top 30+ colleges melbourne, victoria [2021]

Top 30+ Colleges Melbourne, Victoria (2024)

If you're looking for a college that will help launch your future, then one of the best places to start is by looking at colleges in Melbourne. Colleges in Melbourne are some of the top schools in Australia and offer numerous programs and degrees. 

If you're thinking about attending school in Australia, consider these 30 colleges located all over Melbourne, Victoria - they may be exactly what you need!

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    The Ultimate List of Colleges in Melbourne, Victoria

    Della International College

    della international college

    61 3 9329 9474

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Course Range Vocational Courses
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    School Fees Average

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    About Della

    Della International College Pty Ltd. is a Registered Training Organisation and meets administrative, delivery, staffing, facility, marketing, financial, quality assurance and assessment standards agreed to by Federal, State and Territory Governments in Australia. The State Government registering authority monitors and subjects us to regular external audits to verify adherence to these standards.

    Why Della International College?

    Staff members:

    Della International College is dedicated to bringing students the best educational service possible. Our staff members are all highly efficient, readily available seven days a week to assist you with your enquiries. Our trainers are highly qualified and possess recognised qualifications as well as many years of expertise in their field. 


    Campuses are located in convenient locations. Our Melbourne CBD campus is located minutes away from Melbourne Central Station and Queen Victoria Market, both of which have cuisines from around the world for you to enjoy! Coffee is also just around the corner at both Elizabeth and Queen St.


    Our classes and common areas are equipped with wireless internet connections. Other services such as copy machines are available for students at the reception. Training areas are equipped with up-to-date computing technology such as projectors in order to facilitate your learning. All floors consist of bathroom and kitchen areas for your convenience.

    Student Support:

    Our Student Support staff members are available if you have problems regarding your training or anything that may be causing you concern. This includes welfare assistance and guidance. Should you require professional counselling, you will be referred to a qualified Counsellor. Students requiring special or intensive assistance must contact the Compliance Manager, who may refer them to appropriate support or counselling services.

    Deakin College

    deakin college

    61 3 9244 5123

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Course Range Vocational Courses
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    Estimated No. of Students 3000
    School Fees High

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    Deakin College is a direct pathway to Deakin University. The College provides the Deakin student experience and supports the successful transition to further studies at the University.

    About Deakin College

    Deakin College is a direct pathway to Deakin University, providing the Deakin student experience that supports the successful transition to further studies at the University.

    We deliver:

    • innovative teaching and learning
    • a positive student experience
    • engagement with digital
    • learning technologies.

    We're Deakin's preferred pathway provider with guaranteed entry into the second year of the bachelor degree.


    Start in March, June or October.

    Our Students

    3000 Australian and international students from all over the world.


    Deakin College has three campus locations located on three Deakin University campuses in the state of Victoria, Australia – Melbourne Burwood Campus, Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus, and Geelong Waterfront Campus.


    Classes have a maximum of 25 students for Foundation and 30 students for Diploma. These small classes allow our teachers to provide the best support possible to our students. You will have 2 x 2-hour classes per week, per subject. See a mock timetable here.

    Student Support

    At Deakin College, we recognise the importance of meeting both your academic and personal needs. Therefore, we offer a range of services and facilities to make your time at Deakin College as enjoyable as possible. Our qualified staff will also support you as you adjust to studying in a new environment.

    Why Deakin

    More than 22,000 students have studied with us and successfully progressed into a Deakin University degree with a uniquely supportive environment.

    Deakin College is a direct pathway to Deakin University, providing the Deakin student experience that supports the successful transition to further studies at the University.

    We deliver innovative teaching and learning, a positive student experience and an engagement with digital learning technologies.

    Why Choose Deakin College

    Flexible Start Dates, calendar and clock graphic USP for Deakin University Pathways

    Flexible Start Dates

    With three intakes per year, you can choose to enter a course when it is convenient for you.

    Located with Deakin Uni

    We're located on Deakin University campuses with full access to services and facilities.

    Supported Learning Environment

    Access to a wide range of services to ensure you transition smoothly to Deakin University.

    Fast-track Options

    Complete a Diploma course in just eight months, making it possible to enter university much earlier than students studying in a conventional pathway program.

    Small Class and Tutorial Groups

    With a maximum of 30 students per class, you will receive intensive academic contact and support, complemented by small group tutorials and workshops.

    Convenient Transport

    All Deakin College campuses are conveniently located and easily accessible by public transport.

    International College Of Melbourne

    international college of melbourne

    61 03 9662 3300

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Course Range Vocational Courses
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    School Fees High

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    International College of Melbourne (ICM) is a National VET regulator (NVR) Registered Training Organisation (RTO). We offer training and assessment in nationally recognised qualification courses. We are also registered for the provision of vocational education and training to international students studying in Australia. ICM aims to deliver courses and other learning experiences that will empower our students to learn fully, effectively, efficiently, and with great satisfaction.

    We continuously seek new ways to maximise the potential of our training environment to support students’ learning and to minimise those elements that may impede it. ICM aims to fulfil this mission with a commitment to deliver quality training programs for learners through established collaborations with industry and other education institutes across Australia. ICM’s innovative courses are delivered by our highly qualified staff who have abundant experience and continuous involvement in their fields. Our campus is located in the Melbourne CBD, close to all public transport and other amenities.

    The ICM campus is equipped with modern facilities and has a trainer to student ratio that enables individual participation in learning. We provide a range of face-to-face support for all students. Students are provided with a caring, supportive environment by our multilingual staff. Students can also access professional support and advice to assist them or help them overcome particular problems.

    ICM is committed to providing and promoting non-discriminatory, inclusive practices and processes to provide equal opportunities for all students to achieve their learning outcomes. We strive to ensure that decision-making processes reflect a commitment to access and equity and treat all students or prospective students fairly and equally.


    The mission of the International College of Melbourne is to provide global educational opportunities that emphasise skills and knowledge that will allow the student to adjust through a lifetime of social and technological changes and thus become a part of a global workforce. We recognise that education is vital in developing skills for a productive society and essential in promoting the individual’s sense of worth, values, and high ethical standards.

    ICM is committed to offering quality education that meets the needs of its students and assisting them in clarifying and pursuing their professional and educational goals. In fulfilling our mission, the institution sets forth the following objectives:

    • To provide a varied selection of academic curricula in business and specialised areas enriched with instruction in general education.
    • Providing the students with a background of job skills will enhance their employability opportunities.
    • To provide the students with fundamental skills which contribute to success in their careers and their endeavours.
    • To lead the student in the self-discovery process of clarifying and raising the individual’s goals and achievements commensurate with the student’s potential.
    • To provide a framework and atmosphere of learning which will enhance the student’s capability to demonstrate ethical and moral values in professional, personal and business situations.
    • To strive for and maintain business excellence, specialised, and general education by systematically reviewing classroom facilities, equipment, curricula, faculty, and staff.
    • To make available to our student's activities and experiences which foster personal growth and leadership qualities that will assist students in their social, vocational, and academic pursuits.
    • To maintain a process of communication with the community of employers to ensure relevant curricula to meet the developing needs of the industry.



    We value responsible, accountable, ethical behaviour in an atmosphere of honest, open communication with mutual respect and caring for each other.


    We value creative risk-taking and the enthusiastic pursuit of new ideas.

    Continuous Improvement

    We value continuous improvement of our programs, services, and processes through employee empowerment and professional development in a team-based culture.

    Customer Focus

    We value commitment to students’ success and satisfaction by responding to customer needs.


    We value an educational environment that attracts, nurtures, and supports a diverse student and staff community.

    Continuing Education

    We offer a variety of training and professional programs.

    Promotion Of Cross-Cultural Understanding And Appreciation

    We will promote through instructional and social activities that contribute to cultural awareness and interaction.

    Promotion Of Cross-Cultural Understanding And Appreciation

    We will promote through instructional and social activities that contribute to cultural awareness and interaction.

    Academic Support Services

    We will provide students with Academic services that include a comprehensive learning resource centre and basic skills activities that complement instruction.

    Student Support Services

    We will strive to provide assessment, advising, counselling, tutoring, and social and cultural activities for all students, including those with special needs.


    Our students enjoy excellent student support services provided by friendly staff. The ICM campus reception also serves as a Student Service Centre with our specialist staff to give you information and advice regarding admissions, enrolment, progression, deferment and completion of courses, including:

    • Payment of fees, other charges
    • Processing of enrolments
    • Refunds
    • Enrolment and re-enrolment enquiries
    • Processing of enrolments
    • Student records, including assessment and course completion information
    • Accepting student requests for documentation, Students Cards, letters, statement of results, etc.
    • Processing credit transfers and RPL
    • Receiving student’s complaints and appeals
    • Processing deferment, suspension and student-initiated cancellation of studies


    ICM has a dedicated team of student support staff and a student welfare officer to look after the student needs for other matters. In addition, a student may seek the following services:

    Information about transport, accommodation, public services, life in Melbourne.

    • Career advise.
    • Resume preparation
    • Student extracurricular activities.
    • Medical care and health insurance.
    • Personal matter consultation.
    • Rights and responsibilities of international students.
    • General information and enquiries.

    College Centres in Melbourne FAQs

    Colleges often feature smaller student populations, more intimate campuses, and fewer program offerings than universities. In addition, the majority of these schools are private and receive little to no state funding. As a result, many colleges place less emphasis on research efforts and may even have strong religious affiliations.

    The term college can also refer to the community, vocational, and technical colleges. While a small number of these institutions offer bachelor's degrees, most award only associates degrees and certificates.

    When most people think of college, they likely think of four-year schools offering small class sizes, low student-to-faculty ratios, and undergraduate-focused studies. For example, liberal arts colleges take a broad approach to education by emphasising the importance of studying an array of academic subjects. By contrast, other colleges may include programs for one specific discipline, such as engineering, graphic design, or visual arts.

    Seven life skills you'll learn as a college student

    • You'll become disciplined. 
    • You'll take charge of your learning. 
    • You'll become a time management whiz. 
    • You'll become a pro at navigating tough conversations. 
    • You'll gain perseverance. 
    • You'll learn how to ask for help. 
    • You'll strengthen your integrity.

    Students begin college after completing 12 years of education. Students at these colleges receive a two-year degree to work in certain fields. However, many of these students transfer after two years to a four-year college to complete their bachelor degree.

    Knowing your likes and hobbies are the first steps in determining which course you should choose, but you also have to think of what you got and what you can offer. When selecting a program to pursue, you have to think about whether your skills and experience align with it or not.

    College students commonly experience stress because of increased responsibilities, a lack of good time management, changes in eating and sleeping habits, and not taking enough breaks for self-care. In addition, transitioning to college can be a source of stress for most first-year students.

    Atlantis College of Management

    atlantis college of management

    03 9614 7853

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Course Range Vocational Courses
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    School Fees Average

    Link To School Fees Page:

    Welcome to ACM

    Thank you for choosing the Atlantis College of Management (RTO No: 41458) to assist you in achieving your learning goals. With terrific career-focused programs in high-demand professions, the most pathways to leading universities and flexible learning options, we are proud of the high-quality education and support services our great faculty and staff offer our students.

    At ACM, we are proud of our facilities and the quality of the education that we provide to our students. We welcome you to our College and our city. We want you to enjoy your time here and gain the most from your experience.

    Atlantis College of Management is here to help students choose and enrol in programs that are best suited to them, ensuring they meet their goals. We are completely focused on and dedicated to our student's success.

    We wish you an enjoyable and rewarding experience with ACM. Come join us and be a part of it!


    Atlantis College of Management values Collaboration, Diversity and Individual Achievement.

    Atlantis College of Management (ACM) is committed to providing high-quality education to enable students to seek self-improvement, irrespective of nationality, gender or belief.

    ACM is a quality provider of vocational education for both domestic and international students. By the dedicated pursuit of best practice teaching and assessment and the provision of a dynamic, student-centred learning environment, ACM endeavours to foster entrepreneurial thought, intellectual integrity, and social responsibility in its students.

    Our Diploma and Certificate career training programs are designed to provide you with the skills, knowledge and practical experience needed to excel in today's workplace. View our Programs page for a complete list of diploma and certificate training programs.

    ACM offers many easy payment options for students. Contact us to book an appointment to discuss all available financial options.


    Thank you for choosing the Atlantis College of Management (ACM) to assist you in achieving your learning goals. With terrific career-focused programs in high-demand professions, the most pathways to leading universities and flexible learning options, we are proud of the high-quality education and support services our great faculty and staff offer our students.

    At ACM, we are proud of our facilities and the quality of the education that we provide to our students. We welcome you to our College and our city. We want you to enjoy your time here and gain the most from your experience.

    Atlantis College of Management is here to help students choose and enrol in programs that are best suited to them, ensuring they meet their goals. We are completely focused on and dedicated to our student's success.

    We wish you an enjoyable and rewarding experience with ACM. Come join us and be a part of it!


    We believe in the philosophy of dedicating ourselves to your excellence. Therefore, we ensure that students are comfortable with the material taught and strive to provide all the necessary support to be successful. Whether you are starting a new career, moving to a new career path, or upgrading your skills, we will help you every step of the way.

    ACM will achieve this vision by:

    • Being a technologically leading-edge institution
    • Employed highly qualified and experienced trainers and assessors
    • Fully complying with all legislative and regulatory requirements
    • Maintaining active industry and professional contacts
    • Fostering creative and interactive training and assessment environments
    • Ensuring a culture of continuous improvement in all aspects of our operations

    ACM Value Statements

    Faculty, staff, and administrators share a common set of values that guides the College in fulfilling its mission. These values influence our actions, guide our decisions, mould our policies, and determine our strategic planning.

    Excellence in Education. 

    We are dedicated to excellence in education by providing a highly competent, innovative, and supportive faculty and staff; facilities equipped with current technology; quality academic and occupational programs; and integrity and high teaching, learning, and service standards.

    Accessibility and Achievement.

    We are committed to access and affordability of education for all students and the delivery of education and support services that will enable students to achieve their individual educational goals in course, skill set, or program completion.

    Respect for Diversity. 

    We value intellectual and cultural diversity. We believe that all individuals should have an opportunity to learn and succeed in the classroom, workplace, and the community and encourage a diverse student body through open admission and delivery of educational services that support student success.

    We are committed to efficient and effective management of human and financial resources to maintain public trust and ensure a fiscally responsible, sustainable environment for the institution.

    Quality of Work Environment. 

    We value each member of our community; promote free, open and responsible exchange of ideas; foster respect, trust, and support among faculty, staff, and students through shared governance; encourage ethical risk-taking and innovation; recognize exceptional performance and contributions to our dynamic learning environment.

    Contribution to Community and Economic Development. 

    We are committed to serving our communities' academic, occupational, and enrichment needs, enhancing the quality of life, and supporting economic development through effective business and industry partnerships and collaborations.

    Commitment to the Future. 

    We are dedicated to continuous evaluation of the institution to address the needs of the present and the challenges of the future.

    Melbourne Girls’ College, Victoria

    melbourne girls college

    03 9428 8957

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  Yes
    Course Range Years 7-9
    Main Gender All Girls
    Boarding School No
    School Fees Average

    Link To School Fees Page:

    Welcome to the Melbourne Girls’ College

    Melbourne Girls’ College (MGC) was established in 1994 and is a leader in innovative education. We provide enrolment opportunities for local, wider-Melbourne and international students to study inquiry and trans-disciplinary units in Years 7-9 followed by a large number of Year 10, VCE and VET subjects in the senior years.

    Our College is constantly evolving programs and learning schedules to ensure students are future-ready with an emphasis on persistence, team work, respect for diversity and personal best. Our 1400 students are taught and nurtured by excellent staff, parents, peers and mentors.

    The achievements of MGC are certainly in academic results but a broader definition of success ensures social, emotional, sporting and artistic success are central to being a student of the College. The English, Humanities, Languages, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics), International and Wellbeing Programs are designed to build in each student the skills to collaborate and inquire at ever more sophisticated levels.

    In recent years MGC has developed a range of new facilities including The Gillard Centre which houses a flexible learning, hospitality and meeting space and provides river access for our exemplary rowing program. The College currently has plans for a STEAM and new 400 seat Performing Arts Centre to serve both the school and the wider Richmond community.

    The students of Melbourne Girls’ College are global citizens conscious of the unique lessons attending a school educating young people from diverse backgrounds and over sixty nationalities can bring.

    We are a place of welcome on the banks of the ancient Yarra River and we welcome you.

    Why MGC?

    Melbourne Girls’ College was established in 1994 on the banks of the Yarra River in Richmond, Victoria and is a leader in innovative girls’ education. The college has a future thinking ethos which incorporates Positive Psychology as part of our Wellbeing program; Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, Mathematics (S.T.E.A.M.) and Girls’ Leadership are embedded in the learning and teaching. This complex work is facilitated through a school-wide coaching model and the Curiosity and Powerful Learning Framework and High Impact Teaching Strategies.

    MGC – History

    The development of Melbourne Girls College, a centre of educational excellence for girls, will now start in time for the 1994 school year. The establishment of the College will enhance educational opportunities for girls in the Melbourne area.” Directorate of School Education announcement in 1993.

    Melbourne Girls’ College was established in 1994 on the banks of the Yarra River in Richmond, Victoria and is a leader in innovative girls’ education. The college has a future thinking ethos which from 2016 will see the recognition of Positive Psychology; Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, Mathematics (S.T.E.A.M.) Wellbeing and Girls’ Leadership are embedded in the learning and teaching. This complex work is facilitated through a school-wide coaching model and the Curiosity and Powerful Learning Framework.

    The school’s Confucius Classroom program in connection with Hanban University, our International Student Program, building of a new sister school relationship with Beijing, Study Tours and Exchange programs testify to the work already undertaken in building M.G.C. as an international school.

    We provide enrolment opportunities for local, wider-Melbourne and international students to study inquiry and trans-disciplinary subjects in Years 7-9 followed by a large number of Year 10, VCE and VET units in the senior years.

    The key values of our college are encapsulated in the vision of young women who will “lead and achieve”. This values both quiet and overt leadership, success and personal achievement. Our 1400+ students are taught and nurtured by excellent staff, parent support, peers and mentors.

    MGC CorridorThe achievements of M.G.C. are certainly in academic results but a broader definition of success ensures personal, social, emotional, sporting and artistic engagement are central to being a student of the College. The Sustainability Collective of MGC is world renowned and the school community takes pride in teaching ethical understandings to ensure our young women gain a sense of stewardship for the future, the environment and for being a positive influence on others. As a City Edge school M.G.C. is part of a Community of Practice taking advantage of the city is part of our campus. Our Community comprises Albert Park S.C., Mac Robertson Girls’ College, Melbourne High School, Princes Hill Secondary College, University High School and the Victorian College of the Arts.

    Our wider community also includes The University of Melbourne, Yarra City Council, the National Australia Bank, local businesses, Richmond and Melbourne Rotary Clubs, Lennox Street Tutoring classes and environmental groups.


    The key values of Melbourne Girls’ College are encapsulated in the vision of young women who will “Lead and Achieve.”

    While our College achievements include academic results, our broader definition of success includes personal, social and emotional wellbeing.

    In addition to many whole-school wellbeing initiatives, such as clubs and programs, students from year levels 7-10 participate in timetabled Wellbeing lessons on a regular basis. Wellbeing lessons have been developed to meet the individual needs of our students as they progress through the year levels. We deliver wellbeing support and strategies tailored to the students’ context, which align with the Victorian Curriculum Capabilities.

    Wellbeing at the VCE level is also a College priority. Students in these year levels participate in variety of activities, including guest presenters and skills workshops, which support the development of Positive Psychology skills.

    Students who require more individualised counselling and support for their mental health and other concerns can access the Wellbeing Centre

    The themes for Wellbeing at Melbourne Girls’ College are guided by Positive Psychology and aim to develop emotional literacy in all our students. These themes are resilience, empathy, gratitude, kindness, and mindfulness.


    An Innovative curriculum for all

    The curriculum at Melbourne Girls’ College is designed to equip all girls with the skills and capabilities they need for economic, social and cultural success in the 21st century.

    All our students are encouraged to strive for personal excellence in their classroom studies and activities. Goal-setting and organisational skills are an important part of daily life.

    The College curriculum covers all Victorian Curriculum Standards as recommended by the Victorian government: discipline-based learning; the Arts, English, Health and Physical Education, Humanities, Languages, Mathematics, Science and technologies, as well as Ethical capabilities, Intercultural Capabilities, Personal and Social Capabilities and Critical and Creative thinking. 

    Recognising that information literacy – the ability to source and evaluate and use information – is an essential part of all areas of the curriculum. Learning methods and technologies are incorporated into every learning area. The curriculum promotes a problem- solving approach, with girls encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning.

    The college offers a broad range of VCE subject choices as well as an exemplary program which allows girls to join vocational courses – from hospitality to multimedia studies – through a cluster of local schools.

    MGC has developed a coherent curriculum program with a different focus at each year level based on the following premises. They are that:

    • the Years 7 to 10 program includes a number of integrated subjects which make learning more meaningful and authentic
    • in-depth learning over long periods of time produces better outcomes for learners, rather than short bursts of individual subjects
    • the integration of Information and Communication Technology curriculum delivery enriches and authenticates students’ learning experiences
    • the emphasis may change according to the different developmental needs of learners • not all subject areas need to be covered to the same degree every year (something determined during the college’s rigorous annual curriculum reviews)

    As well as producing strong academic outcomes, all college programs are structured to develop students’ personal attributes and understanding of the current global context as well as developing their capabilities for future autonomous learning.

    Parents and students can access a summary of each unit in Years 7-10, a unit calendar and individual unit descriptions. In order to meet the constantly changing needs of our students the mapping of the curriculum is far from complete, and is being worked on constantly.

    Strathfield College

    strathfield college

    1800 849 133

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Course Range Vocational Courses
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    School Fees Average

    Link To School Fees Page:

    Welcome to Strathfield College

    Strathfield College offers international students a vibrant study experience.

    Our campuses are located in two of Australia's top student cities, Melbourne and Sydney, where we deliver nationally-recognised vocational education and training (VET).

    Why Choose Strathfield College

    Strathfield College offers international students a vibrant study experience. Our campuses are located in two of Australia's top student cities—Melbourne and Sydney—where we deliver nationally-recognised vocational education and training (VET).

    We ensure that our students are supported by a team of professionals who are experienced in looking after the unique needs of international students. But we also make sure that we have fun along the way – we frequently host interesting events on campus and around the city, such as parties, excursions, religious celebrations and workshops.

    Our students choose to study with us because of our: ​

    • Central locations in two of the top student destinations cities, Sydney and Melbourne
    • All year round admissions with intakes almost every month*
    • Nationally recognised qualifications with pathways to Australian bachelor's degrees
    • A close-knit diverse community with strong international student support programs​

    *Intake dates fall in the months of January, February, April, May, July, August, October, November.

    Pax Institute of Education

    pax institute of education

    61 3 9041 3410

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Course Range Vocational Courses
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    Estimated No. of Students 900
    School Fees Low

    Link To School Fees Page:


    Pax Institute of Education is one of the leading vocational education providers in Melbourne, Australia, offering quality and excellence in training. We believe that education is essential for empowerment and growth and provides a learning environment that fosters quality education and training with strong support services. We have experienced teaching staff committed to understanding your learning styles, competencies and career goals.

    We welcome you to experience the difference at Pax. We are fully accredited, delivering nationally recognised qualifications.



    We are committed to providing our students the best possible vocational education by developing the knowledge, attitudes, and skills essential for life-long learning. Within a caring, respectful, multicultural environment, the Institute is committed to developing resilient and adaptable students, equipped with the knowledge, skills, and disposition to continue their education and become personally fulfilled and socially responsible adults.

    We maintain an environment that attracts and develops the highest quality staff committed to the pursuit of excellence in teaching and encourage close cooperation with the community, industry and business to ensure relevant and industry-focused programs.


    It is my privilege to welcome you to your student journey at PAX Institute of Education. I hope that you are ready to embrace the promise and potential that every year brings. Over the years, PAX institute has consistently grown and built new alliances.

    PAX Institute is defined by its diverse student community, vibrant culture and sense of belonging. Our students, staff, partners, clients and local community are the parts that make us whole. We strive for academic excellence, which is achieved through our philosophy of continuous improvement informed by feedback and the experiences of our stakeholders.

    By studying at PAX, you can be assured that you will be prepared for your future career in Australia and overseas. In addition, students at PAX are benefit from our highly qualified teaching team.

    We believe that education is essential for empowerment and growth, and your personal development and achievement are important to us. As the CEO of PAX Institute of Education, it is my pleasure to welcome you and assist you in achieving your educational and professional goals. Join our supportive and culturally sensitive college and get involved in the educational experience and smooth student journey with PAX.


    Melbourne is the coastal capital of the southeastern Australian state of Victoria. The modern Federation Square development at the city's centre, with plazas, bars, and restaurants by the Yarra River. In the Southbank area, the Melbourne Arts Precinct is the site of Arts Centre Melbourne – a performing arts complex – and the National Gallery of Victoria, with Australian and indigenous art.

    Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria and Australia's second-largest city. Focused around a central city, Greater Melbourne's area of approximately 9992.5 km and has a population of around 4.96 million. As the second-largest city in Australia, Melbourne prides itself on a multicultural heritage with residents from almost every part of the world. Its diversity and rich heritage can be experienced through the city's sports, artistic, social and religious life. As a result, Melbourne is one of the favoured destinations for overseas students with an international reputation for the highest education and training standards.

    Often called Australia's cultural capital, Melbourne is home to the attractions that make the Australian lifestyle appealing. In addition, Melbourne's rank as the 10th best city globally for 'employer activity makes it an even more attractive destination.

    Melbourne is among the world's most livable cities. Again and again, Melbourne is named among the world's most livable cities. The title is awarded to the city with the highest score for stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure. When you study in Melbourne, you will be living in a safe and vibrant city that offers world-class study options, services and the widest range of things to do.


    A range of student support services is provided to students throughout their studies. These services come at no cost to the student. However, if an external referral is required, the external provider of that service may charge a fee.

    A Student Services Officer can be contacted for assistance and guidance on study issues and attendance through to personal problems.


    Students facing difficulties with study or other personal issues can seek short term counselling through Student Support Services. Longer-term counselling will be referred to an external counselling service which may come at a charge.

    The Student Support Services staff are available to discuss physical, mental, or emotional issues that may arise for students during their studies. Some of the issues which can be supported include:

    • Understanding and adapting to Australian culture
    • Coping without student's friends and family - homesickness
    • Worries about accommodation
    • Concerns about attendance or keeping up with studies
    • Language problems
    • Relationship problems at school, at home, or with flat-mates
    • Coping with pregnancy and support available
    • Becoming the victim of a crime or having an accident
    • Violence at home or in a relationship
    • Childcare or concerns about children
    • Drugs and alcohol issues.

    Students who face any difficulties are encouraged to see a Student Services Officer for assistance and guidance. Contact [email protected] go to Reception.


    Students' language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) needs are an important part of ensuring successful progression through the course. Students' LLN needs are identified at the commencement of the course and monitored throughout their studies. Trainers and assessors are conscious of each individuals learning needs in class and will adapt their training and assessment methods to suit the needs of their students. Additional LLN support will be provided to students where necessary to assist them in completing their course.

    Monash College

    monash college

    61 3 9903 8831

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Course Range Vocational Courses
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    School Fees High

    Link To School Fees Page:

    About us

    Monash College is fully owned by Monash University, Australia’s largest university. We are the preferred pathway to Monash University for international students. We offer foundation programs and English language courses, diplomas, study abroad, professional experience programs, and more. For over 20 years, we have been helping international students get into their desired degree courses and preparing them for success in the workforce.

    Our vertical campus

    Our new Monash College campus is a welcoming and vibrant vertical village with innovative and modern amenities. Set across ten storeys with more than 130 inspiring, flexible learning spaces, the Docklands campus is designed to foster collaboration and innovation between students and teachers.

    You’ll begin your Monash journey and orientation in the spacious Welcome and Events Hall, featuring two 200-person auditoriums and an amphitheatre. Then, making your way up the building, you can relax with friends in the casual Village Social and Urban deck areas, seek assistance in the dedicated Student Hub before arriving at the heart of knowledge sharing and learning support in The Library and Learning Centre.

    You’ll find numerous breakout and informal spaces for quiet study and group assignments, as well as areas to socialise with friends.

    Sacred Heart International College

    sacred heart international college

    61 3 9453 8317

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Course Range Vocational Courses
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    School Fees Average

    Link To School Fees Page:

    Our Mission

    Sacred Heart International College is a comprehensive, learner-centred institution that constantly strives to become the standard of excellence for fostering intellect, creativity and character in an active, student learning community.

    The Institute provides careers and continuous education coursework and programs that enhance the dynamic, intellectual, cultural and, economic development challenges of Australia.

    Through support services and a technology-enriched learning environment, the institute endeavours to empower each learner with skills, knowledge, and values needed for higher programs, workforce entry, advancement, and personal enrichment. Further, Sacred Heart International College promotes an appreciation of cultural diversity, social responsibility, and academic excellence.

    The mission of Sacred Heart International College is to educate and develop you as a professional.

    As an Institute uniquely situated in the Heart of Melbourne, we are committed to providing training that makes an important contribution to the lives of our students within Victoria, the nation and worldwide.

    Tuition Protection Service

    The Tuition Protection Service (TPS) is an initiative of the Australian Government to assist you if your institution (referred to as ‘Education Provider’ under the TPS) cannot fully deliver your course of study.

    The TPS may also assist you if you have withdrawn from or not started your course and are eligible for a refund of tuition fees if the institution has not paid them.

    Why choose us

    Best Location

    Sacred Heart is located at the hub of Melbourne CBD. We are located at the famous intersection of Bourke St and Swanston St. Finding us is easy!

    Beautiful Campus

    The first impression is the best, and our campuses are clean and beautiful to give your students the best of education.

    Multicultural Students

    We have students from 45 different countries, and your students will feel at home to interact and make new friends globally.

    Best Student Service

    At Sacred Heart, we believe in the best service, and hence, we have a dedicated student support team to help and guide your students to achieve their goals.

    Competitive Fees

    Our competitive fee structure is one of the reasons why students love SHIC. We understand students needs, and we deliver the best to support them.

    Teaching Quality

    Teacher quality is one of the four key pillars of Lincoln’s student-first approach to school education.

    Student Support 

    Student Support Officer “SSO”

    The Student Support Services at Sacred Heart International College are specifically designed to help students live and study in Melbourne, Australia. The Student Support Officer (SSO) is always available for students to gain advice on academic and personal issues.

    The Student Support Officer also offers professional and confidential advice in areas of their expertise. In addition, sacred Heart International Colleges Students Support Officers will also offer advice to the students about their future careers and/or further studies after completing their studies at Sacred Heart International College.

    Language, Literacy And Numeracy Support

    If students need language, literacy and numeracy support needs to be identified on the application. Special classes may be set up if support is needed, or students may be referred to an education organization to improve their language skills. This may cost an additional fee.

    Student ID Card

    Upon your arrival, each student will receive a student ID card which MUST be used to enter the classroom. Please note that if a student loses a student ID card, there will be a replacement cost.

    Administration Office

    Sacred Heart International College administration will help students feel familiar with the facilities on campus and direct them to places of their enquiries.

    Reasonable Adjustments

    The Disability Discrimination Act uses reasonable adjustment, also called reasonable accommodation, to ensure that students with disabilities are treated equally. This means that ‘reasonable adjustments must be made wherever possible; to meet the needs of a Student with a disability.

    McClelland College, Victoria

    mcclelland college, victoria

    (03) 9789 4547

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  Yes
    Course Range Secondary Education
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    School Fees Average

    Link To School Fees Page:


    The passion that drives the award-winning teaching team is a dedication to Personalised Learning – delivering education that shapes professional and vocational capabilities by building on students’ individual strengths.


    Often described by visitors as ‘a hidden gem’, when you first walk into McClelland College you will immediately notice the well-kept grounds and modern, spacious teaching & learning facilities.

    Of course, looks aren’t everything. It’s the innovative approach to teaching that sets our school apart. The passion that drives the award-winning teaching team is a dedication to Personalised Learning -delivering education that builds professional and vocational capabilities by building on students’ individual strengths.

    At McClelland, we support students in the exploration and development of their individual passions and talents. Key sets of relevant life-long learning skills taught throughout the McClelland Academy Program (MAP) will enable our students to be skilled in IT development, Science, Media, Business, Performing Arts and Sport. The Victorian Government has recently allocated capital works funding to the College for a major facilities upgrade, with construction due to commence early next year.

    The Elite Performance Program (EPP) is a select entry program aimed at extending junior year students in their area of passion. We design our curriculum so these students are spending more time using higher-order thinking skills and developing leadership capacity. This enables students to further increase their personal learning and continue to maintain learning above the expected level for their year group.

    McClelland is also well-connected through collaboration and active partnerships with external organisations. To support the quality, reach and impact of our education, we constantly seek to improve teaching and learning outcomes through engagement with business and industry links.


    Values and Democratic Principles

    McClelland College is committed to providing a safe, supportive and inclusive environment for all students, staff and members of our community. Our school recognises the importance of the partnership between our school and parents and carers to support student learning, engagement and wellbeing. We share a commitment to, and a responsibility for, creating an inclusive and safe school environment for our students.

    The programs and teaching at McClelland College support and promote the principles and practice of Australian democracy, including a commitment to:

    • elected government
    • the rule of law
    • equal rights for all before the law
    • freedom of religion
    • freedom of speech and association
    • the values of openness and tolerance.

    To celebrate and embed our Statement of Values and Philosophy in our school community, we

    • display posters and banners that promote our values in our school
    • celebrate our values in our school newsletter
    • provide awards and recognition for students who actively demonstrate the values
    • discuss our values with students in the classroom, meetings and assemblies.



    McClelland’s outstanding results have been built around a very simple philosophy: We know your child better then you know them yourselves... Our teachers teach students – not subjects. McClelland’s commitment is to discover and develop passions and talents; our teachers’ work is to facilitate successful learning by developing highly effective learners.


    McClelland has discarded the factory approach to teaching which fails the needs to today’s students. The out-dated assembly line style of teaching and learning had students move through their years of education in set modes and in set batches, assuming that young people learn the same things, in the same ways, and at the same rate.


    Rigid information and skill sets formed the core of factory-type education, making it “content focussed” instead of “student focussed”. In a world of rapid social, economic, environmental and technological change, this old method stifles a student’s growth and creativity, locks out students who need to be accelerated, and does not serve students’ needs to successfully live and work in a modern world.


    Our teaching staff undergo continuous research-based coaching and development that purely focuses on the students they teach and the results they get with these students. Every teacher engages in class visitation and feedback sessions with a member of the Principal Team to ensure we are meeting all the students’ needs and pushing them to achieve the highest standards they are capable of.


    McClelland understands the importance of structuring flexible learning environments where students are grouped to target specific knowledge and skills which they are ready to learn. McClelland has been refining this approach for over 10 years and is recognised as a forward thinking school, well placed to meet the educational challenges of the future.


    One of the most important parts of becoming an outstanding student at McClelland is for the staff to guide our students to find out who they are, what they are passionate about and how they best learn.

    Careers planning starts at Year 7 at McClelland College and all learning is constantly brought back to how everyday builds towards the future. This ensures students never lose sight of a bigger picture and feel in control of their destiny and learn how to make it happen.

    McClelland clears space for this to happen and ensures parents are active contributors by providing one on one course counselling from Year 8 where parent, teachers and students sit down and discuss career plans and all the different pathways that can be taken to allow students the best possible choices in qualifications as they advance their secondary education.


    At the heart of all of McClelland’s policies, strategies, programs and endeavours, underpinning all of the elements discussed above, is the core goal of ensuring that every student learns how to be the best life-long learner they can be. We understand that equipping young people with robust “future-proof” sets of individualised learning skills offers the greatest opportunities for success, both now and in the longer term. The element which makes McClelland really stand out as a place where things are done differently, and which in practical terms best sums up our core goal, is our whole-college focus on Personalised Learning. At McClelland, consistency in supporting Personalised Learning across all levels, in all subjects, and at all times, continues to secure amazing results for our young learners.

    Stott's College, Melbourne VIC

    stotts college

    61 3 9663 3391

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Course Range Higher Education 
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    Estimated No. of Students 3000
    School Fees Average

    Link To School Fees Page:


    Despite the fact that Stott’s College was founded in 1883 (before our famous Melbourne trams and before ‘The Big Australian’, BHP), it has stood the test of time and has evolved over the past 138 years as a quality private education provider, challenging itself to be relevant in meeting the ever-changing needs of industry and students.

    Stott’s has delivered the VCE program since 2001, and in 2006 was registered and accredited as a Higher Education provider to deliver Undergraduate Programs in Business, Bachelor of Business & Bachelor of Business (Accounting), and in 2017, Stotts was accredited to deliver Bachelor of Community Services.

    Stott’s Secondary is ranked an impressive 203rd out of all the secondary schools in the state of Victoria. We are proud of our students’ achievements.

    Good quality educators are critical for academic success, and good teaching is so much about care and support. Our academic staff provide excellence in teaching, and we are serious about our student services and counselling, both academic and first language counselling.

    Stott’s remains true to its tradition of job-ready graduates, and Acknowledge Education has employed our graduates in accounting, student services and management. We are proud to be a successful business running business programs and attracting industry partnerships.

    Stott’s College has both FEE-HELP status and VET Student Loans status to assist our students in loans for their academic study.

    Stott’s also qualifies for Victorian Skills First Funding for Certificate and Diploma courses for the courses that qualify and for students who are eligible.

    Stott’s College meets stringent quality assurance standards in its administrative, delivery, staffing, facilities, marketing, and financial management. Stott’s College’s operations are regulated by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency, the Australian Skills and Quality Agency, and the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority.


    In 1883, Stott’s College was established as the first Australian institute to offer specialised business training. In 2013, Stott’s College, Melbourne Language Centre and Front Cooking School officially began trading under the parent company of Acknowledge Education. What began as a small typewriter training institute in Melbourne nearly 140 years ago has since expanded to additional campuses in Sydney, Perth and Brisbane. Keep reading to learn more about the fascinating history behind this historical institute.

    Our mission: to stay a challenging, relevant and creative leader in the education industry.

    Our values: honesty and integrity in dealing with all stakeholders.

    CBD College Australia

    cbd college

    1300 616 274

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Course Range Vocational Courses
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    Estimated No. of Students 628
    School Fees High

    Link To School Fees Page:

    Why Choose CBD College

    CBD College is a 100% Australian owned training organisation.

    We are a Registered Training Organisation (RTO ID. 91399). 

    • CBD Location
    • Courses Every Week
    • Highly Experienced Trainers
    • Face-to-Face Teaching
    • Nationally Recognised Training


    CBD College was founded in 2001. CBD College is a 100% Australian owned training organisation. 

    Our training programs are nationally recognised. We specialise in providing intensive training programs to achieve timely and cost-effective solutions for our clients. 

    We are a Registered Training Organisation (RTO ID: 91399).

    Our training rooms are located in the CBD in Adelaide, Melbourne (Melbourne CBD & Dandenong), Newcastle, Perth, Brisbane, Southport, Hobart, Sydney (Sydney CBD, Hornsby, Liverpool, Parramatta & Penrith), Central Coast (Erina), Canberra and Wollongong. 

    Our head office is located at Suite 1, Level 10, 428 George Street, Sydney.


    Why Our Integrated Assessments Mean Less Work for You

    CBD College takes an integrated and practical approach to deliver your course. Instead of delivering and assessing each of the course units separately, we have created a streamlined delivery and a smaller number of assessments that cover the required knowledge and skills across all the units.

    The benefit of this integrated approach is that all the knowledge and skill requirements are linked together so that they relate to each other, making it easier for you to understand the information and finish the assessments. It also means more efficient use of time overall because you are not being assessed multiple times on material that appears in several units.

    How Our Face-to-Face Learning Helps You Achieve Your Career Goals Faster

    What many marketers of budget online learning won’t tell you is that their courses are often laborious and boring, leaving many students feeling discontented. Some of the key reasons why students get frustrated and why a lot of them fail to finish these courses include lack of student resources, poorly thought out “off the shelf” assessment tasks for each unit and no human interaction to provide support and assistance.

    By contrast, in our face-to-face courses, our trainers actually deliver and train you upon the information that you need to know. Our tailor-made CBD Study Guides and electronic resources help you with key learning points. You are also given a free textbook covering all the key elements of the course. Other helpful learning guides and support materials are also provided to you at no extra charge in our student portal area.

    In class, you are guided through our integrated assessments, so you will not leave the room without a thorough understanding of what is expected of you. There is even time built into class for you to start the assessments, and you can ask questions of the trainers directly throughout the week.

    We provide continuing support once you have left the classroom environment too. While you are completing your assessments, you are able to contact our assessors with any questions or seek assistance as required.

    Ultimately this means you will:

    • Achieve your qualification in a much faster and efficient timeframe than online learners
    • Feel supported throughout the learning process, knowing that you can ask for help
    • Advance your career with confidence in a timely and cost-effective manner.
    • Our high completion rate across all of the CBD College qualifications speaks for itself.

    Flinders International College

    flinders international college

    61 3 9005 1930

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Course Range Vocational Courses
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    School Fees Average

    Link To School Fees Page:


    Flinders International College

    Flinders International College is a CRICOS registered RTO approved and regulated by the Australian Skills & Quality Authority (ASQA). We are proud to offer students from across the globe excellent opportunities to gain the qualification they are looking for. The college has two campuses excellently located in the heart of Melbourne. A highly efficient transport system services both campuses.

    Our high-quality CRICOS registered VET and ELICOS courses are nationally recognised Australian Qualification Framework courses. The courses are designed to address students learning requirements and prepare people for the world of work or further study.


    Established in 2013, Flinders International College (FIC) is a CRICOS Registered Training Organisation (RTO) approved and regulated by the Australian Quality and Skills Authority (ASQA). We provide Business and English Language (ELICOS) courses to international students who wish to learn business skills and/or develop their English language.

    Our campuses are conveniently located at Melbourne CBD and St Kilda Road. The Melbourne CBD campus is close to the State Library, Victoria Market, numerous food outlets, shops and leisure activities. The St Kilda Road campus is close to Albert Park, St Kilda Beach, cafes and restaurants.

    Our high-quality VET and ELICOS courses are nationally recognised Australian Qualification Framework courses. The courses are designed to address students learning requirements and prepare them for the world of work or further study.

    We draw on our established relationships with industry and other stakeholders to ensure our courses are appropriate to student needs and consistently address their expectations. Quality is maintained in compliance with the VET Quality Framework and through our Continuous improvement system.

    We acknowledge the importance of adult learning principles in the delivery of effective training. However, we believe that all students should be encouraged to take responsibility for their learning and understand that as learners, they have an active role in their training/ learning and assessment process.

    All FIC trainers have relevant industry knowledge and experience and are professional, friendly, supportive and dynamic individuals!

    We want to make students feel comfortable whilst they undertake our courses, so we keep our class sizes small. This helps ensure adequate support is provided and a student-centred learning environment is consistently maintained.

    Student Services

    Pre-enrolment information

    All students who are thinking about undertaking a course at Flinders International College are provided with a copy of the Student Handbook. This information will help students understand how living and studying in Melbourne and provide information on all courses. The Handbook also includes many links to useful information.

    Students must read the Student Handbook and FIC website in full. Students are encouraged to contact the college at [email protected] or Ph: +61 3 9005 1951 if they are unsure about any information included in the Handbook or have any questions. If you have an education agent, they may also be able to assist you with any enquiry.

    Students are also encouraged to research living and studying in Australia before submitting an enrolment application.

    Student orientation

    Orientation is conducted before the commencement of your training. Its purpose is to review and confirm the student's training and assessment processes and responsibilities and Flinders International College during the course. It is also an opportunity for students to ask any last-minute questions.

    Academic Support

    Students who are experiencing difficulties with any aspect of their course are encouraged to contact their trainer or any other staff member. Our trainers can provide academic support to facilitate the successful completion of your course. In certain circumstances, they may refer you to external agencies for support.

    English Language Support

    Students who experience difficulties with the English language are provided support by our student services department. For example, if a student has difficulty understanding lessons, reading and/or submitting written work to an appropriate standard, they should be referred to the student services department.

    All delivery, assessment and instruction are carried out in English unless otherwise stated. There may be an opportunity for “reasonable adjustment” concerning the assessment process, depending on the level of support you require. Contact the Student Services Office for further information.

    Personal/Welfare Support

    We understand that our students sometimes require extra support to help them cope with their training course. Sometimes there can be personal issues that impact their successful course completion. FIC provides access to professional welfare services to ensure students with personal/welfare issues are supported.

    Students who are experiencing issues impacting their studies are encouraged to contact their trainer or the FIC Student Support Officer.

    External Student welfare support

    External welfare organisations will provide student welfare services to Flinders International College students referred from the college. FIC will liaise with the student and the welfare organisation to facilitate the arrangement and provision of counselling services.

    Eastern College Australia

    eastern college australia

    03 9790 9204

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Course Range Vocational Courses
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Estimated No. of Students 300
    Boarding School No
    School Fees Low

    Link To School Fees Page:

    Who We Are


    EASTERN COLLEGE AUSTRALIA provides teaching, training and research from a Christian worldview that contributes to the church and the flourishing of humanity through the lives of its graduates.


    Eastern College Australia will be recognised for university-quality education from a Christian worldview.


    Eastern College Australia is committed to the following values:


    Eastern is committed to Christ-centred, biblically-based, character-forming and gift-affirming faith expressed in vocational living, supportive community, service to others and connection to the church.


    Eastern is committed to pursuing knowledge and truth that integrates theory and practice and values academic excellence, the importance of the mind and life-long learning.


    Eastern is committed to acting justly in all human relationships, exercising responsible care and stewardship of God's creation, and seeking the just transformation of our world.

    Our Faculty

    A great team of staff from many different backgrounds and Christian denominations with a wealth of experience and expertise serves at Eastern College Australia. Teachers, supervisors and staff are selected based on their Christian commitment, academic qualifications and experience in relevant areas and accordance with the requirements of government accreditation and registration authorities.

    Areas of Study

    Successful study is all about choices, and at Eastern College Australia, we offer a broad choice of subjects and courses to choose from. Click below for more information about how Eastern can help you impact the world by living out your vocation.

    School of Education

    Schools are places of change and development for children and young people. Christian teachers make a significant impact on the lives of their students by showing them something of the love and power of God, as well as helping them understand themselves, develop knowledge and skills and the capacities to live abundant and fruitful lives.

    Bachelor of Education – Primary or Secondary

    This will qualify graduates to apply for registration as teachers in Australia and overseas and teach in government, Christian and independent schools.

    You will study in a supportive and intimate environment, learning the skills necessary to teach and engaging with ideas of faith and spirituality. In addition, a core of theological units will challenge, broaden and connect you with your educational vocation.

    Commonwealth supported places and HECS-HELP available for the Bachelor of Education.

    The Bachelors of Education are integrated, and the College's Bachelor of Arts. Therefore, students can transfer easily from one course to the other in the first two years of study. This provides great flexibility as we recognise that students' early goals can modify as their studies progress.

    Applications are made directly to Eastern College Australia and NOT through Victoria Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC).

    Master of Teaching – Primary or Secondary

    If you already hold a degree in another discipline, a Master of Teaching will qualify you to become a teacher in primary or secondary schools in Australia and overseas.

    A Master of Teaching with Eastern will enable you to teach at Independent, Catholic and government schools and other educational settings as expert professionals and leaders.

    You will be equipped to design and implement curriculum and assessment, understand diverse learners and learning processes, and engage with educational ideas and developments founded upon a Christian understanding of education.

    Master of Education

    Our Master of Education course provides an opportunity to maintain the Victorian Institute of Teachers Professional Standards for registered teachers and equip teachers and school leaders with advanced professional knowledge and skills founded upon a Christian understanding of education.

    At Eastern, we encourage teachers and educational leaders to consider advancing their knowledge and practices to the next level.

    Welcome to the School of Christian Studies

    Whatever your calling and wherever it is to be exercised, the ability to think and speak clearly about God is crucial.

    Eastern's Christian studies courses provide an in-depth understanding of handling Scripture and deepening spiritual life. All our courses introduce you to studies of Scripture and Christian truth, an overview of history and ethics in the light of their history and social context and much more.

    Courses in the School of Christian Studies will enable you to:

    • Live a more creative and productive Christian life
    • Think through the basics and develop skills in various ministries
    • Articulate and discuss issues of belief and behaviour in Christian life
    • Share in tasks of teaching, discipleship and mission.

    Welcome to the School of Arts and Social Sciences

    The goal of the School of Arts and Social Sciences is to provide a broad, flexible education. It includes opportunities for students to develop broad philosophical and theoretical frameworks. In addition, it helps provide a base on which to develop task-specific skills and outcomes.

    Employers benefit from graduates with broad educational experience, strong values, clear personal commitments, and socially aware and responsible.

    Eastern College Australia has continued to develop its Counselling courses in response to community needs and changes in the counselling profession. Eastern started to offer counselling courses in 1987, with the most recent addition of a Graduate Diploma in Arts, specialising in counselling.

    We are excited by the growing number of Christians wanting to equip themselves to counsel professionally. Many perceive a calling to professional practice in the marketplace as a missional engagement with people outside the church. Other Christians see themselves participating with their local church in providing professional counselling services to people within and outside the church.

    Eastern's counselling and academic psychology staff have strong links with many church and community-based counselling organisations. We are committed to learning with and from the best practitioners, many of whom teach with us. So come and learn as you sharpen your skills in this vibrant and engaged set of programs.

    Australian College of Trade

    australian college of trade

    613 9484 8783

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Course Range Vocational Courses
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    School Fees Average

    Link To School Fees Page:

    Our College

    The Australian College of trade is an exciting, innovative and unique training facility. We are a registered training organisation, providing training and assessment in nationally accredited qualifications and short courses. The college has been educating people since opening in 2007 and is currently accepting students from all over the world.

    ACOT’s main focus is to provide accredited training at the highest level of quality possible. As a result, it has been helping thousands of students to develop their skills to enter the workforce as successful professionals.

    The knowledge gained in the classroom, combined with the skills acquired within the Thornbury Theatre, will make your overall experience of studying with us an exciting one.

    ACOT training staff members are deeply committed to helping our students succeed. They are very experienced in working with international students and can quickly identify any gaps in students’ skills. In addition, our staff are always ready and willing to provide extra support and attention, where required.

    Why Choose ACOT

    This strategic approach ensures ACOT is uniquely placed to meet the major challenge facing VET – shifting as much training as possible from classrooms to the workplace. This initiative increases the relevance, value and immediacy of all our training.

    Centre of Excellence at the Thornbury Theatre

    In early August 2008, ACOT launched its specialised Centre of Excellence – an industry-led, enterprise-based training centre located within The Thornbury Theatre. An industry advisory committee guides the centre to ensure products and services are aligned with local and national industry standards. This ensures ACOT’s scope of delivery is set by the needs of business and will be extended and modified in response to the requirements of The Thornbury Theatre and our other industry partners.

    Code of Practice


    ACOT is committed to high standards in the provision of education and training. The following Code of Practice describes the minimum standard of ACOT’s education and training. The policies set out in this Code of Practice support the operations of ACOT. ACOT recognises that registration as a Registered Training Organisation may be withdrawn if ACOT does not honour the obligations of this Code of Practice.

    Legislative requirements

    ACOT complies with all the legislative requirements of State and Federal Government, Occupational Health and Safety, Workplace Relations, Anti-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity and mutual recognition of accredited qualification issued from another RTO.

    Quality management focus

    ACOT commits to providing a quality service with a focus on continuous improvement. ACOT values feedback from students, trainers and other industry representatives. Where possible, ACOT designs diagnostic assessment tools specific to student needs.

    Language, literacy and numeracy

    All students have the option to be assessed to ascertain if their Literacy and Numeracy skills are sufficient to successfully undertake the training program. This is usually via interview or completion of a written exercise related to the proposed training program. Those who require further assessments will be outsourced to a qualified expert. Any cost incurred will be the responsibility of the student.

    Marketing and advertising

    ACOT markets training products with integrity, accuracy and professionalism, avoiding vague and ambiguous statements. In the provision of information, no false or misleading comparisons are drawn with any other Training Provider, thus ensuring that ACOT’s market strategies will not contravene legislation.

    Access and equity

    ACOT will meet the needs of the individuals and the community by integrating access and equity guidelines. ACOT will ensure that equity principles for all people are applied through the fair allocation of resources and the right to equality of opportunity without discrimination. ACOT will increase opportunities for people to participate in the vocational education and training system and in associated decisions, which affect their lives.

    ACOT prohibits discrimination towards any group or individuals in any form, inclusive of:

    • Gender
    • Pregnancy
    • Race, Colour, nationality, ethnic or ethno-religious background.
    • Marital status
    • Homosexuality male or female, actual or presumed)
    • Age (in relation to compulsory retirement)
    • Access and equity issues are considered during training package/product development.
    • Access and equity issues are considered in training delivery and assessment.
    • Privacy

    Personal information is collected solely for operating as a Registered Training Organisation under the VET Quality Framework (VQF), administered by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) under the National Vet Regulator Act 2011. The requirements of the registering authority may mean the release of your personal information for audit and/or the collection of data by Commonwealth and State Government departments and agencies and the fund manager of the ESOS assurance agency. The VET Quality Framework requires that students access personal information held by ACOT and may request corrections to the incorrect information or out of date. Apply to the Chief Operating Officer should you wish to view your records.

    Training and assessment standards

    ACOT has appropriate qualifications and experience to deliver the training and facilitate the assessment relevant to the training products offered. Assessment will meet the requirements of Nationally Accredited training packages, including recognition of prior learning and credit transfer. Adequate training materials and physical resources will be utilised to ensure training and assessment learning outcomes can be achieved.

    Appeals procedures are in place for students who are not satisfied with their assessment or training. All assessment process will be valid, reliable, flexible and fair. Students will be advised on assessment requirements before training commences.


    Students will be recruited responsibly and ethically, and recruitment will be consistent with any training package/product requirements. ACOT is committed to non-discrimination in any form and, when recruiting and selecting, always complies with equal opportunity and anti-discrimination legislation.

    There may be prerequisites before commencing a program due to health requirements or the nature of the program.

    Course Progress

    Issue of completion documents and certification

    Students will be advised of the assessment methodology before training commences. Qualification documents (Diploma/s, Certificate/s, Completion letter/s and Record/s of Results) will be issued as per the attached flow chart following successful course completion. The qualification will meet the requirements of the training package/product and legislation.

    Melbourne City College Australia

    melbourne city college australia

    61 3 9614 8434

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Course Range Higher Education & Vocational Courses
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    School Fees High

    Link To School Fees Page:

    A Few Words About Us

    About Melbourne City College Australia

    Melbourne City College Australia is the number one choice for both domestic and international students who seek quality vocational training. We are not simply a training provider but passionate about effective and practical education. We aim to provide high quality, personalised and hands-on vocational training.

    Located in the heart of the city of Melbourne, our campus is fairly big with many facilities that can make studying a comfortable and enjoyable journey. We use the latest technological equipment and tools to enhance the teaching-learning experience.

    Our students will always feel supported and empowered through our unique ‘student support program’, and a range of support services are available onsite.

    If you are enthusiastic about enhancing your current skills or developing new skills, enrol for one of our vocational courses today at Melbourne City College Australia.

    Our Campus

    Our campus is located in the heart of the Melbourne City CBD and is a modern and vibrant location. The school is equipped with all up-to-date facilities and technology to smooth the process of learning and teaching.

    Our students enjoy access to free Wi-Fi internet, computer labs, library, student hangout area, open study spaces and much more. Our students can also benefit from a range of student support services, including Learning Skill support / Language Literacy support / Counselling Services, / Career Advice / IT Help.

    It is very easy to travel to our campus by Public Transport Victoria as we are easily accessible via train, tram and bus. Southern Cross train station, which is the major railway station and transport hub for Melbourne, is just opposite our campus.

    Our campus is surrounded by many great attractions like the Yarra River, Spencer Outlet Centre, Etihad Stadium, Docklands Stadium, Rod laver arena, MCG, Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium, Victoria Police Museum, Immigration Museum, Melbourne Helipad, Crown Casino, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre and many more.

    Our Mission

    Melbourne City College Australia aims to enhance the practice of education by providing best learning experience and developing lifelong skills.

    Rhodes College Australia

    rhodes college

    61 3 8395 0170

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Course Range Vocational Courses
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    Estimated No. of Students 628
    School Fees High

    Link To School Fees Page:


    Welcome to RHODES COLLEGE

    Rhodes College was established in 2006 and became a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and CRICOS provider in 2008 to deliver courses for both domestic and international students. Since then, we have expanded our range of approved courses to include Work Health and Safety, Business, Leadership & Management, and Human Resources delivered from our central Melbourne locations at 118 Queen Street and 123 Queen Street.

    All Rhodes College’s vocational courses are designed in consultation with industry. Our students gain skills specific to their industry through courses that have been designed to follow the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), thus increasing their future employment opportunities. At Rhodes College, we provide a number of pathways from vocational courses that allow students to progress to Bachelor programs with Australian Universities.

    Assessments are ongoing and are designed to monitor students’ academic progress and achievements as well as contribute to and enhance learning delivered by fully qualified and experienced trainers. Rhodes College qualifications are recognised by relevant industry bodies, the Department of Education and Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).


    The Student Welfare and Support Committee is responsible for the delivery of advice and services to students, staff and the general Rhodes College community to ensure that Rhodes College is a safe, secure and equitable organisation. Rhodes College is committed to high-quality services, facilities and assistance to our students.


    Students are eligible to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning.

    RPL means we recognise what you have already learnt from:

    • Other courses
    • Work experience
    • Life experience

    The RPL process involves us taking into account skills and knowledge you have acquired outside the formal education and training system and measuring it against units in the course. RPL application forms are available from the Admissions office upon request.


    The fee quoted above and any associated material fee is payable via an agreed payment plan.

    Domestic students can agree to pay up to $1500 in advance at any one time, whereas International students may elect to pay a higher proportion of the fee in advance. The detailed Fees and Refund policy are available in the Download section of this site; nothing in the policy is intended to limit your rights to natural justice.

    Please note that listed in the policy document are “Other Course Costs” that may be applied if circumstances arise. You are advised to review this policy before applying for enrolment. If once enrolled, Rhodes College has updated or changed the fees, then Rhodes College will undertake to notify you via email or website or noticeboard.


    Aged Care, Work Health & Safety, Business, Leadership & Management, Human Resources


    Rhodes College provides a dedicated student services officer (Student Administration Officer) who can help with all aspects of their academic and other personal problems or issues. To seek help in such matters, contact the Student Administration Officer at Rhodes College.

    You can contact student administration for the following reasons:

    • Academic Assistance
    • General Enquiries
    • Formal letters
    • Study Guidelines
    • Immigration Enquiries
    • Any difficulties with your study
    • Visa Assistance
    • Work Permit
    • Tax File
    • Health care

    and much more…

    Central Australian College

    central australian college

    61 3 9687 4233

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Course Range Vocational Courses
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Estimated No. of Students 1,120
    Boarding School No
    School Fees Low

    Link To School Fees Page:

    Welcome To CAC | Central Australian College

    Central Australian Institute of Technology Pty. Ltd T/A Central Australian College (CAC) is a CRICOS Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that meets federal and state educational standards. We function to produce a skilled workforce ready to contribute to the growing Australian job market.

    We have been registered for Skills First Victoria Funding and Apprenticeship and Traineeship, enabling us to provide invaluable industry-focussed education to our students.

    Our students come from across Australia and the world, creating exciting, dynamic and multicultural classes. Entrants also join us from a diverse range of professional and educational backgrounds, which creates a unique learning environment where students can be educated and motivated by their classmates and trainers.

    At CAC, we provide specialised industry training in a variety of sectors. We are licensed to provide Nationally Recognised Training in Automotive Mechanical Technology, Automotive Management, Business, Management, Marketing and English language courses.

    We have three offices, two located in Melbourne, Victoria and one located in Hobart, Tasmania. In addition, we recently opened our new Melbourne CBD campus at 276 Flinders Street, which is found in the city's heart opposite Flinders Street station. It is the perfect place to study with state-of-the-art facilities and easy access to many of Melbourne's famous attractions.

    Our other Melbourne campus is in West Footscray at 8 Cross Street. Located opposite West Footscray train station, it is easy to reach and less than 20 minutes from the CBD.

    Ranked the most liveable city globally, Melbourne also has the highest number of cafes and restaurants per number of people than any other city in the world. If that wasn't enough, Melbourne is located within Victoria, 'The Education State', which boasts some of the highest educational standards in the world. With these incredible accolades to its name, it's no wonder why students flock to study here.

    The Hobart campus is situated within the bustling CBD at 45 Murray Street, Hobart. Located at the corner of Murray Street and Collins Street next to "The Cat & Fiddle Arcade", it's within easy reach of Hobart's landmarks, airport and stunning surrounding bushland. It takes approximately 21 minutes from Hobart airport by taxi. SkyBus provides fast, frequent and low-cost airport transfers to Hobart City. You can buy a ticket online or from the e-kiosk available at the airport. The nearest local Metro bus stop is a minute walk from the campus, located at 119 Collins Street. Tasmania has the cleanest air in the world and some of the most breathtaking scenery. Students here get to see a unique side of Australia, and one will have unparalleled beauty and cosmopolitan charm.

    CAC is equipped with modern classrooms, library resources, student recreational areas, workshop facilities and computer labs with free access to the internet and email. Whatever your chosen field of study, our campuses are prepared to help you with whatever you need to support your education.


    We prepare our students to be global citizens with the skills and capabilities to succeed in a rapidly changing world.


    To be a market leader in providing education and training to both domestic and international learners by engaging and partnering with industry.


    Excellence, Respect, Partnerships, Responsibility Accountability, Transparency, Integrity and Communication.

    Focus On Quality

    At CAC, our prime focus is on delivering quality training and assessment. Once enrolled in one of our courses, students have embarked upon a promising career pathway that we will nurture with our Student Support Services and excellent teaching. We aim to help every student reach their educational goals.  

    After completing a course, many of our students choose to enhance their career prospects further by enrolling in other courses provided by CAC. We are proud that so many of our students remain with us as they work to gain further qualifications.

    With a wealth of industry and teaching experience behind them, our training staff is highly qualified and well equipped to educate and inspire our students. They are regularly exposed to internal and external professional development opportunities and are encouraged to update their skills and knowledge and bring this to the classroom.

    Our learning and assessment materials are specifically designed to meet industry standards and are compliant with and mapped against the training package descriptions on We use qualified and experienced curriculum writers to contextualise assessments based on training need analysis, specifically considering the reasonable adjustments for special students. Our curriculums are internally and externally validated by staff and industry bodies and undergo assessment validation from time to time to ensure authentic, sufficient, current and valid resources for learning.

    Quality indicator annual summary report 2019 | Quality indicator annual summary report 2018

    Focus On Student Support

    Student satisfaction is a key to CAC's core vision, and we ensure that students are being provided end-to-end assistance from the moment they start the course. Students are provided with student support services such as extra tuition, peer learning, and mentoring during their studies. Revised timelines for completing assessments and other services per the individual learners' circumstances will also be considered.

    Students can gain further support through Student Welfare services. There is a designated Student Support Officer, whom they can meet with whenever they wish within college business hours. The Student Support Officer can provide necessary consultation and support and, if required, refer the student to external welfare services.

    CAC adheres to all health and safety standards and conducts regular OHS audits to ensure a safe studying environment for all students.

    We are passionate about providing high-quality courses for our students, and whatever course you choose, we'll be here to support you every step of the way.

    Monarch Institute

    monarch institute

    1300 738 910

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Course Range Vocational Courses
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    School Fees Average

    Link To School Fees Page:


    But not as you know it. 

    What if we could rethink what 'education' should mean?

    You deserve a learning experience that leaves you ready for the real world. Not just for the classroom. That's why Monarch Institute delivers real-world education. We start with the outcomes that real employers want and work backwards from there. We don't believe in courses based purely on intellectual theory and textbook stuff.

    Courses are delivered by respected professionals who continue to lead in their fields. You'll benefit from their expertise from the moment you start learning.

    Our students and their career pathways are our top priority. And for a good reason. Let's face it, and the job market is more competitive than ever.

    You need a distinct competitive advantage. That means an education that reflects what employers are already looking for. It's that simple.

    Our role is to get you to where you want to be in your career. So whether you're just starting or stepping up your game, in other words, we've got your back at every step of the way.

    Learn from doers, not talkers.

    Experts have developed your Monarch Institute course. Peak industry association heads, leading academics and authors sit on our industry advisory committee. And you'll be taught by leading professionals who are successful in their practice.

    Our courses are nationally recognised as a registered training organisation (RTO No: 22530 – check out our details here). They're designed to give you 'street cred' within each industry. We do this by incorporating real-world challenges. Learn industry-specific software, take on realistic case studies, and get job-ready from day one.

    We invest a lot in making sure our content and platforms are the best available. In addition, our industry advisers and academic board are always working on new courses to meet specific industry needs.

    You'll benefit from our longstanding relationships with industry leaders, academics, peak bodies, government, and business. Our grads work for sector-leading companies with exciting career potential, like Deloitte, KPMG, Accenture, AMP, Toll, Linfox, Oracle, IBM, and Australia's Big 4 banks.

    You'll be in good company as a Monarch Institute graduate. We're also the training partner for some of Australia's biggest corporate organisations.

    Fit study around work, family, life.

    Studying shouldn't be a chore. Our simple, intuitive online learning platform allows you to study in your own time, at your own pace. Read a few pages on public transport. Try a quiz on your lunch break at work. Watch a video on the couch. Take on an assessment from the other side of the world. It's up to you.

    By letting you tailor your learning experience, we put the power in your hands and give you the best chance to shine.

    Online doesn't mean alone.

    You're never alone in your learning at Monarch Institute. We offer the latest online learning options like our smart but simple interface (Moodle) used by the world's leading universities.

    We carefully select our trainers for their knockout combo of industry and training experience. You need to learn from people who are successful in their field and know how to get you to the same point. We get it. At Monarch Institute, you'll never feel alone in your studies.

    To wrap it all up, we recognise that people learn in different ways. Reading an old-school textbook just doesn't work for everyone. That's why you'll find plenty of different multimedia content in each module.

    ALACC Health College Australia

    alacc health college australia

    61 3 9480 4417

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Course Range Vocational Courses
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    School Fees Average

    Link To School Fees Page:

    Why choose ALACC?

    ALACC is a Vocational Education and Training (VET) college based in Melbourne (Preston), offering nationally recognised courses.

    ALACC is committed to providing flexible and innovative education and training. At ALACC, we understand the differences between every student's experience, aptitude and learning styles.

    Why Study With Us

    ALACC is a Vocational Education and Training (VET) college based in Melbourne (Preston), offering nationally recognised courses.

    ALACC is committed to providing flexible and innovative education and training. At ALACC, we understand the differences between every student's experience, aptitude and learning styles.

    ALACC also offers a friendly and multicultural atmosphere. Our staff are well qualified and take an interest in each student on an individual basis. With students from many different countries, you can be sure to get international experience and be completely confident to venture into your workplace or further studies with well-developed communication and interpersonal skills.

    ALACC has a campus in Preston (Northern suburbs) where the courses for both local and international students are delivered. The campus in Preston has well-equipped classrooms, computing facilities with Wi-Fi connectivity, a nursing practical demonstration lab, library and student recreational facilities and easy access to public transport.

    Statement of Expectations

    • Commitment to serving the public interest
    • Responsiveness to the government and the needs of the community
    • Accountability and transparency.
    • Integrity and fairness

    Director's Message

    Welcome to ALACC Health College, Australia

    This is an extraordinary time to be a healthcare professional as the demand for qualified healthcare professionals in Australia has never been greater.

    At ALACC Health College Australia, we are constantly striving to create an educational environment that fosters excellence and equips our students with the skills and tools they need to meet industry needs.

    Whether you are a current or future student, or someone just looking for more information on our courses, I hope you will take the time to explore our website and discover how ALACC Health College Australia can help open up a world of career opportunities for you in healthcare, early childhood, community and business services.

    I trust you will join our College and, by doing so, ultimately be able to venture forth, confident in the knowledge that you can improve and maintain the quality of life of our citizens and help make this world a better place.

    On behalf of our entire team, I look forward to meeting and working with you in whatever capacity you may require.

    Dr Janet Lawrence - FACN

    CEO/Director of Studies

    Australasian Lawrence Aged Care College, trading as ALACC Health College Australia, mainly specialises in aged care, health care, nursing, early childhood and home care, disability and business. We are cognizant of the fact that one of Australia's biggest challenges today is its growing population due to the increase in longevity, the increase in birth rates and the proliferation of migration.

    Many people will require support with their health care, and disability conditions and our staff are ready to provide the educational requirements for carers working in aged care, community, disability, nursing and early childhood.

    Job opportunities are great due to the ongoing demand for the provision of professional services in aged care. The need for support and assistance to individuals in their homes, as well as in residential aged care facilities, is increasing by the day. Today's health and community workers not only need to be caring and efficient, but they also need to be up-to-date with the latest advances in care for the aged, the sick and people with disabilities in the community.

    Hence ALACC is a proven way to change or promote your career, improve your knowledge of your current industry, or use our courses to start a new career in the aged, nursing, community, disability and allied health, early childhood, pathology and business industries.

    We offer flexible, innovative training that fits in with the way you learn best. Our programs are innovative, stimulating and targeted so that students achieve maximum outcomes. Our classes are small so that you will get to know your teachers on an individual basis, rather than being a faceless person in a huge lecture theatre. One on one support in the English language is also available.

    You will have the best of both worlds in education and training, with face-to-face lectures, online learning and support, and practical placements to hone your skills and augment the theoretical knowledge base acquired at ALACC Health College, Australia.

    Additionally, through interaction with students from different nationalities, you will develop a range of skills such as English language, communication, leadership, problem-solving, teamwork, innovation and skills.

    Our Training Locations

    ALACC operates at the Preston, Melbourne, campus, which is located close to a wide variety of cafes/hotels, including fine dining and fast food, as well as shopping that ranges from basic groceries to clothes and accessories. The suburb of Preston is serviced by trams, trains and has very good bus connections. ALACC is currently leasing this teaching facility. Click here to find our exact location.

    The campus has facilities designed to support students and make their life as easy as possible.

    • Computer and Internet access with WIFI
    • Library
    • Classrooms
    • Student study area
    • Student work placements

    Computer and Internet Access

    With the fast pace of globalisation, it is undeniable that computers are the future of everything.

    With the Internet becoming the source for so much information, it is becoming increasingly necessary, even for health professionals, to be computer savvy.

    Keeping this in mind, we have designed an open computer lab with WIFI connectivity at ALACC, where students can enjoy unlimited access to a computer, and the Internet from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, seven days a week.


    At ALACC, we believe in providing our students with a holistic learning experience. In addition to receiving all materials relevant to your lectures free of cost, as a student of ALACC, you will have access to our extensive collection of additional resource materials, ranging from books, professional magazines, video DVDs and CDs. The materials cover a wide array of subjects, including personal skills development. Students can access a copy of our library catalogue by logging onto the students' computer.

    Well Equipped Classrooms and Lab

    The campus has classrooms that are equipped with comfortable individual seating, adequate lighting, a computer and projectors. In order to provide practical experience, the College also contains a nursing laboratory equipped with beds, wheelchairs, and all resources and materials required for the provision of aged, nursing, health and community care services.

    Student Study Area

    Student life is not all about study. It is also about hanging out with new friends. ALACC's campus provides areas for students to relax, take a break or mingle with others. Situated behind the computer library is the "Student Study Area", a place where students often hang around in groups, studying or simply catching up with each other. Another popular recreation spot in the dining area also includes kitchen facilities.

    As a part of the training package, students enrolled in some courses are required to gain practical experience during their training. ALACC arranges international and local student placements.

    Impact English School

    alacc health college australia

    61 3 9670 2821

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Course Range Vocational Courses
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    Estimated No. of Students 750
    School Fees Average

    Link To School Fees Page:

    Why Choose Us

    • English Only - everywhere in the school & at all times!
    • Award-winning education
    • Small class average with great nationality mix
    • Expert teachers & supportive staff
    • Wide range of courses & flexible study options
    • Access our pathways & further study options
    • Fantastic student satisfaction & experience
    • Central city locations in Melbourne & Brisbane
    • Impactivities & extra free classes
    • Dynamic & innovative learning

    Greetings from the Principal

    Learning a second language in another country is one of the best experiences we can have.

    It allows us to grow in many ways, placing us in new situations and exposing us to different cultures, ideas, and future possibilities. It can be an life-changing experience.

    And that is the reason our college is called 'Impact'.

    Our goal is to have a great impact on our students' lives by assisting them in improving their English language skills and enabling them to undertake exciting new adventures and possibilities in their future lives. We make this investment in our students' futures very seriously.

    It is a real pleasure for all our staff to hear back from Impact students who live and work in many different countries, often not their own, and in a vast array of jobs and situations around the world. Some are studying at leading universities and colleges within Australia or other countries. Others are travelling around the globe, sometimes even meeting up with other Impact students in their travels. And, all of them are using their English skills daily. It is most satisfying to know that we have helped them on their way.

    So, don't waste any time. Get ready to make an impact on your future.

    Pathways & Further Studies

    Impact English College is well regarded for the exceptional quality of its academic preparation course. We are proud to offer Impact students direct entry into Masters, Bachelors, and Vocational courses at some of the finest universities and colleges around Australia.

    Course Structure

    General English

    A fun and interactive class which prepares you to use English in the real world. In this course, you will learn how to communicate fluently with English speakers by improving your grammar, pronunciation, speaking, listening, reading and writing.

    Extreme English

    An intensive English course specifically designed for motivated students. We cover more content and give you more time to practice so you can achieve your goals quickly. In this course you will learn the grammar and vocabulary you need to improve your speaking, listening, reading and writing.

    Barista/Café English

    A practical English course for people who would like to work in hospitality. You will learn the language skills needed to find employment as a Barista. This course includes coffee making training, supervised practice sessions in the Impact café and work experience.

    Cambridge FCE & CAE

    An exam preparation course for high-level students who need certification of their English ability for work or further study. These courses are some of the most challenging but also the most rewarding. In Cambridge FCE/CAE, you will receive intensive instruction in all skill areas.


    An academic course for students who wish to sit the IELTS exam or complete further studies in English. This intensive course will give you the techniques you need to take the IELTS exam and provide you with the academic skills to succeed in a higher education context.

    Business English

    Ideal for people who need to communicate in professional English speaking environments. You will study a range of business-related topics, increase your knowledge of key vocabulary and learn skills to operate successfully in the international business community.

    Clinton Institute

    clinton institute

    61 3 8394 2033

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Course Range Vocational Courses
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    Estimated No. of Students 880
    School Fees Average

    Link To School Fees Page:

    About us

    Clinton Institute is a fast-growing Registered Training Organisation (RTO) with campuses in Melbourne and Hobart. As an RTO registered with the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), we have an obligation to ensure the quality of the nationally recognised training and assessment we deliver. We must comply at all times with the Standards for RTOs 2015, which are part of the VET Quality Framework as well as the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 and the National Code of Practice for Registration Authorities and Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2018 (National Code).

    We are committed to our students, and so we endeavour to give them a high level of vocational education and training for their needs.

    To ensure compliance and students satisfaction, we have developed comprehensive internal policies, procedures and systems that guide our compliant operations, and we must participate in audits with ASQA upon their request. In addition, we must ensure that any third parties that we work with who have any involvement in your training and assessment comply as well. This includes our training partners, marketing brokers and salespeople where applicable.

    Why Choose Us?

    Clinton Institute looks forward to helping you develop your vocational skills and knowledge to prepare you for a rewarding career.

    • Provide best and professional training courses
    • Nationally recognised courses
    • Help you develop skills
    • Prepare you for a rewarding career
    • Develop comprehensive internal policies, procedures and systems to ensure the best service


    Clinton Institute’s mission is to deliver high-quality education, offering personal attention to each student to help them reach the maximum knowledge and practical skills for their professional careers so they can become future leaders and entrepreneurs in their field of expertise within a dynamic world.

    Clinton Institute wants to be one of the leading educational providers for international students from any background in Melbourne and Hobart. They are giving the best education methods to our students to embrace and develop their skills in the current and future work environment.

    Core Values


    We encourage students to use critical thinking to create new and meaningful forms of ideas where they can be independent, flexible and solution-oriented.


    We demonstrate innovation in learning and teaching. We are engaging our students and staff to be authentic, responding to the needs of their profession.


    We embrace and celebrate diversity. We promote respect and unity with safe and inclusive environments. We work together to create positive and tangible change in our communities.


    We support our students during the period of training to bring up and develop their own skills and abilities.


    We facilitate the transformation in order to assist our students in becoming aware and critical of assumptions through communicative learning.

    Outcome driven

    We encourage students to define their goals and methods that set them aside from everyone else by being decisive, and prioritising time and effort.


    We allow our students to develop their own ideas, skills or abilities to expand their knowledge in their profession.

    Blue Lotus College

    blue lotus college

    03 9349 2533

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Course Range Vocational Courses
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    School Fees Average

    Link To School Fees Page:

    About Us

    Blue Lotus College (BLC) is a Registered Training Organisation delivering ELICOS to international students and VET courses to local and international students.

    We base our programmes on the principle of hands-on practical training in simulated work environments to give learners a feel for the industry and the skills that they’ll need.

    BLC is a community of educators and support staff passionate about creating a learning environment focused on learners’ individual needs and equal opportunity for all.

    Come and find us on Elizabeth Street – a short walk from Melbourne’s famous Queen Victoria market. We’re conveniently located near public transport links (including Melbourne Central Station), student accommodation, and a vibrant neighbourhood of shops and restaurants.

    Why choose Blue Lotus College (BLC)?

    • Provide specialised training in the fields of management and accountancy
    • Delivers nationally recognised Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) qualifications
    • Customised learning support according to your needs
    • Teaching methods utilising the latest technology
    • Experienced educators
    • Customised student-centric mentor program for ELICOS students
    • Training Facilities

    Training Location

    Blue Lotus College is located at Level 2, 540 Elizabeth Street, from Queen Victoria market.

    Kitchen Location

    727 Nicholson St, Carlton North, VIC: 3054

    Learning Management System (LMS)

    We use the Moodle LMS to ensure that students access learning resources and assessments whenever and wherever they need them. In addition, students will be provided access to Moodle, where they can read and download additional learning resources.

    Training Rooms

    All classrooms are modern, air-conditioned and heated facilities equipped with projectors, conferencing facilities, computers and Internet connectivity.

    Library & Resources

    Learners will be invited to use an array of accounting and business resources and software. These include sample templates of policies and forms typically found in the industry to provide learners with real-world experience and hands-on training.

    Students will also have access to the Microsoft Office suite of programs and accounting software such as MYOB and XERO. In addition, students will be able to borrow reference books from the library. 

    Studying at BLC

    Course Delivery

    Blue Lotus College ensures the highest standard of learning by delivering our business and accounting courses in various ways. These include classroom lectures, simulated accounting environments, workshops, presentations, learning management systems, tutorials and supervised study. Learners are encouraged to maximise their time in the classroom by participating in discussions, sharing opinions and working together in groups. Presentations and roleplay scenarios will also form an essential part of the course.

    Course Assessment

    Assessment is based on learning and covers class performance, skills demonstrations, work-based programs, written exams, and assignments such as case studies and projects.

    Learners will be aware of how and when they will be assessed and allowed to address and retake any competencies not achieved. Visit our Policies page for full details of Blue Lotus College’s assessment procedures.

    Qualifications Issued

    Blue Lotus College’s qualifications are recognised nationally and granted following the principles, guidelines and standards set by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and VET Quality Framework (VQF) alongside TAFE and short courses. Learners will be awarded a certificate of qualification on successful completion of all assessment requirements.

    If studying for a part-qualification, a Statement of Attainment will be issued for all completed competencies.

    Change of Address

    To ensure Learners receive all important and formal communications, they must inform the College of their residential address, email address, and telephone number and keep these details up to date.

    Blue Lotus Code of Conduct

    Blue Lotus College is committed to equal opportunity for all, regardless of gender, religion, culture, race, sexual orientation, age, disability or socioeconomic status. Learners must uphold these rights for all and treat others fairly and with courtesy. They should maintain an environment free from all forms of intimidation and discrimination and support everybody’s access to learning without interference from others. All Learners can expect to work in a place that is safe, clean, orderly and cooperative. Personal and institute property must be respected and protected from damage or misuse.


    Blue Lotus College holds its Learners to strict standards of behaviour. Allegations of plagiarism, collusion and cheating will be investigated, and where infringement is proven, any marks gained will be overturned, and the VET unit of competency must be retaken. The Learner is responsible for any associated charges this incurs. Further and continued incidents will result in suspension or expulsion.

    All work submitted must be the Learner’s own to accurately represent their level of competence. Read the full Plagiarism and Cheating Policy.

    Unique Learner Identifier (USI)

    All Learners undertaking vocational education and training must hold a valid USI to track progress and achievement. These are issued by the government and must be supplied to the College upon enrolment. In addition, certificates, Statements of Attainment and training transcripts are linked to a Learner’s USI and cannot be issued without it. For details on USI, visit Speak to Learner Services if you need help applying for your USI.

    Credit Transfer

    Learners who have already completed courses at other institutions can be given recognition or credit towards their qualification at Blue Lotus College. A written application for credit transfer must be logged, along with a verified transcript, award or Statement of Attainment. Application forms for credit transfer are available on our Policies page.

    Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

    Blue Lotus College welcomes learners from all backgrounds, and other forms of education and training can be applied to your assessment for the qualification. Those who believe they already hold some of the course competencies may apply in writing for RPL. Proof of competency will be assessed through documents such as resumes, work performance appraisals, descriptions of positions held, and any certificate of in-house or formal training. In addition, you may be asked to provide contact details of referees who can vouch for your experience. Application forms for RPL are available on our Policies page.

    Payment of Fees

    Course fees include the cost of tuition, campus facilities and your Learner identification card. Fees for full-fee, Fee-for-Service, Learners are payable as per the agreed fee payment plan or schedule provided at the time of enrolment. Blue Lotus College does not accept upfront payments over AUD 1500.

    Fee Help

    Blue Lotus College believes that financial hardship should not be a barrier to learning and offers Fee Help based on academic merit and distinguishing achievements. Assistance may include a discount on tuition fees, the level of which will be decided by the College’s CEO and Academic Board.

    Materials and Equipment

    Each Learner will receive a set of learning materials, comprising workbooks, assessment records and textbooks applicable to their course. Fees for any further materials may apply. In addition, trainers will communicate any extra recommended learning resources to Learners.

    All Learners should have a personal laptop computer including word processing software equivalent to Microsoft Word, an email platform such as Microsoft Outlook, and Adobe Acrobat 8 or higher.

    Complaints / Appeals

    Blue Lotus College values feedback from learners and deals with complaints and appeals as the highest priority.

    Issues can be lodged either formally or informally. If learners are dissatisfied with the outcome, they can launch a formal appeal to Student Services in writing. Further appeals can be made externally with a mediation agency leader.

    Blue Lotus College’s complaints and appeals process do not affect learners’ consumer rights, and further external assistance can be sought if necessary. Please refer to our Complaints and Appeals policy.

    Danford College

    danford college

    61 3 9642 1612

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Course Range Vocational Courses
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    School Fees Low

    Link To School Fees Page:



    Danford College has been offering high-quality education for over 14 years through our various programs. Since 2007, we have been committed to excellence, ensuring that students get the best out of their Danford experience.

    We are proud of our:

    • Experienced and professionally qualified staff
    • High-tech, modern classrooms in our campuses on William Street and King Street, Melbourne
    • Diverse and friendly environment with students from all over the world
    • Nationally recognised qualifications in banking, building & construction, business, civil construction, conveyancing, information technology, interior design, leadership & management, practice management, project management and travel & tourism.

    Students at Danford College can choose from several pathways to further their careers.

    We also offer pathways towards tertiary studies through our partnership with Melbourne Polytechnic. Completing a qualification at Danford can contribute to a credit transfer and towards a Bachelor’s degree.

    Our promise to you is that you will enjoy your experience at Danford College.

    Our Registrations:

    Danford College is:

    • A registered vocational education provider ( RTO), regulated by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) and listed on the National Register on Vocational Education and Training (VET) RTO Code 21979.
    • A private college
    • An approved education provider for international students under the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS provider 02996A).


    Our Values

    Danford College is committed to excellence in education. As a Registered Training Organisation and a CRICOS Provider, we are committed to creating greater educational value in our community. We are proud of our diverse staff and student body and provide support and unique learning opportunities for students worldwide.

    Our Mission

    Danford College seeks the highest quality of education and greater educational links with industry. Therefore, we work hard to continually improve our services, facilities and educational offerings. With qualified trainers and world-class facilities, we work to attract smart, passionate students worldwide and help further their careers through education. A Danford College education is a pathway. We support students looking to advance their professional skills and knowledge, further their careers, or progress to higher education.

    Our Motto

    Believe, Achieve, Grow.

    At Danford College, our high standards are our strength. Our motto supports our belief that for every Student, what you believe, you can achieve. When you realise your capabilities and put them into action, the faster you will grow.


    A Danford College qualification is more than earning a Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, or a Postgraduate Course. At Danford, you can expect quality education, a memorable experience, and outstanding support as you progress through your career.

    We’ve outlined six reasons for you to choose Danford College:

    We are committed to excellence.

    We want you to get the best out of your experience as a Danford student in Melbourne. Our highly-qualified trainers establish an open and understanding learning environment. We also provide excellent resources and materials to assist you with your studies.

    We know how to support you.

    With over 13 years of experience, we have been familiar with Student’s concerns as we have supported them throughout the years. It’s not only about providing support but also understanding the type of appropriate supports, including our in-house Counsellor, to assist our students in the best way.

    We promise a tailored experience.

    If you decide to progress your education through to the tertiary study, Danford College’s partnerships help you succeed. The courses you complete at Danford College provide a pathway at Melbourne Polytechnic for Bachelor Degrees in Accounting, Business, IT and Hospitality Management.

    We offer a clear pathway to higher education.

    With Danford College’s partnership with Melbourne Polytechnic, students can opt to progress towards tertiary studies. Qualifications completed at Danford can be credited towards a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Business, IT, or Hospitality Management at our partner institution.

    We offer world-class facilities located in one of the best cities.

    Danford College is located in Melbourne’s CBD. You will enjoy learning with our high-tech facilities and modern classrooms and discovering life in one of the most Student-friendly, fun-filled, and multicultural cities in the world.

    We are a global village.

    Danford College is proud of our multicultural staff and students. Connect with people from all over the world and be fascinated with the mix of languages in the student lounge. We will assist you in making new friendships through our lively student community, social activities, and outings. Our students come from Argentina, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Denmark, Ecuador, Fiji, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Madagascar, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mexico, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Netherlands, Nigeria, North Macedonia, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russian Federation, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States Of America, Venezuela, Vietnam, Zimbabwe.


    Experienced & Friendly Trainers

    Danford College trainers have wide industry experience. Moreover, they have been selected and trained to appropriately relate to and support students in their learning.

    Relevant Content and Resources

    Course content is regularly reviewed to ensure that it is up-to-date and relevant to the needs of the industry. Students and staff have access to a range of high-quality, comprehensive, and informative resources for our students and trainers. Our up-to-date course contents are available to students on our digital platform: CANVAS®.

    Class Structure

    All Danford courses are delivered face-to-face at our two Melbourne campuses at either William Street or King Street, Melbourne.

    Courses consist of classroom-based training (maximum of 26 students) in theory and practical sessions with small groups.

    Students are expected to engage in the classroom by providing opinions, asking and answering questions, working in teams with fellow students, and delivering presentations.

    Digital Platforms

    At Danford College, we provide our students with different digital platforms to support them throughout their journey with us.

    CANVAS®, our student Learning Management System simplifies teaching, elevates learning. It facilitates the Student’s journey as it contains all the learning & assessment materials and different features like posting an announcement, ZOOM, collaborations and assessment submission, which can be easily accessible from anywhere.

    Turnitin® is another software package used at Danford college to facilitate the online assessment submission process. It checks the originality of papers and the correctness of citation practices in Student’s work.

    RTO Manager® is our user-friendly Student Management System, where students can check their timetable, course progress, tuition fees, assessment results, and attendance.


    Students must demonstrate comprehension and learn through highly practical and interactive assessments. Formative and summative assessment tasks are necessary to obtain qualifications.

    These include:

    • Practice exercises that reinforce interpersonal skills;
    • Simulated training activities;
    • Learner Resource Workbooks to support training;
    • Independent research projects; and
    • Participation in simulated activities that closely reflect workplace processes.
    • Assessments are submitted through our online platform, CANVAS® and Turnitin®.

    Study Term

    For Certificates III, IV and Advanced Diploma levels and Postgraduate Courses, the term duration is ten weeks. The total number of study terms every year will depend on the level and length of each course. For some Certificate IV Levels, there are two 10-week terms and one 12-week term, as outlined in the course details.

    Credit Transfer

    Students who have completed identical units from other institutions in Australia may apply for a Credit Transfer with a verified transcript, Award, or Statement of Attainment.

    Upon being granted a Credit Transfer, your course duration will be adjusted accordingly. This could shorten the duration of your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) and may affect your Student Visa.

    Unique Student Identifier (USI)

    All Danford College students must hold a USI and provide it during enrolment. Without a USI, Danford College will not be able to issue a Certificate, Statement of Attainment, or Transcript for your completed course.


    Danford College has a strict plagiarism policy. Any acts of plagiarism, collusion, or cheating will result in a written warning and require you to repeat the unit and incur any associated charges.

    If a student is caught plagiarising, colluding, or cheating a second time after a written warning, he/she may be suspended or expelled from Danford College as per the college plagiarism policy.

    CIC Higher Education, Melbourne

    cic higher education

    1300 242 437

    Early Learning Centre No
    Primary School No
    High School  No
    Course Range Higher Education
    Main Gender Co-Education
    Boarding School No
    School Fees Average

    Link To School Fees Page:

    About CIC

    CIC Higher Education Pty Ltd is a private company, registered under the Corporations Act 2001. CIC is a globally recognised education institution, specialising in providing students with higher education degrees in a supportive and caring environment. We pride ourselves on our commitment to our students.

    Our students come from more than 40 different countries, bringing with them a passion for learning and providing the College with a rich multicultural environment, which we not only recognise, but celebrate. CIC is registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS Provider No. 01718J) to provide courses for overseas students studying on an Australian student visa. There are approximately 700 students enrolled at CIC.

    Our academic team are selected based on their extensive knowledge and industry experience. They help students not only with achieving their academic goals but also with developing the skills and knowledge that the students need to go on to have successful careers in their chosen fields.

    CIC has TEQSA registration and course accreditation, current registration status can be found on TEQSA’s website:

    CIC is a member of EduCo Global group of companies. EduCo is a leader in the provision of education in major English-speaking countries for students from around the world. EduCo’s institutions cater to a broad range of students and offer higher education, university pathway, vocational and English language programs.


    CIC enables its students to become high – performing individuals, who have the ability to innovate and create value in their chosen fields.


    CIC will be recognised as a highly respected provider of quality education courses in Australia.

    Core Values

    CIC is committed to maintaining the following values at the College at all times:

    • Leadership: Staff and students are critical thinkers who have strong personal integrity and a vision that inspires and motivates others and are committed to lifelong learning.
    • Accountability: Staff and students take responsibility and are accountable for their actions and decisions, and the actions and decisions of those whose work they can influence.
    • Mutuality: Staff and students value inclusivity and treat people with dignity, equality, trust and respect.
    • Quality Student Experience: CIC’s first priority is to provide students with a good successful education. CIC understands that excellent student outcomes require excellence in teaching and service delivery.

    Whistleblower Disclosure

    CIC is committed to the highest standards of conduct and ethical behaviour in all of our business activities and to promoting and supporting a culture of honest and ethical behaviour, corporate compliance and good corporate governance.

    CIC is committed to provide protections and measures so that those individuals who make a report may do so confidentially and without fear of reprisal, intimidation or disadvantage.


    Bachelor of Business (Management)

    The Bachelor of Business (Management) aims to produce graduates with the skills and knowledge to work in middle management roles in a variety of public and private industries. Managers play a vital role in all organisations as they are responsible for organisation growth and development. This program will develop business and leadership skills and give students the ability to manage people and organisations successfully. The degree ensures that students have the opportunity to develop essential business skills and knowledge including finance and marketing principles, business law and sound well-developed management skills.

    The estimated annual enrolment into the Bachelor of Business (Management) is 250 students.

    Bachelor of Business (Accounting)

    The Bachelor of Business (Accounting) aims to produce graduates who will communicate effectively and perceptively within a business environment, produce innovative solutions to problems, and apply investigative skills to a range of complex challenges faced in a business context. Furthermore, graduates will develop a thorough understanding of the core principles of business and accounting, giving them the skills required to perform a variety of accounting based roles in the corporate sector. Undertaking the Bachelor of Business (Accounting) at CIC Higher Education will give students a strong foundation in accounting principles and essential business skills. Graduates of the program will be well prepared to enter the accounting and/or business world in a pre-management and management capacity.

    The estimated annual enrolment into the Bachelor of Business (Accounting) is 450 students.

    Bachelor of Business (Marketing)

    The Bachelor of Business (Marketing) aims to produce graduates who have a thorough knowledge of business and marketing principles and practices.

    In the first year, students will be introduced to the fundamentals of current business trends and practices. In the second and third year, students will develop their knowledge base to include vital marketing practices applicable to Australian and international contexts.

    Students will study marketing theories and models, learn how to analyse marketing opportunities, and how to develop a strategic marketing plan that will lead to meeting the overall business objectives of the organisation.

    Upon graduation, graduates will have gained the skills and knowledge to identify marketing opportunities, generate new ideas, undertake market research and analysis, and confidently apply their knowledge and skills in marketing positions within domestic or internationally focused businesses.

    The estimated annual enrolment into the Bachelor of Business (Marketing) is 60 students.

    Graduate Certificate of Business

    The Graduate Certificate of Business is a one-semester course providing students with graduate-level foundations in essential business skills and knowledge. Students will develop skills in communication, analysis and applying ethical, strategic and effective management principles. Graduates will be equipped in business skills and knowledge, and advanced knowledge of management, accounting and economics. Graduates will also be better prepared for further study should they choose so.

    Graduate Diploma of Business

    The Graduate Diploma of Business is a two-semester course providing students with graduate-level foundations in essential business skills and knowledge. Students will develop skills in data analysis, persuasive communication and complex problem-solving skills. Graduates will be equipped in business skills and knowledge, and advanced knowledge of management, communication, leadership, accounting and economics. Graduates will also be better prepared for further study should they choose so.

    Master of Business

    The Master of Business is a three-semester course focused on providing a solid set of advanced business and management skills combined with specialist skills and knowledge in either accounting or project management. With a practical, contemporary focus, students will develop a critical eye, persuasive communication, leadership and management skills, and skills in evaluating strategic choices and decisions in organisations. Graduates will be equipped in business skills and knowledge, and advanced, expert knowledge of accounting or project management, ready to take on careers and roles in a range of settings both locally and globally.

    Master of Business Administration

    The Master of Business Administration is a four-semester course that provides students with a unique opportunity to develop and sharpen their capability to apply skills and knowledge of business and management skills combined with either accounting or project management. With a practical, contemporary focus, and a dedicated industry-related project, students will develop a critical eye, persuasive communication, analytical skills, ethical leadership and management skills, and skills in evaluating strategic choices and decisions in organisations. Graduates will be equipped and ready to take on leadership and managerial careers and roles in a range of settings both locally and globally.


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