Top 20 Male Strippers in Brisbane, Queensland [2022]

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Choosing the best male strippers in Brisbane, Queensland, for your hens party can be a daunting task. Brisbane, Queensland, is home to many hens looking for the best male strippers around. It can be tough to know who to trust, though.

Luckily, we're here to help! We've compiled a list of the best male strip clubs in Brisbane so that you can find the right one for your next party. Happy hunting!

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Ultimate List of the Male Strippers in Brisbane

Magic Men Male Strippers Brisbane


1300 624 426

Magic Men Experience

Fastest growing male strip show Australian male stripper business award.

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, hosting a hens night, bachelorette party or just having a fun girls night in Melbourne, our hot and hunky male strippers and cheeky topless waiters are sure to make your ladies night one to remember. The Magic Men can visit suites, private function venues and residences around Melbourne for private shows just for you and your guests.

Each Magic Man has the body, the moves and the charisma to excite and delight – delivering more than just a set routine. Our male strippers are also talented dancers and will tailor a smart and sexy show to perfectly suit your tastes. Different shows are available to fit with the theme of any HENS PARTY.

So if you’re looking for the best MALE STRIPPERS MELBOURNE has to offer and the cutest topless waiters to add a bit of magic into your next event, contact us today! Make your party a night to remember. We guarantee unforgettable shows to spice up your:

  • Girls night out
  • Birthday Parties
  • Bucks night
  • Ladies’ night
  • Baby shower
  • Product launch and expos
  • Life drawing

Check out the hot show packages and profiles of the Magic Men via the buttons below. Trust us, they’re even hotter in real life!

Country girls! Our hunks love to travel and will happily head out across Victoria to make sure you and your friends can enjoy all the sizzle of a MALE STRIP SHOW, no matter where you are.

HIRE US for your next party and see for yourself why we’re voted

“Australia’s No.1 Strip Entertainment!”

Imagine glistening muscles and heart-stopping smiles. Our Male Strippers Melbourne will captivate your attention and have every heart racing. But it’s not just about hot looks. You want male strippers who have plenty of spunk and personality, along with slick dance moves to match! That’s the added magic of MAGIC MEN. Our guys travel anywhere in Melbourne, so if you have a party that is a bit further out, make sure you enquire as early as possible to avoid last min disappointments. 

​Wildboys Afloat Male Strippers Brisbane 

​wildboys afloat male strippers brisbane

1300 55 9458

What to tell the Girls

The team at Wildboys Afloat have created the most affordable package to ensure the best girls night out! Our package includes a beautiful cruise along the Brisbane River, fabulous entertainment, discounted drinks and the best place for your next event. The finest entertainment from the always professional Wildboys waiters and Performers creates an amazing atmosphere. So for the best Hen’s Night, Girls Night, Birthday or Just Because, jump on board.

Join the reputable company that has been providing Brisbane’s best hens nights for over 24 years, not some magic show that has just popped up overnight and where you don’t know who is going to show up in some dark little club.

Enjoy the best Brisbane has to offer on a fun and entertaining party boat full of great guys. For the ultimate hens party idea, you can’t go past WildBoys Afloat. Even if you just want to celebrate your birthday with some friends, WildBoys Afloat is the easiest way to make sure everyone has a great girls night out.

How to Make a Booking

Wildboys Afloat is the best girls night idea Brisbane has to offer and operates every Saturday night. To make a booking, please fill in our Enquire Now form or call us on 1300559453 and our friendly staff will help you along the way. Once we have set up a booking for your group, the girls can click on the Buy Tickets tab and go to your groups cart to purchase their tickets and pay via credit card or PayPal. Easy!

This takes all the pain out of you having to collect money from the other girls. We do all the hard work for you, and we can send you a list of who has purchased tickets at any time. The girls can buy their tickets from the website 24/7, so there is no need to call during business hours.

Whatever your Occasion

Looking for hens night ideas, a unique birthday party location or just a great girls night out with the best male strippers Brisbane has to offer? Get onboard the best ladies night out on the water. Cruise the beautiful Brisbane River and take in all sites that the city has to offer at night. We ask for the groups to meet at the Botanical Gardens pontoon to board at 6:30 pm. Bookings are essential. Wild boys afloat have been voted the best hens night out venue in Australia. Cruising the Brisbane river for over 24 years now that is longer than any other company in Queensland and always finding new ways to make your special night the best ever and the easiest to organise.

In operation for over 20 years, Wildboys Afloat Brisbane is the number 1 ladies night out in Queensland. Cruising the beautiful Brisbane River, this is the event to make your special night one to remember. The team from Wildboys Afloat are the experts in Hen’s Nights, Girls Night Out, Bachelorette Party’s, Birthdays and everything in between!

Working hard to ensure the night is light-hearted and fun Wildboys Afloat is the perfect party cruise to get the girls together for a giggle and some light-hearted fun. Employing only the best male strippers in the industry, our guests can be assured that there is an emphasis on fun!

Cruising the Brisbane River at night is truly magical. An ever-changing scenery makes the perfect backdrop for your party and those party photos! No seedy nightclubs – just the beautiful sights of Brisbane at night! The meeting point at Botanic Gardens River Hub is perfect, with plenty of bars, accommodation and sights to enjoy before and after the cruise.

Catering for ladies from 18 – 80, the cruise is suitable for your whole group. Boasting 2 levels onboard the vessels, there is plenty of room for dancing the night away or sitting with your group for the perfect catch up chat. Our friendly staff are always there to answer your questions and ensure safe cruising at all times.

Wildboys Afloat entertainers are experts in the industry and keep it classy with a splash of cheeky! No boring group routines, all our entertainers do individual routines that suit their personalities best. Our full information pack is available on the website with all the details about the evening. Our office is easily accessible by phone or email to answer any further questions you may have.

Due to high demand Wildboys Afloat Cruises sell out fast. Planning ahead is key once you have picked a date for your special event, call or email the office to ensure that date still has tickets available! Payment for your cruise is due one month prior to your party, and our friendly staff will send you a reminder and be on call to help.

We look forward to hosting your next event!

Bare Nights Male Strippers Brisbane

bare nights male strippers brisbane

0409 777 015

Welcome to Bare Nights. We specialise in making hens nights, birthdays, private functions and corporate events steamy, spectacular, and unforgettable. Topless waiters and Male Strippers in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

Sexy Topless Waiters & Hot Male Strippers

So why do so many people in Melbourne hire topless waiters and male strippers with Bare Nights?

  • We only hire the best in the industry
  • We are 100% customer-focused in all our services.
  • Our handsome waiters are all friendly, fun and passionate about their job
  • You will receive a courtesy message prior to the event
  • Your waiter(s) will clean up, MC and initiate games
  • We service anywhere in Melbourne

It’s not just our guys’ looks that cause jaws to drop – our clients are always shocked when their hunky waiters arrive early to help set up and stay late to clean up after serving all night.

When you hire a topless waiter through us, you get a fun, charming and friendly professional who loves socialising while he’s serving. Our goal is always to make sure you have the best time possible. Our multi-talented lads can even prepare BBQs and mix your drinks!

So make sure your next hen’s party is one to remember by getting Bare Nights to join in on the entertainment. 


Bare Nights provides topless entertainment to spice up your next party. Our experienced wait staff have worked at Hens Parties, Corporate Events, Birthday Parties and Promotions.

Not only do our topless waiters serve drinks, but they also run games, mix cocktails, cook BBQ’s and clean up as they go, leaving everyone at the party to relax and enjoy the night.

The directors of Bare Nights have years of topless waitering experience between them and know what is required to make your event one remember. We have selected only quality staff who we know personally. We guarantee you will be positively shocked by our service.

We provide only the highest level of service and can personalise to your specific requirements. We are continually receiving excellent feedback due to our quality waiters. As a result, several waiters are booked up to 3 months in advance. Ensure you get in early to book your favourite waiter.

Male Strippers FAQs


Not many men can confidently dance, entertain, seduce and get naked in front of a room full of women – and in some cases, a theatre packed with thousands of women, all looking at you.

It’s a job that requires a level of courage to own the stage of your routine, be comfortable being naked and soak all the attention up effortlessly.

This is one reason why male strippers get paid so well because, honestly, many men lack basic confidence. But don’t worry! If you don’t think you have the confidence! Most male strippers (when starting) never had the confidence either.

It was something we all built up and made stronger over the years of performing.

Very rarely does someone new come into this industry and has 100% confidence stepping on stage the first night.


A male stripper has to demonstrate improvisational skills and be adaptable to different situations.

When taking audience members up on stage to get a lap dance, things can shift in a matter of seconds.

A routine you may have organised for the second will need to be completely changed if the girl isn’t listening to your instructions. Sometimes they do this because they have their plan, and sometimes you’re just unlucky and happen to pick the 1 wasted girl in the crowd.

Being able to think on the spot and improvise a new routine is important. So much of male stripping is heavily influenced by audience interaction, and for that reason, you must be adaptable to dealing with all kinds of reactions with women.

Male strippers working in the ‘private booking’ (home visit) industry will experience the most dramatic form of transient environments. This means; every single show you do will be different.

Why? Because it will be a different home/hotel room, a different layout with different spacing and lighting. Some rooms may have carpet, some have titles, and some people will want you to strip on the backyard porch.

Some hotel rooms will have low ceiling fans, and some hotels will have security stopping your shows halfway in.

Not only that, the girl you will be stripping for will react differently every time. Some girls will be drunk. Some will be sober. I’ve experienced girls being overly enthusiastic and others being shy and conservative.

Be adaptable in your performance, can improvise, and you will go far as a stripper.


To entertain and seduce is the job description of a male stripper. Those with a charming personalities that can be easily noticed on stage will achieve both effects.

I have specifically chosen the word ‘charming’ because it resonates well with the core principles of confidence, courage, charisma and heroism – without being seen as arrogant and vain.

It’s important to show off your sexiest attributes whilst keeping your ego in check.

Due to the nature of what we do, It can be very easy for a male stripper to look ‘stuck up’ on stage. For this reason, I always tell my students to focus on charming the audience.

You can do this by being more light-hearted with your performance and not taking yourself too seriously.

Try adding some cheekiness to your dancing and how you interact with the audience.

It shows that you don’t think you are any better than the girls, and you are willing to come down to their level to simply ‘have some fun, which is what it’s all about!


In addition to being a great performer, it’s crucial to keep your employer happy. We all want as much work as possible, and to get this, you need to be as reliable as the clock in Times Square.

If you are late to a booking, or god forbid, you don’t even show up. As a result, you will probably not get any more work from that employer. I run a male stripping agency here in Gold Coast – Australia and the number 1 thing I hate the most is unreliable strippers. I would much rather an average stripper over an unreliable one. Why? Because that performer is putting all my hard work and reputation at risk.

For this reason, your time management skills must be perfected. Write all your jobs down (don’t just rely on your smartphone, that’s stupid) because anything can happen to your electronics, such as malfunctions or accidental deleting of data.

If anything should happen to you on the night, always give your clients and employer as much notice as possible. Don’t leave it to the last minute.


To be considered a great male stripper, I believe you should constantly innovate, not just copy.

Following in someone else’s footsteps is perfectly fine and is recommended for beginners. However, if you want to be in the spotlight, you need to step out of someone else’s shadow.

Push the boundaries of your creativity, think about unique ways your routine can demonstrate a personal touch. You will have a huge competitive advantage if you are doing something new that cannot be seen anywhere else.

Draw inspiration from the music you listen to, films you watch, or people you know. The more interesting your routine is, the better response you will get.


According to an article, “book him”, no producers came communicating, but the police officers did. This was the prevailing dilemma of a male stripper in the early era. In 1974 some other reports said that mentioning male strippers are illegal occupations and work systems. In the mid-’70s, a male who will be caught stripping or taking off their clothes in public will probably receive an excerpt for obscenity.

Nevertheless, a naked butler became a formal character at strip clubs for the late 70s and ’70s. A few strip clubs reserved a few nights every month for male strip entertainment shows, with spectators limited to ladies only. An example between the years 1974 to 1980 in some cities, left from having fewer performers to having four clubs usually crammed with screeching women.

And bawdy male shows, like infamous male stripping clubs – were not just for the big cities. In 1980 visiting troupes were ripping off their pants in towns, where an overflowing mob dazed a local fire prevention officer. He said that the place was full of women, and he’s still getting over it. The unity act was used as a standard method for limiting its audience to women: The cover charge for ladies was $1, and for men, it was $15.

Pampering Session

Nothing beats a few hours in a gorgeous spa with a relaxing tub, serene surroundings, fluffy robes, mini fruit juice shots and some chill-out and chat time in the lounger.

If you book ahead, you can get the spa all to yourselves for a few hours so you can have plenty of time to relax in the whirlpools, saunas, and some of the girls can go off for treatments. Book a special treatment for the bride herself.

Afterwards, if the spa is in a hotel, head to the bar/restaurant for lunch or snacks. Have Irish coffees in the winter or sit outside with some cocktails or wine if it's the summer. It's such a nice session, ladies. All will be relaxed, with no fuss and totalling zen-full afterwards.

Chilled Girls Night In

One of our classic low key hen party ideas.

A girls night in is a total fuss-free option. We love adding personal touches to this and probably make it fussier, but you can go as low key as you want. We would have it in a nice hotel like Castle Leslie or Castlemartyr, which are pricey, so if the budget doesn't stretch to this, we would just have it at home. Ideally, everyone would stay, so you need to clear out the house and free up and create as many beds as you can.

Ideas for a girls night for a hen party could be a movie night with all the best chick flicks on play in the background. Sit around on cushions with popcorn, naughty snacks, pizza, wine and just laugh. If you have a nice evening in the summer, if you can somehow move your TV to be near a window or door, you can set up the party outside with lots of colourful throws, cushions and blankets.


Lunch and some shopping is a great, low key hen party option. To make it a little special for the lady herself, organise some VIP shopping in a department store or her favourite boutique if she has one. You could all chip in on a voucher so she can buy herself something during the experience and make it even better. Organise dinner or lunch for afterwards and keep it simple. Low key hen party sorted!

A colour consultation is also a great idea for the fashion-loving bride. So please her inner fashionista without running around busy shops on a Saturday. My Only Stylist offers this in London and across England. Everyone has a 'natural palette' of colours that suit them best. So during a Colour Consultation, this palette is identified to show you how to use/combine the tones and shades from your palette in the way you dress… you'll be strutting your stuff in no time!

Crafts and Laughs

In terms of small hen party ideas, getting crafty may be your best bet!

Craft workshops are surprisingly fun and fulfilling. You surprise yourself with talents that you never knew you had! An afternoon of creativity, bubbles, cake and chats makes for a day of laughter and quality time with the girls. We love craftiness, in particular when you create something useful. Whether it's learning how to make your signature scent with perfume making, creating your master piece head wear for your next wedding or ladies day, jewellery or even chocolate.

There are tonnes of crafty options online where you can contact the business owners directly. From bra decorating to funky headwear to granny knitting to flower crowns, you'll find something creative for all types of bride and hen parties.

Classy Drinks

This is our favourite. Simple and stylish, we're happiest having some nice drinks in a cosy and ambient setting. So book a table, get the girls to dress up, and head out for a night in a piano or intimate cocktail bar. Have a few drinks, take some photos and have a laugh, ladies.

Get Your Sleep In

That when you are well-rested, you will look and feel your best. So you must get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep the night before your hen party. 

Eat Clean in the Run Up

Your hen party preparations can extend to your diet too. A healthy balanced diet that incorporates all the main food groups will stand you in good stead. Stock up on fruit and vegetables, protein, carbohydrates, and essential vitamins and minerals (a multi-vitamin supplement may be wise). 

Pace Yourself

Come the day of your hen party. You'll be hard pushed for a moment to yourself. With your adrenaline pumping and your mind and body in overdrive, you must take a breather and take a moment to appreciate all your hens' efforts fully. Take time out from the group, if only for 30 minutes, and collect your thoughts. 

Stay Hydrated

Hen parties usually include drunken debauchery as standard, which can even start when the hen party begins. Alternate alcoholic drinks with a non-alcoholic drink, preferably water, to ensure you don't peak too soon. 

Remember to Eat

Hen parties are typically non-stop, with various activities planned throughout the day. However, this can make it difficult to fit in snack stops and allow for substantial mealtimes. Therefore, ask the chief hen party organiser to include breakfast, lunch and dinner in your itinerary to ensure everyone gets fed sufficiently at regular intervals. 

Bring Flat Shoes and Comfy Clothes

Tight, restricted clothing and burning heels can take their toll on your body. So instead, wear cosy, warm clothes and trainers or flat shoes to relax properly in between. 

Carry Pain Relief and Replenishment

A sore head the morning after the night before fills most people with dread, yet by bringing a stock of headache tablets and vitamin replenishment supplies, you can take the edge off your hungover state. 

Take a Walk

Get out and about when you can and particularly after a heavy night of partying. The fresh air will awaken the senses and leave you feeling revived and refreshed.

Leave Time Before You Drive Home

If you travelled by car to your hen party destination, don't rush into hot-footing it back home. Ensure you have all had a hearty breakfast or lunch and are hydrated before the drive. If you have been drinking alcohol the night before, it can take up to 12 hours to be considered safe to drive, so take your time. If you're the driver and are feeling over-tired, have a nap before you leave and make regular stops throughout the journey. 

Take an Extra Day Off

It is worth booking the day after your hen party off work to recover fully. An extra day to catch up on sleep will do you a world of good and will also allow you time to reflect on the wonderful memories.

A stripper should be confident and comfortable.

This is because the stripper shall mostly be working naked and in front of many people. The bride wants to have some fun at the hen’s party, and so do her friends. Therefore, the guy she hires has to be somebody who can work without any clothes and take great pleasure in his physical appearance.

Choose strippers who are physically fit with nice bodies.

A physically fit guy has a much higher chance of being hired for a hen’s party. Therefore, he must be somebody who works out regularly and is in great physical shape. No stripping agency would hire a male stripper who is not in excellent physical shape. This is because the girls shall want the stripper to undress and show off his well-toned body at the party.

A stripper always knows how to dress for the occasion.

The dressing is a very important aspect of male stripping. Generally, male strippers are great dressers. They dress in the appropriate clothes. More importantly, they should assemble the appropriate clothing or costume that they know how to work with when offering their services. The tear-away types of clothing are very popular with male strippers.

Dancing is an essential part of stripping.

The best male strippers know how to dance. This is an important quality because he shall be asked to dance at the hen’s party. He might be allowed to choose his music. Alternatively, he might have to dance to the tune of the music that the bride or any of her friends selects for him. Therefore, the male stripper has to develop various dancing routines that match different types of music.

Choose strippers with excellent entertainment skills.

Male stripping is all about entertainment. The main goal of the stripper is to entertain the bride and her friends at the hen’s party. A good stripper enjoys what he is doing. His excitement is transferred to the bride and her friends at the hen’s party.

Personality matters

The best stripping agencies employ male strippers with wonderful personalities. First, the stripper has to be outgoing and very friendly. An outgoing and fun-loving stripper lights up the hen’s party. The best agencies teem with bubbly and very cheerful strippers.

Man Crush Entertainment Male Strippers Brisbane

man crush entertainment male strippers brisbane

0416 036 373

Man Crush Is A Top Tier Adult Entertainment Service

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, hosting a hens night/bachelorette party or just having a fun girls night out, our exquisite and charming Male Strippers, Topless Waiters, Portable Cocktail Bartenders and Life Drawing Models are sure to make your ladies night one to remember. 

With enticing muscles and heart-stopping smiles, your Man Crush Entertainer will captivate your attention and have every heart in the room racing. However, it’s not just about good looks, you want male strippers who have plenty of personalities with dance moves to impress!

We service all of South East Queensland, including; Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Toowoomba and Byron Bay. If you want a night that you will remember for all of the right reasons, we look forward to hearing from you.

Male Strippers

Service & Pricing

Select from our wide range of Male Strippers to travel to your location and perform a 10-15 minute choreographed striptease with a variety of costume themes to choose from. Depending on the crowd, we have three separate options;

G-String- $160 plus $60 booking fee - for a 10 -15 minute Routine

Perfect for nightclubs, mixed crowd or a more tamed party, your male stripper finishes his show in only his G-String and leaves the rest to the imagination.

Full Monty - $180 plus $60 booking fee- for a 10 -15 minute Routine

Perfect for private functions, mixed crowd or a rowdy party, your male entertainer would give the special lady a flash of what is under the g-string.

Raunchy Monty – $250 plus $60 booking fee - for a 10 -15 minute Routine

This is for the private parties with a crazy crowd, allowing the dancer to be touched with No restrictions.

​A non-refundable $60 booking fee is required to book and confirm your service appointment with Man Crush Entertainment, this must be paid by credit card to secure your booking. The booking fee is a separate charge and is not included in all the above pricing you see for each service.

For an extra Entertainer or Service, we have an additional $20 added to the booking fee.

Example 1: A Stripper/waiter is an $80 booking fee ($60 + $20)

Example 1: Three Entertainers is a $100 booking fee ($60 + $20 + $20)

Extra costs may include travel or accommodation; you will be advised during your booking confirmation if any additional cost might occur.

HUNKS4HIRE Male Strippers Brisbane 

hunks4hire male strippers brisbane

0435 071 339

Sexy Topless Waiters, Male Strippers, Life Drawing Parties, Dance Parties, Art Parties, & Much More 

Looking to spice up your party? Established in 2016, Hunks4hire Australia can provide topless waiters, male strippers, sexy art classes, dance classes, luxury yacht hire, & much much more.

With venues in the Brisbane CBD, Gold Coast CBD, Sunshine Coast, Cairns, Melbourne CBD, & Sydney CBD, as well as the ability to come directly to your house or hotel, we are set up to help with all occasions.

What To Expect

Hunk Related Services:

What exactly are you going to get from our HUNKS? Our ripped up, handsome men will get the girls chatting and enjoying themselves from the moment they enter. Our Lads are PREDOMINANTLY at hens nights. But it is not uncommon to find some hot guys with their tops off at birthdays, corporate events, or even divorce parties! 

All the Hunks4Hire guys have experience with serving drinks and general bar skills. Some of our guys also have RSA’s for bar work if you are hiring out a separate function room with its own Bar. Our HUNKS also enjoy getting involved in any games you girls might have preplanned and can even suggest games on the spot.

SOME GAMES YOU MIGHT HAVE IN MIND MIGHT BE: Pin the penis on the man or 30 questions about the husband-to-be. Have any other questions? Feel free to call us or drop us an enquiry. 

Topless Waiters & Male Strippers are servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne, Sydney, & the Tweed Coast.

Art Related Services:

Our team of professional artists are here to make your party something special. We offer mobile Paint & Sip classes, Sexy Sculpture classes, Nude Life drawing, & Man Canvas classes.

Dance Related Services:

We employ both world and Australian champion dancers to come to your event and teach your group a super fun routine to remember for ages. Currently, we offer to Learn to Salsa classes, Burlesque classes, Beyonce classes & Lap dance classes.

Aussie Hunks Male Strippers Brisbane

aussie hunks male strippers brisbane

0404 106 657

Male Strippers Brisbane and surrounding areas

Meet our raunchy and seductive display of one of our hottest Brisbane male strippers, Aussie Hunks is the ultimate choice. These hunks are ready and willing to dance and strip to your heart’s content. So take a look through the gallery below and discover the hot guys of Aussie Hunks Australia. From blondes to brunettes and everything in between, there’s a hunk to suit every occasion. Enquire with us today about hiring the hottest stripper Brisbane has to offer for your next event. We’re here to help you organise a truly unforgettable event and advise you on the best entertainers for your taste.

Strippers & Topless Waiters

So you are in search of some seriously entertaining fun for a special occasion? Choose one of our sexy hot hunks to take your hens, birthday night to the next level. Therefore our fullmonty shows are extremely popular, and they never fail to disappoint. These male strippers like to entertain, turning up the heat. Watch them tease and tantalise you at your next event. All you need to do is choose between one of our strip show options, then sit back and enjoy the raunchy action in front of your eyes. Secondly, if you are in search of a female stripper or topless waitress, check out Busty Babes Australia.

Brisbane strip shows that seduce

Even more, our shows add the sexy touch that your party needs and can turn even the most poorly planned occasion into an epic night of adult fun that will be remembered for a lifetime. All of our hunks are not only sexy, but they’re also certainly talented, dynamic and experienced in the industry – exactly the type of Brisbane strippers girls are looking for. Furthermore, they deliver a high standard of service and premium quality, mind-blowing entertainment. Travelling throughout Queensland, we bring our seductive shows to you, so there’s no excuse for having a boring party ever again.

Hire a male stripper in Brisbane

Above all, most importantly, the guys here at Aussie Hunks know exactly how to make any party one to remember. Not only are they more than pleasing to the eye, but they also bring plenty of charm and some seriously entertaining fun. When you choose an Aussie Hunks stripper in Brisbane to make your hen’s party, birthday or other celebration unforgettable, you’ll enjoy world-class entertainment. Enquire with our friendly team at Aussie Hunks Australia today to see our full range of hot guys and book a sexy Aussie Hunks stripper for your event. You certainly won’t believe your eyes.

Bad Boys Australia

bad boys australia

0451 033 728

Badboys Australia is so excited.

Introducing our brand new production.

All Star Cast is Badboys 4 life

Simply the best in ladies entertainment.


Look no further than Badboys Australia for your next event. Their new show takes the audience on a journey where every emotion explodes into a night of excitement, titillation, and exploration of the male form. Badboys Australia specialises in fulfilling every girl’s fantasy and desire with style, ensuring every moment is everlasting. A night with Badboys Australia is one that won’t soon be forgotten. 

Male strip shows are becoming the latest craze, and Badboys Australia is undeniably one of Australia’s most successful and famous male revues. Having travelled extensively through the US, Canada, Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, Bali, Manila, Shenzhen, New Zealand and of course, our home, Australia. Badboys Australia has become more than just a household name in the ladies entertainment industry. 

Take a moment and picture your venue bringing to the main stage Badboys Australia a special night out for the ladies. The room is packed with a beautiful women waiting for the magic that’s about to unfold right before their eyes. As the music builds... so does their excitement. The lights set the scene, and the smoke drifts across the stage - get ready for an epic night as Badboys Australia enter the room. #GDFR It’s. About. To. Go. Down.

For all the girl’s looking to celebrate a bachelorette party, hens party, birthday party or just a girl’s night out, then Badboys promises to be an incredible night of sexiness, giggles, and crowd interaction, with a focus on high-energy, sophisticated entertainment.

Some of Australia’s best male performers and strip tease professionals are coming together in an amazing live performance both on tour and regular Saturday events in the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Badboys Australia is an interactive show that is specifically designed to make every woman feel special and indulge their senses. It’s the ultimate ladies night out.

Every girl loves a Bad Boy.

Gold Coast Male Strippers Brisbane 

gold coast male strippers brisbane


Straight From LAS VEGAS! 

Male stripper Tommy Gun is back in Gold Coast AUSTRALIA, with his team of committed and experienced performers, giving you the best Australia can offer in male stripping entertainment. 

Talk directly with your stripper now, and tell him how you want your show!

“Gold Coast Male Strippers” Is run by Tommy himself, so we pride ourselves on representing the BEST PERFORMERS!


There are way too many “creepy and sleazy” strippers in the industry, represented by agencies who have never even seen them perform (true facts!)

I personally know and have seen every performer on this website, I represent the best, and I know that your night is important, so you deserve only that!

Tommy is the Gold Coast’s leading innovative male stripper. 

His premium choreographed shows are sexy and hilarious and guaranteed to leave you impressed and satisfied! You will see the best Gold Coast has to offer, expect high-quality Magic Mike dance moves, rock hard abs, audience interaction, rip off pants and lot’s of forbidden fun!

Bookings for Tommy are only available in advance (no last min bookings), so hire Australia’s number 1 male stripper now!

Exotic X Entertainment Male Strippers Brisbane

exotic x entertainment male strippers brisbane

1800 972 838

Exotic X Entertainment (eXe) is one of Australia’s premium Adult Entertainment & Stripper Hire Agencies with over 1200 Strippers, Waitresses & Models in Australia Wide!!

We are the elite company for the hottest Australian and International Adult Entertainers, Strippers & Waitresses.

The team at Exotic X Entertainment takes pride in offering you a professional yet personal experience with all our entertainers.

Whether it’s for a bucks party, hens party, birthday party or just because, our team of Exotic X Entertainers are sure to set your night on fire!!

We have customer service booking managers available to take and manage your booking 7 days a week. We are also available until 10 pm on Friday & Saturday Nights!

Our dedicated and experienced team of Exotic X Entertainers has something for everyone. From female Strippers, Male Strippers, XXX Show Girls, Exotic Dancers, Male Topless/ Shirtless Waiters and female Topless Waitresses, Nude & Naked Waitresses, Bikini & Lingerie Waitresses, Comedy Strippers to Professional Dancers and Fire Twirlers. We have something to make your night, a night to remember.


Need Ideas and Plans for a Bucks Party, Hens Party or Birthday Party?

We are a 1 STOP - PARTY SHOP!

Exotic X Entertainment also owns a company called BOOK and GO; A booking agency for party plan activities, tours and adventures. We specialise in booking all your entertainment and fun for your big weekend! Everything from Strippers, Flights & Accommodation, Limos, Boat Cruises, Party Venue Hire/ Night Club Hire, Adventures & Activities for groups or just a present for the special person you are celebrating with!

We also have an online shop with Gifts, Games, Novelties, Toys, costumes and more!

Whatever you’re looking for, Exotic X Entertainment (eXe) can help you!


Our male strippers have one the widest varieties of costumes in Australia, for everything from policeman to fireman, pimp to tradie, cowboy to the magic mike and everything in between, they have a costume to suit almost any theme and desire.

With guys that have toured Australia in male dance revues and that are famous for their striptease routines, no matter what show you book, whether a magic mike style show, a deluxe show or a delicious strawberry and cream show, these guys will make sure you and your guests have the night of your lives!

We also have Male Topless Waiters or Shirtless Waiters. Have our hot hunks mix & serve drinks or food, play party games and entertain at your next celebration!

Playtime Entertainment Male Strippers Brisbane 

playtime entertainment male strippers brisbane

0450 588 793

Brisbane Stripper Hire & Party Entertainment

Need something special for your Hens Night or Bucks Night?

Playtime Entertainment is an exclusive, adult and promotional entertainment agency, offering outstanding entertainers and promotional staff that will guarantee to turn any event into a memorable experience. We’ll entertain you, make you laugh and give you a titillating time. Our talented team of experienced hot guys and hot girls are a must for your next special event.

Based in Brisbane’s CBD, Playtime Entertainment offers a broad range of services and adult entertainment, including;

  • Bucks Night Stripper Hire Brisbane
  • Hens Night Stripper Hire Brisbane
  • Topless waitress Hire brisbane
  • Lingerie Waitress Hire Brisbane
  • G-String Waitress Hire Brisbane
  • bucks night stripper hire gold coast
  • hens night stripper hire gold coast
  • topless waitress hire gold coast
  • lingerie waitress hire gold coast
  • g-string waitress hire gold coast
  • bucks night stripper hire sunshine coast
  • hens night stripper hire sunshine coast 
  • topless waitress hire sunshine coast
  • lingerie waitress hire sunshine coast
  • g-string waitress hire sunshine coast

Catering for all occasions, including Bucks Parties, Hens Parties, Birthdays and Corporate Events, ensuring that you and your guests enjoy a night you’ll never forget. So call us: Playtime Entertainment.

We specialise in:

  • Female Performers
  • Male Performers
  • Waitresses
  • Waiters

Hens Night Bucks Night Brisbane Stripper Hire, Entertainers and Models

Male Entertainers & Strippers Brisbane

Holding a Hens Night?

Why not invite the Playtime boys? Our buff, the young team, will entertain you and make you laugh. We’ll come to you, set up, serve drinks and canapes while you sit back and relax, enjoy your friends. Perhaps you have something different in mind, like a BBQ or pool party in mind, let our gorgeous pool boys pamper and entertain you. Whatever you have in mind for your hens night celebration, we’ll deliver!

Need Ideas for your Hens Night?

Why not surprise the bride to be with a Full Monty Show or maybe a theme night, we’ll dress for the occasion, imagine her face when a buff policeman knocks at the door! Need suggestions? 

Hens Night Party Male Strippers Brisbane

Look no further, we’ve got just what you need. Male Waiters, Male Strippers, Male Entertainers for hire throughout South East Queensland affordable rates and excellent service.

Hens Night Party Brisbane

Yes, especially for the girls, hot guys, fun times, Playtime Entertainment have the hottest boys n Brisbane, Gold and Sunshine Coasts.

Planning a hens night? Want some hot party action? Want loads of fun?

You’ll love the Playtime boys! Fun, sexy and entertaining, from male waiters exotic dancers to the full monty shows and everything in between, we guarantee the best hen’s night waiters and hen’s night strippers Brisbane, Sunshine and Gold Coast, we even travel to hen’s nights in Byron Bay!

For the best hens party, you need one special ingredient, Playtime Entertainment!

Our guys have stunning model looks, fit and muscular and just love to pamper and tease, you’ll have so much fun.

Take a look at some of the best hens party ideas we’ve come up with, for more information, go to our Packages Page and see what treats are in store. Here are just a few ideas, if you have something else in mind, simply give us a call to discuss;

  • Hens Party Cruise – Strippers afloat
  • Hens Party Dinner – Invite the boys
  • Hens Party Limousine – Start your night right
  • Hens Party Penthouse – The sky’s the Limit
  • Hens Party Full Monty – Close your eyes
  • Hens Party Theme Stripper – Indulge your fantasy

Let Playtime Entertainment provide you with the time of your life, you’ll love our hot, fun guys, and we promise you the best Hens Night Party Male Stripper Hire Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and beyond.

Book your Hens Night entertainment today, we won’t disappoint.

Hens Night Party Male Stripper Hire Brisbane

Magic Hens Male Strippers Brisbane

magic hens male strippers brisbane

1300 411 877


Magic Hens offers Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane the best hens and parties and packages for all types of nights. Hens or girls party, or any other special occasion. We’ve been organising such parties and events for over seven years and have the right package for you. Sit back and allow us to ensure an epic hens party!

Are you looking for a crazy, fun, and wild party out with the girls? Then you’ve come to the right place. MagicHens by MagicMen Entertainment is your destination for the ultimate girls party, with a range of thrilling nude male revue, male stripper shows and packages that will blow your mind!

When it comes to Melbourne male strip clubs & parties, we lead the pack with the best hens party packages in Australia.

We offer sizzling private dancers daring all-male revue shows. These are some of the hottest party strippers in the business, and they’re waiting to show you and your girlfriends a good time.

One of the most important parts of planning your hens party in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane is choosing the perfect venue and the right package! Magic Hens has classy locales for you to choose from that make the ultimate setting for an incomparable party.

We pride ourselves on delivering perfection to every hens party, and that includes helping them obtain the very best venue. All our exclusive hens night venues and packages are brimming with glamour and glitz, so get dressed in your finest party wear and get ready for the red carpet.

At Magic Hens, we believe that VIP treatment isn’t only about delivering our party packages with excellence; it’s a lifestyle in which we want to indulge all our clients. From the transportation to the venue through to the drinks and party entertainment, we’ll ensure your night is the wildest party of fun for you and all your guests, so speak to us about choosing the right party package.

Topless Male Waiters Strippers Brisbane

topless male waiters strippers brisbane

0431 328 118


You are the city that sure knows how to throw a party! And we know that you get why it’s important to hire the best for any event. So, if you’re in need of the best topless waiters in Brisbane, then look no further. Our topless waiters are friendly, hot, fun, reliable and above all, know how to make your next event perfect. As well as supplying entertainment, they can also run parts of the night by co-ordinating games, mixing drinks and taking photos. They also excel in getting shyer guests to come out of their shells. Because it’s important that everyone and we mean everyone, has fun, no matter if you’re throwing a Hens party, Girls night or birthday celebration.

We currently service the Brisbane CBD and the surrounding suburbs of Kangaroo Point, The Valley, West End, Sunnybank and Southbank. With that said, we can come out to further suburbs for a small travel allowance.

We can discuss all of that later. You want to know more about the guys, right?

We have a gallery of images from just some of the events our male topless waiters have attended over the years, all of whom are hand-picked by our founder, Ben, based on their social skills and professionalism. While we can’t ensure your favourites will be available, we recommend getting in touch quickly to increase your odds.

Clothing options include long black dress pants and a bow tie (no shirt, of course). Or our male strippers can dial it up to underwear, g-string or even just an apron (AKA the Butler in The Buff option) for extra depending on whether your event is M-rated (M for mellow) or more along the lines of an R-rated cheeky Hens night.

About Aus Topless Waiters


Aus Topless Waiters was founded in 2010 and have a long-standing reputation of being one of the most renowned adult entertainment businesses in the industry.

With almost 10 years’ experience under the company’s belt – it has provided waiters to thousands of events. Our founder Ben has seen just about everything, but he will never divulge the stories – what happens at the event stays at the event.

This commitment to customer service is driven by a love of meeting new people and wanting to make them feel comfortable.


“One of the things I love about my job is walking into a room where most people are perhaps shy or unsure, then within just a short period of time, making them feel outgoing and comfortable with a drink placed in their hand and some fun conversation to go with it,” Ben said.

“I hate when you’re hiring entertainment for a party – whether it’s a waiter or a stripper, and having them treat it like a transaction. Every event is important, and our waiters want to be there to have fun as well. I just want everyone to have fun and come out of their shell, and if myself and my waiters can help do that… well, that’s a big win in my book.”

As part of this commitment to his clients, Ben personally hand-picks the guys on his roster to ensure they’re sociable and, above all else, know how to make guests comfortable.


Aus Topless Waiters currently caters to most of the major cities on the east coast of Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, but Ben plans to take the company nationwide in the next two years.

“Imagine a site where you can easily organise professional male topless waiters for an event anywhere in Australia. That’s the vision I have for Aus Topless Waiters. A client would simply visit the website and send through an enquiry. Then within just a few hours, sometimes even minutes, they will be emailed back with all the information they requested along with photos of the guys operating in their chosen location. Quick and simple,” Ben said.

Bux Party Male Strippers Brisbane

bux party male strippers brisbane

0416 477 925

Forget the strip club, a great stags party idea is to book a show. Hire a female stripper, also known as an exotic dancer, erotic dancer, exotic angel, female dancer, dancer, striper, stripers, stripper, strippa, exoticxx, exotixx, exotic, or erotic dancer. Phone 0416477924 to book your bucks and hens party show. waiter. topless waitress in Brisbane, Queensland.

Male G’string Male Waiter $110 p/hr (2 hr minimum)

A hot male waiter serves drinks. He’ll surely make your hens party a very memorable one. We assure quality and reliability.

Male G-String Strip Show $250 (15-20 mins)

You want to experience a fun time and watch a male exotic dancer strip off, and you’d like him to keep it tasteful and tame with a strip down to a g-string only. If a tame approach is required for your daughter’s 18or 21st B’day, then this is the ideal choice of show. 

Raunchy G-String Show $250 (15-20 mins)

Your wild bachelorette has a great sense of humour. You still only want your male stripper to strip down to a g-string because you don’t want your nanna to have a heart attack if he strips completely naked, but you do want a bit of raunch. You need a compromise. In this show, the dancer only strips down to a g-string, but he is definitely going to raunch it up for the special girl, all the ladies and nanna too. It’s a sleazy but gentlemanly act. 

Male Full Monty Show Brisbane $270 (20 mins)

The perfect gift idea for that girls only party is the full monty. Baby showers and hens do’s are a no go zone for boyfriends or husbands, and the full monty is definitely only for the ladies. A hot man strips down to his g-string, and then at the end of the show, he’s gonna flash the full monty. You bad girls are going to feel like it’s date night! The dancer gets really close to the ladies. He dances sensually, and he’s going to flash it all! 

The 30 Minute Male Stripper Act $350 (30 mins)

He’s got the thunder down under, and you want him to dance longer! That’s exactly what he is gonna do. He will dance for you for 30 minutes. Upon booking, it will be your choice of a g-string or the full monty, only for the ladies. No guys are allowed to watch this show. He’ll bring the oils and cream and guarantee he’ll raunch it for you ladies.

The Penis Artist ‘Tim’ $400 (up to 2 hours)

When you are sick of seeing strippers and want to see something wonderfully different from the book ‘Tim’ to perform puppetry of his penis by using his privates to paint 3 lifelike portraits. One of the brides, matron of honour and mother of the bride! He says photos and video are ok! An hour and a half service that sometimes runs into 2 hours. Ladies are welcome to buy additional portraits at $50 ea on the night providing ‘Tim doesn’t have another booking to go to. We are ‘Tim’s’ EXCLUSIVE AGENT! See Tim’s profile on the male strippers page. This is not an actual stripper show. It is a nude penis portrait painting service for something different at hens party nights in Brisbane.

Topless Waiters Male Strippers Brisbane

topless waiters male strippers brisbane

1300 624 427


Brisbane is known for being one of the most beautiful cities in the world. But you should also know that Brisbane has handsome, sexy and professional topless waiters that can keep you entertained. The Men in Action are now ready to serve you with their hot and sexy waiters.

They have professional catering staff with lots of experience that will ensure good service in serving foods and drinks to your guests. Our boys in QLD are well trained when it comes to serving and dealing with different kinds of people. So, if you’re longing to have a different party that is full of fun, excitement, thrill and wild experience, you can hire the topless waiters in Brisbane.

If you’re a male and you are looking for a job, and have the looks with a body, and you are a professional waiter, then you can join the team in Queensland. When it comes to professional work, you can be sure that the Men in Action are professionals in the services offered.

If you’re planning for a hen’s night or bridal shower party, then you need the Topless Waiters to make your party fun and exciting.


Topless waiters are also good at birthday parties, divorce parties and other promo and corporate events. These shirtless men will never let you down, and they will make sure that all your guests are going to have fun and enjoy the night. They know very well how to deal with the ladies and how to make them all feel comfortable all night long.

The Men in action can also join the games with the ladies like pin-the-penis or ask some questions that would let them enjoy the night. Whatever games you have planned to incorporate in the party, they would love to join the fun and games to keep you satisfied and happy throughout the party.

If you have other questions regarding MIA, please feel free to contact the website or call the given number. You can freely choose among the models based on their pictures and records. They are well oriented and will only do what you ask them to do for you. Having the sexy and hot topless waiters in your party would surely drive the girls crazy all night long. So, what are you waiting for? Call now and make that party wild and crazy with the topless waiters in Brisbane.

Chocolate Fantasy Male Strippers Brisbane

chocolate fantasy male strippers brisbane

0420 592 426


Whether celebrating a birthday, hosting a Hen’s Night, Bridal Shower, Bachelorette party or a naughty night with your girlfriends, our Brisbane & Gold Coast male strippers & topless waiters will definitely allow you to put your troubles aside and unwind. Chocolate Fantasy will satisfy and leave you wanting more.


Standard Naughty Strip

(To The G-String Only)



For a 10 -15 minute Routine  

+ $60 Deposit

The Full Monty Strip

(Nothing But Skin)




For a 10 -15 minute Routine  

+ $60 Deposit

The XXX Experience

(Anything Goes)




For a 15 -20 minute Routine  

+ $60 Deposit

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