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Top 20 Wedding Photobooths Adelaide, South Australia (2024)

Are you looking for unique ways to entertain your guests at your next wedding? Then why not try a wedding photo booth? Whether it be for the reception or during cocktail hour, couples find these photo booths offer an interactive way to have fun with their friends and family. From silly props to customized messages, there are so many ways to enhance any special day. 

Wedding Photobooths are such an amazing addition to any wedding reception. They provide guests with lots of entertainment throughout the night, and they leave everyone with hilarious memories from the event. 

We've created an ultimate list of Wedding Photobooths in Adelaide, South Australia to save you time and money.

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Ultimate List of Wedding Photobooths Adelaide

SvenStudios - Wedding Photobooths Adelaide




The SvenStudios photo booth solution is a simple alternative to other Adelaide photo booth services on the market that provides an equal quality product in a format that many other photo booth companies do not offer. Our photo booth is a unique open-air design designed for your party and is much more inclusive and entertaining than traditional booths. Instead of having your guests lining up to get inside a stuffy little box that many traditional photo booths are in, the SvenStudios Adelaide photo booth allows for your entire party to see what’s going on in front of the camera and join in as much as they like! It creates a much more inclusive atmosphere and a fun activity not usually associated with a traditional photo booth. Behind your guests will be a luxurious red or white curtain, and a large selection of whacky props and costumes are available to use.

Your hire of our photo booth is also not restricted by a time limit other than the length of your reception party. Generally, this means we start packing up around 11:30 pm most nights, however longer can be negotiated! The photo booth is also super simple to use with a touch screen interface; all the included attendants will need to do all night will be changing the printer ink and paper as required.

“To show the world what is really there, not just what one thinks they see.” -Steven Duncan

I believe photography is about portraying a scene in ways that people recognise, but at the same time, have never witnessed before. Anyone can take a photo of a scene, but I want to show the world what I can create through my lens in ways that are unique and yet completely relatable to other people who have witnessed the same scene.

Wedding photography is an area I was naturally drawn to. My disarming personality and ability to make people comfortable around me allow my images to show true emotion in my subjects. All throughout my life, I’ve worked with people, so this is simply a natural progression for me, and according to feedback I’ve received, it’s very much appreciated. I like to employ a photojournalist approach to my wedding photography, with the majority of my clients remarking on how easy I am to work with, despite the fact that many of them outright stated that they weren’t good in front of cameras. 

My approach to wedding photography is first and foremost to capture the beauty of your day in the most natural way possible. This isn’t to say that I don’t believe any coaching or posing is unneeded, just that I try to keep it to a minimum. Posed shots have their place and are great to look back at in an album, but just not every shot. My background is landscape and scientific photography, so I bring that skillset to my wedding photography, combining it with the beauty that is your love for one another with the surroundings you have chosen for your selves.

I have won numerous awards in a variety of different genres of photography, including being acknowledged as a consistently high achieving photographer by being acknowledged as a dual ‘Master Photographer’ with the AIPP. I have also completed numerous tertiary level accreditations, including a Degree in Multimedia at the University of South Australia, a Certificate IV in Photoimaging at TAFE SA, a Masters in Teaching at Flinders University and a Diploma of Computing and Information Technology at SAIBT. All this just shows I’m highly qualified and experienced in my photography.

I also run a fine art photography website called ‘Steven Duncan ART’ at, where I put up and showcase my landscape, science and other artistic work not related to my wedding photography. I’ve also recently hit the cutting edge realm of CryptoCurrency NFT art, offering my fine art Landscape Photography NFTs for those of you interested in that!

Slapstick Photobooth - Wedding Photobooths Adelaide

slapstick photobooth


Our professional photo booth equipment includes a DSLR camera, a dye-sublimation printer and professional lighting, which is a must to produce great quality photos.

Our Open Photobooth is compact and sturdy, as well as being much more versatile than most other photobooths with a quick height adjuster to cater to people of all sizes and wheelchair friendly.

After every photo booth session, the photo strips will be instantly printed, ready to go. Your guests will be thoroughly entertained as they go back for another turn over & over again. Photobooths are so much fun for all ages, from the little to the grandparents, from the shy to the overconfident.

Photo strips are collected all over the world, people love to stick them to their fridges, walls, in frames, on desks, in scrapbook albums, plus they make beautiful bookmarks too. We, humans, love to capture our memories on paper as well as digital, so we also provide a USB of all the original size digital photos, photo strips & even gifs of every photo taken with no watermarks and copyright free so you can share online & print extra copies post-event.


An open photo booth is a modern alternative to the traditional enclosed photo booth, which are tiny & claustrophobic, barely allowing 2 - 3 people to squeeze inside together. An open photo booth is a BOMB for events as more options can be utilised with this open style, such as different backdrops including flower walls and larger group shots with room to move, not packed into a little box-like sardine in a tin.

Our photo booth can be set upright in the midst of your event, giving everyone a birds-eye view of all the shenanigans going on LIVE in front of the camera as added entertainment, or it can be set up in a corner or in a foyer area outside the event room if you would prefer to keep it a little separate which is sometimes preferred at formal weddings/events, we are quite flexible in this regard.

Contact us today to receive more info about our FABULOUS service for your special event… whether it be a party or wedding reception at a venue. All of your guests will be entertained by the hilarious antics going on in front of them as everyone takes turns dressing up in the WACKY props and pulling the SILLIEST faces… it certainly won’t be boring, that’s for sure….

FOTO Machines - Wedding Photobooths Adelaide

foto machines

0422 252 872

FOTO Machines specialises in photo booth hire in Adelaide and its surroundings. Our photo booths and GIF booths are so EASY to use. Your Grandma will strike a pose! You’ll get PROFESSIONAL service at an AFFORDABLE price, along with a MEMORABLE experience, no matter the occasion.  

We don’t mean to toot our own horn, but we’ve been doing the photobooth thing for a while now, and through our own trials and triumphs, we have become ‘PHOTOBOOTH EXPERTS ‘and know what works well and what doesn’t. Our photo booth and GIF Booth packages have been designed to suit a range of circumstances, budgets and events. Choose us for your next photo booth hire in Adelaide!


We are so excited that you’ve stumbled upon our little website and would absolutely LOVE to come along to your event with one (or more) of our booths! They will be a hit! 

Let’s create some memories!

All Night Photobooth Hire

Don’t choose between a 3 or 4-hour photo booth package! Our photo booth hire is for a maximum of 7 hours, so you can snap photos all night!

Exceptional Service

Quick responses, helpful emails, everything laid out clearly for you – just some of the things we do to make sure your experience with us is one you’ll want to rave about!

Who Are We?

We are a proud SA owned and operated family business providing photobooth hire to Adelaide and its surroundings. We love this industry and want to put a smile on your face! Find out a little about us here.


If you book us, we will be there!

That’s our promise to you!

Geoffrey, the GIF Booth, is the latest and greatest in photo technology!

Create GIFs and Boomerang GIFs with our booths, then directly send to your phone and share to social media.

Shareable Marketing Content

Get your brand SEEN! Include your branding on the images created by our GIF Booth. When the images are shared, your brand and message get seen! Let your guests create your marketing content for you!

Wedding Photobooths FAQs

A Photobooth Is Fun for All Ages

Seriously though, it is so good to entertain everyone at your wedding. The young and the old will enjoy a good photo session, and trust me when I say, I have seen some crazy old cats get down and dirty in the booth over the years.

Having a photo booth will not only get the oldies out of their seats, but they will also be getting involved with the Gen Zers. And it's so good to get more photos of all the family together. Especially those regrettable photos that will be stuck on your fridge for years!

The Perfect Keepsake for All Your Guests

Having a photo booth that prints out the images straight away means your guests can take home a little keepsake from the wedding day. Of course, it's always cool seeing photos stuck on the fridge for years to come, and most guests don't know it at the time, but they will have the chance to download the digital copy after the wedding as well. Unfortunately, this sometimes means they wish they kept it 'G' rated when taking the photos! Oops.

Adds to the Overall Style of Your Wedding Reception

Another great reason to have a photo booth at your wedding is, it can add to the overall style of your reception styling! When we created Heartbreak Hotel, it was important for us to have the most stylish photo booth set up in town. Every small detail has been thought of, and you won't see us dragging out an ugly table with a black tablecloth or $2 props for the junk store!

We wanted the booth to be on-trend, look incredible and add style to any wedding. We know how much effort goes into creating a beautiful reception, and we don't think that style should be compromised because of the photo booth.

Theme the Booth With Your Wedding Theme

We all love themes, and when it comes to weddings, there are no exceptions. Trust me when I say I have seen a lot of RAD themes over the years. Sometimes it's a more subtle theme, like "black tie & cocktail" or "complete vegan wedding". Whatever your theme is, we can incorporate it into the booth in many ways, including the backdrop, the print designs, the props and even the photobooth's interface.

Guestbooks With Photos Straight from the Wedding!

Having a killer set of photos of your nearest and dearest is worth its weight in gold. Especially when you get your guests to create you a guestbook at the wedding, they stick in their fav photos and write you a little message. Guestbooks are seriously the best! And you won't find any better than ours. We get them manufactured in the USA using nothing but the finest materials. That way, you know it will last and, of course, look good on your bookshelf!

A photo booth is a chance for guests to take the ultimate selfie at an event. No more crooked, blurry images were taken by people whose arms aren't quite long enough to fit everyone in. Instead, a photo booth is a perfect way to take a picture of an individual or a group that everyone can enjoy.

You can set up your photo booth wherever you want, so you can encourage your guests to take pictures as they arrive, set up a spot where they will be able to gather in groups or catch people as they move from one area to another.

Unlike organised activities or planned entertainment, a photo booth can be used at any time during the event, so guests can wait till the mood strikes or take a moment when they are surrounded by friends to capture a special moment.

Size of Photo Booth

Pixpod photo booths are 1.87m (6'2") long, 1.99m (6'6") tall and 1.26m (4'1") wide, so you will need a flat space around 3m (10ft) squared to set one up with room for a small table next to the pod and space for your guests to gather around and wait their turn.

You may think that your choice of venue rules out using a photo booth, but you might be surprised at where they can be delivered. Photo booths are transported in wheeled flight cases and boxes that can fit through any standard door, meaning that even the most intimate venue can happily accommodate one. So long as the ceiling is at least two meters high and a spare 13 amp power socket is available, you can have a photo booth almost anywhere.

Photo booths take four pictures, four seconds apart, and within 20 seconds, you have a high quality 6×4" image in your hand.

Special Effects

There are plenty of special effects available to personalise your photo booth from our library of different backdrops, or you can use your company logo or a scene specially designed for your event.

A photo booth can be set up to your specification, with props, accessories and green screens that will add to the fun. You can have custom printing on the edge of your pictures, order additional sets of prints, view all images on line after the event or even project the pictures from the booth so that the images can entertain your guests as they are taken during your event.

There are several different pods to choose from, including plain black or white, sparkly pink and blue and even leopard print, so you can choose a booth that will complement your event's theme or colour scheme. You can also choose from a range of full-sized props to give your photos that little something extra.

Even with an official photographer, cameras on tables and guests taking their pictures, it can sometimes be difficult to get the kind of pictures you want. A photo booth is a perfect way to ensure that you get plenty of pictures of your guests having a great time at your event so you can create lasting memories for everyone involved.

This has to be one of the most common questions when new clients are looking to book a photo booth. Some important factors will dictate how long is best for your event. Just like most things in life a too much of something can also be a bad thing.

It is much better in our eyes for you to get the best value for money. You want to have the photo booth busy most of the time, instead of busy for the first 3 hours and dormant for the last two.

Factors to think about:

  • Several guests – the more people you have, the longer you will need.
  • Location of the photo booth – is it easy for your guests to find the photo booth.
  • Features – green screen, unlimited prints, a large selection of props are all factors that will increase the entertainment level.
  • Start time – this plays a big factor in how popular your photo booth will be.
  • Type of event – in addition to the number of guests, the type of event your having also plays a role in how long you need. For example, weddings are typically 3-4 hours and birthday parties are 2-3

Please note: it takes approximately 60 minutes to set up a photo booth. Ensure the provider you choose does not take setup time out of your hire.

For example, you have a 3-hour hire starting from 7 pm. Your photo booth supplier should arrive at 6:00 pm to start setting up. Your 3 hours should start from 7 pm.

Photo booths take up a decent amount of space—even the smaller ones. There is no standard size, but to take pictures of 2 or 3 people, expect a booth that's 1.5 x 2 meters and about 2 meters tall.

If you have limited space, consider a selfie mirror as they are smaller. However, the camera still needs to be far enough to capture the moment.

To make the best possible decision, you'll want to get exact measurements from the venue before you decide on anything. It can be hard to visualise how much space a photo booth will take up.

Where you set up the photo booth will greatly impact how and when your guests use it.

Ideally, the booth should be set up slightly to the side but visible from the main party area. You need to make it obvious to your guests that the photo booth is there for them.

You'll have to make an educated guess based on the space provided by the venue. Don't be afraid to ask the venue manager what the usual setup is.

If you're setting it up out of sight, make sure you find another way to drive awareness to it, for example, props, signs and staff members. 

Bliss Images Photography - Wedding Photobooths Adelaide

bliss images photography

(08) 8464 0163


  • Photography and Cinema all from the same studio allow us to deliver an even better result.
  • We can create a custom wedding package for you.
  • Bliss has been vetted by some of the most fastidious clients, including AFL stars and Hilary Clinton.
  • Non-disclosure and privacy agreements available for high profile clients
  • A small boutique team delivering friendly, passionate and personalised service
  • Real shopfront in the heart of Adelaide CBD, with lots of free parking at the door
  • Modern Wedding film packages that deliver a combination of edits, shorter for you and your friends, full length for parents

We’re a small studio of Adelaide Wedding Photographers and Videographers, blessed with capturing so many beautiful weddings in South Australia and beyond, including Adelaide Plains, The Adelaide Hills, Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale, Tanunda, Clare Valley, Coonawarra, The Fleurieu Peninsula, The Riverland and more. We love any chance to head out of the city, so please ask us about our very competitive travel rates for wedding photography and videography both in Australia and overseas.



This very cool open photo booth is based around a backdrop around 2.5m wide and can fit up to 12 people at a time. Best of all, everyone else can watch the fun as it unfolds. Props or no props, different backgrounds and size, it’s all your choice and included in the price.

It’s a photo booth with all the benefits of being run by professional photographers, but much less serious and a whole lot more fun than a formal photoshoot.

Atlas Event - Wedding Photobooths Adelaide

atlas event

08 8297 2367

You Dream It, We Create It!

Indoors or outdoors, backyard or venue, sit down or cocktail, whatever you desire for your picturesque wedding, we are here to help you deliver.

Working within your budget and style requirements, we can discuss everything from the ground up. From ceremony to reception we have all you will need to celebrate your special day. 

Plan Your Day With Kristen

With over 20 years of experience in planning, organising and setting up weddings around Adelaide, Kristen, our wedding consultant, is knowledgeable, reliable and admired in the wedding industry. She is highly attentive, listening to your ideas on the perfect wedding day and helping make them a reality.

Communication between herself and the bride, as well as the staff in our company, is a large priority for Kristen. She believes that attention to detail is of the utmost importance when planning a wedding and ensures that every small detail is accounted for. It is her passion and commitment to ease the stress and worries of the planning process so that you can enjoy the first day that will be the rest of your lives together.

Your Event Photo Booth - Wedding Photobooths Adelaide

your event photo booth

0413 069 238

Photo Booth Hire Adelaide

Join the party for the best photo booth hire Adelaide has to offer. From your 18th birthday party to your 50th birthday party to the perfect wedding photo booth. We have you covered.

Your Event photo booth hires Adelaide, who also specialises in corporate photo booth hire. We’ve provided photo booths for many successful events at leading venues across Adelaide, South Australia.

Since 2012 Adelaide has been laughing away with Your Event photo booth hire Adelaide. So please Contact Us now for a great quote on photo booth hire Adelaide.

There is nothing quite like the Enclosed Photo Booth for the traditional photo booth hire experience. Sit down in the sturdy full metal cabinet, close the curtain, choose your photo option such as colour, black & white, or fun frames from the easy-to-use 22″ touch screen and smile. This photo booth features a state of the art printer with awesome instant double photo strips, options such as video messaging, logo, and automatic rental timers.

Try the flexibility and fun of the Open Photo Booth, where the only limitation is your imagination. Grab a friend or the entire gang, stand in front of the photo booth and strike a pose. Four photos are taken with the pictures printed instantly, plus all saved as digital copies.

Photo Booth hire also includes a prop box for crazy photos that will have you laughing the night away. Choose from different backgrounds such as the party itself, venue wall or custom a backdrop such as a plant/flower wall, plain white, black, gold or any colour material you want at no extra cost. For the best Open Photo Booth hire Adelaide has to offer, contact us today.

OPEN Photobooth - Wedding Photobooths Adelaide 

open photobooth

0407 731 251


Your photo booth will be set up before you arrive and only packed down after you’ve left. No extra costs. Just extra hours.

That’s right. At OPEN Photobooth Adelaide, we let you keep the photo booth for your entire event, so the fun doesn’t end until everyone’s going home. In addition to the never-ending fun, you can rest easy knowing the proceedings won’t be interrupted by the setup or pack down.


Print up to four strips every time. That’s twice as many as most other Adelaide photobooths.

No need for your guests to agonise over who gets to take a printed copy home and who misses out. There are plenty to go on the fridge, in the guestbook album, and anywhere else they’d like them… And yes, the total points for the event are unlimited, too.


Studio-quality lighting and equipment give you incredible photos and prints. We challenge you to compare them.

We think the quality of OPEN Photobooth Adelaide is impossible to beat. Go on, take a look for yourself.

OPEN Photobooth Adelaide have over 20 gorgeous photobooth strip designs with more than 60 colour variations for you to choose from. Pick your favourite, let us know what wording you’d like on it, and we’ll put it together for you. Then we’ll send you a digital proof and pair it with your chosen backdrop so you can check it over and be absolutely sure you love the full effect.


Want your photobooth to record video messages too? Upload your strips to your Facebook page? Or even email your guests their strips? No problem.

Have your guests share their words of wisdom (or, well, their drunken well wishes) on your special day. Upload the photos to your Facebook page to share the fun with anyone who couldn’t make it and give guests instant access to their digital photos. Guests choose whether or not to upload each strip, so photos that aren’t intended for public consumption stay private. We can also set up the photo booth to collect email addresses and email guests their strip with a custom email message.

In the Booth - Wedding Photobooths Adelaide

in the booth

+61 1300 026 685

Welcome to In The Booth

Please click here if you’re looking for current information regarding Covid 19 and In the Booth events.

We’re so pleased you dropped by on your photo booth hire journey!

Saturday night dances. Drive-in movie theatres. Seaside arcades. And above all, photo booths. If you’ve ever squeezed into a booth at your local arcade together with the boy or girl of your dreams and pulled the curtain closed, you’ll understand the joy. Maybe you have a dog-eared, black and white photo booth strip tucked away in your wallet as a memory from years ago. If so, you’ll understand the nostalgia. If you’ve ever experienced an In the Booth photo booth, we hope you understood the heart behind our company.

Don’t you find it’s indeed the simplest things in life that bring the most joy? For instance, you haven’t seen joy until you see your guests of all ages collect their ‘magic’ photo booth prints! Your wedding or special event entertainment needs to be comparatively simple for your guests. Undoubtedly, they’re excited! They’re in a room together with friends and family. In short, our booths harness the excitement with entertainment that will keep them coming back for more all night long!

Our Photo Booth Hire Mission

Without a doubt, In booth’s goal is to ensure the timeless appeal and unique joy that was first experienced inside a photo booth in the 1920’s lives on.

Our purpose is to capture irreplaceable memories at once in a lifetime events for clients that have placed their trust in us. Moreover, we believe that celebrations are an essential part of life. Finally, long after your wedding cake has been enjoyed, your colleagues have celebrated the year that was, or the birthday candles have been blown out, we want you to savour that day through treasured photographs.

Why Choose Us?

  1. We pride ourselves on authenticity. Every image you see on our website contains real people at genuine events captured by our unique booths. In contrast to some photo booth hire companies, we won’t promise what we can’t deliver.
  2. We are specialists at what we do. The booth began from the desire to offer event entertainment that exceeded all expectations. Consequently, we have been providing premium photo booth experiences for our clients and setting the bar high for our industry since 2009.
  3. Dedication to excellence. Each and every one of our products has been painstakingly designed to create an unforgettable experience for our customers and their guests. We achieve this by keeping our eyes firmly on the customers we serve.
  4. The real deal. We don’t believe in making empty claims about our service, which is why we encourage our past customers to speak louder than we do. Please view our testimonials, check out our trophy cabinet, drop by our Facebook page or visit our live reviews on Easy Weddings for more information.
  5. We’re certified Australian Made & Owned. We design, build and deliver services made by Australians for Australians. In fact, being Aussie made and owned is so close to our hearts, we’re certified with the Australian Made & Owned Campaign.

Adelaide Photo Booth Hire

The booth provides multi-award-winning boutique photo booth hire in Adelaide and surrounding areas. If you’re looking for great entertainment and lasting memories for your wedding, party, corporate function or any other special event, please take a moment to check us out on your ‘photo booth hire Adelaide’ search!

Photo Booth Hire Adelaide with In the Booth!

In the Booth, Adelaide has been in operation since 2011. Our fully enclosed booths took the Adelaide event industry by storm compared to the previously available shopping-centre style booths. We’ve been regularly awarded in our industry, with thanks to our past customers (make sure you check out our testimonials below!). Consequently, we’re honoured to be the recommended photo booth supplier to many of Adelaide and South Australia’s wedding venues. It’s a given that you need experienced suppliers who are familiar with your venue’s requirements for your special day. Simply put, we know what works and what doesn’t! Our trained staff know how to ensure your guests get the best possible photo booth experience during your event.

Photo Booth Hire Adelaide with In the Booth!

It’s our goal to make sure you have nothing to worry about during your event. In other words, there’s a time and a place for DIY, and it’s important to realise your photo booth hire, isn’t it!

Adelaide offers the best of the best, the best and most liveable city with the best beaches and a stone’s throw away from the best vineyards in South Australia. Likewise, In the Booth has the best photo booths Adelaide has to offer. All things considered, Adelaide is often on the world stage when it comes to entertainment. Seeing that we attend weddings to corporate celebrations, promotions and conferences to birthday parties and school formals, In the Booth Adelaide has the photo booth hire for your next special event. Check out our Facebook page Events to see where we’ll be showcasing our wares next – we’d love the opportunity to demonstrate everything the booth can do!

SNAP/SNAP - Wedding Photobooths Adelaide


+61 416 325 110



We believe in fair pricing - photo booth hire doesn’t come cheap, but our pricing ensures you get the best service without breaking the bank.


With up to 6 hours of hire, our most popular package is twice that of the industry-standard - Your guests will never miss another photo-op!


Your experience with us will be completely unique. We’ll custom design your print template based on your digital invitation so that everything looks consistent.


All of our awesome props are environmentally friendly and hygienically prepared - Say no to sharing hats with strangers!


We’ve been in the industry for a long time, and simply put, we know what we’re doing - You can count on us!


Your happiness is our highest priority. Our team is always happy to assist and inform you in any way we can - Ask us anything!


Our stylish Photo Booths are designed and built here in Australia and are completely state-of-the-art - We only use the best of the best!


Our company is comprised completely of socially savvy Gen-Ys. We know what’s in, and we know what’s up! -


Our most popular Photo Booth package goes for 6hrs, which is almost double any other standard hire in Adelaide.


Your satisfaction and experience with our company mean everything to us. This is why we will go above and beyond to keep you smiling 🙂


Customised print templates are included in the hire package at no extra cost. Your prints will be completely tailored to your event.


We’ve been in the industry for a long time and have successfully completed over 1000+ events to extremely high satisfaction. You can rest at ease when you book with us. Check out our Facebook page if you don’t believe us!

SA Boutique Photobooths - Wedding Photobooths Adelaide

sa boutique

+61 432 838 157

Based in Adelaide, South Australia, our mirror photo booth offers a fun, unique and boutique boho lux experience when you stand before it.

We believe that in any event, a photo booth can be a great way to bring your guests together and create some amazingly professional funny photos and we love getting the party started in style!

We want you to have a luxurious experience with us, and so we offer lots of designer options and personalised accents, where we style our photo booths to suit your event, creating a seamless immersion.

With over 6 years in the wedding and events industry as wedding photographers, we know what it’s like to take a professional photo, and our mirror does just that and more.

Let our professional attendant guide you through taking the ultimate selfie in front of our mirror!

We Include:

  • A choice of over 15 backdrops
  • Professional Model Lighting
  • Boutique Touch Screen Mirror
  • DSLR Professional Photos
  • 6x2 Unlimited Print Strips* CA
  • Red Carpet Runway
  • Bollards With Customisable Rope Chain
  • Unique Wooden Props Bar with Customised Props!
  • Customised Designer Photo Template
  • Personalised Boutique Table Signage
  • Professional and Fun Attendant
  • Personalised Digital Welcome Screen on Mirror
  • Online High Res Digital Downloadable Gallery
  • Facebook Gallery
  • Guest Book Service when purchasing our signature wooden guest book - Includes double-sided tape, textas
  • and attendant service
  • Floral Mirror Decor
  • Reprints of photos on the night
  • Having The Time Of Your Life...

Ever After Entertainment - Wedding Photobooths Adelaide

ever after entertainment

0432 033 770

Here at Ever After Entertainment, we strive to make your special occasion all the more memorable. We provide only the highest quality of products and pride ourselves on being the best in the business. Whether you need a tailored package or the full experience, we guarantee to bring the party to you.

Explore our products and see for yourself:

  • Grab a prop and strike a pose in one of our Photobooths
  • Bring that “WOW” factor with our Giant Light up Letters & Giant LightBox.
  • Our Neon Range will leave you and your guests awestruck.
  • Nothing embodies elegance more than our extensive range of Flower walls.
  • Let the music fill your soul with our skilled team of professional DJ’s, Acoustic artists & Master of Ceremonies (MC) – Music.
  • Whatever the size of your cake, we have a Plinth that will have you covered
  • We have a HUGE range of photo Backdrops to cater to whatever event you are hosting.
  • Feeling Hungry? Why not try one of our Donut walls.

Nothing screams FUN like a photo booth!

Here at Ever After Entertainment, we are dedicated to making sure that your night is memorable for both you and your guests, and what better way to do that than with INSTANT memories. Our top of the range’ mirror photobooth’ and ‘classic photobooth’ take all the hard work away, so all you need to do is grab a prop, strike a pose and let us take care of the rest.

We may start off as “the photobooth guys”, but by the end of the night, we’ll be part of the family!

Please contact us for a quote on photo booth hire in Adelaide.

Open Mirrored Photo Booth

This innovative, state of the art photo booth allows users to customise their photos with its inbuilt touchscreen, offering a user-friendly interface located on the full-length mirror. The mirror Me utilises colourful animations and voice guidance to communicate with guests, allowing them to take their creativity to the next level! Watch the video to see the Mirror Me in action! We know you will be blown away.

Classic Enclosed Photo Booth

This fully enclosed photo booth provides guests with the traditional photo booth experience. Photo designs can be customised for each and every event, with a range of props and accessories available to further enhance the fun! Our attendants work to ensure the process is completely seamless and enjoyable for all involved.

Open Modular Photo Booth

Packed full of the best features, our Modular Photo Booth brings all the same bang for a fraction of your buck. If you’re stuck for space, then no need to worry. The Modular Photo Booth can fit ANYWHERE!

misk sa photo booth Photo Booth - Wedding Photobooths Adelaide

0452 631 284


To create a purpose-built company focused on using our products & services to give back to the community, inspire & provide education, funding, and other resources to students in South Australia.


You deserve the best, and with MiskSA, that is exactly what you will get. MiskSA is not a rental booth with a technician — MiskSA is an experience with a host. In fact, our business is to entertain, to delight and to deliver exceptional quality photos and extraordinary customer service.

MiskSA is locally owned and operated, so we understand the community in Adelaide— your specific needs, your venue & your vendors. We are very passionate about customer service, and therefore we will meet with you in person or chat with you on the phone and will work with you one-on-one to make sure your event is a success.

​We believe in the importance of education and its strong impact on Australia’s future, and therefore we have created a MiskSA scholarship available for students at the University of South Australia to support domestic and international students facing financial and other hardships while pursuing their dream of attaining a tertiary qualification.

The grant is designed to assist recipients in meeting the costs associated with the study, including textbooks‚ travel costs‚ computing equipment, and other out-of-pocket expenses.


You’ve made it to this section. Therefore you are very interested in knowing more about MISK SA. Let me first welcome you to our site and wish you a happy experience.

My passion for the photo booth industry and my background as an event planner, combined with my strong enthusiasm for customer service, had led me to create MISK SA.

Being awarded the first-ever Australian Customer Service Extraordinary Award in 2018 and my continuous training and development in this field has to lead me to create a business model based on extraordinary customer service and an approach to service like no other in the entire industry.

I welcome you to try Misk SA, and in return, I will offer you my complete support and a world-class photo booth experience or a 100% money-back guarantee.

Yours Sincerely,

Milan Mili

ALOHA Photo Booth - Wedding Photobooths Adelaide

aloha photo booth

+61 415 409 335

Adelaide photo booth hire

At ALOHA Photo Booth Co, we love nothing more than getting THE PARTY STARTED! Our mission is to provide our clients with a fun and modern photo booth experience in Adelaide that’s a touch of luxe to create high-quality prints and images that you and your guests will love.


Our sleek and stylish setups, along with our commitment to photo quality and print design, means that we are proudly one of the most sought-after photo booths hire companies in South Australia!

We’re based in Adelaide but can travel across to the Adelaide Hills, Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale, and beyond for all kinds of events, including weddings, parties, christenings, business launches, corporate activations, school formals, and more!

Our modern photo booths not only deliver exceptional prints and photos, but they’re good looking too!

Our setup is like none other in Adelaide, with a huge range of backdrops and a commitment to creating a modern photo booth experience along with exceptional photo and print quality.

This is not a side hustle! Est 2019 and having completed hundreds of events, we’re experienced and passionate about creating the best photo booth experience for all kinds of weddings, events, and celebrations across Adelaide and beyond! 

We don’t just offer a range of stock standard templates. 

Each and every print template is custom designed to suit your wedding or event, and we never put our business name or details on your prints.

Red Carpet Photobooths - Wedding Photobooths Adelaide

red carpet photobooths

0438 174 470

Australian Made



Red Carpet Photobooths are the most affordable, premium, Australian made Photo Booths for hire in Adelaide.

As you can see, our Photobooths are unlike any others on offer. We are unique in style and sophistication. Custom made and designed to heighten the feeling around any occasion. Our photo booths add a touch of fun and class to any Adelaide party. No matter what you’re celebrating, a milestone birthday, wedding, work function or engagement, our affordable and classically stunning photo booths are a perfect attraction.


Every party has a budget, and we do our best to work with yours. Despite our photo booths being custom made and making use of the highest quality equipment on the market, we can still beat the competition on price. We want to ensure your wedding, birthday party or event is awesome, so our prices are heavily reduced, and our professional and reliable attendants will guarantee your guests have an enjoyable and memorable event.

Our photo booths are fitted with Canon 18mp DSLR Cameras, studio-quality flash strobes and professional Dye Sub printers.

See yourself and up to 10 friends or more on the 22-inch touchscreen viewing monitor as you pose for each photo!

Our booths print 2 identical photo strips in 7 seconds..!

What does all this mean? It means our photo booths give you the best experience available in Adelaide or South Australia. Hire one of our photo booths today and watch the fun unfold at your next event.

SA Photobooth Hire - Wedding Photobooths Adelaide

sa photobooth hire

08 8380 8634

Photobooth Adelaide

SA Photobooth Hire has a range of technologically advanced open-air as well as enclosed photo booths. Our photo booths come equipped with automated digital touch screens, state-of-the-art computers and HD cameras for an extraordinary photo experience. You can arrange that perfect shot with our live onscreen viewings – no more getting caught in embarrassing poses! Furthermore, SA Photobooth Hire’s booths offer a unique reprint feature – a plus for big groups. Now, you won’t have to go through the hassle of arranging for reprints. We can do it for you on the spot!


SA Photobooth Hire’s booths are designed to accommodate the photographic requirements an event demands. High definition cameras capture professional images against a backdrop of diffused lighting. This enables us to produce our signature studio-style photos! If you want a different coloured background to match your event theme, we can do that too!

At SA Photobooth Hire, we strive to provide you with a comfortable yet fun setup for your photos. You can get photo strips cut to size in as little as 16 seconds. Each strip has 4 images, with space at the bottom for customised text (go wild personalising it)! We can even upload the images on Facebook if you so wish! Once the event is over, you get to take all photos home on a USB or CD without a cent extra!


SA Photobooth Hire’s booths are the perfect way of upping the style quotient of your next party or event. If you are looking for something fun that the guests will remember for life, our photo booths are just what you need. Here are some of the unique features of SA Photobooth Hire’s booths:

  • High-quality DSLR cameras for professional images
  • Booths equipped with appropriate lighting features to liven up your photos
  • Range of free funky props with every booth
  • Flexibility to personalise your photo strips with your brand logo or text
  • Live onscreen viewing for creating those perfect shots
  • Exclusive reprint feature for instant reprints for your guests
  • Provision for instant Facebook uploads (Optional)
  • Servicing Adelaide, Adelaide Metropolitan and country SA 

Entertainment Adelaide - Wedding Photobooths Adelaide

entertainment adelaide

+61 448 400 901

Photo Booth Hire Adelaide

We all know how much fun a Photo Booth can add to any party or event. The photo booth is guaranteed to attract all of your guests, young and old, throughout the night.

The absolute best part of our Photo Booth Hire Adelaide has to be when you receive the images taken of your friends and family. This leaves you with fun, new and special memories to hold on to for the rest of your happy life together.

For Photo Booth hire Adelaide, this package includes:

  • Professional and trained attendant for the duration of the night
  • USB with all the high-res images taken
  • Access to all themed props
  • Custom designed photo strip

There are both Open and Closed style booths are available.

  • 3 Hour Package
  • 4 Hour Package
  • 5 Hour Package

The 5 Hour Package also includes a leather-bound photo album for your guests to stick one of their strips into and leave congratulatory messages.

Wedding Packages

Our mission is to make your event memorable.

Wedding Entertainment is non-negotiable. People often say there are a few things you need to nail to get the perfect wedding. Food, drinks and ENTERTAINMENT! Well, we believe that to be very true, and that’s why we’re here to help give you an Event to Remember.

Below, you’re able to browse the various packages we have on offer for your dream wedding. We’ve put these packages together specifically, which means that you’re able to choose the right entertainment with the right vibe.

Olympic Party Hire - Wedding Photobooths Adelaide

olympic party hire

(08) 8346 5546

Our photo booths will capture the fun and excitement during your event, with your guests taking as many photos as they like to remember your wedding, corporate function, engagement party, or milestone birthday. Our new GIF and Snapchat booth allow you to take Snapchats and instantly print, while you can send GIF’s, photos and Boomerangs – a great addition to your corporate event or special occasion.

Another popular item is our Instabooth; its #hashtag enabled, meaning any Instagram post with your chosen hashtag will instantly be printed. Perfect for increasing social media coverage of your event, especially business events and weddings.

About Us

Olympic Party Hire is a family company at heart, striving to provide quality service & products for your event. Founded by three brothers, the company has grown from a simple backyard party to now being able to cater to Weddings, large festivals and events. We pride ourselves on having new and exciting products whilst still having the traditional must-haves & all at competitive pricing.

Who we are

  • We are conveniently located on South Road, Thebarton.
  • Adelaide was born and bred. What started as a small company run by three brothers now employs a large number of South Australians.
  • We cater to any occasion and budget.
  • Value and customer service drove. We strive to keep our prices competitive in the industry whilst delivering outstanding customer service.
  • Events that Olympic Party Hire has been involved with in the past have included Santos Tour Down Under, Spring Affair - McLaren Vale, Crush Festival, Hot Dub Wine Machine, Unley Gourmet Gala, Oakbank Easter Races, Adelaide Fringe Festival and the Adelaide 500.

Today’s Photobooth - Wedding Photobooths Adelaide

today’s photobooth

1300 638 930


Our Adelaide Photo Booth hire provides entertainment for all ages. From kids parties through to weddings, engagements, corporate events, fundraisers and more!

Our booths are easy to operate, and our on-site Professional Photoboothologist is always there to lend a hand and ensure a fun time is had by everyone.

Interactive photo booths are all the rage these days. Grab a prop, strike a pose and collect your print – right there and then!

Bring a friend or two and let yourself go with our open-air vintage-style photobooth or our very impressive mirror booth. Either way – you’re guests will never get bored with unlimited photo prints at their fingertips!



The Adelaide Photobooth market wasn’t always a hustling trade. Back in the old days, about 5 to 10 years ago, photobooths were a rare sight in the South Australian market.

Owner and lead photographer for Professional Photos and Video, Michelle Forte, saw this gap and took charge of changing it.

Back in 2014, Michelle set out to put her graphic design, photography & year 8 woodwork skills to the test…

  • She worked out the core ingredients that make for a great photobooth experience.
  • Then she hand-made her very first photo booth.
  • It was tested at a few events and turned out to be an absolute success!
  • And the journey began!


We use high-quality props and supply you with the highest quality photo booth prints on the market. There’s no room for second best around here!

Being a professional photographer at many events, Michelle has seen all manner of booths. From the manual “person holding a camera” booth to the “attempt-a-booth” DIY options, and of course, some amazing professional setups too.

With years of analysis and investigations under her belt, Michelle worked out the key ingredients for a successful photo booth experience.

When you hire a booth with Today Photobooth – you’re getting the best of everything. You’ll get completely customised service from beginning to end. We give you and your guests service with a smile. We ensure high quality every step of the way.

Modern Party - Wedding Photobooths Adelaide

modern party

+61 8 8351 9902


Modern Party is an Adelaide based wedding and event hire company that prides itself on bringing a unique edge to any event. Our passion for innovative products combined with our desire to stay ahead of the crowd sees us constantly sourcing the latest items from around the globe.

At Modern Party, we believe it’s all about you, doing our service next to none. We want to make sure your wedding or event goes off without a hitch and are happy to work out a package that best suits the needs of you and your event. 

While many of our products are exclusive to us, we endeavour to provide competitive prices, enabling you to have the latest products at no extra cost. Our warehouse is conveniently located on the outskirts of Adelaide’s city centre, and while we offer pick-up on a number of products, we are happy to look after all aspects of delivery and set up, leaving you to relax in the knowledge that you are in good hands.

Whether it’s a wedding, birthday or function, let the team at Modern Party make your event unforgettable! 


Modern Party is an Adelaide based wedding and event hire company that prides itself on bringing a unique edge to any event. Our passion for innovative products combined with our desire to stay ahead of the crowd sees us constantly sourcing the latest items from around the globe.

Supreme Photobooths - Wedding Photobooths Adelaide

supreme photobooths

0419 801 301


With your upcoming Adelaide Wedding, Birthday, Corporate function, School Formal or another special event in Adelaide, we can assure you that having a photo booth is a great way for your guests to have fun! Being able to capture multiple funny and unique moments in your own personal booth is sure to make your event extra special.

Supreme Photobooths hire is . . . well, Supreme! With the Royal Treatment Experience we have to offer. You won’t need to look any further. Our emphasis is on fun and high-quality images that will capture the moments you might otherwise miss out on.

Click on the photos below and see how clear, colourful and vibrant our photo booth prints are!!


Supreme Photo Booths focus on great customer service and use professional equipment to ensure the highest quality photos and photo strips.

Our booths are operated by a 22inch touch screen that gives the user the option of choosing Colour, B&W or Sepia strips or 6×4 photos.

The photos are displayed after the shots are taken and give the guests an option to leave a video message.

Our Adelaide photo booths and mirror booths come with a great selection of props, unlimited photo strips and industry-leading touch screen technology, allowing your guests to have a memorable night of fun!

Check out our Facebook page and see for yourself how clear, colourful and vibrant our photos are!!

Choose from our fully enclosed signature booth with a red or black curtain, stand-alone open photo booth or our genuine Mirror frame.

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