What You Need To Know Before Proposing To Your Bridesmaids

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and so it makes perfect sense to have the right people around you. It is not always an easy task to choose your bridesmaids – it is usually exciting, but also delicate at the same time. As such, you must take your time and make your choices wisely, and help you out, here are a few things you need to know before “proposing” to your bridesmaids.

Know what you want

Every lady has an image of how they want their big day to look like, and while you think about proposing to your bridesmaids, you must always have that picture in mind. For example, do you imagine having a small or a big bridal party? Do you want your maids to be purely family or you would like a blend of friends and family? Will you desire them to be personal assistants or ushers on the big day or what roles will you wish them to play at your wedding?

Some may want an out

It is important to remember that being in the bridal party is a commitment, and not all of your friends and family members will be open to the honor. Once you make the proposal, have in mind that some may want and out, and to such, you should allow them without any strings or feeling attached.

Your friendship

Before you ask anyone to be your bridesmaid, take a minute and evaluate the depth of your friendship and determine if they really deserve to play that role on your wedding day. Are they dependable and can you rely on them for the success of your day? Or are they the jealous type that will take any opportunity they find to wreck the day? If you have a reason to doubt the depth and commitment of their friendship, then you have no obligation to include them in the team.

Who will take care of the budget?

There are costs associated with having bridesmaids in your wedding, and before you go out to start proposing, you should consider who is going to take care of expenses such as the cost of venue, shoes, clothes, makeup, bouquets, styling, etc. Back in the days, the marrying couple used to take care of such expenses, but time has changed, and now couples will ask their bridesmaids to take care of the outfits and other associated expenses. Know exactly how you are going to go about the costs before you make any proposals and only go with the maids who will be willing to go by your arrangements.


How did you find our thoughts on what you need to know before proposing? Your choice of bridesmaids is something you should never take lightly, and hopefully, you get some guidance from what we just shared. Let us know about what you think in the comments section below, and also feel free to share the article if you enjoyed reading it.

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