50+ Best Drone Video & Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria (2024)

Drone video and photo services are a great choice for capturing high-quality aerial footage. 

Drone Video & Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria provides professional service to individuals and businesses alike with their team of experienced pilots, videographers and photographers who understand the importance of quality workmanship. They offer services such as aerial photography, video production, real estate photography and 3D mapping services among others which can be tailored to suit your needs with competitive rates. 

Check this list of the best drone video and photo services around Melbourne, Victoria. 

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Ultimate List of the Best Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria

Victoria Lensaloft Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria

lensaloft aerial photography melbourne


61 407 805 245

About Us

With over 20 years of experience, Andrew Griffiths is recognised Internationally as one of the world's most respected aerial photographers.

Andrew's unique approach to pushing the envelope of aerial photography has earned him special awards for innovation, commercial and artistic landscape aerial photography and cinematography.

His approach brings unprecedented detail to major campaigns, working with clients including the Australian Government, Tourism Australia, World Trade Centre NYC, Tourism USA, Tennis Australia, G20 summit, and many high profile creative brand agencies.

A confessed gadget and aviation nerd with a healthy appetite for coffee and flying.

What we offer?

Helicopters, Drone, Jets, Blimps, Cranes, Abseiling And Jetpacks

Photos And Videos Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria

photos and videos drone video and photo services melbourne, victoria 


1300 886 845

About Us

We are a photo and video production company with a fresh approach to creating digital content. A wide range of photography, video production and animation services tailored for commercial events, real estate, products, and corporate video production in Melbourne.


For all your Melbourne corporate event photography needs, you can count on ROEMIN's team of reliable and experienced professional event photographers to deliver the best photography services every single time. Our team offers a wide range of photography services, including corporate photography for events, conferences and functions to product photography for marketing, brand activations, launches, and so much more.

Melbourne Tour Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria

melbourne itour virtual tours 360° virtual tour specialist photography 2021 12 21 11 40 53


0411 73 66 44

About Us

About: Melbourne iTour: Director Greg Cust has a 23+ year background and a Diploma in Professional Photography and knows the Virtual Tour industry very well; he is also an accomplished Voice Over Artist & Floor Plan Designer using the latest techniques.

About: Melbourne iTour was Established in November 2009 and has quickly grown to be a leading HD Virtual Tour provider offering services in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin and Hobart.

We are a Virtual Tour Specialist using the world's best fully interactive 360° Fusion 2 Virtual Tour System incorporating 'the most advanced software available to provide our clients with the very latest in state of the art features and benefits and unique to us the Australian market.

"There is simply no better value for money marketing and advertising available online other than using our virtual tour system and stunning photo images to display a Home, Business or Service".

"A Virtual Tour is the perfect must-have addition to your marketing strategy and website design as displaying photographs on their today are just not enough anymore, the savvy internet user (your potential customer) whose level of expectation has increased, now needs to be engaged and captivated with your presentation"…we can achieve this for you.

About: Melbourne iTour is Virtual Tour Specialists Providing State of Art Virtual Tours and Professional HD Photography for businesses, Real Estate, Places or Services. Our HD Virtual Tours are fully interactive with customisable content and come with a range of game-changer features, including Stunning HD Photographic Images, Advanced Colour 2D & 3D Floor Plan Designs and Service, 3D Renders, 3D Walk-Throughs, Voice Overs, MP3 Files, Maps, Satellite Location, Brochures, Corporate Branding and can be viewed on all Smartphone & Tablet devices.

Essentially, the Virtual Tour presentation is an 'All in One Media Player', that you can attach virtually anything or any media format to such as PDF Brochures, Photographs, Voice Over, Music, On-Screen Text, Hot-Spots that can link to any URL, link to the next 'Scene'and so on. The Virtual Tour also comes with a YouTube or Vimeo up-loadable Video Version of the Virtual Tour and QR Codes to place on all your printed material for further reach, all included.

Comprehensive weekly traffic report statistics supports all Virtual Tours to highlight where your increased inquiries, website traffic, results and importantly, where your clients and customers are coming from plus so much more, they are online 24/7-365 Days of the year and offer The Most Advanced Features and Image Quality of any Virtual Tours on The Market.

Melbourne Drone Photography Specialists

Melbourne Drone Photography Service Specialising in Commercial Projects, Real Estate, Government Projects, Construction Projects, Rural Property, Inspection, Tourism, Media, TV, Film, Industry, Agricultural, Construction & Engineering Applications. We Provide Drone Photography, Aerial Photography, 360° Photography, 360° Video & Videography for the Melbourne Metro area and regional Victoria.

We use industry-leading drone technology to give our clients the best experience possible. We are a CASA approved UAV operator with experienced remote pilots and camera operators. We have incredible skill controlling our equipment, so you can feel confident that we'll get all the shots you need.

Your opportunity for our Drone Photography and Aerial Photography Melbourne based Service is ready. It will give your Business a new and current perspective and engage and captivate your potential customers. We provide superb quality, sharp, crystal clear images in various final Video & Still Image formats. In addition, we will assist you or your Web Designer in implementing your customised Edited Video Footage with or without an accompanying Music File.

Real Estate Photography

As an accomplished Melbourne Real Estate Photography Service providing HD Quality Still Images and The Most Advanced Virtual Tours, our Drone Photography Service is a natural extension for your Property Marketing. It should be considered as an integral part of your overall Marketing Strategy. We can combine 360° Virtual Tours, HD Photography Images, Floor Plans or Aerial & Drone Photography & Video into one exclusive and unique presentation.

FAQs About Drone Video

Commercial drone service providers can charge a rate of $100-$500 per hour, depending on the industry, with the most commonly used rate being about $150 per hour.

You could go work in a drone industry job and make anywhere from $40k a year to well over six figures. You could start your own real estate photography drone business where you charge $100/hr. You could start doing roof inspections with a drone and earn $75 per roof.

Drone pilots are in demand. In fact, the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International projected more than 100,000 new jobs will be created in unmanned aircraft by the year 2025. In theory, this would increase the need for drone pilots and might open up night shifts for drone pilots among other opportunities.

An early career Drone Pilot with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of AU$60.00 based on 15 salaries. An experienced Drone Pilot with 10-19 years of experience earns an average total compensation of AU$0.00 based on 5 salaries. 

Creative Kicks Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria

creative kicks


0421 677 745

Drone Video & Photography

Cutting edge drones and technology combined with highly skilled operators enables Creative Kicks to offer an array of drone photography and drone video production services and allow us to capture high-quality drone aerial photos and video.

We have worked on various shoots, ranging from corporate films for Government clients, observational documentaries, tourism videos, art installations, feature and short films, music videos, real estate marketing and commercial construction projects.

Fully licensed Australia wide by CASA to fly drones weighing up to 25kg (RePL 1019419). Covered with $20 million public liability insurance, you can be sure you're not wasting your time with less experienced drone operators.

Film, Television & Documentaries

​​Drone video captures the perfect establishing shot, a buttery smooth tracking shot or anything in between. Mike has travelled the world with his drones and has a drone to suit the job - from the compact and portable DJI Mavic Pro 2, the DJI Phantom 4 Pro for jobs in high wind areas and exceptional video quality and the flagship DJI Inspire 2 for the premium shoots that need the highest quality drone video.

Real Estate Drone Photography & Video

Selling the story of your home and communicating the key points is vital to selling your property. ​We can capture high-quality real estate drone aerial images and video of your property, with prices starting as low as $249.

​With drone photography, you can instantly demonstrate the size of the block, where the home sits on the property and local landmarks and attractions. Of course, we also offer traditional video and photography services, so please discuss your film and photography requirements with us.

Impressair Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria



(03) 9417 1845

Melbourne's leading drone and helicopter aerial photography.

Impress Air is a Melbourne based aerial photography studio. Our reputation within the advertising, television and property sectors is synonymous with creating the finest quality aerial photography and video. We held a CASA UAV (Drone) Operators Certificate and were one of the first photographic studios in Melbourne to obtain this licensing with CASA. We have an unparalleled passion for creating beautiful dynamic imagery and footage from our drones and developing our systems and processes as technology advances.

We offer a vast range of aerial photography and video solutions, from drones, elevated poles, blimps to helicopters and light aircraft. We are commonly photographing from drones and helicopters using the best available photographic equipment and lenses. We differ from many other drones and aerial photography operators because we are photographers with an inherent understanding and passion for what it takes to create a great photographic image or piece of footage from both the air and the ground. We are one of very few companies to offer aerial filming from helicopters using Cineflex gyro stabilised camera mount systems, in conjunction with Red Epic Cameras to produce cinema-quality 4K footage. We also have a range of options available from our drones to produce footage in 4K and still images in high quality, upwards of 50 megapixels.

Our work ranges from video and photography projects for advertising agencies, property photography for commercial and residential real estate agencies, film work for television producers and production companies, and asset inspection and surveying work.

When choosing Impress Air for your aerial photography needs, you choose a company with people who care and are passionate about delivering the best-finished photography and video on the market. A company with proven reliable systems, an unblemished safety record, and a company that understands the commercial nature of quality photography is fast-paced industries that require a consistently great product delivered to tight deadlines.

Should you seek an end-to-end solution for your project, we offer expert professional photo retouching and video editing services in-house. Additionally, we offer animation, 360-degree panoramic retouching, and virtual reality interactive tours.

Hire Drone Operators Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria

hire drone operators


0411 516 745

Drone Photography Melbourne

It's never been a better time to invest in drone photography Melbourne and aerial videography services to grasp new heights for your business with promotional materials.

Video Gallery

Let us capture the perfect angles for your next project. With our drone video services, you will increase engagement with your customers, get more phone calls, get more online enquiries and more sales. We can make it all happen with our drone video services to assist you with your marketing efforts – partner up with Hire Drone Operators today.

Drone Video For Real Estate Melbourne

Sometimes the right images can help you project and sell any property, but including a drone video will boost your exposure and conversion rate.

Ready to take your real estate to the next level? Click the link to get a drone photography price today.

Aeroshots Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria




Work Quality

Aeroshots maintains the highest working standards and delivers quality work every single time. We never compromise on our artistry and service.

Quick Delivery

At Aeroshots, we understand the importance of delivering on time. We are proud to have delivered most of our jobs within 24 hours.


Our motto is to always provide you with quality service at a fraction of the cost of conventional aerial data collection techniques.

Drone Photography Melbourne Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria

drone photography melbourne


(03) 9118 0645

Drone Videography

Skycam Drone Photography is committed to capturing the highest quality video for your projects and events. Our drone operators are CASA-certified pilots with full liability insurance, so you can give us direction, then sit back and relax. Our drone pilots will capture the footage you need using the latest drone technology. Drones allow us to capture amazing up-close footage that traditional video cameras cannot touch. In addition, drones will create gorgeous and detailed panoramas of your property, production, and events.

Aerial Wedding photography

Weddings deserve special attention to preserve memories for generations. We will compose a bird's eye view of your carefully selected venue and capture the pre-wedding silliness and excitement by utilising drone videography. We'll start your video story before the party begins! The behind-the-scenes footage illustrates the personality of the bride, groom, relatives, and wedding party in a way that traditional print photography cannot.

Aerial view solar cells roof solar panels installed roof large industrial drone footage

We'll catch the giggles and heart-warming moments, the gorgeous gardens, the candid reactions of your guests. We coordinate closely with your still photographer for inspiration and planning. The wedding's surroundings and special touches will serve as unique cinematic props as we frame the narrative of your once-in-a-lifetime day. Skycam Drone Photography is committed to enhancing the mood of your special celebration and will take extreme safeguards not to intrude, bother or distract the guests or wedding participants.

Real Estate Drone Videography

Melbourne is a diverse and sprawling city, and often your property does not stand out with traditional still photography. However, with the evolving technology of drones, we can explore the location and proximities of a property, elevating it to sought-after status. Aerial footage can highlight a neighbourhood, the amenities, the roofline, and even the gardens and architecture. We can even capture stabilised footage that simulates a real walkthrough of the home that allows your buyers to save time and gas.

Skynet Video - Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria

skynet video aerial photography melbourne



About Us

We want to provide a visionary and compelling offering, exceptional service, and more. The fact is, in today's noisy marketing landscape, what your brand needs are a story to stand out and what better way to tell a story than with photography and video.

Every job is different, and we endeavour to find out as much as possible what you, the client, is trying to achieve. This way, we can plan to provide a unique solution, whether outstanding photography or amazing aerial video.

What Is Photogrammetry?

Photogrammetry collects 2D topographical images and uses software to analyse the physical information from those images to generate photorealistic 3D representations of topographic surfaces.

Photogrammetry And Drones

Using drones to create 3D images of topographical surfaces and structures provides highly cost-effective and time-efficient photogrammetry, compared to conventional terrestrial photogrammetry or methods involving using a human-crewed aircraft.

Aerial Photography Pro Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria

aerial photography pro aerial photography melbourne



About Us

Never a dull moment here at Aerial Photography Melbourne Pro Team. Being such an active job, the crew always keep themselves top-notch when it comes to an adrenaline fix! We work hard but play harder here, best in their field and outfield. Always ready to hit the ground running and take off to the sky!

Aerial Photography

What better way to stand out from the ordinary of a stock photo? Take it to the sky and find out just how beautifully it can be. Contact us today to enquire about our aerial photography Melbourne services.

Aerial Videography

We always wondered how else you could help promote your venue? Please take it to the sky with aerial videography.

HStudios Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria

hstudios aerial photography melbourne


03 4313 4245

Drone Photography And Videos

Adding Aerial Drones to our services helps establish us as one of the leading marketing companies in Australia! We also offer a full lineup of Production and Photography equipment, including Canon and Sony cameras for both photography and high-end video production, gimbals, jibs, dollies, in addition to a team of fully experienced professionals.

So how can aerial photography assist your business? Creating high-quality images and footage that provoke emotions is crucial! Aerial photographs and videos can offer a unique bird's-eye view and will set your business apart from the crowd! In addition, being certified with ReOC.6728 enable Hstudios to fly where others are unable to due to CASA laws.

Drones are taking businesses to new heights (pun intended)! Real Estate agencies can capture previously unseen views of properties, Developers can show off their large scale creations, and Agriculturalists can identify issues with crops immediately.

There is no better way to showcase local tourism and travel destinations than drone video and photography, where aerial filming can show attractions and promote the experience like never before. For Tourism Providers, Hotels, Sports Clubs, Golf Courses, and Playing Fields, it brings many benefits to advertise their assets in a new and exciting way.

And let's not forget about manufacturing and retail; drones can be used across every industry sector!

Radiant Studio Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria

radiant studio aerial photography melbourne


1300 90 3345

About Radiant Studio

Radiant Studio (previously operating under a different name since 2012) is driven by our founder, Pongky Nataatmaja. We love the imagery and helping our clients achieve their marketing goals to improve their awareness with their clients or customers.

When clients first speak with us on the phone, they are greeted by a friendly American accent because Pongky has spent his formative years growing up in Maryland, USA. Before moving to Melbourne, he formed another media services company in Las Vegas called VegasProStudios. Earning his stripes in a city that has myriad types of events and competitions, he has covered weddings, professional sporting events (horse jumping, bull riding, football, rugby, tennis), collegiate sports, auto shows, conventions and concerts.

Pongky has a knack for capturing memorable images and directing others to set up a key shot for that killer final result. While his demeanour is friendly and sometimes laid back, he will stop at nothing to get the image in his mind. In addition, he has had a camera in his hand for 20 years and is adept at finding interesting angles for shots that others might miss.

With a strong foundation in photography, we can provide cinematic visuals in the film medium. Just check out our sample videos to see the types of productions we deliver to our clients. But, of course, we love moving images as well!

In addition to doing work in Victoria and New South Wales, we have done production for clients in various locations such as the United States, Singapore, Indonesia, Dubai and Japan.

To give back to the community, we love to help non-profits or organisations in line with our social views and ethos.

Aerial Drone Flights

Radiant Studio is excited to add another service to our array of tools to help our clients create unique images — this time challenging gravity by taking to the skies to give a different view of the world.

We are registered to fly drones with CASA and are preparing the final requirements to fly drones legally in all states of Australia. We know the rules of drone flights to protect ourselves and our clients from any potential legal issues that may arise.

Drones taking flight in early 2017

Remote drones are used to capture footage such as:

  • Aerial photographs of real estate properties and land blocks
  • Overhead or rising footage for a cinematic look
  • Tracking shots of vehicles and people
  • City overview look to set the scene

The advantage of using drones:

  • Removes the need for tall poles to allow for a high camera platform
  • Very easy to set up and shoot
  • Recent stabilising technologies make drone footage much more smooth and usable
  • Allows for unique footage that other video production companies cannot match

Scharp Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria

scharp aerial photography melbourne


About Us

For 20 years, Scharp has excelled in providing the best quality print, digital and 3D marketing collateral to the property and architecture industry. With studios in Melbourne and Sydney, we have delivered major brands, campaigns and bids for renowned architects and developers, as well as the government sector and real estate market. In addition, Scharp has experience in websites, apps and interactive touchscreens and now offers you the complete 3D VR experience.

We are now delivering drone solutions to complement our photo and video services.

Scharp delivers a full in-house solution for all photography and video needs across the property marketing and creative industry. Our team uses the latest equipment and technology to capture stunning, creative and successful imagery. We're excited to now offer a full aerial photography service using our CASA trained and certified pilot and cinema-quality drone system.

Experience and equipment

With the capability to capture location lifestyle footage, interviews, VCAT/DA planning imagery and aerial imagery, we offer everything required for property marketing needs. Our extensive experience and knowledge in the industry deliver cost-effective and high-quality results. We've recently invested in Hollywood-grade drone equipment capable of 5.2K RAW video footage; enquire now to hear what value we can bring your next project.

Transcend Online Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria

transcend media aerial photography melbourne


0434 089 654

About Us

They produced world-class images and videos that invariably enhance our events and collateral. This year, their work for the CPO Summit was exceptional, especially given the unusual circumstances surrounding the event.

Our Story

Transcend Media was created out of the need for compelling, memorable virtual events and online content, backed by a professional production standard and dedicated team of experts.

In 2020, businesses had to adapt and go virtual on the fly, delivering information seminars, board meetings, annual conferences and networking events online.

Fast forward to today, and the online landscape is more crowded than ever before; trying to keep your audience engaged and talking about your virtual event is a struggle even for the seasoned event specialist.

This is where we saw an opportunity to pull together our creative and technical expertise and create a new service offering. We provide hybrid and virtual event solutions for businesses looking to create the most engaging and memorable online experiences for their community, reaching large audiences and accessing new revenue streams.

We understand the pain points of navigating unchartered territory, and we know you don't want to waste time dealing with frustrating tech issues. This empathy fuels our commitment to helping our clients through the whole process. In addition, we offer the convenience of having one business to work with and the professionalism of creating content and events of the highest quality.

Not only do we do your job easy, but you'll also have fun along the way!

Aerial Photography & Video

Our aerial and drone services can add a 'wow' effect to any project. Whether you need to inspect a critical asset, capture the scale and capability of your project, or showcase a new property development to the world, our high-quality aerial photography and video will deliver.

Bendigo Aerial Photography Melbourne

bendigo aerial melbourne


61 403 205 045

Aerial Photography

Get a bird's eye view of your property, event or landscape—ideal for Real Estate, Commercial, Tourism and Social Media Content. Professional processed and delivered in multiple formats.

Aerial Video

Stunning aerial cinematography in 4K, colour corrected and ready for movies. Ideal for Commercials, Social Media Creation and Promotions. Full post-processing.

Commercial Services

We provide drone mapping, construction progress photos, aerial inspections and land survey services throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific. Check out our Commercial Services information page.

Drone Aerial Services

  •  Real Estate Photography, Planning and Development
  •  Corporate Videos for Product Launches and Advertising
  •  Social Media, Engagement and Website Promotion
  •  Indoor and Commercial Property Photography
  •  Events and Sports Aerial Filming
  •  Panoramas and 360 Aerial Photos
  •  Aerial Photography for Tourism, Travel and Hotels
  •  Scene Management, Public Safety and Digital Evidence
  •  Emergency Services Police, Fire, Search and Rescue
  •  2D Mapping, Asset Inspection and Construction Progress
  •  Safety, Training and Development Programs
  •  Professional Post Photo and Video Editing

Aerial Vision Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria

aerial vision drone photography melbourne


61 417 561 554

Aerial Cinematography

We specialise in aerial drone cinematography and have extensive experience working on feature films, reality television shows, extreme water sports, documentaries, music videos and television ads. With hundreds of hours under our belts, our skilled operators can perform proximity tracking manoeuvres indoors and outside while maintaining strict safety standards.

Our equipment for aerial cinematography consists of a fleet of a Freefly Atla and two DJI Inspire 2 Drones, ground cameras such as Red Weapon, Black Magic Production 4k and a Canon C200.

When required, we work closely with CASA and are ready to go on location. Our in-house engineering team ensures that all gear is maintained to a high standard to ensure smooth sailing on the day of your shoot. We always arrive on set with contingency gear in the unlikely scenario that we experience gear failure.

When possible, we like to perform a location recce before the shoot date to scope out obstacles/ hazards, including radio communications towers, power lines, high populated areas and turbulent wind areas, just to list a few. We also look for a safe operations area for our team and discuss how to perform shots.

Action Sports

Our methods to shoot Action Sports is summarised in three letters: FPV.

This stands for First Person View drone flying, also known as remote-person view, or simply video piloting. This method is used to control a radio-controlled drone from the driver or pilot's viewpoint.

This new way of flying allows our operators to be fast, precise and fly near the target of the footage.

Our equipment for FPV flying consists of a fleet of fast drones made of carbon fibre frames and top of the range electronics. Our operators use FPV goggles for full immersion and operate with a method that is CASA legally approved and ensures safety at all times. We are currently the only CASA approved and fully insured FPV company to operate in Australia.

The speed and agility provided by our FPV drones allow us to shoot any fast pace sport and activity such as motorsports, winter sports, water sports and track vehicles, as well as people in a way that no one has seen before.

Cut Above Productions Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria

cut above productions melbourne


0401 343 245

About Us

We love all things video & photography.

We've been doing it since 2003. We create videos & photos that produce results for your business or organisation. Images that engage your audience and deliver your message. Images that are viewed repeatedly generate leads and turn browsers into buyers.

We have had the privilege of working with numerous international, national and local clients. Our clients trust us so much that we have even been asked to travel overseas for work. Some of our international work has included a promotional video for HELP Cambodia, wedding photography for a couple in Hawaii, video and photography for a client in New Zealand and a 10-day video shoot in Canada for a promotional video. We love working abroad. Unfortunately, Covid-19 meant cancelling three other international jobs, including one in the USA and another in South Africa.

We've shot content for almost every major media outlet in the country, including all the national news stations and current affairs programs, as well as photography for all the major newspapers.

In 2012 we took on the video and photography contract for the RAAF base in Wagga Wagga, where we shot video and photography of the recruits during their training.

Our clients consist of well-known companies such as the Royal Australian Asir Force, TAFE NSW, Woolworths, Charles Sturt University, NSW SES, Taronga Western Plains Zoo, McDonald's, Syngenta, Monsanto, just to name a few.

We also shoot real estate photography and video content for many local agents. So, anyone in the market to buy or sell a house will probably have seen our work.

While Grant originally started the business as a Sole Trader, in 2014, it became a Pty Ltd Company and now employs four staff and a handful of contractors.

At Cut Above Productions, we're here to help you utilise video and photography to engage your audience, generate leads and increase sales… Or simply capture a moment in time and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Cut Above Productions is strategically based in Wagga Wagga, NSW, halfway between Melbourne and Sydney. We will travel far and wide for our clients, whether within NSW, Interstate or internationally.

Our Services

Whether they're moving pictures or still, chances are, we can capture it.

Drone Video & Photos

With over 1000 hours of flight time, we have the skills and equipment required to capture amazing aerial video and still photos.


We offer a range of professional photography services, including; Wedding photography, family photoshoots, corporate photography, real estate photography, architecture, event coverage.

Corporate Videos

Cut Above Productions works with local, national and international organisations to create effective promotional videos for a range of purposes.

Web Videos​​

We'll create an online video that will help you increase sales and generate leads. Testimonials, Corporate, Training, Branding and Social Media Videos

Kapcher Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria

kapcher drone photogrpahy melbourne


0404 078 745

About Us

Welcome to Kapcher, data acquisition specialists at the forefront of information collection and analysis. We provide tailored solutions for asset management in industries like infrastructure, building and facility management, road and rail. Our focus is to bring your physical assets into the digital world using cutting-edge technology. In addition, we aim to capture and provide accurate data to help you better understand the condition of your physical assets.

Kapcher is an established name in asset inspection, data collection, laser scanning and 3D modelling. Our expertise results in better performance from your assets, reduced maintenance costs, and an increased lifespan. So you can forget about paper reports and reactive maintenance. Whether it's from drones, helicopters, ground base imagery or laser scanning, we'll design methods to collect information and provide the most accurate representation of your asset, saving you time and helping you make informed decisions around their maintenance.

Whether by land, sea or air, we create a customised asset inspection service to give you a complete picture of your property's condition.

Organisations across different industries trust Kapcher to make informed choices about managing their assets.

Drone Inspection

Keeping assets in good working condition is key to the objectives of any organisation. Drone inspection presents a low-risk, cost-effective way for you to forestall any need for major repairs and resulting service outages. We specialise in visual drone inspection for all kinds of commercial and industrial assets.

As the name suggests, visual inspection involves mounting a camera on the drone so that it takes many photos of the asset under inspection from all angles. We then use the images produced to create a digital asset model and identify areas where preventative repair works may be required. In this way, you get a more accurate asset assessment without any exposure to the human risk attendant with activities like physical mobile tower inspections.

Bison United Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria

bison united aerial photography melbourne


61 3 9329 3945

About Us

Bison United is one of Australia's leading drone technology and movie production companies specialising in construction and critical infrastructure. We develop digital content for construction program management; internal communications also broadcast entertainment that engages audiences and assists decision-making.

Our goal is to be the International market leader in filmmaking for the construction industry by providing the highest quality of innovative digital media while still offering value for money. The team at Bison has worked hard to create this niche in the industry. Producing documentaries for Private, State and Federal Government projects in aviation and commercial construction, infrastructure and mining, we deliver products that effectively communicate project milestones, entertain and attract new customers.

The future for Bison United is an exciting one as we explore using drones to capture data in new innovative and cost-efficient ways, delivering time-saving reports and increasing onsite safety operations.

Our strengths include building custom-built time-lapse photography systems, dynamic platforms for remote site monitoring, captivating video editing, live streaming onsite video, 360 video interviews, complex tethered drone operations and original music production.

All stages of production are managed and delivered from our Melbourne head office. However, no project is complete without the close collaboration with our clients, who provide us with the opportunity to innovate and drive our creativity forward.

Aerial Drone Video and Photography

Drone technology systems and solutions are transforming Government and business operations.

Our experienced drone ops team focuses on best performance, highest efficiencies, and powerful results improving on-site safety, documenting key program milestones and media opportunities across various industries.

World Class Tethered Drone System

  • Improve the efficiency of infrastructure monitoring, law enforcement and crisis management
  • Unlimited autonomy, security, and fast data transfer
  • Persistent aerial surveillance and traffic monitoring
  • Demanding industrial inspections

Serious Benefits of a Tethered Drone System

  • Dramatically increase flight safety and reduce technical errors
  • Greater control due to reduced spatial area
  • Longer flight times utilising the grounded power source compared to free-flying battery operation
  • More explicit pictures as tether stabilise drone movement enabling capturing clear photos and video
  • Secure Livestream technology

Australian Certified UAV Video and Photography Operations

  • All pilots are insured for public liability and approved by CASA (ReOC) to operate Australia wide.

Construction Site Management Monitoring and Marketing

  • Properties and Facilities Management
  • Land Use Management and Classification
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Town Planning

Compelling Reasons for Considering Drones

  • Minimise obvious dangers and health risk
  • Collection of in-depth and higher detail data
  • Quick deployment
  • Flexibility to suit a majority of inspections
  • Easily shareable data and flexible licensing
  • Australia wide coverage, including remote locations

Urban Angles Drone Video and Photo Services Melbourne, Victoria

urban angles aerial photography melbourne


1300 207 445

On the ground, in the air, rural, inner-city, one property or many – we've got every angle covered.

Dedicated client services

Every relationship is unique. We listen, we hear you, and we understand your priorities. And we have someone for you to talk to every step of the way.

Every angle covered

We can take care of all your property marketing needs under one roof, so you can save time not having to juggle multiple suppliers.

All property sizes and types

We are experienced in all property types, from 1-bed apartments to large developments, and can scale up or down with your business needs.

Integrated technology

Our custom-built ordering platform integrates with all leading real estate portals, which makes delivering your campaigns easy - and quick!

Our Process

Like homes or developments, every client is unique. Therefore, we design a workflow process at inception, including tailored visual solutions, to fit neatly with how you work.

Photography Gallery

Property images need to be more than just beautiful, memorable, and creative. They have a very specific job: generate leads. Take a look through some of our photography projects that have done just that for several different clients.

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