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What Are The Celestial Wedding Ideas That Are Out Of This World?

If you believe your love was predestined when you checked to see if your partner's star sign was compatible with yours before you started dating, you might want to incorporate some mystical, heavenly elements into your wedding. Imagine a sultry colour scheme, starry lights, and zodiac-themed decor that celebrates the two of you.

You might use indigo blue tablecloths to evoke a warm summer evening or place string lights from the ceiling to represent the stars. These heavenly wedding inspirations have us starry-eyed. After all, a starry sky is one of the most romantic sights, so why not use it as inspiration for your wedding decor?

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FAQs About Wedding Venue

The celestial wedding theme—a decor aesthetic inspired by astronomy, stars, and the sky—has become a mainstay for couples envisioning a boho-meets-romantic vibe for their special day.

Bohemian weddings are all about channelling effortless, elegant style. The elegance of this gown—paired with a soft, loose updo and a delicate flower crown—evokes a free-spirited nature.

Whether minimalist or avant-garde, this wedding style is high on style. Modern weddings are sleek, sophisticated, and refined, typically using a monochromatic colour palette, on-trend florals or foliage, geometric lines, and pared-down décor.

Think of a dark and moody colour palette, glittering, starlike lighting, and designs that feature your and your partner's zodiac signs. For example, you can adorn your tables in the hues of a hazy summer night with indigo blue linens or hang string lights from your venue's ceiling to mimic the constellations.

A marriage according to the historical norms of a given society, usually for the primary purpose of establishing a family. Although prenuptial customs vary in different cultures, a traditional marriage generally follows a period of courtship, public announcement of wedding plans, and a wedding ceremony.

Spell It Out In Stars

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The stars are where you and your sweetheart have written your love story, so why not use that on your invitations? Consider including your birth chart and zodiac signs to make your collection more unique. Hang gold stars from the ceiling to make a dramatic backdrop for the wedding (or celebration). To achieve the most lifelike image, use stars of varied sizes strung up with fishing lines; adding candles enhances the enchantment.

Create A Lunar Invitation Suite

Guests are invited to a magical moonlit celebration with this invitation set. The specked galaxy pattern is our favourite part. A little crystal will be a lovely addition to each invitation if you have the funds. You could go all out with a starry wedding by sending out invitations covered in glitter, but we recommend a more understated approach. Try inky blue invites to show how to put a spin on a space-themed event without becoming cliche. They feature quirky handwriting, star drawings, and watercolour paper.

Rock It In Fashion

Wearing something wacky on your wedding day is a must if you're going for a cosmic theme. A statement can be made by wearing a wedding dress with starburst-shaped beading or sequins.

Keep your wedding day makeup airy and light to achieve an ethereal, otherworldly look. Start with non-matte items, then add a highlighter to your cheekbones, metallic eyeshadow or eyeliner, and a high-shine lip gloss to further amp up the shimmer.

Deck Your Bridesmaids In Blue

To set the tone, have your bridesmaids dress in shades of blue. Your maid of honour can also shine in a gown that sparkles like the stars in the sky. Recreate the appearance by choosing two or three hues and allowing your maids to pick a dress that makes them feel most comfortable.

Install Something Artsy

Get married before a cool art exhibit with major planetary vibes and glittering gold stars.

Make The Moon Part Of Your Backdrop

Amazing moon decor serves as a creative focal point. Imagine all the images your guests may post to Instagram after the wedding!

Get The Guests Involved

Having a tarot card reader at your wedding reception is a fun and different way to entertain your guests. You can get this going during the cocktail hour while people are milling about before dinner is served.

Name Tables After Constellations

Reception tables named after various stars and planets are worth a try. Astronomical and astrological names are also acceptable.

Add Magic To Table Numbers

Table numbers that look like constellations are nothing short of enchanting.

Constellation Wedding Guest Book

Put away your boring old guest book since this unique constellation is way more fun. Use well-known constellations like the Big Dipper and Little Dipper, or make it more personal by including your zodiac sign. And then, once the wedding is over, you can have it framed and displayed in your house.

Add Mystical Touches

Quartz placemats are a great example of a geode accent. Enchant the nuptials of a couple who wants a starry night theme.

Match Your Linens With The Skies

The starry night sky is evoked by the blue and purple table linens and the intricate embroidery on each place setting.

Make Your Cake Out Of This World

The wedding cake's dark colour and the way the stars are piped on make it look like a romantic night sky.

Use Sparklers To Light Up The Night

Set off a bunch of fireworks and see the stars come out! They are nearly as impressive as celebrities and make for beautiful parting shots.

Stars Sign

The decorations for a wedding in the stars can be as elaborate or understated as the couple wishes. However, if you're determined to get the look just right, a bold statement sign in the spirit of the theme could be exactly what you need. The investment in a statement backdrop is worthwhile for a number of reasons: Not only will it look beautiful in your wedding pictures, but it will also be in the background during some of the most memorable parts of the reception, such as the exchanging of vows, the first dance, and the cutting of the cake.

Gold Flecked Table Runner

At the wedding reception, if the couple is sharing a sweetheart table, it is recommended to use decorations that have a strong visual impact and add to the overall heavenly concept. We adore how this couple decorated their table with a runner of deep blue tulle flecked with gold and dotted with star clusters and candles.

Constellation Seating Chart

Your wedding seating chart will be a focal point for guests, so make it a design focal point. Guests are instructed to take their places at designated tables after constellations are visible in the sky. The night sky is the inspiration for this ball's dark blue, silver, and gold colour scheme.

Celestial Wedding Invitation Suite

The invites you send out will impact your guests' first impression of your party's theme. Your stationery choices, beginning with the save-the-date cards that guests get in the mail, will give them a sneak peek of the wedding's theme and aesthetic, so it's important to pick something you love. These invitations to a heavenly wedding are stunning: watercolour paintings of clouds, drawings of constellations, and a luxurious blue and gold colour scheme.

Moon Wedding Cake Topper

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You can go all out with a moon cake or decorate a more modest cake with a metallic moon cake topper. This understated but significant element will help your theme flow smoothly.

Celestial-Themed Wedding Dress

This spectacular dress idea is fit for a goddess, with its translucent bustier bodice and delicately embroidered star patches. A striking style is ideal for those who wish to draw attention to themselves.

Crescent Moon Backdrop

This crescent-shaped ceremony backdrop is perfect for a wedding with a celestial theme since it evokes the moon. Create a stunning backdrop for your altar.

Constellation Menus

A simple way to decorate for a wedding with a celestial theme is to use paper items printed with constellation patterns. Small star patterns are included on each place setting and menu, which we find adorable. You may take it further by using prints of constellations in the wedding guest book, menu cards, escort cards, and other stationery.

3D Cloud Decor

This idea's uniqueness in decorating a wedding with heavenly elements has left us starry-eyed. Massive cloud puffs strategically placed around the venue will give the impression of floating in the sky and impress your guests.

Velvet Blue Suit

A wedding colour palette based on astrology should include various shades of blue. Even if you're not planning on donning a wedding gown, you may still add a touch of theme to your ensemble by donning a luxurious velvet midnight blue suit.

Crystal Centerpieces

We adore the luxurious texture and dimension crystals add to the table, which is very important when planning the tablescapes for your wedding reception. In addition, polished geodes in hues that complement your main wedding colours are a simple way to add something extra special to your place settings.

Suspended Gold Stars

Hang enormous statement stars from the ceiling to create the illusion that guests are "stargazing" inside the reception hall. We anticipate this decorative element will be the subject of numerous Instagram tales that night.

Zodiac Table Numbers

If you're like me and you know everything there is to know about the meanings of the zodiac signs, then you need this heavenly wedding decoration. Tables might be organised less by numbers and more by zodiac signs. Consider leaving little cards with interesting facts about each zodiac sign on the table as a thoughtful extra for your guests. (It may even be a potential wedding favour!)

Starry Accessories

Star-themed hair clips and flashy earrings are easy ways to add a touch of glimmer to your Zodiac wedding outfit.

Blue Bouquet

Build a wedding bouquet fit for the heavens with the help of your florist by using seasonal flowers. Our suggestion is to use flowers in dark tones of blue, indigo, and purple.

Sky Blue Suit

If you don't like to wear dark suits or tuxes, try a pastel colour instead. Your significant other will look extra celestial in this vibrant hue.

Constellation Vow Books

A vow book is a touching addition to your wedding ceremony but is not required. Consider matching commitment books with constellation prints if you're seeking unusual celestial wedding theme ideas.

Starry Welcome Sign

A lovely welcome sign with a deep blue background evokes the night sky and is decorated with white handwriting. This might be a fantastic do-it-yourself project if you have an artistically talented friend or family member.

Illuminated Disco Balls

Use this ethereal decorating trick to give your wedding those "starry night" vibes: You can do away with the string lights and replace them with lit bulbs and disco balls. As a consequence, you and your guests will bask in a breathtaking glow of glittering lights.

Night Sky Serving Plates

Space-themed dessert plates with a galaxy design are sure to impress guests. Since your table rentals will be in plain view, you should choose colours and patterns that complement your theme.

Constellation Table Numbers

Table numbers depicting galactic patterns are a great way to bring the wedding's heavenly theme to life. Your friends and family will conclude the evening able to identify every constellation in the sky.

Galaxy Wedding Cake

This dessert is the only one in the Milky Way worthy of a star-studded nuptial. So, go all out with a multi-tiered cake that features astronomical details like a moon, star specks, and a colour palette that swirls like the depths of space.


The look of wedding invites is one of the most aesthetically pleasing things, so why not draw inspiration from it for your wedding decorations? Use gold stars hung from the ceiling as a spectacular decoration for a party or wedding. invitations in inky blue with weird handwriting and star designs on watercolour paper. Makeup on a bride can be airy and light for an ethereal, otherworldly effect. The couple can go as big or as small as they like with their wedding decorations in the stars.

A statement sign that embodies the essence of the topic may be just what you need if you're keen to get the appearance just perfect. A gorgeous statement background is well worth the cost for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is its inclusion in your wedding photographs. Cloud and constellation watercolour paintings, constellation constellation drawings, and a rich blue and gold colour palette comprise the Celestial Wedding Invitation Suite. Guests will be focusing on the seating chart during your wedding, so make it a design centre point with the Constellation Seating Chart. The crescent moon form of this backdrop is fitting for a ceremony with a heavenly theme.

Clouds of impressive size properly arranged about the site will create the sensation of floating in the sky and be sure to wow your visitors. In an astrologically inspired wedding, blues of all tints are recommended. Create the impression that guests are "stargazing" inside the reception hall by suspending large statement stars from the ceiling. As a nice touch, you might leave tiny cards on the table with intriguing facts about each zodiac sign. Try a pink suit or tuxedo if you'd rather not dress in black.

Light bulbs and disco balls can be used instead of string lights. Wedding table numbers that depict celestial patterns are a fun and creative way to bring the wedding's heavenly theme to life. Create a multi-tiered cake with a moon, star sprinkles, and a colour scheme that ebbs and flows like the cosmos.

Content Summary

  • If you believe your love was destined when you discovered your partner's star sign was compatible with yours before you started dating, you may like to include some mystical, celestial themes in your wedding.
  • Envision a romantic space with dim lighting, a starry backdrop, and decorations based on your zodiac signs.
  • Indigo blue tablecloths might be used to symbolise a clear summer sky, while hanging lights could stand in for stars.
  • Since a starry sky is one of the most breathtaking sights, it would be a shame not to incorporate it into the wedding's aesthetic in some way.
  • Adding in details like your natal chart and zodiac signs might make your collection truly one of a kind.
  • Create a stunning setting for the wedding by suspending gold stars from the ceiling (or celebration).
  • Use stars of varying sizes strung up with fishing lines for the most lifelike appearance; adding candles ups the enchantment.
  • This invitation set announces a mystical celebration under the moonlight.
  • If you have the means, it would be beautiful to add a small piece of crystal to each invitation.
  • While glittery invitations might seem like the obvious choice for a wedding fit for the stars, we advise a more subtle approach.
  • If you want to show that you can put a unique touch on a space-themed event without resorting to clichés, send out invitations in a deep blue colour.
  • Watercolor paper, handwritten text, and drawings of stars are just a few of the unique elements.
  • A cosmic wedding theme requires the bride and groom to wear something out of the ordinary.
  • An eye-catching detail on a wedding dress is starburst-shaped beading or sequins.
  • Makeup on your wedding day should be light and airy to achieve a natural, ethereal appearance.
    It's best to begin with products that aren't matte, then build up the shimmer by using a highlighter on your cheekbones, metallic eyeshadow or eyeliner, and a lip gloss with a high sheen.
  • A wedding ceremony held in front of an art show including cosmic themes and shimmering gold stars would be a perfect way to start your married life.
  • Creative emphasis is given to the magnificent lunar furnishings.
  • Think about all the photos your guests might share on Instagram after the wedding.
  • If you're looking for a unique way to entertain your guests during your wedding reception, consider hiring a tarot card reader.
  • It's fun to test out the constellation and planet-themed reception tables.
  • It is also permitted to use astronomical or astrological names.
  • Enchanting would be an understatement to describe table numbers that resemble constellations.
  • Discard your dull traditional wedding guest book and replace it with this excellent alternative.
  • Include your zodiac sign for a more unique touch, or use recognisable constellations like the Big and Little Dipper.
  • Once the wedding is finished, you can have it framed and put up as a decoration.
  • The use of quartz placemats as a geode accent is a wonderful illustration of this.
  • Bring magic to the wedding of a star-gazing couple.
  • The blue and purple tablecloths and the ornate needlework on each place setting are reminiscent of the starry night sky.
  • Bake a cake that's out of this world.
  • The wedding cake takes on the image of a starry night sky thanks to its dark colour and intricate piping of stars.
  • Let off some fireworks and see the sky light up with constellations.
  • You can go as big or as small as you choose with the décor for your wedding in the stars.
  • A statement sign fitting the topic may be just what you need if you're set on getting the look just right.
  • There are many good returns on the expense of a striking backdrop. Not only will it look stunning in wedding photos, but it will also be present at the reception's most poignant moments, such as the couple's first dance and the cutting of the wedding cake.
  • If the bride and groom will be sitting at a sweetheart table throughout the reception, it is recommended that they select decorations that make a bold visual statement and contribute to the overall heavenly theme.
  • This couple's table runner of royal blue tulle with gold flecks, star clusters, and candlelight is absolutely stunning.
  • Make the seating chart for your wedding the showpiece of the decor.
  • Once the stars have become visible, the guests will be asked to take their seats at their assigned tables.
  • This ball's colour combination of navy, silver, and gold was inspired by the stars in the night sky.
    Elegant Invitations for a Heavenly Wedding
  • Your guests' first impression of your party's theme will be shaped by the invitations you send them.
  • Your wedding's theme and aesthetic will be hinted at in the save-the-date cards that your guests get in the mail, so it's crucial to choose something you like.
  • Watercolor paintings of clouds, sketches of constellations, and a rich blue and gold colour scheme come together to create invitations fit for a wedding in heaven.
  • Either go all out with a moon cake, or use a metallic moon cake topper to dress up a regular cake.
  • This subtle yet crucial component will aid in the development of your theme.
  • The sheer bustier bodice and embroidered star patches on this gown design are quite divine.
  • This moon-shaped backdrop is ideal for a ceremony with a cosmic theme.
  • Put together a show-stopping backdrop for your altar.
  • The usage of paper goods printed with constellation designs is a simple method to decorate for a wedding with a heavenly theme.
  • We love the cute touch of the little star patterns on each place setting and menu.
  • You may go all out by using prints of constellations on your wedding stationery, such as the guest book, menu cards, escort cards, and more.
  • We're starry-eyed at this novel approach to wedding decoration: 3D cloud decor.
  • In an astrologically inspired wedding, blues of all tints are recommended.
  • A sumptuous velvet midnight blue suit will offer a touch of theme to any outfit, even if you don't plan on wearing a wedding gown.
  • Crystals are a fantastic addition to any wedding reception tablescapes because of the richness and opulence they bring to the table.
  • A simple technique to make your place settings stand out is to use polished geodes in colours that suit your wedding's major colours.
  • Create the impression that guests are "stargazing" inside the reception hall by suspending large statement stars from the ceiling.
  • We predict that this ornament will be featured in many Instagram stories from that evening.
  • This celestial wedding décor is a must-have if you, like me, are an expert on the meanings of the zodiac signs.
  • Rather than relying on a strictly numeric system, perhaps zodiac signs could be used to organise tables.
  • As a nice touch, you might leave tiny cards on the table with intriguing facts about each zodiac sign. (This could even be a wedding favour!) like star-themed hair clips and glitzy earrings are simple ways to add a touch of sparkle to your Zodiac wedding ensemble.
  • With the guidance of your florist and the flowers in season, create a wedding bouquet that will take your breath away.
  • We recommend using flowers in deep blues, purples, and indigo.
  • Instead of wearing a black suit or tuxedo, you could opt for a pastel shade.
  • And your significant other will look positively heavenly in this shade.
  • However, a promise book can be a meaningful addition to your ceremony.
  • If you're looking for unique cosmic wedding theme ideas, commit to using commitment booklets with matching constellation prints.
  • Gorgeous starry welcome sign with a deep blue background that conjures the night sky and white lettering.
  • If you or someone you know has some artistic ability, this could be a great DIY project.
  • Create a "starry night" atmosphere at your wedding with this ethereal décor technique: Disco balls and lighted bulbs can take the place of the string lights.
    This will result in a magnificent radiance of sparkling lights that you and your guests may enjoy in.
  • Desserts served on night sky serving plates with a galaxy design will wow your guests.
  • Since your table rentals will be front and centre, you should make sure they fit in with the overall aesthetic of your party.
  • Wedding table numbers that depict celestial patterns are a fun and creative way to bring the wedding's heavenly theme to life.
  • By the end of the night, your loved ones will be able to name every constellation.
  • This dish is the only one in the Milky Way fit for a wedding fit for the stars.
  • So, go all out and make a tiered cake with moon and star sprinkles and a colour scheme that ebbs and flows like the cosmos.
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