your feet on the ground when planning your next dream Bucks Party.


Amberwhite Bucks Skydive


A bucks party weekend is one of the most anticipated events in a groom's life – it's the chance to let loose, cross something off the bucket list and create memories to last a lifetime. Are you in charge of planning the bucks party or are you at a loss for what to do that will be epic and exhilarating at the same time? Skydiving is one activity that requires a little bit of fearlessness and adventure – what better time to do it than the bucks party weekend?

Skydiving is the perfect activity for a groom who is into heart-pounding action and feeling the adrenaline rush – he'll never forget his bucks party weekend when he looks back on it years from now. Imagine the thought of jumping out of a plane thousands of feet in the air surrounded by your best mates - -sounds pretty epic to us!

While skydiving isn't for the faint of heart, tandem jumps – which means you jump attached to a well-experienced and educated skydiver – allow you to enjoy the thrills without having to worry about all the technical aspects of jumping out of a plane and engaging the parachute. If this is your first time, the last thing you are going to be thinking about is what to pull when and where to land – use the tandem experience to simply float over the earth and marvel at the stunning sights below!

Bucks Go Karting

Dominate the competition (or just your friends) on the racetrack. A place like K1 allows you and your buddies to battle it out in fast cars that go up to 45 km/h. It's what you wish your morning commute could be like fast lanes and no traffic.


Go Karting Brisbane Bucks Race


Slideways Go Karting Brisbane is the perfect venue to kick off your wicked bucks party!

Over the years, we have hosted hundreds of Brisbane bucks parties, so why not start your day with some fun?


Kingston Partk Bucks Go Karting


Looking for Bucks Party Ideas - our Adrenaline Packed Bucks Night Specials 

Over the years we've hosted hundreds of bucks Parties, and Hen parties,

Our experienced team will ensure your adrenaline-packed go-karting experience is a winner.


My Ultimate Bucks


The perfect icebreaker and daytime bucks activity that will get everyone pumped - Start your full-throttle gig with some hot laps, as you put the pedal to the metal around our epic Go Kart track. This full grand Prix will soon see you settling the score on over 600m outdoor circuit with extra-long straights and sweeping corners to test your skills - while the onboard timing technology gives you a proof to go with your win! Indeed find courage on our outdoor track where the wind will make you look like the poster child of F1 dreams and get to the championship lap to earn eternal bragging rights for the winner! Podium time is included, naturally, where the winners can reign supreme!


The idea of planning a bucks party should be many things: exciting, hilarious, enjoyable… but one thing it should not be is daunting. Although the stakes to make it a trip that no one, especially the Groom, will ever forget, the pressure to plan the perfect getaway should neither break the bank nor stress all those involved out. So how does one organize the ultimate boys' trip? One that will please everyone from grandpa to the youngest generations of the family? How do you decide who to bring along? Weʼve compiled all the information you could need to give the bucks a week or weekend he will never forget- or one he might not want to remember.

There are a few questions the leader of the planning committee should ask before jumping right into planning a last hoorah for his best friend. A good rule of thumb is to decide who all will be invited to help better get an idea of destinations that will suit everyoneʼs needs and preferences.

Sure, it's fair to assume itʼll be a rage of a boys holiday, but the truth usually is both the groomʼs father and the father of the bride should be invited, at least to a portion of the bucks party. Grandfathers are dependent on the plans, so if it is going to be a weekend of debauchery, it might be better also to plan a social dinner party for another time.

The bucks party is also an excellent time to invite people who may not be coming to the wedding, as it gives them a chance to celebrate with the group. This may be ideal for small or destination weddings since it is harder to include everyone. (As a side note, make sure that everyone invited will 'mesh,ʼ meaning that some people may need to be pulled aside to discuss decorum around older or more conservative family members.)

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