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Where Are The Best Garden Wedding Venues In Sydney?

In each of these locations, you'll find stunning gardens fit for a wedding. On top of that, they are all ideally situated in Sydney. These locations are ideal for an outdoor wedding ceremony or celebration. Learn more about them in the next paragraphs!

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Burnham Grove Estate

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The Camden neighborhood's Burnham Grove Estate is a hotspot for weddings.

Located on acres of beautifully landscaped grounds not far from Sydney, Burnham Grove Estate is a stunning location for a rustic wedding. This location is perfect for out-of-town weddings because to its various available ceremony venues, comfortable on-site lodging options (including the historic homestead), and garden marquee for relaxed receptions.

Burnham Grove Estate is a popular wedding venue not only because of its beautiful setting, but also because of the thoughtfully designed wedding packages and exceptional service it provides. You will enjoy working with the estate's experienced wedding planner since they will be there for you from the very first planning meeting all the way through the last dance at the reception.

The Scene At Burnham Grove Estate

It's hard to imagine a more picture-perfect setting for a wedding than the lush garden at Burnham Grove Estate, followed by a relaxed reception in a huge marquee set among the same scenery. There are four magnificent locations to choose from, including a secret garden encircled by tall viburnum bushes. An old barn from the 1860s, an oval-shaped palm garden, and a two-story garden contribute to the property's charm.

Burnham Grove Estate's garden marquee is picture-perfect for intimate wedding ceremonies and receptions. Rolling back the Marquee's transparent walls creates a spacious, open area, and gives your guests easy access to the estate's manicured croquet lawn.

There is a cosy three-bedroom house on the property where the bride and her entourage can remain together to avoid splitting up. This single-story home was built in the late 19th century and features three large bedrooms, a luxurious bathroom, separate beauty lounges, a well-appointed kitchen, a sitting space, and a verandah.

Burnham Grove Estate Wedding Ceremonies

The Views, the Secret Garden, the Barn, or the Palm Garden are just some of the breathtaking locations available for your ceremony at Burnham Grove Estate. The Secret Garden's towering viburnum hedge contributes to the area's cozy, enchanted vibe, making it a fan favorite. The Views, one of Burnham Grove's stunning garden ceremony sites, offers panoramic views of the expansive property and picturesque hills beyond.

The 1860s barn on the grounds of Burnham Grove Estate may be the ideal setting for a more rustic wedding. There's also the Palm Garden, an alternative with its own set of attractions (including swaying palm trees and flowering hedges). The Palm Garden has a formally appointed signing spot in the residence courtyard.

After the ceremony, your guests can enjoy beverages and canapés on the croquet lawn while you two take some private photos. Classic lawn games, as well as outdoor ottomans and market umbrellas for use on the croquet lawn, are included in wedding packages at Burnham Grove Estate.

Burnham Grove Estate Wedding Receptions

Wedding receptions at Burnham Grove Estate are conducted in a stunning garden marquee surrounded by lush green lawns and towering palm trees. This newly constructed space is perfect for any celebration. It may be tastefully adorned for a wedding of any style with the addition of chandeliers, parquetry flooring, and gentle festoon lighting. Rolling or removing the three see-through sides might make your wedding celebration feel more open and inviting.

Reception refreshments can be tailored to your guests' tastes and your budget. Burnham Grove Estate provides an all-inclusive wedding package that includes canapés for the cocktail hour, a two-course alternative serve or share plate menu, and bar service from the estate's historic outdoor bar.

Milestone Events

Weddings At Milestone Events Sydney

It's easy to see why Milestone Events is considered one of Sydney's most unique options for hosting weddings. We are located just five minutes from Manly Beach at Milestone Events, a stunning facility that blends classical and art deco elements.

Private usage of this well-known location allows you and your guests to celebrate in the venue's small lounge, historic ballroom, or any of the other ceremony locations. Although Milestone Events is out in the middle of nowhere, it is accessible by car or public transportation.

The Scene At Milestone Events Sydney

Since Milestone Events is run by a family, you can trust that they care deeply about each and every wedding they host. The elegant ballroom, the meticulously maintained gardens, and the meticulously renovated brick building from the 1930s are all proof of this.

The team has designed all-inclusive packages that contain everything you'll need to have a beautiful wedding without any of the usual hassles.

  • Renting out a location exclusively
  • Articles of clothing used for enhancing one's appearance
  • a podium with an attached microphone
  • Lounge chairs with padding
  • Formal Dressing

You need only look outside Milestone Events to know that it is the perfect setting for the event. The lawn, a pleasant 7-minute stroll away, provides the greatest (and most photographed) vista of the venue, the port, and the city silhouette. The gardens, which are home to many native plant and animal species, are another picturesque option for a ceremony.

While you're off shooting breathtaking wedding photos, wait staff from Milestone Events can serve hot and cold canapes and champagne to guests playing lawn games. You can hold it in the open air or have them return inside. Your time for photos is over, and you may now return to the bridal suite to complete your preparations.

From the initial site visit to the finishing touches following the big day, you will be treated with personal attention, care, and teamwork. It is extremely concerned with the success of Milestone Events and the joy of the couple who will be celebrating there.

Milestone Events Sydney Wedding Ceremonies

The breathtaking ceremony and photography sites with outstanding views over Sydney Harbour are merely a seven-minute walk away, or secluded inside their lovely gardens, for couples planning their wedding with Milestone Events. With venues like hidden gardens and breathtaking cliffside views, it's no surprise that outdoor ceremonies are the most popular choice for Milestone Events' clients.

Imagine rows of chairs separated by a clean white aisle runner and the crashing waves of the harbour framed by a timber arbour. The ocean breeze tousles your hair and rustles the native shrubs that grow along the rock. As the sun sets over the water, you and your significant other exchange vows. You may keep your guests happy and comfortable by serving them sandwiches and mocktails while you take formal shots.

A more spiritual ceremony could be held on the secluded grounds among the natural trees and flowering plants. Against the backdrop of a gorgeous arbour adorned with silk flowers, a fairytale romance unfolds. As your guests cheer you on and pose for photos, we'll bring them sandwiches and mocktails.

Milestone Events Sydney Wedding Receptions

After entering, one can't help but notice the sleek wooden bar that stands in contrast to the otherwise pristine wooden floors. The ballroom is spacious and can accommodate a broad variety of setups and seating arrangements thanks to its length and width.

If you're expecting a large number of visitors, you may need to split the room in half. The smaller area can function as a quiet retreat for adults, a kid-friendly zone, or a bustling disco for the revelers.

Ottimo House Sydney

The Scene At Ottimo House Sydney

Sydney's bustling Central Business District (CBD) gives way to the quiet, unpolluted countryside. The most special day of your life should be spent at Ottimo House, which is set on 500 acres of beautiful countryside. Ottimo House can be found on the meticulously maintained grounds of the old Denham Court Estate, which is surrounded by towering eucalyptus trees and rolling hills. This is the perfect spot for you and your significant other to have some quiet time together.

The stately building is a synthesis of modern and rustic design, and it is flanked by meandering roads and expansive grounds. There are three magnificent rooms available at the house, each with its distinct vibe. No matter what sort of wedding ceremony or reception you're planning, you could perhaps discover a suitable location. Its timber beam ceiling, log chandelier, and elevated wedding table give the Mahogany Room an air of the vast outdoors. Harmony is achieved by the bridal table's white chiffon backdrop, the ceiling drapes, and the three enormous modern lights.

A more urban, rustic vibe may be found in the Rosewood Room. The floor is not wood, but burnished concrete, giving the area a contemporary feel that is echoed in the exposed beam ceiling. The change to modern glitz is emphasised by the addition of four crystal chandeliers. The Rosewood Room at Ottimo House has a reception room where the staff can serve refreshments to your guests before the wedding.

The Marquee is the epitome of a wedding location that belongs on a Pinterest board. The high ceiling and glass wall in an otherwise white space make it immediately noticeable. Sliding doors open up from the Marquee onto a terrace outside, making it feel like guests are enjoying a garden party while they enjoy drinks and appetisers in the countryside.

The Ottimo House's restaurant crew will be hard at work cooking dinner by the time you enter the foyer. Your tastes will be taken into account by the chief chef as he or she creates special menus. There will be enough of food and drink for everyone at your wedding, and it will be prepared with your specific dietary requirements and cultural norms in mind.

Ottimo House Sydney Wedding Ceremonies

Ottimo House offers several options for ceremonies, all of which take advantage of the estate's stunning grounds. The Gazebo Lawn looks picture perfect with its white folding chairs, floral garlands draping the gazebo top, and long white aisle runner slicing over the green grass. There is a more relaxed vibe in the Scenic Garden thanks to your arbour's view of the peaceful little lake. The Amphitheatre has been constructed as a covered area with rustic timber bench seating.

Ottimo House Sydney Wedding Receptions

After the ceremony, the helpful staff at Ottimo House will bring your guests to the reception area for drinks and canapes while you take some breathtaking photos throughout the grounds. They might also enjoy the tranquilly of the estate by using its walking trails.

With the assistance of Ottimo House's in-house stylist, who can provide you a variety of themed options for your reception, you can really take your wedding to the next level. Event planners may assist you select from a wide variety of entertainers, including DJs, bands, magicians and dancers, comedians and emcees, pyrotechnics, and ice sculptures. The stylist at Ottimo House may also advise you on how to accessorise your dress with appropriate bonbonniere, decorations, and other items.

Calvin Estate Wedding And Function Centre

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Calvin Estate Weddings

Hunter Valley's magnificent beauty and renowned wineries attract tourists from all over the world. A wedding reception at one of these vineyards would be a wonderful venue for a picnic or a formal black-tie affair.

The versatility of Calvin Estate is reflected in its many available event spaces, large grounds, and colonial elegance. Calvin Estate has won several prestigious awards, such as the Brides Choice Award for Hunter Valley and Newcastle Weddings on two separate occasions and the Editor's Choice Award for Wedding Diaries.

The Scene At Calvin Estate In Hunter Valley

The Hunter Valley estate known as Calvin Estate seems as though it has been there for generations. The private estate looks like it has been frozen in time because it has been preserved in its original colonial style. This private estate, known as Calvin Estate, is large enough to host both intimate meetings and elaborate celebrations. Indoor and outdoor venues are available, so you may plan an event no matter the season.

White brick walks led guests through the immaculately maintained lawn and to each of the three reception halls at Calvin Estate. Visitors are greeted with refreshments and canapés on a period-decorated wraparound porch beneath a stunning dome inside the main house. There will be no other guests if you reserve Calvin Estate for your wedding. You need not restrict the party's venue out of concern that uninvited guests will show up.

Even though Calvin Estate doesn't look like a winery at first glance, it actually has everything that's required to make wine. The big and magnificent barrel room is perfect for larger events, and it features beautiful photographs taken among the estate's vines.

Whether you're in the manicured gardens and native trees that dot the vast grounds or amid the flowers that adorn the dome, you'll find plenty of beautiful places to take pictures.

Caterers are the industry-leading Monkey Place Catering from the Hunter Valley. You can choose from a variety of gourmet catering options to meet your needs. These days, many couples opt for a potluck or barbeque as their wedding reception. Canapés and tapas are perfect for a cocktail party, which is what you should have at your wedding reception. A banquet hall is ideal for hosting important dinner meetings.

Calvin Estate Hunter Valley Wedding Ceremonies

Ceremonies at the Calvin Estate highlight the property's rustic elegance. If you want a garden wedding, the Wedding Rotunda is the perfect spot. Flower arrangements inside the dome, which are already modest and exquisite, might heighten the sensual mood. Your guests will be seated in brown or white garden chairs on either side of a white pathway aisle, and two bountiful pineapple palm trees will give visual appeal and symmetry to the room.

Up to ninety guests can be seated or stand in the private Calvin Chapel, making it an ideal location for couples who wish to respect religious traditions. The space feels airy and chic thanks to the white walls, high ceiling, and numerous windows.

Calvin Estate Hunter Valley Wedding Receptions

After the ceremony, everyone should head to Calvin Hall for the reception. The festivities might kick off in Calvin Hall, which features a stage for a DJ or a small live band and a spacious dance floor for guests to go loose.

Gorgeous wooden barrels line two walls of the hall, and the twinkling fairy lights make it a cosy and romantic setting for gatherings of up to 175 people. The long timber trestle tables create an upbeat party atmosphere, and when guests need a breather from the merriment, they can always wander outdoors into the garden.

The Garden Courtyard, which is adjacent to Calvin Hall, is a beautiful place to hold an outdoor reception. You could also transform this space into a lounge by installing some bistro lamps above the table so that guests have somewhere to rest their drinks in between dance sets.

When the gathering is over, retreat to one of the five cosy colonial suites, each with its own fireplace and clawfoot tub.


The Burnham Grove Estate in Camden is a popular venue for weddings. There are four spectacular settings, one of which is a hidden garden surrounded by towering viburnum bushes. Features such as a two-story garden, an oval-shaped palm garden, and a historic barn built in the 1860s all add to the property's attractiveness. The barn at Burnham Grove Estate, which dates back to the 1860s, could be the perfect location for a country-style nuptials. In addition to its own unique charms (such as swaying palm trees and flowery hedges), The Palm Garden also features a designated signing area in the residence courtyard.

Milestone Events can provide wait personnel to offer canapés and champagne to guests playing lawn games as you take photographs for your wedding album. The ballroom is large enough to support a wide variety of configurations and seating layouts. Clients of Milestone prefer to have their ceremonies outside. The majestic structure, a blend of contemporary and rustic styles, is framed by winding roads and extensive lawns. Ottimo House sits on the former Denham Court Estate, which features a beautiful setting of towering eucalyptus trees and undulating hills, and is home to a variety of interesting historical buildings.

By the time you make it through the lobby doors at Ottimo House, the kitchen staff has already begun preparing your dinner. The wedding chef will see to it that everyone has something to eat and drink. Planners can help you narrow down the options when it comes to hiring performers such as musicians, comedians, and magicians. Whether you're planning a small gathering or a huge party, Calvin Estate has the space to accommodate your needs. There are both indoor and outdoor locations to choose from, allowing you to host your event at your convenience throughout the year.

Gorgeous images adorn the walls of the spacious and spectacular barrel room, making it the ideal location for more formal gatherings. You can't find a more beautiful or convenient location for your wedding than the Calvin Estate in Hunter Valley. The Garden Courtyard, Hall, and Private Chapel are all wonderful options for larger parties of up to 90 people. Each of the five colonial apartments is uniquely decorated and features a fireplace and a clawfoot tub.

Content Summary

  • Estate at Burnham Grove The Burnham Grove Estate in Camden is a popular venue for weddings.
  • Burnham Grove Estate, not too far from Sydney, is an absolutely gorgeous site for a country wedding, thanks to its sprawling acres of wonderfully planted gardens.
  • Wedding Ceremonies at Burnham Grove Estate
  • You can have your wedding at Burnham Grove Estate in a number of beautiful settings, including the Views, the Secret Garden, the Barn, or the Palm Garden.
  • The outside of Milestone Events speaks for itself as the ideal location for the occasion.
  • Special Occasions Weddings in Sydney, Australia
  • When you book your wedding with Milestone Events, you and your guests can choose from a variety of beautiful ceremony and photography locations within a seven-minute walk, or in the privacy of their stunning gardens overlooking Sydney Harbour.
  • There are three luxurious rooms to choose from, each with its own character.
  • Refreshments can be served to your guests in the reception room adjacent to the Rosewood Room at Ottimo House.
  • Take your wedding to the next level with the help of Ottimo House's in-house stylist, who can give you with a number of themed alternatives for your reception.
  • The Calvin Estate in Hunter Valley looks as though it has been there forever.
  • There's plenty of room at the private estate known as Calvin Estate for both small gatherings and large parties.
  • If you book Calvin Estate exclusively for your wedding, no one else will be allowed to attend.
  • Wedding receptions are the ideal setting for cocktail party fare like canapés and tapas.
  • Wedding Rotunda is ideal for a garden-style ceremony.
  • Estate of Calvin Receptions for Weddings in the Hunter Valley The reception will be held in Calvin Hall immediately following the ceremony.
  • A stunning outdoor reception might be held in the Garden Courtyard, which is right next to Calvin Hall.

FAQs About Wedding Venue

March and November are typically the most popular time to get married in Australia.

Planning a destination wedding can lower overall costs because it often prompts a smaller guest list. It also allows you to add your honeymoon to the end of the wedding—meaning you won't have to pay for two getaways.

Elopement refers to a marriage conducted in a sudden and secretive fashion, usually involving a hurried flight away from one's place of residence together with one's beloved to get married without parental approval.

June, September, and October are considered the best months for a wedding. June, traditionally, is the most popular month to get married, simply because of the mild weather. With that being said, there's no wrong time to get married to the love of your life (though it does help to have good weather).

November (spring) and March (autumn) are the most popular months to get married, hosting 12% of Australia's yearly marriages. However, October is also quite popular, hosting 11%, followed by April (10%).

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