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Top 20 Places to Get Buddha Sculptures Melbourne, Victoria (2024)

You're sitting in your office, and you see a Buddha statue on the shelf. You think to yourself: "What does this mean?" Well, we'll tell you what it means! Buddhism is an Eastern religion that has been around for centuries. It teaches people about life, death, time, space, consciousness, the nature of reality and so much more! 

Buddha statues are a popular form of decoration in many homes and businesses. They can be used to show an affinity for Buddhism, or they can simply add color and beauty to any space. There is a lot that goes into making this type of statue, including designing it in the correct style and carving it out of stone or wood. Once the artwork is completed, there's often more work left to do! 

To help you get started on your buddha statue hunt, we’ve rounded up our favourite online shops to buy buddha statues from right across Melbourne.

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Ultimate List of Places to Get Buddha Sculptures Melbourne, Victoria

Mystik River - Buddha Sculptures Shop Melbourne

my striker buddha sculptures shop melbourne


0458 854 898

Our Collection

“Art is the greatest treasure in mankind, far more valuable than gold or jewels” Chitrasutra. Indian art is known for its symbolic significance through a representation of certain icons, which underpin spiritual meanings. These icons include bodily and hand poses or mudras, vahana or vehicles on which the main figures sit, weapons, and many other features.
Our Indian sculpture is created in line with the ancient art-science described in Shilpa Shastras - Vedic texts, which precisely describe measurement lessons, and the aesthetics theory involved in arts and crafts. Following these principles, the audience upon viewing an artwork tends to experience spiritual bliss.Mystik River collection provides exemplary extensions to the ancient Indian art forms, which leads to experiencing higher consciousness to both, the creator and spectator. Thus a viewer becomes a part of an artwork, too.

Supporting Living Artists

Mystik River delivers works from a team of fabulous artists from Rajasthan, Gujrat, Tamilnadu, Odisha , Delhi, Uttar Pradesh & Maharashtra. Many of them are receivers of prestigious national awards, and continue to produce masterpieces, constantly surprising us with their skill and talent. Our dream came true, and we are delighted to be able to share their talen with you, knowing that the journey of a work of art from the artist to its new owner is the shortest possible.

Bunnings - Buddha Sculptures Shop Melbourne



Welcome to Bunnings

Australia and New Zealand's leading retailer of home improvement and outdoor living products and a major supplier to project builders, commercial tradespeople and the housing industry.

About BUnnings

Our ambition is to provide our customers with the widest range of home improvement products in accordance with our lowest prices policy, backed with the best service. 

Our team members are the heart and soul of our business. 

Our team's guiding principles are integrity, respect, teamwork, achievement and innovation. Our guiding principles are the keys to our culture and to achieving our vision. 

We pursue sustainability within our operations by striving to make them socially responsible and environmentally aware, and economically viable. 

We engage with the communities in which we operate and live, and we actively contribute to causes and organisations that benefit these communities. 

We seek to lessen our environmental impact in ways that are measurable, including achieving better and more efficient use of resources, ensuring our suppliers operate sustainably and ethically, encouraging and educating customers about environmentally friendly alternatives, and focusing on the "reduce, re-use and recycle" waste management principles. 

We value our team members' contributions, recognise and reward their efforts and provide a fun, satisfying and safe workplace. 

By living our values and operating sustainably, we will continue to "build the best" and earn the right to serve our customers tomorrow and into the future.

Australia and New Zealand

Bunnings is the leading retailer of home and lifestyle products for consumer and commercial customers in Australia and New Zealand. We are a major supplier to project builders, commercial tradespeople and the housing industry. Our store network is made up of large warehouse stores, smaller format stores, trade centres and frame and truss sites. 

Bunnings also acquired South Australian retailer Adelaide Tools in April 2020. Revenue across the 2020 financial year totalled $14.9 billion. As of 30 June 2020, there were a total of 375 trading locations made up of 274 warehouses, 68 smaller format stores and 30 trade centres, 3 frame and truss centres, along with six Adelaide Tools stores. On 30 June 2020, we employed over 48,000 team members.

Karma Living - Buddha Sculptures Shop Melbourne

karma living


+61 (08) 8282 2101

Buddha Figurines from Karma Living

Illuminate your home with Karma Living's range of home decor statues. From Buddha statues and Monk sculptures to elephants and angels, your décor look will be complete with an effigy from Karma Living. In Feng Shui, placing a figurine in your home can attract positive chi; the best positions in your home are when facing the front door, in your meditation space or in your garden. 

Although a Sydney or Perth home or garden featuring Buddha figurines is seen as an interior design trend in some circles, it shouldn't be forgotten that a Buddha statue is sacred to Buddhists. Placing the effigy on a pedestal or table is recommended, as placing them on the floor can be seen as disrespectful. This said, providing your décor is in keeping with the basic tenets of Buddhism, there's absolutely no reason why you can't adorn your living or working space with as many ornaments as you desire. From purely an aesthetic perspective, our online statues will compliment any home's appearance, particularly if the existing décor is Asia-centric.

Statues as Gifts for Friends and Loved Ones

If a family member or close friend is religious or even possesses a passing interest in the teaching and philosophies of Buddhism, an ornament of any description makes the ideal gift. 

Gold statues are also very prominent in many Buddhist countries featuring in temples and homes from Thailand to Sri Lanka to Nepal, so if you opt for one of these Thai Buddha statues for sale in Australia, you will certainly be in good company with other devotees. 

Regardless of where you are based in Australia, our online Sydney Buddhist shop can dispatch your selected figurine quickly and efficiently. 

Why Choose Karma Living?

The buying team at Karma Living spend a great deal of time and effort scouring the market in order to offer amazing products for sale to customers in Sydney, Perth and throughout Australia. Our ongoing commitment to providing high-quality products at affordable prices has further cemented our position as Australia's favourite online Buddhist shop. 

Lotus Allure - Buddha Sculptures Shop Melbourne

lotus allure



About us

Bali is a remarkable place. From breathtaking sunsets to magnificent gardens, it is a tropical sanctuary where one can unwind and embrace all its tranquillity.

In Buddhist teachings, the Lotus flower symbolises purity of the body, speech, and mind. We aim to inspire you with our beautiful products as you create your very own special Balinese oasis at home.

Lotus Allure is a family run business in Melbourne (Australia) specialising in Water Features, Buddha Statues, Pots, Homewares & Custom Made Products.

We sell our products both online and in-store, and our entire collection is viewable on the Lotus Allure site. Our physical store address is 935 Heidelberg-Kinglake Road, Hurstbridge VIC 3099.

FAQs About Buddha Statue

Laughing Buddha With a Sack of Gold Coins

One of the best Vastu tips you can get is to bring home a statue of Laughing Buddha carrying a sack on his shoulder. The sack signifies happiness and good luck for you and all your family members. You can also control negative energies by placing Buddha with a sack in your living room. If the statue is in the colour of gold, it will create a lot of positive vibes.

Placing Laughing Buddha on the Office Desk 

To get excellent results in your career or business, place a statue of Laughing Buddha on your study table or office desk. Doing this will help you concentrate better and will free your mind from any distractions. It’ll also prevent quarrels, arguments, and disputes with your colleagues.

Keep Laughing Buddha Statue in East Direction

According to Vastu Shastra, Laughing Buddha should be placed in the east direction of your home. This is because keeping it in the east helps bring joy and harmony to the entire house. It also prevents arguments and internal strife. So if you find staying at home a little difficult, change the direction of the Laughing Buddha and keep it in the east direction. 

Dragon Tortoise Buddha

Laughing Buddha on a dragon tortoise signifies power and strength. Bringing it home can help you change your income and career. When kept behind the desk at the office, it can have a magnificent impact on your business. 

Laughing Buddha Carrying Wo Lu 

A laughing Buddha carrying Wo lu is the protector of health. When you bring home such a statue, you should place it in your bedroom or living room east. Doing this will improve the health of everyone in the home.

Meditating Laughing Buddha

For a calm and peaceful life, bring home a statue of Laughing Buddha in the state of meditation. Doing so will help you manage any stress in your life a lot better. Meditating Buddha should be kept in the prayer room, bedroom, or study room.

Keep Buddha Statue to the Main Entrance of Home

While placing the laughing Buddha idol at home, you need to ensure its height is at your eye level or higher. As a revered idol, you should never look at the statue from above. To attract wealth and prosperity, make sure to keep the statue close to the primary entrance of your home.

Reclining Buddha

The reclining Buddha features the Buddha lying on his right side with his head supported by a pillow or his propped up hand and elbow. Though this representation of the Buddha can indicate sleeping or resting, it is most commonly a representation of the final moments at the end of the life of the Buddha.

Called parinirvana, this transitional state occurs only to those who have reached enlightenment, or nirvana, during their lifetime. Those who achieve nirvana are released from samsara, the cycle of rebirth, and karma. Instead, when they die, they reach nirvana after death or the eternal Self.

Sitting Buddha

The sitting Buddha is the most common representation of the Buddha. These Buddha statues can represent teaching, meditation, or an attempt to reach enlightenment. Hand gestures, or mudras, are essential in determining what a sitting Buddha means.

For example, the bhumisparsha mudra, or the position in which the Buddha rests his left-hand palm up on his lap and his right-hand palm down, fingers toward the earth, indicates that the statue is calling the earth to witness.

There are three different positions of the sitting Buddha: virasana, vajrasana, and pralambanasana. Virasana, also known as hero’s pose or half lotus, depicts the legs crossed over each other, and the sole of one foot is turned upward.

Vajrasana, also called the adamant posture, lotus, or diamond depicts the legs folded over each other with both soles of the feet turned upward. Finally, Pralambanasana, also called the European Sitting Pose, depicts the Buddha seated upright in a chair.

Standing Buddha

The standing Buddha is indicative of being stationary, with both feet planted firmly side-by-side. During this position, the Buddha has stopped, and the mudra of the hands can determine the reason for this halt.

The standing Buddha often repels conflict or rising from meditation to teach the Four Noble Truths after reaching nirvana.

Notably, the feet of the Buddha are planted firmly on the ground, indicating the Buddha is ready to begin travelling and teaching. By contrast, when the soles of the feet are facing upward, as in vajrasana, the Buddha is in the receiving position during meditation.

Walking Buddha

The walking Buddha is the least common of the Buddha postures, seen almost exclusively in Thailand. It features the Buddha standing, with one foot placed in front of the other with the robe shifted to one side, as if in motion. This position indicates inner peace and grace. The Buddha is often considered to be either beginning his journey to teach or returning from heaven after delivering a sermon.

Though most often, the walking Buddha is said to have already reached nirvana, there are some depictions of the walking Buddha wearing shoes. These shoes mean that, though the journey toward enlightenment has begun, the shoes are preventing him from connecting with the earth. Therefore, he needs to remove his earthly desires before he can reach enlightenment.

In Vastu Shastra today, Acharya Indu Prakash talks about what type of laughing Buddha idol you should keep at home to maintain peace and prosperity. If you feel that your family has been witnessing issues lately, due to which there is no mutual coordination between the house members, then the idol of Laughing Buddha sitting on the dragon should be kept in the house.

By doing this, the negative effects from home soon begin to dissipate, and the positivity starts increasing. Apart from this, to maintain peace at home or office, a statue of Laughing Buddha should be installed sitting in a meditation posture. With this, a peaceful atmosphere will be maintained if any member of the house gets angry.

At the same time, the idol of Laughing Buddha sitting with children in his lap is considered auspicious for married relations. This leads to prosperity in married relationships.

Fishpond - Buddha Sculptures Shop Melbourne



Here at Fishpond, we are a friendly bunch of hard-working people who love selling stuff online. We have been selling great products via our Fishpond websites that extend all over the world for the last 14 years, so you could say we know what we are doing!


We have a team of about 110 Fishponders based in AU, NZ, the UK and the US. Every single one of us is deeply passionate about you having a great online shopping experience with us.


We source our high-quality products from all around the globe. Our mission is to provide you access to great products you can't easily find on other websites at the best possible price. We have been in this game for a long time now, and so you can feel confident you are dealing with a business that really cares about the quality of service you receive.


We have an online pool of over 25 million products ranging from books and movies to toys, sports equipment and even kitchen gadgets. We source these items from all over the world and take away any of those old geographical barriers that stopped these types of items from landing right on your front door in the past.


Because we have been in the business for years, we know what good customer service looks like. Once you have ordered an item with us, you can expect the very best of care, right down to our team members checking and carefully packing your item to be delivered right to your doorstep.

How Fishpond Works

Huge Selection

Fishpond works with suppliers from all over the world* to bring you a huge range of great products (over 25 million in fact!) that you often can't find on local websites or in stores, at great prices, including free delivery. Or, if it is an item we have in stock in our Australia warehouse, it's a $7.95 flat rate delivery fee.

Worldwide Reach

Our goal is to reach all our customers, wherever they may be, across the globe. To achieve this, we have taken away all traditional geographical barriers so that it doesn't matter where you live. Fishpond can deliver right to your front door.

Great Prices

We work with our suppliers every day to ensure that Fishpond is the best place for our customers to shop and find what they are looking for, all at the best price possible.

Fast Shipping

Because we are moving items all over the world, sometimes things pop up that can slow things down, but we will be sure to keep you up to date, and you will know exactly when you can expect your items to arrive.

We know what we're doing.

We've been in the online shopping business since 2004, so we know what we are doing, and we guarantee that you can trust us, our products and our service.

Adairs - Buddha Sculptures Shop Melbourne



Welcome Home

Adairs is a specialty retailer of homewares and furnishings, and our purpose is to inspire you to make your home better: better to live in, better to touch, better for all your everyday moments. Adairs began as a family-owned brand back in 1918, and we're still a family at heart. We value our Linen Lovers community, which we also see as family, which continues to grow every day, and we welcome every member who joins our community.

Our biggest pride and joy is sharing new season arrivals with you and collaborating with local Australian artists to offer unique pieces for your home. Our product range, our friendly team, our expertise and our keen eye for quality & design are all here to help you create the home you love. We are passionate about giving you the confidence and creativity to make your home an extension of yours.

Bali Imports Melton - Buddha Sculptures Shop Melbourne

bali imports melton


(03) 8746 2377


Bali Imports Melton is a family operated business providing quality homewares, furniture, indoor & outdoor decor at affordable prices. We have something to suit everybody's needs.

Bali Imports Melton (Formally known as Home Décor & More) began approximately 14 years ago. We are constantly updating our product ranges and predominately import from Bali.

Pots n Pots - Buddha Sculptures Shop Melbourne

pots n pots


(03) 9354 4145

About Us

It's easy to get caught up in the hustle and busy of everyday life and forget to take time out to sit and enjoy quality time with friends and family in the great outdoors. For more than 20 years, Pots n Pots has passionately provided Coburg and all of Melbourne with the biggest range of high-quality pots and garden features. Our wide variety of glazed pots and plant pots are available in many sizes, colours and materials, with our range including terracotta pots, glazed pots, terrazzo pots, Aztec pots, fibreglass pots, bonsai pots, indoor pots, Atlantis pots, relic pots and urns and jars. 

Our team of passionate garden experts take great pride in finding your dream garden products from our 30+ suppliers for garden products. Create that wow factor with a cascading garden water fountain, or add character to your garden with lifelike concrete animals, artificial plants, wind chimes, tiffany headlights, wall art, giftware and the biggest range of quality garden pots in Melbourne. Browse our range of garden goodies online or drop into our Coburg garden store to be inspired by the possibilities. 

If you can't find that perfect garden ornaments, garden pot, water fountain or any other garden feature that takes your fancy and we will do our best to find it for you. We don't believe in gimmicky sales, and instead, keep our prices as low as possible constantly – passing the savings on to you year-round. We now manufacture hundreds of concrete garden ornaments on site. We have nearly 3000 moulds available to order and coloured to your liking. All of our concrete can be coated in cast iron for a cast iron look at a fraction of the price: statues, animals, Buddhas, birdbaths, seats, water features and more.

Create a statement water feature in your garden, with over 50 styles of water fountains to choose from, including water wheels. Buddha faces water walls and great terrazzo ornamental designs. We also stock an extensive range of pumps, lights and fittings and other accessories and can also supply for your specific needs. Please feel free to email, and we can send you a full price list. To learn more about our Melbourne garden store and speciality pot centre, browse our range online, drop by and visit us in Coburg or get in touch with us today!

Temple & Webster - Buddha Sculptures Shop Melbourne

temple & webster


What we do

Temple & Webster is Australia's Number 1 online-only retailer of furniture and homewares.

We believe that everyone wants to live more beautifully, and we want to be the first place Australians turn to when shopping for their homes.

We are famous for offering the biggest range (with more than 180,000 products available to search 24/7), the most inspiring curated collections and beautiful content, matched with fast shipping around Australia and world-class customer service. Plus, there are our famous limited-time sale events that bring you the brands and look you love at fantastic prices.

Check out our help page for information about how we work or to contact us. For more information, you can also visit the Temple & Webster Wikipedia page.

At Temple & Webster, there's always something new to discover. Sign up today to make sure you're the first to know about special offers and receive daily inspiration straight to your inbox.

As well as 180,000+ products to browse, we offer endless inspiration. Visit our blog Temple & Webster Journal for decorating and styling ideas, videos, how-to's, interviews and more. Follow us on Instagram, join the conversation on Facebook, or get pinning with us on Pinterest.

Our history

Temple & Webster was launched in Sydney in October 2011. Our four co-founders wanted to make shopping for your home a pleasure with a beautiful and easy online shopping experience.

From small beginnings, we've grown into an open online retail site that offers more than 180,000 products, with a subscriber base of more than 1 million Australians who are passionate about their homes. We're proud to have been awarded Startup Smart's Best Startup for 2015 and pick up SmartCompany's Best Blog Award for the 2nd year in a row. We were ranked #1 retailer in the 2014 BRW Fast Starters Awards, and we have been the fastest-growing "Deloitte Tech Fast 50" Internet retailer since the Deloitte Tech Fast 50 Awards were launched in 2001. Sparke Helmore also recognised us as "The Australian Growth Company to Watch" in 2014.

Temple & Webster Group was listed on the Australian Securities Exchange in late 2015, and the group now includes private label furniture brand Milan Direct, sold through Temple & Webster.

Our name

Temple & Webster is named after William Temple and John Webster, convict artisans who were commissioned to make fine furniture for Governor Lachlan Macquarie in colonial Australia in the early 1820s. Their resourcefulness, craftsmanship and teamwork inspire us every day.

For any media enquiries, please contact [email protected].

The Bali Shop - Buddha Sculptures Shop Melbourne

the bali shop


9775 0390

At the Bali Shop online, we pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers the highest quality at competitive prices. Our wealth of 17 years of experience within the importing industry and attention to detail has enabled us to be able to offer an extensive range of unique and unusual pieces along with the more traditional furniture and homewares so you as the customer can create your perfect interior and exterior for your home.

About The Bali Shop Melbourne

The Bali Shop is the place to get what you need to lift your home to another level.

Elliot and Melody, a young local couple, have passionately created a paradise of quality Balinese and Asian household items for you to browse at your leisure. It is a credit to them to have successfully developed this shop into a massive space of colour and light, a visual feast of exquisite items, fashioning an authentic Balinese atmosphere.

They have travelled extensively throughout Asia, searching for superior quality unique designs of solid teak furniture and handcrafted household decorations to give your home that individual charm we all strive for. They have journeyed to remote villages and communities to discover unusual and distinctive glass vases, terracotta pots, carved masks and mosaic bowls, just to name a few of the hundreds of items on display at The Bali Shop. From the juggles of north Vietnam, Hanoi to the artistic capital of Bali, Ubud, Elliot and Melody have continued to seek out only the best quality for The Bali Shop. They love and appreciate the amorous, easygoing and peaceful Asian craftspeople and their countries.

The Bali Shop has something for everyone, from exquisite hand-carved outdoor day beds for relaxing afternoons, pots that compliment a home's entrance, colourful fun fish to lighten a room, candles to soften a bathroom, and expansive umbrellas to shade the outdoor lounge settings.

Come down to The Bali Shop, where the exotic atmosphere blankets the enormous floor span. You will be sure to find a treasured gift for a special friend or a piece of furniture that will echo your character and make a statement in your home.

Congratulations, Elliot and Melody, for making your family business a pleasure for shoppers who seek a change!

Asia Decor - Buddha Sculptures Shop Melbourne

asia decor




We ship our goods Australia wide door to door with reputable freight companies. All orders are palletised and include insurance and a hand-assisted unload.

All items are dispatched from our warehouse within 3 business days of full payment clearing into our bank account. PO Box Delivery is not available – Deliveries to either a residential or business address is acceptable. However, someone must be available to sign for the delivery and assist the driver with a hand unload of the goods unless there is a forklift available.

Our nominated freight company will contact you once the goods reach the nearest depot to arrange a suitable delivery time. Weekend delivery is not possible with interstate orders. However, it is available by arrangement on Melbourne metro deliveries. Please note that only one delivery is included in the delivery fee. Failure to be available at the arranged times to receive delivery and assist with hand unload will result in repeat delivery charges paid by the buyer directly to the courier company or later collection from the nearest courier depot.

All tracking details, including the courier website, consignment number and customer service number, will be sent via text message or email once the goods have been dispatched. The buyer will need to obtain a delivery ETA via the courier's website or by contacting the courier company by phone. Asia Decor Pty Ltd makes no delivery date or time guarantees and accepts no liability for any third party delivery delays.

All items shipped include insurance for loss or damage, providing someone is available to inspect the goods and sign for the delivery. In the unlikely event, the goods are damaged in transit. This must be noted and reported to Asia Decor Pty Ltd via email within 48 hrs with photos included. Any authority to leave the goods without signing the consignment note voids any claims for loss or damage against Asia Decor Pty Ltd and our third party carriers. In the unlikely event that a problem should occur, please contact us directly, and we will do our best to resolve any concerns.

After hours or weekends, delivery is only possible with Melbourne metro deliveries. Please be sure to provide your correct mobile phone number after payment is made so that the courier company is able to contact you prior to arrange a suitable time to deliver your goods.


Asia Decor Pty Ltd is a family-owned and operated Australian registered company located in Hoppers Crossing, Victoria. We are one of Australia's original bamboo fencing manufacturing businesses and were established in 2010. We truly know bamboo and manufacture our or own quality bamboo fencing panels at our facility in Java, Indonesia, and import these directly into Australia. Unlike most others in Australia who import via "middlemen", which keeps their costs higher, buying from us truly "manufacturer direct" enables us to offer our customers the best quality products at the most competitive prices in the Australian market, passing the savings onto you. At Asia Decor, we are committed to making decorating your home and garden simple, affordable, and most of all enjoyable!

Our sales yard is located at 20 Industrial Avenue, Hoppers Crossing at the rear of All Fix Motors, and is staffed Saturdays between 8.00 am and 4.00 pm for viewing, enquiries or pickups. We are also open by appointment on other days via contacting our staff on 0422604994 or via email at [email protected]. Appointment times are generally available on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between 3.00 pm and 5.00 pm, Wednesdays between 8.00 am and 12.00 pm and Sundays between 10.00 am and 12.00 pm.

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