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99+ Best Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Salons in Melbourne (2024)

Getting your lip colour tattooed on might sound a bit scary, but it's not quite like a regular tattoo. Lip pigmentation uses a much kinder, less invasive method of colour implantation, which will not fade out to blue in the way a regular tattoo usually will. It is a great way of adding definition, colour and perceived volume to your lips, making you ready for anything all day every day.

When you decide to get your lip blushing done, one of the first questions will be what colour to choose. Here we discuss which colours suit which skin types, as well as the things you need to know about lip tattooing before choosing your colour so that you can make the right choice when you come to have your treatment.

Check out this eyebrow tattoo salon list which has everything you might need near you.

Lip tattoos can be an excellent investment, one which will reward you daily with healthier-looking, beautiful lips. However, it's important to understand a few things about lip pigmentation, particularly when you're selecting your colour shade and of course, to choose the best salon to go. 

We've created an ultimate list of Best Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Salon to save you time and money.

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Ultimate List of Best Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Salon Melbourne

Rachel Bebe Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Salon Melbourne 

Rachael Bebe Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne


Rachael Bebe Cosmetic Tattoos

Rachael Bebe is a specialist in natural effect eyebrows, eyebrow microblading, feathering or hair stroke eyebrow tattooing & based in Mt Eliza, Victoria.

The look we create looks like real hair, excellent for enhancing faded, patchy and thin eyebrows, or creating those designer brows you've always wanted.

Tattoos By Rach Permanent Makeup Cosmetic Lip Tattoo

Cosmetic Tattoo Salon in Mount Eliza

Rachael Bebe is based on the Mornington Peninsula and has been performing Cosmetic Tattooing for over 16 years.​​​​​​​

Eyebrows are the most defining feature of the face. They frame your face, emphasise your eyes and accentuate your expression. Brows & lips are pivotal in giving symmetry to the face. As an expert in the field of cosmetic tattooing & microblading & eyebrow feathering since 2008, Rachael Bebe has pioneered the most natural-looking 3D and 6D hair stroke (feathering, eyebrow embroidery) eyebrow.

Semi-Permanent Makeup Salon in Mornington

Cosmetic tattooing (also known as micro-pigmentation, Microblading, or Semi-Permanent Makeup) is a delicate process where a water-soluble pigment is deposited into the skin to create gorgeous, long-lasting colour. Cosmetic tattooing enhances eyebrows, upper and lower eyeliner, the colour and shape of your lips, and even enhances your lashes.

Tattoos By Rachael Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Best Cosmetic Tattoo Salon Melbourne

Cosmetic Tattooing and Microblading devises I used to ensure absolute precision, hygiene, minimal noise and shorter treatment time, guaranteeing your process is just seem less with magnificent results Based on the Mornington Peninsula, in Mt Eliza (about 40 minutes drive from Melbourne), My name is Rachael Bebe, and I have been performing cosmetic tattooing to provide permanent makeup solutions and empower women for more than 16 years. It's your face, and you deserve the best!

Eyebrow Tattoos

If there's one thing you need to know about beauty trends right now, it's this: bushy brows are here to stay. Eyebrow tattooing has become all the rage at the moment with many celebrities sporting a thicker brow.

Lip Tattoo and Colour 

Imagine this, and you don't have to worry about reapplying lipstick all over again! The perfection in shape, colour, and the opportunity to make your lips beautiful is a dream come true!


Imagine this, and you don't have to worry about reapplying lipstick all over again! The perfection in shape, colour, and the opportunity to make your lips beautiful is a dream come true!

Salon Specializing In Semi-permanent Makeup

Eyebrows are the most defining feature of the face. They frame your face, emphasise your eyes and accentuate your expression.

Brows & lips are pivotal in giving symmetry to the face. As an expert in the field of cosmetic tattooing & eyelash extensions since 2008, Rachael Bebe has pioneered the most natural-looking 3D, 6D hair stroke(feathering, eyebrow embroidery) eyebrow and glamorous eyelash extensions.

Our unique "3D, 6D HAIR STROKE" of colour-customisation matches your skin tone and enhances one's natural beauty. If you are interested in our microblading and eyebrow tattoo services, contact us now.


Melbourne Brows - Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne 

Melbourne Brows Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne

0431 538 447

Eyebrow feathering transformations that last's around two years & takes just two hours, creating custom brows that suit you & your lifestyle. The MicroBlade is a manual hand tool designed to create a fine hair stroke. The Blades on the hand tool vary depending on the coarseness of your hairs. Say goodbye to the sharpie eyebrow of yesteryear & welcome this new technique designed to fade as eyebrow fashions change.

Aj has become increasingly popular in the last 3 years with her calendar being booked up to 3 months in advance. She is a qualified eyebrow technician with a certificate from MELBOURNE COLLEGE OF COSMETIC TATTOOING PTY LTD. She is a loving and caring person with only the best intentions at heart. Her skills are second to none, and she has been published online multiple times for her amazing work. 


Amanda Mcgregor Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne 

Amanda Mcgregor Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne

0437 235 344

Amanda is passionate about her field of cosmetic tattooing, and the results speak for themselves.

I have been interested in eyebrow shaping since I was a teenager. Not knowing how to shape my eyebrows, like so many others, I did some damage from plucking too much out. As time went by, my eyebrows didn't grow back much at all. My brows thinned out more as I got older, and thanks to a couple of scars and an unbalanced thyroid issue and I wasn't left with much by the age of 40.

I had to pencil them in every day, constantly tinting to keep them looking good, until it got too annoying. I had to learn how to fix my eyebrows, and with a lot of practice and persistence, I was soon able to help other people fix theirs. I have now been shaping eyebrows for over 30 years and tattooing for more than a decade.

The secret is being artistic, having an eye for detail, and the patience to deliver an excellent result every time. What I do is ingrained in me, it's my passion. You can teach someone to paint, but that doesn't make them a great painter. Many cosmetic tattooists are not artistic, so I've trained in a variety of different techniques, combining my artistic flair with my eyebrow shaping skills – and here I am!

What is Cosmetic Lip Tattooing?

Semi-permanent lip pigmentation is achieved with a digital cosmetic tattooing machine, allowing you to wake up with perfectly defined lips every day. A tint is selected from a huge range of fabulous shades to either blend with your natural lip colour or to match your favourite cosmetic lip shade. You can choose between having your whole lip coloured or a 'lip line and blend'; many clients prefer not to have a precise lip line, but a smooth, symmetrical mouth with the colour blended inwards to avoid harsh, dated outlines.

Most women, and even some men, can benefit from lip tattooing, as the treatment makes lips appear fuller and helps restore youthful definition to fading lips. If you're feeling adventurous, you may choose a bold colour, although most clients prefer natural shades that are perfect for every day and can be built upon with lip products for special occasions.

Tattooing lips involves the implanting of colour into a muscle, so it's slightly different from eyebrow and eyeliner tattooing on the skin. People whose skin weeps or bleeds a lot will not retain the colour quite as well, so some clients may require more sessions to get coverage. It all depends on the individual, and Amanda can discuss any concerns with you at a consultation.

The Procedure

There are three stages for lip tattooing:

  1. Meet Amanda at a Consultation. You can ask any questions you may have and discuss aspects of the style you're after, including what colour and shape is achievable and any imperfections that require hiding.
  2. The Initial Tattooing comes next. Amanda will begin by taking some photos and applying numbing cream while you fill out a medical form. After 30-40mins, Amanda will plan and measure out exactly where the tattooing will go, before starting the colour implanting process using a digital cosmetic tattooing machine. You should not feel any discomfort; however, Amanda will ask throughout the treatment if you are uncomfortable and more numbing solution will be applied to the required area.
  3. You'll then come back for a Touch Up. Six to eight weeks after your initial tattooing, you may find there are small gaps or that the pigment isn't quite the right shade. This is completely normal, and this appointment allows Amanda to go over and perfect your tattooing, ensuring you get the best result every time.

Permanent makeup, otherwise known as cosmetic tattooing, can last for several years; however, it is different from traditional body tattoos as the pure, biodegradable pigments used will fade over time.

Cosmetic tattooing is low maintenance, not no maintenance, so Amanda recommends making a refresh appointment every 6 to 18 months to maintain your new look. Rather like hair colour, the pigment will gradually fade away, so keeping your cosmetic tattooing topped up will ensure it always looks fresh and natural.

Cosmetic tattooing has many lasting benefits:

  • Thicken and define sparse or thinning brows
  • Have perfect eyeliner that won't smudge or rub off
  • Restore brows and lashes lost due to chemotherapy or alopecia
  • Forget about poking yourself in the eye when trying to apply to make up with a visual impairment
  • Revive uneven lips that have faded from age or scared from cold sores
  • Never worry about losing your make up in the pool again, as cosmetic tattooing is waterproof once healed
  • Wake up with youthful eyebrows, luscious lips and perfect eyeliner every day

Cosmetic tattooing with Amanda is usually a three-step process:

  1. Meet Amanda at a 20-30min Consultation. You can ask any questions you may have and discuss the colour and shape of your tattooing. Amanda will also apply to make up to your brows, eyes or lips to give you an idea of how the cosmetic tattooing would look.
  2. The Initial Tattooing comes next. Lasting approximately two hours, Amanda will begin by taking some photos and applying numbing cream while you fill out a medical form. After 30-40mins, Amanda will plan and measure out exactly where the tattooing will go, before starting the colour implanting process.
  3. You'll then come back for a Touch Up. Four to six weeks after your initial tattooing, you may find there are small gaps or that the tattooing isn't quite dark enough. This appointment allows Amanda to go over and perfect your tattooing, ensuring you get the best result every time.

Occasionally a second touch up is required within three months, as some clients are more resistant to pigment than others. Generally, you won't need to come back until your tattooing needs a refreshing appointment after 6-18 months.


Ink Cosmetica- Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne 

Ink Cosmetica Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne

inkcosmetica. tattoo


Cosmetic Tattoo Melbourne, Microblading and Permanent Lip Tattoo

Specialising in Feather Brow Tattoo including Brow Feathering (Microblading Melbourne), Lip Tattoo and Permanent Eyeliner. Our Cosmetic Tattoo studio offers semi-permanent makeup procedures and Saline Tattoo Removal.

Accredited and professionally trained, we are all about enhancing your natural beauty.

Lip liner & Blush

Our most popular lip procedure. The final result is a nice crisp lip line, with a natural ombré or shaded lip. Your lip colour immediately after the procedure is quite bold. Within a few days will heal and fade down about 50%. Leaving you with a beautiful lip stain that only requires some gloss. You are then good to go! 

Full Lip

A solid more even lip colour. This lip procedure is also designed to fade to a beautiful lip stain. We have many colours to choose from cor we can mix one up just for you! Natural or bold - the choice is yours!

Check out our range of eyebrow tattoo salon around Melbourne to help with your problems. 


Lisa Millington Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne 

Lisa Millington Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne

0437 660 996

Lisa Millington's Cosmetic Tattooing and Specialist Training in Cosmetic Tattoo.

Lisa has been operating in Melbourne for over 18 years in Cosmetic Tattoo. Lisa has created her own personalised cosmetic tattooing methods in which she is known for Australia wide. Providing target driven results to suit your every need, let Lisa introduce you to the world of semi-permanent makeup and show you how it can benefit your life beyond all imagination.

Because perfection is not always possible, sometimes you need a little helping hand. Through the evolution of cosmetic tattooing and the continued development of state of the art techniques and technologically advanced equipment, the enhancement of natural beauty at affordable prices is no longer a luxury enjoyed by celebrities alone.

Lisa has trained with some of the best in the Cosmetic Tattoo world and is very passionate about the way she works, helping clients overcome the anxiety of changing one's appearance. Lisa can transform you conservatively or more dramatically, and the choice is yours.

Melbourne's Leading Cosmetic Tattooing Clinic

Lisa Millington specialises in natural semi-permanent makeup. She provides unparalleled artistry in the realm of cosmetic tattooing, giving her clients exceptional results. Clients throughout Melbourne can take advantage of Lisa's talent and ability in Melbourne. – Pascoe Vale South.

A Huge Range Of Permanent Makeup Services

Lisa Millington has a wide range of expertise and offers a comprehensive menu of cosmetic tattooing procedures. These include eyebrows, lips and eyeliner with a variety of techniques available to achieve the look you desire. Lisa customises each procedure to ensure the finished results complement and enhance the client's features. Regardless of the area being worked on, you can be sure that Lisa will utilise the most effective and advanced techniques available.

A Commitment To Cosmetic Tattoo Excellence And Client Satisfaction

Lisa has extensive training and experience across the full scope of facial morphology, paramedical cosmetics, and colour therapy and analysis. In every procedure, she shows her dedication to client comfort and works to ensure you receive the results you desire. Lisa has worked with cancer survivors, helping to restore their physical appearance, as well as repair their emotional wellbeing and give them confidence again. She regularly visits hospitals to perform areola tattooing for breast cancer patients and is passionate about the effect this has on their future quality of life.


Golden Brows Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne 

Golden Brows Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne

0449 899 899


Want extra kissable lips? Permanent makeup for lips is the answer to smudgy or bleeding lipstick. You can just pop on some gloss and get going with our easy lip tattoo makeup. All of our lip tattoo makeup effects look amazing, and you can choose how bright or dark you go with the colour. We can also tattoo your lips using pigment that mimics your favourite lipstick shade. It's all possible with lip tattoo makeup at Golden Brows!


A lip tattoo is a perfect way to create the illusion of fuller lips. We can even make your lips a few shades darker than their natural colour, giving you a perfect look from day to night without any of the mess of lip products. Permanent makeup for lips can enhance your current lip shape or lip shade. It can also re-shape the lips and visually increase the size of the lips while adding extra definition.

A lip colour enhancement will usually last between 1-3 years. Results may vary following the precise chemistry of your skin type, the ingredients in your skincare products and how often your skin is exposed to the elements.


The following rules are designed to prepare your skin for the perfect procedure properly.

Before your treatment:

  • Do not work out the day of the procedure, as the body heat will expand the pores of the skin
  • Do not have a tan or have a sunburned face
  • Do not take Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E, Ibuprofen, Omega 3 or fish oil 2 days before the procedure (paracetamol is fine)
  • Do not drink alcohol or caffeine 24 hours before the procedure

Note: An anaesthetic will be applied to the lips to decrease any pain or discomfort during the procedure.

After your treatment:

  • Allow up to 7 days before applying any makeup on the treated area.
  • In the first 2 days after the treatment: Lips should be wiped with a moistened cotton pad every couple hours, DO NOT APPLY any creams or lip balm at this time.
  • From day 3 to day 7: Lips should be wiped with a moistened cotton pad, allow to air dry and a thin layer of moisturiser shall be applied 3 times a day
  • Take a tablet to reduce inflammation ( Alpha Choay). Take a tablet to prevent Herpes (Acyclovir). Your doctor must prescribe all medications. 
  • Let your lips naturally exfoliate off.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure to the lips.
  • In the first 2 weeks after healing, only use no colour lip balm, avoid using dark colour lipstick. 

Cosmetic tattooing treatments are not suitable:

  • While pregnant
  • While breastfeeding
  • For people with diabetes
  • For people with keloids

Note: If you have recently had cosmetic injectable fillers done, you will need to wait 4 weeks before getting lip tattoo makeup.


Golden Brows' cosmetic tattooing clinic is located in Braybrook, although our clients come from much further afield to visit our talented lip tattoo specialist, Master Artist Tina Huynh. Tina is known internationally throughout the permanent makeup tattooing industry as a master in her craft if you'd like a true professional to work on your lip tattoo makeup.


Brows and Beyond Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne 

Brows And Beyond Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne

03 5903 4644

Luscious Lips

Juicy! Sexy! Pouty! Kissable! That's right we're talking lips, and what woman wouldn't want lusciously full, youthful-looking lips with a blush of healthy colour? As we age, our lips lose their fullness and colour, and the natural vermilion border diminishes. A Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Enhancement can help restore lips to their youthful appearance, whilst correcting asymmetries and redefining natural lip contours for a perfect pout!

Cosmetic Lip Tattoo – Balanced, Voluptuous Lips 24/7!

Ideal for women wanting fuller, more defined lip contours, a Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Enhancement takes the hassle out of reapplying lip liner and lipstick throughout the day. Confident that your pout will always be on point, and your lip colour won't disappear whilst eating, drinking, or playing, leaving you looking drained and pale!

Besides enhancing the fullness and shape of your mouth, a Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Enhancement can also be used to correct inherent asymmetries – perfect if you have lost colour, shape or lip definition due to the ravages of time!

For that 'just bitten' appearance, a sheer lip blush may be right for you – perfect for that 'au natural' type of girl! Alternatively for a more glamorous, fuller-lip effect, a full lip tint is going to work wonders in redefining and re-shaping your lips.

Lip Tattoo – Natural Lip Contour

Redefine and enhance your lip contours with a softly lined lip tattoo. Alternatively, you may choose a stronger, more defined line for a lipliner result.

Lip Tattoo – Contour & Soft Blush Shading

For that 'just bitten' youthful look, a softly sheer blush of colour will create a natural-looking fullness to your mouth. This style of lip tattoo is a great choice for the 'au natural' girl who wants a subtle enhancement of her natural lip colour, whilst creating gorgeous lip-fullness – just gloss and go!

Lip Tattoo – Full Lip Tint

Full lip colour can be applied across the entire lip area, enhancing your mouth, correcting asymmetries and making it shapelier, lovelier and fuller. This lip tattoo procedure can also closely imitate the appearance of a full lipstick application for the more glamorous ladies!

A Myriad of Juicy Lip Tattoo Colours

Select your perfect lip tattoo shade from our extensive range of deliciously vibrant lip colours: softly muted nude pinks, peaches and browns through to bold siren reds and juicy plums. Alternatively, bring in your favourite lipstick and lip liner to colour match!


Skin and Light Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne 

Skin And Light Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne


Welcome to Skin & Light. We are health and beauty experts who love what we do. We treat every client with care and consideration.

Our services are varied, but they all have the same impact, we love making women and men feel empowered and beautiful. It's important to feel beautiful in your skin and our services help people reach a higher level of self-appreciation. Please head to our treatment page if you would like to see our full range of services and treatments.

Cosmetic Tattoo

Skin & Light Cosmetic Tattoo

Here is a wide range of services we provide


$499 (Mist Brows)

$599 (Microblading)

Cosmetic eyebrow tattooing is a customisable procedure to enhance eyebrows that create an illusion of a more defined and fuller brow shape by tattooing individual hair-like strokes. The ink of the tattoo is customised to match the skin tone and hair colour of each client.


$299 (Tear Line)

$299 (Bottom Line)

$329 (eyeliner)

After an eyeliner tattoo, you can put away your eye pencils for several years.


$399 (Lip Line)

$699 (Full Lips)

Cosmetic lip tattoos can help to enhance the shape and plumpness of the mouth. It is also a great treatment for correcting inherent asymmetries and perfect for improving lip colour, shape or definition that have been lost due to the ravages of time.


Elixir Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne 

Elixir Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne

(03) 9191 1015

Who Are We?

We are a vibrant and professional cosmetic tattoo clinic based in South Melbourne. Our team of experienced and talented cosmetic tattooists pride themselves on giving each of our clients a unique experience: we will cater to your needs and requests as no two faces are alike. Our vision is to provide the utmost quality of permanent makeup artistry which sets a new standard in permanent cosmetics: soft, subdued, smudging, feathering, and stroking techniques which look completely natural and are undetectable.

Semi-Permanent Makeup

Lip Liner & Colour

Change the size and shape of the lips as well as the colour. This procedure helps prevent lipstick from bleeding into the surrounding skin. Many prefer a very natural look. Others may desire a more dramatic effect. A cleft lip can also be concealed.

Lip Augmentation

This procedure is used to create a visually fuller and healthier lip without any surgical procedure. Balance out the shape of your lips, even out a cleft lip, or you can simply want richer colour lips.


Skin Obsess Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne 

Skin Obsess Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne

0468 318 397


Lip Blushing adds a hint of colour and defines the lip border for that perfect pout. 

Lip blush enhances your natural lip shape with a boost of symmetry and colour. It is an extremely popular treatment that defines lip contours and adds a natural flush to your lips. This semi-permanent treatment delivers very natural results once healed.

Pigments are available in different shades and colours to perfectly match your lips. Lip blush provides a subtle colour that enhances your natural lip and camouflages scars, paleness or unevenness.

Our goal is always to provide all our clients with the utmost natural outcome. Our signature technique uses a small needle and works softly on the lips to gently deposit colour without creating a heavy lip-line /border appearance. Colours are carefully chosen to suit the client's desired results and skin tones. 



Lip blushing can last between two to three years depending on your body, skin type and lifestyle. Smoking and sun exposure can speed up the fading process, and if you're oil-prone, have an iron deficiency or use a lot of exfoliating products in your skin regimen, the pigment might fade more quickly. 

Lip Blushing requires two sessions for the desired colour and results. During the first session, the main goal is to neutralise the lips, so it is even in colour. During the second session, another layer of colour is added for colour results and longevity.

Looking for an eyebrow tattoo salon? Look no further,we got you a list to look and save your time.


Judy Eyebrow Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne 

Judy Eyebrow Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne

0406 600 166

With over 20 years of professional experience, Judy Eyebrow has perfected personalised eyebrows design with state-of-the-art eyebrow tattoo techniques to ensure your complete satisfaction.

We create the most natural-looking, realistic hair strokes available in eyebrow permanent makeup, as well as offering other cosmetic tattoos such as permanent lips tattoo and semi-permanent eyeliner tattoo

Professional Permanent Lips Tattoo 

Do you find putting on lipstick frustrating or time-consuming? And having to reapply all day… who needs that? Now you can have perfect lips 24/7 with a permanent lips tattoo at Judy Eyebrow. Our principal artist, Judy Zhong, has been a leader in this industry for 20 years. She's not only won awards but has taught students in China her unique permanent lips tattoo technique. And now she's here in Australia, ready to do your permanent lips tattoo and create kissable lips for you that last year.

What is a Permanent Lips Tattoo?

A permanent lips tattoo works to add definition to THE lips. It doesn't physically add any volume or puffiness, but it does give the illusion of a fuller lip. A permanent lips tattoo is also appropriate for people who have hyperpigmentation on the lips and who want a way of correcting colour. It's a natural-looking technique when applied by a skilful cosmetic tattoo artist.

How Long Do Lip Tattoos Last?

The length of time your permanent lips tattoo will depend on a variety of factors. One of them is the shade you choose. If your shade is lighter, or closer to your natural lip colour, then your permanent lips tattoo will fade away sooner. To prevent it fading, you will need to have a tattoo touch-up to renew the colour. To avoid this, choose a colour that's one or two shades brighter or darker than your natural skin tone on the lips.

Where Can I Get a Permanent Lips Tattoo?

You can find Judy Eyebrow at 2A Tyrrell Ave, Blackburn. Most of our clients who visit us for cosmetic tattoos are from Blackburn or local suburbs in eastern Melbourne, such as:

  • Box Hill
  • Forest Hill
  • Surrey Hills
  • Burwood
  • Balwyn
  • Mont Albert

Visit Judy Eyebrow for the Best Permanent Lips Tattoo in Melbourne

If you want the best results for your permanent lips tattoo, don't settle for second best – come to the experts at Judy Eyebrow and meet our lead artist, Judy Zhong. Make a booking today by calling 0406 600 166 − you'll be so glad you did when you walk out of our clinic with amazing, plump and beautiful lips! We also offer additional cosmetic tattooing services, including semi-permanent eyeliner tattoo, eyebrow tattoo and feather brows tattoo.


Claire Martin Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne 

Claire Martin Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne

0439 715 653


Owner, Cosmetic Tattoo Technician

During my 20's, I discovered I had a very entrepreneurial and creative mindset. 

I was born in the UK and from the age of 18, worked in an office, but could never settle into the Corporate environment. Being creative, I was constantly dreaming and designing exciting projects to keep my mind motivated and inspired.

In my earlier years, I had a fascination with beauty and learned to do Acrylic Nails, followed by an Airbrush Body Art course. Airbrushing could be done on the nails for tiny patterns, on the face as makeup, and on the body for spray tans and temporary tattoo's. This was where my love of beauty, skin and body art began.

I started my own business at 22 called Top Bods. I quickly learned the art of spraying a flawless tan, and also took myself off to music festivals in my VW Camper Van, to adorn party-goers with pretty Body Art Tattoo's, that would wash off at the end of the day.

I then began to train other people in spray tans and quickly decided to do a Beauty Therapy Diploma, as a MATURE student, at age 25 (I still can't believe that was classed as mature).

Before this discovery of my love for beauty, I had issues with hair loss. I slowly lost every eyebrow hair I owned and decided I would get my brows tattooed. I also attended a Cosmetic Tattoo and Body Tattoo course in London, with friends, to help to treat others with the same issues that I had. 

See more of our list of eyebrow tattoo salons near you.

The course, in my eyes, was a complete disaster. It left me full of doubt and scared to perform the treatments. For that reason, I decided to learn more about the skin, so that I had a better understanding of the art, hence my enrolment to Beauty College.

Even back then, I had very high standards, and I was unprepared to produce Cosmetic Tattoo work on peoples faces, that was not up to standard, and I understood the responsibility of giving a client, eyebrows that they could love and feel confident with. Having my brows tattooed changed my life, and I'll never forget the day that I had them done, and how wonderful it felt.

I also owned and ran my Skin and Beauty Business, here in Melbourne, Australia, when I moved here in 2009.

Fast Forward many years and I have had the honour of working on so many beautiful ladies and giving them Brows, Eyeliner and Lip Tattoo's that are natural and beautiful.

I take an immense amount of pride in my work and in ensuring that my clients are well informed, not only during the treatment but well before and after. I believe the steps are taken before and after are just as, if not more important than the treatments themselves.

I am now also a Business Coach and Mentor for the Cosmetic Tattoo Industry. I speak at some of the main Semi-Permanent Makeup events here in Australia and have also won Cosmetic Tattoo Artist of the Year, with the Association of Cosmetic Tattoo.

My mission is to ensure that clients make educated decisions when choosing an artist and that the technicians in our industry strive to offer extraordinary service to their clients, through solid advanced training and strong business integrity and foundations. I feel that this career takes a great amount of skill and should be treated with the utmost respect.

I have not only completed my Basic Skills in Cosmetic Tattoo but over my 17 years in beauty, have also attended over 20 Master Classes, with world-renowned Artists. This has given me the experience to offer a wide range of services in my art, for all skin types and ages.

I believe in creating soft results, that enhance our NATURAL beauty, hence my slogan "Natural Beauty Enhanced."

I believe Semi-Permanent makeup should be timeless and not trend orientated, to ensure that compliments your natural features, throughout time.

Please feel free to contact us, with any information you would like regarding our treatments, and we will be more than happy to assist.

I look forward to meeting you. Should you decide to embark on your Cosmetic Tattoo journey with me.


Treatments You Can Trust


FOR PRICES & AVAILABILITY, please click Book Online above.

All brow makeovers are conducted in a very careful and accurate way so that you are completely happy and sure of your design before we even commence the tattoo. Clare spends a good 2 hours, typically in total with her clients for each treatment. The 2 hours is made up as follows:

In the 1st session, Clare performs a detailed consultation regarding your brow makeover and can spend at least an hour drawing on designs and discussing colour, shape etc. Clare will take as long as you need to discuss your design and draw it on to get it PERFECT. She uses special techniques and measuring devices during this process. Clare applies an anaesthetic throughout the treatment to numb the area and then proceed's to do the treatment in the design and colour you both have selected.

Clare mainly does hair-stroke brows with the feather touch/microblade technique. This uses a hand tool, not a machine, so it is gentle and very beautiful. Very natural results can be achieved with this. We can decide if this is the best option for you on the day. Our consults are absolutely thorough, so all clients feel very comfortable and happy by the time we proceed to do the brows in the same appointment.

After your brows are done, we go through Aftercare and you are provided with a special balm and an aftercare sheet.

You then attend a second perfecting session 4 to 6 weeks later, which is included in the price. At this session, Clare assesses the healing, colour, shape etc. and can "tweak" anything we need to – say you may have noticed a couple of hair-strokes have lifted, or you may decide you want to go a little darker. This can all be addressed at the Perfecting Session.

A deposit of $195 is required when booking your appointment (refundable with a 5 WORKING DAY or more notice of cancellation). Then the balance is paid on the day of your 1st appointment (which also includes your Perfecting Session).


FOR PRICES & AVAILABILITY, please click Book Online above.

All eyeliners/lips are conducted in a very slow, careful and accurate way so that you are completely happy before we even commence the tattoo. 

During the consultation, Clare will talk through the entire process regarding your eyeliner or lips and can spend at least an hour drawing on designs and discussing colour, shape etc. We take as long as you need to discuss your design/colour and draw it on to get it absolutely PERFECT. Clare uses special techniques during this process, and then we apply an anaesthetic to numb the area and then proceed to do the treatment in the design and colour we have selected.

For eyeliner Clare mainly does lash enhancements, where we work colour into the lash line, but you can have a thicker effect with a "wedge" or "flick" at the end if you desire. All liner is done using a high grade, Cosmetic Tattoo Digital Pen, which meets all of the required Health and Safety Standards. We also use the digital pen for the lips, which gives a very beautiful effect.

 After your tattoo is complete we go through Aftercare and Clare will provide you with a special balm and aftercare sheet. 

Four to six weeks later (eyeliner) or six to eight weeks later (lips) you attend a perfecting session. At this session, Clare will assess the healing, colour and shape and can adjust anything we need to. $195 deposit (refundable with 5 working days or more notice of cancellation) is required on booking.

Various option for eyeliner is-

Upper Lash Enhancement –This is a dusting of colour in the upper lash line adding density to lashes and suits ANY eye shape.

Lower Lash Enhancement -This is a dusting of colour in the lower lash line adding density to lashes and suits ANY eye shape.

Upper and Lower Lash Enhancement Combined 

Thin Upper Liner -The Upper Eyeliner can be done to the desired length across the eyelid, but cannot be tattooed into the extreme corners of the eyes OR on the "wet-line". The Thin Upper Liner sits into, and just above the upper lashes, to frame the eyes. A small "flick" or "wedge" can also be added to the tail of the Upper Eyeliner.

Upper Eye Liner and Lower Lash Enhancement Combined - $795

Various options for lips are-

Full lip colour - solid colour 

Lip blend - darker border fading to the natural lip colour  

Lip liner - single lip liner 

PLEASE NOTE: I do book a little while in advance, so we recommend to clients that they contact us at the earliest opportunity if planning a Cosmetic Tattoo appointment. Please note that the fact I book in advance is a VERY positive sign of my excellent reputation in the industry. I have also won Cosmetic Tattoo Artist of the Year, Australia wide, with the Association of Cosmetic Tattoo, for the high quality of my work.


Melbourne Laser and Aesthetic Cosmetic Lip Tattoo 

Melbourne Laser And Aeshethic Cosmetic Lip Tattoo

(03) 8686 5786

Cosmetic Tattoo With The Best – Eyebrow Feathering at Melbourne Laser & Aesthetic Centre

Tania Caputo is a professional cosmetic tattooist with over 25 years experience, offering excellence in lip and eye enhancing cosmetic tattoo and the very best eyebrow feathering, Melbourne Laser & Aesthetic Centre clinicians are committed to ensuring the highest level of care is taken at all times. Tania Caputo offers the latest techniques in eyebrow feathering, achieving a full yet natural-looking eyebrow.

Check out this microblading melbourne salon list which has everything you might need near you.


Melbourne Designer Brows Cosmetic Lip Tattoo 

Melbourne Designer Brows Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne

0418 188 277

What is Cosmetic Tattooing?

In Short, Cosmetic Tattooing is makeup you can wear All day, All night. All week. All year!

Sometimes also referred to as semi-permanent makeup, it is a beauty treatment that involves the controlled insertion of safe colour pigments into the skin instantly improving appearance. This cosmetic treatment is usually applied to the eyes, brows, lips and cheeks and appears like perfectly applied makeup or the most subtle of enhancements.

Who benefits from a cosmetic tattoo?

  • People who don't want to spend their time applying makeup
  • People who need to look good every day for work and are
  • expected to maintain a certain level of grooming
  • People who enjoy sports, swimming and the beach
  • Those suffering alopecia and hair loss from medical
  • treatment
  • Those who suffer bad eyesight who have trouble applying makeup
  • Those who just don't like the 'made-up' look and want to look great in no time
  • Those who are always in a rush and feel that applying makeup is a luxury they just don't have time for!


Claire Martirez Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne 

Claire Martirez Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne

0400 412 391

Claire Martinez

Claire commenced her studies of Beauty Therapy in 2004, instantly finding her true passion in the beauty industry, embracing the skills she could learn to enhance and improve people's appearance. She went on to learn Advanced Therapies and became a Laser Technician in 2010.

Claire began her career as a Micro Pigmentation Practitioner in 2012, studying Cosmetic & Paramedical Tattooing with Suzanne Rennison at the Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery, and Sydney Cosmetic Tattooing Australia with Val Glover Hovan, continuing to learn and improve her skills.

"I especially love helping both men and women with scars and skin abnormalities, then seeing their confidence grow."

As a member of the American Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals since 2012, Claire continues to improve her skills and knowledge with ongoing training and attendance at conferences in the USA.

"My passion is to replace what has been lost due to sun exposure, hormones, trauma or ageing by creating definition, balance and beauty with Micro-Pigmentation procedures. I am committed to ongoing training and applying myself to all new advanced techniques and technologies. I love mastering the skills to achieve the best results for my clients."

Bringing balance and harmony using Cosmetic Tattooing


A vital aspect of beautifully balanced facial appearance is correctly shaped eyebrows. 

Looking for a microblading melbourne salon? Look no further,we got you a list to look and save your time. 


Specialising in improving the appearance of scars or skin abnormalities, often improving self-esteem.


Enhancing the lips, you have been given. We have two methods to achieve beautiful lips.


Eyeliner and or eyelash enhancements. Giving your eyes a fuller lash appearance and a more defined eye shape.


Cosmetic Tattoo By Louise - Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne 

Cosmetic Tattoo By Louise Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne


Cosmetic Tattoo By Louise  

After practising as a Makeup Artist and Advanced Esthetician almost 15 years in Canada and Australia, it was a natural transition for Louise to upskill into cosmetic tattooing initially training at MCCT in April 2016 and continuing to further her fundamental education with Rita Porecca in Sydney, NSW. Rita is a leading Australian practitioner for 25 years, teacher of cosmetic and medical tattooing and pioneer of the cosmetic tattoo industry in Australia. Since then, Louise has completed numerous workshops to stay on top of her game!

A note from Louise "I am an artist that likes to work within your natural shapes, ensuring your procedure ages well for years to come and always working lighter on your first visit in shape, colour and depth. The purpose of your second visit or perfection appointment is to perfect these variables where we may decide together to go larger in shape, darker in colour, add more hair strokes or dimension and go deeper into the skin. I do feel ongoing education is paramount to stay on top of my game and succeed in the cosmetic and paramedical tattoo industry where Australian standards are not yet fully developed. I encourage all my clients to be thorough in their research when choosing their micropigmentation practitioner and artist. Be sure to choose a practitioner or artist that can answer all of your questions confidently, display only the highest level of safe practice and can be someone you feel you will have an ongoing relationship with because, I promise, you will be in contact with one another from many years to come!


Woman are always looking for ways to avoid reapplying their favourite lip product. It becomes frustrating to touch up every half an hour! A cosmetic lip tattoo is a solution to many of these questions. There are many reasons one may choose to have a lip blush or lip contouring procedure for cosmetic and medical reasons, including to:

    • Cover pigmentation or freckles
    • Add colour to pale lips.
    • Recreate lip vermillion (border) after surgery: skin cancer excisions, cleft lip and after accidents
    • Achieve symmetry to uneven and thin lips
    • Add body and fullness by extending the lip vermillion.
    • Restore youthful-looking lips with a boost of colour, definition and plumpness
    • Dark lip correction (hyperpigmentation)
    • Evening overall colour tone (hyper/hypopigmentation including freckles)
    • Correction of previous lip tattoo

Get the so so sassy lips you have always wanted! The definition, body, fullness or all the above you can achieve from just a simple liner or lip blend can dramatically enhance your look. With the broad selection of colours, techniques and tool selection be assured, your lip design is unique to you and only you!

Q&A / How long will my "Lip Blush Tattoo" last?

Lip blush is meant to be soft and natural to age gracefully, allowing you to maintain your cosmetic tattooing for many years to come. As a general guide, it will last 1-3 years dependant on many factors, including your general health, hormones, medications, antibiotics, skin disorders. Lifestyle choices may include exposure to UV, which is greatly increased by sun and snow, saltwater swimming and advanced skincare that may contain high levels of retinoids, to name a few. The skill of your practitioner will also determine whether or not your tattoo will last the test of time.


Tham Vo Brows and Beauty Studio - Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne 

Tham Vo Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne

413 883 231


Lip Blushing is a treatment that enhances the natural shape of your lips, giving them that symmetry, colour and the appearance of the fuller lip without the fillers. Unlike the old lip tattoo, lip blush will appear more like a lip stain rather than a lipstick.


Once you have your lips tattooed to your favourite colour, all you have to do is gloss and go and never have to worry about lipstick smear again.

Colour can last 1-3 years with colour boosts in between.


Colour boost sessions are recommended once a year to keep lips looking full and fresh. Colour Boost prices are for existing clients only and will be charged based on duration since last paid session. All new client will be charged at full price. Colour Boost prices after 2 years will be full price.


Beauty Brow Lash Bar -Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne 

Beauty Brow Lash Bar Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne

0422 436 334

Boasting a prime position in Melbourne's most fashionable street, Beauty Brow Lash Bar is one of the city's best lash salons. We offer friendly professional service in a clean and serene environment. The fact that clients come back again and again only proves that we deliver outstanding quality, using the latest beauty products and techniques. The real difference here is that we love what we do with a passion. We get a real buzz out of providing superior beauty services and therapies, to help you look your best.

Our lash technicians and therapists are cutting edge, having performed thousands of treatments, including eyebrow shaping, threading, eyelash extensions, cosmetic tattooing (brow, lip and eyeliner), waxing, and more. Within cosmetic tattooing, our specialty is feathery, natural-looking eyebrows that last, using a microblading eyebrow tattoo technique.


  • Lip tattoos are meant to enhance lips, not create actual fullness. This procedure is designed to define lips, not to create volume or puffiness, "It will just give you the appearance of a full lip," she says. "Since part of the process is outlining right on the border of the lip, I'm only helping to give your lips the appearance that their fuller." It's all about the illusion.
  • The tattoo doesn't just go around your lip like traditional lipliner application. "I do an outline on the border of the lip, but I'm also shading the colour down into the middle of the lip in a circular motion to give it more of a blended look, "I leave the interior part of the lip without colour."
  • It's possible to get a colour that's close to your natural lip colour—but that means it won't last as long. "The more natural the colour, the more frequent your touch-ups are going be". "If someone comes in and says, 'I love my colour; I just want it to be a hint more,' they're probably going to have to come in once a year for touch-ups to refresh that colour," BBB suggests tattooing your lips one or two shades darker or brighter depending on your natural skin tone.
  • Most places use pigment instead of traditional tattoo ink (which is why it fades). Years ago, permanent makeup was applied with regular tattoo ink. That's why it often looked so unnatural. "When you get a body tattoo, it's usually done with ink, which has a very watery consistency". "Pigment is thicker, so it gives that more natural powdery finish. But it does exfoliate out of your skin after 12 to 18 months. And since you eat and drink with your lips, it's going to happen faster."
  • The healing process takes about ten days. Clients are getting lip tattoos to schedule the procedure for a Thursday, so they can let the swelling and dryness die down over the weekend. "The lips will look very dry and chapped as they heal". "The colour gets lighter, and then as the skin heals, it comes back. You usually see the full, truest colour after about two weeks.
  • If you're prone to cold sores, make sure you're taking medication to prevent them. "The stimulation from the needle can bring out cold sores, and that can really ruin the procedure and make the healing process much worse.
  • It doesn't work on every skin tone. "I have to turn away a lot of people that have that darker skin tones because they can become hyperpigmented. The needle abrades the skin, so when they heal, a lot more pigment is produced, and their lips could actually get darker," she explains.
  • Lip-liner tattoos last longer than temporary lip fillers but cost more. Temporary lip fillers cost anywhere from $750 to $950, and they last for six to nine months.
  • If you don't like your tattoo, you can get it removed with a laser. "If anyone asks me to tattoo outside of their lip line, I won't do it. If they don't like their natural lip line, I tell them to go get a filler first," And if you hate your lipliner tattoo, there are laser treatments that can sometimes remove the colour. But that involves more money and more pain.


KL Cosmedic Ink - Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne 

Kl Cosmedic Ink Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Melbourne

0421 760 911

Kerry Logan is established Cosmetic and Medical Tattooist based in Melbourne.

Kerry works alongside many of the leading Doctors & Surgeons, established Beauty Clinics and Salons throughout Victoria.

Kerry has over 25+yrs in the Beauty Industry. She has spent many of those travelling globally as an International Make-up Artist and Trainer for some of the most Prestigious Cosmetic Houses in the world.

Check out our range of microblading melbourne salon around Melbourne to help with your problems. 

With over 2 decades of experience in the constantly exciting and changing world of makeup, her knowledge of colour and design has given Kerry a powerful background in forming KL COSMEDIC INK a company she has owned and operated for over a decade.

With extensive training and her artistic ability, Kerry has spent over 10years mastering several methods and techniques with the cosmetic and medical tattooing services she offers.

Kerry continually enjoys updating her skills and knowledge learning the latest trends such as microblading, expanding her knowledge in all aspects of cosmetic and medical tattooing with not only updated methods of tattooing BUT also superior sourcing pigments, understanding of safety within the industry, the most effective and safest needles and machines.


Choosing a shade for your Permanent Lip Color

Choosing the right colour for the micropigmentation procedure is very much like choosing a good shade for removable makeup. The only difference here is that you need to remember that in permanent makeup, the makeup colour is permanent so you need to decide on the lip colour carefully. If you incline a certain shade of lipstick or lip-gloss, you can consider using that same shade for your permanent lips procedure as well.

What shade will suit your skin tone?

Some faces can get away with bold, bright red lips, but let's face it, most of us look like a clown gone wrong when we attempt the big red look. The colour you can get away with will depend heavily on your skin tone and complexion, so it's important to understand the colour theory before making any decisions on your skin pigmentation shade.

As a general rule, your skin tone is fairly easy to define and will help you pick your lip pigment with ease:

 Identify your undertone: Look at the veins on your wrist. If they are blue, you have cooler, pink undertones, if they are green, you have warmer, yellow undertones. If they are both blue and green, you're a lucky neutral who can get away with pretty much anything. 

Understand which shades go with which tone: Yellow undertones work well with warm colours, and pink undertones look great with blue or purple hues.

See more of our list of microblading melbourne salons near you.

 Trial and error: Play with some of the lipsticks in your collection and start thinking about which ones are more flattering on your skin. Think about the hues that are present in that lipstick; is it cooler blues, or warmer oranges or yellows?

Your Lifestyle

Finding the perfect colour for you will depend on your existing lifestyle and what other makeup you like to wear day today. Think about what you like to do in your spare time, what would be appropriate for your job and what lipsticks you wear now. Always bring your favourite lipstick with you to your consultation to give the artist the best idea of what you're looking for.

If you like something very natural that will go with any makeup look or you just want to make your lips look perfect, then you may want to try colour to compliment your natural shade. You can even go or go 1 or 2 shades darker to give you more definition without committing to anything too bold. If you rock a red lip on a daily basis and always have done, go for it! You'll never need to check for lipstick on your teeth again.

The Shape of Your Lips

You may have beautiful full lips and just want to ramp up the colour of them, or you may have thinner, less defined lips and you would like them enhanced to make them look fuller. (Your lips can even be contoured to give you the illusion of fuller lips.) As with a traditional lipstick, the colour of your natural lips plays a big part in how the colour will appear once healed. The Permanent Makeup Artist will know this and be sure to let you know exactly what can be achieved, so you know what to expect from your treatment. If it's an uneven lip shape you want to correct, a colour can be matched to your existing lip colour to create the perfect base for any further colour should you wish to go a little bolder.

Super pale skin

If you're very pale, your best bet is to go for a nude-toned colour. Think peachy shades that you can overlay with a nude gloss for a perfect daytime look. Avoid dark shades of brown or burgundy, as they'll contrast too much with your pale skin.

Dark skin

Very dark complexions have a wide choice of lip colours, lucky you! Try out coral shades or pigments with an orange element for a fun pop of colour. Stay away from chalky colours or those with too much white in.

Olive skin

If you've got a lovely olive complexion, you'll do well in warm, natural tones. Look for sunset reds, perky coral and warm amber to complement your skin. Avoid purple as it will bring out the yellow in your skin and make you look sallow. Brown will look too monochromatic.

Yellow undertones

If you're not quite olive but not pale either, you'll look great in blue-based reds. Flesh tones and bronzes also work really well but steer clear of purple if you don't want to look too yellow.

Pink undertones

Again, if you're between pale and olive but have pink undertones, stick to peach tones for a natural look. For a more eye-popping combination, try brick red or orange-based reds, but don't go for blue-based reds as they'll clash horribly.

Light Asian skin

You'll no doubt have lovely full lips and a natural coral undertone to your skin, so complement this with beautiful coral lips and plenty of highlighting lip gloss. You can get away with bold reds too, but don't bother with the nudes as they'll just make your skin look pasty.

Super Dark and South Asian Skin

For those with much darker or Southern Asian skin, choosing a lip colour can be a tough decision. You have natural blue subtones to your lips which could result in a colour not being quite the shade you had hoped for. To accommodate this, we usually apply a bright orange colour at the first appointment, which will bring a warmth and richness to your lip colour you'll love. This base layer can help you achieve the colour you're looking for at the second appointment, but it can be tricky to get an exact colour match for you. Tell our experienced practitioner what you're hoping to achieve, and we'll figure out how to make it work for you.

Remember, it's a good idea to go a couple of shades away from your natural skin colour if you want something that's going to last and will not fade out too quickly. Talk to us for more advice on picking your perfect lip pigmentation colours.

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