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Ultimate Guide to Plus Size Wedding Dress Shopping

Table of Contents

Best Wedding Dress Styles for Plus Sizes

Every bride, no matter her size, has to try on a few gowns before finding the one. Single and looking for love? Experts in bridal fashion have compiled this collection of classic wedding dress shapes to aid plus-size brides in making an informed decision.

Before We Start, Let’s Have a Chat About the Models:

You won't find any curvy models wearing wedding dresses online, not even in plus sizes. As a result, visualising how these garments will fit your body might be challenging. It also had the unintended consequence of making me dislike my physical appearance.

You can find a lot of information and inspiration online, but be careful not to compare your figure to the models'. I cried quite a bit since I was sure that there was no dress out there that would flatter my figure, that I would look stupid, and that my fiancé must hate me to want to be seen with me. And from there, things just kept getting worse.

If you start to worry that you'll end up looking like an unattractive girl even if you wear a nice dress, it's time to log out of your account and take a break. Stop torturing yourself, I beg you. Stay away from the computer for a bit, and maybe even all wedding porn.

FAQs About Wedding Dress

A-line wedding dresses are flattering for brides of any size and shape. This style fits snugly at the waist and flares out at the hips, thus emphasizing your most flattering curves.

Start by wearing a pair of high-quality control top tights to tuck and smoothen your midsection, lift your buttocks, and slim down your hips and thighs. Then put on cami shapewear or a bodysuit for additional tummy-tucking support.

You're considered a plus-size bride if you normally wear a size 14 or higher, which would be a size 16 in bridal. Most designers do offer plus sizes, but many stores only carry samples in sizes 8, 10 and 12.

Are Bridal Dress Sizes Different from Standard Sizing? Yes, wedding dress sizing is often different from standard sizing. You may know your dress size normally, but it's highly likely that your wedding dress size will be different.

Most modern brides choose to wear some form of shapewear-maybe a strapless bra or a smoothing undergarment-so that they feel supported, secure, and confident in their dream gown. A bride's decision to wear shapewear isn't just about feeling slim or "sucked in," though


The Shops

It all depends on the store you visit and the people you choose to hang out with there. This is a very significant consideration. You can't generalise a bad shopping experience to the entire dress selection because of one bad one. Similarly, if you're being mistreated, it's okay to ask to talk to a manager or cancel the appointment.

Here are a few things to prepare before going on wedding dress shopping:

  • Put on some underwear that boosts your self-esteem.
  • You should bring a strapless bra if you own one. If you want to try on clothes, you can sometimes borrow a bra from the retailer. Some dresses have built-in bras or other support mechanisms.
  • Don't forget to bring your wedding footwear! If not, then bring a pair of shoes of a similar height.
  • Bring a water bottle if the shop permits it. Shopping for dresses will soon dehydrate you.

The Shapewear

With regard to shapewear, you want to appear good, and you may occasionally put on Spanx to help. Yet, ease of use is a priority. In general, take an easy route. Look for a garment that flatters your figure even when you take off the shapewear. Then, if you feel like you need an extra boost, shapewear is an option. But advise your tailor to cut them so that you look fantastic even without Spanx.

The Type of Gowns

First, you should know that dress shops typically only receive samples in certain sizes. But you shouldn't be worried. So, let's look at the various approaches and determine which ones best suit you.

A-Line Gowns Look Great on Every Body

An A-line silhouette with an empire waist is greatly recommended for greater coverage. It's the perfect design for modest brides since the waist begins under the breast and flares out into an A-shaped figure.

Wedding Gowns with a Dropped Waist Hug Your Curves in All the Right Places

Hall thinks that a dropped waist corseted gown can be incredibly sensual for a plus-size bride who wishes to enhance her body. A bodice top can provide the illusion of a waist even if the bride doesn't think she has one. The skirt of a dress with a drop waist can be made more voluptuous if desired. The hips can also be accentuated attractively with this cut.

Ball Gowns Work Magic for Pear-Shaped Brides

Decide on a classic ball gown that skims your waist for a flattering look. Ball gowns are perfect for pear-shaped brides since they highlight the bust and shoulders, while the full skirt leaves enough to the imagination. Moreover, a ball gown may make even the most unattractive woman feel like a princess.

Mermaid Wedding Gowns Give You Legs for Days

Consult a tailor to ensure that the flare-out begins above the knees to provide the impression of longer legs. Mermaid silhouettes make the waist emphasised; it is the form-fitting nature of the dresses.

Try Trumpet Wedding Gowns that Fit, Flare, and Flatter

Like a mermaid dress, a trumpet wedding dress is form-fitting through the bust and hips and then widens out at the base of the skirt. However, with trumpet dresses, the flare starts at the middle of the thigh.

Corset Wedding Gowns Cinch You In and Boost Your Bust

A dress with an integrated corset can help you look trimmer in the waist and more bountiful in the bust. Dresses that have corsets already attached are particularly popular with plus-size brides. In order to help fuller-figured brides achieve a flattering silhouette, corsets are often incorporated into the designs.

Sheath Gowns Lengthen and Lean You Out

Sheath dresses are great for giving the impression of length and height. The dress's smooth silhouette always looks great; plus, it's a cinch to alter in length. Even the most form-fitting sheath dresses have a substantial underpinning.

High-Low Wedding Gowns Are a Great Way to Highlight Your Legs

A slightly elevated hem, like that of a sheath gown, has the effect of lengthening the legs and the body. Not to mention, it's the ideal wedding dress for the modern bride because of its unconventional shape. It's dramatic yet practical, as it covers your backside only a little while letting your legs shine.

A High-Necked Wedding Dress Elongates the Bride's Silhouette.

You should take care with a dress that looks simple but is actually quite high maintenance. If it doesn't fit properly, even a dress with a simple design and impeccable tailoring could require constant lifting all night. And why would you want that?!

High necklines are chic and attractive for any figure, but they are especially practical for women with cleavage who are concerned about avoiding socially awkward wardrobe mishaps on the dance floor.

Illusion necklines are a great way to tone down a bold outfit. The high neckline creates a long, slender line that is quite appealing and contributes to the overall sense of fullness and femininity.

Bridal Jumpsuits Lend Structure and Support

Modern women want to combine comfort and style on their wedding day, and designers have responded by sending exquisite bridal jumpsuits down the aisle.

A jumpsuit is an incredibly practical and, in certain cases, aesthetically pleasing garment. As opposed to a dress, it gives your figure definition and structure, drawing attention to your legs and waist. This is the perfect cut if you want to show off your figure rather than have it hidden by a sea of fabric.

Shoulder-Exposed Wedding Dress Is a Clever Way to Draw Attention Upward

Anyone can appreciate the allure of a shoulder cutout and a flimsy sleeve. Women who don't want to show too much skin might nevertheless look stylish by giving their upper arms the cold shoulder.

A drop-sleeve with soft ruffles is a lovely and on-trend option for brides who want to play with volume and dimension without having extra weight on their gowns.

A Few More Tips for Buying a Plus-Size Wedding Gown

You are now well-prepared for dress shopping, as you know the specific details that make plus-size wedding gowns so attractive. Here are some more rules to follow on your quest for the ideal dress!

Choose the Larger Size if You’re Worried About It Being Too Snug.

Choose a size that flatters your bust if your bottom is smaller, or vice versa, and get the other parts adjusted to accommodate your smaller section of the body (this advice applies to everyone). The dress can be made to fit properly by taking it down to the appropriate length, which is a much easier (and cheaper) alteration for the tailor to do than taking it in.

Don’t Lose Hope if Your Ideal Dress Isn’t Available in Your Size

If you find a designer dress that you just must have, but it doesn't seem to come in your size when you're purchasing off the shelves, that doesn't imply it doesn't exist. Even if the shop you're in doesn't stock gowns in sizes 24 or above, chances are good that the label that makes the dress does. There are some designers that will make you pay more if you want a greater size. Although this is a lot of money, you might be prepared to shell out for the garment of your dreams if it costs this much.

Check for Ruts

Any garment with ruching could be quite accommodating, regardless of your stature or body type. It also aids in providing support and lends structure to the outfit. In particular, try to find dresses that have an asymmetrical ruching design, such as gathering on one side. The vertical lines of the pattern draw attention to the wearer's face.

The Piece-Meal Gown Is Not the Way to Go

Piecemeal-looking dresses should be avoided. A dress may have one fabric or texture at the bodice and a completely another one at the hips or the skirt, for instance. Disruptions in the flow of the body's silhouette, whether from contrasting fabrics or shapes that don't mesh well, can be unattractive. Don't feel like you have to use the same material throughout the entire city; just make sure everything connects and flows well.

Consider the Asymmetrical Elements

Shop for gowns with asymmetrical details, which are more flattering and artistic and one-of-a-kind. The asymmetrical hem of the dress will direct the viewer's attention to the floor and will cause the skirt to flare out, offsetting any extra volume in the bust or waist. This is why (maybe surprisingly) an asymmetrical dress is one of the most flattering wedding dress silhouettes for women of larger builds.

Don't Go With Fake Materials

Thin textiles like silk charmeuse and chiffon should be avoided since they cling to the body and accentuate flaws. Except for that, try whatever you like: Organza, lace, satin, and taffeta are all very flattering for plus-size brides.

Pick Something That Says Who You Are

On her wedding day, the woman should feel free to express her personal style in whatever way she pleases. Flowers, ruffles, beading, and bows are just some of the embellishments, details, and shapes that may be found in plus sizes.


It can be challenging for plus-size brides to find the perfect wedding dress, so we've compiled this guide to help you. When you take off your shapewear, your physique will still look great. Coverage-wise, an A-line or empire-waist style is the way to go. Brides with a pear shape will look stunning in ball gowns because they draw attention to the breast and shoulders. The bride who wants to show off her curves without hiding them can consider a corseted, dropped-waist gown.

A dress with a built-in corset can make you appear slimmer around the middle and fuller across the bust. Stylish and flattering on all body types, high necklines are a wardrobe essential for cleavage-loving women. A jumpsuit is a one-piece outfit that serves multiple purposes and can even be stylish. If you want to experiment with volume and dimension without adding bulk to your dress, a drop-sleeve style with soft ruffles is a beautiful alternative. It is far simpler (and less expensive) for the tailor to shorten a dress to the proper length than it is to take it in.

Some fashion houses can charge you more if you need a larger size. Look for dresses with asymmetrical cuts and embellishments, making you stand out from the crowd while highlighting your individual style. Avoid using inferior substitutes: Wedding dresses made of organza, lace, satin, or taffeta look beautiful on plus-size brides. Embellishments, accents, and forms in plus sizes can include flowers, ruffles, beading, and bows.

Content Summary

  • There is no such thing as a "one size fits all" when it comes to wedding dresses; every bride must try on multiple options before making her final decision.
  • You can forget about finding curvy models, even in larger sizes, wearing wedding dresses while shopping online.
  • Therefore, it may be difficult to imagine how these items would fit your physique.
  • You can learn a lot and get inspired by what you see on the internet, but don't judge your own body by the standards of the models you see.
  • If you're starting to feel like an undesirable girl no matter what you wear, take a break and log out of your account.
  • Avoid the internet and, perhaps, all wedding porn for a while.
  • The shop you go to and the friends you make there make a huge difference.
  • Having a poor time with one outfit doesn't mean you have to write off the entire rack.
  • It's also OK to request a manager's intervention or cancel the appointment if you feel you're being treated unfairly.
  • Wear underwear that makes you feel good about yourself.
  • Oftentimes, a store may let you borrow a bra for the purpose of trying on garments.
  • Some gowns may have bras or other forms of internal support already installed.
  • When it comes to shapewear, you occasionally put on Spanx because you care about how you look.
  • To the contrary, simplicity of usage is highly valued.
  • In most cases, the simplest option is the best.
  • If you want to feel confident in what you're wearing even without the shapewear, it's important to find something that works for your body type.
  • Then, shapewear is a choice if you believe that you need a little help.
  • Tell your tailor to cut them so you'll look great even if you don't want to wear Spanx.
  • You should know right off the bat that most dress retailers only get sample sizes in a select few sizes.
  • All figures flatter those adorned in A-line dresses.
  • If you want more covering, an A-line or empire-waist style is your best bet.
  • The waistline starts below the bust, and the skirt spreads out into an A-line, making this a great option for brides who want to show off their curves without drawing attention to themselves.
  • If the bride does not feel she has a waist, a bodice top can help create the appearance of one.
  • When wearing a dress with a drop waist, the skirt can be flared out for added voluptuousness.
  • Brides who have a pear shape will look stunning in a ball gown.
  • Pick a traditional ball gown that skims your waist for a classy and elegant appearance.
  • The bust and shoulders are emphasised by the bodice of a ball gown, and the long skirt allows plenty to the imagination for a bride with a pear shape.
  • Furthermore, even the least attractive lady could feel like a princess in a ball gown.
  • You'll have endless legs in a mermaid wedding dress.
  • Having longer legs is as simple as making sure the flare-out begins above the knees, which a tailor can do for you.
  • A dress with a built-in corset can make you appear slimmer around the middle and fuller across the bust.
  • Plus-size brides favour dresses that come with built-in corsets.
  • Bridal corsets are commonly included into styles to help brides with larger figures create a more figure-flattering look.
  • You will look taller and leaner with a sheath dress.
  • A sheath dress is a terrific choice if you want to create the appearance of length and height.
  • The dress's simple shape is always flattering, and it's easy to customise to any height.
  • Any sheath dress, no matter how figure-hugging, has a thick foundation.
  • Wedding dresses with a high low hemline are a beautiful way to show off your legs.
  • A sheath dress or other garment with an asymmetrical hemline can make the wearer appear taller and leaner.
  • In addition, its unique cut makes it perfect for the contemporary bride.
  • When it comes to wedding dresses, a high neckline is a great way to make the bride look taller and thinner.
  • Dresses that seem uncomplicated might often be highly time-consuming and difficult to care for.
  • Even the most elegant and well-tailored gown can become an ordeal to wear if it doesn't fit properly.
  • High necklines are stylish and flattering on all body types, but they are especially helpful for cleavage-bearing ladies who want to cover their chests without drawing unwanted attention while dancing.
  • The use of an illusion neckline is a terrific approach to soften an otherwise daring ensemble.
  • The high neckline elongates the wearer's silhouette in a way that's both visually appealing and vital in the garment's ability to convey an air of lush femininity.
  • Bridal jumpsuits of excellent design have been sent down the aisle in response to the demand of today's brides for wedding attire that satisfies both her desire for ease and her desire for elegance.
  • A jumpsuit is a one-piece outfit that serves multiple purposes and can even be stylish.
  • Women who wish to experiment with volume and dimension without adding excess weight to their wedding dresses might consider a drop-sleeve with delicate ruffles.
  • Now that you have a better understanding of what makes plus-size wedding gowns so appealing, you can confidently go dress shopping.
  • For your continued pursuit of the perfect dress, here are some more guidelines to keep in mind.
  • If you're concerned about the fit, go up a size.
  • If your bust is smaller than your bottom, select a size that flatters your bust, then have the other sections altered to fit your smaller body portion (this advice applies to everyone).
  • It would be considerably simpler (and cheaper) for the tailor to shorten the dress to the correct length in order to make it fit than it would be to take it in.
  • If the dress of your dreams doesn't come in your size, don't give up hope.
  • If a designer dress is calling your name but isn't available in your size when shopping in-store, it doesn't mean it doesn't exist online.
  • Even if the store itself doesn't carry gowns in sizes 24 and up, the designer probably does.
  • Some fashion houses can charge you more if you need a larger size.
  • Despite the high price tag, you may be willing to splurge on the dream outfit.
  • Any ruched garment has the potential to flatter any wearer, regardless of height or build.
  • Supportive and sculptural, it helps make the garment whole.
  • Look for dresses that include a ruching or gathering detail on one side.
  • The pattern's vertical lines emphasise the wearer's cranium.
  • It's not smart to go with a piecemeal gown.
  • It's best to avoid outfits that look like they were thrown together.
  • The bodice and the hips or the skirt of a dress may be made of a different fabric or texture than the rest of the garment.
  • Contrasting fabrics or shapes that don't blend properly might be unpleasant because they disrupt the flow of the body's outline.
  • It's not necessary to stick with a single material throughout the city, but you should make sure it all flows together well.
  • Look for dresses with asymmetrical cuts and embellishments, which will make you stand out from the crowd while also highlighting your individual style.
  • The flare of the skirt, brought about by the asymmetrical hem, will draw attention away from the bust and the waist, and onto the floor.
  • For this reason, an asymmetrical dress is (perhaps surprisingly) one of the most flattering wedding dress shapes for women of larger builds.
  • Thin fabrics such as silk charmeuse and chiffon should be avoided as they cling to the body and exaggerate faults.
  • Aside from that, you're free to experiment: Wedding dresses made of organza, lace, satin, or taffeta look beautiful on plus-size brides.
  • The bride should feel completely at ease expressing her individual sense of style on her wedding day.
  • Embellishments, accents, and forms in plus sizes can include flowers, ruffles, beading, and bows.

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