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Is a wedding album worth it?

Your wedding day is going to be amazing. When you're with the people you care about most, you can't help but create memories that will last a lifetime. This, however, will be completed in the time it takes to blink!

You'll want to have a record of the whole thing, from the months of preparation to the day of jubilant revelry. Taking pictures of those times lets you relish the little details you may have missed the first time around.

Even though there are infinite creative methods to show off your wedding images, the classic wedding album remains a popular choice. We'll talk about whether or not a wedding album is necessary and, if so, why. So, if you're still unsure or want some mild advice, go on.

It's probably no secret that you should print your wedding photos. This is one of the most wonderful ways to remember your wedding day forever. While having a few images printed and framed for the home or workplace is nice, many couples' favourite wedding keepsake is an album that captures the entire event. There's nothing quite like holding it in your hands, turning the pages slowly while you relive the moment.

After writing check after check for every wedding-related expense, the last thing you probably want to do is drop even more money to have your wedding photos compiled into an album. Is that something you're looking for? Does Facebook really last forever? Experts say you're wrong. Some wedding photographers agree that a beautifully printed album of your wedding photos is a priceless keepsake.

Is there anything about the wedding photographer's pricing that you just can't seem to rationalise?

There's no denying it: weddings are expensive! Even on a tight budget, the cost can be well over what you had originally anticipated. Sometimes, the price we really pay has little to do with the price we think we should pay.

While some brides have fantasised about their wedding day since they were young, few could have predicted how much it would cost. It's common for a couple to become frustrated in the initial stages of searching when they begin searching for the best wedding photographer.

You've been to some stunning studios and seen some breathtaking photographs presented in some lovely books, and now you're daydreaming about your wedding. You pose the question that has been bothering you since you first opened the photographer's fantastic studio sample album.

How much would it set us back to purchase an album of this calibre? You feel your stomach drop as the photographer goes over the costs with you. You retain your cool so as not to alarm the photographer, but all you can think about for the rest of the visit is, "Woah, that's quite unexpected!"

We hope the details in this post clear up any questions you may have about hiring a professional wedding photographer and prevent you from opting for a less expensive alternative.

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FAQs About Wedding Albums

Having a physical album is the best way for you to relive your wedding. It is the final piece of your wedding photography experience. A great photographer will work with you to design an album that's more than just a collection of images. It's a storybook.

Extreme changes in temperature or humidity can cause the pages to expand and contract, warping the images. The ideal storage conditions to keep your wedding album are temperatures between 55° and 95° F and humidity between 5% to 60%.

Some couples opt to have one photo spread across two pages. Here at Zola, our popular wedding albums start at 20 album pages over 10 spreads, but the average wedding album length is 40 pages.

Wedding albums excel at showing the most important day of your life in the best light possible while preserving that old feeling and adding to your family tradition. Real visual storytellers – wedding albums tell a lot more about you and your wedding than you know.

This is always a difficult question to answer, as there are so many variables. On average I'd always suggest to aim for between 80-120 images in a standard sized album.

Wedding Photo Albums – Are They Worth It?

If you're a modern bride, you've felt overwhelmed by the sheer volume of options available. It can be difficult to decide on a strategy for arranging the flowers, let alone the photos.

It's perfectly acceptable if your only concern is finding the greatest photographer. You have gotten off to a promising beginning. However, the best photographers tend to charge a pretty penny for their services. After shelling out a sizable sum for your photographer, you may be reluctant to spend more on a physical product like an album or prints.

On the other hand, all the engaged couples we've talked to agree that getting their images reproduced is money well spent. It is easy to overlook the aesthetic value of tangible photographs in favour of their digital counterparts in today's age of instant gratification.

However, deciding on a photo album or other display form might be difficult. That's why we insist that you also get prints of your wedding images in addition to keeping digital files on hand.

If so, hiring a designer to create one for you is a surefire way to cross that item off the list. When life gets hectic again after the honeymoon, it's easy to forget about this one important chore.

You'll have been together for a whole year before you know it. Next, you'll celebrate two years together. Then suddenly, your infant is walking and talking, and you have a three-year-old in the house, and you have no idea where the time went!

Investing in a high-quality album means never having to put it off until "someday."

If you already know you want an album and you want to save time while still receiving a high-quality product that will last for generations, then a professionally made album is the way to go. In contrast, maybe you've always wanted to record an album for yourself. So long as you tell the vendor, they'll have no objections. That being said, you should do whatever makes you the happiest and healthiest!

The majority of us have probably looked at our parents' wedding photos at least once. Maybe you poked fun at the outrageous styles and couldn't believe how youthful everyone in the family appeared. Your grandparents probably had a gorgeous, traditional wedding, and if you're lucky, you've seen their wedding album.

We highly recommend that you peruse the wedding album you haven't seen before at the next family reunion. Spending even a short time here will transport you to another era and give you an insight into your ancestors' lives. Really, this is something to marvel at.

Unfortunately, the traditional wedding album is no longer a must-have in our increasingly digitised day. Photographers for weddings typically offer online galleries and USB discs with thousands of images from the big day. You may upload them in a flash and start sharing them with your closest friends and family members. Perhaps you've been debating whether or not to invest in a wedding album.

Owning digital versions of your photographs has numerous advantages, but it will never be able to take the place of a printed wedding album. To make sure you can always access your photos even as technology evolves, it can be difficult to migrate them from one digital format to another.

The truth is that there won't be many lasting memories from your wedding. It's money well spent to have your wedding documented and preserved as a priceless treasure for future generations. In case you're wondering whether or not you need to purchase a wedding album, the answer is an emphatic yes.

So long! For this reason, we insist that every one of our couples purchase not only professional wedding photos but also a unique, bespoke wedding album that can be enjoyed long after the big day has passed.

The photos from your wedding should not just sit in a digital album on your computer for the next half-century; they should also be printed and displayed in your home.

Reasons Why Wedding Albums Are Worth It 

Wedding Albums Preserve Your Memories In A Tangible Way 

Even if you have thousands of digital photos stored on your computer and another hundred or so on your phone, how often do you actually go back and look at them? Present-day society stores almost all of its memories digitally. The cloud isn't the proper home for your wedding images. They should be proudly put on display for all to see. A home for them in your living room or on your coffee table is justified. They are deserving of being looked at, remembered, and shared with loved ones. You probably spent a lot of money on your wedding, so it seems sensible to put some money into keeping the memories alive.

It Stands the Test of Time

It's nice to know that your album won't get lost in the "black hole of the internet," but rather that you'll have a version that works with the latest equipment. Have you seen the photos you uploaded to Myspace 15 years ago? Maybe not! Putting together a printed collection of your favourite photographs is a wonderful way to tell a story via visuals. It helps ensure you have something tangible to look at and remember the party.

Invest in a classic wedding album created by your photographer or one of their prefered designers. Professional picture paper is used for printing, and the photos are mounted on thick pages using careful binding.

After all, hiring a professional photographer will take up a big chunk of your wedding money, but it will be well worth it in the end. Leave it to the experts to figure out the best way to showcase your wedding images. Such high-quality photographs need to be displayed in a dedicated album.

Wedding Albums Tell A Story 

In order to recreate the flow of the day as closely as possible, always arrange the photos in an album in chronological order. As you flip through the pages, you'll be transported back to every special moment of your wedding day, from the time spent getting ready to the time you read a note from your groom and cried. Although hanging a large picture of your favourite portrait is nice, it will not help you recall the details of your wedding day the way an album will.

Technology Is Unpredictable And Changes Over Time 

Does anyone else have fond memories of the VHS and floppy disc eras? Within the last decade to fifteen years, those were the most cutting-edge techniques for archiving visual media. If you gave me a VHS tape or a floppy disc today, you'll have to track down an expert or send it off to a lab before you could access the data.

Think about what technology may be like in 10, 15, or 20 years. Photographs in wedding albums are preserved and protected against deterioration. Your album will still be around in 15 years, even if USB drives have vanished. The most important parts of your wedding day will survive even if your hard drive fails or your computer is stolen. A well-designed album that was painstakingly put together by hand will remain relevant regardless of how quickly technology advances.

It's Priceless

A wedding photographer has found that when its clientele must escape due to natural disasters like hurricanes or fires, the first item they take with them is their wedding album. Although the cost may seem prohibitive when signing the dotted line, a wedding book is one of the few items that improve in value over time. But you don't have to go crazy to celebrate the special day. If money is tight, consider a smaller album or a box with just your ten favourite photos framed inside. You only need the day's essentials, so make sure your edit captures them.

It's an Heirloom

A wedding album is necessary to preserve memories of the special day for future generations. Probably one of our favourite things to do when we were younger was to go through the photos in our parents' wedding album. We always appreciate this glimpse into their lives as newlyweds. There are some experiences that are diminished when punctuated by the click of a touchpad. I doubt the custom would survive if every photo were stored digitally.

If You Want a Custom Wedding Album, Discuss These With Your Photographer:


A wedding album's price tag may increase due to the individualised nature of the product. Think of the wedding album as a one-of-a-kind keepsake for your loved ones! Talk to your photographer about the many pricing options and what you can expect in terms of quality and other considerations.

Cover Material

Many different materials are used to create album covers, such as leather, vinyl, wood, cotton, and even photo covers. Some of them will also have exclusive cover art and imprinting. Take a look at the photographer's sample albums to weigh the benefits of each style.

The Number of Photos and Pages in the Album

The cost will increase as the number of pages grows. The photos in your album should reflect the tale of the wedding from beginning to end, but of course, not every moment will be represented. Many photographers have the ability to design unique layouts for their photographs, from expansive double-page panoramas to intricate collages of several images on a single sheet. See what your photographer is capable of by looking at sample albums.

What About Do-It-Yourself Wedding Albums?

As you talk to wedding photographers, you will discover that the most premium wedding album manufacturers are only available to wedding photography businesses. It's ideal to have your wedding photographer professionally produce your album if you want the highest quality albums with archival materials that will last a lifetime.

Many customers have also mentioned that they meant to get around to it but ultimately were unable to complete the necessary steps to create a high-quality wedding album.

Choosing the best photos, editing them in Photoshop, designing the album's layout, and deciding on the many customization options available from the album manufacturer are all time-consuming tasks. Get in touch with your photographer to discuss the album's layout and the timeframe for its completion.

What Kind of Wedding Albums Can You Invest With?

Save Up for a Great Digital Album.

In addition to traditional photo albums, many photographers now provide digital albums, which can be seen immediately after the shoot or purchased at a later date.

The digital print presentation case could be your first choice. They cost roughly higher than the traditional album, but they're worth it.

This is the sort of book a photographer may provide you—printed on photographic paper to ensure its longevity and the highest possible quality for your photographs. They're expensive, but they're works of art that can be kept forever. Any professional photographer worth their salt will offer payment plans.


If you can't wait for your hand-made album from your photographer, or if you'd like a cheaper option, try shopping for a lower-priced photobook. Companies make really stunning wedding video albums.

Most commonly, they are printed on picture paper or linen. Prices range from provider to provider, but you can save between $50 and $100 each year. Create a one-of-a-kind keepsake by giving creative control over album design elements like colour palette and layout. If you're not a particularly creative person, you may even pay your photographer to design it for you.

It will take some effort and preparation, but the savings will be worth it. Furthermore, these books' image quality and durability cannot compare to that of more pricey records. If you're handy around the house and enjoy a good DIY project, however, you can save a lot of cash.

Box of Prints

These days, many couples would prefer to have a package of prints than a traditional photo album. Wrapped with artwork, the box itself is incredibly stylish and reasonably priced.

They're beautiful to look at and offer a fresh take on displaying printed images, but they're not as convenient to flip through as an album. Not only do you risk damaging or losing the photographs, but you also lose the album's wonderful design, which is part of what makes it so memorable.

The photographs, however, are of superb quality and are reproduced on professional photographic paper. They're great to have as a placeholder until the album is finished so you can show them off to your loved ones. As an added bonus, you can send them as gifts to your loved ones.

Make Your Own Traditional Album.

The pre-made photo albums sold are beautiful. They are attractive and simple to operate, and they are much cheaper. However, here's a pro tip: skip the self-adhesive pages—the glue usually only lasts a few years before drying and letting all your pictures slide around.

Instead, you should get an album with card pages and tissue in between. You may get started immediately after purchasing some photo mount corners. Because of their fragility, you must handle the insertion of photographs with extreme care.

You can make your own if you have the right kind of ingenuity. You may rest assured that your album will turn out just the way you want it to if you follow this procedure. You have the freedom to customise it to your tastes by selecting the ornaments that go on it. Get your hands on some awesome materials and unleash your inner artist.

This is a task for those with steady hands, though. But you'll have a lot more cash to invest in hiring a great photographer. After all, the photographs will serve as a lasting record of your wedding day, thus, their quality is of paramount importance.

Last but not least, spend as much time and money as you can on your photographs; you will be glad you did. We know that in this digital age, it's easy to overlook the value of printing your photos, but trust us when we say it's worth it.


A photo album documenting the entire wedding is a popular keepsake. It can end up costing more than you planned, even if you're on a strict budget. We'll discuss the need for, and benefits of, a wedding album. You might expect to pay a hefty sum if you want to hire a professional photographer. You may be hesitant to invest in a physical product after spending a considerable sum on your photographer.

To avoid ever saying "I'll get around to it eventually," invest in a high-quality album. In this increasingly digital age, it's not necessary to have a physical copy of your wedding album. In today's modern era, many wedding photographers host online photo galleries or provide USB drives filled with thousands of photographs from the ceremony and reception. Having your wedding professionally recorded and maintained as an heirloom is a worthy investment. You shouldn't hide away your wedding photos in the cloud; instead, you should show them off to everyone you know.

Although the cost of a professional photographer will eat into your wedding budget significantly, the results will be worth it. You should get a traditional wedding album designed by your photographer or a designer they recommend. For the sake of posterity, every wedding should be documented in an album. Albums for wedding photos are designed to last a lifetime, protecting the photos from damage. Even if your computer is stolen or your hard drive crashes, the most vital aspects of your wedding will remain intact.

A well-designed, carefully hand-assembled record will always be in style. An annual expenditure of $50 to $100 is typical for a wedding album. Only wedding photography studios have access to the industry's finest album printers. Search for a less expensive photobook if you need a more affordable alternative. Digital photo albums are available for viewing and purchase right after the photo shoot.

It will require some forethought and work, but the financial benefits will be well worth it. They serve admirably as a stopgap until the album is completed, allowing you to display your loved ones the photos you have taken. If you're creative enough, you can make your own. You won't regret investing as much time and money as you can into taking images.

Content Summary

  • In all likelihood, it comes as no surprise that you should print your wedding images.
  • What a fantastic way to cherish the memories of your wedding day.
  • A professionally printed album of your wedding photographs is, in the opinion of some wedding photographers, an irreplaceable heirloom.
  • Your heart sinks when the photographer explains the price.
  • Choosing a plan for the floral arrangement, let alone the photo arrangement, can be challenging.
  • If you paid a lot of money for your photographer, you might be hesitant to spend more money on a physical product like an album or prints.
  • The challenge, however, lies in settling on a photo album or other form of presentation.
  • That's why we recommend ordering prints in addition to saving digital files of your wedding photographs.
  • If this describes you, having a designer make one for you is the quickest and easiest way to get it done.
  • A professionally manufactured album is the best option if you know in advance that you want one and want to save time without sacrificing the quality of a product that will last for generations.
  • On the other hand, perhaps you've always dreamed of doing a solo album.
  • This digital age has rendered the conventional wedding album obsolete.
  • You may be on the fence about buying a wedding album.
  • While there are certainly benefits to having digital copies of your wedding photos, they cannot replace a physical album.
  • However, the reality is that not many people will remember the details of your wedding.
  • Having your wedding professionally recorded and maintained as an heirloom is a worthy investment.
  • If you're debating whether or not to invest in a wedding album, let me assure you: you should.
  • Because of this, we require all of our couples to invest in both professional wedding photography and a one-of-a-kind, custom wedding album that will bring them delight long after their special day has passed.
  • Your wedding photos don't belong in the cloud.
  • They need to be on display for everyone to see.
  • Printing off a selection of your favourite images is a great way to use visuals to tell a story.
  • You should get a traditional wedding album designed by your photographer or a designer they recommend.
  • Although the cost of a professional photographer will eat into your wedding budget significantly, the results will be worth it.
  • Do not waste time trying to find out how to display your wedding photos on your own.
  • These professional photos deserve to be shown off in a special album.
  • Pictures from weddings always have a tale to tell. Always arrange images in chronological order in an album to relive the day's events as faithfully as possible.
  • It's interesting to speculate about what the technological landscape might look like in 10, 15, or 20 years.
  • Albums for wedding photos are designed to last a lifetime, protecting the photos from damage.
  • Even if USB drives disappear in the next 15 years, your album will survive.
  • Even if your computer is stolen or your hard drive crashes, the most vital aspects of your wedding will remain intact.
  • A smaller album or box with only your ten favourite images framed inside is a great option if you're strapped for cash.
  • For the sake of posterity, every wedding should be documented in an album.
  • You can give your loved ones something truly special by giving them a copy of your wedding album.
  • Examine the photographer's portfolio to get a sense of their previous work and decide which approach best suits your needs.
  • Review some of the photographer's previous work to get a sense of their style and abilities.
  • You'll learn from speaking with wedding photographers that the best wedding album designers work exclusively with wedding photography studios.
  • If you want albums of the highest quality and made from archival materials that will last a lifetime, it is best to have your wedding photographer professionally produce your album.
  • It takes a lot of time to select the best images, edit them in Photoshop, design the album's layout, and select from the many possible customization choices offered by the album manufacturer.
  • Consult with your photographer about the album's structure and expected finishing date.
  • You might start with the digital print presentation case.
  • Printing on photo paper or linen is the norm.
  • Let your creativity shine by letting you choose the album's colours, layout, and more to make a one-of-a-kind treasure.
  • You may even hire your photographer to do the design work for you if you're not feeling very creative.
  • Many modern-day couples would rather receive a set of prints as a gift than an album.
  • They are stunning to see and provide a novel approach to showcasing printed photographs, but they are not as user-friendly as an album.
  • The photos, on the other hand, are printed on high-grade photographic paper and are of exhibition-level quality.
  • They serve admirably as a stopgap until the album is completed, allowing you to display your loved ones the photos you have taken.
  • Bonus: they make wonderful presents for friends and family.
  • Premade photo books are available and they are stunning.
  • Rather, you should invest in an album made of card sheets separated by tissue.
  • If you're creative enough, you can make your own.
  • If you follow these steps, your album will be perfect.
  • Now is the time to indulge your creative side by obtaining some top-notch supplies.
  • However, you will have a lot more money to go towards employing a professional photographer of high calibre.
  • Lastly, invest as much time and money as you can into taking images; you won't regret it.
  • As much as we love our digital cameras, we can't stress enough how important it is to print your images.
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