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Are wedding fireworks worth it?

Lighting up the sky with colourful flashes of light is the ultimate expression of happiness and shows that you have reason to celebrate.

On your wedding day, you and your future spouse will be treated like royalty and showered with lavish gifts. Every aspect of the wedding, from the ceremony itself to the reception's food, beverages, speeches, toasts, cake cutting, first dance, and embarrassing dancing thereafter. Fireworks are a spectacular finale to any wedding reception and will leave guests with fond memories of the celebration.

Do you want to make your wedding day more magical, elegant, and captivating? It seems to me that a fireworks display would be an excellent way to cap off your wedding festivities. There is no better way to end a fantastic day, and the photo opportunities are out of this world, than by staying until after the sun goes down. It will give everyone something to look forwards to after the toasts and first dance, and it may even wake up those relatives who have been dozing off. In addition, your evening guests will feel as though they have been extended an invitation to a really special occasion. Kids in particular are sure to be mesmerised by the brilliantly illuminated sky. And if everyone has a sparkler in their hand, it's quite amazing to see.

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Of course, as you probably already know from Bonfire Night, there are a lot of rules to follow and a lot of planning that goes into making a fantastic display that everyone can enjoy from a safe distance while causing as little disruption as possible to neighbours (and their furry friends) who may live near the venue. When dealing with sparklers, you must take extra precautions to avoid injuries and clothing burns. The event planners (and the photographer) at the venue should be able to provide you sound advice on how to proceed and how much planning is necessary to guarantee a successful event.

Fireworks are an exciting addition to any wedding, but it's not as simple as lighting the fuse and waiting for the "oohs" and "aahs" of your guests' delight. You need to give careful thought to several details before setting off your wedding fireworks.

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Are wedding fireworks expensive?

Although the old cliché 'you get what you pay for' does ring true when it comes to pyrotechnics, professional wedding firework displays are more inexpensive today than ever before.

Wedding Special Effects

However, the cost of your fireworks show will depend on a few different things:

The length of the display

The cost of a fireworks show rises proportionally with its duration.

Keep in mind that no matter how spectacular your fireworks display is, visitors will want to return to eating, drinking, dancing, and socialising after a short while.

If you want to impress your visitors without breaking the bank, a five- to ten-minute show should do the trick. In comparison to a longer display with fewer simultaneous sequences, a shorter one that achieves the same level of quality is preferable.

The variety of effects and sequences

The more elaborate and impressive the fireworks show, the higher the cost will be, so if you can swing it, that's excellent! However, if money is tight, check with your pyrotechnics team to see what they can do with the funds you've allotted them, and adjust the projected display accordingly. A shorter presentation that packs more bang for its buck will always triumph over a lengthier one that might not be as exciting.

The degree of customisation

Suppliers of wedding fireworks typically provide set packages that include a predetermined number of fireworks shows. Customized displays, such those that use only the colours from your wedding palette, can be stunning, but they also tend to be more expensive. We repeat that if you can afford it, you should absolutely do it! Anyone's wedding would be better with fireworks, and having them match your theme is icing on the cake.

Whether the display is set to music

Fireworks arranged to "your song" by a professional can add a whole new level of romance to an already heartfelt celebration. Also, it's pretty amazing to look at. In contrast, if you want your fireworks to match the mood of a specific song, the cost may skyrocket because the fireworks business would have to design a whole new show. To significantly cut down on costs, use a song for which the fireworks provider has previously created a show.


If you haven't already done so, it's important to verify if your desired venue allows fireworks. If not, you may have to choose between the two. Due to the presence of animals, most farms refuse to host weddings, and many municipalities have ordinances prohibiting weddings in residential areas.

If one is persistent enough, however, a remedy can be found. Companies that specialise in making fireworks also sometimes market their own versions of quieter fireworks. That means you can still light up the sky with dazzling colours, but you won't have to put up with the aforementioned commotion.

You should probably hire a professional company if you want fireworks at your wedding, as their personnel will have had training and will know how to keep everyone safe.

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Start planning from early to make it special

Putting your own spin on things is the best way to make your wedding unforgettable for all the right reasons. Invest in making sure your exhibit is custom-made right down to the last bolt. Professionals will try to choreograph the fireworks to the music of your choice, allowing you to enjoy the pyrotechnics to the tune of your heart. In addition, you may customise the display to include emoticons and heart shapes for a sappy presentation.


Experienced businesses understand the dangers and risks that come with fireworks. You can relax and enjoy the evening knowing that the venue has undergone a risk assessment and that all performances are covered by public liability insurance. Fireworks displays are dangerous, therefore experts will make sure they are as far away from onlookers as possible.

What extras can I get with my wedding fireworks?

The sky (excuse the pun) is the limit when it comes to fireworks displays. You can find display teams who will work with you to create an opening and closing sequence for your fireworks show that incorporates the colours of your wedding day, as well as many other options. If you go with a musical presentation, you can customise it with songs that mean something special to you, such those played during the aisle processional or the first dance. Displays of fireworks take the form of hearts and letters. Sparklers are another option for entertaining people outside.

How big should the fireworks area be?

What goes into a fireworks show depends on your preferences and the surroundings. The ideal dimensions for a fireworks display are 50 metres in length and 25 metres in width. Any vehicles or banners in the blast zone should be moved. Reason being, pyrotechnics used for displays tend to leave behind a lot of ash and other waste. It's vital to keep 100-meter-tall power lines and trees out of the way when setting off fireworks. Your guests should stand 50–75 metres away from the closest fireworks, with the wind blowing from them towards the displays.

Wedding fireworks: alternatives and extra surprises

Indoor fireworks

Some pyrotechnics, like silver fountains in the middle of the tables, can even be let off indoors without the necessity for a dark night sky or an outside site. Before booking, make sure you verify with the venue.

Low-noise fireworks

It is feasible to arrange 'silent' fireworks displays if your venue has noise constraints or if you simply dislike the noise that explosions often make. If you want to be sure, ask local fireworks vendor, but chances are they can help you out.

Fire writing

Fire writing is a great activity to do if you want something different within the fireworks genre or as a showpiece for your fireworks display. Having your names or initials written in fire jets on either side of a blazing heart is a sweet gesture.

Surprise fireworks

Most of the time, a friend or family member of the couple will book fireworks for the wedding as a surprise. The majority of pyrotechnics businesses will collaborate with the location to set off a surprise show. Make sure your supplier knows if you're planning any surprise fireworks for a couple or new spouse, as they will utilise unmarked trucks when setting them.

Do I need a permit?

Be sure to ask your prospective fireworks vendor if a permit is necessary, who is responsible for obtaining it, and how much it will cost before planning your event.

It's the cherry on top of your beautiful day, so we've put up this checklist to help you plan the ultimate wedding fireworks show.

Speak to the venue

Now that you've chosen your wedding location, talk to the staff about setting up a fireworks display. Most event venues allow pyrotechnics, though they may have guidelines on when they can be shot off or which fireworks companies they prefer. All fireworks that burn to the ground are likely to be banned, and those that are allowed to be used may be restricted to those that are less likely to cause problems.

Consider your surroundings

Fireworks are a universally beloved spectacle, but they are not shared by horses or farm animals. Because of this, you should constantly consider the surroundings of your wedding location. If your site is located in a residential area or near a farm or stable, you should hire a professional fireworks company to assist you. It's not a big deal if there are things like that close by; in fact, there are other possibilities to think about (for more information, see point #3).

Quiet or noisy?

Do you picture tremendous blasts and explosions when you think of fireworks? Yes, you absolutely can have spectacular, loud explosions in the sky as part of your show. The audience may be comprised of young children, or the venue may not permit loud explosions. In these cases, a quieter display may be preferable. If you're unfamiliar with the concept of "silent fireworks" or you're worried that they might be boring, you'd better reconsider. A lot of work has gone into developing new, quieter goods. What low-decibel pyrotechnics may lack in volume, they make up for in visual splendour and creative flair. Be ready to have your mind blown!

Think of the time

Your fireworks can be shot off at any moment before or after your wedding. If your wedding is in the middle of June, near the summer solstice, you'll have to set off your fireworks at 10:45 p.m. to make sure it's dark enough (it's prohibited to light fireworks after 11 p.m. unless it's Bonfire Night or New Year's Eve). Your options for when to have your display increase significantly if your wedding is in the fall or winter. It's up to you to decide whether you want to have an early night or wait till later. Your display can be timed to coincide with other activities such as dinner, the buffet, the first dance, and the disco. If you contact a fireworks business, they will be able to help you choose the best shooting times for your venue and wedding day.

Consider a surprise

Fireworks are much more impressive when neither the guests nor the happy couple are expecting them. The day's festivities don't wind down without one last surprise for the happy couple or a group of delighted guests. A professional Firework Show firm will know how to set up their display inconspicuously, so the secret won't be out until the DJ tells everyone to head outside. Bridal parties have been known to shed a few tears over the prospect of yet another wonderful surprise from the caring Groom or the Bride's parents. If you want to keep the event under wraps, you should probably tell the fireworks store.

Make it unique

The fact that you're reading this means that you're already one step ahead of the competition because hardly every couple opts to have fireworks at their nuptials. Consider bespoke your display further to make yours even more unique. Finale colour matching is provided at no cost by Electrify Pyrotechnics (so the fireworks that make up the huge finish at the end of your display match your wedding colour scheme). You can also initiate the show by yourself by pressing a button or a plunger, or we can do fire-writing with the newlyweds' initials next to a lovely burning love heart.

Are wedding fireworks worth it?

Need some help spicing up your wedding with a dash of magic and sophistication? Having difficulties deciding how to cap off your amazing day? You should think about the pros and cons of having fireworks during your wedding before deciding for sure.

We've heard from many people that they're curious whether or not wedding fireworks are worthwhile, and our answer is always yes! Fireworks are a fantastic way to celebrate a wedding.

Fireworks can be enjoyed by those with even the most modest means, as we have options to suit any budget. Fireworks are a wonderful way to make your wedding celebration truly unforgettable. There was a spectacular show, and everyone remembers it to this day, right? And may it be so on your wedding day!

Here are some of the many reasons why you should have fireworks during your wedding, according to us:

  • Since fireworks can be choreographed to music, the experience will have deeper, more personal significance for you.
  • They will make your party seem more magical and glamorous.
  • Astounding to your company.
  • Put on a dazzling show to cap off the evening.

Indoors or Outdoors?

Fireworks are best set off in the open air, so choose a large field or other outside location. If there aren't too many people around, fireworks can be safely thrown from a barge in the water or even on the sand to top off a nighttime beach wedding. Country clubs and golf courses are common places where fireworks can be set off, provided that the proper arrangements have been made in advance with the appropriate authorities and the club or course owners.

On a tighter budget, you may have it inside instead. Again, we must put safety first. When using fireworks indoors, it is vital to exercise common sense and communicate with the host to ensure that the venue has adequate floor space and a high enough ceiling.

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Hire a Professional

No matter what you decide to do, you should get professional advice first. Instead of letting a friend manage the fireworks display to save money, you may forego the whole thing. The services of professionals are easily accessible and reasonably priced, whether your wedding date is July 4 or New Year's Eve.

There will be a lot of trash lying around after the concert no matter where it is held—indoors, outdoors, on a beach, or on the lawn of a country club—and this waste must be removed either because of rules or because it is simply the courteous thing to do. Many service providers already factor in the cost of cleaning up after themselves into their quotes, but if they don't offer this, you should insist on it before you sign off.


Fireworks are an impressive way to end a wedding celebration, and they'll be something that everyone talks about for years to come. It's well knowledge that Vines of the Yarra Valley is Melbourne's preeminent wedding and event location. Don't wait until the last minute to reserve your spot at the biggest fireworks show of the year. Numerous variables affect how much money you'll need to pay for a fireworks display. Consider the screen size and personalisation options, for example.

If you have the funds, by all means, go for it; if not, with your pyrotechnics team about what alternatives might be available. It is crucial to find out if the location you want to hold your fireworks display at permits such displays. Otherwise, you might need to decide between inside and outdoor exhibits. If you want fireworks at your wedding, you can have a professional business set them off for you. Certified professionals will make sure they have enough of space between themselves and any potential observers.

Fifty metres in length and twenty-five metres in width are the optimum parameters for a fireworks show. There is no need for a dark night sky or an outdoor setting to set off some pyrotechnics, such as silver fountains in the middle of the tables. In general, pyrotechnics are permitted at event locations, though some may have restrictions on when they can be used. It's conceivable that laws will be passed prohibiting all ground-based fireworks. Allowable uses may be limited to only those that are unlikely to cause issues.

Fireworks should be let off about 10:45 p.m. if your wedding occurs in the middle of June, close to the summer solstice. The secret of the fireworks won't be revealed until the DJ encourages everyone to move outdoors, but a skilled Firework Show company will know how to set up their display inconspicuously. The use of fireworks is a fantastic way to make your wedding reception one for the history books. For a variety of reasons, wedding fireworks are a great addition to the big day. They can be detonated in the backyard, the living room, the beach, or the country club. Do your research before making any big hiring decisions.

Content Summary

  • A fireworks show would be the perfect ending to your wedding celebrations.
  • There are a number of things to consider before letting off the wedding fireworks.
  • If you want to put on a longer fireworks show, you should expect to pay more.
  • Find out if your venue of choice allows fireworks if you haven't already.
  • If you want your wedding day to be remembered forever, it is imperative that you choose the best wedding decorators in Melbourne.
  • The ingredients of a fireworks display are flexible and adapt to the audience and the setting.
  • As a surprise, wedding fireworks are typically arranged by a friend or relative of the happy couple.
  • Most pyrotechnics companies will work with the venue to plan a surprise display.
  • Now that you've decided on a venue for your wedding, you should enquire about having a fireworks show put up.
  • This is why you need to think about the wedding venue's surroundings all the time.
  • Fireworks can be set off whenever you like, before or after the ceremony.
  • If you're planning a wedding for the cooler months, you have more flexibility in scheduling your show.
  • Think of a Shocking Occurrence
  • Fireworks have more of an impact when neither the guests nor the newlyweds are expecting them.
  • An awesome wedding party activity is fireworks.
  • The use of fireworks is a fantastic way to make your wedding reception one for the history books.

FAQs About Wedding Fireworks

As a guide most wedding fireworks display packages cost $2,500-$10,000 or more, but averages about $3,000-$5,000 depending on the duration of the show, the number of large shells or special fireworks, if the display is set to music and the number of firing stations (to set off multiple fireworks simultaneously).

Timing is important when it comes to wedding fireworks. A popular option is to have the fireworks towards the end of the reception, almost as a grand finale. Some even use the fireworks as a perfect moment to escape the reception without a drawn-out goodbye!

Pyrotechnic details aren't always allowed. Not all wedding venues permit fireworks, sparklers, and the likes, though-even if they're legal in the state the venue's located in. You'll have to get all the necessary permissions if you want to use them.

A wedding firework display would typically last between 6 and 15 minutes. For a public or corporate display, we would recommend the display duration to be between 18 and 22 minutes.

It will seem longer. You can only keep someone's emotions high for so long. Even the biggest fireworks shows only last 20 minutes. Once the finale is complete, DO NOT, go back and light any leftovers or missed items.

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