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Sporty Hens Party Ideas in Sydney

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Sporty Hens

So you’re organising a hens party but you don’t want to do the ‘typical’ thing… and you want to make sure all of the bride’s friends will be included… and you want to ensure everyone has a brilliant time even though they don’t all know each other… stress no more, we’ve got you covered girl!


Confess, all of us understand one of those gals who wear activewear to brunch with the legitimate intent of hitting the gym afterwards (they’re not just ‘decorative’ leggings individuals). When it comes time for The Active Bride to celebrate, a Manly Kayaking trip makes sure to please.

Sydney Harbour Kayaks


With over 28 years of experience conducting kayaking tours around Sydney Harbour and Middle Harbour, we are the experts in managing kayaking tours that are fully customised.

We manage a wonderful team of international Professional Paddlers and there has never been a request involving kayaks that we couldn’t safely manage.

We can provide amazing on-water experiences from intimate groups of two people through to finely orchestrated programs for groups of 30-60 paddlers.  

It doesn’t matter whether you only have a couple of hours to spare or wish to be out all day, Sydney Harbour Kayaks’ expert team are your strong on-water partners.

Region x


Half Day Kayak Tours focus on kayaking into remote, inaccessible and amazing locations to explore in the water, the land, or just relax.  This tour is designed to make the most of the breathtaking paddling through the amazing coastal scenery on either side of Batemans Bay.

The tour departure locations are chosen a few days prior, depending on the wind, swell and group factors, either way, stable double sea kayaks will have you slipping through glassy waters with amazing scenery, all within the Batemans Marine Park.

The guided sea kayak tour range is recommended for anyone that has a passion for adventure and pristine National Parks. There is always time for swimming so bring a towel and a snorkel set if your keen! By choosing this Ecotourism Experience you are making a conscious decision to reduce impact by promoting sustainable travel that benefits local communities, culture, and heritage and ultimately the environment.

Sydney harbour bridge girls and guys on kayaks

Sydney Harbour Kayak Tours


There is nothing which will make you feel more alive than being out on the water and paddling a kayak on one of our Kayaking Sydney Harbour tours!

Kayaking Sydney Harbour offers one of the most spectacular settings for paddling. We are lucky enough to offer you two locations from which to paddle one of our tours from and both have their highlights and will amaze you.

From overcoming your fears of the water accompanied with the challenge of paddling, feeling the wind against your face and the spray of water, your sense of achievement will be overwhelming as well as feeling great after some gentle exercise on the water.

If you are looking for something exciting, memorable and active to do in Sydney, why not try one of our Kayaking Sydney Harbour tours that we offer. Whether it is a romantic outing for two, celebrating a birthday or an anniversary or even your honeymoon to a fun day out with friends, a hen’s party or a bucks outing, a Christmas party or friends are in town from overseas, please contact Sophie who would be happy to guide you around one of the most famous harbours in the world (subject to suitable weather conditions of course). Paddling is her passion and she would love to share that with you!

Our equipment is the best you will find on any tour! You can use either a single or double kayak, which is Australian-made, high quality sit on top kayaks (light and manoeuvrable) and the best quality carbon fiber paddles (expensive and lightweight – the same paddles used by Olympic kayakers!) which you will be shown how to use correctly.  Using the best equipment helps make your Kayaking Sydney Harbour experience more enjoyable as it is easier to move through the water and thus use less energy.


Don’t let the people have all the enjoyable! If a girls day at the Day Spa sounds as amusing as viewing paint dry, the busy action of the paintball battlefield might be more your design. What much better way to show your love for the Hen, than strapping a target to her back and arming everybody in your tribe with 300 paintballs – each! Combining heart-pumping enjoyable and a killer workout, the carbs will not count when your pizza lunch is served. Best of all, you’ll leave energised and prepared for a night of high-end after this unique day-time event.

Delta Force Paintball


Do something different for your hens party? Delta Force Appin offers the ultimate Sydney paintballing experience that’ll provide you and your girlfriends with a fun and action-packed day out. For an unforgettable hens party, head to the world’s largest entertainer of paintball games.

Our paintball centre is conveniently located just off of the South Western Freeway. It is easily accessible ensuring everyone can play and there is even parking available for coaches if that’s how you prefer to travel.

Delta Force is Sydney’s premier paintball company thanks to our movie-set game zones, quality equipment and professional staff. With full head protection goggles and body armour to protect the upper torso, your Appin hens party will be the safest and most comfortable paintball experience to date.

On arrival all players will collect their gear and head through to the base camp. Although we provide all of the essentials such as a full-length body suit with protective neck padding and body armour, feel free to also get into the theme of the day by bringing some face paint or fluorescent clothing. The brighter the better.

Hens paintball parties are becoming increasingly popular and will take great care of you and your friends. Be sure to let our experienced staff know who the bride-to-be is as special games can also be arranged. For a hens party to remember, come and play at Delta Force Paintball!

Heartbreak Ridge Paintball


Heartbreak Ridge Paintball is the ultimate paintball venue in Sydney to host your paintball Bucks or Hens party. Paintball Bucks parties are the perfect way to celebrate that special day with your mates. We can host specialised games for the Buck or Hen, which will make it a day that they will remember long after the wedding day.

At Heartbreak Ridge Paintball we have been running bucks & hens parties for more than 25 years. We know that bucks & hens are special people for the day that deserve a special send off. We might even have an outfit or two for them to wear, just so everyone knows who the target is – the last thing you want is for Bucks and Hens to be able to blend in with your group and other players!

If your group wants to take it to the next level, bring your own special outfit for the Buck or Hen to wear. We are more than happy to have them play in fancy dress as long as their face mask fits.

If you have a friend who’s about to tie the knot, paintball is one of the easiest activities to organise when booking with us. It isn’t hard and everyone loves a good Bucks or Hens party. Get your friends together & let the games begin!

My Ultimate Hens – Splatter in Colour, Hens Paintball Package


The bride wore white…and a red and blue and green and a whole lot of other splattered colours! This one’s for the gal who can think of nothing better than having a hilarious laugh with her mates, getting down and dirty, then laughing away when she hits the MOH  – the festivities will continue with a cocktail dinner to celebrate her last night of “singledom!!” It’s time to skip the peen-themed bachelorette party and try something a little more unusual and a whole lot of awesome: It’s Paintball, My Ultimate Hens style.

When you think of celebrating your hen, do you think of stilettos & cocktail dresses? You know you have to treat her to something more outlandish and outright FUN right? If your hen is the ultimate girly girl who is precious of her manicure and doesn’t like a speck of mud on her pink Chanel then we suggest you look away now. This one separates the Lara Crofts from the Elle Woods. Not only does it fit the personality of the bride, but it is also a daring hens rush to treat the wonderful gals that surround her! The girlies will be psyched to play in rounds of Sydney Hens Night Paintball in honour of their bestie’s upcoming wedding and do something unique and just seriously epic.

Start by applying your war paint –  this Sydney Hens Paintball package begins as you get clad in your protective gear and we hand you a US-spec Paintball gun and your own event marshal lets you loose into our out-of-this-world paintball fields. Differing scenarios featuring professional Speedball bunkers, cars, huts, bridges, buses, towns, deep woods, bridges, forts, towers, machine gun nests and more. Strategically planned assignment based games and detailed fields maps enable your My Ultimate Hens Paintball Team to plan and execute special missions and attacks against the other lasses in your group. You may attempt to pass through the pyramid and sphinxes, reach the real USAF aircraft and missile silos, or even battle it out in a wild west town where the action takes you through the likes of a saloon. It is the ultimate game of strategy, speed and cheeky stealth combined with tactics, teamwork and tenacity and a bit of resolve and determination thrown in because they are more cool words. Brb learning combat communication signals.

Breaks for lots of pics and for a pizza lunch before you are back to adventure on the field. Ramp up the entertainment by getting the invitees and bride to deck themselves out with the most hideous wedding-y themed dress they can find at their local opp-shop – as one of our previous My Ultimate Sydney Hens said… “You haven’t lived until you’ve seen your best friend diving behind a barricade in a floor-length satin dress, or tripping over a train while trying to make a sneak attack!” It’s a genius way to ensure there are so many laughs throughout the whole fun Sydney hens day with a difference.

After a full day of all-inclusive hens paintball party awesomeness (or as much as you want to play), it’s time to head to a celebratory dinner! Greeted with views over Sydney’s Darling Harbour and a tray of well-deserved cocktails, indulge in a crowd-pleasing menu of Italian delights at our upmarket restaurant, including the likes of housemade Spaghetti, Home Made Gnocchi…with traditional rich bolognese, Primavera with daily vegetables & basil tossed in napoli sauce…Matriciana Napoli sauce with bacon, caramelised onion, fresh chili & white wine…Carbonara Cream sauce with bacon, egg with a dash of garlic & spring onions…Pesto Pinenuts, basil, garlic, cream & parmesan, cheese & more! It’s a Sydney Hens Dinner Party for the win.

Enjoy the delish food in this sensational Sydney hens dinner party experience, & the best part is, with the exclusive My Ultimate Hens payment system, there is no worry about organising your way around annoying ‘no split bills’ policies, or making sure that people have the correct change – the package is all organised before the night so all you have to do is sit back & enjoy! The perfect Sydney Hens night = tick!

girls with paintball guns

Aussie Paintball 


For the ultimate Sydney paintball experience then look no further than Aussie Paintball Milperra, owned and operated by Heartbreak Ridge Paintball

Set within the bushlands of “Deepwater Park” with at least 7 active gaming fields and more under construction Aussie Paintball the closest to Sydney’s CBD.

Just 25 mins from the CBD, 10 mins from Liverpool and 20 mins from Parramatta to experience adrenaline-charged paintball action. So don’t travel to Sydney’s outskirts to play outdoor paintball when you can have the experience of a lifetime right here?

Operating for more than 25 years, we have the experience and know-how to give your group an awesome paintball experience. Our Referees are dedicated to ensuring that you have a safe and enjoyable day. They will explain the game rules for each gameplay scenarios. Whatever the occasion we guarantee a unique and fun day that you will remember.

Our outdoor safety area is fully covered and can seat up to 100 people in comfort. There is a viewing area that overlooks a large pond and our gaming fields.

At Aussie Paintball we know how to provide you with a great Buck’s or Hen’s party experience. As the organiser, you’ll have the satisfaction of giving your Buck/Hen an awesome day to remember.



Spitfire Party Packages are the supreme Paintball & Go Kart Party Package designed to give you all the things you want to do at a heavily discounted price.

As the only combined Paintball & Go Kart Destination, we offer a range of Paintball and Go Kart packs perfect for Bucks Parties, Hen’s Parties, Birthday Parties, Corporate Events or just for a social day out.

Spitfire Paintball is Australia’s ONLY dedicated Reball Fields.

The reason you should book your Paintball Bucks Party at Spitfire is simple. We are the BIGGEST Indoor Paintball facility in all of NSW, we offer the latest and greatest equipment and we are the only Reball field around. What’s Reball, well it is Paintball without the messy & smelly Paint. The same guns, same rules, same fields, some jaw clenching impact – just without the splatter.

How do you know you’ve been hit tho??? Easy, if your hit you will know about it, it gives that sting just like regular Paintballs so when the impact occurs the reaction will follow!!!

Bucks Parties at Spitfire have been famous for years, and the reason we are the number 1 choice when it comes to hosting the Ultimate Hen’s Party event has been easy for years.

Bungy Jumping

For the hen who resides on the wilder side. Nice and basic, you jump off a tall structure with a rubber band tied around your ankles. Seem like your vibe? The very first one was finished in Bristol, England and idiots and legends have been finishing the dangerous activity ever since. The good news is, Bungy leaping has never been much safer and is completed in some genuinely stunning settings. This is a huge benefit as it typically takes the focus off you or the hen shitting yourself en route down.

Experience Oz


Take the ultimate plunge and book an epic bungee jumping experience in top spots all over Australia & NZ including Queenstown, Cairns and more here! One of life’s true bucket list items, those with a need for an adrenaline fix can put their faith in an elastic cord and take in epic views before plummeting in a free-fall that’s truly heart-pounding – and wildly fun as well.

From jumping off bridges to platforms and various other locations while performing a range of different jump styles – the choice is yours. Bungee jumping is an experience that provides a great combination of views and a rush, and with plenty of great locations available to take part; simply choose a bungee jumping experience from the list below to take your first steps toward an adventure of your own today!



No matter how you spell—“Bungee” in Australia; “Bungy” in New Zealand—it’s the thrill of a lifetime! To freefall hundreds of feet from a cliffside or bridge is to tap into one of your most primal fears and stare it right in the eye. Go bungee jumping and face gravity!

Our first-class bungee adventures in Australia and New Zealand offer safe bungy equipment, a well-prepared staff (ready to help you overcome your fears!) and second-to-none views. Get up there and take the plunge!

Mad Travel Shop


Bungy jumping is not for the faint of heart. If you’re hooked on adrenalin rushes, however, this is perfect for you! Extreme, exhilarating, fun-filled and adventurous is exactly what bungy jumping is… Jump from different structures such as bridges, towers or cranes with nothing but a large rubber band attached to your ankles. Why live your life on the edge, when it’s so much more fun to jump off it!

bungy jumper and mountain views

Bungy Australia


One of only two Bungy Jump operations in Australia. We are currently relocating, please check back for more details soon!

With a long history in Bungy Jumping we have developed the Premiere Bungy Jump operation.

Experience the ultimate adrenalin rush as you stand 40 metres in the air and prepare to take the ‘leap of faith’. Imagine being the equivalent of 14 stories above the ground, taking in the panoramic view of the local landscape and the only way down is to jump!!!!!!!!

Skydiving Hens

This is one for the supreme adrenaline hen. Freefalling from approximately 14,000 feet is a quite big deal and is definitely one way to make certain that your hens day in Sydney is permanently a party you’ll keep in mind and reflect on with fond memories. Some might believe you’re crazy but we think you’re amazing!

Go Bananas World – Skydiving Hens


Girls gotta fly? Right? This is the next best thing! Jump out a plane for your next Sydney Hens party. 

Are you travelling? We offer free return transfers twice daily from our skydive shop and departure lounge in downtown Sydney city 7 days a week. This is a 1/2 day trip skydive tour for travellers.

Live in Sydney? We are just a short 55min drive from Sydney to our Skydiving centre. Maximum height and max freefall time up to 14 000ft. Fast Jet engine aircraft with magnificent coastal and blue mountain views.



Been asked to organize your girlfriends Hen’s Party? Do something different and get all the girls involved – from a ‘Pedi Party’ at a Day Spa to an afternoon of High Tea and chit chat. Perhaps a Mixology Class, including taste testing! Or for something more adventurous take the chicks to learn how to fly on a trapeze!

We discount for group bookings, have activities Australia-wide, and offer flexible payment plans to make it easy to get payment from the girls! Speak to one of our highly trained adventure consultants to organise the Hens Party with a difference! Hen’s parties available in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.

Experience the rush of freefall with our range of Australia’s best skydiving experiences. Whether it’s a tandem skydive from 15,000ft or your first solo jump, we’ve got you covered with our selection of the best skydiving providers in awesome locations around Australia.

hot air balloon in air



There’s no better venue than iFLY to celebrate your special occasion! Whether you’re looking to book the coolest birthday bash ever, an unforgettable Hens or Bucks party, a corporate outing or just a great day out with your mates, we’ll blow you and your friends away with an amazing experience.

With a range of packages to suit all occasions, plus onsite party rooms & catering facilities, you can be sure to throw a party that will never be forgotten.

Skydive Australia


Skydive with the best: best views, best locations, best customer service and best instructors. You’re in safe skies with the Skydive Australia crew, so step outside your comfort zone and push personal boundaries with a skydive experience you’ll remember forever.

indoor skydiver in red suit

Hunter Valley Resort


Skydive the Hunter Valley over Australia’s most iconic wine region for the ultimate high.

Skydive the Hunter Valley for the ultimate in speed, exhilaration and pure adrenalin as you freefall from up to 14,000ft above Australia’s most iconic wine region. Once your parachute opens, soak up beautiful widespread views over rural NSW, from rolling pastures to world-famous vineyards.

A tandem skydive with the dedicated and experienced Hunter Valley skydiving crew will be as memorable as it is exhilarating. For those ready to take the next step, you can also learn to skydive here with our inclusive AFF Course. We have something for everyone!

We offer a range of skydiving products, and tandem skydives are our specialty! Our friendly crew will give you the experience of a lifetime as you freefall over Singleton. Beat your fears, push your boundaries and step outside your comfort zone; once you’ve taken the plunge you’ll feel like you can achieve anything!

Bootcamp & Brunch

If your bride to be is a physical fitness fanatic who likes an early morning then arrange a private group workout followed by an endless breakfast. You can select her favourite workout or challenge her to attempt something brand-new. The options are endless with activities like boxing, Crossfit, yoga, pilates, barre, rock climbing and trekking to name a few.



We know you want to look your best for your big day. But going to the gym & working out just mightn’t be your thing or anyone’s thing. Plus it can be super hard to be self-motivated every single day leading up to your wedding, particular when it gets closer & you have some much on your plate to organise & prepare for.

That’s ok, the team at mPole know a thing or two about keeping your workouts fun & interesting without ever making it feel like you’re going to the gym (unless that’s what you like) & what’s even better, we have extended our packages to include you & our Bridesmaids, so you don’t have to face a gruelling Fitness/Dance/Pole session on your own even if you don’t want to. With our super fun, sometimes quirky, motivated staff your bound to see a bounce form in your step when you think about coming to mPole’s Bride & Bridal Party Bootcamp Sessions.


Let’s face it you picked your beautiful bridesmaid/s to help you get ready for your wedding, I am sure they will want to be by your side while you prepare to look the best you can be for your wedding day. Therefore we figured they should be included in your pre-wedding workout schedule.

Healthy Hens


Hens parties don’t all need to be about pink hummers and nightclubs, at Healthy Hens we offer a relaxing, entertaining and enlightening alternative that you and your friends will be talking about for years to come. 

We understand weddings and organising events to suit groups of different people can be stressful. This is where Healthy Hens comes in! We work with you to create a custom active, yet relaxing weekend that will suit even the more discerning of guests. You and your friends will walk away with your batteries recharged, ready for the big day and anything else that could be thrown at you!

If you can’t commit to the weekend, we can bring the best parts of our Healthy Hens weekends to you. We can set up at your home or at one of our fabulous venue partners.

girls running in forest

Surf Day

Get wet and wild with the ladies (or fellas) and book a private browse lesson for your hens or dollars at Let’s Go Surfing. You’ll win hilarious pics and the person-of-honour brows totally free.

Cronulla Surfing Academy


Our ladies sessions are one of a kind. Our personalized approaches really help build your confidence at the beach and in the water. Using safe soft boards that are nice and wide you will see yourself learning to surf in no time.

The Body Board Academy


Ever wondered what it feels like to be inside a barrel? Do you want to enjoy the rush of riding a wave without fear of being hit by a big board?

EPIC HALF DAY of exploring the south coast with Lilly!

​Leaving Cronulla early morning with Lilly in “Phyllis” the wave hunting vehicle. Adventure down to the Shellharbour region, for two, surfs at the best locations on the day. Reef and beach options.

Join Lilly in a small group, or organise a few friends for your own private adventure. Lilly spent many years living and surfing the waves in this region so can share extensive knowledge and insight on the waves here.

Maximum four in a group. Personalised coaching with Lilly and GoPro pics from the day included. Sessions can be completely tailored to your needs. Group size is kept small for maximum safety and premium service. All equipment provided (or bring your own!).

surfer and surf boards

Manly Surf School


This lesson focuses on teaching the skills of surfing and how to handle yourself and your surfboard in the ocean.

We have a stack of fun on the way. You can do one lesson or 10 it is up to you as everyone is different. Our instructors are there to help you learn and provide advice on all questions related to surfing. As instructors, we love our jobs. We hope that you will love surfing as much as we do/

In the company of Matt Grainger and his team of friendly, Surfing Australia qualified instructors, they make it as fun and easy as possible. Matt himself has been teaching surfing since 1983 and is more than qualified with many years of experience competing in pro events as well as being Head Coach of the NSW team, Level 1 Presenter and current NSW and Northern Beaches Champion. The surf school team are all Surfing Australia Level 1 qualified instructors, all hold senior First Aid and Advanced resuscitation, have competed in ASP pro events and have a minimum of 5 years teaching experience and 15 years surfing experience. So you are definitely in expert hands.

Manly Surf Guide


You will be on your surfboard and riding the waves in your first lesson! Travelling alone? No problems – singles bookings are welcome and you will have the chance to meet fun new people and have a great time on the waves. Everyone is welcome, we cater for all ages and abilities and you do not need any prior experience.  

Manly Surf Guide offer quality, personalised and unforgettable one and two day surf adventures, two hour group lessons, private surf coaching and kids surf camps. We also have the best vale surfboard hire in Sydney and much more.

Manly Surf Guide are voted as Sydney’s number one surf school on TripAdvisor. Gain new surfing skills, experience epic waves and have one of the best days of your life! There is no way to describe the feeling of riding a wave. Stoked! Pumped! Frothing! Ripping! Killing it! … doesn’t even come close!

Manly Surf Guide is a boutique surf guiding company that offer small group surfing tours and surf lessons in Sydney’s famous Manly Beach and Northern Beaches. Manly Surf Guide also have a surf shop in Brookvale with a large range of Soft Surfboards, Mini Mal and fish boards, Wetsuits and board bags.

Manly Surf Guide is a successful company purely relying on word of mouth recommendations from providing a quality personalised service, rather than a large marketing campaign.

boys on surfboard surfing

Let’s Go Surfing


Surfing a wave at Bondi Beach should be on everyone’s bucket list. This reputable school prides itself on the popular two-hour beginner’s course that goes through the essentials of safety, paddling and how to catch a wave – ideal for nervous first-timers. Groups are a maximum of five people, or you can go private, with knowledgeable instructors experienced with teaching all levels. In winter, they offer their two-hour beginners course for just $95.

Australian Surf Tours


Australian Surf Tours (AST) provides uniquely Australian learn to surf adventures on the south coast of Sydney. More than just your average ‘surf camp’ they take great pride in showing guests a little piece of paradise that not many tourists would otherwise see.

Australian Surf Tours engages guests with informative, fun and safe learn to surf programs to suit every level of a surfer with the goal of indulging them with delicious food, beautiful scenery and a wildlife experiences to remember. On a weekend surf camp with AST you will hand feed giant stingrays, surf with dolphins, feed lorikeets, pat wild kangaroos, swim in natural crystal clear rock pools, tell stories around a campfire at night and make some amazing new friends.

For those who are looking to immerse themselves in the Aussie surf lifestyle, AST offers a brand new Surf house in the small south coast town of Thirroul offering seven and fourteen-day Surf Camps as well as four, eight and twelve-week Surf Development Courses for those wanting to get technical in their surfing and for those wanting to work in the surfing industry.

Axe Throwing

There’s something about tossing axes that just gets the blood pumping, the girls laughing, and unleash the warrior lady in your bride-to-be. Trust us, at House of Hens we like it! Axe throwing is not just for big guys with bushy beards, Viking females have wielded axes since prior to it became a fun weekend activity. A professional trainer will talk you through different throwing designs, how to strike that bullseye, and even run your group through some competitors and video games. This special experience is like no other.



Two Aussies have set up an axe-throwing league in the Inner West and, as Time Out finds out, it’s not nearly as macho as it sounds. Keen to throw a hatchet at a wooden target? This warehouse set-up in St Peters attracts all sorts of people from hens and bucks parties to office outings.

“Everyone’s got a different style,” says Maniax co-owner Adam Schilling. “Some people are lobbers, some throw it hard, some soft…” They teach the same technique to everyone, says business partner Steve Thomas. “But everyone puts their own spin on it. Pardon the pun.”

Schilling and Thomas are working airline pilots who’ve been mates since they shared a house in Adelaide. Steve came across the new sport while he was living in Canada. “We did it for my bucks party last year, and when I told Adam about it he was like ‘we need to set up in Australia.’” They pitched a target in Adam’s backyard in Coogee and “threw until the neighbours got upset”.

“The first insurance broker we approached laughed and told us we were crazy,” says Steve. They eventually got it over the line and the venue has a zero-tolerance policy on aggression, alcohol and thongs or heels. “We encourage people to get competitive, but not aggressive,” says Steve. “We have lots of requests for divorce parties. You can take it out on our targets.”

A few corporate groups have pinned buzzwords and company policies to the targets, but Maniax is not OK with pictures of people – for obvious reasons. Though there’s no booze on-site, new brewery Willie the Boatman is next door for a post-axe-throwing schooner if you’re feeling thirsty.

How does it work? “Each game consists of three rounds of five throws; the best of three wins the game,” says Steve. Opponents score five points if the axe lands in the inner circle, three for the middle and one point for the outer ring. Then there’s the ‘Snatch’ – two red dots at the top of the target, worth seven points.

“It’s all about finding your inner lumber Jack or Jill,” says Steve. Their top tip? “Follow through, then flick your wrist,” adds Adam. For the super competitive, there’s a weekly league night (which they’re expanding to three nights a week), so you can battle it out in a tournament of 30 people over eight weeks. Spectators are welcome, free of charge.

girls throwing axes

Throw Axe


Want a fun exciting group activity for your next event? Come Throw Axes!

We specialise in corporate events, team building, hens/bucks parties, birthday parties, social events and more.

After your 2 hour session you are welcome to hang out in our chill-out zone with your group. Sit back, relax and have a few cold (non-alcoholic) beers and refreshments.

Shooting Range

Release your inner competitor as we hand you a rifle & separate the Lara Crofts from the girls by firing targets at random, for you all to attempt to blow to smithereens’ in a funny and tough clay target shooting sesh … then load you up with freshly shaken cocktails over a dazzling hens dinner celebration in Sydney, with carbonated water views and seriously delish food!

My Ultimate Hens – Clays & Cocktails – With hens Clay Shooting


What is not to love about this Sydney Hens package! Unleash your inner competitor as we hand you a rifle & separate the Lara Crofts from the girls by firing targets at random, for you all to try to blow to smithereens’ in a hilarious and challenging clay target shooting sesh…then load you up with freshly shaken cocktails over a brilliant hens dinner party in Sydney, with sparkling water views and seriously delish food!

It’s time to release your inner Angelina in Mr and Mrs Smith and the sassy Lara Croft – the kind where you can wear heels and be able to rock a rifle all at once! Seriously though, this fabulous Sydney hens package presents such a unique and memorable hens experience: We give your girls the opportunity to take your hen for around and of course have the best instructors to help you actually hit something! Get ready to capture the moment, as we get you fully armed with none other than Beretta 12 gauge Shotguns, stocked with ammo & let you loose on 10 clay targets pulled from different locations – and that’s just the warm-up! Load em up! Aim! Fire!

Then it’s time to unleash your inner goddess! 20 rounds of full-scale competition, as you pull the trigger and fire off rounds at random targets that fly through the air from varying locations. It’s Sydney Clay Shooting Hens Party fun at it’s best. Once you have shot all your ammo and are standing on a mountain of shell casings it is time to call it a brilliant day and kick onto the evening portion of this hens event – after all that adrenaline, it’s 100 per cent cocktail o’clock! I’ll cheers to that!

Teeter to our stunning cocktail bar & restaurant, perched over the Darling Harbour with stunning views. Welcomed only as one should be on a Sydney hens night – with a cocktail for each guest on arrival! Yas please! The seriously delicious $10 cocktail menu will keep all the lucky attendees happy all night – raise a glass to your hen and to the marvellous shenanigans of your wonderful day so far! “Clink” Revel in the moonlight as you laugh about the highs and near misses of the day!

As you take photos of your colourful cocktails and the view, each guest is served their choice of main meal from a delish menu – none of this alternate drop or ordering in advance nonsense – choices include Cinderella Pizza with zucchini flower, prosciutto, pumpkin swirl & toasted pine nuts … Oh-so-popular 100% beef burgers spiced up with caramelised onion, pickles and BBQ sauce … Vegie delight pizza with Spanish onion, spinach, capsicum, mushroom, feta cheese and fresh tomato …Pumpkin & Ricotta ravioli w butternut squash, wilted spinach, walnuts, sage & parmesan cheese … Fettuccini Palermo w chicken, bacon, pesto, mushroom, & snow peas tossed in a light cream & parmesan sauce … or the old favourite of Fish & chips made special with beer-battered flathead fillets, thyme salted chips w salad! Thereafter you are free to kick on with cocktails on the harbour, or head out into the Sydney nightlife to continue the party! We can organise complimentary VIP entry to a range of spectacular venues as part of this package, all you need to do is ask your personal consultant and we can make it happen! We’re here to help!

girl at shooting range

Hens Shooting Cruise


Plenty of men plan out elaborate, incredible days for their mates when he gets married. But while bucks days and nights get a lot of attention, it’s only recently that hens days have begun to come into their own. Instead of just sitting around with the girls for an evening of drinks, getting out and really enjoying what the world has to offer is a much better option. Giving the hen a day she’ll always remember is important, and one way to work towards that is to give them a hens day laser clay shooting cruise experience.

Marconi Clay Target Club


Do you want to try clay shooting as an INDIVIDUAL or GROUP e.g. Hens Party?

Whether you are looking to get actively involved in a new sport or need an activity for birthday parties, corporate events or hens and bucks parties in Sydney, Marconi Clay Target Club can help you create an unforgettable memory. When you schedule an appointment with us, our professionals will turn your event into an exciting adventure. We’ll even name a member of your group the ‘best shooter’ of the day!

To get your event started, we will split your group into squads. Then each squad will receive training from a professional shooter. This ensures that the highest possible number of participants will find success. Keep in mind that our facilities cater to shooters 12 years or older.

Get Loose – Clay Shooting, Entertainment, Food & Drink


This will get the group fired up! Experience the adrenaline rush of firing live ammunition from a real shotgun with Clay Shooting in Sydney! Enjoy a fun 2-hour competition with a variety of games and prizes. Kick on with a Private Party Shuttle Bus into the city.

girls and topless waiter

Hitting Targets


Buck’s, Hen’s & Birthday’s- Get Some Bang for Your Buck!

Looking for great hens party ideas Sydney clients don’t stop raving about? Then look no further! If you are looking for a very different activity to add to your Buck’s, Hen’s or Birthday Party then clay target shooting with Hitting Targets is for your group – it will get your group excited, exhilarated and empowered! Anyone over 12 years can participate, you don’t need to be fit or have any prior skill – what we ensure is that you will have a fun, safe and very memorable session.

If you’re in Sydney, bucks party ideas don’t come any more appealing than this! Fancy dress is optional but does add to the day’s fun – so dress that Hen or Buck up ready for the photos!

When it comes to awesome bachelor party ideas, Sydney grooms know that there’s nothing like a fun day of shooting! You can trust a Hitting Targets shooting session to really get your group FIRED UP!

Go Karting

Release your inner turbo chick and get your competition on with this adrenalin-filled hens party package! Starting with a go karting grand prix where your hen & her besties tear up the track with a legendary race to the chequered flag. So much win all finished up into one really awesome weekend celebration!

My Ultimate Hens – Turbo Chick


Start your engines and pull your visor down! Unleash your inner turbo chick and get your competition on with this adrenalin-filled hens package! Kicking off with Grand Prix where all your Bride Tribe tear up the track with qualifying and heats before an epic race to the chequered flag. Then raise a glass to your lady of the hour at a stunning harbourside dinner with an accompanying bevie package & damn delish food. So much win all wrapped up into one truly awesome Sydney Hens Night celebration, after all, there is a lot to celebrate!

30 hectares of prime raceway with numerous configurations spanning over 2kms in length await your hens group – with two hours to own it. We show due diligence and throw you all helmets, before standing well back or running for cover. These high-performance vehicles are truly epic with top speeds of 95kph, instant acceleration and powered by awesome Briggs and Stratton motors. Sydney Hens Party Go Karting for the win!

Each go kart has a tiny microchip fitted which records all lap speeds and provides a lap by lap analysis which is then stored in a database so each driver receives a complete record of times in their event. And as an added incentive to win, lap times are blasted for all to see on television monitors so no cheating gals as technology will out you. Safe to say that the Champion gets bragging rights until the next rematch!

Hours of sheer power with warm-up laps to let you get the hang of such a beast, followed by two heats and the finale of a Grand Final, Grand Prix eats ya’ heart out – the gals are in town! Race to the chequered flag and unleash your inner competitor with this heart-pumping race to the Hens finish line!

Soon after, congratulate the winners and make your way into harbourside Sydney – where you are greeted with glasses of sparkling, ice cold beers, wines and seriously delicious food – raise a glass to your hen! Set perched over the harbour with brilliant views, it really is as if we built our NYC themed cocktail lounge & restaurant for truly unique Sydney hens celebrations!

Kicking off with Mezze platters and shared starters down the table – think our famed crispy battered onion rings, dips, & grilled corn w. chilli and lime…before each guests choice of an epic main meal – trust us, no one will leave hungry! After such an awesome battle on the track you will all need a sensational meal – choices include the surf&turf, beef ribs, lamb hook, NYC inspired Cheese Burger, Grilled Chicken Burger & more! Dietary requirements are happily catered for! Did we mention this all tastes even better when served alongside a 2 hour beverage package of free flowing wine, sparkling & beer means you will be set for a perfect Sydney hens dinner party!

Luddenham Raceway


Do you and the boys/girls feel the need… The need for speed? Then you have come to the right place. Let our Events Team organise your Hen’s Day Celebrations with a fun Race Day Hens Party here at Luddenham Raceway – Sydney’s Newest Outdoor Karting Centre.

A Go Karting Bucks Party / Hens Party has to be the ultimate Bucks Party / Hens Party activity, and it’s for obvious reasons that it holds this title. A fun day out at Sydney’s Newest Outdoor Karting Centre, adrenaline-pumping speed and testosterone pumping competitiveness.

Fastlane Karting


Stuck on Hen’s party ideas? Then, we have something perfect for you!

We have the ultimate men’s experience in Sydney! Here at Fastlane Karting we now have the Ultimate Package providing the best place in Sydney for you and your girls to gather for a Hen’s party, birthday or corporate event that will never be forgotten! Our Ultimate Package includes go karting with a complimentary pizza lunch, pool table and pool comp, air hockey table, driving and shooting games! With our Hen’s night games, you can get your game on in the new MAN CAVE VIP AREA that will cater to your every need, including the best go karting in the Sydney region, based in Campbelltown

black gokarts

Ultimate Karting Sydney


The ultimate way to spend your hen’s party with mates before the big day!! We are also fully licensed so you and your gals can have a few drinks after working up a sweat out on track!

Picton Karting Track


Kart around on one of Sydney’s best outdoor kart track set in the scenic and exhilarating rural area of Picton. Go around sweeping bends, challenging chicane, hair-raising hairpin with up to 75km on the supercharged straight. Experience the adrenalin of go kart racing like never before.

So you’ve got the fun, the challenging task of organising the buck’s or hen’s party? Our advice to you – do something exciting & memorable for the buck’s or hen’s party, something the groom-to-be or the bride-to-be can enjoy before things get a little crazy later on the night! Book the ultimate buck’s or hen’s party now!

big race gokart race track



Spitfire Party Packages are the supreme Paintball & Go Kart Party Package designed to give you all the things you want to do at a heavily discounted price.

As the only combined Paintball & Go Kart Destination, we offer a range of Paintball and Go Kart packs perfect for Bucks Parties, Hen’s Parties, Birthday Parties, Corporate Events or just for a social day out.

Spitfire Paintball is Australia’s ONLY dedicated Reball Fields.

The reason you should book your Paintball Bucks Party at Spitfire is simple. We are the BIGGEST Indoor Paintball facility in all of NSW, we offer the latest and greatest equipment and we are the only Reball field around. What’s Reball, well its Paintball without the messy & smelly Paint. The same guns, same rules, same fields, some jaw clenching impact – just without the splatter.

How do you know you’ve been hit tho??? Easy, if your hit you will know about it, it gives that sting just like regular Paintballs so when the impact occurs the reaction will follow!! Bucks Parties at Spitfire have been famous for years, and the reason we are the number 1 choice when it comes to hosting the Ultimate Hen’s Party event has been easy for years.

Barefoot Bowls

If you are arranging a freind’s hens party and are looking for an enjoyable, unqiue and really unforgettable way to celebrate her special day then look no further than a barefoot bowls hen party. Begin your shoes and commemorate your buddy’s upcoming big day in style, with champagne and yard bowls. The ideal Hens celebration is a mix of endless fun and an unique and extraordinary experience in an unwinded environment. Our barefoot bowls experiences meet all of these criteria. With the bar open, music playing outside, and everyone barefoot on the greens – in a lovely setting – it’s the perfect method for a bridal celebration to come together, learn more about one another and create long lasting memories for the bride-to-be, prior to her Big Day.

My Ultimate Hens – Barefoot Bowls & Platter Goals


Kick off your heels for an afternoon of giggly competition with the girls during this super fun Sydney Hens Experience! This all-inclusive hens package begins at our popular Barefoot bowls club as you enjoy a glass of wine and show off your bowls skills (or lack thereof!) with your Hen and her bride tribe. Such a simple and fun hens afternoon activity that encourages that cheeky element of competition between the gals! Afterwards, make your way to our dazzling Darling Harbour venue for sunset drinks in a waterfront VIP cabana complete with deluxe grazing platters and a free-flowing beverage package – we’ll drink to that!

Take your shoes off and grab a wine (wish I could do the same in the office!) as you settle in for a carefree and incredibly entertaining afternoon of barefoot bliss! This amazing Sydney Hens Party Package is exclusive to My Ultimate Hens and you will love every minute of it! The next two hours are yours on the green, playing lawn bowls and mingling with your hen’s fave gals. An incredibly popular ‘Sunday Sesh’ Hens activity – seriously, how truly therapeutic is it to kick off your shoes and have a couple of cheeky wines whilst bowling the afternoon away?! Winning!

We start you off with a glass of wine on arrival and a short lawn bowls demo (whilst nan rolls her eyes – she’s been shredding the green for years) and give you all the equipment you ladies will need. Enjoy this fabulous Sydney Hens Party Idea with the girls and raise a glass to your Bride-to-be!

After you’re all bowled out and have enjoyed a few cheeky wines from the bar, it is time to wander from our Bowls Club to a very special venue of ours – adorned with hanging plants and gorgeous décor, our stunning Darling Harbour Bar and restaurant awaits! As My Ultimate VIP’s, you will be escorted to your exclusive waterfront cabana overlooking the famous Darling Harbour – you can’t go past those views! Settle in and raise a glass to your hen! This gorgeous and exclusive space is yours for the next three hours, and with plenty more surprises on the way, your Hen will be in classy hens night heaven!

Shortly after you settle in – delivered to your VIP cabana is a deluxe grazing platter with such a delicious assortment of food, so aesthetically presented you’ll almost not want to ruin it by eating it! Graze away at mouth-watering cheeses, meats, fruits, dips and sooo much more – oh and make sure take plenty of snaps for social media…#plattergoals! Along with this culinary perfection, is a three-hour beverage package all for your lucky hens group! So drink up and raise a glass to your hen over and over again! The Hens are in the house!

two girls sitting on chairs drinking champagne

Rainbow Hens – Barefoot Bowls


Every day is a good day for barefoot bowls and this Sydney Hens day is certainly that – the perfect day to bowldly go where no Hens have gone before. Well, they have of course as it is an awesome day but it sure sounds good. This unbelievabowl Hens party ticks all the boxes with an afternoon on the green at Lawn Bowls doing your best Crackerjack with a drink in hand followed by an evening in a private room with an absolute stunner wearing practically nothing, pizzas and free-flowing drinks. Whether you are the Oddbowls, the incredibowls or the high bowlers, this is the day for you!

We would say the puns are over, but they’re really not so let’s rock & bowl. Barefoot Bowl! Gather your bowlers dozen and meet at our top-notch north shore clubhouse where the drinks are cold, the grass is green and the views will bowl you over. First stop is the bar for the necessary thirst quencher and the best part is that these guys aren’t bowl breakers so you take your frothy with you as you kick off your afternoon of friendly competition. We can give you instruction if you need it or just let you loose to go Incredibowl Hulk on your mates. It’s a Barefoot Bowls Sydney Hens Party that is amazebowls.

After you unleash your great bowls of fire, it’s time to make your way into the heart of Sydney City to our seriously Iconic Pub where you are treated like Nobowlmen with the first glass of many drinks to come and shown to your very own private room where a Hens night bonanza awaits. Your squad will be treated to 3 hours of free-flowing Red White & Sparkling Wines, Beers & softs to keep you well hydrated and dished up our gourmet pizzas for a Sydney Hens Night dinner that will go down a treat.

Pizza is all good and well of course but it’s time to make like the Bowling Stones and kick this Sydney Hens Party up a notch or ten. Whilst in your private room you will be joined by one of our absolute knocks out topless waitresses clad in just her highest heels and skimpiest G-string, the real Bowldilocks to be just perfect for the little bears in your crew. She will entertain your tribe, ferry around your food and just generally be stared at with her very own great big Bowls of fire on display for all to see! Hello Gorgeous!! The bar is still flowing if you need the Dutch courage, just have a perfect night!

Barefoot Bowls


Finding a bowling club to host your next barefoot bowls party in Sydney can be difficult. Throughout New South Wales, there are numerous bowling clubs that offer barefoot bowls at their clubs.

So save yourself the hassle of going to each of their websites and comparing bowling clubs. Compare the bowls clubs in Sydney right here, at Barefoot Bowls. Simply follow this link and search by suburb to find the best barefoot bowls club for your event. We want to provide the online directory that that allows people to find the best bowling clubs for barefoot bowls in Sydney and New South Wales.

The Greens North Sydney


There’s a place for everyone and for all occasions at The Greens – from hens to birthdays, engagement parties, sporting celebrations, corporate gatherings and team-building events.

As you line up on the green, the smooth, cool weight of a bowl in your hands, you can’t help but feel the tradition of a sport passed down through the generations. It’s a sport millennium in the making, said to have come from the ancient Egyptians. As time moved forward, the game spread and evolved into various forms around the globe, from Italy and England to Denmark and even the Pacific Islands.

The game of bowls as we know it today has its roots in Scotland, where the laws of the game were written. It’s that game our members have been playing since we were founded on 25 April 1888 in St Leonard’s Park. As the second oldest bowls club in NSW, thousands of our members have practised, competed and progressed through the ranks, many going on to compete in the highest grade of their pennant competitions and be selected to represent the local district sides. Bowls is something that we Aussies are proud of – and we should be, too, as we Australian lawn bowlers make up more than 40% of the world’s bowling population.

But it’s not just for the competitions that we bowl. It’s for the time spent with friends, the mateship and the well-earned cold one at the end of the day.

And why do we choose to bowl at North Sydney? Well, just take a moment on the green to look up and out at our beautiful city around us on the edge of one of the most beautiful natural harbours in the world. A vista of the iconic Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, and at night, the lights of the city. Take in everything Sydney has to offer – the sparkling blue waters, iconic attractions, hidden beaches, enchanting bushland, pretty gardens, charming islands and intriguing heritage.

But the word got out, and we couldn’t keep this little slice of heaven to ourselves anymore. So we’ve opened our doors to a new generation of bowlers and their friends. Just like the game of old, we’ve evolved with our community. The shoes have come off, the dress code is relaxed, and with DJs and live bands, warming fire pits and a buzzing vibe of a modern garden party, we’re having more fun than ever.

We’re now more than a club – we’re a hub for our community. A place to come where the old proudly meets the new. Where the comforting clunk of two bowls colliding echoes the celebratory clink of two drinks at the bar. Where DJs mix it with some of the best live music Sydney has to offer. Where old friends catch up over dinner, new friends are made over drinks, and anyone can enjoy some time outside in the fresh air playing a spirited game with mates. We keep up the tradition – our membership numbers over 100 men and women fielding 6 sides in pennant competitions – while celebrating the new. So join us for our next comp, a social bowl, or just a drink, some live music and epic views of the city – the choice is yours.

Warringah Bowls Mosman


Warringah Bowls Mosman is the perfect venue for your next event. We look after a wide range of events including birthdays, bucks & hens, engagements, school groups, fundraisers and sporting club events. Our bowls hosts will show you how it’s done and help make your experience as enjoyable as possible. we’ve got a fully stocked bar, great catering, heaps of parking, buses at the door and views of the city skyline.

Longueville Sporting Club


The Longueville Sporting Club,  more commonly known as “The Diddy” was established in 1938. Over 80 years later, the former Bowling club is now an established venue with its lively greens still thriving, playing host to patrons playing barefoot bowls and kids running around in open space.

girls on barefoot bowls lawn

Gymea Bowls


Discover the best-kept secret in the Shire! Our recently refurbished facilities offer a scenic, relaxed atmosphere and modern facilities. Come and enjoy a meal or a game of Barefoot Bowls with your friends!

Our club has superbly appointed function rooms suitable for Weddings, Corporate Functions and Conferences. We can host up to 250 guests for private functions.

South Cronulla Bowling Club


Step back in time at the picturesque South Cronulla Bowling Club.  Located on the South Cronulla Bowling Club. First opened in 1956 the Clubhouse is till the original building and retains much of it’s charm  A friendly atmosphere, no pokies and great location make it Cronulla’s best kept secret.

Whether you are a competition bowler, social bowler, barefoot bowler or just looking for somewhere to bring the family for a quiet Friday night meal you will love the retro ambience of South Cronulla Bowlo.

Taren Point Bowling Club


Looking for a great Barefoot Bowls Venue in Sydney? Taren Point Bowling Club is centrally located in The Sutherland Shire and just over the Captain Cook Bridge from the St George area. We are renowned for our beautifully manicured bowling greens and fantastic facilities so why not try our relaxing, budget-friendly, barefoot bowling package?

Our relaxed, friendly atmosphere provides the ideal setting to enjoy a fun barefoot bowling experience. For $15 per person or $20 per person with BBQ included the club provides a complete bowls package organised and managed by our professional staff who are on hand to help improve technique and provide guidance if required, ensuring your barefoot bowling experience is fun and enjoyable.

All green fees, set up/clearance and bowls hire are included in the price.

Guests simply need to wear a pair of flat-soled shoes or go barefoot. We recommend teams of 2 or more groups, with a minimum of 20 people for group barefoot bowling bookings.

Bondi Bowling Club


A new scene is emerging in a beautiful 1930’s clubhouse, secreted away in the back-streets of Australia’s most famous beachside suburb. This is a spacious historical site, programmed with a small bar mentality.

Bondi Bowling Club has become the unlikely hit of the Eastern Suburbs—this 80-year-old institution is quickly welcoming a new generation. With a revamped menu featuring oysters and share plates plus your regular steak and schnitzel fare, Bondi Bowls may just be your new regular. They even host live music on Thursday nights. Well, we’re sold.

Clovelly Bowling & Recreation Club


We’re calling it—this bowlo has the best view in Sydney. You’ve probably seen your mates snap gorge pics at this iconic bowling location because the view involves uninterrupted ocean vistas. For a perfect Sunday arvo, Clovelly Bowling Club will only charge you a cheeky $15 to play and they even have a BBQ where you can cook up your own meaty feast.

The Randwick Bowling Club


Only minutes away from the CBD, round up the office group chat because we know what your Friday arvo plans are. Play to crown the best bowlo in your division and celebrate by downing a few pints of beer (it’s not like you’re working the day after?).

Petersham Bowling Club


If you love barefoot bowls and craft beer more than life, Petersham Bowling Club is definitely the place for you. With a list of delicious craft beers from Young Henry’s, Grifter, and Murray on tap, and an extra 50 in bottles behind the bar, you can spend all afternoon winning at bowls and in the drinks department. This place is an institution for a reason people.

Balmain Bowling Club


Proud to be the oldest bowlo in NSW these guys know the name of the game. Seven days a week, round up the troops for a guaranteed bonding session. And order from the bar so you can snack on some burgers while kicking some ass.

Balmain Bowling Club is the oldest bowling club in NSW. Established in 1880, the club is older than the Australian Labour Party.  You are invited to play barefoot bowls on one of Australia’s most recognised and historic greens.

Barefoot bowling is a very popular team building function for Corporate companies.  It’s also an excellent way to spend time with family or friends, get some exercise, have fun, and learn some new skills. Barefoot Bowls is available 7 days a week.  Free instruction is available at the commencement of each session.

An extensive range of food is available from Wednesday through to Sunday to Barefoot Bowlers socialising on the sides of the greens or outdoor tables.  It is the perfect venue for every occasion.

Concord Bowling Club


is the ideal way for you and your friends to spend a relaxing, budget-friendly, fun afternoon in the sun. Surrounded by parkland in Sydney’s inner west, we offer barefoot bowls at a cost of $10 per head with bowling green access for 4 hours, use of club bowls and tuition. For your enjoyment, catering is available to suit your needs while you bowl and enjoy a cool drink by the green.

Archery Hens

From Robin Hoods’ Maid Marian and Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games to the red-haired Meridan in Disney Pixar’s Brave, Hollywood has actually embraced brave females with bows and arrows. Now it’s your turn to bring the archer goddess dream to life, with your extremely own coloured bow, foam-tipped arrow and … faceguard. True to its name, Archery Attack is a battle and you are the target. Your group will be tossed into the battlefield with just the inflatable barrier course and your safety equipment to secure you. And we ensure the Hen can’t conceal with a target strapped to her back!

girl with bow and arrow

Archery Games


She’s engaged!!!” Time to plan the most memorable hen’s night activity in history… Don’t go searching for “tea party” or “dance class”. Just don’t even search actually, because you’ve already found your answer right here! Archery Tag in Sydney is your ticket to being hailed the best maid of honour/bridesmaid ever.

What’s Archery Tag?

Ok – if you haven’t heard, it’s the newest and hottest combat sport to hit Australia from the U.S. Both men and women (and even kids!) are having a blast trying out this high-intensity team game. Bucks and Hens enjoy it for something new and different, feeling like they have already done the usual activities before their big day. An event is typically 10-20 players, split into 2 teams who battle to shoot their opposing team members using the bows and foam-tipped arrows. These pack a small punch but don’t leave any welts, unlike paintball. We play on a grass field in parks/reserves, tennis courts, private properties or at an indoor centre. Players hide behind large inflatable bunkers and move strategically to shoot at the enemy to tag them out, and also aim at foam targets to win the game.

What can we expect at an Archery Tag Hen’s event?

Gather the bride, bridesmaids and her closest friends, choose your location across Sydney that suits your group. After some initial instruction and practice with our simple recurve bows, chuck on a mask, grab some arrows and head out to the field. Teams verse each other on either side of the field, aiming to tag out other players with their arrows. You’ll experience a variety of Archery Tag gameplay: VIP, Medic, Capture the Flag, Zombies vs Humans… make it as intense or relaxed as you want! Be warned, you may be on the firing squad if your team loses a round!

Bubble Soccer 2U – Archery Warz


Parties2U is excited to announce our newest offering Archery Warz! Bow Tag is a mix of paintball and dodgeball which can be played indoors or outdoors on almost any surface! The game is a fast-paced fun pack action that is suitable for ages 14+ of all fitness levels. 

Archery Warz is the perfect stand-alone activity or add-on to your existing Bubble Soccer event, corporate activity or party! We can accommodate groups of 20+ and take bookings 7 days a week all over Victoria and the ACT.

bubble soccer

Archery Attack


We pride ourselves on great customer service and the highest quality equipment. The kit is mobile and we travel to venues inside and outside and serve the metropolitan Sydney area bringing exciting, action-packed Arrow Tag to you!

We can host events in suburbs including Bondi & the Eastern Suburbs, Alexandria, Glebe and the Inner West, Manly, Narrabeen, Northern Beaches, Hills District, Penrith and further afield.

You can play Arrow Tag at your local park, gym, oval, home or work venue (indoors and outdoors). We can help suggest some areas if you’re stuck on ideas.

Gather those closest to you to celebrate the wedding – show them extra love by tagging the Buck with extra arrows!

Harbour Bridge Climb

Want to see Sydney from up above? Invest the afternoon climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Get fit and booted in safety gear and then take pleasure in the ascent. Using mesmerising scenic views throughout Sydney you’ll always remember. This is among our more costly choices, but no doubt one of the most amazing, especially if your hen takes pleasure in an adrenaline rush.

girl climbing sydney harbour bridge

Bridgeclimb Sydney


Introducing our range of premium, unique, luxury and over the top Sydney Harbour experiences that are far from the ordinary.

There are few experiences with better views than the Summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge or a table at Bennelong or Quay. Why not get the best of both worlds?

BridgeClimb and two of Australia’s most celebrated restaurants have teamed together to create a package that promises to heighten your senses. Whether you’re searching for the ultimate date, entertaining special guests or just looking to spend a dream afternoon overlooking the harbour, BridgeClimb Pinnacle will certainly deliver.

Designed for couples and groups up to 80, this perfectly matched partnership allows guests to Climb the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and dine overlooking the glistening Sydney Harbour from the best seat in the house at Bennelong or Quay. The perfect interplay of adventure and fine dining.

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