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Top 40+ Places to Buy Engagement & Wedding Rings in Brisbane, Queensland (2024)

So you’re on the market for an engagement ring or wedding ring? First things first: congratulations!

Now, let’s get to work.

A ring is one of the most important purchases of your lifetime. It needs to be personal, it needs to be practical, and it needs to have your partner crying tears of joy (not tears of disappointment).

Wedding rings and engagement rings symbolise the loving marriage and eternal love between a couple. One way to sweep your future bride off her feet is to make it extra special when you propose – with the perfect engagement ring of her dreams. As for the wedding rings, we recommend classic and timeless designs, given that you will be wearing them for a long time.

If you are planning to get down on one knee and pop the question anytime soon, or if you are about to tie the knot, check out our list of the Places to Buy Engagement and Wedding Rings in Brisbane, Queensland. We hope this list of curated vendors help you in your proposal and wedding plans! 

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Ultimate list of places to buy Engagement and Wedding Rings in Brisbane

Temple & Grace - Engagement and Wedding Rings Brisbane

Temple & Grace

0414 500 999

Australia’s finest engagement and wedding rings

Planning for your big day is exciting, and Temple and Grace can ensure that your special day is celebrated in style with finely crafted engagement rings and wedding bands. Temple and Grace take pride in being trusted Sydney based engagement and wedding ring specialists. Being a master jewel-smiths themselves means that every piece of jewellery is handmade with careful attention to detail. If you’re planning for your big moment, you can visit Temple and Grace in Sydney or buy wedding rings online. Temple and Grace have over a thousand wedding bands and wedding ring sets to choose from. While the engagement ring and wedding ring look is important, it is recommended that you keep both your choice of precious metal and lifestyle in mind.

To ensure that you get the best value for your money, it is pivotal to note that when you buy engagement rings, diamond rings and wedding rings online from Temple and Grace, you will save over 40% compared to high-street jewellery retailers. So how do you save so much? It’s simple. All Temple and Grace jewellery is made in-house. Every diamond ring, engagement ring and wedding band that you see online is handcrafted directly at the Temple and Grace jewellery boutique in Sydney. We are renowned goldsmiths and loose diamond specialists. With an in-depth understanding of precious metal such as gold and platinum, we guarantee that we can make you the finest diamond wedding bands and gold wedding rings. Visit us or shop online to experience finesse and high-quality wedding and engagement jewellery.

Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings & Bridal Jewellery

Experience brilliant design and fine craftsmanship in our collection of jewellery online. Shop directly from jewellery makers and save up to 40%. We also offer a complete ‘peace-of-mind’ money-back guarantee. Discover an exquisite assortment of men’s and women’s jewellery. At Temple & Grace, we stock Australia’s finest range of engagement rings and wedding jewellery including diamond rings, wedding bands, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more. 

All our jewels are GIA certified, and we guarantee unparalleled craftsmanship to ensure that every piece of jewellery is nothing short of a masterpiece.

With over 20 years of experience in making brilliant jewellery, we take pride in being the only Australian jewellers who offer a 100% free returns guarantee. Visit our jewellery design studio in Edgecliff, Sydney or call us on 0414 500 999 for a personalised jewellery presentation.

Over the years, we have helped our customers save up to 40% on their diamond rings and jewellery by buying directly from us. Shop online, or if you are in Australia, you can call us to customise your masterpiece. We will also be happy to showcase our sparkling collection in the convenience of your home or office.

Australia’s most exquisite collection of fine jewellery online.

Temple and Grace are reputed Sydney based jewellers. Here we handcraft stunning jewellery, including the finest engagement rings for your special day. Being a master jeweller means that we design and make all our jewellery in-house. This is why every piece of jewellery we deliver is made to the highest Australian standards. Being jewellery makers also means that we can offer a plethora of jewellery styles. For example, our diamond engagement rings come in a variety of centre-stone settings. Some of the popular ring settings include solitaire engagement rings, pave engagement rings and halo engagement rings. If you’re looking for an antique style, you can browse our vintage engagement rings. All our engagement jewellery is made in 18K gold or platinum 950. Need a choice of precious metals? Shop from white gold engagement rings, yellow gold engagement rings or floor her with a gorgeous rose gold engagement ring. We also have a large range of gemstone engagement rings beautifully set with precious stones, including ruby, sapphires, emeralds and many more.

Temple and Grace also have Australia’s most exceptional selection of wedding rings online. If you’re looking for women’s wedding rings, you can choose from plain precious metal bands or opt for a diamond wedding ring. From traditional and classic wedding rings to modern and trendy styles, we have them all. If it’s your anniversary, you can browse from Australia’s widest range of anniversary rings and eternity rings online. We also stock and customise a wonderful collection of men’s wedding rings online. Need a wedding band customised for him or her? Call us, and we can have it designed and handcrafted for you.

Did you know that at Temple and Grace we stock some of Australia’s best-known wedding ring brands? With a stunning range of over 300 styles of PW Beck and Dora Wedding rings, we have grown to be known as a specialist store for wedding rings in Australia.

Temple and Grace are known for designing and handcrafting precious diamond jewellery for men and women. You can shop from a gorgeous range of diamond studs and diamond earrings online. Make her look glamorous with a beautiful diamond necklace or surprise her by gifting her a stunning diamond bracelet.

At Temple and Grace, we offer exceptional value on our collection of fine jewellery. Remember, when you buy jewellery online from us, you can save over 40%. That’s not all - every piece of Temple and Grace jewellery comes with a complete money-back satisfaction guarantee. Shopping for your diamond and gemstone jewellery is now quick, easy and convenient.

Sydney’s finest Jewellery Concierge - Need a piece of bespoke jewellery handcrafted to the highest standards? Our popular jewellery concierge service offers just that. At Temple and Grace, we are passionate about enhancing your jewellery buying experience. Shop online, visit us or give us a chance to visit you and understand your jewellery requirements. Over the years, we have designed and delivered hundreds of beautiful custom engagement rings and bespoke wedding bands to our customers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Hobart. Our lovely clients from Townsville, Orange, Mudgee and Newcastle, love our bespoke jewellery design experience and often refer our jewellery concierge service to their family and friends. Schedule an appointment with us. Being jewellery makers ourselves means that we understand the design and science that goes into making custom jewellery. We also offer excellent personalised service and guarantee savings of up to 40% compared to high street jewellery retailers.

The story behind the making of Temple and Grace

The difference between high-end and classy fine jewellery and cheap looking jewellery is the finesse with which it is made. Temple and Grace’s jewellery is crafted with much-needed passion and precision. Trading in fine jewellery is very different from making fine jewellery. Being skilful jewel smiths, Temple and Grace understand how to make gold and diamond jewellery to exacting standards. When you open a Temple and Grace wedding ring box, you can see how beautifully the ring has been made. The smiles on the clients’ faces keep Temple and Grace in business day after day. A wedding is a special occasion, and choosing a reputed jeweller is vital. A perfect wedding ring cannot be bought off-the-shelf. Even if you like a certain ring style, it needs to be customised precisely to your finger size. A well-crafted platinum or gold wedding band looks extraordinary and feels ultra-comfortable. Since 2015, Temple and Grace have been passionate about handcrafting the finest gold rings, platinum rings and diamond rings for men and women. You will also find a fine selection of women’s jewellery, including gold bracelets, diamond bracelets, necklaces, earrings and gemstone rings.

Temple and Grace’s success is due to continually striving to design, handcraft and retail the most stunning wedding bands and engagement rings online. If you’re looking for cheap wedding rings, Temple and Grace have Australia’s largest range of titanium wedding rings, zirconium wedding rings and stainless steel wedding rings. No matter what metal and budget you have in mind, Temple and Grace are Australia’s finest online jewellers for a good reason.

The Temple and Grace team take immense pride in knowing that they are part of someone’s special moment every day. This joy of playing a role in a couples’ dreams and their commitment to a lifetime together makes the team at Temple and Grace come to work every day.

Designer wedding rings for men and women.

For your special day, the wedding band should be spectacular. Whether you’re looking for wedding rings for women or men’s wedding bands, Temple and Grace have the best collection. A well-finished gold wedding band can handmade in 9K as well as 18K gold. Some of the designer wedding bands we stock include PW Beck and Dora. Both of these brands have a wide selection of gold wedding rings, platinum wedding rings and diamond wedding rings.

Choosing the perfect precious metal:

Selecting the right metal for your wedding ring is extremely important. Some of the popular metals used in making a wedding ring include Gold, Platinum, Silver and Platinum. Temple and Grace often use these precious metals in combination with each other to produce a unique wedding ring.

Gold wedding rings

Since generations, Gold has been hight sought after. It has grown to be known as a symbol of wealth. One of the reasons that Temple and Grace clients’ prefer having a gold wedding ring is because gold does not rust, corrode or tarnish. Alloyed gold comes in a choice of various colours including White, Yellow and Rose. The purity of the gold in the wedding band will depend on the carat you select online. You can identify the gold carat by reading the carat stamp on the wedding ring’s inner circle. Temple and Grace Gold wedding bands are made in 9K and 18K. It is important to note that the higher the carat selected, the higher the ring’s fine gold content.

White Gold wedding rings

White Gold is an alloy created from 24K Yellow Gold and other naturally white precious metals. Like other Gold alloys, White Gold comes in a range of carats and is often plated with Rhodium. This makes the White Gold ring look even whiter and shine brighter.

Rose Gold wedding bands

Rose gold or pink gold again is an alloy of 24K Yellow Gold. Copper is used in amalgamation with Yellow Gold to create a pinkish hue to create magical rose gold rings.

Platinum wedding rings

Platinum is the rarest and one of the most valuable precious metal. Only a small amount of platinum is produced each year, and this enhances its’ value. Platinum is hypoallergenic and does not lose it’s lustre or tarnish with time.

Titanium wedding rings

Titanium is a lightweight, hypoallergenic metal which is known for its high level of durability and strength.

Buy a loose diamond for your engagement ring at wholesale trade prices.

Looking for GIA certified loose diamonds at the lowest prices in Australia? Buying a loose diamond for your jewellery is now easy. Temple and Grace have a large selection of certified as well as non-certified diamonds in Sydney. No matter how big or small your budget is, Temple and Grace guarantee to beat any quote. Choosing the right diamond and setting for your diamond engagement ring or diamond wedding band is important. Temple and Grace have the reputation of providing incredible value for money for a loose diamond in Sydney.

Diamond Brokers Queensland - Engagement and Wedding Rings Brisbane

Diamond Brokers

1800 993 694

Brisbane Diamond Merchants and Jewellers

Diamond Brokers Queensland are a wholesale diamond merchant and boutique Brisbane jewellery store specialising in GIA certified white diamonds for custom hand made engagement rings and premium quality Argyle pink diamonds wholesale prices direct to the public. As Brisbane diamond merchants, we offer you the best value premium quality diamonds partnered with our comprehensive, personalised design consultation services.

Wholesale Jewellery Store

Continuing from the success of Diamond Brokers Queensland’s online business has born the development of our boutique Brisbane wholesale jewellery store.

Our jewellery store’s introduction has allowed us to broaden our range of fine quality jewellery from traditional diamonds and rings to include a collection of coloured gemstones and fashionable jewellery products, including several unique brands and one-off designs.

Our Brisbane store has been designed to complete your jewellery purchasing experience by combining our online shopping platform’s price and convenience with the personalised advantages of a retail store. We understand that buying fine quality jewellery is an important purchase. We invite you to come and view our collection before making your final selection for clients who can visit our Brisbane studio.

As wholesalers, our retail store is set up to makes buying your ring a more enjoyable experience and provide quality jewellery at highly affordable prices where the customer can be assured of buying their jewellery at the right price without the need to negotiate or wait for discount sales events.

Wholesale Diamonds for Sale

Understanding how to compare the quality and price of diamonds for sale can be quite complex. Still, with the assistance of a wholesale diamond merchant, we can help you navigate through this important process and determine your ideal diamond at the most competitive market price. Based in Brisbane, Diamond Brokers service both wholesale and retail diamond buyers throughout Queensland and Australia. We understand that it can be quite difficult to find quality diamond jewellery outside of the major city centres at reasonable prices. We are well equipped to service clients’ needs in outer regions to ensure they receive the personalised service and product that they expect at the most competitive price. If you are looking for the best-priced diamonds for sale, make sure you purchase a diamond through a genuine wholesale diamond merchant. We have an extensive collection of diamonds sourced directly from our diamond polishing manufacturing partners for the client to view online or personally in our Cleveland store to provide the best priced direct-purchase diamonds in Brisbane. We stock all qualities of diamonds both certified and non-certified to suit anyone’s budget and for premium investment and hard to find diamonds we offer our diamond brokerage service to source the exact diamond that you require.

Second-Hand Diamond Jewellery Traders

Diamond Brokers Queensland is a registered Australian second-hand diamond and jewellery dealers. We specialise in buying, selling, brokering and trading second-hand diamonds and gems of high quality and value both certified and non-certified as well as finished ring and jewellery. Through our Brisbane retail store and online tender auction site we offer jewellery and a loose gem for sale from all sources, new, store liquidations, wholesaler tenders, privately owned, antique, investment and custom made. Buying second-hand jewellery can often provide exceptional value to buyers allowing them to purchase a new or near new rings at less than the new wholesale market cost. Most modern second-hand diamonds will be provided with a laser inscription and an international diamond certificate for quality and authenticity, providing exceptional value for savvy diamond buyers. With the inevitable closure of the Argyle diamond mine in, 2021, shortly there will be very few new pink diamonds entering the wholesale diamond market. These rare diamonds will become even more sought after by astute investors. As specialist pink diamond dealers, our auction site is set up a platform for investors to buy and sell their diamond with a secure oversight to ensure a fair trading environment.

Diamond Brokers Queensland are Brisbane’s best custom jewellers working individually with their clients to design unique fine quality jewellery. Our designers will work with your style and ideas to come up with a sophisticated and modern design that will then be manufactured by our master jewellery in our Brisbane workshop. Each piece commissioned to Diamond Brokers Queensland is expertly handcrafted around the clients chosen diamonds or gems to the exact design with meticulous attention and skill.

Jewellery design and sales are primarily held with one of our diamond consultants in the Cleveland Jewellery store. Still, with prior arrangement, clients can meet with one of our design consultants at our main Brisbane city workshop, for sales, drop-offs and finished products but strict on an appointment basis.

Wallace Bishop Jewellers - Engagement and Wedding Rings Brisbane

Wallace Bishop Jewellers

+61 7 3625 8109

Making your special day perfect is as important to us as it is to you. So when choosing your ring and accessories, rely on us to spoil you with choice or create something unique.

Our History

Mr Wallace Bishop opened his first store in 1917 in Elizabeth Street, Brisbane. Since then the Bishop family have provided millions of beautiful, quality pieces of jewellery to discerning customers throughout Queensland and New South Wales for over 100 years. Our century in business is testament to our jewellery’s quality craftsmanship, and we have you, the customer, to thank for trusting us to provide you with the most carefully selected gemstones and expertly crafted jewellery.

Wallace Bishop has been owned and managed by the same family for over 100 years. We believe the success of this much-loved icon of the jewellery world can be attributed to a culture of providing highly personalised and genuinely customer-focused service. Our family’s day-to-day involvement in every aspect of the business means traditional family values sit at the heart of the Wallace Bishop Group.

Tradition and Vision

One of Wallace Bishop’s defining traits is old fashioned customer service: times may change but valuing our customer’s experience will never go out of fashion.

Wallace Bishop also appreciates traditional craftsmanship. Mr Bishop, and his son Stuart Bishop, are both skilled and fully qualified jewellers. Mr Bishop completed his watchmaking traineeship in 1950, and as CEO for much of the 1970s and 80s, Mr Bishop would complete all valuations and diamond buying himself. Stuart, the current CEO, was awarded the prestigious international DeBeers Award for Jewellery Design in 1997. 

Ringleaders - Engagement and Wedding Rings Brisbane


07 3229 8067

Welcome to Ringleaders, the most prestigious award-winning jewellery store in Brisbane CBD, specialising in real handcrafted jewellery.

You should visit our Brisbane jewellery store & workshop because:

  1. We are winners of the world’s most prestigious diamond design award: ‘The Biannual De Beers International Supreme Diamond Design Award’.
  2. We provide genuine 100% Australian custom-made jewellery in Brisbane.
  3. We ethically source gold, diamonds & gems.
  4. We have a deal with conflict-free diamonds and gems.
  5. Highly skilled and experienced jewellers design of our jewellery.
  6. We are handcrafted and CAD jewellery specialist (not CAD Cast passed off as handmade).
  7. Our stock and custom jewellery are made on-site!

Unlike many other Brisbane Jewellers, Ringleaders do not sell mass-produced factory-made jewellery. Our skilled craftsman design and create everything in our in-house workshop, making us one of Brisbane’s leading Jewellery stores. If you are looking for engagement rings or any other type of jewellery of the highest quality and design aesthetics, you have come to the right place!

Our Brisbane Jewellery Store Has Delivered Since 1982

Since 1982, our jewellery store in Brisbane has been supplying exquisite jewellery designs to thousands of customers, with designs that you will not see anywhere else. Come and see our jewellery store in Brisbane CBD or call on 02 3229 8066.

Brisbane *Real master craftsmen jewellers and more

​Ringleaders began in 1982 with a no-compromise ethos that remains intact today as the market around us is increasingly saturated with ever-decreasing quality in low, middle, and high-end jewellers. Warren grew up fossicking for gems and gold. When I was starting lapidary (cutting) and making jewellery in 82, I quickly realised that 90% – 95% of the gemstones we collected were rubbish, and real quality is very rare!.

Warren’s commenced his jeweller’s apprenticeship in 1986 and gemmology studies in 1989, with 11 years of studying! Gemmology gave me full insight into the incredible range of treatments and enhancements the jewellery industry uses. These processes transform the 90% – 95% of rubbish quality diamonds and gems to look amazing, especially when commercially cut (badly and hide issues).

This fact is key to understanding that the industry needs to focus on clearing the poor-quality majority. So, at every stage, the focus is to cut, treat, grade and market in every way possible to attain deceptively higher quality grades, which allows for a more considerable mark-up and potential profit. Real quality is scarce with the highest costs, and never short of demand.

Please be careful – The “race to the bottom”.

Produced to pass loopholes to look good on paper (certificates and valuations) and using 200+ tricks & scams to win trust and cut cost (quality and real professional staff).

Since the ’80s, authentic jeweller’s shops have been declining as competition between buying groups, low end, mid-end and chain stores, and buying groups.

Ethical lines were galloped over in the 1990s, and in the naughties, the cost-cutting obsession grew as these unqualified competitors refined their trick and played consumers. Playing overseas factories (esp. China and India) against each other saw new lows in ethics.

The price wars heated up on the internet and with no policing, immoral and illegal practices grew (i.e. non-disclosed fractured filled Diamonds, fake Diamonds and Gems, etc.). False claims of manufacturing method and place took over. These and many other factors have seen real jewellers in western countries disappearing at an ever-increasing rate with far less than 5% remaining.

Australia passed 95% in 2016 (most western countries passed this milestone before us), the same year the government cancelled the VET fee assistance for the Jewellery diploma. Since 2010 our government has been trying to cancel the jewellery apprentice scheme. In 2018 a new milestone, the average age of a jeweller in Australia reached 50.

Ringleaders have stood firm to our commitment to our clients through all of this.

Jewellery is absolutely amazing and even magical when it’s perfect. Have you ever seen real “collector quality” precious gems or diamonds? They are phenomenal!

Ringleaders began with an onsite workshop with only highly skilled jewellers, professional and no pushy sales assistants. Happily, this attitude continues today with qualified gemmologist, lapidarist (stone cutters) and diamond graders. Sadly our beloved trade (like so many others) has been decimated by non-professionals *fake jewellers and resellers overseas factories, questionable practices, and disposable jewellery (*see some warnings on our buyer beware page, with many more in-store).

If you are looking for something more individual or bespoke, many people find it helpful to see and try on a range of pieces from our collection of over 1500 designs. We can help discover some of the many possibilities available for custom-made jewellery. You can put your unique personal touch with our ideas and end up with something beautiful and as individual as you are.

Stephen Dibb Jewellery - Engagement and Wedding Rings Brisbane

Stephen Dibb Jewellery

0426 856 957

A design appointment at Stephen Dibb Jewellery is friendly, informative & low-pressure. Our customers tell us that it is an interesting & enjoyable experience where there is a meeting of minds. 

Custom Made & Designed Jewellery

We live in a mass-produced world, where most of us wear off the rack clothes and never have anything uniquely ours, something that uniquely represents us and who we are. The craftsman at Stephen Dibb Jewellery provides a unique jewellery experience to create custom pieces individual to each of our clients.

Jewellery Remodelling & Recycling

Have you got jewellery that just isn’t you anymore? Jewellery that isn’t comfortable or you never really liked? Then bring it all in for a free, no-obligation consultation! It can’t hurt to ask, and you will be surprised at how enjoyable the process is and how reasonable the price is as they start from $1,350. Why not get something you love out of the jewellery that you no longer wear or enjoy.

Jewellery Repair & Restoration

Have you got jewellery that you can’t wear or worry about wearing because it needs repair? Then come in for an easy & no-obligation quote. We’d be delighted to repair & restore your lovely jewellery so you can fully enjoy it again.

Jewellery Valuations

We would be delighted to organise valuations of your jewellery for you. We use the best valuers in Brisbane as they are completely independent & highly qualified. They provide detailed written valuations. You need valuations for insurance and as an independent assessment that you have received value for money.

Duty-Free Jewellery

We can assist you in making use of the Tourist Refund Scheme which allows Australian & overseas passengers to claim back the Goods and Services Tax (GST) on goods purchased in Australia (up to $300) within the last 60 days.

After Care

The After Care Program is included with all custom made Stephen Dibb Jewellery originals including engagement rings, wedding rings, eternity rings & remodels…

Meet Stephen Dibb

“My aim is to create my clients’ favourite jewellery while having as much fun as possible. We listen, we design, we create!” Stephen Dibb

After finishing my apprenticeship, I went to London to travel, work and further my jewellery training. On my return to Australia, I dreamt of creating a team of craftspeople who would custom make world-class jewellery locally. To achieve this, I knew I needed to have a strong customer focus and create an environment that attracted the best jewellery professionals. Thirty years on, I have 3 stores in Brisbane, and Stephen Dibb Jewellery is Queensland’s most awarded jeweller. Yes, dreams do come true!

Bakker Diamonds - Engagement and Wedding Rings Brisbane

Bakker Diamonds

(07) 3252 3251


Bakker Diamonds is a wholesale diamond merchant and award-winning boutique jeweller offering the best service for diamond rings and custom made jewellery, located in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley.


Bakker Diamonds & Gems are Brisbane’s premium jewellers diamond expert and a qualified person who will physically create your special piece.

So the time has come. You have found each other, and it only seems right to demonstrate your intentions with a dazzling diamond ring for your partner. Unfortunately, this process seems so daunting.

In this internet age, the options seem endless and fraught with pitfalls for the unsuspecting buyer. Prices vary dramatically, and it is difficult to make sense of this confusing landscape.

Luckily for you, that’s where Bakker Diamonds comes in. Our job is to guide you through the maze, so you understand your options, so you are in control of these very important decisions. You will not be dealing with a shop assistant. You will not be dealing with a middle man. Instead, you will be dealing with the diamond expert and the qualified person who will physically create your special piece.


Bakkers Diamonds are the jewellery makers for you whether you’re looking for diamond engagement rings or glimmering gold earrings and bracelets. We’ve custom made a range of pieces for clients throughout Brisbane City and surrounding areas. As diamond traders, you can always ensure that you’re getting the best quality in the city when you choose our custom jewellery.


By handling diamond buying directly from the cutting factories, importing, and top quality ring manufacturing in-house, Peter has eliminated three levels of middlemen from the typical jewellery store or shops in Brisbane. His philosophy is; your budget is your budget, and almost any ring can be made to fit any budget.

It’s Peter’s job to help you find the best quality and value for your money. With Peters’ guidance, you decide on your diamond’s size and quality and the karat of gold or platinum for your ring, and Peter will build the ring to those specifications. We are here to help you through every step of the process to create something you will truly treasure for years to come.


Our workshop & unique showroom concept allows our clients to relax and indulge in the experience of learning about diamonds and the creation of a one of a kind piece of jewellery made by Peter Bakker. With over 35 years’ experience, Peter’s expertise in finding the perfect stone, designing and manufacturing are second to none. Have a positive experience with us by contacting us today and seeing how we can help you.


My clients often tell me they enjoyed the journey because of the hands-on input they can have in the design process, the ease at which they achieved the goal, and the peace of mind about value for money, dealing with the actual manufacturer directly.


My goal as a qualified manufacturing jeweller and diamond expert with many years of experience has always been to make the journey of purchasing an engagement rings painless and relaxing as possible. My promise is to deliver a diamond, sapphire or ruby ring that will be far superior to your expectations.


Bakker Diamonds is a wholesale diamond merchant and award-winning boutique jeweller offering the best service for diamond rings and custom-made jewellery, located in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley. Here you will find no shop assistants, no cabinet keys, no high-pressure sales and no flashy advertising.

Robert White Jewellers - Engagement and Wedding Rings Brisbane

Robert White Jewellers

+61 7 3221 6793

At Robert White Jewellers, we pride ourselves on providing first-rate service, in-depth knowledge and unmatched craftsmanship. After all, we’ve been creating stunning handmade pieces for close to 140 years now. We’ve worked closely with our customers during that time, listening to their needs and what they’re looking for in their jewellery. And then we put all our passion and skill into every piece to not only match but exceed our customers’ expectations.

Whether it’s a special something for a special someone or restoring a family heirloom or antique, we take delight in every piece we create. We’ll get you involved, and make sure you’re happy with everything throughout the whole process. Even if your knowledge of jewellery is limited, we’ll guide and support your decision-making. Then, once you’ve given us an idea of what you’d like, our team designs with you and creates handmade pieces to complement any of the beautiful natural gemstones you’ve chosen.

Speaking of gemstones, we have access to some of the world’s finest diamonds and precious coloured stones imported from the best cutting houses. We pay particular attention to the cut, colour and clarity of all our gems, and our diamonds are certified by the internationally recognised and highly esteemed Gemological Institute of America. Additionally, we have a beautiful collection of Australian South Sea white pearls from Broome in Western Australia, as well as Tahitian black pearls and Japanese Akoya pearls. We’re also proud to have been selected by the Argyle Pink Diamond Mine in Western Australian to showcase a selection of the world’s rarest Australian Argyle Pink Diamonds.

So it’s safe to say that, at Robert White Jewellers, you’ll receive quality right across the board. From the moment you walk in the door to the moment you walk out with your new piece, you’ll enjoy service, knowledge and craftsmanship like nowhere else.

A proud history of superior service

As a family-owned and operated business, Robert White Jewellers is focused on offering every customer a personalised experience. A qualified goldsmith himself, Robert works together with his exceptionally talented staff, including his daughter Hannah, a Diamond Grader, and son James to create individual handmade jewellery. The business has been crafting classic handmade pieces since it was established by S. Knowles and Sons in 1878, and then later purchased by Robert in 1974.

As soon as you arrive at Robert White Jewellers, you’ll begin to experience the service we’re renowned for. You’ll be greeted with a warm simile and an offer of help. You’ll most likely be dazzled by the pieces on display and, while they’re stunning, we’ll explain the processes and methods behind each one, and then talk you through whatever it is that interests you to ensure we deliver a result that’s truly outstanding.

A passion for the craft

Just as no two customers’ needs are the same, no two pieces we create are identical. At Robert White Jewellers, we guarantee that each item of jewellery is individually drawn and designed just for you, before being handcrafted by Robert and our in house master jewellers.

There’s nothing we love more than collaborating with customers throughout the process – from the initial phase of working out designs and selecting stones, right through to seeing the look on the customer’s face when we reveal the finished product for the first time. It’s a memorable moment for everyone, and one we never tire of.

To ensure our skills are constantly improving, we travel the world gaining new experiences, techniques and gemstones, bringing back to Brisbane to offer to all our new and long-standing customers. So we’re always searching for unusual and interesting ways to bring our customers’ dreams to life.

We never settle for second best, and our passion for our craft shines through in everything we do. 

Canturi Jewellers - Engagement and Wedding Rings Brisbane


+61 7 3021 9901

The Canturi Bridal Collection and Canturi Diamond Service is the centrepiece of Stefano Canturi’s life long romance with diamond rings, which are the genesis of his creative process.

Stefano Canturi interprets the spirit of the modern bride: confident, inspirational and unique.

Discover the ring that will become your most intimate possession, rarely off your hand throughout your lifetime within the Canturi Bridal Collection.


Stefano Canturi interprets the spirit of the modern bride: confident, inspirational and unique.

Select your diamond personalised to your needs, and it will be set in your preferred ring design.  

Come in to speak with a Canturi diamond consultant and discover the ring that will become your most intimate possession, rarely off your hand throughout your lifetime within the Canturi Bridal Collection.

Clayfield Jewellery - Engagement and Wedding Rings Brisbane

Clayfield Jewellery

(07) 3266 9556

Clayfield Jewellery, Sustainable Jewellery for North Brisbane

Start 2021 with a Gorgeous, Unique item of Jewellery

Our experienced Jewellers have been designing, restoring, and repairing fine jewellery in Brisbane since 1994.

We are on hand to assist you with any type of jewellery enquiry that you may have. In addition to our wide selection of stunning jewellery pieces, we also have onsite jewellery repairs & restoration workshop where we use modern digital design technology, including 3D scanners and 3D printing, to ensure that we can turn your jewellery dreams into a reality.

Our jewellery capabilities also include a complimentary diamond grading service, whilst we provide extensive advice to all our customers regarding wedding rings, engagement rings, diamond jewellery, necklaces, pendants, bands, earrings, jewellery valuations and much more.

Enquire with our passionate and dedicated jewellery team today in Clayfield on Brisbane’s Northside.


In 2007 Clayfield Jewellery and its team relocated from Clayfield to Nundah Village. We have experienced jewellers onsite, with a variety of qualifications and skills to assist with any type of enquiry you may have. As well as offering a wide selection of stunning jewellery pieces, we also provide an onsite jewellery workshop, a diamond grading service, digital design and 3D printing, and valuations.

With computer-aided design capabilities, we are able to create custom designs for our clients digitally and then 3D print a wax model for them to try before it is cast and their dream piece of jewellery is realised. See our jewellery workshop page for more information on our services.

Clayfield Jewellery prides itself on offering a complete range of services with impeccable quality, care and service.

Sustainably Sourced Engagement Rings

We have been custom designing, advising and providing engagement rings to Brisbane residents since 1994.engagement ring jeweller in Brisbane northside

Aside from having an extensive range of engagement rings in-store, we also love working with you to help you custom design and make your engagement rings for one of the most exhilarating experiences in your life.

If you love the idea of adding a personal touch to your partner’s engagement ring, then speak to our experienced jewellers about how we can turn your jewellery ideas into a reality, using our fine touch, in-house jewellery workshop as well as our 3D scanner and printer.

We can turn an idea on paper into a ring you can see, touch and wear in our Northside jewellery premise.

Oh and men, trust us when we say that it’s not just the ladies who love new engagement rings. 

Amazing, Custom Made Wedding Rings

Amazing Range of Wedding Rings- from Custom Made to Unique Designs

We have been custom designing, advising and providing stunning wedding rings to residents of Brisbane and SEQLD since 1994. the best wedding rings jeweller Brisbane

We pride ourselves on our fine and extensive range of wedding rings in store, and in addition to our custom made services, our suppliers Peter W Beck and Dora provide a wide range of styles to suit everyone’s taste. Australian made Peter W Beck and Dora craft wedding rings of exceptional quality backed by decades of experience.

However, if you are feeling romantic or a little creative, we would love the chance to help you custom design and make your wedding ring to standout out on one of the biggest days of your life.

Our experienced wedding ring jewellers can even guide you through the whole process in-store, as we use our extensive experience, in-house jewellery workshop and 3D scanner and printer to turn your wedding ring thoughts into something that you can see, touch and wear.

This gives you the best idea of whether your wedding ring ideas are going to turn out as you planned. We understand that this is your big day and you don’t want to leave anything to chance.


Clayfield Jewellery commenced trading in 1984. Beginning strictly as a manufacturing operation, we limited our efforts to doing trade work for other retail jewellers. Since our inception, we have become proficient in designing, restoring, and repairing fine jewellery. Along with this, we also stock an extensive range of superb contemporary pieces. We have been accredited members of the Jewellers Association of Australia for 21 years.

Bentley De Lisle - Engagement and Wedding Rings Brisbane

Bentley De Lisle

07 3368 1615

Your custom jewellery experts

We offer a relaxed atmosphere, wealth of knowledge from over two decades of experience and passion for perfection in every piece we create.


If you are ready to pop the question but have no idea where to start, then sitting down with one of our jewellers for an obligation free design session is a great start. Take as long as you need, ask as many questions as you like, and once you are satisfied with everything, decide what the next step you want to take is.

Why not take the fun custom made approach, where you get to design the ring and watch the masterpiece unfold in front of you?


Are you planning the biggest day of your life and have a huge list of things to organise? 

We are here to make the process of getting your wedding bands as streamlined and simple as possible, whether you choose a plain or extremely complex design, we will create the right ring for you.

Your style

No matter what your style is, we can create it!

From traditional, vintage to modern, we love creating unique jewellery, so no job is too big or too small.

We are madly in love with coloured stones and enjoy creating beautiful jewellery featuring these amazing beauties. If you are after any precious or semi-precious gems or Diamonds, come and see us. David has built amazing relationships with many Diamond and gem suppliers and cut factories over the past 30 years.

How we can help you

Experience and personalised service

We have been around for over 25 years and love sharing what we have learned about jewellery, Diamonds and gemstones in this time, (what seems like forever). We were one of the early jewellers using CAD 3D drawing technology in commercial jewellery in Australia. To be able to show you every detail of your jewel before we begin to craft it, allows us to create jewellery for customers that we may never meet in person. You also get to see the detailed design, so there is no disappointment when you open the jewellery box.

Professional advice

Whether you choose a piece from our collection or have something custom made, we discuss every design’s pros and cons to help you choose the perfect style for yourself or your loved one. You will not be rushed, and we will answer any questions you may have. 

Jewellery service for the life

Once you own a Bentley De Lisle piece, you will always be welcome to bring it back for a free service (which includes rhodium plating). We stay in touch by reminding you to regularly bring your jewellery back about once per year, that way we can inspect it, tighten any stones if necessary and bring your piece back to its original shine. 

Extremely passionate team of jewellers

No matter what your style is, we can create it!

From traditional, vintage to modern, we love creating unique jewellery, so no job is too big or too small.

We are madly in love with coloured stones, especially Sapphires and enjoy creating beautiful jewellery featuring these amazing beauties. If you are after any precious or semi-precious gems or diamonds, come and see us. David has built amazing relationships with many diamond and gem suppliers over the past 30 years in the business.

If you have a special gem and want to create your unique piece of jewellery with it, we would love to help you.

About our shop

In October 2017, we opened our doors for the first time after relocating to Paddington to join boutiques, restaurants and coffee shops on Given Terrace and we love it here.

Operating from such a beautiful location allows us to service your rings, while you have a coffee or stroll through the amazing Terraces.

Our background was on the larger scale of manufacturing for the jewellery trade and retail. After operating from Brisbane’s south side for more than 20 years, it was time for a change. We have downsized to a small jewellery boutique with an in-house workshop, still offering the same jewellery services.

Our customers love the personal approach and the relaxed atmosphere we provide. From the moment you enter the finished product, our aim is to make your journey (big or small) special and memorable.

We are excited to be a part of every engagement, wedding ring or just a simple surprise gift.

Harrington & Co - Engagement and Wedding Rings Brisbane

Harrington & Co

07 3891 3889

Harrington & Co is recognised as the trusted buyer and seller of luxury pre-owned specialty, engagement, wedding and eternity rings. We guarantee each item is professionally validated as 100 per cent authentic in its style, stone, cut, clarity, colour and weight.

Select from our diamond ring collection, where you will see styles reflecting the art-deco period to handmade beauties in gold and platinum. Generously sized gemstones adorn solitaire settings, as well as pretty daisy flower designs with rubies, emeralds, sapphires and even pearl.

Included in our gold bands are Tiffany, Cartier and vintage diamond set wedding rings in both white and yellow gold.

Your Trusted Vintage Experts

If you want to buy a gift for someone special or sell your jewellery, vintage watch or other treasures then Harrington & Co in Brisbane can help you. Since 2002 we have worked hard to become one of the leading and trusted names in the estate jewellery and luxury vintage watch market. We buy and sell genuine second-hand goods that are still in great condition, sourcing our products from both Australia and overseas.

We buy and sell great brand names and stock a wide range of Rolex watches, luxury accessories, fine jewellery and much more. You can rely on us to always have some amazing and rare items in stock for purchase.

Our Authenticity Guarantee

We trade in names such as Rolex, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co, Bvlgari and many more. We buy and sell these great names because second-hand watches and jewellery don’t have to mean second-hand quality. Every item we purchase goes through an extensive procedure to guarantee 100% authenticity and great quality for you.

Our name has become synonymous with trust, competitive value, and unparalleled customer service, and it is our thorough process in buying and selling that has driven this excellent reputation. 

We are open via appointment for enquiries, viewings & collections at 165 Logan Road, Woolloongabba Australia.

John Stone Designer Jeweller Brisbane

John Stone

(07) 3229 2780

antique jewellery

Return to the luxury & opulence of a bygone era. We are now selling an exceptional range of authentic Antique jewellery in our store on the historic Brisbane Arcade gallery level.

Custom Designed Jewellery

Jewellery should be as individual as you are.

Nothing says “special” quite like a handcrafted piece of jewellery made especially for you by someone you love, or for someone you love.  

At John Stone Designer Jewellers, we custom make rings & jewellery and our craftsman John Stone will work with you to create your dream piece, designed especially for you or your loved one.

About John Stone Designer Jeweller

Owned and operated by John Stone, a jewellery craftsman with over 30 years’ experience in the trade. Located on the heritage-listed Brisbane Arcade’s Gallery level, we create the highest quality, traditional and contemporary jewellery. We offer an extensive range of custom-designed jewellery, engagement and wedding rings, using only the highest quality gemstones.

John’s simple philosophy is to offer quality pieces, value for money and good honest service. If you’re looking at getting something made for any occasion, we would be pleased to help by custom sketching your design to make your vision a reality. Our jewellery is made on site, so we’ll be here every step of the way to guide you through the design process. This ensures that you will only get exceptional service from your initial consultation right up to the moment you pick up your beautiful new masterpiece. 

Whether you’re celebrating a wonderful event or opening the next chapter of your life’s journey, we know it’s a beautiful and exciting time for you. When the occasion demands something special, something exceptional and unique, talk to us. John will be delighted to bring your dream piece of jewellery to life, just for you.

Perfect Diamond - Engagement and Wedding Rings Brisbane

Perfect Diamonds

+61 7 3252 4943

Perfect Diamond has a constant and reliable supply of premium cut, loose wholesale diamonds. The beauty of a diamond is not simply in great colour and clarity; It is the overall cut-grade, that consists of the cut, symmetry and the final polish of the stone. These factors are what bring out the sparkle of your perfect diamond. At Perfect Diamond, we provide only the highest level of cut stones, enabling you to sell flawlessly cut diamonds to your customers with complete confidence.

Perfect Diamond provides a wide range of certified wholesale diamonds in a variety of carats, cuts, colours, shapes and clarity; including a large variety of loose wholesale Hearts and Arrows Diamonds.

Perfect Diamond offers a comprehensive diamond education section to ensure customers find the perfect diamond for their needs, whether it be flawless clarity, a dazzling cut or a perfect shape.

Perfect Diamond will provide you with the highest level of service for each of your orders – no matter how large or small. We are always here for you to help with any query you may have.

Wouldn’t it be easier for you to sell certified Perfect Diamonds? Search through our online loose wholesale diamond inventory to find what your clients are looking for.

Perfect Diamond stands behind every wholesale diamond we sell and has searched throughout the world to build the strongest relationships with the biggest diamond distributors to provide you with the best possible prices.

Ashley Douglas Jeweller Brisbane

Ashley Douglas

(07) 3012 8111

Exquisite engagement rings and jewellery collection

Ashley Douglas is expert craftsmen specialising in the design of engagement rings and custom jewellery in Brisbane. Our extensive jewellery collection is available for purchase online or in our Brisbane Arcade studio on the Queen Street Mall.

Custom Handcrafted Engagement Rings

As the leading jewellers in Brisbane, Ashley Douglas specialise in designing and creating custom engagement rings and wedding bands. Combining the finest materials and gemstones with time-honoured techniques, our master craftsmen produce exquisite engagement and wedding jewellery.

Ashley and Doug design and manufacture all bespoke engagement ring in our Brisbane studio, ensuring the design of your diamond engagement ring is as unique and as exceptional as her.

Each engagement ring design is fully customisable to your specifications, including the metal (white gold, yellow gold and platinum). The diamond’s quality, colour, and size reflect individuality and personal style. Along with exquisite engagement rings set with colourless diamonds, we also offer a beautiful selection of black diamond engagement rings.

Just as rare, but offering a distinctly different sense of timelessness and uniqueness, black diamonds are a fashionable choice for engagement rings. With an ethereal beauty that’s both captivating and mystic, black diamonds are an elegant gemstone with a more subtle shimmer and shine than colourless diamonds.

Your selection of black and colourless diamonds can be set together in a ring, creating a dynamic contrast that heightens the colourless diamond’s brilliance.

Book an appointment at our Brisbane CBD studio to meet with our master craftsmen and discuss your ideas for the perfect custom-made diamond engagement ring.

About Custom Jewellers – Ashley Douglas

We specialise in designing custom jewellery in Brisbane, including beautiful bespoke engagement rings, wedding rings and diamond rings, along with the supply of certified diamonds. For over 20 years, we have operated out of the heritage-listed Brisbane Arcade on the Queen Street Mall, one of the oldest shopping malls still in its original form.

Handcrafted custom jewellery in Brisbane

All our work is carried out in an open-plan studio where you can sit with the jeweller and try on pieces while we discuss your ideas. Our clients appreciate the high-quality of our white gold engagement rings and our diamond wedding rings and are happy to sit in the comfort of our studio while they make their selections from our exceptional range.

With more than 70 years’ collective experience in the jewellery industry, you can feel confident that your ideas will be interpreted correctly and that you’re assured of the highest quality and complete design integrity when we create your special piece. Our qualified jewellers are always happy to sit with you and discuss any ideas you may have at no cost.

As a leading designer jeweller, we also offer a complete jewellery repair service at our Brisbane CBD workshop, along with a range of same-day services such as ring resizing and rhodium plating.

Suppose you are searching for quality designer jewellery in Brisbane, an engagement ring or a matching set of his and her diamond wedding rings. In that case, you will love spending time in our comfortable Brisbane Arcade studio. For advice, or quality new or remodelled jewellery, as well as custom-designed and handcrafted jewellery, please contact us or visit our workshop. Please take the time to read what our clients have to say about us below.

Designer Jewellery Services

At Ashley Douglas, we offer a complete range of jewellery services from our studio and workshop in Brisbane Arcade on the Queen Street Mall. As leading jewellers in Brisbane, we can design a unique, handcrafted piece of jewellery for any occasion: men’s wedding rings, women’s diamond wedding rings, diamond engagement rings and dress jewellery. We also offer many same day services, including jewellery and engagement ring repair services, rhodium plating and ring resizing from our central Brisbane CBD location.

Citigold Jewellery and Gold Buyers Brisbane 

Citigold Jewellery And Gold Buyers

+61 7 3210 6238

Welcome to Citigold Jewellery and Gold Buyers Brisbane

We love jewellery here at Citigold. Our experienced team have “an eye” for beautiful and unusual pieces. We can appraise your jewellery on the spot and offer you the best available price for your item.

We will buy Gold, White Gold, Platinum, Palladium and high-grade silver items.

Citigold is a Brisbane icon trading since 1972.

We buy and sell jewellery, especially Estate Jewellery, gold, platinum and high-grade silver.

We are now stocking local artists and jewellers, supporting our local industry.

We offer a cash loan service to our customers and Jewellery design, remodelling and repairs with our resident jeweller.

You can make money from your old jewellery & scrap gold no matter what condition. Get paid instantly by cash or direct deposit. We pay the best prices available.

When you buy or sell with Citigold Jewellery, be confident in knowing that you are dealing with:

  • A well-established business that has been trading for over 40 years;
  • Highly experienced and knowledgeable staff; including a jeweller and a gemmologist;  
  • A family-owned business; and
  • A registered second-hand dealer & pawnbroker.

If you don’t want to sell your jewellery, make it work for you in securing a competitive short term cash loan.

Crown Family Jewellers Brisbane

Crown Family Jewellers

+61 7 3350 5390

Our pieces are innovative and set on traditional values. Together with the continued support of our dedicated jewellers, team members and managers, we look forward to welcoming you to.

They say home is where the heart is, which is probably why when you walk into a Crown Family Jewellers’ showroom, it feels as if you’ve walked into their humble home. Not that the store looks that way, but it’s hard not to be consumed by the atmosphere and warm welcome offered by their friendly and helpful staff.

Theirs is a story of the family passing down the tradition of fine Jewellery to a new generation. Their family culture fosters passion and dedication amongst the staff and lays the foundation for excellent customer service. With experience spanning more than 40 years, they cater to individuals seeking jewellery and engagement rings of exceptional design custom made exclusively by in-house master jewellers.

Since 1978, they had imported unique gifts and Italian jewellery when Maria and Giovanni Antonaglia OAM opened their first store, Maria’s Fine Gifts & Jewellery in Brisbane, a store operation today. From these humble beginnings saw the launch of Crown Family Jewellers in Indooroopilly, Westfield Chermside, Aspley and Westfield Carindale soon following suit, as did their family’s growth. Family is part of their company culture, and with that daughters, Angela, Luisa and Francesca, joined the company. Each is securing their credentials in commerce, business management, gemmology and arts, coupled with hardworking ethics, unsurpassed quality and exceptional customer service. Proudly their reputation was reaffirmed when awarded Australian Jeweller Retailer of the Year (2011) and with Francesca being titled Vice President of the Jewellers Association of Australia.

They travel the globe in search of the best—diamonds from Antwerp, gold from Italy, and precious gems from Brazil. Placing particular emphasis on the exceptional and unique, they are always seeking to create or find designs that are original, specifically tailored to radiate their client’s individuality. Within their cabinets lay a wide range of White Diamond, Australian Chocolate Diamond, Fancy Yellow Diamond and Argyle Pink Diamond engagement rings most with GIA certificates, in a variety of cuts and carat weights. Proudly boasting Australian exclusivity and stocking one of the world’s most beautiful and scintillating treasures, the Maple Leaf Diamond collection. These superb stones are among the highest quality found anywhere in the world.

Crown Family Jewellers are proud to be a major sponsor of Operation Smile. Supporting many non-profit organisations over the years has earned Giovanni an Order of Australia Medal.

The family’s life purpose has been to develop a solid reputation in business, offer superior service, and craftsmanship, with the aim of passing on the baton to the new generation. Theirs is a family legacy that is unfolding. So from their family to yours, Crown Family Jewellers will make your buying experience as memorable as the precious jewels they create.

At Crown Family Jewellers, we strive to provide our customers with the best service possible. We are renowned for our family culture and exceptional customer service, so if you have a question, query, or would like to use our jewellery concierge service please visit one of our Brisbane stores. Alternatively, if you prefer an online query, please complete the form below, and we will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible.

How to choose the best wedding ring?

A wedding is a one-time event in one’s life and it should be celebrated in style. Many things come into play when organising a wedding and there are some things which should not be left out no matter the circumstances. One of these is the wedding rings. There is no better way of showing your commitment and love for your spouse than getting a special ring to symbolise the feeling. Here are tips on how to choose the best wedding rings for your coming wedding.

Choosing a wedding ring can seem like a particularly daunting task, especially for a lot of men who may have no experience in trying on or wearing rings. Being very aware of that, we will ease the decision-making process for you by breaking the different aspects of rings down.

All of our wedding rings are made to order so your ring is right for you. After all, you will be wearing it for many a year to come!

Tips For choosing Best wedding Rings

Keep 3 to 5% of the wedding budget for rings

To start with, it is important to determine the cost of wedding rings at an early stage. When you know how much to spend on the rings, it would become easier to keep the entire wedding budget in place. Most couples are clueless about how much to spend on wedding bands. Well, jewellery experts often suggest that around three to five per cent of the wedding budget should be kept aside for the rings. Moreover, keep in mind that the budget will vary with the ring setting, design, metal, style, and choice of diamonds. Therefore, the couple needs to sit together and decide the type of wedding rings they want. It is advisable to take some time off to make up your mind about the ring design and details. This should be done at an early stage to keep yourself free for the actual wedding preparations.

Spare a big chunk of wedding preparation time on the rings

An already engaged couple needs to be clear about the total time frame for wedding preparation. Mind well that buying wedding rings would eat up a big chunk of the prep time. To avoid any hustle, experts advise the couples to buy rings well in advance. Selecting wedding rings prior to two-three months from the wedding makes things easier for both of you. This will help you devote ample time for a custom ring design, engraving, sizing, and other details. If you want to engrave names, love promises, or scripture phrases on the bands then it may take additional time. Therefore, go to the jeweller, discuss your requirements, and assess the estimated time required to buy wedding rings with all that you need.

Buying rings that complement engagement rings are always a good idea! 

Engagement rings are the first love jewels for any couple. When they are about to select wedding bands, they can either go for rings that complement the engagement ring or choose an entirely new design. Most women like to wear their wedding as well as engagement rings side by side. If you want to do the same then choose rings that match or add to the existing engagement band. Suppose you already have a classy engagement ring then adding a simple diamond-studded band will be a perfect addition for your ring finger. In case your promise ring was simple, you can choose an expensive diamond ring for that extra sparkle during the wedding. You can also go for a contour or shadow band that blends well with the existing ring and impart a whole new look to the single ring design. Just make sure that the metals are the same and the new ring does not overpower the engagement band. Alternatively, you can buy wedding rings with brand new designs and the latest fashion.

Choose rings that are easy to resize!!

As wedding bands are for all seasons, in fact for a lifetime, the couples should keep an eye on the re-sizing part. There would be times when the ring would tighten as the body swells during certain seasons or post-workout and sometimes the bands would become loose when the fingers shrink during winters. Moreover, women tend to gain weight during pregnancy and lose it post the arrival of the baby. These are considerations couples need to ascertain while selecting wedding rings. Most jewellery experts recommend rings that can be easily resized in the future. For example, a wedding band with diamonds all across the ring is extremely difficult to resize. Instead, a ring with a central diamond plus minimal design is easy to mould into a smaller or bigger size. If you plan to buy wedding rings online then check the ring guide chart for the proper size. It will help you choose a ring that best fits you. It is recommended to choose a ring with a half size more than your actual ring size.

A wedding ring should match your lifestyle!

How to decide on wedding rings that last a lifetime? Is the most common question of couples. Well, experts suggest that every couple should choose wedding bands that suit their lifestyle. Those who work hard and have chances of knocking rings on heavy surfaces or metals should not select rings with soft diamonds. Fragile rings would not work for them and may get damaged in the long run. For example, rings with engraving may not be the best fit for the chefs as it would trap dust, spices, and food particles. On the contrary, celebrities can afford to wear rings with big diamonds and intricate designs. The same would be uncomfortable for people who need to do a lot of typing work in offices. Therefore, lifestyle is a parameter to consider. Couples would find ‘lifestyle considerations’ an inevitable part of expert tips for choosing wedding rings.

Buy wedding bands that are low on maintenance!

Wedding rings can become dirty on a daily basis. They need to be cleaned, washed or taken care of on a periodic basis. To simplify the effort, experts suggest that couples should go for wedding rings that are easy to maintain. Engraved rings are difficult to clean while those with intricate designs can give one a tough time to bring back to their original shine. Gold and platinum are the best metals for those who can’t spare time for maintenance. Dual toned rings or those with wood or ceramic inlays are again troublesome when it’s about the upkeep. So, choose rings wisely!

Selecting wedding rings with a personal touch is the in-thing!

Everyone has a personal sense of fashion and taste of dressing. The same can be incorporated in wedding bands as well. Experts often advise choosing rings that speak to you. This means that the wedding band should be a reflection of your personal sense of style and comfort. Whether it’s about engraving each other’s initials or choosing the type of ring settings that stands out from the crowd, it is totally your take on jewellery. Even going for gemstones with a colour that complements your skin tone would also make it exemplary. Custom wedding rings are the ‘in thing’ as modern couples like to keep things edgy. You can also check out some of the wedding rings online stores to get a glimpse of contemporary rings. It would help you mix and match styles to create perfect wedding rings for each other. Going completely offbeat is also a very good idea but don’t forget to keep that timeless aspect in mind as you tend to wear these rings for the longest time of your life.

Choosing wedding rings that are timeless is always recommended!

Classic solitaire rings or plain wedding bands have been there for time immemorial. These styles and settings were often chosen for the comfort and convenience of the couple. However, when the two of you say ‘I Do’ and commit loyalty towards each other for a lifetime, it would be good to buy wedding rings that display eternal love. Ring designs that tell the tale of timeless love are ideal for any couple, whether modern or traditional. Having said that a classic diamond ring can be customised with modern design and still made to look ageless. Selecting wedding rings that give away the permanence of the relationship but still look fresh and on-point in terms of fashion, is a tried and tested formula that has always done justice to all couples.

Buying your best wedding rings may be an overwhelming process especially since there are many jewellers around. However, getting recommendations from your trusted friends or family may be helpful in tracing a licensed, reputable and reliable dealer. To select the best rings for you and your spouse-to-be, simply adhere to the tips above.

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