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What Necklace Should You Wear That Will Match Your Outfit?

There are so many beautiful necklaces out there, but how do you choose which one to wear? With graduations, weddings, anniversaries, and engagement parties around the corner, Brittany's Fine Jewelry has several tips on how to choose the right necklace for your neckline.

Finding the right necklace to match your outfit, or more specifically, your neckline can be quite difficult. It's essentially a form of art, with a careful mixture of science. You should feel free to explore your creativity. However, there are some good rules to follow to make sure your necklace compliments your neckline.

You can always elevate the style quotient by adding a necklace or two, no matter how simple an outfit. But what is the right kind of necklace for each outfit? Sometimes choosing the accessories can be harder than deciding on the outfit itself. 

With a V-neck outfit, you should opt for a V or Y shaped necklace. The necklace should follow the shape of your neck so that a round necklace can look out of place with a V-neck top or dress.  

A black V-neck dress and white V-neck T-Shirt are wardrobe staples. And by choosing the right necklace with them, you can make a statement wherever you go.  

Our favourite thing about getting dressed is deciding what necklace to wear with our neckline. It's a trick that, when mastered, can elevate your style and outfit to effortlessly chic. The keyword here is effortless, which is why we're exploring which necklaces go with which necklines and simple dos and don'ts to think about while getting dressed.

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Choosing your jewellery can be one of the most difficult decisions to make when planning how to style your dress. You want to look chic and effortless while also making your entire outfit cohesive. The trick is to pick one statement piece that works well with your neckline and choose subtle accessories for the rest of your look. When styling a dress, always try to think "less is more". 

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Why Necklines Matter? 

First and foremost, it's important to understand that necklaces and necklines are equally important elements, and they go hand in hand. Some necklaces go better with certain necklines, while others can throw off your appearance.

Therefore, when you buy necklaces, you should always keep in mind your wardrobe and what kind of shirt or dress you plan to wear it with.

How To Choose The Perfect Necklace? 

The one simple rule when it comes to choosing a necklace shape is to follow the shape of your neckline. Now that you have got the shape sorted, it's time to think about how heavy or dainty the necklace should be, what colour it should be, and how much of a statement you want to make. 

The perfect necklace doesn't just have to be the right shape. It also has to be appropriate for the occasion and complement your overall look. During the day, stick to daintier pieces, especially if the outfit is simple overall. 

In this world of ever-flowing options, it is easy to find the perfect accessory, but it can also be overwhelming (not to mention costly if you want to have a wide selection to choose from every day).

With that being said, don't overthink it, just follow the tips in this article, use your creativity, and don't ever be afraid to be yourself and rock what you love.

Now, before we get into what necklaces to wear with what necklines, let's discuss the different types of necklaces, so there is no confusion.

Necklaces for V necks

Most people will own a necklace that suits a V-neck as they pair well with necklaces that mimic their shape and naturally fall in a V shape. The pendant shouldn't be too big or too small so that space around your necklace and neckline is in proportion. The pendants should gracefully sweep alongside the neckline without falling into or over the neckline and shouldn't be too short either. A good guideline is that the necklace and neckline should have an inch of space between them.

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With V-Necks, you will want to avoid anything that's too wide or doesn't compliment the v shape. For example, statement bib necklaces look amazing with buttoned-up collared shirts and crewnecks, but as most of them fall round, they will look out of place over a V-shape. Also, like the crew neck, it's best to avoid wearing asymmetric necklaces as the V shape is a key feature of the outfit. An asymmetric necklace will detract from this and make the outfit appear more busy or fussy.

A black V-neck dress is perfect for classy night outs. Your waist looks slimmer, and your curves become more prominent. That's why you might find yourself gravitating towards the same dress over and over. For a casual dinner date, go with a simple necklace. For a more cocktail look, pair your necklace with studs. Make sure your earrings and necklace match each other – diamond studs with a diamond necklace, for instance. 

If your outfit has an intricate or busy print, keep your necklace simple. If the outfit is monotone, then experiment with a more intricately designed necklace. Similarly, make sure your necklace complements the other accessories. For example, choose an understated necklace if you are using a belt or earrings to make a statement. Stay away from clashing colours, too – try to match the colour of your necklace with other pieces of jewellery, your bag or your shoes. 

V-necks naturally pull people's eyes to the cleavage area. Therefore, your necklace should do the same.

Pendants and princess necklaces are classic options for a v-neck. A pendant necklace is very compatible as it creates the same V shape, especially a pendant with a sharper, triangle shape.

The necklace should end just about an inch above your neckline, and this is a good rule of thumb. However, you don't want the pendant to be over the neckline or too short.

Furthermore, the wider the v-neck, the bigger the pendant, and vice versa. This creates proportion, which is what you want.

Avoid any necklace that doesn't compliment the V shape, such as bib necklaces. Asymmetric necklaces and round shapes will throw off the look and appear out of place too.

When you're wearing a deep v-neck dress, we recommend styling the look with a statement earring or elegant cuff to add the extra "wow factor". Faviana Style S10218 is a perfect choice that combines glitz and subtle sophistication. Style this dress with statement earrings such as these trend Italian, made brass leaf earrings by Proenza Schouler.

Necklace for Boat Neck

The boat neckline (also known as bateau) is a high neckline wide across the décolletage. As it's a wide neckline, it's complemented by necklaces that are longer than the neckline. The style is up to you! You could pair a boat neckline with a double row of pearls for a ladylike look or wear it with a slightly longer chain pendant for easy weekend wear like this one.

Boatneck shirts and dresses have a broad neckline, stretching wide across the collarbone. However, they are a very graceful neckline, requiring a necklace that is similarly just as graceful.

Necklaces that suit a boat neck won't distract from the neckline. Elegant, minimalist necklaces are best. Moreover, princess necklaces with either one or two strings or beads are perfect companions for this neckline. Additionally, pearl necklaces that rest past the neckline are wonderfully tasteful and ideal, thanks to their ladylike appeal. Asymmetrical necklaces with multi-strands can be a good option too.

It's best to avoid snazzy, flashy or bold statement type necklaces when wearing a boatneck. It's also smart to stay away from any necklace that is shorter than the neckline. Chokers aren't a good choice. Furthermore, necklaces that will fall under your neckline should be avoided.

The trick is that the longer necklace balances and complements the wide neckline. Avoid anything shorter than this neckline, especially chokers, and avoid anything that could fall down your neckline. Boat necklines are also quite good for asymmetrical necklaces such as multi-strand necklaces with varying sized beads or pendants.

Necklace for Off-Shoulder Top

An off the shoulder top could be a bandeau or a Bardot top; they are both off the shoulder tops, but a Bardot top still has sleeves. Bardot's are more likely to have a straight across neckline that shows off décolletage, and a bandeau can have a more sculpted neckline like a sweetie neckline. These tops look great with short necklaces like chokers that don't break up the outfit and still mean your décolletage is the focus point.

Off the shoulder tops and dresses can be either bandeau or Bardot. Bandeaus are sleeveless, and more of a young and sexy look and the necklines usually rest just above the cleavage. Bardot's have sleeves and more of a sensual and sophisticated look, and the necklines are likely to flaunt décolletage.

The best choices for an off the shoulder neckline are short necklaces, such as chokers and short pendants, as well as statement pieces and asymmetric necklaces, allowing your décolletage to remain the focal point of your outfit.

With that being said, long necklaces work well with Bardot necklines, too, such as beaded necklaces. However, if you have a bandeau style off the shoulder neckline, we highly recommend keeping short necklaces as long necklaces create an imbalanced appearance with bandeau necklines.

You can wear longer necklaces with these as well. Mixing a summery Bardot top and long necklace gives a real bohemian vibe. Beaded necklaces also look lovely with Bardot tops. If you're wearing a bandeau-style off the should top, we'd recommend sticking to the shorter necklaces as a long necklace will look out of balance with this neckline, especially a sweetie neckline.

FAQs About Necklaces

If you're wearing a deep-plunging v-neck dress, you are definitely going for the wow factor. A long pendant necklace works well. One stylish option is a simple choker and pendant combination.

Chokers work well with V-necklines, but wearing them with turtlenecks and whatnot is visual terrorism. Likewise, don't wear a choker that is too tight. You don't want your skin bulging out from both sides. Let it rest loosely on your neck instead for an effortless style.

Choker necklaces are not necessarily bad or dangerous, but the choker could be dangerous if it's worn too tightly. So, if you are looking for a choker necklace but aren't sure about how tight it should be, we'd recommend that you choose a choker necklace that fits comfortably.

For a deep v-neck dress, you want to select jewellery that keeps the focus on the neckline. Depending upon your personal style, try a simple pendant or go bold with a statement piece. A simple gold or silver chain can draw the eye from neckline to waist.

For a deep v-neck dress, you want to select jewellery that keeps the focus on the neckline. Depending upon your personal style, try a simple pendant or go bold with a statement piece. A simple gold or silver chain can draw the eye from neckline to waist.

Necklaces with Low Cut Necklines

If you're debating whether or not to wear a necklace with a low-cut neckline, consider the event and your personal comfort level. Wearing a necklace with a deep V-neck can be quite seductive, but it's important to find the proper proportions. You should make your deep V-neck necklace the focal point of your ensemble, so try pairing it with long sleeves and a midi-length skirt or a simple dress. Chokers and lariats, on the other hand, can appear quite seductive when paired with the proper neckline for a real va-va-voom effect.

Necklaces For Collared shirt or button-down

Surprisingly, you have a lot of options when it comes to the types of necklaces you can wear with a collared shirt. It stands to reason, therefore, that everything hinges on the number of buttons that are fastened. So, you can make it seem completely different by adjusting the buttons and wearing a different necklace.

In order to complete the look, we often wear bib necklaces over our button-down shirts with collars. It has a sophisticated and lighthearted look. If you have a long neck, a choker style will also look good on you.

Simply leaving a button or two undone transforms the neckline into a V, and the same guidelines as above apply. Don't wear chunky necklaces because there's not enough room for them.

Necklaces For Scoop neck

The neckline of a scoop neck garment is curved and wide. For necklaces, this is the most versatile neckline, as it complements a wide range of styles and lengths.

Something worthy of consideration will fill that void. You can't go wrong with a long, chunky, multi-strand necklace.

Despite the top's adaptability, you shouldn't wear a necklace that hangs lower than the scoop's neckline or a necklace that is so small it barely covers the gap between your neck and the top of your head. This calls for necklaces with very short pendants or a choker.

Different Necklaces & Lengths

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A choker is, as the name implies, a tight-fitting necklace or fabric band that encircles the neck. You won't find any necklaces shorter than this one (they'd be called bracelets otherwise). Their typical length (or "shortness," if you will) is 14 to 16 inches. They need to be snug but not tight, resting on the higher part of your neck. As you've probably seen, chokers are having a major moment as of late.

Opera Necklace

The optimal length for an opera necklace is between 26 and 36 inches, so that it can be worn around the collarbone. Either one or two strands can be used. When tied in a bow, it exudes a bygone air of elegance. They should be worn on top of one's clothing rather than underneath.

Princess necklace

The typical length for a princess necklace is 18–20 inches. This is a common length for necklaces. The bottom of the necklace will lay delicately on your collar bone. They pair splendidly with diamond pendants.

Bib necklace

Even though bib necklaces don't traditionally fall under the umbrella of necklace types, we're including them here because of their current popularity. Multiple strands of beads, bobbles, or valuable stones and metals are commonly used to create bib necklaces. They are worn higher on the neck than princess necklaces, often over the collarbone. Whether dressed up or down, a bib necklace instantly elevates any outfit with its eye-catching, feminine design and regal air.


The allure of princess-length necklaces is in the way they drape just below the neck and across the shoulder blades. Furthermore, princess length necklaces typically showcase a shining diamond or a striking pendant.

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The nicest part about getting these pointers is that it provides us an excuse to try on all of our necklaces and see which ones you like the best. Try layering your necklaces to determine which ones look best together, and then use that information to plan out what you can wear them with. Consider making it a personal challenge to switch up your necklace every day to keep things interesting and spark your imagination. Frequently swap them out or add another layer on top. Developing your own unique sense of style is a lot of fun, and now you can do it quickly and easily with the help of our handy cheat sheet.

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