10+ Best Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne (2022)

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On the hunt for the best boxing gym classes in Melbourne, Australia?

Finding the right gym can be stressful

So to help you get started on your hunt, we've rounded up the top places to have boxing classes right across Melbourne, Australia.

We’ve evaluated these gyms based on how good the coaches are, the quality of the gym and equipment, and of course, the price.

Fit2box - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne



0433 115 312 

Fit2box Boxing Studio is committed to delivering results through boxing fitness. Our Trainers are all active fighters, and we take boxing from the ring to your gloves. We are passionate about what we do and strive from seeing your success. We specialise in weight loss, F2B Group Classes, Personal Training and teaching the art of boxing.

Many athletes around the world use boxing as a cross-training off-season for many different reasons. Not only because boxing uses your full body and pushes your cardio to new levels of fitness.

Boxing is a great way to keep the mind and body moving while learning the art of the sport. 60 minutes of boxing doesn't feel like your normal 60-minute workout. You can easily smash over 1000 calories while having fun and trust us when I say time flies when you are having fun.

As you can see below from the many lists of Elite Athletes that choose to train with Fit2box Boxing Studio so you can tell we mean business.

Most of our one on one PT's sessions are for your average Mums and Dads who love throwing punches to get up a sweat, tone up and lose weight. Our member's ages range from 4 years kids to 72 years old and everything in between.

Tribute Boxing and Fitness - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

Tribute Boxing And Fitness


+61 431 524 064

Tribute Boxing and Fitness is the real deal.

We have built a gym for people of all ages, genders and fitness levels chasing an authentic fighters experience – without cuts and bruises – but still with all the benefits that boxing has to offer.

Our innovative programs incorporate the perfect mix of boxing, cardio, and functional exercise to replicate a day in a professional boxer's life, all in one 45 minute session.

At Tribute Boxing, we train outside of the ring. Our classes are tough, and the results speak for themselves!

Tribute Boxing classes are high energy, 45-minute circuit-based sessions, that combine boxing, functional training and high-intensity interval training (HIIT). With access to both our Collins Square and Abbotsford locations and more than 50 weekly classes available, Tribute members are able to train in a fun and welcoming environment, any time of the week!

We help our members build their boxing confidence by offering beginner boxing classes and advanced sparring classes and providing the opportunity to step into the ring and work one on one with our coaches during every class.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned boxer, our experienced trainers will ensure you achieve maximal results through your training!

Sweat Box Fitness - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

Sweat Box Fitness


0402 069 151

Sweat Box Fitness is not your average gym.

Operated by Personal Trainer and Remedial Massage Therapist, Sarah Frost, the Altona Meadows studio is a small, non-commercial, home-based gym that caters for 1:1 and 2-3:1 training sessions. Each session is developed with the individual client's need, capabilities and goals in mind.

The SweatBox gym specialises in Boxing, MMA and Strength & Conditioning using various training methods from cardio and weights, plyometrics and Pilates, to body weight and – of course – Boxing and MMA!

Sarah has a thorough and unique understanding of the body's function and movement due to 10 years of experience as a Remedial Massage Therapist. With this in mind, Sarah utilises all her knowledge and experience to work specifically for each client, and ultimately achieving the best possible results.

Ever wanted to try boxing or MMA?

Some people may be intimidated by boxing due to their reputation as an aggressive, contact sport. But trust us… boxing is an incredible workout that will sculpt, tone and change your body and fitness.

Sweat Box Fitness offers PT sessions that incorporate boxing. There's no contact or sparring – just fantastic combos, drills and pad work.

Boxing is great for:

  • A whole body workout
  • Cardio and Heart health – get fit fast through high-intensity exercises.
  • Improved total body strength and muscle tone
  • Weight loss
  • Coordination, agility and hand-eye coordination
  • Stress-busting: focus, sweat and let your frustrations out
  • Fun! And lots of it.

Come with any level of fitness or ability we all need to start somewhere. Gloves are provided, but once you try it out, we recommend to buy your own.

Team Ellis Gym - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

Team Ellis Gym


03 9336 1225

Team Ellis Gym is a health and fitness club dedicated to helping people from all walks of life reach their fitness goals through boxing-style training! Our gym is in a brand new state-of-the-art facility and has some of the best boxing equipment and training facilities offered in Australia.


With an emphasis on helping people achieve their fitness goals, Team Ellis Gym have a range of trainers and equipment suited to your needs. Team Ellis Gym has an impressive stable of trainers; with professional and amateur boxing coaches and fully accredited strength & conditioning trainers running all of our classes and 1-on-1 personal training sessions. Our staff are dedicated to helping you achieve whatever goals you may have; including weight loss, improved muscle definition, assistance with dieting and healthy eating choices; as well as learning the sweet science of boxing.

Chapel Fitness - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

Chapel Fitness


03 9510 1552

Located inside a prominent St Kilda church, Chapel Fitness is reinventing the fitness experience. The gym's urban interior and architectural features are designed to inspire. No fuss, no pampering, no intimidation; this is a gym focused on training hard and gaining results.

With a small, capped membership, there is no overcrowding. Instead, Chapel fitness aspires to provide an individually tailored service to all clients. With expert personal trainers, high-quality equipment, innovative group fitness classes and tough boot camps, Chapel Fitness delivers the essential elements to get fit.


The qualified training staff of Chapel Fitness conduct an individualised health profile for all new members. This is followed by a training program designed specifically for the client's fitness level and goals. Regular fitness assessments and program updates are available every 6-8 weeks.


The Chapel Fitness recovery facilities include stretching equipment, change rooms and secure lockers. Available to all members are towels, beverages and supplements.


The training area of Chapel Fitness is fully equipped with high-quality equipment. The facility offers a variety of cardiovascular machines including treadmills, X-trainers, bikes and rowers. 

The Church is fitted out with a wide range of resistance training equipment, free weights and kettlebells to ensure all members get the best possible workout.

Adjoining the main training space is a custom-built boxing studio kitted out with bags, gloves, mitts and a timer ready for a high-intensity full body workout.

Outside, Chapel Fitness has a designated turf area for group training where members combine cardio, strength and resistance outdoors.

Jones Brothers Gym - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

Jones Brothers Gym


+61 401 513 086

Jones Brothers Gym is the best place to train in Albert Park. With capped classes, we ensure that every client gets personalised programming in a group environment.

Never boring, always progressing, constantly varied, we cover all aspects of fitness. From Upper Body/Lower Body Strength, Mobility and Flexibility, Core Stability, Cardio-vascular conditioning, Metabolic conditioning and general physical well-being.

Regardless of age, gender, or previous gym experience, we tailor a fitness solution for you. If you have pre-existing injuries or concerns, we work with your allied health professionals to ensure you get fit safely and progress the best way possible.

Come down to Jones Brothers Gym and see the difference a bit of care and expertise makes, right on the Lake!

Family Owned and Operated. Just a couple of brothers passionate about health, fitness and helping people be the best they can be. Jones Brothers Gym is not just about training, and it's about smiling, having a good time, and working together.

Location, Equipment and facilities... They come second to the people in them. We do, however, have world-class Uesaka, Eleiko, Concept 2, and Alpha Fit equipment. Not just world-class by name and international certification to ensure you have the ideal equipment on hand to keep training interesting.

Your Environment Influences Your Mindset

​-Robin Sharma

Setting Goals is great, but what is the point if you don't regularly check in on them and follow up how everyone is going? At Jones Brothers Gym, we don't just help you set goals, and we make sure that we are there with holistic support to ensure that you not only smash your goals but that you have fun doing it. As a small facility with capped classes, we provide a level of service you can't find elsewhere, and we care about every individual and family that trains with us!

Dynamite Muay Thai - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

Dynamite Muay Thai


03 90417246

Intro Dynamite Dennis Sor. Nak Dee

After receiving his rank as a Black Silver First Class in Combat Muay Thai, Dennis decided to take on the role as an educator and share what he has learnt of Martial Arts – in particular Muay Thai.

With over 10 years of experience as an Instructor, Dennis had enjoyed seeing his students progressed the same way he had when he first started. Dennis firmly believes that there is nothing more rewarding than knowing he has made a positive impact on people's lives and assisting their development in building a stronger mentality. All that meet Dennis will feel the fighting spirit and the presence of his aura on the mats.

Authenticity, discipline, teamwork, empowerment and most of all, the power of belief, all of which inspires and drives your fighting spirit to achieve your personal goals.

EVERY single member of our fight team is 100% trained in-house at Dynamite. NO Borrowing of champions, NO claiming fighters, NO famous fighters now currently fighting out of Dynamite. Just 100% will and time to train the skill. We have guest trainers and Thai fighter from our Thai sister gyms who come by from time to time, but everything here is as real as it gets. What more can you expect from a Muay Thai gym where the trainers travel to Thailand at least once per month every month teaching out of Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Eastern Mainland China cities, Shanghai, Guangzhou as well as Melbourne.

Whether you are new to fitness or a competitive athlete, from offices to dangerous professions such as defence force or Law enforcement, looking for an outlet from work stress derives from YOU making the time post the idea of what made your initial decision to look up fitness/exercise.

Mischa's Boxing Central - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

Mischa's Boxing Central



Boxing Central is a place where old school style meets the brave new world. Based in Footscray, with the city of Melbourne and docks on its doorstep, the gym has the gritty atmosphere of traditional boxing gyms but with a contemporary feel that welcomes all-comers, women especially.

Boxing Central is a place where old school style meets the brave new world. Based in Footscray, with the city of Melbourne and docks on its doorstep, the gym has the gritty atmosphere of traditional boxing gyms but with a contemporary feel that welcomes all-comers, women especially. Men are a big part of this sport and always will be; however, it is the sport that has pride of place at Boxing Central. The first class is always free, and with no lock-in contracts, there is no excuse not to come by and see how Boxing Central suits you. This is an authentic boxing gym. But what makes it unique is that it is owned and run by a woman.

Home of Boxing

Old school style meets the brave new world.

Boxing Central is a place where old school style meets the brave new world. Based in Footscray, with the city of Melbourne and docks on its doorstep, the gym has the gritty atmosphere of traditional boxing gyms but with a contemporary feel that welcomes all-comers, women especially.

Men are a big part of this sport and always will be; however, it is the sport that has pride of place at Boxing Central. The first class is always free, and with no lock-in contracts, there is no excuse not to come by and see how Boxing Central suits you. This is an authentic boxing gym. But what makes it unique is that it is owned and run by a woman.

Mischa Merz

An internationally recognised pioneer of women's boxing

Mischa Merz is a former Australian national boxing champion and US Golden Gloves masters champion and Ringside world masters champion. She has been at the forefront of the growing international women's boxing scene for more than 15 years and knows the sport inside out.

She has written two critically acclaimed memoirs about her experiences in the sport and regularly writes about it for newspapers and magazines. She frequently travels to the United States to train and learn from some of the best in the business and recently spent time with the elite women's team at the Australian Institute of Sport, helping them prepare for China's world championships. She is an accredited boxing coach and has a Certificate III and IV in Fitness. With women's boxing, such a hit at the 2012 London Olympics now is the time to learn what it's all about and get fit in the process.

Fitness Ring - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

Fitness Ring


(+61) 0407 961 878

Established in 2008, Fitness Ring is more than your typical boxing studio. Situated in Richmond, we are a personalised, supportive, passionate and family-run set up where anyone from any level of fitness can get involved. Owned and operated by husband and wife Nick and Tonia Tetoros, Fitness Ring offers a variety of group classes; from conditioning and cardio to boxing and kickboxing. To check out our awesome classes, please click here.  

Nick "The Terror" Tetoros lives and breathes boxing, and this love of the sport has spanned over three decades. There have been highs, lows, belts and broken noses, but it is this passion that still sees him through every day when he opens the doors to Fitness Ring, his studio down a hidden laneway in the outskirts of Richmond, Melbourne.

Nick was a professional boxer and kickboxer for 11 years in which he held several titles and belts, including World Kickboxing Champion 1998 and WBO World Boxing Organization ranked #8 in 2003. He represented Australia at the Pre Olympic Boxing Trials in 1991. Nick was a sparring partner of former World Champion, Kostya Tszyu, in preparation for Kostya's world title elimination fight.

We pride ourselves on providing a fun and welcoming environment. When you walk in, you will be greeted by the floor to ceiling brick walls covered with fight posters and photos from Nick's career, a full-size boxing ring and floor area, not to mention many framed images of Sylvester Stallone. The Greek coffee is always available, the laughter is constant, and the music is loud. Fitness Ring is a place where you can explore the art of boxing as well as enjoy the training itself – there are no treadmills here, we are not a walk-in super gym. We firmly believe that exercise should not be a chore, but something that lights you up and makes you feel great!


visualisingVisualising punching out your stress or learning a new combination can take the edge off, and the exercise creates endorphins in the brain that can make you feel happier. So by punching a bag to music, sparing off with a partner or entering a group can make your day. The fact that the task is enjoyable will have a better overall result than a workout that you don't enjoy.

Boxing is one of the true all-around workouts available, meaning it strengthens and works for all muscle groups rather than spot training one area alone. Boxing works the core muscles contained within your trunk, by using balance and strength. The leg muscles through various kicks and stances, the arm muscles through punching and jabbing, plus the back, shoulder and the glutes, through continued skipping and dodging movements essential for everyday life and overall body fitness. 

Leading fitness experts have discovered that repetitive workouts are detrimental to peak fitness. A constant upshift and downshift of cardio and strength training and sudden burst training prove more effective. Boxing incorporates this constant shift of workout, from shadow boxing with constant movement and flow, to pad work to weight training. An hour of boxing can produce more sweat and more calorie burn than a continuous one hour run.

Boxing for self-defence can be a benefit to self-confidence and personal development. You will not feel as vulnerable as before when walking alone or being in an uncomfortable situation. 

Aside from the physical benefits, you can develop a sense of intuition, quick thinking, better judgement and self-motivation — each element working towards the overall enjoyment of your life in better ways.

Powerplay Boxing - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

Powerplay Boxing


(03) 8383 9151

Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Fitness, Personal Training and Sports Science.

Powerplay Boxing has grown from a handful of fighters commencing over a decade ago to now operating as an extensive full-time gymnasium offering services ranging from Boxing, Muay Thai, Martial Arts, Mental and Physical Health Fitness, Well Being, Fitness, Personal Training, Self-defence training for children and adults, Body Sculpting, Strengthening and weights, Sports Science, Weight Loss, Weight Management, Diet Planning, improving individual sporting performance, we make it happen. We offer group classes for Mixed, Ladies Only and Children, including one on one personal training sessions in all these fields. Once again nominated as one of Melbourne's Top Boxing Gyms for all fitness levels.

Here at Powerplay Boxing, we offer group classes on Monday and Thursday evenings, with specific graded classes to ensure the progression of all participants. We offer classes for all age groups, fitness levels and boxing expertise from Beginner to Advanced, from everyday people looking to undertake our classes for technique and fitness to aspiring professionals looking to advance through the ranks and fight professionally.

Beginner Boxing Classes:

Monday and Thursday at 7 pm

In our beginner boxing classes, you will be taught the fundamentals in the art of boxing. These include but are not limited to, combinations, footwork, skipping, shadow boxing and defence movements.

Intermediate Boxing Classes:

Monday and Thursday at 8 pm

Once you have progressed through the beginner ranks and the head coach has graded you to a satisfactory level, you will be eligible to attend the Intermediate boxing classes. Within these classes, you will be exposed to more vigorous boxing combinations, defence drills, footwork and movement combinations. At this level, you will be eligible to start sparring under the guidance of our two head coaches who will be conducting the classes.

Fighter Class and Sparring Sessions:

Friday at 7pm / Saturday at 4pm

For our members who wish to progress there expertise into either Amateur or Professional fighting, by head coach authorisation only you will be eligible for the Friday night fighter class and Saturday afternoon sparring sessions. Both classes are run by our head boxing coach and are mandatory attendance for any aspiring fighters.

Fighters Factory - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

Fighters Factory


(03) 9877 7346

Here at the Fighters Factory, we pride ourselves on being the original and the best boxing gym in Melbourne. Staying true to our boxing heritage, our boxing gym provides a space for people to train alongside professional boxers and get lost in the love of the sport. Whether you've been in the ring for many years or are new to the sport, The Fighters Factory is passionate about giving our clients the real deal when it comes to competitive and amateur boxing.

More than just your average gym, our boxing gym is where athletes come together and push each other to achieve their goals. Say goodbye to boring, repetitive classes and say hello to a sport that'll transform you into a fit, lean, and strong individual that can hold their own in and outside the ring.

Our legendary fight nights are an experience that everyone should have at least once in their life. Take a break from the monotony of day-to-day life and transport yourself into drama, the atmosphere and with an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Our fully-equipped boxing gym offers a targeted and expert boxing circuit, personal training to get the blood pumping and one-on-one training from the experts. Alternatively, if you prefer going it solo, come into our fully-equipped boxing gym to have a smash at it yourself.

Whether you're dropping into our Blackburn based boxing gym for a one-on-one training session, one of our fight nights or you want to challenge yourself with our boxing circuit – we'll work with you to smash out your goals and get you fighting-fit.

If contact sport isn't your thing- don't stress! Our boxing circuit is designed to give you all the benefits of training like a boxer, without the pressure of being in the ring.

To learn more about our boxing circuit, training or fight nights, get in touch with one of our expert team members or click on the link below to learn more.

The Fighters Factory Difference

We don't believe in frills or fluff. As a dedicated boxing gym, we offer real boxing workouts to get you working up a sweat and immersing yourself in the boxing culture. Our boxing gym is the bread and butter of a budding boxing gun. Whether you're coming in for a workout, a match or want to participate or watch one of our legendary fight nights - The Fighters Factory is your next home away from home.

Say goodbye to excuses and transform your body with our targeted full-body workouts that champion core strength and stamina.

Train like a boxer or go at your own pace with our boxing circuits or learn from the best with our one-on-one training sessions. We guarantee that if you survive our circuits, you'll be back for more.

Whether you're in it to lose weight, box competitively, or even learn some self-defence, women and men of all ages are welcome to train at the Fighters Factory. So, keep your head down, hands up and train hard.

Many people are beginning to turn to unconventional workout methodologies in a world with a growing sense of self-awareness and focus on personal health and fitness. It's no longer just about hitting the traditional gym where you spend hours on a treadmill or lifting weights. One of the places more and more people are turning to for results is the boxing gym.

Boxing, as a sport and as a martial art, has been around for centuries. People throughout history have practised it as a means of self-defence. But more recently, over the past decade or so, boxing has emerged as a popular workout.

Is Boxing Good For Fat Loss?

How Boxing Helps You Lose Weight

There are many exercises which can help you burn excess fat in the body, and one of them is boxing. This form of exercise is effective since it works both the anaerobic system and the cardiovascular system.

During any form of boxing training, participants undertake elements of running, skipping, bag work, and bodyweight training, such as squat thrusts, press-ups, and sit-ups, to name just a few.

Suppose you are a bit de-conditioned and have been out of exercise for a while, after a boxing session. In that case, you can expect to feel a little fatigued and sore, as the muscles worked have not undertaken any strenuous exercise.

Because boxing uses both the cardiovascular and anaerobic systems, the body burns lots of calories in a short time. You may feel thoroughly 'worked out' after a boxing session.

Since it's an intensive exercise that involves a wide range of other activities, boxing helps a person lose weight quickly. You can expect to see results in as little as 4 weeks. It's not a silver bullet—you’ll still gain weight if you’re eating too much food (you can figure out you’re in a calorie surplus here).

It's also a great way of relieving stress. You feel good after punching the bag!

Also, this form of exercise teaches you the significance of persistence and consistent hard work on your weight loss journey.

How many calories does boxing help to burn?

Boxing is a great form of exercise that burns lots of calories. If you're doing it intensively, it can burn about 500-600 calories in an hour-long session. As compared to some other types of exercises, it burns more calories.

Besides losing weight, it also builds muscle mass. With the increase in muscle mass, your body will burn fat. When you are hitting the punching bag, you are performing resistance training, when you create muscle, your metabolic rate increases, which burns calories after the workout.


Your first boxing classes will consist of listening to instructors, emulating their techniques, and preparing to box by stretching your arms and legs. These activities burn a few calories. Standing for one hour burns an average of 94 calories if you're 155 lb., according to a "Harvard Heart Letter" report. Stretching for one hour burns 281 calories if you're 155 lb., according to Wisconsin's Division of Public Health. You lose 1 lb. when you burn 3,500 calories. Practising boxing moves raises your heart rate. Higher heart rates require more oxygen, which causes you to burn more calories. According to exercise expert Dr Kenneth Cooper, your exercise heart rate should be 65 per cent of its maximum to improve your fitness, or 220 heartbeats per minute minus your age.

Bag Work

Boxing instructors will probably allow you to practice the techniques you learned on a punching bag before you spar with classmates. During a one-hour class, you might spend 30 minutes hitting a punching bag while practising the footwork you learned and another 30 minutes learning more techniques. The instructor might also give you tips after observing your technique. Boxing a punching bag for one hour burns 422 calories if you're 155 lb. and 518 calories if you're 190 lb., according to the Wisconsin report. That means you need to punch a bag for slightly more than eight hours to lose 1 lb. if you're 155 lb. and slightly less than seven hours to lose 1 lb. if you're 190 lb.


Your boxing instructors will probably allow you to spar with classmates as your technique improves. Sparring requires a lot more movement, effort and energy than punching a bag because you need to avoid, block and absorb your opponent's punches while working harder to land your punches. Sparring for one hour burns 633 calories if you're 155 lb. and 776 calories if you're 190 lb. Consequently, you need to spar for about 5.5 hours to lose 1 lb. if you're 155 lb. and about 4.5 hours to lose 1 lb. if you're 190 lb.


Many boxers run and jump rope as they prepare for bouts. A 155-lb. person burns 950 calories per hour running 8 mph and 704 calories per hour jumping rope at a moderate speed. Running is one of the fastest ways to lose weight, but boxing in a ring ranks 13th among 178 exercises studied by Wisconsin. It burns 844 calories per hour if you're 155 lb. and 1,035 calories per hour if you're 190 lb. You will lose 1 lb. boxing in a ring in slightly more than four hours if you're 155 lb. and slightly more than three hours if you're 190 lb.

Ways Boxing Helps You Lose Weight Fast

It's a Serious Calorie Burner

Boxing is a high impact cardio workout that offers a significant calorie burn. Cardio boxing workouts burn more calories than other types of cardiovascular exercise. A typical boxing session can burn up to 1000 calories. When compared to other cardio stables such as walking (243 calories), jogging (398 calories) and running (544 calories), the calories burned by a session of boxing beats them all. If you're looking to lose weight fast and reach your weight loss goals quicker, boxing workouts are for you.

Helps Burn Belly Fat

While boxing is a serious calorie burner, it is also very efficient in burning fat. The high-intensity nature of a boxing workout means it is very good at burning visceral fat, or the fat commonly found around the waist. All fat isn't created equally, and belly fat is associated with toxins that change the way your body works, leading to a higher risk of various diseases. Belly fat is associated with a higher risk of diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers such as esophageal cancer, colon cancer and pancreatic cancer. Boxing is a great way to reduce that visceral fat around your waist and reduce the medical risks associated with it.

Works the Entire Body

It's easy to get bored with a workout when there isn't much variety in what you're doing. Let's face it, hopping on the treadmill day in and day out or going for a brisk walk along the same path can quickly become boring. Also, such workouts don't give you the full-body workout you need for optimal fitness and weight loss. A boxing workout works the entire body, getting all of your muscle groups involved to up the intensity of your workout and help you lose weight faster. With the constant punching of a speed bag, the shadow boxing, jumping rope and resistance training built into most boxing workouts, you won't need to add much else to your daily exercise routine to achieve the results you want.

You still need to watch your diet when using boxing as an exercise to lose weight. It is always advisable to have 5-6 small meals a day. Each meal should include proteins to help in the growth of your muscles. Remember, breakfast is important also.

To successfully lose weight through boxing, you need to be disciplined. Make a routine on how many times you will be doing the boxing exercise and stick to the plan. For a beginner, start with 2 to 3 times a week. Each boxing session should be about 30-60 minutes. If you are consistent in boxing, together will right diet, you will be sure to lose weight and gain some muscle at the same time.

Losing weight through boxing can help you a lot, but the results depend on a person's hard work, persistence and determination. When you join a boxing program, it's advised to do it with friends, so that it will be more exciting and fun.

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