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15+ Most Unique Wedding Jewellery Shop in Melbourne (2024)

When it comes to style, we're all for breaking the so-called "rules." But that doesn't mean there aren't still tried-and-true tips to help you look your best, including for your wedding day jewellery.

Every bride wants to look their best on their wedding day. Aside from having all eyes on you, your wedding photo look is guaranteed to earn a place in every home you own. It’s, therefore, no wonder that we take plenty of time over our wedding-day appearances, and finding a bridal jewellery is a big part of that. To make sure you get this right, you’re going to want to find the best Melbourne-based bridal jewellery shops. Luckily, we’ve got a few recommendations for you.

It’s always hard to find a jeweller, whether it be for your engagement ring, your wedding jewellery, or even just a special piece to spoil yourself with, so when we did a call out on social media to get your fellow Fairies to share their recommendations for a Melbourne jeweller, we were inundated with a response.

Whether you’re looking to design your own engagement ring, selecting your wedding band or wanting to give an extra special gift to a loved one, you deserve only the best when it comes to purchasing stunning, sentimental jewellery pieces. To ensure you receive the finest quality jewellery and to help you choose the right jeweller for you, we’ve picked out five of the best luxury jewellers in Melbourne.

Thousands of Australian couples each year symbolise their love and commitment to one another with an exquisite piece of jewellery. For those searching for the perfect piece in Melbourne, Victoria, we guarantee you will absolutely adore these suppliers known for their stunning range of wedding jewellery and engagement rings.

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List of Wedding Jewellery Shop Melbourne

You do not need to have matching jewelry. Mix and match, or mixed metal jewelry, is the way to go today! From mixed metal rings to bracelets (and even mixed metal wedding rings), the options are limitless.

Traditional etiquette would require the bride to wear her engagement ring on her right ring finger to walk down the aisle. During the exchanging of the rings, the groom would place the wedding band on the bride's left finger. ... The bride could then slip the engagement ring on top of the wedding band after the ceremony.

a woman on her wedding day or just before and after the event. You're a bride on your wedding day. You're a bride-to-be before it, and you're a wife after it. You get ONE DAY to be a bride, your wedding day, and that's it.

The engagement ring can be worn by either the male or female or both. Usually, the female wears the engagement rings more, but some men wear the male engagement ring so as to show their commitment to the relationship. Male engagement signifies a lot to a man.

Can grooms see their rings before the wedding? Yes, the groom can and quite possibly will see his ring before the wedding ceremony. ... Most brides see their wedding rings before the ceremony, too! The only common custom is to hide a woman's engagement ring until you are ready to propose.

Temple and Grace Wedding Jewellery Melbourne

Temple And Grace Wedding Jewellery Store Melbourne

0414 500 999

Australia’s finest engagement and wedding rings

Planning for your big day is exciting and Temple and Grace can ensure that your special day is celebrated in style with finely crafted engagement rings and wedding bands. Temple and Grace take pride in being trusted Sydney based engagement and wedding ring specialists. Being master jewel-smiths themselves means that every piece of jewellery is handmade with careful attention to detail. If you’re planning for your big moment, you can visit Temple and Grace in Sydney or buy wedding rings online. Temple and Grace have over a thousand wedding bands and wedding ring sets to choose from. While the look of the engagement ring and wedding ring is important, it is recommended that you keep both, your choice of precious metal and lifestyle in mind.

To ensure that you get the best value for your money, it is pivotal to note that when you buy engagement rings, diamond rings and wedding rings online from Temple and Grace, you will save over 40% when compared to high-street jewellery retailers. So how do you save so much? It’s simple. All Temple and Grace jewellery is made in-house. Every diamond ring, engagement ring and wedding band that you see online is handcrafted directly at the Temple and Grace jewellery boutique in Sydney. We are renowned goldsmiths and loose diamond specialists. With in-depth understanding of precious metal such as gold and platinum, we guarantee that we can make you the finest diamond wedding bands and gold wedding rings. Visit us or shop online to experience finesse and high quality wedding and engagement jewellery.

The difference between high-end and classy fine jewellery and cheap looking jewellery is the finesse with which it is made. Temple and Grace jewellery is crafted with much needed passion and precision. Trading in fine jewellery is very different from making fine jewellery. Being skilful jewel smiths, Temple and Grace understand how to make gold and diamond jewellery to exacting standards. When you open a Temple and Grace wedding ring box, you can see how beautifully the ring has been made. The smiles on the clients’ faces keep Temple and Grace in business day after day. A wedding is a special occasion and choosing a reputed jeweller is vital. A perfect wedding ring cannot be bought off-the-shelf. Even if you like a certain ring style, it needs to be customised precisely to your finger size. A well-crafted platinum or gold wedding band looks extraordinary and feels ultra-comfortable. Since 2015, Temple and Grace has been passionate about handcrafting the finest gold rings, platinum rings and diamond rings for men and women. You will also find a fine selection of women’s jewellery including gold bracelets, diamond bracelets, necklaces, earrings and gemstone rings.

The success of Temple and Grace is due to continually striving to design, handcraft and retail the most stunning wedding bands and engagement rings online. If you’re looking for cheap wedding rings, Temple and Grace have Australia’s largest range of titanium wedding rings, zirconium wedding rings and stainless steel wedding rings. No matter what metal and budget you have in mind, Temple and Grace are Australia’s finest online jewellers for good reason.

The Temple and Grace team take immense pride in knowing that every day they are part of someone’s special moment. This joy of playing a role in a couples' dreams and their commitment of a lifetime together makes the team at Temple and Grace come to work everyday.

For your special day, the wedding band should be spectacular. Whether you’re looking for wedding rings for women or men’s wedding bands, Temple and Grace have the best collection. A well-finished gold wedding band can handmade in 9K as well as 18K gold. Some of the designer wedding bands we stock include PW Beck and Dora. Both of these brands have a wide selection of gold wedding rings, platinum wedding rings and diamond wedding rings.

Selecting the right metal for your wedding ring is extremely important. Some of the popular metals used in the making of a wedding ring include Gold, Platinum, Silver and Platinum. Temple and Grace often use these precious metals in combination with each other to produce a unique wedding ring.

Gold wedding rings

Since generations, Gold has been hight sought after. It has grown to be known as a symbol of wealth. One of the reasons that Temple and Grace clients’ prefer having a gold wedding ring is because gold does not rust, corrode or tarnish. Alloyed gold comes in a choice of various colours including White, Yellow and Rose. The purity of the gold in the wedding band will depend on the carat you select online. You can identify the carat of the gold by reading the carat stamp on the inner circle of the wedding ring. Temple and Grace Gold wedding bands are made in 9K and 18K. It is important to note that the higher the carat selected, the higher the fine gold content in the ring.

White Gold wedding rings

White Gold is an alloy that is created from 24K Yellow Gold and other naturally white precious metals. Like other Gold alloys, White Gold comes in a range of carats and is often plated with Rhodium. This makes the White Gold ring look even whiter and shine brighter.

Rose Gold wedding bands

Rose gold or pink gold again is an alloy of 24K Yellow Gold. Copper is used in amalgamation with Yellow Gold to create a pinkish hue to create magical rose gold rings.

Platinum wedding rings

Platinum is the rarest and one of the most valuable precious metal. Only a small amount of platinum is produced each year and this enhances its' value. Platinum is hypoallergenic and does not lose it’s lustre or tarnish with time.

Titanium wedding rings

Titanium is a light weight hypoallergenic metal which is known for it’s high level of durability and strength.

Looking for GIA certified loose diamonds at the lowest prices in Australia? Buying a loose diamond for your jewellery is now easy. Temple and Grace have a large selection of certified as well as non-certified diamonds in Sydney. No matter how big or small your budget is, Temple and Grace guarantee to beat any quote. Choosing the right diamond and setting for your diamond engagement ring or diamond wedding band is an important decision. Temple and Grace have the reputation of providing incredible value for money for a loose diamond in Sydney.

H & H Jewellery Wedding Store Melbourne

H And H Jewellery Melbourne

03 9650 2727

Your Diamond Engagement & Wedding Ring Specialist.
With three bespoke jewellery stores in Melbourne, H&H Jewellery is a trusted and well-known Master Jewellers and Diamonds Specialists with a 25 Year heritage in the Manufacture and Design of Bespoke Unique Diamonds & Jewellery.
Established in 1996 by Melbourne’s Master Jewellers & Diamond Specialists - Chris & Harry, they boast 40 years’ experience in the jewellery trade between them.
H&H Jewellery prides itself on its extensive collection of stunning opal, opal jewellery, rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, bangles and chains encrusted in diamonds and precious gems, meticulously crafted into timeless pieces sure to meet your every desire and suit any occasion.
Whether you’re shopping for a loved one, purchasing a gift for yourself or simply looking for something special, a visit to H&H Jewellery is a must. Experienced in fine jewellery and a keen eye for detail, a friendly team of diamond consultants will ensure you find the perfect piece.
For a classically themed ring with a difference, you can choose from classic solitaires, glistening halo, meaningful three-stones to a range of wedding bands – your eyes will sparkle as you look through these beauties, available Shop Online or In-Store.

Wedding Bands

A wedding band is a symbol of the eternal promise you are making to each other and is worn to represent the love and devotion of marriage. There is beauty in the simplicity of the design. H&H Jewellery wide range or Wedding Bands rage from white gold, yellow gold and platinum. We can also work with rose gold, palladium, titanium and other materials upon request.

Diamond Bands

When beginning the first chapter of the rest of your life with the stunning diamond engagement rings from H&H Jewellers, matching wedding bands to ensure your engagement and wedding rings match perfectly. H&H Jewellery diamond bands include feature gemstones and can be crafted from traditional yellow gold or white or rose gold for those who want a piece as unique as their love.
All pieces are available in both men’s and women’s sizes to ensure that you can find a matching pair if desired.

Are you Looking for a Custom Diamond Ring Design with GIA Certified Loose Diamonds?
H&H Jewellery is also Leading Diamond Wholesaler & Supplier sourcing Ethically Produced, Conflict-Free, GIA Certified Diamonds and Precious Metals & Gems.
You can purchase Loose Quality Diamonds for your ring at by Weight, Color, Clarity, and Price. Talk to a H&H Certified Diamond Consultants to view an extensive range of loose diamonds to inspire you as you search for the perfect expression of your lasting love.
Once you have found your perfect gem, H&H Master Jewellers also provide Custom Jewellery & Diamond Design Services, specially handcrafted using the finest materials.
H&H Jewellery Repairs, Restorations & Valuations Services Melbourne
A Talented Team of Specialist Diamond Consultants & Master Jeweller's are on hand to offer a comprehensive range of Professional Specialist Jewellery Services that include:
On-Site Jewellery Repairs - such as ring resizes, chains, re-tipping and claws, replacing stones, fitting new clasps, polishing, rhodium plating and soldering charms.
Product Care & Cleaning- With some basic professional care you can preserve and protect your jewellery for years to come. Pieces should be stored in a jewellery box and professionally cleaned once a year.
Remodelling- Bring your old or damaged jewellery to H&H Jewellery for restorations and remodelling. This is perfect for pieces that hold sentimental value.
Valuations: H&H Jewellery Valuation Services are completed by an independent gemologist at all of our diamond jewellery store locations. Each item is carefully examined to assess the quality and arrive at a retail replacement value based on current market conditions. Valuation Certificates are also provided are proof of purchase.
Insurance Appraisals & Claims: H&H Jewellery understands how important it is to have your jewellery covered for the correct amount for Insurance & Claims. Contact H&H Jewellery and get professional help replacing items that have been stolen or destroyed (e.g. remakes).

Contact H&H Jewellery
Phone: 03 9530 0611
Shop Online at or

Visit In-Store at one of three conveniently located stores in Melbourne:
Elsternwick : 414 Glenhuntly Rd, Elsternwick Vic 3185 | South Yarra : 586 Chapel Street, South Yarra Vic 3141 | Melbourne CBD : 192 Collins Street, Melbourne Vic 3000

Amy Leigh Assaad - Wedding Jewellery Shop Melbourne

wedding rings Melbourne



Under the creative direction of Amy Leigh Assaad, we focus exclusively on custom made bridal headpieces.

All of our headpieces are designed and handcrafted in Sydney.

Offering a full custom design service, consultations for our couture work are conducted in our studio in Sydney.

Each piece is designed exclusively for you.


Commission your own bespoke headpiece and incorporate a sentimental touch into the design.

Think of something that represents a loved one, a very special memory or something sentimental to only you and your fiance.

This will transform your hair accessory into a keepsake heirloom.


We use the highest quality materials including rose gold, pearls and crystals from Swarovski.

Our stringent production process ensures your heirloom headpiece will last the test of time, allowing you to pass down your bespoke headpiece to future generations.

Bridal Blue is an Australian owned business specialising in handcrafting Bridal Headpieces, including crowns and tiaras delicately handcrafted in Australia, for for brides, bridesmaids and flower girls.

Bridal Blue was started by a newly wed couple in Sydney. With new beginnings, deeply in love and a shared passion to build a business together, Bridal Blue was born. To introduce ourselves, we are Ray and Amy, or "Raymy" as our friends and family call us.

We shared the same values and therefore had a mutual desire to establish a business based on honesty, trust and reliability. To put it simply, we wanted to create a business that was all about the bride, not the bridal business!

Having recently been through the rather exhaustive process of planning a wedding ourselves, we know how dealing with suppliers - the good and bad - can really impact stress levels and peace of mind. We knew what it would take to be a supplier that delivers good quality products, and on time, taking stress away from the bride, not adding to it.

Those special suppliers you encounter when planning your big day are remembered and truly appreciated long after your wedding day. We remember the feeling of excitement, assurance and confidence that comes with engaging with a good bridal supplier.

We wanted to be one of those suppliers.

To turn our vision into something tangible, that produces real results for our brides, we had to put in place measures to achieve this. Our service had to be exceptional, with generous offers on shipping, returns and warranty. Communication had to be fast, honest and clear. Products had to be of good quality.

Our bridal and bridesmaid headpieces are each handcrafted to a high standard. To maintain this high standard means each piece is time intensive, each being thoughtfully designed and handcrafted in Australia. We limit the number of each design to add the element of exclusivity for each bride. We remain on the leading edge in bridal trends, with class and sophistication.

But actions speak louder than words, therefore each Bridal Blue Bride enjoys:

  • Free standard shipping on all orders within Australia.
  • 12 month warranty on all products.
  • Wedding inspiration and real bride features from a diverse range of bridal suppliers on our blog and social media accounts, not just a bombardment of our products ; )
  • Australian made, handcrafted headpieces, crowns and tiaras with a genuine limit on each design to add an element of exclusivity for each Bridal Blue Bride.
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

We want this day to be all about you. Planning a wedding can be stressful, and we personally relate to the ups and downs that this process carries. Please know that we are only a call, text or email away to ensure you are fully satisfied with our products and services.


Fletcher & Grace Wedding Jewellery Shop Melbourne

Wedding Gems Melbourne



Fletcher & Grace is an Australian business that has been operating for over 10 years, offering stunning bridal jewellery & event jewellery.

Our beautiful product range includes earrings, bracelets and bangles, necklaces, brooches, clutches, veils, hair pieces, bridesmaids jewellery and bridal party gifts.

Our collections are made from high quality materials including genuine Swarovski Elements, genuine freshwater pearls, exquisite man-made pearls and high grade cubic zirconia / diamond simulants. Each piece is made with exceptional craftsmanship and finished with fine jewellery settings. These are perfect keepsakes, made to last and coated in tarnish resistant plating to stand the test of time. Of course, all our pieces are nickel free, hypoallergenic and guaranteed to exceed expectations.

If you don't love your purchase, simply return it!

Our customer focused service

Fast shipping

Have you ever ordered something online only to find out that the online "store" you ordered from didn't actually carry any stock? And worse, it would take weeks for your order to be shipped? Because we carry stock just like a physical store, we are proud to offer a same day Express shipping service and we ship all other non urgent orders within 4 business days. Yes truly!

We strive to keep all items in stock, but if an item is not in stock for any reason, this fact (plus a date when the item will be available for shipping) will be clearly stated in the product description.  When you shop with Fletcher & Grace, there are no nasty surprises!

Styling advice

We love hearing from customers and are happy to assist with any questions.


Diamondport Wedding Jewellery Shop Melbourne

Wedding Gems Melbourne




We import some of the finest quality diamonds in Australia and specialise in custom engagement rings, wedding rings and eternity rings, all crafted right here in Brisbane. Diamond Merchant Ashley Portas loves ‘making dreams come true’ by helping clients to design their dream engagement ring.

Clients say we’re great listeners, that the process is informative and fun. Others appreciate that we understand your budget and create a ring with more value than branded options. Most of all, we exceed expectations with our 5-star experience and have loyal clients coming back for more.

We’ll take the time to ask the right questions, give you some realistic options and help you create a beautiful ring that will melt her heart but won’t break the bank.


Easily book your consultation online to visit our Brisbane Studio or alternatively, we will communicate with you via email or phone correspondence. We will closely work with you to create the perfect engagement ring.


We make creating your engagement ring an easy, stress-free experience from the moment you book your appointment online to visit us in our Queen Street Mall studio. We have more than 415 5-Star Google Reviews to prove that our service is second to none.


We make all our rings right here in our Brisbane studio. That means not only can we work with you personally to craft your engagement ring, even if you have left it to the last minute you won’t be left waiting long to pop the question.


We’re different to other boutique jewellers; we source exceptional diamonds from international diamond cutters and import into Australia. We’re buying direct, rather than through a wholesaler, so you get the highest quality diamonds at a great price.

Because we buy the diamonds, design and make your jewellery to order, we guarantee outstanding quality and value.


At the heart of Diamondport is Ashley Portas, self-confessed romantic, experienced wholesale diamond merchant and diamond grading specialist. Ashley also has an expert team of designers, jewellers and diamond setter’s who help bring your ring to life.

Nothing makes us happier than hearing how much your fiancée loves her engagement ring. It’s why we go the extra mile to help you design a beautiful ring that fits your budget and perfectly matches her style.


Feeling overwhelmed? For most guys, the idea of buying jewellery gets their head spinning. Don’t, worry — we get it.

That’s why we put together a handy (and free!) guide for all you guys out there who don’t know your cuts from your carats. After you’ve read the guide, if you still have questions, don’t hesistate to give us a bell or send us a message. And if you’d rather talk in person, book an appointment to sit down with me (no obligation) and I’ll walk you through the ins and outs.



Trewarne Fine - Wedding Jewellery Shop Melbourne

Melbourne Jewellery Experts for weddings


Trewarne Fine Jewellery have been designing diamond jewellery for over 80 years in Melbourne. Now a fourth generation business its still the same in many ways as it always was. With customer satisfaction at the core of our aims. We love jewellery and the emotions it brings.


Jewelery Designer / Owner

Over the last 25 years Travis has seen fashion trends come and go in Melbourne, Australia. But one thing he knows for certain is that love will always reinvent itself to the young and old alike.

“I’ve designed jewellery for all occasions; engagements, weddings, birthdays and christenings to name a few. When it comes to giving that perfectly symbolic jewellery gift I get an amazing sense of satisfaction helping people find the correct design and love seeing the emotions that jewellery can bring to the special person in their life”


Jewellery Melbourne - Wedding Jewellery Shop Melbourne

bridal jewellery and accessories Melbourne



Diamond Engagement & Wedding Rings is an Australian-owned jewellery design and manufacturing studio that specialises in high-quality, value-for-money diamond engagement rings, wedding bands and loose diamonds.

Our rings are designed and manufactured in Australia to the most exacting standards by skilled and experienced Australian gold and silver smiths.

And because our diamonds come from Antwerp (Belgium) — the acknowledged world centre for diamond quality and cutting — you can be assured you are buying the best.


Your story is unique. Timeless. Your engagement ring should be as well. When you create your own engagement ring, you declare to the world that you value excellence in all that you do.

The decision to purchase an engagement ring is often accompanied by conflicting advice and the range of choices can be overwhelming. We pride ourselves on being friendly and trustworthy professionals that keep your desires at the forefront of all we do.

Our highly-skilled, passionate experts will help you create your own engagement ring online that resonates deeply with your story. Our easy to navigate design your own engagement ring tool presents a range of diamond shapes, cuts, sizes, clarities, and colors that you can combine with your choice of metal and setting. Our engagement ring design experts are always on hand and you can chat online while you design your exquisite engagement ring online.

If you prefer, you can make an appointment online to visit our beautiful Melbourne showroom to sit with our diamond experts to create your own engagement ring. Our professional team will guide you through the whole process of selecting a diamond, choosing a metal and designing a setting for your engagement ring.

Whichever method you choose, our Gemologists, Technologists, and Jewellers work together and will deliver you an exceptional, hand-crafted engagement ring within your budget and timeframe. We source exceptional quality diamonds that are certified by The Gemological Insitute of America (GIA) and the engagement ring you design online or at our showroom will come with a GIA certificate and a lifetime guarantee.


Lord Coconut Wedding Jewellery Shop Melbourne

wedding diamonds Melbourne



By C.M. Jones, Biographer and Historian

Little is known of the early life of the man we have come to know as Lord Coconut. Even his exact date of birth is a source of contention among scholars. The legends that surround Lord Coconut are plentiful, but hard documentary evidence of who the man was is scarce, and that which we do have is either potentially biased or pure fiction.

It is agreed that Lord Coconut was a member of the British aristocracy. The use of the title Lord is correct; however the family to which this Lord belonged has never satisfactorily been established. There are four main ‘contenders’ for the real man behind the legend, however none of these can be established as true, as none of them quite match the events we have pieced together of his life. Based on the four contenders, when Lord Coconut first landed in Australia in 1887, he could have been anywhere between 25 and 42 years of age.

Although it is believed that his diaries have been long lost, a fragment of the Launceston Daily Telegraph newspaper discovered hidden behind a portrait he once owned (believed to be of his mother), gives us a mere glimpse of his life. It indicates that he was living in Launceston on April 1st 1887. The portrait can still be seen today in the Ladies Lounge of the Lord Admiral Hotel, Launceston.

The only other concrete detail, established from historical shipping records, is that he sailed from Launceston to Melbourne on the Tasmanian Steam Navigation Company steamer “The Flinders” on 7th April 1887.

It was also only a very short time that Lord Coconut remained in Tasmania before arriving on the mainland to establish himself in Melbourne.

Once he had ensconced himself in Melbourne’s elite society (such as it was at the time – privately he held it in contempt, calling his contemporaries “colonial kings of the antipodes (i)”), Coconut opened his first private gallery. There are no stock lists available for this establishment, so again we are reliant on his own words which reveal that it held treasures from Africa, Asia and various Pacific islands. Some say that Lord Coconut opened his private gallery to back up some of his more wild boasts to his own circle, others conject that he was already low on funds and testing the waters for the marketability of his finds.

We do know that an advertisement for the grand opening of “Lord Coconut’s Emporium of Wonder” appeared in the Argus newspaper in 1891. Much to Lord Coconut’s relief, it was a success and he was not only able to save himself from financial ruin, but also to begin importing various goods and continue his venture of a retail gallery.

As to the question of how Lord Coconut came to be named so, the stories are many and varied. The one most favoured by this author takes place on Easter Island. In 1884 a fleet of British explorers, botanists and cartographers were touring the area. The journals of a young botanist named Frederick Forsythe describe an episode of another British ship docking off Easter Island, with a young man among those that came ashore. The young man boasted that he could communicate with the locals in their own tongue and proceeded to demonstrate, where upon he was pelted with pieces of coconut shell. The crew of the British fleet laughed openly and jeered at this young man, calling him Mr Coconut. The young man righted himself, dusted off his coat and turned to those who laughed at him and corrected them “It’s Lord Coconut. Good day to you.” And with that, he flounced back down the beach to his row boat, where his man servant waited patiently for him, and returned to his ship.(ii)


Specialist in handmade wedding rings, designer cufflinks, signet rings, pendants, tie bars, bracelets and lapel pins. Representing over 40 Melbourne and interstate jewellers (over 600 mens jewellery items in store at any time). Free worldwide delivery. The undeniably unique Lord Coconut is Melbourne, Australia’s only retailer, gallery, and online boutique selling contemporary jewellery designed with men in mind.

  • Cufflinks
  • Rings
  • Wedding rings
  • Signet rings
  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets/Cuffs
  • Brooches
  • Lapel Pins
  • Tie Bars
  • Tie Pins


  • Store Supporters
  • Shop hours
  • Back story
  • Terms & Conditions



Tips for Picking Wedding Jewellery You'll Love

Don't overdo it.

The first commandment for picking out your wedding jewellery: Don't go overboard. No matter how tempting it is to load up on baubles and bling, you don't want to risk letting your accessories outshine you. Keep "less is more" as your mantra and stick with a few key pieces rather than accessorising every part of your body.

Match your metals to your dress.

Can't decide between silver and gold jewellery? Let the colour of your gown guide your choice.

If your gown is white: This bright hue looks prettiest with platinum or silver pieces.

If your gown is ivory: Gold jewellery will best enhance this creamy shade.

If your gown is champagne: Gold jewellery will complement the warm tones in this very light beige colour. If you're putting together an antique-inspired look, burnished silver with rhinestones also works well.

If your gown is blush: Try rose gold. The pink cast in the metal will coordinate with the soft pink of the dress.

Consider your dress's neckline.

Your gown's décolletage will play a role in framing your face. Help it do its job by selecting jewellery that pairs perfectly with it.

If your dress has a sweetheart or strapless neckline: To create height and direct all eyes to your smile, consider wearing a choker or shorter necklace. This style is making a comeback and looks timeless with this neckline. Another option: Skip the necklace and wear statement chandelier earrings instead. Pull your hair off your face and add a few fresh flowers, '20s-inspired feather barrettes or another simple embellishment that works with your look. As your décolletage is the focal point, you'll want your standout pieces there, but don't hesitate to add a smaller bracelet, bangle or cocktail ring to balance everything out.

If your dress has a V-neck: This style is made for décolletage decoration. Opt for a choker or pendant, or try layering both if they're delicate pieces. Pair the necklace with earrings, which could be small or dangling—whichever looks best with your hairstyle.

If your dress has a halter or reverse halter: Focus your accessorising on your hair by decorating it with pins, combs or vines. These can be sleek, bejewelled or floral, depending on the effect you want. Going for a retro vibe? Try a gorgeous embellished birdcage veil. If you need a little extra something, wear a bracelet or cocktail ring.

Just as wedding dresses vary when it comes to colour, they also span a spectrum of necklines. And not all necklines are created equal. While a strapless or sweetheart neckline will look great with a short necklace or choker — or large statement earrings and no necklace — a V-neck dress really necessitates some type of necklace, probably a pendant or delicate layered pieces. Meanwhile, halter dresses don’t lend themselves to necklaces. Try hair accents instead.

Stick to Your Innate Style

That being said, you still want to look like you on your wedding day. And if you happen to be a particularly trendy fashionista, this might involve incorporating some of the popular accessories of the day. You can still adhere to “less is more” while staying true to your own style. Just pick a single trendy piece and balance it out with other classic jewellery so that your wedding-day look doesn’t go totally over the top.

Take Your Veil Into Account

Although you probably won’t wear your veil all night long, it is a big part of that initial “wow” factor when you walk down the aisle. So make sure that it goes with your jewellery. If you’re wearing a simple veil or no veil at all, chandelier earrings and other statement pieces are totally on-limits. If you’ve opted for a cathedral-style gown that trails feet behind you down the aisle, keep your jewellery simpler so as not to detract from this stunning accessory.

Think Outside the Box

Maybe you’re getting married in a state park or at a local botanical garden. If this is the case, traditional jewellery might not be the best option. Feel free to get creative and weave other accents into your look, like fresh flowers. Nothing says garden wedding like a long, messy braid with beautiful blooms threaded throughout it. Don’t be afraid to lean into the vibe of your wedding and forgo the wedding-day jewellery traditions, if you want to!


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