Is it Worth Making Your Wedding Invitations?

is it worth making your wedding invitations1

If you’re planning a wedding, the thought of making your invitations has probably crossed your mind. After all, DIY is quite popular these days, and we’ve all heard the perks of savings and one of a kind invites. Looking for a Wedding Event Planner? Look no further, Vines of the Yarra Valley have you covered.

But when it comes to deciding whether to make your invitations, there’s more to think about than the perks. As great as they are, DIY invitations are not for everyone. Before you jump on board, read on and consider the whole picture. We’ll help you determine if DIY is right for you, which might save you a lot of frustration down the road.

Making Your Wedding Invitations

There are many reasons people decide to make their wedding invitations. Whether you love the personal touch, appreciate some handwriting, don’t want to shop around, or try to save some pennies, homemade wedding invitations are a beautiful idea. But are they just an idea? For many people, the months leading up to their wedding are among the most hectic times of their life. What if you could get the homemade feel without having to go to all that effort yourself? If this is sounding too good to be true, read on.

How to Make Wedding Invitations? Design Your Wedding Invitations

Do you want to make your wedding invitations online or print your wedding invitations at home? There’s nothing like a personalized feel, but if you’re wondering how to design your wedding invitations, you may also be wondering if you have the time and resources available right now. 

Making your wedding invitations can be a great experience – but if you’re not prepared for what you’re getting into, it can end up being more hassle than it’s worth. Developing your design and then printing it with high-quality ink and paper that will look professional is quite the feat. 

Websites that advertise dirt cheap make your wedding invitations or offer you to ‘make your wedding invitations free’ often aren’t being upfront. Beware of shady websites that rip off other people’s designs to make a quick buck or have hidden costs that you would only find in their fine print. Often if something seems too good to be true, it is.

Another excellent option for those looking to add some personality to their invites is choosing cards from different design sets for a unique, hand-picked feel. You can put them together in an envelope or a belly band for eclectic layered wedding invitations.

How to Make Wedding Invitations? I Want the Hand Drawn Look

is it worth making your wedding invitations

Do you want to create your wedding invitations to achieve that stunning hand-drawn look? Of course, nobody wants the stationery to look like it was mass-produced in some factory for their special day. We all want something elegant, unique – something that is bursting with our personality. Handmade wedding invitations aren’t your only option. You could search for wedding invitations with a calligraphy style font or invites hand-drawn by a designer and printed digitally on beautiful high-quality paper. Selecting an already perfect design is much safer than hand drawing them and just hoping for the best. Take the pressure off yourself and go for an artistic style instead.

Even when opting for our printed invitations, you can still achieve an authentic hand-drawn look by addressing wedding invitations by hand. Get a couple of friends together, lay out the snacks and organize your production line! Why not make a fun night of it? The laughing and bonding moments will be remembered long after your hands have uncramped.

Are you creative and want to design your wedding invitations? You can use your very own design and get it printed.

I Can’t Be Bothered Shopping Around.

We get it. Your pre-wedding life is already so crowded that you can’t find the energy to go traipsing around from shop to shop in search of your wedding stationery. Why not browse from the comfort of your own home without the stress of printing your wedding invitations? Learning how to make your wedding invitations is time-consuming – and often ends up taking more effort than shopping around anyway. Getting to make your wedding invitations online free seems like a great idea, but the very phrase ‘make your own’ also implies many bothers.

What If I’m on a Budget?

If you’ve been considering print at home wedding invitations but are a bit intimidated at the idea of a DIY project involving the biggest day of your life, why not try another option? Free online wedding invitations don’t have to mean weeks of stress for you. Still, it also doesn’t mean you’re stuck with online-only wedding invitations (we think they’re no competition for real-life, on-paper, 3d wedding invitations, what do you think?!). 

Print, your wedding invitations kits, can seem significant at first, and while they can turn out well, make sure you know what you’re getting into before jumping in. Do your research on the kind of printer (and how much ink) these designs require to look quality. Think about the number of invitations you need to print and other cards in the invitation suite like RSVP, menu cards, and an order of service. 

Do you want to order your thank you cards now, too, so you can continue the matching theme? If so, that’s more ink. Looking up a video on how to print your wedding invitations first might be a good idea to give yourself an overview of the process. After gathering some information, decide if you still want to go DIY style.

Pros and Cons of Diy

Consider Savings (or Potential Lack Of)

The most commonly cited reason for couples making their wedding invitations is savings, and understandably so. Wedding budgets can get tight, and who wouldn’t want to save hundreds on invitations and splurge elsewhere? But if your decision to DIY is based solely on savings, it is essential to recognize that DIY does not permanently save. Check out our ultimate list of Wedding Planners in Melbourne to help you organise a stress-free wedding.

Why Does Diy Usually Save?

Homemade invitations are typically more affordable than the ready-made variety because when you design, print, and assemble invitations on your own, you are eliminating the fees charged by professionals, leaving you to purchase just the materials needed for your design.

Why Does Diy Sometimes Not Save?

If you are making your invitations, you will need the appropriate tools for the job – all the tools, not just the paper and envelopes. If your design requires you to purchase these tools – for example, a higher quality printer, or special cutting, scoring, and embossing tools – costs can add up, and you may find your savings won’t be considered after all.

Compare Similar Diy and Ready-Made Designs.

Are Savings Significant?

To determine how much DIY will save you, you must fully evaluate all the costs involved in your design then compare them to the price of a similar ready-made invite.

Costs may include:

  • Materials – (paper, envelopes, embellishments)
  • Potential tools – (cutting/scoring tools, embossers, stamps, etc.)
  • Printing – (a new printer, ink/toner)

After adding it all up, are savings significant enough to be worth the time and effort of DIY? That’s the key.

Consider Time (DIY Invites Take a Lot of It)

Time is money too, so they say, and DIY invitations take a lot of it. Before committing, ask yourself, “do I have the time to balance work, wedding planning, friends, family, and DIY invitations?”

If you’re already a busy person, adding another project to your plan may not be ideal. You don’t want to complete your invitations in haste or stress. DIY is supposed to be fun!

Consider All That Diy Entails

is it worth making your wedding invitations

So what is it about making your invitations that take so much time and effort, you ask?

Here’s the answer––from gathering ideas to the final trip to the post office 6-8 weeks before the big day, you’ll need to get through the following list:

Gather Design Ideas

Even if you have a design in mind, it’s still a good idea to browse forums, blogs, and social media for inspiration, ideas, and tips.


After gathering ideas, order samples and experiment with various specialty papers, envelopes, and embellishments to find just the right look.

Test Print

Not all papers are compatible with all printers. It is recommended you order sample papers in various weights and finish seeing what your home printer is capable of.

List of Things to Do When Making Your Invitations


Although the actual printing process should not take much time, it is essential to leave room for error. Mistakes may happen – printers run out of ink, words smudge, paper misfeeds – so it is best to be prepared by keeping extra supplies and extra Time on hand.


Invitation assembly is perhaps the longest part of the process. Depending on your design, you may need Time to layer, wrap, embellish, etc. You will also need to arrange and stuff each ensemble into an envelope. Without help, you are unlikely to do this all in one sitting, so be sure to leave adequate time for this step.

Take a Trip to the Post Office

After your invitations are complete, take one entire ensemble to the post office to determine the proper postage. You don’t want to risk your invitations coming back due to inadequate postage! Don’t forget to stamp the RSVPs too!

Take Another Trip to the Post Office

After your invitations are all stamped, head to the post office again to put them in the mail. We recommend hand cancelling invitations to protect them from high-speed machinery.

Consider Your Creative Ability

A significant advantage of designing your invitations is having complete creative control over your final product. Unlike pre-made invites that limit you to a select variety, DIY invitations restrict you only to your imagination, budget, and creative ability.

Everyone has varying levels of Money, Time, and talent to put towards their invitations, and it is essential to be realistic about your resources from the beginning.

Chances are if you are putting a solid effort in, your invites will turn out great. However, if you’re striving for a design that is out of your price or talent range, the invitation you imagine and the invitation that results may highly differ. This is the “champagne taste on a beer budget” phenomenon, and you should avoid it.

Diy Wedding Invitations: Tips & Tricks

Do Some Research

Start by looking at pictures of wedding invitations online for inspiration. 

Shop Savvy

Craft stores and other retail outlets should have a variety of specialized cardstock that will suit your needs. Try shopping online for your papers; you can find great deals and online coupons that might not be available in store. Purchase coloured card stock in the colour you want for the back of your invitation and cut it to a size that fits in the envelopes you want to use for the invitations.

Get Great Tools

A good paper cutter can help if you’re planning to make DIY wedding invitations. If you don’t have one, you can usually find them available for use at copy shops. Additionally, you could consider purchasing one at your local craft store– don’t forget your coupon! If you need to order it, be sure to check shipping quotes so that your overall cost still fits into your budget.

Design and Layout

Format the text of your invitation to fit on a page ½-1″ smaller than your large pieces of card stock. (For example, your cardstock pieces might be 5″ x 7″ and your smaller paper might be 4″ x 6″.) Once you have the layout completed, print a test invitation and cut it down to size. You’ll want to get an idea of exactly how the finished product will look.

Printing Your Invitations

You can easily print your DIY wedding invitations at home using a basic inkjet or laser printer. Just make sure you have plenty of ink!

Budget Ways to Add a Diy Wow Factor to Wedding Invites

The key to creating a wow wedding is to focus on the little details and how they fit with the vibe of your celebration, starting with your wedding invitations. Adding a few simple touches to customize and personalize your wedding invites will wow your guests and get them set for the celebration to come. 

Get Your Personalized Stamp

Yes, personalized stamps are a thing, and you can use them to make your wedding invitation or add a return address on the wedding invitation envelopes. You can find a wide variety of custom rubber stamps on the web.

Put a Ribbon on It

Adding a ribbon to your wedding invite is a gorgeous little extra and the perfect way to keep all the other elements you include, such as travel information, RSVP cards, etc. Add a little tag for an extra special touch.

Creative Edging With Punches

Make fancy corners or edges on your wedding invitations with a special punch or stamp cutter. They’re available in a variety of different sizes and designs from craft stores and online. It’s effortless to use; just give yourself a bit of time and make sure you have a good table and a steady hand (don’t do it while tired, or you’ll end up with patterns that are off.)

Address Your Invitations Beautifully With Calligraphy

It’s been a while since handwriting classes in primary school, but if you want to make an impact with your invitations, start with addressing them perfectly (not in your day-to-day scrawl!) Up your calligraphy game with one of the many calligraphy classes or DIY tutorials, you can find online. Use your new skills to write your invites or do beautiful addresses on the envelope. 

Add a Wash of Watercolour

It is a straightforward way to recreate those beautiful watercolour invitations you see on Pinterest – create simple wedding invites and print them on watercolour paper. Please give them a beautiful watercolour wash for an expensive party effect! Don’t overdo the watercolour, or the form will be distorted. As always, practice makes perfect. 

Gild the Edges

A nifty little trick that will make simple white invitations look very expensive is to add a touch of glam with a golden edge on either your invitations or envelopes. It’s effortless to do.

Tie With Twine and Tags

Perfect if you are a fan of the rustic wedding look, adding some twine and a custom kraft paper tag gives your invite the perfect personalized touch. Like the ribbon, it also serves to keep all the other elements together inside the envelope.

Add an Envelope Liner

You can’t help but smile when opening an envelope that has a pretty liner hidden inside. There are lots of DIY tutorials online on how to do your own.

Use an Embosser

Take your envelopes from ‘plain ole’ to ‘pretty wow” with a personalized embosser. It’s a subtle and elegant touch that won’t escape your guests. It looks super expensive, but only you will know your secret! 

Seal it With Wax

Nothing says olde worlde luxe more than a wax seal on the envelope of the wedding invitation. You can pick these up in specialist paper or craft stores as well as on Etsy. Before you embark on doing 100 of them at once, conveyor belt style, take a few minutes to practise – too much Wax can look like a mess. Take the Time to get it right, and then you’ll fly through them.

Has it All Covered? Then Diy Is for You!

If you feel DIY will save you money and have the time and resources to create the look you’re after, DIY is a good choice for you. Your invites will be great, and you’ll have a great time making them! Looking for a Wedding Event Planner? Look no further, Vines of the Yarra Valley have you covered.

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