Business Accountants in Caulfield, Melbourne

30+ Best Business Accountants in Caulfield, Melbourne (2024)

Unlike other general business positions in a company, accountants are bound both by the rules of their organization and by the professional standards of the accounting industry. Accountants have ethical responsibilities to many different parties, both internal and external to the company. Understanding some of the ethical responsibilities of accountants can help you understand what information is appropriate to share with those working in your company's finance function.

Located in Melbourne, looking for the best business accountants? When you are planning for your business, you probably want everything just as planned. One of the best ways to make sure that it all turns out the way you want is to select every accountants yourself personally. This way, you can choose the ultimate companies, people, and options for the success of your business. 

We've created an ultimate list of business accountants in Melbourne to save you time and money.

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Ultimate List of Business Accountants in Melbourne

Hillyer Riches - Business Accountants Melbourne

Hillyer Riches

(03) 9571 5333


Specialising in all cloud accounting & bookkeeping automation solutions.


We provide peace of mind for you and your business by delivering taxation, accounting bookkeeping, and advisory services in Caulfield East.

The Right Bookkeepers And BAS Agents For Growing Businesses

Automated Bookkeeping Services

Our bookkeepers are part of our integrated general financial services practice. We automate your processes and data. We use cloud-based products that suit our clients' business and can vertically integrate your bookkeeping package with your website or point of sale devices.

Unlike the majority of other accounting firms in Australia, we're not happy just lodging your annual tax return. At Hillyer Riches, we want to be an active partner in our client's journey of business success, which is why we offer a complete set of services to the businesses in Victoria that go beyond the scope of a traditional accountant role. With our bookkeeping services extending past managing the books, offering strategic business planning and formulating growth strategies, Hillyer Riches the bookkeeping professionals have the ideal services, expertise and experience to put your company on the path to prosperity.

Quality BAS Services

Our bookkeepers and our bookkeeping services are supervised by experienced accountants, who will ensure the data is processed right the first time. Our services help you make more informed management decisions and reduces the chance of any large cost overruns at tax time.

Accounts prepared and supervised by professional bookkeepers and accountants will give you confidence when meeting and negotiating with banks.

No work is outsourced overseas, all the bookkeeping services performed by bookkeepers employed by our office.

Bookkeepers Who Listen

Our starting point? We listen to you - to understand your goals and give you the right advice.

We'll listen to what you already know and help you through the things you haven't thought of with our high-end bookkeeping services. As an organisation, our primary purpose is to deliver exceptional financial, tax and bookkeeping services both in content and appearance. We will always be known as an accounting and taxation firm where personal attention will not become obsolete. We want a culture of profitability, enthusiasm and growth throughout the firm.

Our mission is to provide high-quality, time-saving tax, financial and consulting bookkeeping services to our clients.

Bookkeeping Without The Jargon

While we love the numbers and all the legal requirements, we know you probably don't. Although if you've come this far with your business, you've probably learned more than you might think about your business' bookkeeping needs.

Growing a business requires focus, energy and attention. We'll keep things simple and give you clear financial reports and commentary to understand your business's bookkeeping needs. By doing what we do really well, we enable you to focus on your sales and operations - the things that count the most.

We're bookkeepers with insight and experience but without jargon. We talk a language you will understand and wow you with our in-depth bookkeeping services.

Experienced Bookkeepers Who Care About Your Business

We've seen it over and over again. You start with a bookkeeping firm and meet experienced professionals, then once you need accounts prepared or advice, you get back poor quality work, with big cost overruns.

That doesn't happen at Hillyer Riches. The experienced bookkeeping professionals you meet when you come to us for an initial consultation will be the same people you deal with for your work. We love helping growing businesses succeed through our high-end bookkeeping services. To realise that success, we believe you need the best advice, so we always give you access to our senior staff.

Our team of highly qualified bookkeepers help clients from many different industries create easy solutions with our bookkeeping services that integrate with their business.

Good Accounting Is A Game Changer Because It's Not Just About The Numbers, It's About Helping You Manage The Performance Of Your Business.

A team of highly specialised tax accountants within a firm established over 3 decades ago, and we offer quality accounting consultation in the Melbourne area. Learn more about us.

Based in Caulfield East, Hillyer Riches is a friendly dedicated team of qualified accountants, business advisers and mentors for family-owned businesses.

With over 30 years of experience, we don't just talk about theory, and we give practical advice that helps you achieve real results.

Whether you're a startup with an innovative concept, establishing a new company, growing or consolidating your business, maximising your superannuation, or seeking the right advice about how to protect your investments, Hillyer Riches gives you an advantage.

Our accountants are trained experts in cloud accounting solutions and are able to provide advice and guidance on the adoption of the right technology to suit your business. As a partner with MYOB, Quickbooks & XERO, Hillyer Riches is able to review your needs and select the system that suits you best.

We're Great At The High-Level Conceptual Stuff As Well As The Detail.

If you want us to, we'll help you turn your vision into a finely honed plan. We enjoy brainstorming with you, scribbling down notes and coming back to you with a practical concept map of how to get to your goal.

We Know How To Run Our Own Business So We Can Help You With Yours.

We've been in business for over 30 years. Our experience growing our business means we don't just talk about theory, we give practical advice that helps you achieve real results.

We're Accountants. We Get Finances And Numbers.

We can read a balance sheet and P&L like a conductor reads a musical score. We can spot the core health of a business, knowing where the cash has gone and how it should be used.

We Help You Get Your Business Model Right.

If you're an early-stage investor, just starting your business from scratch or growing it to something great, our senior partners will learn what makes your business unique and help you manage cash flow and costs, learn business disciplines and avoid costly mistakes.

We're Part Of Your Team.

We are a proactive accounting firm. We learn your needs and share your objectives. We're dedicated to helping you grow and developing your business throughout the year. We're always at the end of the phone and are happy to catch up over a coffee and a spreadsheet at any time.

We Help You Through The Tax And Regulatory Maze.

While tax and compliance may not be your highest day-to-day priority, neglecting them can create costly problems down the track. We find the right tax strategy (concessions and exemptions) so that your journey to business success is smooth and smart. Support from our specialists helps you start right and keep things right without the stress of uncertainty or burden of doing it all yourself.

Hillyer Riches is a team of specialists with a real interest in your business. If that sounds like the kind of accountants you need, it's time to take us up on a free consultation.

Bookkept - Business Accountants Melbourne


(03) 8568 3606

Bookkept are CPA qualified accountants and business advisors who provide quality professional accounting & business advice to small & medium business clients. 

We take care of small business compliance, bookkeeping & ATO issues. We're specialists on Xero/MYOB & payroll on the accounting side and help with business process and systems to ensure you have the capacity to grow your revenue.


Affordable & Professional Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is an essential element of every business, and its importance is often overlooked. We provide our clients with accurate and timely data to allow them to make informed decisions on how to best run their business. We are experts in Xero who can train you, or take control so you can focus on what's important.

BAS & GST Lodgements

Dealing with the ATO can be a hassle for a lot of businesses - don't let it stress you out! We know how difficult payroll & lodgments can be and we'll make sure you're covered.

Budgets & Forecasting

Cash flow is vital in every small business - have you got a budget for the next 12 months? In the first consultation, we can point you in the right direction to ensure you can manage your finances.

We have over a decade of experience as tax & business services accountants between the two of us. We are specialist tax accountants with CPA qualifications who have moved into bookkeeping. We saw a niche in the market for people who need accountant-level quality bookkeeping without the accountant-level costs.

Behind the scenes at Bookkept, we utilise as much technology as possible, which keep your costs down and give us more time to provide actual business advice. Having worked with business owners from day one, we understand that you need tangible advice and help, rather than the reactive reporting of costs that bookkeepers have been traditionally known for.


Bookkept is a cloud-based tax and business advisory firm located in Melbourne, servicing clients Australia wide. We offer a comprehensive range of accounting and business advisory services tailored to meet all accounting requirements across a wide range of industries.

We're not just accountants, we're business people too. We know what it takes to start a company and risk it all to build a successful business. Our experience navigating the business world began with our own involvement in respective family businesses and grew through over 15 years of combined experience in the tax and business services landscape.

Cliché as it may sound, we are not your typical accounting firm. After working in various accounting firms with clunky software, cubicles and excessive middle management, Daniel and Brendan came together with a clear vision of what a progressive accounting firm should look like. We've thrown out all of the stereotypes; timesheets, charge out rates and silly overheads to deliver innovative and actual value to our clients. Your typical accounting firm has all these things and then inadvertently passes these costs on to their clients through inflated bills that increase every year. We provide complete transparency when it comes to our fees. We charge for delivering a service, rather than running a clock.

Bookkept helps clients manage their cash flow and delivers continuous value by providing high-level visibility on business performance. Besides handling tax and bookkeeping matters, we provide true value to our clients by guiding them through their financial reports, enabling them to better understand how to control their growth and take opportunities further and higher. We keep in touch with our clients on a regular basis to ensure they are on top of their taxes rather than meeting with them once a year to discuss a big tax bill for a tax period that ended 9 months prior.

We walk our clients through the many accounting processes within their business structure and provide guidance and insights on tax planning and asset protection. We call this 'future-proofing.

There is no greater thrill for us than when our clients hit and/or smash their goals out of the park! We are dedicated to creating innovative and bespoke accounting solutions for our clients using a suite of cloud-based products to achieve a customised birds-eye view of their business and how it is performing. We practice what we preach too, and our office is completely paperless and cloud-based – we don't even have a printer!

Our ability to pivot and problem solve sets us apart from our competition and empowers our clients to unleash their full potential.

EWM Accountants & Business Advisors - Business Accountants Melbourne

Ewm |

03 9568 5444

EWM Accountants and Business Advisors are Chartered Accountants helping small business with their accounting, bookkeeping and taxation needs. Established more than 30 years ago, we are experts in helping small business and specialise in construction, investment, medical, dental and manufacturing industries. Based on busy Oakleigh in Melbourne, the firm is made up of a group of expert accountants who bring a wealth of experience to help fulfil our vision.

Bookkeeping Services

We provide a full range of bookkeeping services to give you more time to do the things you enjoy.

Modern businesses require up-to-date, accurate financial information readily available.

Business Bookkeeping Solutions

Sometimes you need an external resource to help run your bookkeeping. Other times your internal team needs a sounding board. Leverage full access to our world-class team of chartered accountants, bookkeepers & system integrators who save you time & money to look at the bigger picture.

Timely and accurate bookkeeping helps your organisation to breathe. Not only does it make your business operations run more smoothly, but it gives you reliable reports that can help you make good decisions.

Financial Data Entry

Good data entry really assists the bookkeeping process. What does this mean? Every single transaction that goes into your accounting system has two sides to it (you may have heard this referred to as "double-entry bookkeeping").

Accounts Payable

When it comes to managing the payment of your bills, you want your processes to be both efficient and accurate. Paying bills on time and managing the cash flow prevents the snowball effect of extra phone calls and emails with people following you up.

Accounts Receivable

There's a huge variety of what can be required in this area. Some businesses just work on a COD basis and just need to have income recorded correctly. Others offer terms to their customers and need to have a good system of invoicing and following up payments.

Reconciliation of Accounts 

Account reconciliation is an area that can be a real struggle in bookkeeping, yet it is crucial to maintain ongoing accuracy. Reconciliations can fail for many reasons – like errors in opening balances, duplicated transactions coming through a bank feed, or something being accidentally deleted from the system, or other data-entry mistakes.

Journals and Reports

These are like the polish on your bookkeeping processes. A good understanding of journals that may be required in your system means that your accounts are more finely tuned each month and you can see clearly what's going on.

  • Regular, accurate bookkeeping to help you get back to business.
  • preparing and lodging late BAS
  • processing payroll
  • setting up onsite and offsite accounting software
  • Train client staff to use accounting Applications
  • XERO and MYOB
  • Bookkeeping services in Sydney tailored to meet small business requirements.

EWM Accountants can relieve your business of the enormous burden of all the bookkeeping and accounting needs which includes preparation of annual accounts, business appraisal and planning purposes. EWM Accountants maintains the latest knowledge of changes to tax laws affecting your business to ensure you are receiving the right advice.

We provide an accurate and timely service to all our clients using our state of the art technology which ensures security and peace of mind.

Why Choose Us

As specialist taxation and advisory firm, we don't force round pegs into square holes. We build our procedures to fit your firms with specific requirements. Like to receive files by Dropbox®? We can do that.

Prefer to get old- fashioned correspondence by mail? Need bookkeeping or just payroll help in addition to accounting services? We can help. Need finance advice as well? Not a problem.

Tax Window Business Accountants Melbourne

tax window accountant in melbourne

Located in Melbourne, Tax Window is a well-regarded accounting firm committed to assisting individuals and businesses in reaching their financial goals. Using a strategic approach, the company transforms clients' aspirations into achievable objectives. With a significant 30-year history, Tax Window sets itself apart by assigning senior accountants, not junior ones, to manage client affairs. The firm underscores its transparent pricing model, emphasizing that, despite their expertise in accounting, their fees deviate from conventional accounting standards.

Services Offered:

  • Tax Agent Services
  • Investment Planning
  • Advice on SMSF (Self Managed Super Fund)
  • Specialized services for various industries including cafes, franchises, tradies, builders, medical practitioners, startups, bars, plumbers, and restaurants.
  • Small Business Accounting
  • Business Advisory
  • Property Consultation

Contact Details:

Address: Level 1/441 South Rd, Bentleigh VIC 3204
Operating Hours: Mon-Sun 9:00-18:00 (By Appointment)
Phone: 03 9999 8538
Email: [email protected]

Apex Tax - Business Accountants Melbourne

Apex Tax

03 8595 1875


Tax impacts all of us in all our business and private activities. Tax is seldom black and white and there will frequently be a range of options for every decision relating to tax. To ensure that you see the full picture and understand all the issues to allow you to make the right decision just ask a tax specialist at Apex Tax & Accounting Solutions.


With our Tax Accounting and Tax Services, we are dedicated to helping our clients save time, cut expenses and thus increase profit. We take pride in doing quality work at an affordable price, we respond quickly to clients enquiries, we are accurate and efficient and we help our clients efficiently and effectively, over the years, we are happy to see many of our clients grow and prosper.


A sound financial and tax management strategy is a year-round process, not just filling once a year. Preparing and filing your income tax returns should be the final step in an ongoing and methodical financial management strategy, we maximize your profits, minimize your tax liability and reduce the time you spend worrying about the latest tax requirements.


Apex Tax and Accounting Solution is a tax consultant company that will provide you with innovative solutions to help you save money.

Our Mission

We are just not the consultants; We can be your saviour too!! With years of hands-on experience as a Registered Tax agenda and a Public Practice firm, Apex Tax & Accounting Solutions have been playing a pivotal role in providing Advisory services in various domains be it accounting, tax return, taxation, Bookkeeping, business planning & advisory and many more. We are a uniquely diverse Melbourne based Advisory firm with offices in Melbourne CBD and Melbourne North and mobile accounting services across Australia. Also as a registered entity with the Institute of Public Accountants, we take immense pride in delivering high-quality tax accounting and business advisory services. Nothing is too big or small for us as we cater to the requirements of all set of a client base ranging from closely help businesses, trust, sole-proprietors & partnerships to corporate and high net worth individuals.

Our Plan

Apex Tax and Accounting solutions promise to be a responsible companion to the business in their nascent as well as transnational journey. We see ourselves growing by helping our customers business grow. With an innovative bent of mind, we aspire to save you from all the hassles that come your way when it's just you and your business. So now no more headache of startup formalities, no more accounting and taxation issues, just count on us and we will be your partner in all good and bad times.

Our Vision

As it rightly said that "A friend in Need is a Friend indeed", Apex tax and Accounting solutions aspires to be your friend at every stage of your business life cycle. We are a team of highly trained professionals who work hand in hand to service all your requirements starting from startup planning and advisory to high-end accounting and management services to ensure the smooth functioning of your businesses. We aim to provide smart and innovative solutions to help you save every extra penny by streamlining your business operations. Our motto is to give your business a cutting edge over the others.

Tax4u - Business Accountants Melbourne


03 8754 5940

How we do business

Tax4u is a business-focused advisory firm, focussing on helping our clients grow and realise their goals. With over 10 years of implementing new systems, new business models and new business ideas, let us help you.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Our essential services offer straight forward pricing and packages that help businesses understand their finances, whilst making sure you are compliant with all state and federal taxes.

New Business & Startups

Working with you, offering our experience and expertise to guide you through the business minefield. Ensuring all your finances are compliant, on-time and taken care of, hassle-free.

Childcare Construction & Management 

Our experienced team will help guide you through the vigorous and sometimes challenging registration processes and through to kinder funding.

Property Development & Construction 

With numbers of projects on the go at any one time, staying on top of all your reporting and taxes is critical. Working with you each step of the day ensuring nothing is missed.

Self Managed Superannuation Funds

Managing your own retirement brings its own set of obstacles. We strive to help guide you through and ease you into a well-earned retirement.

Professional Service Businesses

We specialise in helping architects, engineers, software designers and the entire professional services sector charge headfirst into the digital age.

The way we do Business

The relationship between an accountant and their client has changed. Gone are the days of the once a year meeting, talk about the tax bill then see you again next year. An accountant is now expected to work all year round helping their clients to grow there accounting and reporting systems in line with the size of there business. We found that the best way to grow a business was to provide them with the right advice when they need it, not after the fact or once it’s too late to change things, this is why we started rolling out fixed fee packages to all our clients.

By putting our clients on the fixed fee we are able to work with them all year working not only on the underlying bank reconciliation and profit and loss statement but also building up what we see as 4 Key areas to running a business. These areas are called “Business Blox” and by breaking a clients business down into smaller manageable blox we are able to talk to them about specific areas of there business that need assistance and work our a “project” rate that allows either us or the client to develop systems and procedures in these Blox in order to continue the growth of the business.

Rogerson Kenny - Business Accountants Melbourne

Rogerson Kenny

(03) 9802 2534

Business advice

Introducing our unique and tailored business advice program. Rogerson Kenny Business Accountants Melbourne Empowering business owners by enabling confidence, security and peace of mind.


Rogerson Kenny Business Accountants Melbourne is a driven, focused and dynamic team providing bookkeeping, accounting, taxation and business advice services.

They’re driven to grow your business, not just check the compliance box. Rogerson Kenny Business Accountants Melbourne works with their clients to help them achieve their financial goals by running their business better – increasing its value and improving profit and cash flow while bringing fresh ideas to the table. Their hard-working, high-performing team are here to help you succeed.

Rogerson Kenny Business Accountants Melbourne focuses on their clients’ needs. Everything they do – from recruitment to planning, to investing in technology -is about helping you achieve your financial goals. Because Rogerson Kenny Business Accountants Melbourne are clear on what they do and the services they provide, they’re better placed to help their clients – businesses who want to grow, become more efficient, profitable and saleable.

Rogerson Kenny Business Accountants Melbourne is dynamic and constantly changing. They invest heavily in IT and optimising their systems and processes. Rogerson Kenny Business Accountants Melbourne’s staff are empowered to drive improvement across their business. They use the latest technology and quality assurance systems to allow them to consistently deliver a high level of quality work.

Their clients are generally privately held owner-operated businesses with employees, who require taxation, accounting and business advice.

Taxpoint Accounting - Business Accountants Melbourne

Taxpoint Accounting

(03) 9885 4554

Working hard for that holiday you’ve always dreamed of? Saving hard for that new car that you’ve always admired? Or perhaps saving for that surprise gift for your partner? The only thing stopping you is the numbers in your bank account.. What are you waiting for? Come in for an appointment and we will demonstrate how your tax return can be maximised and bring you one step closer to your dream!

At Taxpoint Accounting we believe that knowledge is the key to your return. No more confusion and loss, we can give you a tax solution!

Quality Service

We aim to provide a first class accounting service, but also aim to educate our clients so that their future potential savings are maximised.

Tax Consulting

Our consultation process is designed to alleviate the stress of tax time and lift the burden that it often imposes.

100% Guaranteed

We believe that knowledge is the key to maximising your return. We’ll outline all of your options and provide our expert advice to place you in the best possible position when dealing with your business or personal income.

After Hours Support

We understand that individuals can have a busy schedule, that is why we can arrange after-hours appointments. Book an appointment, and will get back to you with the time.

Fast & Reliable Service

We understand that nobody likes to wait, that is why we focus on completing your work as soon as possible.

Great Customer Service

We focus on providing great service whilst providing outstanding customer service. Every great business is built on friendship.

Our History

Since 2004, Taxpoint Accounting has seen a great many changes in its business, its products, its services. Change always comes with opportunity. Industry has always been ready and willing to embrace it. Yet, through it all, Taxpoint Accounting is still dedicated to those who are linked to the land – farmers and ranchers, landowners, builders. We never outgrown, nor forgotten, its founder’s original core values: integrity, quality, commitment and innovation. Those values determine the way we work, the quality we offer, and the unsurpassed treatment you get as a customer, investor, employee.

Alfred J Camilleri & Associates - Business Accountants Melbourne

Alfred J Camilleri & Associates

9531 6221

Service Overviews

We offer the following services...

  • Full Accounting Services
  • Tax Returns for any type of Entity
  • Business, Trust, Superannuation & Company Setup
  • GST & BAS Preparation
  • Bookkeeping & Wages Preparation Services
  • Legal Dept, with qualified in house solicitor (Gary March legal)
  • IT Dept, qualified IT to graduate available

About Our Principal

I'm Alfred Joseph Camilleri. My accounting studies were completed at RMIT in 1972.

After completing tertiary studies I was granted immediate membership to the Australian Society of Accountants with designation AASA: in 1976 I was granted the ASA Public Practice Certificate, eventually converted to a Public Practice Certificate with CPA. However, in 2000, contemplating retirement, I resigned from CPA and eventually I accepted membership with NTAA with the designation of fellow (FNTAA).

In 1985, I re-established contact with an old school friend Jeffrey Degen who was also a public accountant. I acquired an office in his building servicing his and my clients and the relationship continued until he went into semi-retirement; more recently we are considering a proposition from Mr Degen for a professional merger of our respective practices.

In 1992, I was invited to join the Board of Management of the Christian Brothers College, St.kilda - and became president & chairman of the board for the ensuing five years. In the relationship I maintained and sustained until the year 2000, I resigned only due to the advent of GST, the Principal Br Roger Cripps and I maintained a strong and amicable friendship. During my Board tenure, I was invited and voted into the role of Chairman and President of the school, a position I held for 5 years.

After a successful and amicable professional association with The Firm Stanton Partners I made the decision to open my own office in Ormond Rd, Elwood, where I have been for the past 25 years(approx), Our practice, continues to grow; currently, the firm consists of 3 senior accountants, one principal, and one support/bookkeeping assistant with an occasional part-time professional assistance as required. In the past few months we have added, to our range of services, a legal department and an IT support department. To assist our clients.

We specialize in small or large business accounting and tax, superannuation funds, investor clients, professional tax returns for barristers, lawyers, dentists and various medical personnel as well as tax for various trades.

The legal department is on the premises, headed by the very capable Mr Gary March, an experienced solicitor who provides a wide range of legal services.

Our IT department ensures continued uninterrupted workflow in our office and is also available to assist clients' IT needs.

Our network also consists of a comprehensive incorporation service eg companies, trusts etc.

The staff and I work as a close family unit and share one unequivocal characteristic, viz. we maintain strong work, moral and spiritual ethics. Our work, without exception, is prepared according to specific guidelines and formulas; no shortcuts are taken which could disadvantage any of our clients or diminish our integrity, with the major consideration being the legally correct and best outcome possible. To this day we maintain an impeccable record with the ATO.

Manvic Accountants - Business Accountants Melbourne

Manvic Accountants

(03) 9555 9476


Our staff are highly trained and up-to-date with current taxation laws, offering both individuals and business owners a range of comprehensive accounting and taxation services that go beyond simple accounting, tax and compliance.


Thinking starting up or buying a business or perhaps even a franchise and not sure how to proceed? Manvic Small Business Accountants Melbourne provides coaching and innovative solutions to get your company where you want it to be and beyond


Manvic's alliance with over 30 mortgage brokers enables us to find the best home, business, commercial or investment loan, lines of credit or loan refinancing product to suit your requirements while also securing the best rate possible.

Located in Highett, Manvic Accountants offers a complete range of accounting, taxation, business advisory and financial solutions.

Our years of experience and knowledge allows us to provide a range of additional services including business start-up advice, self-managed superannuation funds and negatively geared properties. By listening to our clients and getting to know their needs enables us to provide cost-effective strategies and solutions in order to help them achieve financial security.

At Manvic Accountants, we pride ourselves on being able to provide more than most traditional accounting firms.


Manvic Accountants is a boutique accounting practice established by Manny Panourakis in 1980 to provide traditional accounting and taxation services.

The introduction of GST combined with consistently strong client referrals has seen the firm experience considerable growth. We now service a diverse range of clients including micro, small and medium-sized business owners from a range of industry sectors.

The practice is large enough to offer specialised advice and at the same time small enough to guarantee personal service to our clients.

Living in an age of increasing financial complexity, we have responded to the needs of our clients and now offer a complete range of accounting, taxation, business advisory and financial services.

If we cannot directly assist clients we have the ability to draw on the extensive knowledge of our alliance partners to ensure they get the best solution for their needs.

Accounts & Advice - Business Accountants Melbourne

Accounts And Advice

1300 629 455

Want the experts to do your bookkeeping?

The most cost-effective Bookkeeping on offer

Bookkeeping Services

Accounts & Advice provides offsite bookkeeping services and payroll services at a significant discount to onsite bookkeeping or payroll officer. We also provide onsite bookkeeping at competitive rates.

Payroll Services

Your accounts and payroll will be maintained to accounting and tax standards by an Accounts & Advice professional. Our team do not charge by the hour for service. We have made a name for being the most affordable, yet efficient bookkeeper Melbourne has on offer.

Bookkeeper Melbourne

Accounts & Advice staff provide the most professional and efficient services on offer. We lead the industry in quoting the lowest fees for bookkeeping services citywide and payroll services Australia wide.

Contact Us Now

We charge a fixed monthly fee. A qualified accountant will be dedicated to preparing your accounts. Call 1300 629 454 for a free bookkeeping or payroll quote now.

The most professional bookkeeping services you can find!

Our staff are professionally trained in accounting and bookkeeping. We offer a collect and return service of your documents or you can fax, email or post documents (a free satchel is provided) to our office. We can complete your BAS, GST, and PAYG reporting requirements as well as help you manage your business by producing monthly profit and loss statements, cash flow statements and balance sheets.

Accounts & Advice is the bookkeeper Melbourne turns to for quality and low-cost bookkeeping services. We aim to deliver accountant-standard bookkeeping services Australia wide. Whether your organisation is in Melbourne or somewhere else in Australia we can provide a bookkeeper for you.

Bookkeeping is an accounting function, which needs to be performed to strict standards in order to meet the various obligations required by law as well as business owners. Unfortunately, many bookkeepers Melbourne companies use have no accounting qualifications or are not properly trained. Inaccurate bookkeeping can lead to expensive accountant's bills at tax time.

Public accountants offering a bookkeeping service usually charge accountant's rates for this service. This is unnecessarily expensive for most businesses. We offer the best of both worlds: qualified accountants at bookkeeper rates.

Accounts & Advice is a bookkeeper Melbourne businesses can trust. Accounts and Advice have experience across a wide range of industries in both small and large businesses including non-profit organisations.

Reliable Melbourne Accountants - Business Accountants Melbourne

Reliable Melbourne Accountants

1300 049 535

Leading Accounting Firm in Melbourne For Your Business

Welcome to Reliable Melbourne Accountants, creative accounting and business consulting firm specializing in helping ambitious business owners in Melbourne. We are specialists in all areas of taxation and corporate accounting and work with small to medium-sized businesses. We build all facets of the financial needs of our clients through strong customer relationships to achieve their goals and bring back the balance they need!. An accountant’s main work is to account for the company’s income and expenses, prepare the relevant documentation, prepare and submit a report to the appropriate authorities.

Our main aim to keep the score and work on accounting, taxation and financial statements, but we also have the business services, taxation services, and professional services that make us different from the competitive accounting firms in Melbourne.

Business Services

Accountants have more responsibilities than you think. They don’t just handle your money matters, but also offer advice

Accounting Services

Accounting is a vital function for any business organization. With accounting services, we keep the track

Taxation Services

Every client is unique and so as their requirements are. We, at our firm, offer a competitive range of consulting

Bookkeeping Services

We specialize in all bookkeeping & accounting services for individuals and small to medium-sized businesses.

Leading Accounting Firm

As we are one of the best leading Accounting firms in Melbourne for the last 12 years, our services and trust towards clients inspired and motivated us to expand across Australia. We do understand, Tax returns are one of the key priorities to accomplish your obligation as well as tax refunds which you have planned since a current financial year.

With our best tax trained and specialist personnel, we ensure to take into consideration all your points and make sure to “Maximise your Refunds” * and at an affordable cost. We do activities with all the queries that are coming up from the Australian Tax Office (if any) after the tax lodgement.

We shall guide you for further tax obligations to be met and give you the best way to make savings for the next financial year in respect of deductions and rebates applicable to you based on your profession.

We also take into consideration the depreciation schedules for your assets purchased during the financial year either it might be with a motor car or any other equipment purchase for which tax laws are applied accordingly.

There might be certain circumstances which is a very instance, where your tax returns need to get amended or revised based on the quires raised by ATO and by which, we do take care complete responsibility in meeting with the obligations.

Forensic Accountants - Business Accountants Melbourne

Forensic Accountant Melbourne

+61 3 8797 2787

Do you live in Melbourne and think you need the services of a forensic accountant? Have you recently separated from a business partner or spouse?

Perhaps you fear an employee is stealing from the business or just need some advice about your forensic accounting inquiry.

Did you know that the word ‘Forensic’ means using methods of investigation that are suitable for use in a court of law and that Forensic Accountants Melbourne regularly work across all aspects of forensic accounting?

For civil matters this often means Forensic Accountants Melbourne:

  • Calculate and quantify loss and damage
  • Work with disagreements with respect to company acquisitions
  • Handle professional negligence claims

In the Family Court, Forensic Accountants Melbourne is able to ascertain the family income past and present, to determine issues including, but not limited to, spousal and child support and the equitable distribution of assets.

For criminal matters Forensic Accountants Melbourne typically, but not always, focus on the crime of Fraud. In particular, they assess the accounting system where a crime took place in order to establish if the system reflects reality. Therefore, Forensic Accountants may recover or confiscate the proceeds of crime or money laundering.

If you think you may need the services of Forensic Accountants Melbourne, please call us today to arrange your free initial consultation.

Forensic Accountants Melbourne utilises a combination of expertise in areas such as:

  • Business, finance and accounting; their systems and procedures
  • Auditing, evidence and investigation; techniques and litigation processes

Forensic Accountants Melbourne is highly skilled and experienced and are here to help you with your civil, family or criminal requirements after an event has occurred.

However, moving forward, Forensic Accountants Melbourne, powered by Insolvency Guardian, are also playing a more proactive role, before the event occurs, by:

  • Designing and performing procedures in accordance with the statutory audit
  • Acting as advisers to audit committees
  • Participating in fraud deterrence engagements
  • Assisting with investment analyst research

If you live in Melbourne and think you may need the services of a forensic accountant, please call us today to arrange your free initial consultation.

Welcome to Forensic Accountant Melbourne

Our forensic accounting service was established in 2011 and the team has a wealth of experience. We work with solicitors, barristers, insurers, insolvency practitioners, corporate and personal clients and the police in a wide range of disputes from commercial to family, personal injury and fraud.

Forensic services include:

  • Quantifying loss of profits
  • Matrimonial disputes
  • Shareholder, partnership and franchise disputes
  • Expert determination
  • Business valuations
  • Completion accounts and earn-out disputes
  • Commercial agency termination claims
  • Consequential loss claims
  • Warranty claims
  • Fraud investigations
  • Personal injury and medical negligence claims
  • Professional negligence claims
  • Business interruption claims
  • Bribery investigations and risk assessment
  • Insolvency litigation, investigations and expert witness services

We also work closely with our clients and their advisors to provide clear, concise and cost-effective advice, accurate calculations and expert witness and advisory reports. Acting for claimants, defendants and as a single joint expert, our expert witness reports quantify losses and provide a robust figure which will stand up to scrutiny. 

We also assist in mediations, expert determinations, insurance claims and insolvency proceedings.

Our team prides itself on its responsiveness and provides high quality, partner-led service no matter the size of the case. We are largely conflict-free and are happy to discuss matters on a no-obligation basis at any time.

Our forensic accountants have the benefit of close working relationships with our in-house specialists such as tax and corporate finance advisors to provide advice tailored to each case.  

HTS Accountants - Business Accountants Melbourne

Hts Accountants

03 9555 5323

HTS Accountants is proud of its personal approach to clients. Working as an effective, tight-knit practice offering uncompromising personal service, our practice has carved itself a distinctive market niche.

We are committed to building and maintaining a close working relationship with clients. We recognize that each tax or other financial issue is different and requires timely and practical advice which best meets the client's individual needs.

HTS Accountants began in 1978, and over the years, has developed a personal and efficient client service, competent in all facets of Taxation and Accounting, with friendly, caring and capable staff.

Boris Gelberg

In 1992, Mr Boris Gelberg became Director and owner of HTS Accountants. He has a Bachelor of Business Degree in Accounting from Monash University and is a Fellow Professional Member of the National Institute of Accountants as well as a member of the National Tax & Accountants’ Association. Since the start of his long career in 1968, he has gained a broad experience and knowledge of commerce and taxation managing not only accounting practices but also as Financial Director for large multinational companies both in Australia and overseas. He was the Financial Director of Table Tennis Australia and is still involved with other sporting associations.

Alex Rybalov

Alex Rybalov joined the firm in 2002. He has a Bachelor of Business Degree in Accounting as well as a Bachelor of Computing degree from Monash and is a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA). Alex has been working in public practice since 1992, excluding a few years where he held corporate jobs for a large multinational company before deciding to return back to public practice. He has broad experience across all facets of the firm’s services.

Lotus Smart - Business Accountants Melbourne

Lotus Smart

03 9561 9922 

Business And Personal Accountants In Melbourne

Are you asking yourself “where can I find a professional tax accountant near me who has expertise across a range of areas?” At Lotus Smart, we boast a team of highly trained and experienced personal and business accountants who can provide up-to-date information, reliable advice and expert guidance. We can help you achieve your goals and fulfil your obligations at an affordable price.

Our Services

Our accountant in the eastern suburbs offers a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • Tax Services – Our tax accountant in Melbourne can help with a personal tax return, strategic tax planning, payroll tax, business activity statements, capital gains tax, land tax, and more.
  • Business Accountants – Melbourne businesses can work with us to develop strategies, minimise costs and maximise profit. We can assist with bookkeeping and much more.
  • Loans Services – Our licensed mortgage broker can help you to find the home loan that suits your requirement. Our home loan services include debt consolidation, refinancing and more.
  • Property Accountant – We can help property developers with project feasibility, risk management, cost control, asset protection and more.
  • Cloud Accounting – We can help you access accounting software through the cloud, which saves upfront costs and avoids expensive servers.
  • Strategic Tax Planning – If you’re asking yourself “where can I find a tax agent near me who has the expertise to legally minimise my tax liability?”, our qualified and experienced tax accountant can help.
  • Business Advisory Services – Our Accountant are specialized in small business owners and entrepreneurs who can become your trusted advisor, offering advice on business structures, plans, budgeting, loads and more.
  • Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF) – Our accountant in Glen Waverley, Blackburn and Monash is highly knowledgeable with SMSFs and can offer helpful tax and accounting advice on SMSF.

NOTE: As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Federal Government has implemented the JobKeeper subsidy to support struggling businesses and keep employees connected with their employer. If you’re eligible for the payment, we can help you lodge your application for enrolment.

Why Choose Us?

Lotus Smart has earned a reputation as one of the best accounting firms in Melbourne. Reasons to choose us to include:

  • We’re a team of qualified Accountants that specialises in restaurants, property developers, construction, accommodation, grocery stores, tradies and daycare
  • Our accountant in Melbourne city is backed by over 20 years of experience
  • Our advisors are bright, qualified, enthusiastic and supportive
  • We connect you with the best accountant in Melbourne for your circumstances and goals
  • Whether you need a sole trader accountant, an accountant for tradies or property tax specialists in Melbourne, our low-cost advisory firm can connect an individual or company in Australia with a specialist who will represent and support your interests.

Lotus Smart is a team of Chartered Accountants committed to delivering high-quality professional services. We are proactive, forward-thinking, result-oriented and we work closely with our clients to achieve their financial goals.

The team at Lotus Smart is led by Rajesh Acharya, he is a Chartered Accountant and a registered Tax Agent. Rajesh has more than 20 years of experience in taxation, accounting and business advisory services. The Lotus Smart team members have held roles in corporate accounting roles across Australia and overseas.

Our areas of strength:

  • Family-owned business – with specialisation in restaurants, grocery shops and family daycare
  • Professional Services including engineering consultancies, migration agent, education consultants and solicitors
  • Tradespersons including electrician, concreters, carpenters and builders
  • Registered Training Organisation (RTO)
  • Property Investment
  • Property Development
  • Asset protection
  • Individuals – including complex capital gain and investment issues

We support local businesses to achieve good success in what they with sound financial advice and direction. Being a team of Clayton Accountants, the community is super important to our team.

We support the local community & help your small businesses grow by providing ongoing guidance in the following areas:

  • Recommending an appropriate accounting system and training your staff
  • Determine the areas of growth by providing insight on cash flow, inventory management, capital expenditure, pricing, and business financing.
  • Create cash flow projection and financial forecasts so you can make better decisions in your business.
  • Work with you set up income and expenses budget and providing monthly variance analysis.
  • Meeting the ATO and other statutory compliance
  • Submitting BAS, business tax, financial reports, and all necessary paperwork to the ATO
  • Overseeing your payroll and payroll process
  • Managing your bookkeeping
  • Explaining your financial performance (i.e Profit and Loss Statement) and financial position (Balance Sheet)
  • Assisting you to set up a business process
  • Advising you on staff hiring and termination process
  • Providing advice on strategic tax planning

Leigh Bookkeeping Services - Business Accountants Melbourne

Leigh Bookkeeping Services

0411 369 132

LBS provides customised solutions based on each client’s individual requirements.

We take a long term approach to becoming a permanent solution to your bookkeeping needs.


Complete bookkeeping services that are tailored to your business needs and budget. We provide all aspects of bookkeeping from start-up to profit and loss. report.

Payroll Solutions

Remove the stress of payroll. We ensure that all your payroll needs are processed, correct and paid on time, resulting in fewer headaches and happier staff.


We ensure that all your ATO requirements are calculated correctly, prepared and lodged on time. Saving you time, headaches and money.

Software & Systems

Booking systems and software can be confusing. We can help recommend the systems and software that you need for your own personal situation, and even train you or your staff to use it correctly.


Having the correct reports are a vital tool for managers and business owners in order to be able to see the current financial condition of the business and forecast future sales and cash flow requirements


Confidentiality and security are our concern just as much as they are to you. Knowing that your documents are secure and up to date is important in knowing that you won’t lose anything and no one else can access your private information.


We are able to offer comprehensive accounts administration services that will take care of any bookkeeping requirements you may have. We can even do other office administration and data entry work if you need it.

Customer Support

We know that sometimes you will have questions. We provide exceptional customer support and are here to help you with any assistance or query you may have, with our qualified, knowledgeable and friendly team.

We Are Leigh Bookkeeping Services

We deliver professional bookkeeping, consulting and administration services.

We are passionate about assisting our clients with integrity, honesty, confidentiality and privacy whilst maintaining consistently high standards and value for money.

At Leigh Bookkeeping Services, we have been helping clients to manage their financial data for more than 15 years.

It’s simple – we work with you to understand your individual needs.

Then we prepare and present the information you require using the most appropriate accounting package to suit your circumstances.

Garber & Associates - Business Accountants Melbourne

Garber & Associates Accountant

03 9832 0691

Accountants & Business Advisors

Looking for an accountant or business advisor?

We are a medium-sized firm located inside Armadale. We act as accountants for an extensive number of companies, partnerships, trusts and self-managed super funds and individuals.

Our clients operate in a broad and diverse range of industries. We offer a service that is tailored to suit your individual needs and are second to none in being proactive to ensure our clientele is satisfied. Our enthusiastic and modern take on accountancy means you are provided with a friendly team of individuals that are able to flex their expertise and provide you with the most up-to-date services.

Why choose us?

FREE 1-hour Consultation

We have absolute faith in helping your business, we provide accounting and business advisory services for businesses on all levels. In fact, we have so much confidence in how we can help your business saves hundreds if not thousands of dollars we provide a FREE 1-hour consultation service to all new clients where we will answer any questions that you have or tailor a plan to maximise your profits.

Expertise in every aspect

With our experienced team, we offer a comprehensive range of skills that we can offer your business. We pride ourselves in offering accountancy and business advisory expertise to not only individuals looking to start businesses but small businesses looking for the next step. We offer a hassle-free service that gives you more time to focus on what’s important.

You are our priority

We are not your typical accountant who is only worried about the numbers. We look beyond the numbers and search for ways that will take you or your business to that next step for growth. We understand every business and individual is different and we tailor our approach to you. We aim not just to do the work but to educate our clients on the approach and plan, we will be alongside you the entire way.

Stannards - Business Accountants Melbourne


03 9867 4434

Stannards Business Intelligence - B.iQ™ advisory services help us uncover the needs to get a business market-ready.

We add value to our client's bottom line by assisting them in the management of their operations and finances with the following services:

  • Ongoing tax planning initiatives
  • Finance applications to support business growth and acquisitions
  • Preparation of 3-way forecasts
  • Direct negotiations with banks for interest rates, costs and security
  • Preparation of financial analysis with emphasis on KPI reporting
  • Corporate structuring to plan for capital gains tax minimisation
  • Preparation of business plans including SWOT analysis
  • Implementation of accounting and software solutions
  • Advice around structuring to protect family assets and wealth
  • Succession and generational wealth planning


Stannards Accountants and Advisors Stannards is a progressive firm of accountants and has been established in 1946. 

Based in South Yarra, Victoria, our practice comprises 6 partners and some 50 staff. We service all states of Australia. 

Stannards provide a combination of audit, accounting, taxation and business consulting services commensurate with clients’ needs. 

What to expect 

It is the quality of our partners and staff that make us successful business advisors. In particular, when dealing with Stannards, you will receive: 

  • Highly personalised service 
  • Ready access to partners and senior staff
  • Prompt return of all communication
  • Efficient turnaround of work
  • Advice that is pro-active, accurate, commercial and above all, practical
  • Cost-effective, fixed pricing on all engagements

A culture that is focused on planning. We constantly review, research and consider plans in relation to business performance, structures, wealth accumulation, succession, etc. 

Our objective

To counsel and support our clients in the successful management of their business and private operations. Our aim is to be “Business partners for life.”

How we work with clients

Stannards are accountants and business advisory partners for life. In all our relationships with clients, we look to build long-lasting, dynamic and meaningful connections to help businesses and the people behind them to be their best. We use our industry expertise to understand the needs of our clients and get them market-ready. 

JAG Accountants - Business Accountants Melbourne

Jag Accountants

0408 033 697


JAG Accountants provides a wide range of Taxation & Accounting services for individuals, Families, Businesses and Self Managed Super Funds.

Our business tax services are:

  • Income Tax Returns for Companies, Trusts, Partnerships, & Sole Traders;
  • Preparation of Financial Statements;
  • Formation of Companies, Trusts and Partnerships;
  • Restructuring and implementation of tax effective structures;
  • Complex tax matters involving small business tax concessions.
  • BAS preparation

Our family tax services include:

  • Income Tax Returns for family members, Trusts, Companies, & Partnerships;
  • Formation of Family Trusts, Companies;
  • Tax Planning for tax-effective outcomes;

Our individual tax services include:

  • Preparation and lodgement of Income Tax Returns;
  • Tax Planning for tax-effective outcomes;
  • Complex tax matters involving employee share schemes, capital gains tax, non-residency/ex-pat, and rental properties

Our self managed super fund services include:

  • Preparation and lodgement of Tax Return
  • Preparation of Financial Statements

We at JAG Accountants establish a personal relationship with you and your organisation; by providing you with the highest level of professional service and advice

We are focused on the providing;

  • Highly personalised service;
  • Access to your own qualified accountant;
  • Prompt return of all communication (whether it be a telephone, fax or email);
  • Efficient turnaround of work;
  • Advice that is pro-active, accurate, commercial and above all practical;
  • Cost-effective pricing on all engagements; and
  • Focus on tax and strategic planning

Call us today so we can assist you to make the best tax decisions that will allow you to build your wealth fast!


CPA Certified Practicing Accountant, Registered Tax Agent, Bachelors of Business and Arts (Accounting) and Diploma of Financial Planning,

Julian is the founding principal of JAG Accountants and is the name behind the brand.

With over 12 years of specialist knowledge of Tax, Wealth and Business Planning for various professionals, Julian focuses on providing efficient service and advice in areas of Tax Planning & Compliance and Business & Personal Strategic Planning. He has held senior positions in public practice and the Australian Taxation Office.

Julian has built a practice focused on nurturing strong trusted relationships with his clients providing the highest level of professional services.

GAP Accountants - Business Accountants Melbourne

Gap Accountants

(03) 9523 5889

At GAP Accountants, we offer specialist knowledge across a variety of services and industry sectors and have the experience to offer tailored advice through every stage of your life.

Our array of services includes accountancy, taxation, superannuation (including self-managed superannuation funds), business performance, corporate secretarial/company secretary and finance. We also partner with independent financial advisers to provide financial planning solutions for your particular needs.


Understand your finances

You require accurate financial information to make sound business decisions. Before leaping into the next phase of your business, our team can assist with bookkeeping and accounting services, whatever your industry! We help you to manage transactions, record revenue, review cash flow and realise profits.

We prepare annual accounts and periodic management accounts for tax, business appraisals and planning. Whether you require specific information for a current scenario or advice for the next step, we can assist.

  • Maintenance of accounting books and records
  • Preparation of periodic and annual accounts
  • Banking and commercial documentation management
  • Financial management advice
  • Budgeting and cash flow analysis
  • Payroll services
  • Computer accounting
  • Cloud accounting

GAP Accountants is a Melbourne-based accounting firm that specialises in wealth accumulation and asset protection. Our dedicated team includes qualified accountants, bookkeepers and business consultants who partner with you to structure your finances and maximise your tax benefits.

Whether you’re a busy professional, an astute business owner, looking to retire or an individual investor seeking assistance, we can look after your financial and taxation needs. Work with our team for proactive solutions, sound business advice, and financial strategies for immediate and future wealth creation.

Liston Newton - Business Accountants Melbourne

Liston Newton

1300 370 657

We understand the big picture so we can give you the best advice

A wealth of experience

We have more than 40 years of experience providing professional services and helping businesses grow. We can help you achieve your business and personal wealth goals.

Long-term client partnerships

Our relationships with our clients are an essential part of our services. We create long-term partnerships with an in-depth understanding of your business and goals.

Full range of service

All your financial services should help you move towards your goals. We take a holistic approach and are more than capable of providing all the financial services you need.

Leading industry innovation

Throughout our history, we've never been satisfied to rest on our laurels. We constantly embrace innovation. And with new technology, this is happening faster than ever.

Proactive partnerships

Our approach is to build proactive partnerships with our clients. Creating a long-term relationship gives us a deeper understanding of your business so we can provide the best advice on reaching your goals.

40 years of experience

We have developed our approach throughout our long history. We have experienced and successfully navigated each phase of business growth ourselves. We know what works, and we can shepherd you through the growth process.

Audit guarantee

Our audit guarantee ensures that if you are audited, we do not charge you for the time taken to coordinate with the ATO on the audit. We make sure you are covered by attending to every little detail.

Get My Tax Sorted - Business Accountants Melbourne

Get My Tax Sorted

03 8560 0241

Services Offered

  • Tax and Compliance
  • Centrelink Assistance
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Business Start-Up and Registration
  • R&D Applications
  • General Tax Advice

About Us

Get Your Tax Sorted is your one-stop-shop for all your accounting and financial needs for individuals and small businesses. Founder Carl O’Keefe an accountant with over 10 years of income tax experience, says it was actually his clients that came up with the name, many of them telling their friends, “Go to Carl, he got me sorted.” The friendly and helpful GYTS team is experienced across most industries with clients in the mining, services, property development, manufacturing, retail and more, as well as proficient in several technologies including XERO and MYOB.

Meet Carl

  • Family Man
  • Registered Tax Agent
  • Over 10 Years of Income Tax Experience
  • IPA Membership
  • Liability Limited by a Scheme Approved Under Professional Standards Legislation

AccountantSMART - Business Accountants Melbourne


03 9995 9437

AccountantSMART – Expert Accountants & Tax Agents

Serving Glenhuntly in Melbourne and the surrounding areas of Caulfield, Carnegie, Ormond, Elsternwick, Murrumbeena, McKinnon, Bentleigh, including Melbourne CBD.

AccountantSMART is a team of expert accountants and tax agents specialized in personal tax returns, business tax returns and tax advice. We have been serving the Glenhuntly in Melbourne, Caulfield, Carnegie, Ormond, Elsternwick and surrounding areas, and are making a difference in the market through the level of our professionalism. Our accountants have all the required skills and experience to give you the best possible outcome. We build long-lasting relationships with our clients and always look forward to providing them with exceptional tax and accounting services. Our accountants build a solution around your needs and make sure there is a full focus on the accuracy and quality of services.

The smarter way to file tax returns

Most people are required to file tax returns, but if you are not sure, we can advise you. For you, it may be a complex issue but we make it a simple and easy process. We can review your taxes and identify if you are paying more tax than necessary and make sure you don’t have to anymore. We will ensure that you claim everything you are eligible for, so you receive the maximum tax refund. If you want a professional accountant to help you manage and minimize your tax bill in Melbourne and the surrounding areas of Caulfield, Carnegie, Ormond, Elsternwick, Murrumbeena, McKinnon, Bentleigh, including Melbourne CBD, call us today.


AccountantSMART is a progressive team represented by SMART professionals consists of accountants, tax specialists, financial planners, auditors, mortgage brokers and other specialists. We provide a combination of accounting, taxation, audit and business advisory services commensurate to our client’s needs.

AccountantSMART embraces a best of breed philosophy, whereby we source external advisors to assist with particular tasks outside our area of expertise. We seek the most appropriate external advisors available to cater to the most complex taxation, superannuation and legal advice.

Etax Local

Etax Local

1300 174 680

Does your business legally minimise taxes?

Reducing total taxes paid can make a big difference to your business success. But, doing it wrong can be costly – or illegal.

As tax compliance experts, our team know the ATO’s concerns and triggers. They guide you from the start to ensure your tax returns legally minimise tax and the chance of ATO audits.

Getting the right tax advice for correct tax returns?

Getting it wrong can mean a serious debt or balance sheet problem which can cripple the success of your business.

Statistically speaking, there is over a 60% chance that any new small business in Australia will fail within just three years. This does not need to be your business. Don’t leave your business’s taxes – and its future – to chance.

Do you reduce tax and legal risk for your business?

Don’t risk the future and success of your business with the wrong advice.

Etax Local can give you the information you need about your business entity type, trusts, finances and taxes so you can keep business risks to a minimum.

At Etax Local we know that most people can find tax confusing and frustrating

When you’re in business, you don’t just want to know you’re getting the best tax outcome. It’s often just as important to feel free to discuss your options with someone who is happy to listen. Our team of accountants are extremely knowledgeable about tax laws, deduction limits and tax offsets. Consequently, you can be confident your tax return is prepared accurately. But alongside this, our team appreciate that a business is never just about dollars and tax. It’s about the people who build, nurture and grow that business.

Our priorities:

  • Provide affordable, high-quality tax and accounting services to Australian small businesses.
  • Make your tax return as easy and as pleasant as possible.
  • Cater for groups or remote visits when our clients need it.
  • Maximise your refund and minimise the tax you pay.
  • Ensure accuracy via our CPA review process – no tax return is lodged with the ATO until it is checked at least twice by qualified accountants, to minimise the possibility of an ATO audit.
  • Ensure you receive your tax refund as fast as possible.
  • Provide expert tax advice that stays ahead of constant changes in tax law and ATO rules.
  • Provide quality customer service – you are never just another client.

With Etax Local by your side, you get the perfect blend of convenience, quality and care for you and your business.

Gavin Ma & Co Accountants - Business Accountants Melbourne

Gavin Ma & Co Accountants

03 9557 3139


Welcome to Gavin Ma & Co Accountants. We are certified practising accountants as well as a registered tax agent and registered ASIC agent. We’re also business startup consultants that you can trust to be prompt, accurate and professional.


“To provide responsible, practical and valued solutions to ensure our clients’ financial needs are met”

We provide residents and businesses with qualified accounting services in Melbourne as well as a range of additional services to help you grow your business and improve your own financial future.


Whether you run your own business or simply need help putting together your personal taxation records for the end of the financial year, our comprehensive range of services spans various fields and includes:


Need assistance from Melbourne tax accountants? Our tax consultant in Melbourne can help you put together your tax return for the previous financial year. We can assist you in reducing the total amount of tax you need to pay by finding legitimate tax deduction opportunities. Speak to a tax return accountant in Melbourne today.


Our business startup consultant can help prevent your business from becoming one of the 30% that closes in its first two years. We can offer trusted financial advice that enables your business to grow and get off the ground with reasonable success.


Gavin Ma & Co offers mortgage broking services for Melburnians looking to either purchase their first home, purchase a rental property or take out a second mortgage on their existing property. We work with all the biggest banks and other NBFIs to help you get the best deals on interest rates. Not looking to buy a property but still, need available funds in the form of a small loan? Speak to Gavin Ma & Co about the lending options that are potentially available to you.


A self-managed super fund (SMSF) allows fund members to exercise complete control over their superannuation investments with the aim of building a lump sum figure that they can draw from weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Gavin Ma & Co specialises in all SMSF related matters, from the setup and annual auditing of the fund through to general SMSF accounting queries.


We can provide qualified accounting and payroll services for Melbourne businesses, no matter how big or small or how new or established. Make an appointment with our business consultant in Melbourne today.


At Gavin Ma & Co, we treat each and every client with the respect they deserve – you’re more than just a number to us. Whether you need professional accounting services for your business or you require assistance from a tax return agent in Melbourne, get in touch with us today by calling (03) 9557 3138 or emailing [email protected]. With a local presence, we’re proud to provide our services to businesses in Bentleigh and surrounding suburbs such as Brighton, Moorabbin, McKinnon, Caulfield and Oakleigh. We can also assist clients across greater Melbourne with all their accounting needs.

What are the ethical responsibilities of accountants?

The nature of the work carried out by CPAs — including auditing, accounting, and tax services — requires a high level of ethics: current and potential shareholders, investors, lenders, regulatory agencies, and other users of an entity’s financial statements rely heavily on those financial statements in order to make informed decisions about the entity.

From the 1980s to the present there have been numerous accounting scandals that were widely reported on by the media and resulted in fraud charges, bankruptcy protection requests, and the closure of companies and accounting firms. The insidious effect of unethical behavior by top management in major corporations has touched every American in some way, shape, or form. These stories remind us of how crucial it is that we strive for ethical decision-making and behavior in business overall, and specifically in the accounting profession.


Accountants are privy to confidential information regarding their clients and their clients' businesses. Disclosure of this information to unauthorized third parties could put clients at a competitive disadvantage. Accountants are ethically obligated to treat client information as confidential and refrain from unauthorized disclosure. Clients and accountants should realize that there is no accountant-client privilege, as exists between an attorney and a client, and that accountants may be required to disclose business information about a client upon order of a subpoena.


Accountants working in public practice have an ethical duty to be able to objectively render an opinion on a company's financial statements. This requires the accountant to be independent from the company under audit in both "fact and appearance." Independence in fact requires that the accountant does not have any kind of financial interest in the client, and implies that the auditor is absolutely able to conduct the audit without any bias in attitude. Independence in appearance concerns an outsider's observation of the auditor-client relationship. Being independent in appearance requires that a neutral third-party observer would not consider independence to be impaired.


Accountants working in public accounting firms have an ethical obligation to perform their work with due diligence, and to only document and record work that has actually been completed. Documenting audit procedures that have not been completed, known as "ghost-ticking," is ethically wrong and may place an accountant or the accounting firm at risk. In addition, some auditors may feel pressured to meet time budgets by recording fewer hours than they actually worked. This phenomenon, called "eating time," is prohibited by nearly every major accounting firm. Accountants should recall that this practice is tantamount to falsifying records and is ethically questionable, at best.


Accountants working in businesses are often subject to information that the rest of the company is not privy to. For example, payroll accountants may have information about salaries in different departments, revenue accountants may learn of new products before others, and cost accountants may have inside information about profit margins. In some cases, accountants are some of the first to know about potential layoffs. Accountants should remember that they are bound by both their own ethics and professional standards to not disclose this information to anyone. This responsibility extends to disclosure to individuals within the company as well.

CPA professional ethics - the bottom line

Accounting firms, for their part, can reinforce a culture of ethical behavior and emphasize that adhering to CPA ethical standards is the firm’s top priority by conducting regular internal ethics training for staff, Johnson adds. Larger accounting firms also often maintain ethics hotlines that employees can call if they suspect improper behavior.

Ethical considerations in the accounting profession are ever-evolving. To stay abreast of trends, regulatory changes and best practices, accountants need to prioritize ethics continuing education. Taking ethics education seriously can help promote overall ethical behavior in the accounting profession to keep the field as respected and trusted as it has always been.

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