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Top 20 Eyebrow & Cosmetic Tattoo Salons – Melbourne (2024)

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Melbourne's Best Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoo Salons

As the age-old saying goes, brows are the windows to the soul, which means having good ones is bloody crucial.

In the last couple of years, cosmetic eyebrow tattooing has taken the world by storm, mostly because men and women are saving HOURS each week not plucking and pencilling the bejeezus out of their brows, and people are now lining up out the door to get them handcrafted to perfection.

cosmetic eyebrow tattoo in melbourne

Up Your Brow Game At 11 Of Melbourne’s Most Trusted Eyebrow Studios

If the eyes are the window to the soul, then the eyebrows are the key to eternal happiness. However, nailing the optimal shape or colour for your own face can be a tricky feat, and nobody really wants to live the over plucked brow game of the 90s.

Check out this microblading melbourne salon list which has everything you might need near you.

To take the stress out of getting your eyebrows sculptured, coloured, waxed, threaded, microbladed, laminated—well, you name it really—we’ve rounded up Melbourne's most trusted eyebrow studios.

Below we list the best places in Melbourne to get your eyebrows done.

Fortunately, the Melbourne beauty scene is delivering the goods in terms of quality and professional eyebrow feathering services, and we’ve saved you even more time by sussing out the best ones.

Beauty doesn't always come easy. It can take hours to look on-point for a party or a date, and sometimes we just wanna relax and leave it to the pros. 

So why struggle with the DIY route when you can hire makeup artists and beauticians to pamper you from head to toe? We've listed the top beauty shops in Melbourne that'll have you looking and feeling your best in no time!

Below is a list of the top and leading Beauty Salons in Melbourne. To help you find the best Beauty Salons located near you in Melbourne, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

This article is updated every 3-4 months.

We all love a bit of pampering when times are tough (or let's face it, even when they aren't). Luckily, Melbourne has a bunch of different beauty salons to indulge in, but how do we know which ones are the best?

What Are Beauty Salons?

Sydney is a busy city, so there are tons of beauty salons offering a vast selection of treatments that benefit your mind, body, and soul. They're our one-stop wellness shops for when you're on-the-go and need a break from your hectic schedule. From nail salons and hair parlours to day spas and cosmetic clinics, their trained therapists will help you get red carpet ready for any occasion! Here are the most popular services you can find in most beauty salons in Australia:

Hairstyling & Colouring

Makeup & Brow Tints

Manicure & Pedicure

Waxing & Brow threading

Laser & IPL Hair Removal 

Facials & Foot Spas

Body Scrubs & Massages

eyebrow tattoo service

It is no secret we all love to be pampered every now and again. We're lucky that Melbourne has many different beauty salons to be pampered in. But how do you know which one is the best? Whether you want to spoil yourself with a facial or want a new tan or to get some fancy gel nails for an upcoming wedding – here are the highest rated beauty salons in Melbourne. 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder… But it's also in these Urban List approved salons, which have perfected the art of primping. We "endure" facials, massages, body scrubs, and wraps to find the best beauty salons in Melbourne so you can rest assured your face, body, hands and toes are well tended to.

We've done the hard yards and tested as many facials in Melbourne as our (now glowing) skin can handle. Are you looking for those sweet additional perks? Or maybe you prefer a more clinical approach? We've rounded up six of the finest facials – with a range of techniques and philosophies – where you'll actually see results.

We asked you to pick the best beauty therapists in Melbs, and the results are in. Whether you want to fake that summer glow, spoil yourself with a relaxing facial, or simply get your nails did - here are the Best Beauty Therapists in Melbourne, as chosen by you! 

We're missing many aspects of everyday life during the season of social distancing—travel, restaurants, and human contact, to name a few. Another aspect we've been longing for, however, is professional skincare; namely, an excellent facial.

So, with New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria all announcing revised restrictions around salon visits (treatments will resume on June 1st to be precise), the time to book in for a decadent treatment has finally arrived.

Luckily, we've done the legwork for you to ensure your skin is treated to the most luxurious experience possible.

Here, Vines of the Yarra Valley rounds up the best facial spots throughout all of Sydney—where clinicians and dermatologists manage to elevate both skincare and relaxation to the next level.

From a Victoria Beckham-approved treatment to the newest skincare technology to glamorous add-ons (such as valet parking) – these are the best facials in town.

Touted as a "wellness experience" rather than a day spa, the newly-opened Willow in Armadale is the kind of place you can while away an entire day, taking a respite from reality.

We recommend starting your holistic journey by consulting the resident Ayurvedic specialist (who endorses a system of traditional Indian medicine, including yoga, acupuncture, herbal medicine and massage). They can tailor a program incorporating massage and mindfulness classes, and help you find the right facial. The facial menu includes the Vital Hydration, Golden Glow, Rose Quartz Holistic and Advanced Antioxidant treatments.

We particularly recommend the Golden Glow, which involves a 24-karat gold-leaf treatment. It's designed to boost collagen production in the skin and increase skin cell renewal. ("Gold has so many benefits when it comes to skin," says Dr Maryam Zamani, founder of MZ Skin. "Working to stimulate the production of your natural collagen levels, it can help to reduce long-term collagen loss.")

Check out our range of microblading melbourne salon around Melbourne to help with your problems. 

During the Rose Quartz Holistic facial, the therapist applies constant pressure with rose-quartz rollers and gua sha massage tools (which are all the rage at the moment). Some claim the rolling motion of the cool stone against the skin helps to clear toxins and decrease puffiness, particularly under the eyes.

While the global beauty industry is still on the fence as to whether these tools actually work, we can personally vouch for their effectiveness in this case.

20 Of The Best Places To Get Your Brows Tattooed In Melbourne

cosmetic eyebrow tattoos


Mt, Eliza & Mornington

Phone: (03) 9787 7716
Address: 12 Canadian Bay Rd, Mount Eliza VIC 3930
Email: [email protected]

eyebrow tattoo service in Melbourne

Rachael Bebe is a specialist in natural effect eyebrows, eyebrow microblading, feathering or hair stroke eyebrow tattooing & based in Mt Eliza, Victoria.

The look we create looks like real hair, excellent for enhancing faded, patchy and thin eyebrows, or creating those designer brows you've always wanted.

Cosmetic Tattooing (also known as micro-pigmentation, Microblading, or Semi-Permanent Make-up) is a gentle process where a water-soluble pigment is deposited into the skin to create gorgeous long-lasting colour. Cosmetic Tattooing enhances eyebrows, upper and lower eyeliner, the color and shape of your lips, and even enhances your lashes.

Cosmetic Tattooing and Microblading devises I used to ensure absolute precision, hygiene, minimal noise and shorter treatment time, guaranteeing your process is just seem less with magnificent results Based on the Mornington Peninsula, in Mt Eliza (about 40 minutes drive from Melbourne), My name is Rachael Bebe, and I have been performing cosmetic tattooing to provide permanent make-up solutions and empower women for more than 16 years. It's your face, you deserve the best!


  • Your lips are uneven
  • Your lips are terribly lined
  • Your lips are thin
  • You love to get full lips
  • You have allergies
  • You have faint eyebrows
  • You have no eyebrows
  • You are sick of smudging make-up
  • Too busy to apply make-up
  • Lack of confidence
  • You want to look and feel better
  • Your brows are sparse
  • Sick of seeing old in the mirror
  • Skin is looking old
  • Poor vision
  • Ageing

Cosmetics Melbourne Rachael Bebe

The Peach Club

Want power brows that’d make Cara blush? The Peach Club in Collingwood has got your back. This place is one of the prettiest cosmetic tattoo bars we've ever seen. It's more like apartment porn: leather sofa, classy lighting, white washed walls and the odd artful plant in the corner.

The team also run MJ Driver, the tattoo removal bar in the same building, so whether the ink's going on or coming off, they should be able to handle it. Pro tip: Peach Club also do freckle tattoos for that Pippy Longstocking-sun-kissed look.

Looking for a microblading melbourne salon? Look no further,we got you a list to look and save your time.


MienBrows’ Nichole is a beauty professional with no less than fourteen years of experience under her belt. She uses her original ‘Brow Mapping Technique’ to achieve highly sought after ‘Golden Ration’ brows and to formulate the perfect shape for your face (we’re sold—you can’t argue with maths, right?).

These newly handcrafted caterpillars will give your face more symmetry and improve its overall structural appearance (basically it’s a small price to pay to make a full transformation into a supermodel). Cost-wise, MienBrow’s cosmetic feathering may put a bigger dent in your wallet, but their high-quality services will have a bigger and longer-lasting impact on your face and Snapchat selfie confidence.

Cosmetic Tattooing Melbourne

Not only does an appointment at Cosmetic Tattooing Melbourne get you a pair of jaw-dropping eye moustaches, but you walk out the door with a satisfaction guarantee—bonza! CTM offer multiple eyebrow feathering styles, including the feather-touch brow technique, the two-dimensional technique and the Baby Steps technique (for worry warts).

The price for cosmetic brow tattooing is a flat $600 for two sessions, but you can also bundle that up in a cosmetic tattooing package with upper and lower eyeliner tattooing for $1,250. Throw a full lip tattoo in there and they’ll make it $1,850 (when in Rome??).

Amanda McGregor

Amanda McGregor has been in the brow biz for over thirty years and has been eyebrow feathering for as long as a decade. She has a long list of over a dozen beauty qualifications and calls cosmetic tattooing her absolute passion (which is probably a good step up from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ for a lot of us).

She even branches out to lip and eyeliner tattooing as well if you’re looking to get the full works. Prices start from $780 for a microblade hair stroke brow fill and go all the way up to $980 for the Ombre’s Brows. If this isn’t enough info, just head to her website where you’ll also see she has 5-star reviews coming out of her ears.

Bat Your Lash

Looking for something all-vegan and natural? Head over to Bat Your Lash for an organic Henna Spa Tint, it’s a surefire way of getting the brows of your dreams without all the nasty stuff (begone, gross chemicals!).

Using only vegan and cruelty-free products, the salon engages in sustainable practices by teaming up with Sustainable Salons, who personally collect and reuse their plastic, paper and waste. With a focus on clients loving themselves, the planet and animals, every aspect of Bat Your Lash has been carefully curated to reduce its impact on the environment. From copper bowls at the pedicure stations, bamboo mascara wands and eco-friendly washing liquids, to a tight recycling policy and toxic-free nail polishes—every part of the salon is a deliberate and thoughtful act. They have a gorgeous, plant-filled interior for all your Instagram needs, and it’s also the first pooch-friendly salon in Victoria!

Whether ethical beauty (or dog-spotting) is on your agenda or not, it’s nice to know Bat Your Lash are minimising your footprint on the planet while keeping your brows on fleek.

Lash & Brow Boudoir

If you’re feeling like something a little bit fancy, then head on over to the Lash & Brow Boudoir in Richmond where all services come with a touch of *class*. These guys are one of Melbourne’s favourite eye-related destinations, basically because they inject luxury and old-world glamour into everything they do.

This east-side beauty oasis employs the Microblading Feather Touch Brow Embroidery Technique, which gives you a lush 12-24 months worth of on-point brows. During your appointment, they’ll take you through the different colours available and then measure and design you the perfect set of forehead beards for your face. Prices start $495 for a microblading feather stroke brow or a powder brow, or you can fork out $550 for a combination of both.

Brows And Beyond

Brows and Beyond on the Bayside boast that their eyebrow feathering is their most requested service because their signature designs give you a natural-looking pair of caterpillars that’ll frame your features and inject youth into your face (note: this is a metaphor, she doesn’t sell ‘youth’ by the vile).

Each set of forehead fringes is custom designed to suit the client’s unique facial shape and each individual hair is meticulously crafted and woven together in the direction of your natural brow hair (so you can tell everyone you’re born with it). Prices start from $445 for a partial brow and go up to $795 for a 3D feathered hair stroke brow.

For more beauty tips, head to our Health section.

Dry and Tea at Myer 

There is no doubt that the Dry and Tea staff knows all the ins and outs around the beauty salon. This is a beauty blow dry bar that will ensure you are looking mighty fine. They everything from nails to facials and they will have you looking beautiful from head to toe.


The girls here know how to give out the perfect waxes, and they can take hair removal to the top level. They specialise in brows and Brazilians. You can rest assured the beauty queens will take good care of you. They are in three different locations, and you can certainly book yourself in which spot is closest to you. Time to check it out for yourself and see what all the rave is about. There is a pampering package to suit you.

Brazilian butterfly

This is another go-to for waxing located in Melbourne. It has over 30 locations just in Melbourne alone. Time to feel smooth again wherever you are. There are the basic waxing services, or you can take up their great offer spray tans and even laser hair removal. 

Beauty and bronze 

This is a Camberwell beauty salon, and it is a truly stunning space. It has been decked out with couches and comfy cushions to help you relax that little bit more. You are offering many different skin treatments with an online store where you can get a hold of your beauty essentials when you are having a day in.

The Hive beauty

This place is like a cosy den that is hidden away in St Kilda. The hive is there to help you rejuvenate. Time to feel like a queen bee and get you relaxation massage, nail treatment and facials all done in the one place by the team who knows how to create your perfect look.

Victoria Jade

Located on Greville street Prahran, Victoria Jade will help you to bring out the best side of you. This is a salon that specialises in skin, makeup and brows. Even if you just need your makeup done for that special occasion, look no further than Victoria Jade. Do you need a facial peel to help rid your face of impurities? This place has you covered.

Mobile Beauty Co.

If you prefer to get pampered at home on those lazy days, then you are in luck. Beauty co will come to you with their mobile salon equipped with everything they need do you don't need to even step a foot outside today. From lash extensions to nails and beautiful brows not to mention everything in between this is truly a wonderful team to experience some personal pampering from.

See more of our list of microblading melbourne salons near you.


Permanent makeup has been the go-to choice for all kinds of women for decades.

Cosmetic tattooing, also called permanent makeup (PMU), has delivered many benefits to women of all ages. The ability to semi-permanently enhance your appearance, while achieving a natural look, holds much appeal. Cosmetic tattoos can be helpful for a range of reasons. Cosmetic tattooing can help:

busy people save time by removing the need to apply makeup on a daily basis
correct a physical issue or flaw such as over plucked eyebrows, eyebrow scars, pale and unevenly coloured lips, or eyes with little definition
women who struggle to apply their makeup because of poor vision or watery eyes
if you want your makeup to last. Sometimes makeup doesn’t even last for a full day or for an entire event.

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up in the morning, rinse your face, and just go, with your face already made up?

Whether you just find it difficult to get that perfect eyeliner shape, or if you would like to be able to skip a few makeup steps in your routine, permanent makeup might be worth considering. However, as with any major cosmetic procedure, you should know exactly what you’re getting into before getting permanent makeup done.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about permanent makeup – exactly what it is, and how it is done, all of the pros and cons, the different kinds of permanent makeup services that exist, the safety concerns, maintenance, and even how to choose the perfect permanent makeup artist for you!

Permanent Makeup Guide: Contents

  • What Is Permanent Makeup?
  • How Is Permanent Makeup Done?
  • Who Is Permanent Makeup Good for?
  • People Who Should Not Have Permanent Makeup Done
  • Pros & Cons of Getting Permanent Makeup
  • Is Permanent Makeup Safe?
  • Preparing for the Permanent Makeup Procedure
  • What to Expect After Permanent Makeup
  • Aftercare and Maintenance of Permanent Makeup
  • Choosing the Right Cosmetic Tattoo Artist
  • Cost of Permanent Makeup
  • How Long Does the Permanent Makeup Last?
  • Common Types of Permanent Makeup
  • Permanent Makeup Removal

You've just rolled out of bed. Your blowout is intact. You grab a bottle of Soylent, throw on yesterday's jeans, and get out of the house in under three minutes. Either you're living in 2069 and have purchased a Jaclyn Hill x Google in-home makeup artist...or you have a face full of semipermanent cosmetic tattoos.

Melbourne Wedding Dress Shop

Chances are, you've already heard of microblading. Thanks to an exponentially exploding interest in brows over the past few years, the eyebrow-tattooing technique has gone practically mainstream. But brows are just the beginning. Cosmetic makeup artists are also inking on freckles, lip colors, and more — making it possible to wake up with a face full of makeup even here in 2019. But as cosmetic ink gets more common, it's important to remember that the key term in semipermanent makeup is "permanent."

"Clients come in and say, 'I’d never get a body tattoo,' and in my mind, I’m like, 'You know you're tattooing your face right now,'" laughs Kendra Bray, owner of New York City salon Better Brows & Beauty. Here's exactly what you need to know about microblading, lip blushing, blush tattoos, eyeliner tattoos, freckle tattoos, and scar camouflage before the moment that needle hits your face.

What Is Permanent Makeup?

Dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, permanent makeup, also known as cosmetic tattooing or micropigmentation, is a shallow tattoo that is meant to create the look one would normally achieve with various makeup products. The most frequent permanent makeup options people choose to have done are eyeliner tattoos, lip line tattoos, and eyebrow tattoos.

How Is Permanent Makeup Done?

Using a single-use, disposable needle, a tattoo machine, and special cosmetic tattoo ink, a trained professional injects the ink into the dermis – that is, the central layer of the skin, below the epidermis (the top layer).

The tattoo machine (never a gun) used for cosmetic tattooing is much smaller than the average tattoo gun, and is shaped a little like a pen. It doesn’t inject the ink quite as deep into the skin as a traditional tattoo machine would, which means that permanent makeup does not last as long as an average tattoo.

Who Is Permanent Makeup Good for?

While everyone can consider getting permanent makeup done, there are people that are advised to go for it.

• People with alopecia and other conditions that can cause eyebrow and eyelash hair loss.

• Those who lack fine motor skills, and struggle to apply their own makeup.

• Anyone who would like to cut down on the hassle of doing makeup.

• Anyone with sensitive eyes or an allergy to many makeup products (just make sure to have a patch test done with the ink first!)

People Who Should Not Have Permanent Makeup Done

And, of course, there are people that aren’t advised to try permanent makeup ever.

• Those taking blood thinners or who have diabetes.

• Anyone suffering from immunosuppressive illnesses, like HIV.

• Anyone with blemishes or active acne where they would like the permanent makeup applied.

• Those with skin prone to scarring.

Pros & Cons of Getting Permanent Makeup

Like anything else, permanent makeup also has its pros and cons, and you should carefully examine them before deciding to get one done.


• Permanent makeup conveniently saves the hassle of applying makeup every day.

• Lasts a long time, but is not totally permanent.

• Perfect for those who have a difficult time applying makeup due to mobility or sight issues.


• Permanent makeup can hurt, even with the use of topical anesthetic.

• There are some risks associated with the procedure (see above).

• Some mistakes can be difficult to correct.

• Colors sometimes change overtime.

• After-care is quite involved.

While it may seem like the cons outnumber the pros, the cons are fairly minor for the most part, while the pros of permanent makeup can seriously improve a person’s life.

Are cosmetic tattoo pigments natural or safe?

People often ask if cosmetic tattoo pigments are natural, but I believe what they really should ask is if they are safe. After all, the most dangerous poisons in the world are natural. We also don’t want to tax our natural resources to decorate ourselves.

Natural ingredients and vegetable pigments or food colouring are not considered safe as they can provoke an allergic reaction. For this reason, cosmetic tattoo pigments are often synthetic. There are, however, two types of pigments that are used:

  • Organic pigments, made from lakes pigments
  • Inorganic pigments, made from iron and zinc oxides.

Organic pigments (or lakes) are carbon-based and can dissolve in water in the body. They are therefore coated in a metallic substance, or oxide, which prevents them from dissolving in the body. The coating isolates the pigment from the body, making it safe. Even though this coat reduces the risk of an allergic reaction, organic pigments are more likely to cause an allergic reaction than inorganic pigments. Organic pigments also seem to fade faster than inorganic pigments.

Inorganic pigments are generally synthetically produced metals (or oxides). Iron oxides are the most common and are considered stable and non-toxic, making them safe to use. In general, people don’t seem to react to iron oxide.

Pigments are ground into a fine powder, which is then suspended in glycerine, distilled water and alcohol as they need to be in a liquid form to be implanted under the skin. The size of these molecules is at least 6 microns to prevent the pigment from spreading.

Is Permanent Makeup Safe?

Permanent makeup, like any tattooing, includes some risks. However, as long as you take necessary precautions, you will likely end up with phenomenal results and no serious side effects.

Necessary precautions include choosing a well-trained and experienced professional to perform your permanent makeup service (more information on that in a bit), and following all of their instructions to a T.

Potential risks of permanent makeup include:

• Allergic reaction to the pigment (a professional permanent makeup artist will conduct a patch test before tattooing large areas).

• Scarring, either due to poor technique on the part of the artist, or if you are predisposed to scarring.

• Infection, either due to poor after-care or due to poor sanitary conditions at the salon/ studio where the tattooing was performed.

• Infection with blood-borne diseases, like HIV or hepatitis, due to poor (and even negligent and criminal) sanitary conditions.

• Negative reactions to sun exposure or MRI’s due to poor quality pigment or allergies.

• Negative reactions to the topical anesthetic used to numb the skin may also occur, so it is also important to patch test the anesthetic.

Preparing for the Permanent Makeup Procedure

There are a few things you should do before having your permanent makeup done to ensure that you have the best experience and best results possible!

• Be mentally prepared for the procedure. If you are nervous, try meditating to get yourself in a calm state of mind.

• Avoid drinking coffee the day of the procedure.

• Avoid drinking excessive amounts of alcohol or taking drugs a few days before your permanent makeup appointment.

• Keep your skin as healthy and robust as possible, by keeping it well moisturized.

How does it all work?

Microblading, the most popular form of permanent makeup, is a fancy name for an eyebrow tattoo. Instead of the shockingly dark brows you may have seen on members of the Silent Generation, the modern technique simulates individual hair strokes for a natural look. Cosmetic tattoo artists use a super fine pen to deposit pigment directly under the skin. You may also hear names like brow feathering or microshading. "People will claim different techniques for marketing purposes," says Bray. Other techniques still fall under the umbrella of natural-looking hair strokes, and the important part is to study examples of your artist's work and make sure you're a fan before booking an appointment.

Who does it work for?
If filling in your brows is a crucial part of your beauty routine, you might want to look into microblading. To its credit, the procedure is dermatologist-approved. "I think it is an ideal treatment for restoration of the eyebrows," says board-certified L.A.-based dermatologist Ava Shamban. She's such a fan of the procedure that she even does microblading procedures in her own clinics. There's one major pro to getting your work done at a dermatologist's office: "We can be prepared for the unforeseen complications and act or react accordingly," says Shamban.

Even if you choose to go with a cosmetic tattoo artist without a medical degree, talk to your dermatologist to make sure your skin is amenable to a tattoo. Bray turns away potential clients with oily skin or large pores. "Microblading only looks great when you can achieve fine details," says Bray. "People with oily skin won't heal with the crisp strokes you need to achieve a natural look."

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