How To Plan a Wedding Hassle-Free?

hassle free wedding

Planning your wedding is hard work. 

Especially if you’re not just a working bride but also an ambitious one is juggling all the necessary tasks and responsibilities that come with it. 

No matter how much fun some of these planning chores may be (and believe me, they are), there’s always something else to take care of after which can get tiring quickly, especially when combined with the increased workload at work as well as curtailed social life because hey-you now has more time for yourself!

Planning for any big occasion is always challenging to work, especially when it’s something like a marriage that involves two people who will take care of each other their whole lives together. 

This article lists down certain things one should do to enjoy his/her marital life more fully without worrying about unnecessary hassle because they got carried away by emotions too quickly before considering all the repercussions carefully beforehand.

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First Things First, the Announcing Part!

Announce to your family and friends, and this doesn’t have to mean all over social media! 

Some couples like to throw a random party; that’s a surprise announcement/ engagement party

Bonus points to this option are that you’ve thrown an engagement party without any of the awkwardness with guests who are unsure if they need to bring a gift, or you didn’t want to receive any engagement gifts -this is a win! 

Of course, if the low key is your style, maybe a nice dinner with your close family and friends or a simple phone call will do! 

People love it, and they will be excited to share it on the news with you!

No matter what you do, how you announce, or where, make sure you feel comfortable with what you’re doing and how you’re doing it! 

Getting engaged can throw this massive spotlight on you and sometimes a lot of pressure – but it doesn’t have to be anything you don’t want it to be! Stay true to yourself!

Ok, so with announcing usually comes a kick start into planning. 

Perhaps planning an engagement party if you didn’t already have one, and you do want one! 

After all the congratulations are said, these topics will come up. 

Do you know where you’re at?! Take a moment to speak with your partner about your wishes as a couple and what you for sure do and do not want during this engagement period.

Figure Out Your Budget and Stick to It

Budgets play a considerable role when planning an event. If you know you have family members who want to help pay for specific parts or want to help – find out what will be paid for by who and what budgets are associated with those subjects. 

A budget is an essential aspect of the event; you want to know these numbers before you go ahead and fall in love with a dress, venue, or vendor that may be out of your budget range.

Although you can certainly plan a wedding for less, you want to make sure not to cheap out on the big stuff.

Some things you need to budget for:


This is one of those things you don’t want to spare expenses with. Photographers range in price, but any professional photographer will be charging $2,500+ for a full day’s service. 

What’s important is to find a style you like, compile a list of photographers who meet that criteria and then inquire about pricing. 

Some photographers even make it easy by having pricing on their website, like these wedding photographers here.

Things to consider: What packages do they offer? Do they offer an engagement session (a great way to get their vibes), and do they offer albums included or additional? 

Wedding Planner

Although optional, they can certainly help ease the troubles of wedding planning

Some venues even require that you have a wedding planner

Consider how busy you are and if you might need more help than family/friends can offer. Planners can range in pricing starting at $500+


If not included in your venue’s pricing or not offered by your platform – how much do you want to spend per plate? Will this change based on the number of guests?


Some venues include a certain number of drinks in their packages, but many require you to pay for an open bar or have a cash bar. 

Will you offer wine at each table – if so, how much should each bottle cost? 

Ask your venue if they offer in house pricing on table wine. Open bars can add up quickly, but if you choose a cash bar, make sure you let your guests know!


How much are you willing to spend on a dress or suits?

Know what you can afford before you indulge in all that bridal stores have to offer. What about the little things like socks, shoes, and ties. 

Don’t forget the small stuff!

Attire Plus

Don’t forget that if you’re choosing a dress or suit, the cost of alterations/fittings may NOT be included in the dress price!


Consider how much you want to spend on wedding rings if you are choosing to purchase some! 


Will you be getting your hair done in the weeks leading up to your event? And what about the day of, who is doing your hair and how much will that cost? 

From barbers/hairstyles in the weeks before the day of stylists, make sure to account for these costs. Makeup, nails, waxing, will these be needed?! 

Throw them into the budget if so.


How will you get to the chosen location(s), and will there be any extra stops you want to take? Will you need transportation after the reception as well, to your hotel or home?

Wedding Cake/dessert

Venues can often include a cake, but some do not – or they may not offer your style. You’ll need to have an idea of what you’re looking for to create a budget plan.

Officiant or Commissioner

Each option has entirely different packages and pricing, best to google locals to you and find out rough pricing.


Will you have a live band, DJ, or other activities to keep guests happy and busy during the day?

Photo booths are a great and fun way to keep guests interacting while still documenting all the fun moments. 

Some couples choose to have live artists drawing and painting guests or magicians to go around to tables doing tricks!

Hotel(s) or Airbnb

Are you getting ready in a hotel or Airbnb? 

This is an excellent option if you’re choosing to photograph you’re getting ready – mainly because these locations are generally larger spaces and bright settings. 

Are you staying somewhere the night of? Or will you be taking off right away? Consider the costs of your out of home plans.

Thank You Favors

Couples often choose to have little gifts at the tables for guests to take home; these can be small and inexpensive or more sizes and costly – totally customised to you. 

Another excellent option is making donations instead of gifts. 

At my wedding, we tried to be super eco friendly; we donated to a local charity and had a card at the guest’s table letting them know.

Honeymoon Plans

You’ll want to have a budget in place before a location because the price differences change hugely between different countries and resorts!

Thank You Cards

After the wedding, and maybe after your honeymoon, you’ll want to send out thank you cards. This is your choice if it’s ecards or physical cards – but do budget this if you choose physical cards.


If the floral’s mean a lot to you, do your research! 

Do your research nonetheless, but each florist will have a different pricing list. 

Make sure you’ve got an idea of what you want so you can show a florist for the best quote; try Pinterest for ideas!


Does your venue include the linens you wish to have on your chairs/at your tables? 

Consider this and perhaps budget for the chair covers and table linens that best match your wishes. 

Ask your venue if they have a vendor they prefer working with; they may have pricing on hand.


This can be a huge part of setting the tone for your wedding and making it super unique to you. 

Decor can be table runners, table numbers, signage, printed photos of your past(s), games, and itinerary cards/menus.

Get Your Guest List Together 

You can count on 83% of your guest list showing up at your wedding.

Decide on a Date for Your Wedding

Preferably one that is not already booked by another event. If you want to avoid getting married on the most popular wedding day of the year, choose any date other than the Saturday of Columbus day weekend.

Keep Your Schedule Clear.

It’s tempting to plan a big brunch or line up manicures, pedicures, hair, and a bikini wax on the morning of the wedding, but try not to do too much. 

(Stick to the absolute necessities—hair and makeup.) 

Your wedding day will fly by faster than you could ever imagine. If you have too many activities, you won’t have space to take in the real once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Choose a Venue

Booking your venue solidifies your wedding date, and having an official date to run with means the rest of your wedding planning can take off! 

Book an all-inclusive package with your venue that covers most of the vendors and services you’ll need! 

Otherwise, you’ll have to spend a ton of time researching dozens of options, calling or meeting with several of your favourites, then deciding on one that’s best for you and placing a deposit to book them. And that’s for each vendor…

But booking an all-inclusive package saves you this hassle…and all that precious time! Do this to make your short-term wedding planning stress-free and doable!

Reserve Your Venues.

According to wedding cost statistics, hosting both the ceremony and the reception at the exact location will save you an average of $11,600. Find the best wedding venue here, and see real-time pricing estimates.

Don’t “check In” on Your Venue Beforehand.

It’s tempting on the day of to peek in (or drive-by) the reception site while everyone is setting up. Don’t do that. 

Brides want to see all of their planning and vision come to fruition, of course. 

But our advice is to wait for the big reveal, when the candlelight, the beautiful linens, the great band can tell the story. 

Not only is the payoff not as sweet if you’re checking on lighting and flowers all day, but you’ll also make yourself crazy seeing a half-finished hall.

Start Looking for Vendors 

Don’t just settle for who is available on your wedding day. Take a look at who you get along well with and what could make a positive difference to your wedding day.

Every wedding is different, with different visions and budgets.

Handpick the most suitable suppliers for you, and don’t just book someone because you’re already connected with them.

Book an Officiant.

Aside from any religious requirements you have for your ceremony, having a family member or friend get ordained to perform a wedding legally is quite simple.

Research Choices for Florists, Caterers, Bands, and Photographers.

More than 300,000 wedding vendors are operating in Australia, which means you have plenty of options to choose from!

Schedule Beauty Trials and Book a Beauty Vendor

You want to find a beauty vendor who will make you look and FEEL stunning for your wedding. 

Having a trial or two with a couple of vendors will allow you to find the perfect one to do just that! 

Order a Wedding Dress & Suit

Most bridal boutiques require that you order your dress at least six months out, so you’ll have to shop around at places where you can buy off the rack. 

You’ll still have time to have the dress altered to make sure it’s perfect, and it’s usually a much more affordable option

If you want a suit, you can get fitted and place an order for a suit-rental around this time. 

Make Sure Someone Knows How to Bustle Your Dress.

Don’t rely on a safety pin and a prayer. 

Have a friend or relative go with you to a fitting to learn how to bustle the train, if you have one, and make sure that person practices and sticks around post-ceremony to button you into shape.

Create a Wedding Website and Registry

Consider Amazon for a quick and easy way to register for everything you need without even leaving your house! 

Then create a wedding website and add a link to your registry on your site, so your guests have easy access to it – making it more likely that you’ll get what you want!

Order and Send Your Invitations

Usually, you’d send out save-the-dates before sending out formal invitations. 

But on a timeline as short as this, it seems a little redundant to send out multiple paper notifications about your imminent wedding.

If any of your guests are coming in from out of town, it’s best to send the invitations out as soon as possible to allow them to make travel arrangements. 

However, if all of your guests are local, you can hold off on sending the invitations until two months prior. 

Be sure to include the link to your website on your invitations so everyone can refer to it for more info!

Buy Wedding Rings

The rings are a small detail, yet they play a significant role in your ceremony! Please don’t wait till the last minute to get them!

Start Working on Your Vows

If you’re writing your vows, it can take a while to pinpoint exactly what you want to say. 

So it helps to have time to write out all your thoughts, go over them several times, and add in anything else that comes to mind in these next couple of months!

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Buy Your Wedding Favors and Guest Book

There are so many unique and creative ideas for wedding favours that it can take some time to decide what exactly you want to give out to your guests.

 So it’s good to get a head start on this and order them with plenty of time to arrange them all together.

If you plan to have a guest book (or something for all your guests to sign), you’ll want to order it around this same time too. The fewer things you have to do at the last minute, the better!

Go to an Attire Fitting

Whether you ordered a designer wedding dress/suit or even an online alternative, you’ll want to have a dress fitting with a seamstress/tailor to make sure everything about it fits you in all the right places!

Create a Timeline for the Wedding 

This is a major lifesaver for a seamless wedding! It helps keep everyone on the same page about the events of the day and who’s supposed to be where and at what time. 

Type up a timeline and email it out to everyone involved, including your wedding party, venue team, and photographer.

This will keep everything running smoothly for the days surrounding your wedding and will save you from having to answer the same question a dozen times from a dozen different people. You’ve been doing that a lot already!

Purchase Gifts for Parents and Wedding Party

By this point, your parents and everyone in your wedding party have probably pitched in money, helped out with the planning, or even just let you vent to them about it all. Regardless, it’s a nice gesture to give them a little something to thank them for being a part of this journey with you and FOR you!

Apply for a Local Marriage License

Head over to City Hall with your fiance to apply for and pick up a marriage license. Be sure you’re going to the City Hall in whichever county the wedding will be taking place in—not where you live.

Complete Any Beauty Appointments

This is your time to pamper yourself and invest in both beauty and self-care appointments before your wedding day. 

For the brides, this may include manicure, pedicure, wax, hair, and tanning. 

For the grooms, this may include manicure, hair, massage, and possibly tanning. 

For waxing and tanning appointments, make sure to do them a few days before your wedding so that your skin has a chance to heal before the big day.

Stick With Your Spouse.

Sure, you need to talk to your high school English teacher while he chats with his dad’s business partner. But don’t stay apart too long. 

Link arms. Be cheesy. This is not the night to showcase your ability to mingle independently like you would at a cocktail party. 

You risk having different memories of this important event, and you make it impossible for your photographer to capture you together!

Lastly, Remember What’s Important.

You know what we’re about to say: You can’t control everything. Zippers will break, flower girls will cry, and what matters is the marriage, not the height of the centrepieces. 

As the bride, you drive the mood. It won’t matter if the storm of the century is sweeping through—if you’re all smiles and thrilled to be marrying the love of your life, the guests will have fun, too.

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