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31+ Ultimate Bucks Night Party Ideas in Melbourne (2024)

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Organizing an Epic Bucks Party in Melbourne?

Wedding season is coming, and you can't say "I do" without an epic party with your boys. As it so happens, there's a ton of ways to have a significant event in the city that can fit every type of mood and style. Without further ado, here are the best bucks party ideas in Brisbane.

Lads, we know how out-of-hand bucks parties can get—it’s all well and good until someone starts a fight/pashes a stripper/ends up spending a night in jail (or, worse yet, Geelong – just kidding!). To help you betrothed Listers avoid the slippery slope of King Street on a Saturday night, here are our top recommendations for Melbourne bucks parties. These will leave you feeling refined, gentlemanly and a hell of a lot more worthy of the company of the more beautiful sex on your big day.

If you're in Sydney, we've also provided an ultimate list of bucks ideas in Sydney. We've also covered the best hens ideas in Sydney.

Your best mate has chosen you to be the one to stand at the altar with him as he weds his love. One of your jobs will be to ensure that he has a party worthy of the fact that he’ll no longer be a bachelor. He’s about to be a married man. When it comes to Melbourne bucks night ideas, you’ll want to think of things he loves to do. You’ll also need to ensure that the entire party is one that everyone will remember for the rest of their lives.

Ideas for a bucks party in Brisbane doesn't mean you need to default to strip clubs or getting hammered on a bar crawl. There are plenty of other things to do that are entertaining, exciting, and out of the ordinary.

Organizing a bachelor party for a close pal is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate how much he means to you and wish him well in his new life as a husband—you know, without all that mushy “I love you, man” stuff. Below are ideas, tips, and tricks to help you create an unforgettable bachelor party for your soon-to-be-hitched buddy.

A Plan of Attack

The starting point for any event is nailing down the date of the big bash. You may be tempted to arrange a surprise bachelor party, but resist the urge. For starters, the groom may be under significant wedding-related stress, and having a party thrust upon him without warning may not sit well—even if he would be up for a surprise party under normal circumstances. The other potential pitfall is that often the groom isn’t entirely in control of his schedule leading up to a wedding; surprising him also means surprising his bride, who may be planning a cake tasting or tux fitting for the day in question. Do everyone a favour and ask the groom-to-be what dates work for him, and then get input from the rest of the wedding party. Unless there are absolutely no other options, do not schedule the party for the night before the wedding. His bride will not be pleased to find a hung-over, sleep-deprived guy at the altar.

Usually, the best man is in charge of the bachelor party (hopefully with a lot of help from other friends). And if you’re the best man, you probably know the groom pretty well. When beginning to put together a plan of possible events, locations, entertainment, etc., keep these two litmus tests in mind at all times: is it what the groom would want, and is it respectful of his relationship with his bride-to-be? This doesn’t rule out a stripper (if that’s what the groom digs), but what kind of friends encourage a guy to do something on the night of his bachelor party that he’ll regret for the rest of his life? Not good ones.

Holy crap, if there is one place in Australia where it's near impossible to screw up a good bucks party, it is Melbourne. This place is just amazing and ticks every single box of what makes an excellent bucks party location.

Let me tell you guys that a Melbourne bucks party is a weekend filled with drinking, partying, awesome activities and all other kinds of debauchery! This is a city where you have one hell of wild nightlife, but also a whole bunch of crazy stuff to do during the day.

So for the gallant groom-to-be, we've put together a list of places to make your Buck's Night a perfect night of friendly competition, satisfying eats and lots and lots of booze.


Hell, it would take a man much higher than I to list every single thing you can do in Melbourne! But for you guys, I have for you what are the three most popular and always guaranteed a great time bucks party ideas, Melbourne has to offer.

The bachelor party planning traditionally falls on the best man, but it can also be handled by the groom's brother or another good friend. All of the guys in the wedding party get an invite, but you can also include other close friends and family; just ask the groom to put together a guest list.

Arranging the Bucks party one or two weeks before the wedding will probably be a popular choice with the Buck because it will provide an escape from some of the last minute wedding panic. It will also mean the events of that evening are still fresh in guests' minds on the wedding day.

A traditional bucks party is a semi-formal occasion where men wear suits or blazers while toasting to their friend with fine Scottish whiskey, Cuban cigars and martini (shaken not stirred, of course). ... You can also combine a pair of pants and a blazer.

A bachelor party is an initiation into marriage, which, in modern times, is mostly understood as a celebration, by the groom's male friends, of the groom's last days of "freedom". In the U.K., it tends to be called a stag (stag night, stag do, stag party…), and in Australia, a buck.

Some people will tell you that it's traditional to invite the bride's father to the bachelor party and that failing to so will be a big insult to the bride. We say no. It is not tradition. Because the whole point of a bachelor party is for you to relax and have fun with your friends.

hangover 2 guys party

Paintball Bucks Day Out in Melbourne

melbourne bucks party paintball day out

Listen up lads it’s time to lock and load and get you badass on…… and we are talking Jean Claude Van Damme-level of badass here by the way. As you guys go to war with each other in a “friendly” little game of paintball.

This is a favourite with bucks groups all over the freaking world, and the reason why is guns are cool and shooting your mates in the back, arse or legs (which stings like hell, by the way, trust me I know!) is funny!

One thing that people always get a big kick out of is the different game scenarios. You will feel like you are playing a role in some video games or Hollywood action movies……. Now the question you have to ask yourself is, do you have the guts to put yourself in danger and take your mates down!

Create the memories of a lifetime as you battle with and against your best buds. Storm the two-story buildings, charge the vehicles, or move through the cover as you embark on each mission. 

Show up to the wedding with memories you can share with everyone, including the bride!

Delta Force Paintball

Imagine running around with your best mates shooting at anything that moves, taking cover behind the giant stone sphinxes in Tomb Raider and storming Chemical Alley in Speedball to eliminate the enemy. If that sounds like fun, then round up the troops and get ready for an action-packed paintball adventure!

Over the years, Delta Force has entertained a plethora of buck’s groups, ensuring they have a day to remember. Our highly trained, friendly marshals will tailor a day of paintball action to suit your unique needs, ensuring it’s the perfect start to a great party ahead!

Paintball is the perfect adrenaline-pumping buck’s activity and is the best start you can have before your night out on the town. With our paintball centre being only half an hour from the Melbourne CBD, you’ll be back in town, partying the night away in no time at all.

We are all big kids deep down, and what better way to renew the bonds of ‘mateship’ than by charging around together and shooting strangers on sight. The stories you’ll have to tell in the years to come will have you crying with laughter.

Different games can be arranged for buck’s parties – games that make the key people in your group the focus of the proceedings. If we have a President to assassinate – you know who that’s going to be, and who his appointed bodyguards will be too! Can you trust your mates, or will they light you up like a Christmas tree?

The brightest and most ridiculous costumes and props are also a must. Make sure the buck remembers his day, with a fluorescent pink tutu being the most preferred choice of clothing. While playing paintball in a Mankini is not to be recommended – you make the rules, and if that’s what rings your bell, well, hey, let’s do it!

World Series Paintball

Paintball is the perfect way to start your Bucks Party. It gets everyone involved, is incredibly fun and provides plenty of stories for the nights' festivities. With buck orientated games and the famous 'buck run' available, we are certain to make sure your Buck stands out from the crowd.

Specialised Buck Games are designed to make the Buck feel special and ensure he is a focal point of the day's experience. Our games do vary between Oakleigh and Little River; however, a selection of our Buck games are below.

Protect the VIP

The Buck is the VIP, and his life must be protected at all costs. With a Team of Body Guards on hand, the game ends once the Buck is eliminated.

The Buck Run

The group forms a Firing Squad, and the Buck is challenged to run the length of the field. Then the tables are turned, and it is the Bucks turn to get payback on the rest of the group.

Super Buck

The Buck has Super Powers to revive eliminated players. So the opposition needs to focus their aim on the Super Buck to be a chance of success.

Rescue the Bride

The Bride has been kidnapped and held hostage. Can the Buck rescue her before it is too late.

Dress him up

Most importantly, Buck needs to stand out at all times. We have Pink Suits and Face Mask to make the Buck visible at all times. You are also welcome to have some fun and bring your outfit along for him to ensure he is suitably embarrassed.

Snipers Den

Bucks party paintball

There comes a time when a bachelor is on the verge of crossing a particular threshold. Upon passing that threshold, they’re no longer going to be the man about town. They’re no longer going to be the ‘playa.’

They’re going to get married! Hitched and hooked up for good! All grown up! For most guys, this is a one-time thing that makes it a one time opportunity for an EPIC paintball bucks party! There isn’t a better way to get all your closest mates together to celebrate the bucks an incoming big day.

Snipers Den offers 7 acres of professional-level playing fields for huge paintball bucks party groups to play on. We offer premium brand paintballs and tournament calibre paintball gear — at the most affordable prices in Melbourne. You can’t fire paintballs at the pub! And when will the buck dress like this ever again?


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Bucks With A Parting Glass In A Fancy Bar in Melbourne

bucks party bar image

Many of us are not inclined to all-night benders or death-defying stunts for our last night of freedom. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. A meaningful and contemplative last drink with the blokes could be as memorable an experience as the craziest bender.

For a top-notch bucks party, picture this. You rent out a private room at a fancy bar, perhaps hire a catering service, and have a classic dinner. Wouldn’t it make for a great bucks party? And If your thinking that it’s too much of hassle, we’ve got you covered with some great suggestions.

Eu De Vie

A bar straight out of 1920’s prohibition America, from the moment you walk in, you are taken back to a much-forgotten era. Once inside, you can sit up at the bar, at one of our shared high tables, our low banquette and coffee table seating, or a more intimate and private booth.

Secretly hidden behind our bookcase, the Whisky Room owes its name to our extensive collection of rare and exclusive whiskies that live here. It is also home to our Bottle Lockers, where you can purchase your favourite spirit bottle from Eau-de- Vie and store it for your next visit.

The Whisky Room can be transformed into a private space and is the perfect place for private events for groups of 15 – 40 guests. It is also – when not booked – the ideal place to enjoy one of our whiskies.

The Eau-de-Vie Library is home to our degustation table from where we host our five-course, cocktail degustation experience. This communal table is available for up to 16 guests and can also be hired exclusively for corporate and private events.

Good Heavens Rooftop Bar

A rooftop bar on Bourke St pouring 80s inspired cocktails, craft beers and an all-Australian wine list. Enjoy the outdoor bar with one of the best views of Melbourne’s CBD.

The Everleigh

The Everleigh’s Elk Room is available exclusively for private events and location hire seven days a week. Our second private room, The Starling Room, is a new addition following our recent renovation.

Whether you’re planning a bucks party, birthday or engagement party, corporate Christmas celebration, or bespoke wedding reception, our in-house function coordinator will assist you in tailoring each event to meet your individual needs.

As two of Melbourne’s most refined, era-specific event spaces, both The Elk Room & The Starling Room also invite a diverse range of creative opportunities, such as television and film production locations.


If you’re looking for something a little different, then 1806 might be perfect for your bucks party event in Melbourne. Hidden away at 169 Exhibition Street, Melbourne, 1806, is ideally suited for your next private or corporate function in Melbourne’s CBD. With a vast array of individual cocktail options for your choosing, 1806 specialises in packages just as unique as your celebration or party.

In addition to 1806’s decadent cocktail bar ambience, The Understudy also sits below the bar. With a slightly different view on the enjoyment of drinks, which has been met with much intrigue, and a slight sense of trepidation.


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Take a Brewery Tour in the Yarra Valley or Melbourne CBD for your Bucks

brewery tour bucks party melbourne

The burgeoning craft beer market makes this an even better experience for the taste buds at so many locations. The beer guys can look after the party no end, with some offering tours of the facilities, others overflowing ‘tasters’ of every beer on offer and all provide great environments to kick off the staple of most bucks parties; daytime drinking. The beauty of the brewery tour is it can be an afternoon session with the lads, or it can be a little taster for a bigger day. You tell us, we’ll make it happen.

Couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery? Well, now you can. A smorgasbord of craft Beer paddles and cider tastings with private transfers, no waiting in line and an epic Woodfired Pizza feast. It’s a genuinely awesome Bucks Party Beer lovers day out with the lads, including visits to craft breweries and a boutique cider house thrown in too - because why the hell not? Oh, and many, many, many, many, many tastings.

Aussie Brewery Tours

The honeymoon was once a month-long beer drinking session undertaken by the groom to help improve his chances of having a boy on his wedding night. We don’t have a month, but a day out with your friends and family drinking, we should be able to get a few beers in to help him on his way! Aussie Brewery Tours will create a custom bucks day for you and the lads:

Group sizes: Our bucks party packages can cater for 2-100 people.

Flexible times and pick-up/drop-off locations: Aussie Brewery Tours run tours seven days a week. We generally start at a civilised 10 am at a meeting place in Melbourne CBD and drop you off around 6 pm. This isn't our tour, though, so if you want a different meeting place or for us to tour around your schedule, just let us know, and we will create an event that suits you.

All-Inclusive: Our all-inclusive tours visit 3-5 different stops. You can choose from wineries, cideries, distilleries and breweries, upgrade your lunch, add in activities and upgrade your transport. We will organise everything for you. Every tour includes lunch or dinner, generous tastings, guides, transportation and complimentary drinks that you want to add from there is up to you.

We organise everything: We will arrange your entire day, so you don't have to. This exceptional service is what makes us one of Australia's top-ranked tour providers.

Melbourne Brewery Tours

If you want to organise a buck’s party with a difference, then Melbourne Brewery Tours is for you!

We are flexible with our tours, and you can pick the venues and itineraries you want. We can also offer to pick up and drop off at a location of your choice.

Brewery Tour Yarra Valley

Melbourne's scenic Yarra Valley offers more than just world-class wineries and superb wine tasting experiences. The region also offers up high-quality beers and crisp ciders crafted by passionate local producers.

Our private Yarra Valley brewery tour brings you to the area’s top beer and cider brewers, and into the most exciting venues so you can experience the best of the Yarra Valley breweries on this great day out!

Your private tour begins with pick up in a chartered minibus with a friendly driver/guide from your choice of Melbourne CBD locations.

Your first stop will bring you to the pioneering beer and cider producers at The Taphouse, where you can enjoy fresh batches of crisp, clean and preservative-free ciders and beers overlooking the picturesque Yarra Valley.

Lunch beckons at Coldstream brewery, your second stop on the tour in which you can enjoy a paddle of handcrafted beers followed by a hearty lunch, either set outdoors in the historic cellar door or indoors by the cozy fireplace.

Steeped in history, Coldstream brewery is built within the former wool store at the gateway to the Yarra Valley and is the perfect spot to sit back and relax over a quality cold beer.

Round out a quality day with a final stop at a top independent brewery in the heart of the Yarra Valley - Watts River Brewing. A family-run working brewery with friendly staff and great beers. Smell the rich aroma of the hops and learn about the brewery process taking place in the beautiful stainless steel tanks and oak barrels. 

This private brewery tour in the Yarra Valley brings you great beers, delicious ciders, a hearty lunch and beautiful scenery all wrapped up into one fantastic day out.

Melbourne brewery tours are a great way to discover great beer across some of the best breweries and watering holes in the region under the leadership of an expert beer guide!


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Whisky Bar & Flight Tasting Bucks in Melbourne

whiskey bar bucks night

Whisky is entering a stage of unchartered popularity. Boys are still drinking their cola mixes and vodka lime and soda’s, while men have gradated to the finer stuff. Sinatra used to drink his Jack Daniel’s ‘three rocks of ice, two fingers of Jack and a splash of water,’ for a Bucks package with a difference, you can learn why.

If you’re planning a bucks party and stuck for different and fresh ideas, you should include a whiskey tasting. Go complete 'Harvey Spectre'-style and impress all the boys. Whiskey tastings aren’t as frequent as your average brewery, however, so we've compiled an Australia wide list of the best bucks party whiskey tastings.

Here it goes, down into my belly.” -Ron Burgundy. Dark Spirits is in a resurgence worldwide, and many are capitalising with tours of the boutique distilleries popping up around the country. Has a real gentleman’s club feel to it, a few ice blocks, aged scotch and rich mahogany creating a perfect environment to re-live the best years of Buck’s life. Yes, we include the years to come.

Treat your buck to an exclusive gentleman’s Scotch masterclass! Gather the gents and for a little trip around the beautiful world of Whisky - with perfectly paired, chef-crafted eats and enough Scotch to indulge beginners & aficionados alike. Taste the Highlands in a glass in this unique Melbourne Bucks Night package - you boys are in for a real treat. You’ve just stumbled across the perfect buck’s do for your suave best mate, and we are only just getting started! No better excuse than a bucks party to indulge in the water of life.

A private Melbourne Bucks Night Scotch Masterclass awaits your group, taught by a master in all things distilled. You will be indulged in his extensive knowledge while dispensing nips of top-shelf Scotch that vary in flavour, age and making methods. You can even impress your future father in law with a few facts in the future! Scotch remains the crown jewel in the world of Whisky – so when better than a bucks to gather around the bar to be shown the secrets of a spirit that has a history so much more deserving than the coke that too often drowns it!

Learn the ability to identify the essential aromas and flavours found in Single Malt Scotch Whisky…learn the insider secrets to identifying the key Single Malts, sample some leading Single Malt Whiskies - and enjoy them in a whole new light.

Gentleman’s Cabinet

Gentleman’s Cabinet’s mission is one man’s vision of making premium whisky and cigars accessible for all to cherish.

Whisky Master Classes include a careful blend of education and experience to suit all tastes and budgets. Every Whisky Package includes professional hosting by our Part-Time Gentleman Peter Stevens, who has spent the last decade in the whisky industry and represented over 70 brands. We have listed our most popular Whisky Master Class Packages here, however, please contact us if you would like to discuss a custom package.

Our Whisky and Cigar combination Master Classes include all the features and benefits of our whisky packages, but with a cigar education and appreciation session added on.

Whiskey & Alement, Melbourne

If you’re planning a bucks party and stuck for different and fresh ideas, you should include a whiskey tasting. Go complete 'Harvey Spectre'-style and impress all the boys. Whiskey tastings aren’t as common as your average brewery, however, so we've compiled an Australia wide list of the best bucks party whiskey tastings.

Whiskey & Alement is a whiskey bar based in Melbourne’s CBD and has an ever-changing menu of over 100 whiskeys! In this trendy yet intimate bar, you’ll never run out of options. They also have the Melbourne Whiskey Room (basically an archive of the best whiskeys) attached to the venue where you can have private whiskey tastings.

Southern Whisky Trails, Melbourne

Southern Whisky Trails has a range of different tours available, visiting all the best of the Melbourne whiskey scene. Why not ask them to include an Ivy Models topless waitress on the tour? You can either go on a set tour, or you can plan a private event in which you visit a couple of craft distilleries, do different alcohol and drinks-making activities, visit sensational bars and more.

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Cigar Bar Bucks in Melbourne

cigar bar bucks melbourne

As the learned gentleman knows, not many things go better with a fine whisky than a good cigar, so why not try an accompanying cigar session. Our knowledgeable hosts cater for all, from the experienced gentleman who loved nothing more than the end scene of Boston Legal watching Spader and Shatner wax lyrical over a Scotch and hogey, or the junior who wants to soak up everything about the experience. The whisky and cigar sessions are all housed in a private bar to give you an intimate VIP experience.


Rising from wraparound timber stairs, Siglo Bar is a stunning cube of industrial steel, glass and neon, opening to striking city views spanning the floodlit columned façade of Parliament, the spire of St Patrick’s Cathedral and the muralled brickwork and domes of the Princess Theatre.

Served by waiters at white-clothed tables, guests are seated in Parisian wicker chairs & wooden garden furniture. The terrace offers on classic cocktails, spirits & champagne, as well as a selection of fine Cuban cigars and bar snacks.

Polly Bar

Polly is one of Melbourne’s first cocktail bars, opening on Brunswick Street in the heart of Fitzroy over 20 years ago. Today, Polly’s menu boasts an expansive range of cocktails, customers are encouraged to challenge the bartenders to create new classics or re-invigorate old favourites – no request is too hard.

Also, Polly has an ever-growing assortment of cigars which customers are welcome to take away or enjoy with one of our more exclusive bottles behind the bar.

We always have a selection of cigars to choose from our ‘Cigar Bar,’ all can be smoked in our heated atrium and can be paired with a whisky or rum, ask the staff for their recommendations.

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Clubbing Bucks Event Melbourne

civic hotel2

Let’s face it, one the most significant allures to bucks nights is the fact that for one night before you have to be ultra-responsible, society allows you one day of complete irresponsibility!

What better way to use that get out of jail free card than to club hop your way through as many Melbournian clubs as you physically can. Granted, you probably won’t remember a thing from your night of sheer excess, but isn’t that the point? In as much as you’ll wake up with the worst headache of your life, and will be throwing up for much of the day, you and your best friends will vaguely know that you had the best time of your life!

From Melbourne CBD to its suburbs, this Australian city is teaming with vibrant clubs. Some say that Melbourne’s night scene has surpassed Sydney’s. Here are some of Melbourne’s must-try clubs:

New Guernica

Our home has existed since 2002, from the ancient history of Club F4 to the eight years of New Guernica’s residence as a stalwart in the Melbourne club scene. Our history includes long term weekly nights such as Thursday’s Dance Technique, plus rotating nights and events hosted by a variety of promoters on Fridays & Saturdays. We pride ourselves on our friendly staff, with owners committed to providing a safe, fun & inclusive party environment.

We have always strived to create a memorable experience for anyone who has ever come through our doors and has welcomed a variety of Melbourne audiences in our commitment to building the ever-thriving Melbourne nightlife. All sweaty night benders within the confines of our intimate club environment have helped set the tone for Melbourne’s late-night community.

NG has been a dedicated platform for many of Melbourne’s elite producers & finest DJs that have graced our battered up organ main room DJ console over the years. We are proud to have hosted the very best DJs & producers at the top of their game with some of the most memorable nights Melbourne has seen.

La DiDa

The perfect place for any occasion, function or event! With our fantastic interior & under the star's exterior, La Di Da is the ultimate place for any social gathering in your calendar.

Choose from 4 unique rooms with individual setups to suit your every need.

Select from a variety of food and beverage packages, all entertainment requirements, as well as themed events and decorations. La Di Da is the perfect function venue for your bucks night.

Let us tailor a package to suit your budget. La di da is a well-positioned venue in Melbourne’s CBD open seven days a week from 11 am – late. Secure access parking, public transport and taxi ranks at the venue's doorstep.

The Black Rabbit

The Black Rabbit is a comfortable and quirky escape from the norm, a unique basement venue offering boutique beers, sensational spirits and fantastic bar snacks.

Bursting on to Melbourne's dynamic bar scene in 2016, The Black Rabbit is fast becoming one of Melbourne's hottest nightclubs, bars and late-night venues.

Offering a collection of spaces perfect for your next group get together, after-work drinks or truly unique birthday celebration, The Black Rabbit is one of the best Melbourne City Bars & party spaces.


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Bucks Party Boat Cruise in Melbourne

bucks party party boat melbourne

There are few things I can think of, which are as classy has hired out a party boat. You’ve gone out clubbing all your life, eaten at fancy restaurants, but when was the last time you got a good enough excuse to hire an entire boat?

Lucky for you, numerous party planners specifically specialise in party boat events for bucks and hens parties. Melbourne River Cruises is one of those companies that will take care of everything for you.

One of the top activities to do for your bucks party in Melbourne is cruising around Dockland or Yarra River in your private boat.

A fantastic activity to do, especially if you combine with having some topless waitresses, strippers on the party boat you are set for a great time.

Early afternoon to the evening, these boats are happy to take groups out for an either three or 4-hour cruise.

So if you are after a bucks party cruise in Melbourne - you have come to the right place.

Motion in the Ocean

Bring your bucks night ideas to life with the best bucks party boat cruise in Melbourne. For a night, your mates will not forget!

Choose from our many exciting options and build your custom package for a night that can’t be topped. Our extensive list of the best bucks party ideas in Melbourne will inspire you and our friendly team can help you make them exactly what you want.

Our Melbourne Dockland cruise will take you on a 3-hour cruise taking in the picturesque views of Port Melbourne, St Kilda and Melbourne’s city skyline. Hire our bucks party boat, and you’ll have a beer, wine, spirits and soft drink included for the duration of the cruise.

Melbourne River Cruises

Have you been tasked with organising a bucks night but want to do something a bit out of the norm? If you’re looking for something different than the usual party bus and pub crawl, and you want to keep things a little more contained and classy, a buck’s party boat might be the ideal option. Melbourne River Cruises will take you on a 3 -4-hour cruise along the beautiful Yarra River, departing from the Southbank Arts precinct with everything on board to make it an unforgettable night for the groom and all the guests.


A buck’s night boat cruise in Melbourne is the perfect way to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of the groom-to-be, and Melbourne River Cruises makes sure it’s a night to remember for all the right reasons. Hire a buck’s party boat for you and your guests, and you’ll have a beer, wine, spirits and soft drinks included for the duration of the cruise. We also have a range of food options, from light cocktail menus, stand up or sit down buffets through to a full four-course meal. And a buck’s night boat cruise wouldn’t be right without music, so you can hire our jukebox or a DJ and have all your favourites ready – hope you’ve got your dance floor moves prepared too!

Go Bananas

Having your next Bucks Party on a Boat in Melbourne - check out these boats available for most group sizes - 5 different boats suiting bucks parties from 25 people up to 165 people on the largest one. 

Our River Cruises for our Melbourne Bucks Parties

  • CBD departure behind Flinders St Station then cruise up and down the Yarra River
  • A 4-hour cruise that includes staff, finger food and standard beverages such as beers, soft drink, juice + house, red, white and sparkling wines. 
  • Upgrades available for finger food and buffet options
  • You can upgrade your finger food options or opt for a buffet meal instead - ask us for details and pricing. 
  • November/December is a higher charge.
  • Should you wish to reduce cruise time to 3hrs - will make it slightly cheaper per person.
  • Onboard - Vessel Includes PA System CD Player with iPod capabilities and speakers for background music. 

Other more exciting upgrades to your Bucks Party in Melbourne

A Melbourne river cruise is the perfect spot for having topless waitresses and strip shows - so talk to GoBananas about adding some female entertainment to your Bucks Party in Melbourne. Female or male entertainment for stag and hens.

Party Boat Melbourne

So, the big day is coming, and you want to surprise your best mate with a special bucks party like nothing else he’s ever seen? Give your doomed friend a day to remember by calling on the top Sydney harbour party cruise service! Our Sydney harbour Bucks party cruises day and night are the most popular in Melbourne. Once you get a taste of the fun you’ll have aboard our boats; you’ll want to come back, again and again, it’s the best way to see everything that Sydney Harbour has to offer up close and with fun in mind!

Our Yarra River party cruises on can be in the day or night, just about as wild or relaxing as you want. When you come to visit us out on the docks, you’ll be welcomed aboard by our expert crew. We offer a menu that includes all the old favourites in party fare, pub fare and some special, hearty meals you’re bound to enjoy. If you want to take things to the next level, you’ll also have the chance to sample a full menu of drinks. We can take you on a full sight-seeing tour or time things so you can enjoy Melbourne nightlife afterward!

Our Melbourne Bucks party cruises are some of the most famous events that you can enjoy with the lads, but that’s not all that we have to offer. We cater to all kinds of events, from Christmas parties to birthdays, New Year, group cruises and yes: Even hens night, if you don’t mind the ladies having as much fun as you did! As a guest on Melbourne’s premier party cruise line, you’ll enjoy our relaxing atmosphere and casual but classy surroundings and staff, spending enough time aboard to see all the fantastic Melbourne sights.


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Luxury Car Drive Bucks Day in Melbourne

luxury car bucks party

Bucks parties always have focused on exotic women. But for car lovers, those parties deserve second-place. There’s absolutely nothing on this planet sexier than a Lamborghini Gallardo or a Ferrari Spider. What could be more thrilling than driving one of those beauties?

For the man who seriously is into cars, a day of driving a fine automobile might be all he needs. There are rental companies that will allow you to spend the day in a luxury automobile like a Porsche or Bentley. This isn’t usually a party that can involve many people except you as the best man and the groom, but this could be the day leading up to one of the other activities with the rest of the party.

The bucks night event that you choose as the best man should be one that fits with the personality of the groom. If he doesn’t love gambling, a visit to the casino won’t be a good fit. Make sure you pick an activity that will be one that he won’t forget for all the right reasons.

Super Car Garage

Our fleet consists of some of the most exclusive vehicles sourced from around the world for your driving choice. With us, you’ll be able to step behind the wheel of the most exotic cars available.

Hiring a luxury car quickly by selecting your location and viewing the range of sports, luxury and supercar vehicles. If you need a car for your wedding, business or corporate events, we have the most suitable cars to meet your requirements. We are constantly updating our car fleet to ensure that your experience is one that will want to hire more cars from The Supercar Garage.


Want to Live the Top Gear Experience? The Supercar Drive Day is the perfect gift for the man or woman who likes to feel the pedal to the metal, wind in their hair, and sensation of driving a supercar along some of the most magnificent scenic roads to drive along.

One of the most significant advantages of the Supercar Drive Day is that it also includes a non-driver so someone lucky enough to be selected by the driver, gets to go on the road with them to share the supercar drive day experience.

Prancing Horse

Drive through a valley of mists and shadows, rich with rainforests and thrilling alpine roads on an exclusive Supercar Drive Day across the Yarra Valley, including return helicopter transfers from Melbourne.


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In fact we even have you covered on the hair and beauty front. Hit the hens in style. Glam up with any of our exclusive list of Hair & Beauty salons in Melbourne. 

Bucks on the Yarra Camping Trip in Melbourne

camping bucks melbourne

Think about it, given that marriage will change all your relationships’ dynamics, what better way to enjoy your last days as a bachelor than to have one last adventure with the boys. Camping could be one of the most memorable activities, not just because of the adventure but more so the misadventure!

And one added advantage is that while many bucks party activities may break your bank, this one won’t. Whether it’s fishing, or kayaking, or only having a bbq, there are many activities to do, out in the wilderness. And lucky for you, Melbourne and Victoria at large have some of the most scenic places. Here are some camping locations in the Yarra Valley that we recommend:

So, you’re headed for the great outdoors because you know way too many people in the city that you can’t afford to embarrass yourself in front of. Good plan, sir! Get your buck’s party for some fishing action, where you can spend a day catching rainbow trout and Atlantic salmon before barbequing them and enjoying your haul in the fresh air with a few bevys. Wholesome fun, make sure nobody ends up in the lake.

Melbourne Yarra Valley

Ah! Feel the serenity as you camp amongst the scenic wonderland of the Yarra Valley.  

From basic campsites for the more experienced or eco campers through to caravan parks with power, shower and toilets for the glampers, there are plenty of campgrounds to choose from so that you can enjoy life, breathe in the fresh air and appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature.

Camp Marysville

Marysville’s leading site can be broken into several smaller sub-sites, each featuring a series of multi-bed cabins and central leader’s lodge. All cabins sleep 6 - 8 students and come equipped with reverse-cycle air-conditioning/heating, ensuite, and shower. Lodges sleep two adults and similarly equipped to cabins, with kitchenette and lounge room, too.

At Maryville, we focus on sustainability. We are growing our ingredients. Or sourcing seasonal, fair-trade produce from local providers. Reducing transport distances wherever possible — and putting waste to good use by either composting it or turning it into animal feed.

Marysville accommodates up to 250 people. Easy walking distance from town and able to split into smaller sub-sites - making it possible for several school groups to enjoy their own space into a broader camp community. Our Grand Hall hosts up to 250 people, and it comes equipped with a PA system, projector and screen. Our brand new Leadbeater’s Hall can be used for group activities. And we have several Open Air Spaces - some undercover - suitable for most sizes of gathering.

Kingslake National Park

Kinglake National Park lies on the slopes of the Great Dividing Range, a short drive from Melbourne. Enjoy scenic walks, thrilling mountain bike trails and picnics against the backdrop of panoramic views of the city, Port Phillip Bay, the Yarra Valley and across to the You Yangs.

The park is home to a variety of native birds. Keep an eye out for Sulphur-crested Cockatoos, lyrebirds, King Parrots and colourful rosellas. Go mountain biking at Bowden Spur. The diverse and technical downhill trail offers dirt jumps, rock gardens, bomb holes, flowing earth berms and large sections of off‐camber riding. Drive up to Mount Sugarloaf for panoramas out over Melbourne’s skyline.

Enjoy a picnic or barbecue in the surrounds of tall eucalypts before embarking on a short walk to Masons Falls. See water cascading over the sheer mudstone walls, which are fossilised sea beds.

The Gums Camping area is nestled among tall eucalyptus forest and by a tranquil mountain stream. Camp or bring your caravan or camper for a comfortable stay.


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Bucks Party Fishing Charter - Melbourne

bucks party fishing charter

Think about it; this one’s in a lifetime day. Why not splurge on a chartered fishing expedition? It really would make for an awesome bucks party. For one, it's a high group activity. And while it may look pricy, once you split the costs, it’s manageable.

If the budget is that tight though, the plus side is that you can always cook the fish you catch! No pressure.

Located in St.Kilda, The Reel Thing Charters has a fantastic package for up to 8 people, so it’s perfect for you and all your best mates. They have a five-star rating on FishingBooker too.

Able Fishing & Charters

An exclusive three hour Party Boat Cruise is the perfect way to spend your Buck’s day or night in Melbourne! Picture this – cruising Melbourne Docklands and the Maribyrnong River on your private party boat. Let your hair down or kick back and relax; it's entirely up to you.

This private party boat is perfect for parties day or night with an open rear deck that may be enclosed depending on weather conditions. There are a CD player and iPod/iPhone connection on board for your use.

The saying “there’s plenty of fish in the sea” may not apply to the bucks love life anymore, but it sure applies to this excellent fishing charter.

A fun fishing charter that is ideal for a Bucks Day Activity in Melbourne. The guys will love spending the day on the water, having a few drinks and maybe organise some unique entertainment for the groom as well!

What to expect on your Bucks Day Fishing Charter in Melbourne

  • Boat capacity for up to 24 people so ideal for most Bucks Groups in Melbourne
  • Shared fishing charter trip for groups under 21. At the time of the booking, you have to make it clear if you want to book a private trip
  • Bait and rods are supplied
  • BBQ meal will be provided for the guys as well to keep them well-fed
  • BYO drinks (max of 2-3 cans pp and no glass or spirits) BYO ice as well
  • St Kilda departure

If you want to add an extra level of excitement to your Melbourne Bucks Day, then why not organise to have a sexy stripper jump on board and entertain the lads - these girls know how to make you Bucks Party in Melbourne one the guys won't soon forget! This can only be an option for large groups booking this privately.

GoKarting Bucks in Melbourne

go karting melbourne bucks party

The thrill of pretending to be professional formula one drivers, with speed to match, never wears off. Go-Karting is and always will be a classic. Consider it for the big day!

Nothing like incorporating Go-Karts into your Bucks party, a timeless classic. Burn around on a local course chastising your mates for not knowing what a ‘racing line’ is ‘through the chicane.’ Go Karts is guaranteed to get the competitive juices flowing, and a perfect bonding style of activity. The first kart was built from an adapted chainsaw two-stroke engine, and the ‘chainsaw’ is ironically the celebration of choice for when the Bucks Co storms home for a podium finish. No, not based on the Brett Lee wicket celebration. You’re better than that.

Ace Karts

Outdoors. Under bright floodlights. In the rain. Our track captures the excitement of real racing. And it means you'll race exactly as the racing gods intended – in all conditions.

A series of intensifying bends will test the limits of your cornering skills. And a 105m straight will push your kart to its capacity.

Ready to kick your buck's party plans up a gear?

Book an Ace Karts' racing package and get exclusive use of our track and facilities. Groups with 12 to 22 drivers take part in a Grand Prix-style race. It's the ideal way to get your celebrations off to a flying start. You'll have our entire BBQ area to yourself. BYO beers, snags, and whatever else you want.

Book tucker for your Buck's supper? We also have a range of other catering options to suit your party's size and dietary requirements.

Silhouette Race Karts

If you’re a best man or groomsman in charge of planning an awesome bucks party, chances are you’re feeling a lot of pressure to pick something he’ll love. These days, going to the pub or booking a stripper just doesn’t cut it – bachelors want to have an excellent action-packed day with their mates before they’re locked down forever. There are heaps of different activities you can choose for the daytime, but here are three reasons why coming to Silhouette Race Karts is one of the best Melbourne bucks party ideas you could go with.

Le Mans Go Karts

We have several different buck & hen packages that are perfect for an adrenaline-filled fun with your crew before the big day!

Le Mans takes out the stress of the event by arranging super kart racing, free-roam virtual reality or laser zone missions meaning you don’t have to travel from location to location to have heaps of fun. We have it all! 

Get your body set for the rest of the day and finish up in our sports bar with a bite to eat and a few drinks.  

We can even tailor a package to suit your needs to ensure your day goes as smoothly as possible.

234 Fun Galore

This is the only place you can slam that foot into the gas and go fast and furious with the fastest Go-Karts on the largest track in Melbourne. Then get the buck on the bull or relive your favourite Counterstrike missions by gearing up and going gangbusters with Laser Tag.

Other activities can include dodgem cars, mini-golf, pool, and sumo wrestling. Wander over to your private party room for a breather, to sit down for our delicious spit roast banquet or catering option - and to take in the festivities the party has to offer.

Customize your bucks party with one of our ready to go activity packages and catering options - or create your own.

Axe Throwing Bucks Event Melbourne

axe throwing melbourne bucks

Want to work off some of that wedding stress? There’s no better way than doing a bit of axe throwing. You and your groomsmen can spend the day learning the ins and outs of the craft and doing a bit of target practice.

We believe throwing a killer party should be fun, simple, and full of bullseyes.

Your bachelor/bachelorette party is supposed to be the single most epic night of your life with your closest friends. No pressure, right? There's no better way to start an epic night to remember than with an axe in hand! Instead of debating which club to go, or the cost of flights, get your crew together for an unconventional night that’s sure to take care of any pre-wedding jitters (or better yet, let out the aggression that comes from planning a wedding).

Have you ever been at the pub throwing a few competitive darts around and thought, ‘yeah, darts is a sweet way to pass the time, but it just lacks a bit of danger? Wish I could step it up a notch.’ One way is to put your hand upon the board and see who can throw a dart between your fingers. We do not recommend it. The other is to give the sport of axe throwing a hurl! It’s primitive, it’s fun and will challenge all.

The sport <cough> is synonymous with Lumberjack competitions world-wide, and as expected, requires training (provided on the day) and few safety rules to ensure you don’t get hit with a wayward axe. We’ve all seen the destruction Patrick Bateman in American Psycho. Caused. Naturally, boozed blokes and axes are a worse mix than Ouzo and Milk (keep quiet strange Greek Uncle Stavros), so keep the booze away from this one.

Oz Party Events

Kick start the antics by gathering the boys together for a fun Bucks activity in the form of 2-hour axe throwing in Melbourne! 

Joined by axe throwing pros, it’s time to flex the guns and test your talents with art, which dates back for centuries. This is the ultimate group activity that’s ideal for those looking for unique Bucks party ideas!

With 1-on-1 coaching, full equipment and Viking party props, you’ll then get the chance to put your aiming skills to the ultimate test with a competitive, action-packed axe throwing tournament!

Once the winners have been crowned, it’s time to make your way to a private Bucks lounge for a 3-hour experience that you won’t be forgetting about in a hurry!

On arrival, you’ll be greeted by two alluring Melbourne topless waitresses – the perfect warm welcome to the venue, your private den for the evening.

Throughout the night, you’ll even be joined by sexy girls who will entertain you and the boys as you enjoy live sport, beer pong, personalized music, and much more!

With strawberries and cream strip show for the Buck, as well as free-flowing house beers, wine, cider and soft drinks and piping hot pizzas included within the package. This will set up your Bucks night in Melbourne correctly before your experience comes to the ultimate conclusion with complimentary entry to a famous Melbourne strip club.


We don’t just teach you how to throw an axe; we create a fun and stimulating environment for your group or team. We're not just an Axe- Throwing venue, MANIAX are also leaders in entertainment. Axe throwing at MANIAX is an experience. One you won’t forget that is shared with loved ones or friends, teammates or colleagues.

It is privately hosted by our dream team of expertly trained Axeperts or ‘Axe Throwing Coaches.’ Our Axeperts create memories for every customer, bringing great banter, a sense of performance and humour that is bound to channel the inner Viking and elicit that sense of freedom and a little bit of naughty in even the toughest of crowds.

We specialize in private group events (8-100pp depending on location) that encourage healthy competition, a super exciting atmosphere and the best damn time that you’ve had throwing an axe around.

Archery Battles Bucks In Melbourne

archery melbourne bucks party

Paintballs more archaic cousin, archery battles make for a more demanding and hence more fun experience. The dread of being hit by an arrow (and man do they hurt) and the adrenaline, make for an excellent bucks party idea!

How To Plan For Bucks Day

Admittedly, we blokes never get the finer details right. Be that as it may, the magnitude of this day means that we have to plan things out. Many a bucks day has ended up in disaster (remember Hangover), and to avoid that, here are a few tips.

The last thing you want is to find yourself in a situation where you actually can’t make it to the wedding. With that said, you must choose a date that’s not too close to the actual wedding day.

Secondly, even though this is a big day, you don’t want to put everyone’s finances in jeopardy. Set a workable budget, preferably one that’s agreeable with all members of the group.

Assuming you’re the planner, it helps to consult with the groom about your plans. After all, it’s his day. The last thing you’d want is to plan everything out, only for the groom to hate it!

With that said, any of the ideas suggested above would make for an epic bucks party!

Archery Attack

Here at Archery Attack Melbourne, we understand how important it is to put on a killer bucks party. We know that nothing makes a better bucks party than getting to inflict some damage on your groom-to-be.

So what a perfect way to have some fun and give him a day to remember: by shooting each other with arrows!

We’ve got loads of great games and challenges for your whole party to enjoy. Our games include team death-match, capture the flag, infection, traitor, plus loads more. But most importantly, we’ve got the buck hunt and buck run to stick it to our guest of honour. We make sure to give your party plenty of opportunities to stick it to him. It shows him to get married!

On top of our excellent sessions, we’ve got our function area, with BBQ and outdoor section included. It’s a quality hangout area for your post-game feed. Plus, we’ve got our kitchen facilities for you to use as well. This consists of a fridge and freezer, as well as an oven too. So if you want to order some pizza for the boys, you won’t have to worry about them getting cold while you’re off shooting each other and having a blast.

Our staff understand how important it is for the buck and the rest of the party to have a great time and have a memorable and quality experience. They’ll be working with you, running your session, and looking after you with great care to ensure your time here at Archery Attack Melbourne, the best bucks party you can have in Melbourne, unforgettable!

Archery Warz

Are you planning a Buck's Day for your best mate and looking to deliver the group something with the intensity of paintball that doesn't break the bank? Bow Tag Archery Warz is live-action and player vs. player archery. 

Sessions are usually 60-90 minutes in length and run at locations all across Melbourne and Canberra. Many of our sites have fully licensed bars or are close-by to popular bars and restaurants. You can combine Archery Warz with Bubble Soccer and Soccer Pool and make further savings by doing multiple activities at the one location.

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