Do You Take A Gift To The Bachelorette Party?

Bachelorette Bucks And Hens Ideas

Do You Take A Gift To The Bachelorette Party?

Bachelorette parties come in all shapes and sizes they can be wild parties with buffoonery and mayhem, or they can just be a lovely, quiet little evening out with friends. Since the term "bachelorette party" has many different definitions, you might be wondering whether or not you have to get a gift for a bachelorette party, which is a reasonable question. Does the bride-to-be expect presents? Or, does she just want an excuse to hang out with her closest girlfriends before tying the knot?

The truth is, it's not required to buy a gift for a bachelorette party, especially if you're already getting gifts for other events. A bride who expects more gifts during the party is, perhaps, a little too present-grabby. But, it's widespread for money to be spent in some way during the event. Typically, if you're a bridesmaid, you might be asked to chip in if the event is being held at a specific venue. If it's just a bar crawl, it's unlikely for the bride to fork over money for her drinks and transportation. Cost all depends on the bride in question, and the itinerary for the evening. Looking for hens ideas Melbourne? Look no further, Magic Men has you covered.

Having a good idea of what kind of party the bridesmaids will be throwing is essential with knowing how much cash to bring. If you know the party will be pretty costly, that takes out any other additional need for a present. For the record, anything that requires additional travel falls into the category of "pretty costly."

These days, bachelorette parties are often seen as significant events — it could include a day of pampering at the spa, or attending a fun aerobics class together that the bride might not have wanted to try alone. So, any cost going towards these events are for the experience, not to set the bride up with housewares and home items. The gift is getting to have some fun with your friends before signing the marriage certificate.

There are a few loopholes, however. Sometimes the bachelorette coordinators might want to play a game or two during the event, which may require a purchase. (I can almost hear a collective sigh from those of you who were forced to buy lingerie for a friend before, since yes, opening up a bunch of lacy panties in front of others is something coordinators might think is fun.) Remember that these "gifts" are more about playing along, and less about value and meaning.

Oddly enough, the one time when it's appropriate to give a bachelorette gift is if you don't plan on attending the event. "Sending a card saying how you wish you could be there and a bottle of champagne to get the party started is a thoughtful touch," Simone Hill from The Knot suggests. It's a nice little gesture that shows you care, and can't wait to catch up on pictures of her fun bachelorette party on Instagram.

If you're in a situation where you feel forced to give a gift, or simply can't afford a gift, it's OK to opt-out of these festivities. Sometimes brides are so into the tradition that they fail to realise how much financial stress they're putting you through. You have the right to put your foot down when your money is involved, and you won't look stingy or cheap for standing your ground. Real friends know how to celebrate with you without raising your credit card bill to an abnormal level, and if you're already a bridesmaid, and have put down money for your dress and the bridal shower, your bachelorette gift should be as simple as showing up and giving her your full support.

To Gift or Not to Gift; That is the Question

One of the questions we get asked is whether or not guests should bring a gift to a bachelorette party.  It is a great question, and one that can be difficult to answer because the tradition of the bachelorette party has evolved more quickly than the gift-giving guidelines surrounding weddings have been able to grow.  What do we mean?  If you are a woman in your first marriage, you are probably around 28 years old. That is because the current average age for first marriage is 28.2. That means your parents are probably somewhere in their late 40s to early 70s and got married around three decades ago. The odds are high that, at that time, your mom did not have a bachelorette party. Oh, she may have had tons of bridal showers and engagement parties, but, not that long ago, last flings before the ring were more of a guy thing.  Dad may have had a traditional stag party, but mom’s friends probably just threw another shower. And we all know that, for batteries, gifts are required.

However, around that same time, the idea of bachelorette parties for women started catching on.  At first, they were pretty basic and borrowed a lot from traditional stag parties. You might be out in a bar and see a group of friends out drinking, one of them dressed up in a condom-decorated veil, but it took a few years for bachelorette parties to hit their full stride. Now, a bachelorette party that is tons of fun for the guests and appeal to the individual bride is pretty much a done deal for most weddings. Yet, no one has resolved whether or not you need to bring a gift in that period. Show up with a gift, and no one else gets one, and, especially if you are hitting the bars or travelling from place-to-place, you have now given the bride something she has to keep up with all night long. Show up without a gift, and everyone else has them, and you feel like a jerk.

So, here is our answer. A gift is not required for the bachelorette party. It is not a shower (unless it is a shower, because some people do throw combination bachelorette parties/ bridal showers, but that should be clear from the invitation). There should not be an expectation that you arrive bearing gifts. That said, no rule says you cannot bring gifts to a bachelorette party. You just want to pick different kinds of gifts than you would get to a bridal shower, engagement lunch, or any other type of pre-wedding party. You also do not need to stress yourself by thinking you need to spend-wedding gift level bucks for this gift. If you do opt for a bachelorette party present, you want to think of things that are affordable, fun, frivolous, and maybe a bit naughty.

How to Choose the Best Bachelorette Party Gift for ANY Bride


One of the most popular categories of bachelorette party gifts is those that are aimed at helping your friends shout to the world that she is the bride.  These gifts come in a wide range of different styles and themes; if you can personalise something to say Mrs._______________ or “bride” on it, it can become a bride-themed gift.  This makes it so easy to find a perfectly suited gift for the bride you are celebrating!

Bachelorette Party gifts can range from sweet to glam to naughty--so how do you pick the best one for the bride-to-be? The bride's personality, type of wedding she's having, and kind of bachelorette party have an all affect the gift decision. (There's nothing worse for a bride than having to open up naughty gifts in front of her grandma!) As long as you know some basics about the bride and the party, our bachelorette gift ideas below will turn you into the best gift-giver ever!

If the Bride is Glam:

Get her something glitzy that shines as brightly as she does! A luxury rhinestone Bride sash is a perfect idea! Pair it with a rhinestone Bride tiara that she can use at her bachelorette party and Bridal Shower. Top the wrapped present with a gigantic light-up ring for added pizzazz! 

If the Bride is Classy:

Keep it elegant and a little girly. Get her unique Bridal shirt to wear during her bridal shower and bachelorette party, and get her something fun to wear for her soon-to-be-husband. A Bridal Robe is an option that the Bride and Groom will love: it is sexy, and isn't too risque! Wrap it in a box and top it with a cute sleep mask. 

If the Bride is Wild:

Get her something risqué to wear at her party and something else naughty she can share with her future husband! We recommend a naughty veil and some honeymoon-approved edible underwear.  Wrap it up in a sparkle gift bag that's a little naughty too!

If the Bride is Sporty:

Find her a gift she can continue to wear while working out! Our Bridal hoodies are comfortable and practical but still lets everyone know she's getting married. Pair them with a Bride Cup (for adequate hydration) and wrap the gift in her favourite sports team's colours!

If the Bride is your Sister/Daughter:

You want to get her a fun gift, but you don't love the idea of giving her lingerie or any other "naughty" items, so pamper her instead! Make the bride a spa kit that she can use leading up to the wedding. We recommend including flip flops, a Bridal sleep mask, a nail file, and a gift certificate to her favourite spa.

If it's a Destination Bachelorette Party:

Pack the bride's bags for her! A Bride tote bag is a cute gift that the bride can reuse to pack her wedding day necessities or travel to her honeymoon. Stock the bag full of the bride's favourite goodies, as well as the stuff she can use during the bachelorette party.

If it's a Lingerie Party:

A lingerie party calls for lingerie! Yours will stand out if you get something pretty and lacey and Bridal. We recommend a trio of Bridal panties. The groom will love this gift too!!  Throw in a couple of other lingerie shower items also.  Wrap this gift in an organza bag.

If it's a Co-Ed Bachelor/Bachelorette Party...

Get something that the bride and groom can use together, but that won't be too embarrassing to open in mixed company. For a great gift create a "honeymoon" or "relax" kit with some of their favourite treats, a set of bridal sleep masks, and some magazines/books for them to read after the wedding's over! Wrap everything up in our super cute gift bag!

Overall, aim for a gift that is the bride's style and isn't something she'd usually purchase for herself. Traditionally, bachelorette gifts are items that the bride can wear or use on the honeymoon or as a newlywed, but don't shy away from just pampering the bride as well! A few of her favourite treats will go a long way in calming her nerves leading up to the wedding!

Bachelorette Party Bride Gifts

Personalised Gifts

Is your girl a fan of the vino?  If so, consider gifting her a bottle of her favourite wine with one of these custom bachelorette party wine labels on it. Whether she cracks it open at the bachelorette party to share with friends or saves it for herself for a drink the night before she says “I do,” these labels will ensure she thinks of you when she does.

Souvenir Swimwear

We love this “wife of the party” swimsuit, which she can wear not just at her bachelorette party, but for at least a year after she gets married, and can use if her honeymoon plans include a tropical vacation.  Looking for Melbourne hens ideas to make sure you and your friends can enjoy hens party? Magic Men has you covered.

For some reason, most bride-themed swimwear tends to be one-piece, but if your friend loves the convenience and ease of a two-piece suit, you can find bride-themed bikinis.

Sock it to Her

People love novelty socks, and these great bride socks certainly fit the bill. We love this as a gift idea, because, when hidden under clothes, they can be a subtle reminder that she is about to be a Mrs., while still shouting the same to the world if they are put on display.

Flashy Flasks

Flasks have been a go-to gift for bachelor parties for ages, but why should the guys have all the fun?  While it is unlikely that your bachelorette will be able to slip a flask into her coat pocket, as the groom would, she can easily tuck a flask into her purse or bag. You can customise them with your savings or go with the tried and true, like “Mrs.” or “Bride.”

A popular twist on the flask idea is the flask bangle. We love this idea, in no small part because we love the look of these chunky bangle bracelets.

Custom Koozie

Help the bride keep her cool with this custom koozie. The best thing about this gift?  She can use it from the moment you give to her and for years to come after that!

Make a Wish

We love, love, love this adorable, affordable, super-cute idea: the wedding wish bracelet. You can find them in all kinds of styles, from simple little hearts to more ornate and bridal looking pearls. The concept is simple; she tries on the bracelet and wears it till it falls off; when it does, her wedding wishes are supposed to come true. It is a super-sweet gift that shows her that you want all of her hopes and dreams to come true!


Another enduringly popular present for the bachelorette party is lingerie. There are a couple of reasons why lingerie is such a great bachelorette party gift. First, bachelorette parties tend to be adult-themed and are usually all women, making it a perfect, non-embarrassing time to give even the raunchiest of lingerie. Second, and perhaps equally important, lingerie tends to be very lightweight and easily portable, which means it will not be cumbersome for a bride to carry around at her bachelorette party. Get exclusive drinks and show packages for your next hens party here at Magic Men.

Oh, Baby, Babydolls!

The babydoll nightgown manages to do what many types of sexy lingerie cannot do: be comfortable and alluring at the same time. You can find babydolls in all kinds of price points and make out of all types of materials. They are usually very short, just grazing the thighs’ tops, and the tops are generally strappy. We love this apricot blush one from Target; it looks very bridal to us.

Merry Widows Make for Even Merrier Brides

Looking for something a little more overtly sexy for the bride? Consider a Merry Widow.  While corsets and bustiers may need a more exacting fit, Merry Widows offer the same degree of sexiness without you needing to know the bride’s exact measurements. They also tend to be a bit more affordable, so if they get destroyed in the heat of passion, oh well!

Edible Undies

Part lingerie, part adult toy, this edible underwear let the bride send a not-so-subtle message to the groom about what the evening’s activities should include.

Lace it Up

We love the look of a corset, but, let’s be honest; those suckers are not comfortable. That is why we think this top is a winner. It gives you the out-and-out sexiness of a corset, but without the discomfort. We believe the bride would love it for some bedroom cosplay, but also find it equally suitable to wear out with jeans for a sexy dinner with her new groom.

Wrap it Up

This adorable satin robe spells it out that she is the bride. She can wear this while getting her hair and makeup done for the big day and take it along as a convenient cover-up on the honeymoon and beyond.

Sex Toys

Sex toys are another bachelorette party favourite. You may already have your go-to choices for getting off, and the bachelorette party is a great time to give the gift that keeps on giving to your favourite bride.  We love the idea of sex toys as bachelorette party gifts because, while they can be fun and beneficial gifts, they can be awkward to give at other times.  Do you want the bride unwrapping a giant vibrator at her bachelorette party with her granny present? Probably not. So, skip the sex toys at the showers and the engagement parties, and bring them along to her bachelorette party, instead! Just keep in mind that she is getting married, so you want to think about toys that enhance couple time, not just ones that make for a great solo outing if you know what we mean. To know more about the best lingerie shops in Melbourne, visit this site!

Kama Sutra Weekender

If you are not familiar with this timeless erotic toy brand, then do yourself a favour and order a weekender pack for yourself as well as one for the bride. 

Light Bondage

BDSM can be a great sexual enhancer for those who are fans but is not for everyone. You might want to give your friend a starter-dungeon kit, but, trust us when we tell you that you could get a little awkward, even if your friends are super-open minded. So, instead, why don’t you go with this very beginner eye mask and fur-lined handcuff set? 

A Toy They Both Can Use

There are so many vibrating sex toys out there, but a surprising number of grooms get a little intimidated when a woman breaks out the toys. That is why we suggest getting her a toy that can put the groom in the driver’s seat.

Your Most Sensitive Sexual Organ

Have you ever heard that the brain is the most sensitive sexual organ?  While it may not seem titillating, the secret to a great sex life indeed starts by building a great relationship, and a great relationship begins with excellent communication.  

The Write Stuff

Not sure what direction you want to take, but you would feel naked showing up at a bachelorette party without some type of thoughtful present? You cannot go wrong with stationary. Seriously, we know it sounds a bit like a snooze-fest, but if your friend is like 99% of brides, she is going a little ga-ga about becoming a Mrs Get her some personalised stationery that she can share that status with the world.  It is customised, thoughtful, and super affordable. 

Raunchy Reader

Not sure you can quite bring yourself to give the bride a sex toy, but you want to carry on the adult theme? Then, get the girl a sex book.


As you can see, there are a ton of ideas for affordable, fun bachelorette party gifts that let the bride know you are thinking about her without breaking the bank. You do not have to spend a lot to find a great gift. So, if you are on the fence about whether or not to bring a gift to a bachelorette party, keep in mind that thinking does not have to equal expensive!

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