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What Are The Unconventional Wedding Reception Tips?

Couples today are more likely than ever to provide their guests with various activities and entertainment during their wedding reception to get the celebration started and keep it going.

Here are some creative wedding reception ideas, with and without dancing, ranging from traditional lawn games to hiring professional performers and printing your face on a cocktail.

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FAQs About Wedding Venue

  • Have a pre-ceremony cocktail hour. 
  • Write your vows (love letters) 
  • Have a family member or friend officiate the wedding. 
  • Wedding party with whoever the couple wants on their side.
  • Include your pets
  • A grown-up flower girl or ring bearer.

Have a picnic with your closest friends and family after the ceremony, or return to your house and turn up the music. On the other hand, you could do something completely original and go to the cinema to watch a film. There are no rules as to what your reception has to include, so do what you want to, and enjoy it.

  • Hire a roaming raw bar. 
  • Surprise guests with an end-of-the-night food truck. 
  • Pick an incredible backdrop for your engagement session. 
  • Could you show them some #Natitude? 
  • Guide guests to their seats with take-home wine stoppers. 
  • Frame the scenery. 
  • Forget the flower baskets.
  • Have your wedding at a unique venue like an art gallery.
  • How about a warehouse.
  • Have your wedding in your backyard.
  • Have your wedding at an Airbnb /VRBO.
  • City Hall and a meal.
  • Have a BBQ instead of a wedding reception.
  • Eloping somewhere totally awesome with your best friends.

Elopement refers to a marriage conducted in a sudden and secretive fashion, usually involving a hurried flight away from one's place of residence together with one's beloved to get married without parental approval.

Pose a Game to Your Guests!


An outdoor party is the first choice. Arrange lawn sports like croquet or other outside activities. Bocce ball, a giant Jenga set, and customised corn hole are just some of the diversions available. While your guests are engaging in friendly alcohol-related competition, set the mood with some smooth jazz or bluegrass.

Recruit a Painter to Do the Job

Having custom artwork made is a novel idea for a wedding party. First, you need to hire an artist to paint a scene from the ritual. Guests love observing the scenario unfurl on the canvas all through the night.

After that, put the performer in a spot where they'll be visible to everybody in the room but where people can still get up close and personal. To ensure the backdrop is finished before the supper guests arrive, provide the artist instant access.

Engage in Some Photo Booth Fun, Possibly Two!

We recommend setting up a pair of photo booths so guests may take home a souvenir from the event, no matter their interests. Each booth, she suggests, needs its unique backdrop and set pieces. Customers can choose their prefered method of service or try out both options.

A Drink With Your Face On It

Inviting guests to take photos in a photo booth that doubles as a bar are a novel and exciting way to have some lighthearted fun. This can be timed to coincide with your photo booth, allowing couples to have a beverage while creating their most modern stance, which can subsequently be Instagrammed. The image might also be printed on a cocktail napkin and placed at each guest's setting.

It's an intimate and brilliantly pleasant addition to your wedding.  Have guests send in pictures in advance to make it a reality. Get the word out about the hashtag you've chosen to use if you want to join the discussion.

Teach Your Guests to Appreciate a Fine Bottle of Wine or Distilled Spirit.

Make your bar more than just a place to drink by hosting a live sample of your preferred wines or spirits. Anyone, even a kid, could accomplish it. You may arrange a tasting with a theme, such as a tasting of your favourite bourbons or a tasting of beers by brewpubs.

The occasion is also perfect for sharing a bottle of Champagne or a flight of wines with your partner to celebrate your marriage in the City of Love. Then, during the cocktail hour, have a waiter or sommelier conduct tastings for groups of attendees.

Organize a Bar Where Customers Can Create Their Drinks.

DIY bar setups give customers a sense of agency in the drinks they order. The bartender will make the base of the drink, such as a pint, and customers can make it their own by choosing from a variety of herbs and botanicals. Alternately, you might stock a martini bar with several spirits and mixers, allowing guests to create their cocktails with options like gin or vodka, a heavy or light shake, and extras like olives or a pinch of lemon.

Establish a Photo Studio

Instead of having fun with your friends in a photo booth with cheesy props, why don't you treat them to a formal portrait session? Make ready a photo studio where guests may get their pictures shot against a stylish backdrop and in ideal lighting conditions. The final images are flawless and worthy of publication in a glossy magazine. Where's the catch? Images were captured by a human photographer rather than an automatic system.

Make sure the background colours and furnishings match the theme of your wedding and attempt to mix up the heights of your guests to create a more dynamic shot.

Bring in Some Aerialists, Some Mermaids, and Some Interactive Performers

Excessive amounts of acrobat entertainment options that impress guests include mermaids frolicking in pools and Prosecco toasts. Think about what might work best in the context of your event. Is it in the works to hire professional dancers decked up in disco ball garb to attract people to the dance floor? Aiming for a dramatic first impression? Do you think we could have any statues that can be moved around?

We like it when guests enter a room after happy hour and find something that sparks immediate excitement. Do not worry yourself silly by trying to handle every aspect of production. Instead, hire a company that specialises in costumes, rigging, and actors. Kick back and enjoy the show.

Stand Around For A Full-Circle Camera Shot

In the same way that Hollywood's A-listers do prior to the biggest award presentations, you can use the red carpet as an occasion to ask your visitors to pose for a 360-degree film. Wearing formal attire, such as a black tie, is recommended. Rather than going home after a long day, why don't you spend the night imagining you're a famous Hollywood actor or actress?

Live Band Karaoke

Guests singing karaoke at such a wedding might not be the first thing you think of, but listen to us: keep up the karaoke with a live band tradition.

Take everything you love in karaoke and chuck away what you dislike. That rules out explosives made of sake or cheesemaking machinery. The couple and also the band instead work together in advance to compile a repertoire of songs that everybody will love.  The last hour of reception can be dedicated to karaoke, with guests taking to the stage with iPads displaying song lyrics.

Distinguish the Unusual from the Common Wedding Rite

With the start of the organ music, all eyes in the church are drawn to the front. For the parade to officially begin, this is the go-ahead.

Tradition dictates that the groom's mother accompany her child down the aisle and take a seat on the left end of the first row of church chairs. Meanwhile, the groom has magically shown up for the big event.

Men and women are always assigned to each other as bridesmaids and best men, respectively. They walk down the aisle in silence, expressions of solemnity on their faces.

The happy couple stands on opposite sides of the altar during the ceremony.

Feminine = Left = Future Mrs.

Alternatives to the Common Wedding Ritual

lighted tree decor on wooden dock photo – free ima

Here's some good news: You can change anything you want, so long as you do it in compliance with the legislation where you live. In this guide, we will discuss how to plan a wedding that may be attended by anyone, anywhere in the globe.

  • First, think about this additional proposal. Those who were unable to attend your wedding ceremony can watch it online.
  • Instead of just the groom and bride exchanging kisses and hugs, include the children in your wedding vows.
  • Let the parents of the groom and bride each give away their child(s). Instead of "giving away" the bride, parents should "take home" their child's future marriage. (This is meant figuratively. The hosts have no intentions of accommodating you. LOL.)
  • You can use ferns instead of flowers for your bouquet. Beautiful flowers can be made using paper, brooches, or pins.
  • Instead of scattering grain or birdseed while you and his party exit the chapel, play music and make everyone dance!
  • Forget the hat and scarf; it's time to go bareheaded.
  • Change the venue from a church to somewhere else. Do not discount the considerations above when faced with less typical scenarios. You can choose one of these options as an alternative.
  • Replace the stereotypical bridesmaids and groomsmen with best man and brides-people, respectively.
  • If no one seems like a natural choice for a flower girl or ring bearer, you can spare yourself some trouble and forego having them there.
  • The bride and groom should face the audience during the ceremony.

Alternative to Wedding or Bridal Attire

Getting up for the event is another way to leave guests talking about your wedding for years to come. The tradition requires the bride to wear white. The wedding party looked well coordinated in their matching hues. Tuxedos in black or grey are what the smartest men wear. But when it comes to dressing for your wedding, you might choose from a number of different possibilities.

  • Get rid of the dress and go for bridal pants or anything else for the big day.
  • Get married in a gown of your favourite colour while your attendants wear white.
  • Have your bridesmaids wear cocktail dresses in a coordinated colour scheme or design instead of custom-made gowns.
  • Instead of renting tuxes, have all the men wear suits and shirts and braces without a jacket.
  • Pour yourself a special drink instead of champagne and raise your glass.
  • Guest books are so passe; instead, have them mark a thumbprint wishes trees or hopping rocks.
  • Convert the bar into a self-service area and save on the cost of wait staff.
  • As an alternative to traditional best man & maid of honour addresses, consider having members of the wedding party relate their most memorable anecdotes.
  • Time spent together prior to the wedding is time well spent.
  • Gifts like toy animals and candy can be tossed to the happy couple in lieu of the bouquet and garter.
  • Eat together, but don't just pig out on dessert.
  • Instead of one large tiered cake, consider setting up a dessert table with a selection of smaller cakes and other sweets.
  • Have guests fill an empty gift box with their choice of sweets and snacks from a chocolate or food buffet.
  • Have dessert and party favours as part of the table decorations instead than as separate courses.
  • Throw dances for the kids of the in-laws with their moms and dads.

Not Getting Married? Here Are Some Alternatives

If you'd rather not have a wedding in a church and a formal celebration afterwards, read on! You and your loved one may find that an "anti-wedding" is the best option if you don't want to be married.

In other words, eloping has been successfully used before.

Try to picture this: you and your partner agreed to go on a trip to the city, and the night before you were to leave, you told only the closest of friends and family. So that everyone could take part, you streamed the private event live online.

There could be some dissatisfied relatives among the bunch, but you will feel assured knowing that they would side with yours. But even so! Feeling overjoyed on your bridal day is normal because it is your big day. It's important to remember the challenges involved in planning a non-religious ceremony.


The best option is to have the celebration outside. Plan some lawn games like croquet and other outdoor activities. Your bar may become much more than a place to drink by presenting a live tasting of your favourite alcoholic beverages. Use a picture booth as a bar to entertain your visitors. The event is also ideal for couples to toast with a bottle of Champagne or a variety of wines.

Arrange for a photo booth to be set up so that attendees may have their pictures taken against a chic backdrop. Invest in some extra-inspiring acrobatics after giving some thought to the kinds of entertainment that might work best at your event. When walking the red carpet, you can have guests strike poses for a 360-degree video. With song lyrics displayed on their iPads, attendees can spend the final hour of the reception performing a karaoke show. Here, we went over the steps required to organise a wedding that welcomes guests worldwide.

Play music and have everyone dance as you and his group leave the chapel instead of sprinkling grain or birdseed. The bride's parents should "take home" their child's marriage rather than "give away" the bride. Best men and brides-people are two alternatives to traditional bridesmaids and groomsmen. Have an "anti-wedding" if you don't want to tie the knot.

Content Summary

  • Nowadays, newlyweds are more likely than ever to keep the party going strong with a wide range of activities and entertainment planned for their guests during the reception.
  • Some fun alternatives to the standard dance floor at a wedding reception include lawn games, professional entertainment, and even having your face printed on a cocktail.
  • The best option is to have the celebration outside.
  • Play laid-back jazz or bluegrass while your guests compete in a fun drinking game.
  • Having original artwork done specifically for a wedding is a creative touch.
  • An artist should first be commissioned to depict a ritual moment.
  • We suggest installing at least two picture booths so that everyone who attends can take home a memento of the party.
  • She advises that there be individualised scenery at each booth.
  • The idea of a photo booth that also functions as a bar is a fresh and interesting way to have some fun with your visitors.
  • Having this at your wedding is a great and personal touch that your guests will love. Make it a reality by having guests send in photos in advance.
  • You should promote your selected hashtag if you wish to participate in the conversation.
  • Your bar may become much more than a place to drink by presenting a live tasting of your favourite alcoholic beverages.
  • Arrange a tasting with a specific focus, like a sampling of your favourite bourbons or a tasting of beers from local brewpubs.
  • Set up a bar where patrons can mix their drinks.
  • In a do-it-yourself bar, the consumer has more of a hand in the cocktails they choose.
  • Prepare a photo booth so visitors can get their pictures taken in a professional setting.
  • Make sure the colours and decor are consistent with your wedding's theme, and try to get a variety of guest heights in each image.
  • After a few drinks, it's always nice when there's something in the room that makes people happy right away.
  • Don't stress yourself out by thinking you have to manage every part of production on your own.
  • Collaborate on a 360-degree camera shot by simply hanging around.
  • Use the red carpet as an opportunity to have your guests pose for a 360-degree film, just like Hollywood's greatest stars do before award shows.
  • It's not immediately obvious that having guests sing karaoke at such a wedding would be a good idea, but hear us out: continue the karaoke tradition with a live band.
  • Take the best parts of karaoke and leave the bad parts behind. With song lyrics displayed on their iPads, attendees can spend the final hour of the reception performing a karaoke show.
  • As soon as the organ music begins, all eyes in the congregation are pulled to the front.
  • This signal signifies the start of the parade.
  • It is customary for the groom's mother to walk her son down the aisle and take a seat at the far left end of the first row of church pews.
  • The groom, meanwhile, seemed to have miraculously appeared.
  • The altar separates the pair during the ceremony.
  • Your wedding ceremony will be streamed live online so that those who were unable to attend may still share in the celebration.
  • Do not limit your wedding kisses and hugs to only the bride and groom, but include the children.
  • What if the parents of the bride and groom took turns giving away their kids?.
  • The bride's parents should "take home" their child's marriage rather than "give away" the bride. 
  • Instead of flowers, you can make a bouquet out of ferns.
  • Avoid having this at a church and pick a different location.
  • You can select an alternate solution from the ones presented here.
  • Substitute the best man and the brides-people for the traditional bridesmaids and groomsmen.
  • Avoid unnecessary stress and skip having a flower girl or ring bearer if no one stands out as a natural choice.
  • During the ceremony, the bride and groom should face the guests.
  • One more approach to make your wedding unforgettable for guests is to dress the part.
  • The custom calls for the bride to don white.
  • The wedding party's coordinating colour schemes looked great.
  • However, there are a wide variety of options to consider while picking out a wedding dress.
  • You don't need a dress for your wedding when you can wear bridal pants or something else. Wear a dress of your choice to the wedding and have your attendees dress in white.
  • Instead of having your bridesmaids wear custom-made gowns, have them wear cocktail dresses in a matched colour scheme or style.
  • Have the guys wear suits, shirts, and braces without jackets instead of hiring tuxes.
  • Reduce your bartending expenses by making it a self-service area.
  • Instead of the usual best man and maid of honour speeches, guests might share their favourite stories from the wedding celebration.
  • Spending quality time with each other before the wedding is a wise investment.
  • Share a meal, but don't stuff yourself on dessert alone.
  • Instead of serving dessert and party favours as separate courses, include them in the tablescape.
  • Host dances for the in-laws' offspring and their parents.
  • If you and your significant other have decided that getting married isn't for you, an "anti-wedding" could be the perfect compromise.
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