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Where Are The Golf Club Wedding Venues In Perth?

We have compiled a list of the top golf club locations for weddings in Perth. We have options for you whether you're searching for a small, cosy gathering place or a massive, loud party. Keep reading to learn how to select the best wedding location!


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Joondalup Resort

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Joondalup Resort is one of the most popular golf club wedding venues in Perth, Western Australia, and it has been given 89 five-star reviews by happy couples on the wedding-planning website Easy Weddings. The natural beauty of the native bushland and lush fairways at Joondalup Resort make it an ideal location for weddings and receptions. There are a variety of events that can be held at the resort's seven unique and adaptable event areas. Plus, there's no need to worry about where to sleep the night before the big day because there's accommodation on the premises. Consequently, if you are searching for a highly sought-after golf club in which to have your wedding, we cannot recommend Joondalup Resort enough. Honeymoons at Joondalup Resort are guaranteed to be life-changing experiences, but don't take our word for it; read their raving 5-star reviews to find out for yourself why so many newlyweds have given it a perfect score. Visit the source link for further reading on the subject.

Joondalup Resort, in the peaceful wilderness just 25 minutes from Perth, is an ideal location for a vacation wedding. This resort provides a wide range of wedding services, including five stunning ceremony locations, seven spectacular reception venues, luxurious accommodations, endless photo opportunities, exceptional service, and custom wedding packages.

Beautiful fairways and natural woodlands provide a stunning backdrop to this resort. The resort has everything a newlywed couple may need for their big day, including seven contemporary banquet spaces and five stunning garden locations for the ceremony.

In addition, Joondalup Resort provides superior lodgings for out-of-town guests or those who simply wish the weekend celebration to continue.

See if the Joondalup Resort provides the kind of atmosphere you're hoping for by viewing their profile on Easy Weddings. There's no doubt in our minds that you'll find it to be really fantastic.

Mount Lawley Golf Club

The golf club consistently hosts weddings that visitors speak highly of long after the big day has ended. If you're planning a wedding, you should see if Mount Lawley Golf Club is available on Easy Weddings. Keep on reading!

Mount Lawley, a golf club in Perth, Australia, is a beautiful venue for weddings because to its veranda and event rooms, which look out over the greens.

The Mount Lawley Golf Club is one of the most popular wedding venues among Perth's numerous beautiful golf courses.

Beautiful landscaping, a breathtaking vista of the golf course, and state-of-the-art conveniences all come together at this exceptional site.

The beautifully appointed event room can host receptions for up to 250 guests, while the immaculate grounds are ideal for wedding ceremonies.

The Mount Lawley Golf Club is a beautiful location for weddings of all styles, from the traditional to the nontraditional.

Lake Karrinyup Country Club

You can't go wrong with Lake Karrinyup Country Club as the wedding venue if you're looking for a golf club in Perth. Western Australia's premier golf club, thanks to its breathtaking grounds, polite service, award-winning cuisine, and charming environment. It's perfect for the reception after the wedding. Lake Karrinyup is one of the most sought-after venues for golf club weddings in Perth. Please visit our website for additional information about the Lake Karrinyup Country Club.

Ambrose Estate

Located in the midst of Wembley on 300 acres of natural parkland, Ambrose Estate is a popular golf club wedding location in Perth, Western Australia. From Ambrose Estate, one may take in breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape, which consists of lakes, grassland, and native bushland. By consolidating all the festivities into one site, not only will the bride and groom save time, but so will their guests who won't have to make as many excursions between venues. And Ambrose Estate can handle both intimate gatherings and grand extravaganzas, with a maximum of 300 cocktail guests, making it a versatile venue for weddings of varying sizes and budgets. There is an Easy Weddings shop front for Ambrose Estate that you can peruse if you're interested in knowing more. Visit the source link for further reading on the subject.

The Ambrose Estate is a top pick for any couple getting married in Perth, and their past guests have given them a perfect five-star rating on Easy Weddings.

Your photographer will be in paradise at this location, which features stunning natural features like lakes, grassy spaces, and gorgeous panoramas.

Ambrose Estate offers the Ambrose Room and Swingview Room for receptions, and the Lakeside Garden for ceremonies.

In contrast to the Ambrose Room, which can host up to 250 seated guests or 300 cocktail style, the Swingview Room is perfect for more intimate parties because to its balcony and unrestricted views of the city skyline.

We can't say enough good things about Ambrose Estate as the golf club setting for your dream wedding.

You may see for yourself why so many married people speak highly of their time on the links by reading some of the reviews they've gotten on Google.

Gosnells Golf Course

Gosnells Golf Course could be the perfect location for your wedding if you're envisioning a golf club atmosphere. Situated in beautiful Canning Vale, this venue offers breathtaking views of the neighbouring golf course, a variety of picturesque backdrops, and a team that is dedicated to helping your wedding day go off without a hitch. Gosnells Golf Course's main event area is a great place to host a wedding for up to 120 guests in an informal and stress-free environment. Gosnells Golf Course can accommodate any wedding vision you may have.

Gosnells Golf Club in Perth, Western Australia, has the best golf club wedding locations available.

Couples may host their entire wedding day at this stunning Canning Vale venue, which has come highly recommended by past customers. Both the clubhouse and the main event room, which can hold up to 120 guests, have access to the venue's gorgeous garden ceremony settings and the property's many photo opps.

The catering is included in the wedding package, and the menu can be customised to fit your tastes and your budget.

We suggest you go back to the Easy Weddings shop at Gosnells Golf Club to see whether this is the venue you've been looking for.

There is no way you'll be disappointed.

Meadow Springs Golf & Country Club

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Those in need of a golf club in Perth often recommend the Meadow Springs Golf Course & Country Club in Mandurah, Western Australia. The surrounding landscape features waterfalls, Koi ponds, and 200-year-old Tuart trees. Meadow Springs Golf & Country Club is an ideal venue for any type of social gathering, from an intimate family gathering to a lavish formal affair for up to 150 guests. View the availability of Meadow Springs Golf & Country Club for your upcoming event here.

Sea View Golf Club

A Perth golf club wedding would be perfect at the Sea View Golf Club, which is located in the scenic Cottesloe neighbourhood by the water. The venue's floor-to-ceiling windows look out over Cottesloe Beach and farther to Rottnest Island, providing a spectacular ocean view for your wedding. Sea View Golf Club can host up to 230 people for a standing reception or 130 for a seated supper. See if the Sea View Golf Club on Easy Weddings is the kind of venue you've been envisioning for your big day.

The Sea View Golf Club is a wonderful venue for a wedding.

The Indian Ocean and Rottnest Island are visible from this world-class golf course in Perth's hip Cottesloe neighbourhood.

At Sea View Golf Club, they provide everything you need for a perfect wedding. The oceanfront lawn is perfect for the wedding, and there are several more photo-worthy spots throughout the property.

With a dedicated Function Coordinator (think: fairy godmother) on hand, this venue is a good bet for making your wedding day dreams come true.

Secrets Weddings & Function Centre

The Secrets Weddings & Function Centre could be the ideal venue for your special day. The breathtaking vistas, lush landscaping, and quiet ambience of this world-famous 18-hole golf course make it a popular wedding venue amongst many couples. A wedding of any size, whether intimate or grand, can be held at Secrets Weddings & Function Centre. If you're looking for a fancy place to have your wedding, you should check out this exclusive golf club.

Secret Harbour's award-winning golf course, situated on Perth's picturesque coastline just steps from the water, is a breathtaking location for a wedding. Beautiful gardens, a lake, panoramic views, a spacious banquet hall, and floor-to-ceiling windows are just some of its features. Secret Harbour is the greatest place to hold a wedding due of its wonderful service, excellent cuisine, and stunning setting.

The Cut Golf Course

You shouldn't discount The Cut Golf Course for your wedding, as it is only about an hour's drive from Perth. Because of its breathtaking vistas of the Indian Ocean, this golf club is a favourite venue for weddings. Check out their Easy Weddings shop if you're thinking about having your wedding at The Cut Golf Course.

Just a short drive from Perth, this picturesque beachfront venue is situated in Mandurah with views of the Indian Ocean.

No one will have to worry about getting to the ceremony, as the location is right next to the beach and has a view of the water. If you want, your reception can be held in one of the clubhouse's event rooms.

Golf buggies would make for a great photo prop or means of transporting guests from the wedding spot to the clubhouse.

The executive chef will create a menu that includes both traditional fare and local specialities, and it can be tailored to anything from a cocktail gathering to a formal dinner.

Secrets Weddings & Function Centre

If you're looking for a secluded spot for your wedding, go no farther than the Secrets Weddings & Function Centre in Secret Harbour, Western Australia.

The beach is easily accessible from this breathtaking location, ideal for celebrations of all sizes.

The groomed lawns are perfect for ceremonies, and there are many beautiful settings both on the grounds and in the surrounding environment. Their welcome area is ultra-modern, with dimmable lighting, surround sound, and stunning views of the golf course.

At Secrets Weddings & Function Centre, we have something special for every couple, whether they're having a traditional white wedding or a more relaxed rustic wedding.

Wembley Golf Course

The beautiful Wembley Golf Course sits in the heart of Perth and looks out over the city. The Ambrose Estate, with its 300 acres of parkland, is a stunning location for wedding receptions. Wembley Golf Course has a lake and a ceremony garden in addition to its native bushlands, manicured greens, and breathtaking city vistas, making it an ideal location for a wedding.

The wedding ceremony, reception, and formal pictures can all take place in one of three distinct locations on the Golf Course. The Lakeside Garden is a beautiful outdoor venue, complete with a gazebo, two lakes, and fountains. Swingview Room, located on the top floor with a panoramic view of the golf course and driving range, is perfect for small ceremonies. Enjoy a drink before supper on this balcony overlooking Perth's cityscape. The newest of the three restaurants, the Ambrose Room, is tastefully decorated and offers stunning views of the golf course and the surrounding native bushland. There is a separate dressing area for the bride, and the facility can hold up to 250 guests.

The Vines Resort

The Vines Resort and Country Club is a favourite location for Washington, DC, weddings. The most heart-stoppingly romantic place in all of Swan Valley! Private ceremonies can be held in the vineyard while guests enjoy the lively atmosphere and ample space of the Vines. The Novatel Vines Resort is large enough to provide you and your guests with luxurious wedding and hotel options.

Beautiful scenery may be seen in the banquet halls, and both buffet and plated dinners are provided. The Garden Pavillion can easily pass for either an indoor or outdoor venue, making it ideal for a spring or summer wedding. Up to a hundred individuals can relax in the open space, which has tranquil vistas, gorgeous plants, and hidden koi ponds. While in Swan Valley, be sure to sample some of the local wines.

Point Walter Golf Course

The Point Walter Golf Course can accommodate weddings of every size, from intimate family affairs to large public celebrations. This waterfront venue is well-known for its stunning landscaping and elegant ceremony sites. Both venues boast expansive windows framing the golf course and high, elegant ceilings, making them perfect for wedding photos. While the Golfers Courtroom may seat up to 200 guests, the Eagle Room can only hold 80. (140 seated).


In Perth, Western Australia, Joondalup Resort is among the most sought-after golf club settings for weddings. On the wedding-planning website Easy Weddings, the resort has 89 five-star reviews from satisfied couples. This resort is set against a breathtaking background of natural woodlands and lush fairways. In Perth, Western Australia, Ambrose Estate is a renowned golf club wedding venue. The Mount Lawley Golf Club is a stunning venue for nuptials of any flavor.

When it comes to golf club weddings, Lake Karrinyup is a top choice. Both small and large parties are welcome at the Ambrose Estate. The best golf club for weddings is the Gosnells Golf Club in Perth, Western Australia. The venue's main event area is comfortable for up to 120 guests. You can host any kind of party or event at the beautiful Meadow Springs Golf & Country Club.

If you're planning a reception or dinner at the Sea View Golf Club, you can have up to 230 people in the bar area and 130 seated. The world-class golf course at Secret Harbour is only a one-hour drive from Perth. The views of the Indian Ocean and Rottnest Island from The Cut Golf Course are breathtaking. It's the Secrets Weddings & Function Centre in Perth's leafy suburb of Secret Harbour. There is a native bushland area, a lake, and a ceremony garden at Wembley Golf Course.

Located on 300 acres of parkland with breathtaking views of Perth, Ambrose Estate is the perfect location for a wedding. When it comes to wedding venues in the nation's capital, the Vines Resort and Country Club is often the first choice. The vineyard is a great place to hold a private ceremony while your guests enjoy the party atmosphere. Beautiful scenery and sophisticated ceremony locations are hallmarks of the Point Walter Golf Course.

Content Summary

  • In the Joondalup Resort With 89 five-star reviews on the wedding-planning website Easy Weddings, Joondalup Resort is one of the most highly regarded golf club wedding venues in Perth, Western Australia.
  • To find out if Mount Lawley Golf Club is available for your big day, check their availability on Easy Weddings.
  • If you are searching for a golf club in Perth, Lake Karrinyup Country Club is an excellent choice.
  • Ambrose Estate, a golf club in Perth, Western Australia, is a popular wedding venue due to its convenient position in the middle of Wembley on 300 acres of natural parkland.
  • If you want your wedding to have the feel of a golf club, Gosnells Golf Course could be the perfect place.
  • The best golf club wedding sites may be found at Gosnells Golf Club in Perth, Western Australia.
  • The Meadow Springs Golf Course & Country Club in nearby Mandurah, Western Australia, comes highly recommended by golfers in the Perth area.
  • The Sea View Golf Club, in the picturesque Cottesloe neighbourhood by the water, is the ideal venue for a Perth golf club wedding.
  • Beautiful weddings can be held at the Sea View Golf Club.
  • The Secrets Weddings & Function Centre in Secret Harbour, Western Australia, is the ideal location for a private ceremony.
  • When it comes to wedding venues in the nation's capital, the Vines Resort and Country Club is often the first choice.
  • The Novatel Vines Resort can accommodate a sizable wedding party and offer opulent accommodations for your guests.
  • Weddings of all sizes, from small, private ceremonies to massive, public bashes, are welcome at the Point Walter Golf Course.

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Yes, you read that right – wedding celebrants can (and do!) conduct ceremonies anywhere. So, if you thought that a particular venue, glorious Garden, or meaningful spot was off the wedding venue shortlist, think again.

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