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Top 10 Belly Dancers in Melbourne, Victoria (2024)

There are so many factors that go into planning your dream wedding. From the venue to your choice of food and decorations, it's easy to get overwhelmed with the details.

But one detail you certainly can't afford to gloss over is your wedding entertainment. You can't forget that your wedding is, after all, a party. For many folks – yourself included – this will be their biggest party of the year!

People come to your wedding. But they'll always remember the entertainment.

Not to put any pressure on you, but whom you choose for your wedding entertainment will likely define how fondly you and your guests remember your big day.

Are you located in Melbourne, Victoria, planning a wedding and looking for Belly Dancers? When you are planning your big day, you probably want everything just perfect. One of the best ways to make sure that it all turns out the way you dreamed it to select every vendor yourself personally. This way, you can choose the ultimate location, the best entertainment and the most delicious food, and craft your perfect wedding day.

We've created an ultimate list of Best Belly Dancer Hire to save you time and money.

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Best Wedding Belly Dancers in Melbourne

Golden Sand Belly Dance Melbourne 

Golden Sand Belly Dance Melbourne

61 402 433 435  

Spice Up Your Next Event with Belly Dancer Hire in Melbourne!

If you want to find some unique entertainment for your next event – you can! Thanks to Golden Sands, it is easy to get in touch with the most exquisite belly dancers for hire in all of Melbourne.

Whether you want to hire one for a birthday party or like to learn how to do it for yourself, all it takes is one phone call to hire our belly dancers today!

Golden Sands is the centre of belly dance in Melbourne—this is where the best of the best dancers come to learn their skills. Princess Jasmina's AML Golden Sands Studios is the perfect place to find professional belly dancers for every occasion in groups or individuals, with your own private belly dance also available.

We regularly perform at weddings, hafla parties, kitchen tea parties, hens nights, festivals and all other types of occasions or parties. You can hire groups or individual dancers who will give your party or event an exotic atmosphere like no other form of entertainment can. Belly dancers are experienced in Mediterranean, Balkan, Middle Eastern & European dance; all very sensual and exotic, perfect for any event.

Hire a belly dancer for your birthday party, festivals and functions

Princess Jasmina has danced in all kinds of shows and displays. She continues to perform as a regular professional belly dancer in Melbourne club venues, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, festivals, cultural events, and university open-days. From your birthday, wedding, or engagement party, to mitzvahs, circumcision celebrations, private parties, corporate functions, RSLs and Television, our belly dancer Jasmina is the best you could hire in the business.

Solo Performances

Call us now for an exciting, sensual and sizzlingly fast LIVE SOLO PERFORMANCE from one of Melbourne's hottest and most sought-after belly dance sensations PRINCESS JASMINA! She is the ideal guest artist to have at your next event or celebration: Wedding Celebration, Engagement Party, Kitchen Tea Party, Hafla Party, HENS PARTY, Birthday Party, Christening, Circumcision Celebration, Dance Festival, Music Festival, Arts Festival, Exhibition, Concert, Night (Venue) Club Party, Night (Venue) Bar Party, etc.

Princess Jasmina's live solo performances:

  • Live, energetic belly dancing
  • Princess Jasmina performs in All styles and genres:
  • Greek, Turkish, Lebanese, Gypsy, Egyptian, Indian, Arabic, African
  • Tribal, European Folkloric, Latin, Samba and Bollywood.
  • Highly professional, artistically skilled
  • Beautiful and elegant presence!
  • Props used in her performances:
  • Veil, 1 to 4 Swords, Wings, Zills, Cane, tarabuca (tabla drum),
  • Tef (skinned tambourine), daggers, shamadan (candelabra)
  • Interaction and involvement with audience participation
  • Table and chair dancing
  • Indoor and outdoor (except in cold and wet weather climates)
  • Small or large scale dance floors and on-stage solo performance
  • routines (non-choreographed)
  • Dance to CD music compilations and CD long tracks & audio
  • tape backing
  • Improvised belly dance to live orchestra and live band

 Hire belly dancers as a duo, trio and more

Princess Jasmina & Chris are currently Melbourne's most highly requested duo. Their show caters for live floorshows at big receptions, corporate functions, celebrations and parties. Both belly dancers complement each other's skills with years of experience behind them. The female and male duo is a much-requested combination to please all onlookers.

Their dance is high-charged with loads of fun and excitement, skill and audience interaction. Their presentation and services are very professional and respectable. Both dancers are dressed in colourful belly dance costumes and animated with varying props listed above. Clients may request a preference of costume colour and reinforcements preferred at their celebration.

We also cater for an all-female cast of dancers should clients make the proposed request. Our dancers are very professional, exciting, fast, and highly skilled in their craft. They are beautiful and very appealing in appearance.

Belly dance troupe

Why not consider surprising your guests with a bigger surprise by booking a live belly dancer troupe show with Princess Jasmina, Chris and the Golden Sands Bellyrinas. Our performances are colourful, highly skilled, and well presented with exotic feminine beauty. Shows are animated with props, original troupe choreographies and improvised dances.


Amera's Palace Belly Dancer Melbourne 

Amera's Palace Belly Dancer Melbourne

0411 387 188

The Palace boutique is bursting with belly dance costumes, costume hire and festival wear.

Shop online or visit our store in Marrickville, Sydney. 

Our spacious dance studio offers a range of belly dance classes and is available for hire.

The Palace Studio is fast becoming a top location for Sydney dance studio hire and venue hire. Housed within the Amera's Palace Bellydance Boutique complex, the studio offers 200 sq metres of clearspan rehearsal and performance space. It is sunny, modern and airy, with 14 metres of full height mirrors. Space has a kitchen, two bathrooms and two lounge/meeting areas. The Palace Studio is close to all the cafes and amenities of Marrickville and has on-site parking at the rear.


Soul Brazil Belly Dancer Melbourne 

Soul Brazil Belly Dancer Melbourne

03 9039 2163

Hire Brazilian Entertainers – Enjoy Rio Carnival in Melbourne

Events and parties are very important, especially due to the busy professional lives we live. However, making an event outstanding and memorable is very important for its success. Co-ordinated performances of dance and music can add to the glamour of your event, and Brazilian entertainers in Melbourne are known to offer just that. For years, Brazilian dancing has been famous across the globe, due to the sheer entertainment quotient they provide and the festive atmosphere they create. But with globalization at its peak, you can now enjoy Brazilian entertainment in Melbourne or any other location in Australia.

Brazilian Samba Entertainment for any Event

 With the wide range of dance styles and other arts that Brazilian Entertainers master, their performances can fit perfectly for a variety of events. From schools to casinos, from parties to professional events, there are numerous event organizers and venues, relying on Brazilian arts and skills to entertain their audience.

At Soul Brazil, we provide the best Brazilian Entertainers in Melbourne, so that our clients get the best out of their events. Our performers are known to perform exceptionally well within the given time frames, offering you an experience of a lifetime. From Samba, Lambada to Capoeira, we master many forms of Brazilian dance and acrobatics to suit various customer requirements. One call to us and we bring the carnival to your event. Our choreographers and dancers can perform according to your requirements and your audience, converting your event into a smooth and entertaining success.

Our Services

 Soul Brazil offers a wide range of services that can suit any requirement in the field of entertainment. Along with highly trained Brazilian dancers, we also offer other forms of Samba entertainments such as:

  • Belly Dancing
  • Latin Dancing
  • Cabarets
  • Middle Eastern Dancing
  • Fire Acts
  • Circus
  • Commercial Dancing

All the services, as mentioned above, are carried out by highly trained professionals so that you get an authentic Brazilian Carnival experience. We also have several talented individuals, such as:

  • Acrobats
  • Choreographers
  • Clowns &Comedians
  • Dancers & Disc Jockey
  • Event Coordinators
  • Illusionists & Magicians
  • Jugglers
  • Models & Performers
  • Presenters & Producers
  • Roving Performers
  • Singers & Speakers
  • Stilt Walkers

You can hire any of the above mentioned skilled performers for small scale events like birthday parties, engagements or children parties, according to your preferences. Our Brazilian Entertainers in Melbourne will arrive right on time and entertain your guests with skills that can mesmerize anyone.

Why Choose Us?

We are dedicated to offering you the best Brazilian Entertainment in Melbourne. We have over 20 years of experience in the field of event management and have handled hundreds of events over time. Our company is one of Oceania's internationally branded premier Brazilian production companies capable of handling events- both abroad and locally. So, whenever you need a glimpse of the Rio Carnival at your doorstep, give us a call on 03 9039 2163 as we run a 24-hour service of entertainment. You can also visit our website and contact us through the Online Form, for which we will revert as quickly as possible.


Club Rakasah Belly Dancer Melbourne 

Club Rakasah Belly Dancer Melbourne

0422 518 671

Our History

Club Rakasah is proud of its involvement with the Belly Dance Community over the past 20 years. There have been many wonderful and outstanding performances gracing our stage.

Pamela's Belly Dance has presented Club Rakasah since 2005. We have had a we are back and once again ready to bring you the Middle Eastern Dance Spectacular, that is Club Rakasah.

Below is a selection of some of the events.

From the moment you walk into Club Rakasah, you are taken on a magic carpet ride to the exotic Middle East, with intoxicating and hypnotic music filling the air.

Discover the exuberant beauty of Bellydance, Oriental dance, Raqs Sharki - all names for the same ancient art form from the Middle East's sands of time. An ancient style of dance that combines the joy of body, soul and spirit. Its evolution has taken different forms depending on the country, region & culture with differences both in costume and dance style.

Belly dancing is considered to be the oldest form of dance by many historical experts, and its roots have been traced to The Middle East, Turkey, The Mediterranean and Africa.

Club Rakasah provides a platform for Bellydancers and musicians to showcase themselves and their art, all for your entertainment. Our performances are mainly Bellydance based, but on occasion also showcase other disciplines of dance such as Burlesque, Polynesian, Flamenco, Capoeira, Lebanese Dance Troupes, Hip Hop, Ballroom and Latin.

Club Rakasah has also paid tribute to iconic belly dancers: Samia Gamal, Taheyya Kariokka, Soheir Zaiki, Nadia Gamal, Nagwa Fouad, Naima Akef & Fifi Abdou.

Come "Dressed To Impress" in after five attire.

Enjoy a meal, or show only - seated at our linen clothed tables with atmospheric candle lighting.

There is also the opportunity for our audience, to shimmy and shake on the dance floor to our live Middle Eastern band Platinum Desert, with awesome DJ: Audi...bringing the hottest Arabic music to our stage.

Pamela is a Melbourne, Australia based professional Belly Dancer and teacher, with over twenty years of experience. She has held numerous and long residencies in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, with thousands of performances at weddings, cultural events, christenings and other special occasions. Internationally she has danced in Egypt, Turkey and Lebanon.

I have loved every moment of sharing this beautiful art form with my audiences!

As a Bellydance teacher, it is a truly humbling and rewarding experience to teach such a graceful, elegant, dynamic and enthusiastic dance style. With women from all walks of life. All cultures, all ages, all shapes and sizes, including 'Belly Babes', little girls under five years of age. Seeing the inner beauty shine and their self-confidence grow a wonderful experience.

I have taught special needs classes for over ten years and continue to do sot is a pleasure. The benefits for the participants of such a dance class are:

  • Giving People the Ability to Express Emotions.
  • Stress Relief.
  • Increased physical fit


Azra Belly Dancer Melbourne 

Azra Belly Dancer Melbourne

0415 257 948

Azra is a vibrant and captivating belly dancer available for any occasion as a solo belly dance performer using swords, wings, veils or a cane (Turkish, Egyptian or Arabic style, Tribal, modern or traditional) or as a part of a group belly dance performance. Both female and male dancers are available.

Azra has been enchanting Melbourne with her beautiful belly dance shows since 2007 at venues and events such as birthdays, exhibitions, artist gatherings, hen's nights, corporate functions, public events, bands, festivals, weddings & restaurants, as a solo artist and in group belly dance choreographies.

Azra is available for any event requiring a Middle Eastern touch as she will ensure to provide the best Middle Eastern entertainment in the city.

Besides belly dance shows and classes as a versatile artist, she offers entertaining and energetic Bollywood and Zumba workshops. Azra is also a Butoh performer. 

Azra had started studying Hatha Yoga and various dance styles 10 years ago and fully committed to belly dance 7 years ago. Since 2004 Azra has actively explored: Bollywood Street Latin, Salsa, Contemporary, Flamenco, West African dance, healing through dance methods and Zen Zen Zo physical theatre and Butoh dance.

Only a few of the places where Azra has performed or performs: Moomba Festival, Woodford Festival, Diwali festival (Sandown racecourse), Riverview Function Centre, Laila reception, Masquerade Ball, Fringe festival Restaurants: Pinarbasi, Minzaman, Rumelis, Safi, Adanali, Little India, Mod-Oz Cafe, Tandoori Flames, Biva, Cupido, Taksim, Ancient Memories, Riverview Function Centre

Spice up your party with the most captivating belly dance show! Make your event memorable explosion of music and colours mixed with the sensuality and cheekiness that Azra brings to your birthday, Christmas party, hens night or any other event.

Azra is a very versatile, experienced belly dance performer that performs in restaurants, dinners, functions, weddings, hen's night, children parties, with bands, for the council etc. using various props like swords, veils, candles, wings, cane and she easily adjusts to any of your needs.

She is available solo or with other dancers and musicians (darbuka and sitar players).

Besides belly dance, she can add to your event some flamenco, Bollywood and modern vibes.


Aya Belly Dancer Melbourne 

Aya Belly Dancer Melbourne

0405 206 556

Hire a professional Belly Dancer to light up your event or party! 

Elegant & authentic entertainment for the whole family

Based in Melbourne, Aya is a French professional belly dancer with more than 8 years' experience in the entertainment industry and can perform beautiful Bellydance shows on Egyptian, Lebanese, Greek or Turkish music for a wide range of events and venues such as weddings, birthday parties, hens night, blessing ways/baby showers, corporate events, restaurants and lounges.

Call Aya on 0405 206 556 or complete the form at the bottom of this page to ask for a free quote and book a belly dance performance with Aya.

Please read the Bellydancing shows' description and rates before enquiring (see below) and visit the gallery page for more photos and videos of belly dancer Aya.

High-end Bellydancing shows in Melbourne

Choose from one of the following Bellydance shows or request a tailored program to suit your needs:

  • Short and Sweet Belly Dance show - 10 to 15min - from $170: Don't be fooled by the apparent short time of this show! Comprising a classy oriental entrance piece, a drum solo and upbeat songs to get your guests moving, it is fun and entertaining—the ideal choice when hiring a belly dancer for small private parties, birthdays or dinners at home.
  • Classic Belly Dance show - about 25min - from $200: A lively performance featuring a dramatic entrance piece with isis wings or veil (depending on the size of the venue) followed by popular songs (cane or finger cymbals may be used as a prop), a drum solo and a grand final. Audience participation is usually included before or after the drum solo. Perfect for larger venues, weddings and for audiences who love to dance!
  • Live Bellydance show - about 25min - from $400 for one drummer and 1 dancer: Experience the unique and powerful energy delivered by a highly-skilled Tabla/derbouka or Lebanese bass drum player. The interaction between music and dance is beautifully underlined with live music, and you'll feel like dancing in no time! Other musicians can also be organized, or Aya can dance to the live band you've hired.
  • Double Belly Dance show - 2 x 15 to 20min - from $280: Double the fun with two full shows! With a change of costume in between sets, one part usually features more traditional and folkloric styles of middle eastern dances but the show can be tailored to your needs. Also available as a Wedding entrance (Zaffe, Zaffeh, Zaffa) followed by a Classic Bellydance Show. Starting from $280 depending on waiting time in between sets.
  • Shimmy Parties - 1h Belly dancing class + optional show and time for photos - from $200 (up to 20 participants, then $10 per extra person): including hip scarves & veils hire plus a FREE beautiful hip scarf for the bride-to-be! Learn shimmies, hip drops, snake arms and more exotic moves, then combine them in a fun routine to remember. A great bonding time with the girls! Aya will travel to your location or can arrange a dance studio hire for you (specify your suburb when asking for a quote). Music is provided, but a good sound system is needed.
  • Special package - from $250: Enjoy a short performance in bejewelled costume after the class! This is our best selling options for Hens nights, baby showers / Blessingways.

Audience participation is included in every show unless otherwise requested.

Note that Aya's belly dance shows are always family-friendly. Kids are more than welcome; they are usually the first ones up and dancing! No all-male audience please. 

Aya can travel around Melbourne, a travel fee may be added.

Are you looking for several bellydancers and drummer / middle eastern musicians? Contact Aya to arrange a show with the best belly dancers in Melbourne! 

It is always better to book well in advance, especially for Saturday nights; however, Aya will always try to accommodate last-minute enquiries when possible.


Zabelle Belly Dancer Melbourne 

Zabelle Belly Dancer Melbourne


 Zabelle, the dancer, the teacher and the artist.

 Australian born to anglo-Mediterranean parents Zabelle has had a passionate commitment to this terpsichorean art. She has been sculptured by masters of various genres and styles of dance.

In 1998 she discovered Middle Eastern dance. This journey began unfolding wisdom and skill that was already inherent in her style. A professional and qualified dance teacher trained both in Melbourne and interstate. Concentrating on techniques given first hand by the masters and great artists of belly dance. 

Zabelle is highly respected in traditional and contemporary styles. Her unique, elegant techniques, and interpretation of belly dance. She is dedicated to delivering a class filled with encouragement, projecting a supportive atmosphere. 

Zabelle admits to being an expressive and untamed performer. A choreographer where a memorable season displayed for Melbourne Opera. Melbournes Moomba festival the main stage 'Royal Bellydance' showcase, besides numerous documentaries and folk festivals. 

  Proudly, Zabelle has achieved ongoing education throughout her dance career. Bellydance has been a dedicated style since 1998, searching for answers with continual training.

   This training can now be added to Zabelle's extensive experience in Ballroom and Latin American dance. Accredited teacher in all styles Dancesport, Australian Dance Society. Accredited by Australian Sports Commission. Zabelle is a creative and original choreographer. 

 Zabelle is passionate about the dance and honours all people and aims to educate with ethics. To make moving graceful and with ease.

Wedding Dance Classes are private and available.

 Never danced before? Fees are scheduled per hourly rate of $70.00.

 Getting Married? Would you like to surprise your guests? dance together well.

 Choose your favourite love song and let us create your own special choreography.

 The traditional entrance Zaffa for an Arabic wedding couple.

 Bridal training available.


Nadira Johara Bell Dancer Melbourne 

Nadira Johara Belly Dancer Melbourne

About Nadirah Johara

Nadirah Johara's captivating style, versatile technique, and compelling stage presence make her a dancer that truly sparkles! Her dynamic performances, innate musicality, and charming presence have made her a favourite with audiences everywhere. Whether performing classical belly dance with veil and finger cymbals, or using other props such as sword, wings, or cane, her exhilarating and powerful performances will leave you breathless!

She is a passionate perpetual student, dancer and instructor who works hard to keep this living art form alive. Nadirah Johara has trained under the best instructors in the world, is certified in Hadia's Belly Dance Teacher Training, and has frequented Egypt to deepen her knowledge and experience of the societal and cultural links to Raks Sharqi (Belly Dance). She is certified in Sahra Saeeda's "Journey through Egypt" series. 

Nadirah Johara is a featured dancer at the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean restaurants in the Melbourne and Space Coast areas of Florida. Besides, she performs regularly at cultural festivals, corporate events, stage shows, and private celebrations all across Central Florida.

​Professional dancer Nadirah Johara founded Melbourne Belly Dance (MBD). MBD is a collaboration of dedicated Belly Dance Instructors who strive toward common goals. Located on the Space Coast, Florida's East Coast, MBD seeks to lead the extended Melbourne and Space Coast area belly dance community by continuing to elevate the artistic integrity of belly dance as an art form through the education and training of all aspects of belly dance via classes workshops, retreats, teacher training and event/studio-to-studio support. We aim to develop new standards of achievement for the art form as a whole and redefine the spectrum in which belly dance is perceived, strive to educate both students of dance and the general public by providing a cultural exchange through dance. MBD encourages sharing among community members to increase the success of a community and dancer-sponsored events and is committed to the growth and diversity of the Melbourne and Space Coast Area Belly Dance community. 

​Nadirah Johara offers a wide variety of Bellydance workshops ranging from fun Bellydance Fitness for beginners to advanced professional masterclasses. Workshop length can be designed anywhere from a couple of hours to multiple day or weeklong workshops. Nadirah Johara can customize a workshop package to meet all of your requests and needs. You can mix and match any of Nadirah Johara's formatted workshops or have her design one special for your group.

Contact us for a media packet of topics and promotional materials.


Kaylah Belly Dancer Melbourne 

Kaylah Belly Dancer Melbourne


Liven Up Your Event with a Glamorous Belly Dancer! 

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Kaylah offers Belly Dance performances for birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, engagements, hen's night parties, family parties, weddings, corporate functions, festivals, restaurants or other special occasions.

Kaylah is a delightful and fun-loving performer who has a talent for engaging the audience and ensuring each performance is a memorable one!  

About Belly Dancer Kaylah - Based in Melbourne

Kaylah is a delightful and fun-loving performer who has a talent for engaging the audience and ensuring each performance is a memorable one!

Kaylah has been studying Middle Eastern dance for fifteen years and performing professionally for over a decade.

She is passionate about her art and continues taking classes and workshops with leading International and Australian dancers and musicians. In addition to her solo work, Kaylah dances with a professional troupe of Melbourne's top belly dancers.

Kalyah is a cabaret-style belly dancer and her specialties include:

  • classical Egyptian belly dance
  • · modern belly dance
  • · drum solos
  • · dancing to accompany musicians
  • · belly dance / Bollywood fusion style
  • · silk veil, finger cymbals, cane &
  •         pharaonic wings


Jasmina Belly Dancer Melbourne 

Jasmina Belly Dancer Melbourne

61 402 433 435

The naturally-gifted Melbourne Belly Dance "Artist!"

"Princess Jasmina of Melbourne" is currently one of the hottest and most requested Bellydance performers and Bellydance entertainers the industry has to offer. Excitingly youthful, respectfully innovative and sizzling with commanding presence are but only a few of the immediate impressions emanating from her poetic and invigorating artform. Her energetic flair, a refined sense of musical feel and thrilling savagery, her romantic sensuality and truthful mysticism so timelessly portrayed in her dance have continued to rock and shock onlooking audiences from all walks of nationalities, customs and traditions. And her ever-exciting skills are now being imparted in Melbourne belly dance classes, and belly dance lessons with professional belly dance tuition offered at all levels from beginners to advanced levels.

Call Antonio NOW (bookings manager for belly dance performances & all events )

(Mob) 61 402 433 435

(Business Line) 61 3 9041 5191

(BOOK NOW !!!) And have one of Melbourne's leading belly dancers and belly dancing teachers conduct your next KITCHEN TEA Party, HENS PARTY, HAFLA PARTY and more. You may choose to accommodate your guests at one of your personally chosen venues in Melbourne.

"Princess Jasmina's "hypnotic charm and charming sex appeal together with her stylistic mastery, elegance and refined dance skills continue to enchant and seduce admirers relentlessly regardless their gender and age. She is one of the most craved, most insatiably desired temperamental lionesses of belly dance who ceaselessly provokes and enthrals audiences till they are entirely struck and mesmerized with awe, envy and profound admiration. She is one of the most raved-about prodigies both locally (in the belly dancing Melbourne community) and abroad especially amongst critics and connoisseurs, and her applauses are far-reaching. If you want to learn to belly dance from this exceptionally gifted bellydancer and belly dance teacher, then don't be shy and give Princess Jasmina a call to join her in her up and running Open Group belly dancing classes or Private Group and One-to-One belly dancing lessons at this leading belly dance school. The Belly Dance AML Golden Sands Studios offers casual belly dancing tuition rates and more economical 6 Bellydancing lesson packages for beginners to advanced levels.

For a sizzlingly fast, sexy and exciting, sensual and beautiful, captivating and inspiring, memorable LIVE PERFORMANCE with the ever-popular Melbourne belly dancer PRINCESS JASMINA. She is the ideal live belly dance performer floorshow artist endowed with beauty and elegance for your every special occasion: Wedding Celebration, Engagement Party, Kitchen Tea Party, Hafla Party, HENS PARTY, 21st Birthday Party, Birthday Party, Christening, Circumcision Party, Bar Mitzvah Party, Dance Festival, Music Festival, Exhibition, Concert, Night (Venue) Club Party, Night (Venue) Bar Party, etc.

(BOOK NOW !!!) And have one of Melbourne's leading belly dancers and belly dancing teachers conduct your next KITCHEN TEA Party, HENS PARTY, HAFLA PARTY and more. You may choose to accommodate your guests at the venue of your choice.

Princess Jasmina's electrifying, beautifully awe-inspiring performances have granted her the rare opportunity of performing regularly, occasionally and on specially selected occasions in some of Melbourne's popular reception venues, bars, nightclubs and restaurants. 


How to Choose Wedding Entertainer For Your Wedding

What Kind Of Wedding Do do You Want To Have?

The wedding entertainment you choose will be a huge factor in the overall feel of your wedding reception. So, before starting to research and contact entertainers, you should consider the mood you're hoping to establish with your wedding.

Are you looking for a quiet, intimate wedding? Consider hiring a cool jazz quartet for some tunes and hoping to party the night away with your friends and family? Then book a rocking cover band or live wedding DJ to liven things up. Your entertainment will help determine the course of the night, and you'll want to pick something that matches your expectations.

Consider The Size & Accommodations Of The Venue

Standard wedding entertainers like DJs and cover bands need space to set up their equipment and might need some special accommodations for their electronic gear. It's easy to assume that things will just work out once they arrive at your wedding venue, but you really shouldn't leave things to chance.

When considering entertainment options, be sure to take into account the size of your wedding venue and its accommodations. If you're in a small venue, you might have to make adjustments to the room's layout to fit your entertainers. You'll also want to check with event staff to see if they have special policies when it comes to wedding entertainment.

Be Sure To Check References

Plenty of performers and entertainers are great at what they do, but not so great when it comes to working with others. A wedding entertainer's website will give you a lot of info about how talented they are, but it might not tell you if they're easy to work with.

To get a sense of how great your potential wedding entertainment is, be sure to reach out to some of their previous clients. A real professional will happily provide glowing references, leaving nothing for you to worry about. But an amateur will likely be less willing to provide testimonials to their work. If your seems uneasy when it comes to providing references, or doesn't want to provide any in the first place, you're probably better off finding someone else.

Establish A Contract

When it comes to creative industries, people love to play fast and loose with the details. But you need everything to go smoothly on your wedding day, which is why you should establish a written contract between you and your wedding entertainment.

Be sure to outline a contract including things like the start and end time of your event, what your entertainment is expected to provide, how many breaks they will be given throughout the wedding reception, and of course you're agreed-upon compensation for services rendered. You'll feel a lot better having everything in writing before your wedding, ensuring the entertainer knows what to provide and follows through accordingly.

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