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Top 40+ TAFEs Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

The largest sector of the education and training industry in Australia is TAFE, which stands for Technical and Further Education. You have access to a diverse selection of subject areas and courses here, and the decision that you make in this regard will be heavily influenced by the occupational path that you intend to pursue in the future.

TAFE institutes are Registered Training Organisations supported financially by the government that provides Vocational Education and Training about a particular industry or occupation. In addition, they are well-known for delivering training programmes that emphasise "hands-on" learning and a practical approach to certification.

TAFE courses provide students with hands-on experience and vocational instruction to foster overall growth in all facets of their being. In Australia, students have a diverse selection of TAFE institutes from which to choose. Students from all over the world, including those from the host country, can find success in pursuing their professional aspirations with the assistance of these classes.

Therefore, if you are considering enrolling in a TAFE course, the following list can be of assistance to you. The following is a list of our recommended TAFEs in Melbourne, Victoria.

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Ultimate List of TAFEs Melbourne

Sunraysia Institute of TAFE - TAFEs Melbourne

sunraysia institute of tafe


1300 478 643

Early Learning Centre No
Primary School No
High School  No
Course Range Vocational Courses
Main Gender Co-Education
Boarding School Yes
Estimated No. of Students 8,000
School Fees Average

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About SuniTAFE

Access to post-secondary education was recognised by a number of educators in the surrounding area prior to SuniTAFE's founding in 1980. These educators understood that it was essential to meet the demands of the expanding community in the Sunraysia region as well as the regional industry.


SuniTAFE had humble beginnings, but it has since expanded into a flourishing educational community that now encompasses not only its two primary campuses in Mildura and Swan Hill but also a training farm in Cardross. In addition, SuniTAFE now has programmes running in each of Australia's states and territories. This is a part of our commitment to developing educational partnerships and increasing the number of opportunities for our students to be successful.


The vocational courses provided by SuniTAFE cover a wide variety of fields and are designed to equip students with the knowledge and experience necessary for them to enter the workforce and advance their careers in the fields in which they have chosen to work. Students will receive the solid educational groundwork necessary to achieve their goals through our programme called University Pathways, which also provides the opportunity to continue their education beyond high school.


After having been in operation for close to 30 years, SuniTAFE has made a significant contribution to the society and economy of the Sunraysia district and the areas that surround it. We have become the largest educational provider in northwest Victoria as a direct result of our dedication to expanding opportunities for regional and rural students to participate in high-quality vocational education and training programmes. And that's not all we have in store for you.


At SuniTAFE, we never stop planning for the future, both for our students and for the region as a whole, taking into account any gaps that may exist in terms of skills and training as well as employment opportunities. Because of this, over the course of the next few years, we will be concentrating our efforts on the horticulture, transportation and logistics, automotive, and healthcare industries, all of which have been singled out as significant opportunities for expansion in the region. You can read more about our future directions here. Visit our Skills & Job Centre if you are interested in learning more about the industry and business partnerships we have.

Why SuniTAFE

If you choose to attend SuniTAFE for your education, you are not only making the decision to take advantage of the institution's high educational standards, friendly and helpful faculty members, and devoted student services; you are also making the decision to become a member of an inclusive, stimulating, and culturally abundant community in a truly breathtaking region of the world.

Student Stories

Don't take our word for it; do your own research! Listen to current and former students as they discuss the many advantages of choosing SuniTAFE as a stepping stone on the path to a successful career or further education. Read our Student Stories to gain an understanding of the myriad of ways SuniTAFE assists its students in accomplishing their goals and achieving their dreams.


Each of SuniTAFE's two cutting-edge campuses, located in Mildura and Swan Hill, is dedicated to providing students with the specialised educational opportunities they require to succeed in today's competitive job market. A wide variety of educational programmes, including those in business, the arts, and other fields, as well as the largest academic library in the area, are all offered at the primary Mildura Campus. In addition to other trades and a brand-new nursing training wing, the Swan Hill Campus specialises in heavy automotive and mechanical engineering, which is appropriate given its location in the middle of a sizable agricultural region. On each of our campuses, you'll find cutting-edge facilities, as well as committed instructors and support staff for students.

Life at SuniTAFE

You'll find everything you need to know about what studying at SuniTAFE has to offer in our section titled "Life at SuniTAFE." This includes information on the various housing options, student services, and dining establishments that are located on campus. We are confident that you will find many aspects of life at SuniTAFE to be enjoyable.

Student Stories

Don't take our word for it; do your own research! Listen to current and former students as they discuss the many advantages of choosing SuniTAFE as a stepping stone on the path to a successful career or further education. Read our Student Stories to gain an understanding of the myriad of ways SuniTAFE assists its students in accomplishing their goals and achieving their dreams.


The student residences at SuniTAFE's Mildura Campus can provide communal living facilities for up to 30 full-time students on either a long-term or short-term basis. These facilities are located on our Mildura Campus. Our single-room or hotel-style residences are contemporary and comfortable, and they come with access to a kitchen, laundry room, barbeque area, parking spot, and study room. In addition, they are set in a large garden. Visit our Accommodation page to learn more, as well as how to submit an application.

Gambetta Library

The Gambetta Library, which can be found on the Mildura Campus, is the largest student library in Mildura and boasts a wealth of resources. These include books, journals and magazines, extensive online databases, audio-visual equipment, and much more. The Gambetta welcomes new members from the general public as well. Visit the Gambetta Library for information on its membership requirements, opening hours, and other contact details.

Student Services

The members of our Student Services staff are aware that being a student is not always an easy life, which is why they are available to provide free support and advice to students so that issues do not develop into problems. Our services include support for students with disabilities, as well as information, resources, counselling, and referral services that are individualised to meet the requirements of each individual student.

Cafes & Restaurant

The Mildura Campus of SuniTAFE is home to a number of dining establishments that provide a variety of nutritious and delectable food options. These establishments include the Mildura Canteen, the SuniTASTE Training Restaurant, and the Chat and Chew Training Cafe. Canteen facilities are also available at our Swan Hill campus.

Child Care

Our TAFE Kids Inc Community Child Care & Kindergarten offers qualified child care for children as young as six weeks old up until they reach school age. This service is available to children of SuniTAFE staff members and students as well as the general community.

Swinburne University of Technology - TAFEs Melbourne

swinburne university of technology


1300 794 629

Early Learning Centre No
Primary School No
High School  No
Course Range Higher Education
Main Gender Co-Education
Boarding School No
Estimated No. of Students 34,552
School Fees Average

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About Us

The Swinburne University of Technology is one of the top universities in the world, and it leads the way in terms of innovation, industry engagement, and social inclusion. Students, faculty, and the surrounding community all benefit from the positive changes brought about by our excellent research and partnerships with local businesses.

When the Swinburne University of Technology first opened its doors more than 110 years ago, it did so with a singular mission in mind: to provide education to members of society who would not have had access to further education otherwise. Today, we remain steadfast in our dedication to fulfil our mission of delivering and reimagining education by fostering robust industry engagement, social inclusion, a desire to innovate, and, most importantly, a determination to bring about constructive change.

We have earned a name for ourselves on the international stage as a provider of high-quality research that bridges the gap between the business world and the scientific and technological communities. Our position in prestigious academic rankings from around the world is a reflection of our dedication to providing high-quality education, research, and graduate outcomes. No matter who our students are or what they want to do with their lives in the future, we will assist them in accomplishing whatever it is that they set out to do in this interconnected world.

Our university

Swinburne is a large institution that welcomes people from many different cultural backgrounds and has a strong desire to innovate and bring about positive change. Because of this, our organisation continues to mature and adapt with each passing year.

Our structure

Gain an understanding of the organisational structure of our company and become familiar with the ways in which the various components of our university collaborate to achieve shared objectives.

Our strategy

The overarching goal of our strategic direction as a world-class educational institution is to ensure that all students have equal access to opportunities, that they are prepared for the future, that we embrace sustainable practices, and so on. Learn more about all of our different strategies and initiatives that play important roles in the history of Swinburne here.

Why choose Swinburne?

When planning for your long-term future, there are a lot of good reasons for you to pick Swinburne as your school of choice.

Students are the focal point of everything we do, and getting you prepared for the workforce is the primary motivation behind our dedication. Because of this, the Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching has placed us as one of the top three universities in Victoria in terms of the overall satisfaction of our student body (2017).

We have established ourselves as educational leaders in science, technology, innovation, business, and design thanks to our commitment to providing high-quality instruction over the course of our 110-year history.

  • We are an internationally recognised university.
  • Our industry connections and workplace experience
  • High-quality research and teaching
  • Cutting-edge facilities that enhance learning
  • We offer flexible study options.
  • You can access the Swinburne Advantage.

Free TAFE for Priority Courses

Students who are eligible for government-subsidised training will not be required to pay tuition fees beginning in January 2022 as part of the Victorian Government's Free TAFE for Priority Courses initiative. This initiative will cover the costs of more than 60 different courses. These priority courses are designed to prepare students for careers that are in the highest demand by employers in the Victorian economy.

Eligibility for Free TAFE for Priority Courses 

If you are qualified, the Free TAFE for Priority Courses initiative will pay for your tuition costs throughout the entirety of the course that you are enrolled in. You will still be responsible for paying for other fees, such as those associated with graduation and the materials you use.

Free TAFE for Priority Courses are available in Victoria to any person who is a citizen of Australia, a permanent resident of Australia, or a citizen of New Zealand, provided that they meet the following criteria:

Under 20 or upskilling 

Are under the age of 20 (regardless of any other qualifications they might hold); are 20 or older and enrolling in a course that is a higher qualification than the highest qualification previously attained; are under the age of 20 and enrolling in a course that is a higher qualification than the highest qualification previously attained.

Residents of Victoria who require additional assistance

People from Victoria who are:

  • unemployed and clients of the Jobs Victoria Employment Network; 
  • retrenched workers; or 
  • Automotive supply chain workers.

Looking to change careers 

Residents of Victoria who are interested in upskilling, switching careers, improving their employment prospects, and/or meeting the needs of local industries, provided that there are TAFE places available and that they are prioritised based on the level of need.

Guaranteed entry from TAFE into a Swinburne bachelor's degree

We at Swinburne University would love to share in your journey.

Because of this, if you complete a diploma or associate diploma offered by a Victorian TAFE (vocational education) institution, you will be granted guaranteed entry into a relevant bachelor's degree programme offered by Swinburne.

Every degree offered by Swinburne includes a guaranteed opportunity for work-integrated learning (WIL), which will equip you with real-world expertise and experience in your chosen field.

Studying at Swinburne will ensure your success in the modern world thanks to its guaranteed entry and guaranteed WIL programmes.

Victoria University Polytechnic - TAFEs Melbourne

victoria university polytechnic


1300 82 33 88

Early Learning Centre No
Primary School No
High School  No
Course Range Higher Education
Main Gender Co-Education
Boarding School No
Estimated No. of Students 27,890
School Fees Average

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Victoria University Polytechnic is proud to offer programmes that cater to the educational and occupational requirements of its students.

The Victoria University Polytechnic builds on Victoria University's proud 100-year history of excellence in the delivery of vocational education, and it offers you courses that are individualised, work-based, and flexible. The history of excellence at Victoria University dates back to 1918.

Graduates are equipped with the technical skills as well as the thinking abilities necessary to adapt and evolve in today's work environment.

What you learn at Victoria University Polytechnic today will bring you closer to your goals for the future if you continue your studies there.


Because of our strong connections with the industry, award-winning learning model, state-of-the-art facilities, and specialised course content, you will graduate prepared to work in an occupation that is currently experiencing high demand. Our class sizes are kept intimate so that you can receive assistance from our instructors, who have real-world experience, and get to know your fellow students. You will also have the opportunity to find career opportunities through industry connections and placements during your time here.


Purpose-built facilities in campuses across Melbourne's west and central business district, including our world-class Cybersecurity Training Centre and Sunshine Skills Hub, among other notable facilities.


Because we have partnerships within the industry, we have a better understanding of the requirements of the industry. Our classes are designed to reflect this reality, allowing you to gain relevant experience and graduate prepared for the workforce.


Our multi-award-winning blended learning model combines eLearning with face-to-face training and practical applications.


Learn the skills that are in demand by employers in Victoria so that you can land one of those jobs.

The skills and jobs that are in demand from Victorian employers are aligned with the free TAFE courses that are offered.

Beginning on January 1, 2019, students who are eligible for training that is subsidised by the Victorian Government will not be required to pay course tuition fees for certain Victoria University Polytechnic courses.


The tuition costs of eligible students are covered in full by the Free TAFE for Priority Courses programme for the duration of the entire course. You will still be responsible for paying additional fees, such as those associated with student services or materials fees.

Because students can only participate in the programme once, even if they do not complete their tuition-free priority course, it is essential that they make an informed decision when selecting a training programme.

Your tuition costs for one course will be covered by the Free TAFE for Priority Courses programme. You will not be eligible for another fee-free place at VU Polytechnic or any other TAFE or dual sector provider if you have previously enrolled in a tuition-fee-free priority course at either of those institutions.

If an individual meets all of the requirements, they are qualified to receive free TAFE for Priority Courses in Victoria if they are a citizen of either Australia or New Zealand and a permanent resident of either country.


  • Applicants who are younger than 20 years old (regardless of any other qualifications they might hold)
  • Applicants who are at least 20 years old and plan to enrol in a programme that will give them a higher level of education than any they have earned in the past are eligible.


Positions are also available to the following groups, with priority given to those with the greatest need and subject to the availability of TAFE places:

  • Victorians who want to reskill, change careers and improve their employment prospects
  • Victorians who meet the needs of local industries.


  • Unemployed and clients of the Jobs Victoria Employment Network
  • Retrenched workers
  • Automotive supply-chain workers


The State Government provides funding to the Victoria University Polytechnic Skills and Job Centre(external link) so that it can offer a free service to the community and improve the career outcomes of individual members of the community. Find out more about the Skills and Jobs Centre and how it might be able to assist you by reading this.

FAQs About TAFEs

Fortunately, Australia is home to 43 universities and a wide variety of colleges and institutes that provide Technical and Further Education (TAFE). These educational institutions have main campuses in each country's states and territories. When it comes to studying in Australia as an international student, this indicates that there is a wide variety of options available to choose from.

Higher education is available in an incredible variety of formats in Melbourne, including online and classroom-based TAFE courses, short courses, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, and various other options.

More than 14 TAFE Institutes in Victoria, each of which offers hundreds of different TAFE courses that cover almost every imaginable topic. There is a TAFE course available for you, regardless of the subject matter that interests you or whether you prefer to take classes in a traditional classroom setting or online.

There is a cap on the number of free TAFE courses you can enrol in, even though you might be interested in taking more than one. A student in Victoria is only eligible to receive financial assistance for one of their classes.

Because VET and TAFE courses are considered much more dynamic and responsive to changes and trends in the industry, students who graduate from these programmes are more prepared for the workforce. Graduates of TAFE and private vocational training colleges have better job prospects than graduates of universities; in fact, 78 per cent of VET graduates find employment after completing their training.

Box Hill Institute - TAFEs Melbourne

box hill institute


1300 269 446

Early Learning Centre No
Primary School No
High School  No
Course Range Vocational Courses
Main Gender Co-Education
Boarding School No
Estimated No. of Students 40,000
School Fees Average

Link To School Fees Page:


About Box Hill Institute

Because we have been around for a long enough time, we are aware that education should focus on learning both for work and for life. At Box Hill Institute, we have made it our mission to educate you so that you are prepared for both of these scenarios.

If you decide to become one of our students, you will quickly learn why Box Hill Institute is considered to be one of the most reputable providers of higher education and vocational training in Australia.

From local beginnings

Learning that is both personal and flexible has been a point of emphasis for us ever since we opened our doors. Since our inception, we have placed a high value on the opportunities that have presented themselves to collaborate closely with various sectors of industry and business in order to develop training programmes and physical spaces that are tailored to particular occupations.

We are fully aware that our instructors and staff members are our most valuable resources. You will profit from their one-of-a-kind life and business experiences, as well as their extensive knowledge and creative ideas. They are committed to your educational experience and will provide you with skills that are applicable in the workplace and in life after graduation.

To global education

The Box Hill Institute is now active in ten different nations. We are licenced to provide professional education to students in the secondary, higher education, and vocational education and training (VET) sectors. Students, businesses, and organisations from the community can all take advantage of our extensive selection of classes.

Your qualifications will be recognised not only in Australia but also in other countries if you choose to study for certificates, diplomas, degrees, or postgraduate courses here.

In the state of Victoria, we have locations in three different areas: Box Hill, Lilydale, and the central business district of Melbourne, where we share space with the Centre for Adult Education. In addition, we provide our services and training in a wide variety of workplace settings.

You will be educated in facilities that are contemporary, well-equipped, and that simulate the environments and experiences of the workplace. You will be exposed to real-world scenarios, during which you will work on projects that are pertinent to your chosen industry, as well as useful tools and equipment specific to that industry.

All of this means that by the time you graduate from Box Hill Institute, you will already have the skills and experience that are in demand by employers.

TAFE Courses

Taking courses at a TAFE or participating in other forms of vocational education and training is an excellent way to not only acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to launch a career but also to advance those skills and knowledge in order to advance your career. Our certificate programmes are designed to provide students with both classroom instruction based on theory as well as practical training experiences. Certificate II, Certificate III, Certificate IV, Diploma, and Advanced Diploma are the various levels that can be achieved.

Free TAFE for the jobs Victoria needs

Free TAFE will provide you with the tools you need to contribute to the development of our state. At Box Hill Institute, you have the opportunity to upskill, switch careers, or improve your employment opportunities. These courses prepare students for in-demand jobs across the state of Victoria.

Free TAFE for Priority Courses at Box Hill Institute

Students who are qualified for government-subsidised training are eligible for the Free TAFE for Priority Courses initiative that was implemented by the State Government. This initiative covers the cost of tuition fees for priority courses that are in high demand. These Free TAFE courses are currently accepting enrollments and can be found on our website.

You should be aware that there are additional fees, such as fees for student services or fees for materials, that you will be responsible for paying on your own. These can change depending on the Free TAFE course that you are currently enrolled in. More information can be found on the pages of the course information that can be found below.

Students who are interested in receiving training in programmes that can lead to in-demand jobs will have a lower financial barrier to entry as a result of Free TAFE for Priority Courses. More people in Victoria will have the opportunity to enrol in TAFE programmes, which are more important than ever in terms of providing residents with the training they need to contribute to the growth of our state.

Chisholm Institute - TAFEs Melbourne

chisholm institute


1300 244 747

Early Learning Centre No
Primary School No
High School  No
Course Range Higher Education & Vocational Courses
Main Gender Co-Education
Boarding School No
Estimated No. of Students 41,233
School Fees Average

Link To School Fees Page:


Who We Are

We are a prominent public vocational education and training provider across Melbourne's southeast manufacturing heartland and residential growth corridors. We are one of the premier providers of vocational education and training in Victoria.

We are extremely proud of our track record of successfully delivering high-quality education and training that results in meaningful employment opportunities. Because of our long-term success, you can have confidence that you will acquire skills that are marketable in the job market and earn a qualification that is recognised.

We are a TAFE that is owned by the government, and we provide more than 250 different courses at the certificate, diploma, advanced diploma, bachelor's degree, and graduate certificate levels. Each course that we provide has been meticulously designed to ensure that all of our graduates leave with the skills necessary to advance their career goals. Your future is in good hands with us as your investment.

What we can do for you

We provide education and training that is both relevant and applicable, with real job prospects. If you choose to further your education with us, you will be able to earn a qualification that is acknowledged by businesses all over the country. Our objective has been and will continue to be to provide education that will directly improve the employment opportunities available to you in the workforce. You will be instructed by instructors who have first-hand knowledge of the industry and significant experience with the requirements that employers look for in potential employees. To accommodate your hectic schedule, we provide a variety of learning opportunities, including those on campus, online, and at your place of employment.


We have ten locations spread out across the southeast of Melbourne, all of which are easily accessible by public transport and have parking available.

Each campus provides students with an up-to-date learning environment, helpful support services, and facilities that are on par with the best in the world.


We offer convenient online classes that are just right for you if you are looking for a way to study that takes into account the demands of your job or your family. We deliver our 20 online courses, which range from Certificate IV to Diploma and Graduate Certificate qualifications, in a virtual classroom with cutting-edge educational tools. These courses can be used to earn a variety of credentials. You will have access to assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and you will be encouraged to learn at your own pace and on your own time with each online course.

Chisholm Online is our devoted and expert online teaching staff, and they are the ones who teach all of our courses.

In the workplace

We provide training onsite at client locations. As a possible component of your coursework, work placement gives you the opportunity to gain practical experience in the field while working towards a qualification that is recognised nationally. Additionally, we are able to collaborate with your employer. We offer apprenticeship programmes that will help you improve your skills and qualifications, which will, in turn, give you more options in terms of careers you can pursue.

Trading names

We trade as:

  • Chisholm Institute
  • Chisholm Institute of TAFE
  • Chisholm Online.


Please take note that the delivery of some short courses has been modified as a result of the Covid-19. It will still be an excellent class, but it will be taught off-site and remotely instead of on campus. In the event that a class is taught "off-campus," it will be done so through the use of predetermined time slots and video conferencing. You may be required to have access to a computer, video conferencing software, and an internet connection in order to participate in "off-campus" courses. Please visit the individual course page or contact our Short Course team at 1300 244 746 or [email protected] for the most recent information regarding course delivery, dates, and costs.


At Chisholm TAFE, we are well aware that there is not just one path that can lead you to the educational and professional success you seek. Because of this, we make available to you a secondary school education in an adult setting, and you have the option to have the curriculum adapted specifically to meet your needs. This is just one of the many alternatives to the traditional educational model that we provide.

Foundation skills courses, courses leading to the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL), courses leading to the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), pre-apprenticeships, and work education for students with special needs are all available through our school. You may be able to use these classes as stepping stones toward further education, such as higher certificates, diplomas, advanced diplomas, and bachelor's degrees.

Are you currently enrolled at Chisholm and planning to complete your VCE, VCAL, or VETDSS with us in 2021?

If this is the case, you have the unique opportunity to gain early access to the course of your choice in 2022, regardless of your ATAR score. No worries. Get one step ahead of the competition and make your reservation at Chisholm as soon as possible. There is a catch here.


Higher Education degrees and postgraduate pathways at Chisholm Institute

  • Accessible and flexible study options
  • Pathways with tailored academic support
  • Collaboration with industry partners
  • Cutting-edge facilities to enhance learning

Everyone has the opportunity to pursue higher education and advance their career at Chisholm. Our distinctive undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, which are focused on the development of your practical skills, provide you with a wide range of study options from which to choose. A bespoke learning experience is provided to you as a result of our small class sizes, exceptional learning environments, and comprehensive academic support programmes.

Build your technical skills in a diploma programme that has a specialised industry-specific focus and receive a fast-tracked entry into a degree programme. Alternatively, start your journey towards higher education with direct entry into our select range of bachelor's and postgraduate qualifications.


On January 1, 2019, Free TAFE for Priority Courses became a reality, lowering the financial barrier for students who want to train in programmes that lead to jobs that are in demand by Victorian employers.

Students who are qualified to receive government-subsidised training are entitled to have their tuition fees for priority courses covered by the Free TAFE for Priority Courses programme. Even though it is called "Free TAFE," there may still be some fees involved, such as those for student services or materials.

Other initiatives to support Victoria's economic recovery, such as the free Course in Working Safely in the Solar Industry and Course in Introduction to the National Disability Insurance Scheme, Construction Industry Skill Set and JobTrainer, are complemented by Free TAFE, which helps support Victoria's Skills First programme, which subsidises training and provides tuition-free training at TAFEs. Free TAFE also provides support for Victoria's Skills First programme.

RMIT University - TAFEs Melbourne

rmit university


+61 3 9925 2003

Early Learning Centre No
Primary School No
High School  Yes
Course Range High School to Higher Education
Main Gender Co-Education
Boarding School No
Estimated No. of Students 59,275
School Fees Low

Link To School Fees Page:


About RMIT

RMIT University, which was one of the first tertiary institutions in Australia, has earned a worldwide reputation for academic and research excellence, as well as for its active participation in the local business and community sectors.

RMIT is a global university of technology, design and enterprise

RMIT is recognised as a global leader in the fields of art and design, architecture, education, engineering, and development, computer science and information systems, business and management, communication and media studies, and development engineering.

Our heritage

The Working Men's College, which would later become RMIT, was founded in 1887 in Melbourne with the intention of providing education to the city's working population.

RMIT at a Glance

In order to ensure that our students, faculty, and graduates are prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st century, the programmes that we use for teaching, learning, and research are continuously updated.

At the same time, we have not forgotten our history as one of the first educational institutions in Australia, and we had continued to adhere to the core values that guided us when we first opened our doors.

Our inner-city campus was established in 1887, making it an important part of the City of Melbourne throughout its history, from the economic boom of the 1880s through both world wars, the Great Depression, and the period of renewed prosperity in the second half of the 20th century.

RMIT is the only higher education institution in Australia that has the right to use the prefix "Royal" and the Monarchy's coat of arms. Queen Elizabeth II bestowed royal patronage upon RMIT in recognition of its educational service to the Commonwealth and contribution to the war effort. RMIT is also the only institution in Australia that can use the prefix "Royal."

The establishment attained university status in the 1990s and developed campuses in Bundoora and Brunswick in the northern suburbs of the city, as well as later in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi in Vietnam. Both of these locations are in Vietnam.

RMIT initiated a research and industry collaboration centre in the Spanish city of Barcelona in the year 2013.

RMIT has a significant global presence thanks to the significant teaching partnerships it maintains in Asia and Europe, as well as the research and industry partnerships it maintains on every continent.

Our values

We are committed to living our core values and making a difference both locally and globally. This commitment is built on the foundation of our core values.

RMIT's faculty and students are aware of the significance of maintaining a culture that is founded on moral principles because of their commitment to practising environmentally responsible lifestyles, honouring our native cultures, and encouraging intellectual liberty.

Our strategy

Life, work, and impact – ready for what comes next

The tenacity of spirit and demonstrated capacity to evolve in step with changing circumstances are the foundations upon which RMIT was established. We remain unified around our purpose of providing life-changing experiences for our students and shaping the world through research, innovation, teaching, and industry engagement, even in the midst of the pandemic, and we continue to learn and change as a result of that purpose.

This experience has provided us with an invaluable education and has accelerated an educational evolution towards blended learning for our students and hybrid working for our employees. The numerous opportunities that this opens up excite us greatly.

Throughout significant phases of human history, universities have frequently played a pivotal role. At this point in time, RMIT's primary focus is on assisting the economies and social systems in which we operate with navigating the long-term effects of COVID-19 and the recovery that lies ahead.

We are accomplishing this goal through research, partnerships with both the government and industry and a resolute commitment to ensuring that our students continue to make progress and achieve despite the difficulties. We also maintain our unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion because there has never been a time when it has been clearer that when we work together, we are both smarter and stronger than when we work alone.

Now that we've reached this important point in preparation for what's to come, we can look forwards with excitement to the arrival of our new Vice-Chancellor, but that doesn't mean we've been sitting around doing nothing.

We have established a solid foundation thanks to our Ready for Life and Work strategy, and now, through extensive engagement with our community, we are working to develop the next level of detail for a reworked strategy. We will derive our long-term objectives, and top priorities for the future from the seven shared directions we have for 2022.

The core of our mission will not change, and that core will continue to consist of releasing the passion of our people in order to change lives and shape the world. We need a global mindset, a vision for new ways of collaborating and learning, and the determination to make education and re-education available to everyone now more than ever before.

Free TAFE for priority courses

More people in Victoria have the opportunity to get the training they need to land a job and take charge of what comes next, thanks to initiatives such as free TAFE and discounted JobTrainer courses.

What is Free TAFE?

More Victorians will have the opportunity to further their education thanks to free TAFE. Students who meet the requirements are exempt from paying tuition fees for a variety of vocational qualifications.

RMIT is providing training for priority jobs, which in turn is creating opportunities for individuals to reskill themselves in industries that are most likely to be in demand in the economy that will exist after COVID-19.

It's possible that you could be eligible for a free TAFE course if the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic caused you to lose your job or see a reduction in the number of hours you work.

The Gordon - TAFEs Melbourne

the gordon



Early Learning Centre No
Primary School No
High School  No
Course Range Vocational Courses
Main Gender Co-Education
Boarding School No
Estimated No. of Students 23,000
School Fees Average

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About Us

Let us introduce ourselves.

For over 130 years, The Gordon, which is one of the largest TAFEs in Victoria, has been assisting people in acquiring real skills and knowledge. We are very proud of the fact that we offer students a wide variety of study options in the form of practical "hands-on" training.

Students have access to a wide variety of short courses and nationally accredited qualifications, including apprenticeships, traineeships, certificates, diplomas, and advanced diplomas. Completion of any of these programmes can pave the way for a successful career or provide a stepping stone to higher education.

Each year, thousands of people from Geelong, Victoria, the rest of Australia, and even other countries choose to study with us through one of our many flexible options. These options include studying on campus, either full or part-time, off-campus, online, or even in the workplace.

The Gordon Institute is committed to the partnership model, which entails collaborating with secondary schools, universities, businesses, and members of the community to develop programmes that offer tangible advantages. In addition to this, we are working to develop robust strategic partnerships all over the world, particularly in China and Indonesia. 

Location, location, location

Geelong is the largest regional city in Victoria, and it is home to both of The Gordon's primary campuses. Because Geelong serves as a gateway to the surrounding areas of the Bellarine Peninsula, the Surf Coast, and the Otways, those who choose to live and work in the city have access to an exceptional quality of life. In addition, we have a trades campus in Hoppers Crossing in addition to three additional smaller campuses in Werribee.

We're still close to Melbourne City and Ballarat, only an hour away by car, train, or bus, and Geelong offers the best of the city, the country, and the coast with an affordable cost of living and a great sense of community. Geelong also has a great sense of community.


In the brave new world of the industrial age of the 1800s, there was a need for technical training, which is where The Gordon came from. The Gordon has evolved from its beginnings as a mechanics institute and a night school for tradespeople into the epitome of high-quality vocational education and training in Geelong and beyond.

At the end of the 19th century, the growing significance of Geelong as an industrial centre, coupled with a worrisome overseas trend indicating that Britain was losing its traditional markets to the United States and Europe, prompted leading citizens of Geelong to campaign for greater levels of technical education. However, another event that occurred outside of the country sped up the development of The Gordon. The courageous deeds of British general Charles Gordon had captivated the citizens of Geelong at the time. His passing in the midst of the assault on Khartoum in Africa sparked calls for a memorial to be established. There was one suggestion that suggested a statue, which was supported by a military battalion brass band; however, others wanted something more meaningful. One person asked, "What better memorial could there be for a man whose life was dedicated to civic duty and, in particular, to the education of the disadvantaged than a vocational institute?" Another person replied, "I don't know of one."

The Gordon has evolved into an institution that is currently comprised of four campuses since it first opened its doors in 1887 in a single-story building with the primary purpose of providing night classes for working professionals. In 2017, The Gordon celebrated 130 years of its distinguished history as the preeminent educational institution in the Geelong area.

Why choose The Gordon?

There are dozens of different qualifications from which to pick! Short courses, apprenticeships, vocational education training (VET) in schools, traineeships, certificates, diplomas, and advanced diplomas are all types of educational opportunities.

image serving as a representation of the practical

We place emphasis on practical training, which means that we spend less time on theory and more time on actual experience.

Our instructors are seasoned professionals with extensive industry training who are passionate about their work and strive to instil that passion in their students.

You will gain the experience you need to enter the workforce with the self-assurance you need because a significant portion of our course content is comprised of work placements and projects.

Our extensive professional networks in a variety of fields assist graduates in achieving successful employment outcomes.

We enjoy a well-known and trusted status in Australia and other countries thanks to our quality reputation.

Our diplomas and advanced diplomas, along with those of other universities and TAFEs, can be used to earn credit for degrees at other educational institutions, the most notable of which is Deakin University.

In addition to providing an education, the proximity of our school to Geelong's stunning waterfront and the beach makes for a desirable lifestyle.

It is not just your academic performance that determines whether or not you are accepted into a course; rather, there are a variety of selection criteria that are taken into consideration. This ensures that there is a study option available to everyone.

William Angliss Institute - TAFEs Melbourne

william angliss institute


+613 8595 5335

Early Learning Centre No
Primary School No
High School  No
Course Range Vocational Courses
Main Gender Co-Education
Boarding School No
Estimated No. of Students 21,500
School Fees Average

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The William Angliss Institute is Australia's most comprehensive educational and training facility specialising in the food and beverage industry, as well as tourism, hospitality, and events. You can find our graduates working in a wide variety of fields, from management positions in restaurants to helping some of the most well-known travel companies in the world.

We take great pride in our people, who are enthusiastic and committed to their work. They contribute their knowledge and experience in order to deliver training that is of the very highest standard. They have ties that go back a long way in the industry.

86.3 per cent of employers stated that they would recommend William Angliss Institute, highlighting our deep industry connections (William Angliss Institute of TAFE (3045) 2020 RTO Performance Summary Report, Department of Education and Training, Victoria 2020). This was found in the William Angliss Institute of TAFE (3045) 2020 RTO Performance Summary Report.

Our position as a leader in education has been long-standing, building on more than 80 years of experience. In 2021, we were awarded the title of Large Training Provider of the Year at the Australian Training Awards.

We offer training to students from both the local area and other countries, whether they are studying on campus or participating in training in the workplace. We provide a variety of educational opportunities, such as short courses, VET in Schools, accredited traineeships and apprenticeships, certificates, diplomas, and advanced diplomas, short courses, graduate certificates, bachelor's and master's degrees, and VET in Schools. Each year, approximately 23,000 students enrol in our programmes. We offer training that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements, whether you are looking to launch a new career or advance within your current organisation.

Our primary campus is located in the middle of Melbourne, and we also have campuses in Sydney and Brisbane, as well as offices in Adelaide and Perth. As a result, we are able to provide services to metropolitan and regional areas across the country as well as all of Australia's states and territories.

Internationally, we are continuously expanding our programme offerings through the establishment of four joint-venture campuses in China, a Tourism Continuing Education and Training (CET) Centre in Singapore, a partnership in Sri Lanka, and two partnerships, in addition to a representative office, in Vietnam.

We have also earned a strong global reputation through the delivery of innovative training solutions and consultancy services to clients across Australia and abroad, including off-shore project development work with industry, governments, and development aid agencies. These services include off-shore project development work with industry, governments, and development aid agencies.

The following information was recently reported by the National Centre for Vocational Education and Training (VET student outcomes 2021, National Centre for Vocational Education Research, 2022):

  • 84.7% of students who completed a course at William Angliss Institute stated that they would recommend us
  • 89% of our graduates were satisfied with their training overall (higher than the average for TAFE Institutes in Victoria and TAFE Institutes Australia)
  • 85.4% of course completers were employed or in further study after training (again, higher than the national average)
  • More than 90% of our graduates achieved their main reason for doing the training.


The William Angliss Institute Strategic Plan 2021 – 2023 is part of a 10-year plan.

The business strategy is:

  • To be the first choice provider of foods, tourism, hospitality and events education training and industry services.
  • To use differentiation, based on William Angliss Institute's specialist expertise, the broad range of programs (vocational and higher education), the quality of facilities, our connection to the industry community and our corporate experience.
  • To grow in a manageable and profitable manner, working to achieve the owner's target for financial sustainability.

The educational services offered by the William Angliss Institute are provided to businesses as well as students on a regional, national, and international scale through partnerships with both educational institutions and businesses.

The completion of the next 10-year vision for the William Angliss Institute looking forwards to the year 2030 is an activity that is included in the Strategic Plan.

The William Angliss Institute's Strategic Plan 2021–2023 aims to support the following goals and initiatives:

  • Educational Excellence
  • Enhancing Student Experiences
  • Partnerships
  • International Development
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability


Our goal is to become the educational provider of the first choice for the food, tourism, hospitality, and events industries in Australia and internationally across all of the locations in which we operate.


Our mission is to provide the highest quality specialised skills and educational programmes to our students in order to motivate and empower them, all while adding value to our industry in all of its various sectors and actively engaging with our various communities.



accountable, responsive, with integrity, respect and impartiality and acknowledging human rights


passionate, stimulating, optimistic


nurturing, encouraging and challenging


sharing, partnership and connections


leadership, innovation and industry practice


Experience one of Australia's premier training institutes for the experience industry and learn by doing there.

You will be prepared for work in the experience industry by completing one of our vocational courses, which are recognised by the industry. The certificate and diploma level courses at Angliss are a stimulating mix of theory and practice and are delivered with the assistance of leading industry experts. These courses provide you with the experience you need to be successful.

At Angliss, you will be educated in our cutting-edge facilities, including our restaurant, hotel school, and catering and event spaces. You will have access to exciting industry placement opportunities, in addition to global study trips and tours, and these opportunities will be guided by experienced trainers who have strong industry links.

Institute of Training and Further Education - TAFEs Melbourne

institute of training and further education


1300 659 558

Early Learning Centre No
Primary School No
High School  No
Course Range Vocational Courses
Main Gender Co-Education
Boarding School No
Estimated No. of Students 20,000
School Fees Average

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About The Institute of Training and Further Education

Since its founding in 1998, iTFE has been providing students with various training opportunities, initially focusing on the hospitality industry. These days, we provide our students with access to a wide variety of educational opportunities, including classes in areas as diverse as child care, cosmetology, and a great deal more besides. We are strong proponents of further education that is of high calibre, accessible to all, and focused on acquiring skills.

You will find some quick links below to our policies, procedures, and code of conduct that should be of assistance to you on your journey, as well as information about the team that we have here at iTFE. If you are unable to locate the information that you require on these pages, please do not hesitate to call us at the following number: 1300 659 557 or send us an email by using the contact us page on our website:

About iTFE

Over 25,000 students are enrolled each year at the Institute of Training and Further Education (iTFE), making it Australia's most successful private training organisation. iTFE offers a diverse selection of qualifications and short courses.

iTFE (RTO Number 6372), which began operations in 1998, is a registered training organisation that offers high-calibre classes all over Metropolitan Victoria at a variety of accessible locations. iTFE provides corporate clients with a variety of training options, such as courses (both online and in-person), short courses, certificate-level qualifications, and individualised training packages.

Since the company's inception, iTFE has responded to the demands of the business world by incorporating new courses into our curriculum in order to assist individuals in obtaining the jobs of their dreams.

iTFE encompasses a diverse range of fields, including hospitality and property services, among others. Students have the opportunity to be inspired and to learn from the best, thanks to our first-rate training facilities and our passionate, top-class trainers, all of whom are currently in their respective industries.

iTFE is proudly part of IntoWork Australia

IntoWork Australia is a national group of ten businesses that specialise in providing individuals and the community with recruitment, career guidance, employment, mentoring, registered training, business advice, and support services. IntoWork Australia operates on a national scale.

We offer individuals, businesses, industries, and government agencies all over the country guidance and services regarding employment and training opportunities.

We are able to provide the highest possible level of advice and service as a result of our national reach, extensive experience, integration of core capacities, and broad scope of coverage.


The facilities at TFE campuses are designed to ensure that you learn in professional environments and include a wide variety of professional settings, ranging from professional computer labs to professional kitchens. You'll have an easier time fulfilling course requirements and getting ready for the workforce because the majority of our training facilities are situated in the city's central business district and in close proximity to public transportation.

iTFE specialist facilities include:

  • Real-life café training facilities
  • Age-care simulation room
  • Commercial kitchen facilities

iTFE general facilities include:

  • Flexible learning spaces
  • Student cafés or tea-rooms

Our services include:

  • The latest audio-visual equipment
  • Fast and free internet access

The Institute of Training and Further Education will:

  • adopt policies and management practices that maintain high professional standards in the marketing and delivery of training and also safeguard the interests and welfare of students
  • maintain a learning environment that is conducive to the success of trainees and apprentices
  • provide adequate facilities, and use appropriate methods and materials to deliver training
  • operate within the Principles and Standards of the Australian Quality Training Framework.
  • recognise the training qualifications issued by other Registered Training Organisations
  • provide quality service and a focus on continuous improvement
  • gather feedback from students, trainees, apprentices, staff and employers for the purpose of future improvement.

Why choose iTFE?


We are deeply invested in the accomplishments of our students. Since our founding in 1998, we have provided instruction to more than 60,000 students annually. 


We offer a wide variety of training programmes, including those that can be completed in a short amount of time, those that are offered online, and those that lead to certificates.


We provide high-quality training facilities in a number of different locations across Melbourne and the suburbs that surround the city. We are also able to come to you wherever you are, whether you are a business team or a school group, and we can tailor your training to meet the specific needs of your organisation.


Over 80 highly qualified training professionals are behind the scenes at iTFE. Students benefit from the in-depth knowledge and practical experience of our team of industry professionals, who bring a wealth of information and hands-on experience gained in their respective fields to the classroom.

TAFE Gippsland - TAFEs Melbourne

tafe gippsland


1300 615 707

Early Learning Centre No
Primary School No
High School  No
Course Range Vocational Courses
Main Gender Co-Education
Boarding School No
Estimated No. of Students 11,000
School Fees Average

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About TAFE Gippsland

Because we are your neighbourhood TAFE, one of our primary goals is to ensure that residents of the Gippsland region have access to dependable and high-calibre vocational training opportunities. We have campuses located all over eastern Victoria, from Warragul to Lakes Entrance, and we provide a wide variety of educational opportunities at each of our locations.

Our instructional strategies and learning environments have been thoughtfully crafted to provide students with the opportunity to engage in hands-on learning, cultivate real skills, and acquire the experience necessary to make meaningful changes to their futures.

Studying at TAFE

No matter where you are in your life or what stage you are in, TAFE Gippsland has a programme that can help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself. These programmes range from pre-apprenticeships and accredited short courses all the way up to certificates and advanced diplomas.

Our courses are designed to provide you with the qualifications, skills, and experience you require to work in the field of your choice and succeed in today's workplace.

The best part about our adaptable study options is that they allow you to finish your programme in a way that is compatible with your lifestyle, whether that be by attending classes full-time, part-time, or entirely online. In addition, the Student Support Services Team will be available to you throughout your time at TAFE in order to assist you with any difficulties, concerns, or questions that you may have regarding your studies.

Tailored workplace training

TAFE Gippsland is committed to assisting Gippsland businesses in achieving their objectives through the provision of individualised training programmes that are delivered in the workplace. Up to this point, we have partnered with organisations from the community, the business world, and the government to deliver training in a variety of fields, ranging from automotive to first aid to customer service.

We are able to provide your team with individualised, high-quality, and cost-effective education and training. This education and training can be delivered on the job, in our purpose-built facilities, or via the internet. Regardless of the size of your organisation or a local business, we can accommodate you.

Helping Gippsland thrive

For more than 85 years, we have been assisting the economic development of Gippsland communities by providing local students with opportunities for growth and by providing support for local businesses. However, our influence in the area is not limited to the programmes we run. It encompasses a wide variety of social initiatives that form the basis of an essential component of our mission as a vocational training institute, which is to take part in the social and cultural growth of Gippsland.

We are continually working to increase the value of our contribution to the community in Gippsland as a whole by implementing programmes such as our immensely successful Community Cafés, Pamper Days, and Plant Sales.

Free TAFE and JobTrainer courses at TAFE Gippsland

More free and low-fee places are available.   

More people in Victoria now have the opportunity to attend TAFE and land a job that is in high demand thanks to free TAFE and Job Trainer courses. Even if you already possess a higher level of education, you may be eligible for low-cost or no-cost courses that will provide you with practical experience in a variety of fields and professions.

In addition to the Victorian Government's Skills First and Free TAFE programmes, students who qualify for JobTrainer now have access to this programme as well.

  • When a course is both Free TAFE and JobTrainer, students eligible for Victorian Government-subsidised training do not have to pay course tuition fees* when they enrol in either a Free TAFE or JobTrainer course.
  • If a course is JobTrainer but not Free TAFE, students eligible for JobTrainer pay just 20% of the government subsidised tuition fees*.

Federation University - TAFEs Melbourne

federation university australia


1800 333 865

Early Learning Centre No
Primary School No
High School  No
Course Range Higher Education
Main Gender Co-Education
Boarding School No
Estimated No. of Students 14,212
School Fees Average

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About us

Future-focused. Drawing from more than 150 years of experience in education and training.

Everything that we do at Federation University is driven by our desire to improve people's lives and the communities in which they live. We make a difference in people's lives in a variety of ways, including conducting research that helps people all over the world lead better lives and helping our students achieve academic and personal success.

In 2014, we transitioned into our current identity as Federation University, a new organisation that combines the nearly 150 years of history that our predecessor institutions have accumulated since their founding in 1870.

In spite of the fact that we are one of the oldest universities in Australia, we are best known for the forward-thinking approach to teaching and learning that we take across all levels of higher education and TAFE.

To ensure that every student has access to high-quality education and exciting career opportunities, our campuses in Ballarat, Berwick, Brisbane, Gippsland, and the Wimmera are deeply embedded in the communities in which they have located as well as the local industries.

Our community is comprised of over 18,500 students from Australia and around the world, in addition to 118,000 graduates living in Australia and the rest of the world.

We are a community that encourages one another, welcomes people of all backgrounds and cultures, and is thriving. Together, we are forming a Federation of free-thinking individuals who are determined to leave their mark on the world.


As Australia's leading regional university


We transform lives and enhance communities.


People and communities are able to flourish on a local, regional, and global scale as a direct result of the innovative and integrated learning that we provide for lifelong learning, job skills, and impactful research.

Living values.


We fight for everyone's right to access and inclusion.

We celebrate our diversity and place a particular emphasis on valuing the cultural heritage, knowledge, and perspectives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.


We innovate to transform.

We are agile and responsive to emerging opportunities.


We excel in all that we do.

We act with integrity and take responsibility for achieving high standards.


We respect and trust our people.

We create a supportive environment to take informed risks in pursuit of success.


We are stronger together.

We establish genuine partnerships built on shared goals.

Free TAFE for Priority Courses

Students who are eligible for government-subsidised training will have access to free tuition through the Victorian Government's Free TAFE for Priority Courses initiative beginning on January 1, 2022. This initiative will cover tuition fees for priority TAFE courses as well as apprenticeship pathway courses in growth industries. Please check out Federation TAFE for any additional information.

2022 TAFE eligibility exemptions

Through the TAFE eligibility exemptions, you may be able to qualify for government funding to help cover the cost of your education at Federation University.

If you have been determined to be ineligible for a government-subsidised place due to the fact that you already possess higher qualifications or have begun two qualifications at the same level, you may still be eligible to enrol in a government-subsidised place with the assistance of a TAFE eligibility exemption. This is the case if you have a higher qualification or have already begun two qualifications at the same level.

Note that there are only a certain number of TAFE eligibility exemptions up for grabs, so get in touch with us as soon as possible if you want to guarantee your spot in 2022.

What are TAFE eligibility exemptions?

The exemptions are designed to encourage students to obtain quality education and training from a Victorian TAFE provider that meets certain criteria. The following are the categories that qualify for exemptions:

Increasing one's level of expertise while already possessing a qualification at a higher level is an example of upskilling. This could take the form of enrolling in a Certificate IV programme while already possessing a Certificate IV or higher-level qualification. If you already have a qualification, you might be able to get financial assistance from the government to pursue additional education at the same level or a lower one if you have a TAFE eligibility exemption.

You are interested in upskilling, but you have already started two other government-funded courses at the same level in your lifetime. For example, you are interested in enrolling in a diploma programme, but you have already started two government-funded diploma programmes. You might be eligible for a government-funded study spot if you have a TAFE eligibility exemption. This would allow you to pursue a qualification at the same level as the classes that you had already started taking.

Bendigo TAFE - TAFEs Melbourne

bendigo tafe


13 38237

Early Learning Centre No
Primary School No
High School  No
Course Range Vocational Courses
Main Gender Co-Education
Boarding School No
Estimated No. of Students 14,000
School Fees Average

Link To School Fees Page:


Welcome to Bendigo TAFE

You are welcome to join us at Bendigo TAFE at any stage of your learning journey, regardless of your age, background, or career aspirations. We look forwards to having you.

Our educational institution is home to a large and varied population of both faculty and students. You will find along your journey that there are a lot of people, resources, and services that are available to help and support you.

For more than 155 years, Bendigo TAFE has been changing people's lives for the better. The institute has a long tradition of educating the local populace and preparing its graduates for employment in jobs that are common in the area.

Over the course of each academic year, we instruct over 9,000 students across our network of five campuses in a wide range of different vocational programmes. Learning takes place in an atmosphere that is both stimulating and inviting, thanks to the cutting-edge facilities and engaging activities that we offer.

You'll be able to enter the workforce more quickly, improve the skills you already have, or get ready for further study thanks to the content of our course, which is designed to deliver skills that are both practical and relevant to the industry.

We make sure that our training programmes are up to date with the most recent developments in the workplace by working closely with established industry professionals.


  • Our Organisation
  • Our People
  • Campus locations
  • Job opportunities
  • For your business
  • News and events
  • Publications and policies
  • Consultancies Report
  • For schools
  • Statement of Adherence to Australian Democratic Principles​
  • 2019/2020 Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Register
  • Child safety statement

Our Vision, Mission and Values

We are starting the next cycle of our strategic planning with a revised vision, which is to equip people and industry with the skills necessary to create a prosperous future.

Our goal is to be recognised as a leading educator and trainer in work and life skills across the communities that we serve. In doing so, we hope to make a significant impact on both the students and the businesses in those areas.

We will accomplish this by adhering to a set of core values, including respect, integrity, accountability, collaboration, passion, and focus on the customer experience.

2020>2025 Strategy

The 2020>2025 Strategy of Bendigo Kangan Institute aims to position the organisation as a nationally renowned education institute by teaching and training students to meet the demands of today's industry and government while also being equipped to adapt to the demands of the future.


Bendigo TAFE believes that education and training organisations have a unique opportunity to contribute to a sustainable future because they educate and train such a large percentage of those who will be working in the future. But in order for this to be accomplished successfully, we need to re-educate and re-train ourselves so that we can set a good example for others. ​


Bendigo Technical and Further Education (Bendigo TAFE) is a public institution that was established in accordance with Section 3.1.11 of the Education and Training Reform Act 2006.

Our main office is located at 136 McCrae Street, Bendigo, Victoria 3550, and our mailing address is PO Box 170, Bendigo, Victoria 3552.

Registered Training Organisation

Bendigo TAFE is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) under the Australian Quality Training Framework. Our RTO number is 3077. 

CRICOS registration

Bendigo Technical and Further Education is in compliance with the Educational Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 and has a registration with the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) with the Provider number 01218G.

VET Quality Framework

The goal of the Vocational Education and Training Quality Framework (VET Quality Framework) is to achieve greater national consistency in the manner in which providers are registered and monitored, as well as in the manner in which standards in the VET sector are enforced. The Standards for National VET Regulator (NVR) Registered Training Organisations, the requirements for Fit and Proper Persons, the requirements for Financial Viability Risk Assessments, the requirements for Data Provision, and the requirements for the Australian Qualifications Framework are all included in the VET Quality Framework.

Campus locations

Bendigo TAFE provides educational opportunities to a catchment area with a population of approximately 220,000 people spread across approximately 25,000 square kilometres. We are well-positioned to meet the needs of both our region and those further afield because we have three campuses in Bendigo, additional campuses in Echuca and Castlemaine, and partnerships with both industry and other educational providers. 

Pathway from school to TAFE

Bendigo Technical and Further Education have formed partnerships with a variety of schools located throughout the region in order to provide VETiS (Vocational Education and Training in Schools) and VCAL (Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning) courses. These programmes offer students an alternative way to complete their senior year of high school. In addition to the standard academic curriculum, students also participate in training that is focused on a specific industry.

Students in their 10th, 11th, and 12th years can get a head start through these programmes on TAFE training, apprenticeships, or employment opportunities after they graduate from secondary school. Check out our pathways and courses for more information, and have a read through some of our student stories to get the perspective of those who have advanced further in their TAFE study.

Pathway from TAFE to university

After completing a course at a TAFE institution, one of the most common next steps for graduates is to enrol in the university. The completion of a number of TAFE qualifications, such as an advanced diploma, diploma, or even some certificate IV qualifications, can count towards the fulfilment of the credit requirements for a university undergraduate programme. This translates to the fact that you are able to earn credits towards the completion of your chosen undergraduate course without having to study units that are comparable to those units.

Our university partners include:

  • Deakin University
  • Federation University
  • La Trobe University
  • Victoria University
  • Torrens University
  • Central Queensland University

Holmesglen - TAFEs Melbourne



1300 639 883

Early Learning Centre No
Primary School No
High School  No
Course Range Higher Education & Vocational Courses
Main Gender Co-Education
Boarding School No
Estimated No. of Students 57,000
School Fees Average

Link To School Fees Page:


About Us

One of the largest publicly-owned technical and further education institutions in the Australian state of Victoria, Holmesglen College is a market leader in the provision of higher and vocational education in Australia. We are the premier TAFE institution thanks to our 40 years of experience and our more than 140,000 successful graduates.


We have seven campuses across six different locations, including Chadstone, Moorabbin, and Glen Waverley; Bourke Street in the city; Futuretech in North Melbourne; and Eildon. Together, these campuses offer more than five hundred different classes.

Community engagement

The Holmesglen team is dedicated to being involved in the community. We aspire to play an important part in the social fabric of our communities by ensuring that individuals acquire skills through education and training that engage industry and enrich the workforce. This, in turn, will contribute to the economic and social well-being of the nation as well as the overall prosperity of the country.

Policies and procedures

We make it a priority to put the needs of the students first and make certain that their satisfaction is prioritised in all of our procedures and processes. We are also committed to providing a safe working environment, and to the extent that it is reasonably practicable, we strive to also provide an environment that is happy, healthy, and safe for learning.

You have the legal right to request access to any documents that are held by Victorian public sector agencies, such as the Holmesglen Institute, thanks to the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act) that was passed in Victoria in 1982. This access right is qualified by a number of restrictions, exceptions, and exemptions.

Handling personal information

We are committed to protecting your right to privacy and will keep any personal information that you share with us in strictest confidence. This policy outlines how Holmesglen will handle the personal information it collects from you for the purpose of administering VET Student Loans, how you can obtain a copy of your personal information, and what you should do if you believe that Holmesglen has breached your privacy in some way.

Fairness and equal opportunity

We are dedicated to ensuring that all students, staff, and visitors are treated fairly and with respect at all times, as well as to the principles and practises of equal opportunity. The information that is provided below outlines our policy in relation to fairness and equal opportunity, as well as the procedure that needs to be followed if a student wishes to make a complaint regarding discriminatory behaviour by another member of the Institute community.

Free TAFE and JobTrainer courses offered at Holmesglen

In addition to the Victorian Government's Skills First and Free TAFE programmes, qualified students can receive financial assistance through the JobTrainer programme. The majority of these are offered at no cost or at a very low cost.

  • If a course is both Free TAFE and JobTrainer, students eligible for Victorian Government-subsidised training do not have to pay course tuition fees* when they enrol in either Free TAFE or JobTrainer.
  • If a course is JobTrainer but not Free TAFE, students eligible for JobTrainer pay just 20 per cent of the government-subsidised tuition fees*.

Melbourne Polytechnic - TAFEs Melbourne

melbourne polytechnic


1300 635 277

Early Learning Centre No
Primary School No
High School  No
Course Range Higher Education & Vocational Courses
Main Gender Co-Education
Boarding School No
Estimated No. of Students 37,000
School Fees Low

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The Melbourne Polytechnic curriculum is unique in its approach to education. Since 1912, our company has been providing Victoria with vocational training, and today, we are one of the largest providers in the state.

Practical learning

We provide an extensive selection of forward-thinking vocational and higher education programmes (degrees) that are designed to get students ready for the workforce. Our students graduate with the knowledge they need to succeed in their careers because our classes place emphasis on practical skills and on providing hands-on experience.

Teachers from industry

Our instructors are experts in their fields who are both enthusiastic and well-established, and they are here to help students become successful in their own careers. Because we are aware that one's environment can serve as a barrier to learning, we strive to provide our students with individualised educational paths, flexible study options, and learning support.

Excellent training facilities

Our campuses are home to some of the most advanced educational facilities found anywhere in Australia. A significant number of our lecture halls and workshops are designed to replicate actual working environments. In a great number of classes, students are given the opportunity to simultaneously learn and help members of the community or the business community.


From its humble beginnings in the early 1910s as a technical school in Collingwood, Melbourne Polytechnic has developed into one of the largest providers of vocational education and training in the state of Victoria today.

A well-known and well-liked provider in Melbourne's northern suburbs, Melbourne Polytechnic also has a rapidly expanding presence in the city's southern suburbs. The increased number of pathways and options for continuing education and higher education is provided by the seven campuses. We provide our students with the one-of-a-kind opportunity to combine traditional academic theory with practical experience. Our student body is more likely to be successful in finding employment thanks to the education that we offer, which focuses on the practical, the personal, and the empowering aspects of lifelong learning.

The sociology of earlier times served as the inspiration for the establishment of Melbourne Polytechnic. During that time period, there was an insufficient amount of adequate technical education, which became a focus in the Victorian Parliament at the beginning of the 20th century. The Education Act No. 2301, 1910, was finally passed into law after a great deal of back-and-forth debate and discussion among politicians and educationalists. This Act made it possible for new technical schools to be established, which helped address the shortage of skilled tradespeople in the country.

Melbourne Polytechnic 

In 2014, NMIT expanded its operations into the southern region by establishing a campus in High Street, Prahran. Before the name was adopted by the entire institute in October of that same year, the Prahran campus was the only location in the city to bear the Melbourne Polytechnic moniker. After that, the name was no longer restricted to the northern portion of the city.

Accreditation has been granted to Melbourne Polytechnic, allowing it to confer more than 300 nationally recognised qualifications and more than 400 Institute accredited courses. These courses cover a wide range of topics, including but not limited to accounting, equine studies, childcare, commercial cooking, fitting and turning, floristry, beauty therapy, and meat processing. These academic programmes are offered across seven campuses and a number of additional specialists training centres spread across metropolitan Melbourne and the rest of the state of Victoria.

Our programmes have evolved over the years to include a diverse assortment of classes that go well beyond the traditional trades of carpentry, plumbing, and sheet metalwork. The following types of educational opportunities are available through our company: pre-apprenticeships, apprenticeships, certificates, diplomas, advanced diplomas, associate degrees, bachelor's degrees, and master's degrees. Additionally, there are mapped-out routes leading to college-level studies. In addition to delivering programmes in collaboration with 25 partner institutions located all over Asia, Melbourne Polytechnic is home to a sizable population of students from other countries.

The solid connections that have been forged with local businesses and residents are one of the aspects of Melbourne Polytechnic's expansion that are considered to be among the most important. Courses are designed to meet the requirements of today's industries, and students are instructed in them by teachers who have experience working in those industries.

TAFE Courses in Melbourne.

Modern theoretical education and a wide variety of cutting-edge, hands-on practical skills are both available to students at Melbourne Polytechnic.

South West Tafe - TAFEs Melbourne

south west tafe


1300 648 913

Early Learning Centre No
Primary School No
High School  No
Course Range Vocational Courses
Main Gender Co-Education
Boarding School No
Estimated No. of Students 4,500
School Fees Low

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About us

Our primary objective here at South West TAFE is to provide education that is focused on the future and that paves the way for a lifetime of opportunities and employability.

South West TAFE is an educational institution of international renown located in a bucolic rural setting in the centre of Victoria's Great Ocean Road region.

SWTAFE, which is the leading education and training provider in southwest Victoria, provides students with instruction that is both inspiring and practical, thereby preparing them for jobs that are in demand both now and in the future.

Our primary mission is to provide students with educational opportunities that will equip them with the knowledge and abilities necessary to be successful in their chosen fields of work.

We provide more than 150 short courses and qualifications that are recognised on a national level. All of these courses are taught by instructors who have real-world experience and are supported by solid industry connections.

Students have equipped with the most marketable skills possible thanks to our delivery method, which is adaptable, current, and designed to meet the demands of the workplace.

The campuses of South West TAFE can be found in the cities of Warrnambool, Hamilton, Portland, and Colac. Additionally, the institution has training facilities in the cities of Glenormiston and Sherwood Park (Deakin Warrnambool).

Study with us

Get ready to dive headfirst into real skills and qualifications that are job-ready. Find everything you require for success right here with us. We have it all.

Get ready to dive headfirst into real skills and qualifications that are job-ready.

Because we are so enthusiastic about education and everything it has to offer, we believe that there is no better place for you to begin, alter, or advance your professional career than right here.

You will be trained by the best to develop skills that are job-ready and in demand in courses that are relevant, affordable, and flexible. Our instructors are motivated and professional, and you will be trained by the best.

All ages, stages, and interests are welcome to enrol in our classes because they offer options for industry-focused, hands-on training.

We actively develop programmes to assist in addressing local and regional skill shortages in order to guarantee that the training we provide is applicable to jobs that are currently in demand.

As a direct consequence of this, our graduates have an exceptionally good chance of securing employment and achieving success in the industries in which they work.

Our selection is extensive, and it includes a wide variety of certified qualifications, in addition to standalone units and shorter courses derived from industry-standard training packages. In addition to these, there are programmes for pre-apprenticeship, apprenticeship, traineeship, vocational and graduate studies, industry certifications, and VET in Schools.

We provide a wide variety of specialised support services, such as libraries, our bookshop, personal wellbeing and student activities, assistance with study skills, support for individuals with disabilities, advice on careers, Indigenous mentoring, and apprentice Support. The flexibility of the study modes gives you the ability to balance the demands of work and life.

The cities of Warrnambool, Portland, Hamilton, and Colac are home to one or more of our campuses. We are involved in the communities in which we operate, and the quality of our instructors, training facilities, support services, and direct links with the industry is unmatched.

Find everything you require for success right here with us. We have it all.

Our campuses

Sherwood Park, Hamilton, Portland, and Warrnambool are the locations of some of our most important campuses, which are located throughout the South West region of Victoria. In addition to the courses that are offered on the South West TAFE campus, the institution also provides VET in Schools studies to regional secondary schools and adult learning courses and modules to regional adult education centres. In addition, our trainers conduct evaluations of our apprentices and trainees at their respective work sites.

Training facilities

Students have access to a variety of purpose-built training facilities at South West TAFE, allowing them to acquire hands-on, practical skills relevant to the study area of their choosing. You will be better prepared for employment thanks to the equipment that is up to industry standards and can be found in our training facilities.

Free at TAFE

The applicants who meet the requirements are exempt from paying any tuition fees for the skill sets that they take. Because these classes are not included in the Free TAFE programme, taking them will not have any bearing on whether or not you are eligible to enrol in a Free TAFE class in the future.


There are loads of benefits that you probably aren't aware of – here are some facts to factor in!

Take a look at the benefits of TAFE.

TAFE students can earn more
  • If you have a certificate or diploma from TAFE, you could start your career with a full-time wage of $56,000 compared with $54,000 if you have a bachelor's degree from the university.
  • If you have no formal qualifications, you could expect to earn hundreds of dollars less each week than those with two or more qualifications.
TAFE students can access more jobs
  • 9 of the top 10 occupations predicted to have the most job growth in the next five years are in TAFE trained jobs.
  • During 2015–16, the biggest work shortages were in technical and trade areas.
  • More than one-third of job vacancies in the construction, food production and automotive trades went unfilled in 2015-16.
TAFE students can get employed sooner
  • 88.6 per cent of SWTAFE students, compared to an average of 70 per cent of university graduates, were employed after training.
  • More than 90 per cent of trade apprentices have jobs after finishing training.
TAFE students can have less debt
  • You will pay between $2,500 - $10,000 for the average TAFE course, while a university degree will cost you approximately $19,000 - $31,000, or even more for specialist courses.
  • Government-funded places are available at South West TAFE. Fees have been cut by an average of more than 30 per cent across 29 certificate courses, making your TAFE course even cheaper.
TAFE graduates are ready to go
  • You can gain practical 'real-life' skills at TAFE, so you are totally job-ready when you graduate.
  • Courses at TAFE are designed to replicate actual work situations and are structured around what employers are looking for.
  • Teachers have extensive industry experience and strong connections with those industries.
TAFE can be your first step in the university
  • You may use your TAFE qualifications to gain credits for future study at university - reducing the length of your university course and saving money along the way.
  • You can progress from a certificate to a diploma at TAFE, then to a bachelor's degree at university.

Kangan Institute - TAFEs Melbourne

kangan institute


61 3 9279 2535

Early Learning Centre No
Primary School No
High School  No
Course Range Vocational Courses
Main Gender Co-Education
Boarding School No
Estimated No. of Students 30,000
School Fees Average

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The Kangan Institute is regarded as one of the most reputable and largest education and training providers in Victoria. They provide a variety of courses and programmes, such as certificates, diplomas, apprenticeships, traineeships, and short courses. In conjunction with Federation University, we also provide access to undergraduate degree programmes. Our qualifications will equip you with practical skills and the self-assurance to achieve success in all aspects of life, thanks to more than 80 years of educational excellence supported by the business community.

About us

At Kangan Institute, improving the employability of our students and assisting them in locating "real jobs" in the field of their choice is one of our top priorities, and it is also one of our primary goals.

Because of this, Kangan Institute students have access to an Employment Centre that is solely devoted to assisting them in gaining an understanding of and developing their employability skills, as well as assisting them in locating employment that is both meaningful and sustainable.

You will be able to gain access to the weekly vacancy listing, as well as participate in a variety of job search and employment-related activities and resources, and receive one-on-one assistance from the Employment Centre.

Each year, the Employment Centre receives job postings from more than one thousand different employers, and we have a solid track record of successfully placing our students into meaningful employment with those employers.

When you have completed the enrolment process at Kangan Institute, you will be able to register with the Employment Centre, where you will have access to the resources and the expertise that can help you find work.

How we can help

If you join Kangan Institute, you will immediately be registered with our service and given access to the resources available in our Broadmeadows location, which are designed to assist you in finding work. You can search for employment opportunities and submit applications using the free tools listed below.

  • 'How To' Guides and resources for job searches
  • Phone - to contact possible employers
  • Photocopier - to make copies of your resume and job application letters
  • Fax machine - to send applications and resumes
  • Newspapers - to look through the job advertisements
  • Internet access - to search for and apply for jobs online.

The Employment Centre can also provide assistance with job searching and writing applications.

  • Resumes and Application Letters. It is important to have an up-to-date resume and a well-written application letter when applying for a job. To help you prepare yours, contact us on the number above.
  • Interview Tips. Find out what to do and what not to do with our interview etiquette and techniques information sheet. Contact us to request one.
  • Canvassing Employers. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we'll find a job for everyone, so it's always great to explore other options. It's always great to contact possible employers directly and send them your resume or look for suitable jobs advertised online or in newspapers. Our consultants can offer advice on canvassing employers and phone techniques.

Kangan Students - Pathways to University

You can pursue the career of your dreams with the assistance of Kangan Institute's diverse array of course options and pathways. We place a strong emphasis on providing you with real-world work experience and the kind of industry-specific knowledge that can be gained only from working directly with professionals in the field.

Additionally, in order to provide you with guaranteed pathway options to higher education, we have partnered with Australia's most prestigious universities.

Our partners in university pathways include the following:

  • Deakin University 
  • Federation University 
  • La Trobe University 
  • Central Queensland University
  • RMIT 
  • Torrens University 
  • Victoria University 
  • Box Hill Institute 
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