What Are The Unique and Different Wedding Ideas?

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In this blog post, we'll discuss some of our favourite ideas. So whether you're just starting to plan your wedding or looking for new inspiration, read on for some great ideas!

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FAQs About Wedding Ideas

  • Traditional Religious Wedding Ceremony. 
  • Civil Ceremony Wedding
  • Formal Wedding. 
  • Informal Wedding. 
  • Destination Wedding. 
  • Cruise Wedding. 
  • Elopement Wedding. 
  • Vintage Style Wedding.
  • Unique Ceremony Seating. Give your guests a WOW factor as soon as they enter the venue. 
  • A Unique Bridal Entrance. 
  • Non-Traditional Processional Music. 
  • An Enthusiastic Celebrant.
  • A Unity Ceremony. 
  • Guest Transportation. 
  • Reception Entrance. 
  • Meal Choices.
  • Get plastered. 
  • Skip meals or dehydrate. 
  • Wear killer heels. 
  • Miss the cocktail hour if you don't want to. 
  • Host too much and party too little. 
  • Lose your husband. 
  • Have it out with a vendor in front of your guests.
  • Complaining about your in-laws.
  • Wardrobe change.
  • Switch up the bouquet toss and garter toss.
  • Try this fun spin on table numbers.
  • Organise games for each table.
  • Set up a satellite bar.
  • Book your favourite food truck. 
  • Have a campfire. 
  • Try a fun alternative to a photo booth.
  • The Rings. 
  • Location of the Ceremony. 
  • Location of the Reception.
  • The Bride and Grooms Court. 
  • Dresses and attire. 
  • Tuxedos and attire.
  • Wedding Planner. 
  • Guest List.

Make the Bouquet Minimal

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Minimalist bouquets make a chic and classy statement in a way that the average bountiful bouquet can't—it's the perfect way for a bride to channel her modern style. So allow a nosegay or Biedermeier bouquet to be the focal point of your wedding day look as you make your way down the aisle.

Take Song Requests

Ask invitees to jot down their favourite song on the RSVP card—or have them email it to you instead. Then, compile all the song requests into a playlist and give it to your DJ for various jams that guests will enjoy.

A Flower Girl: Something Blue

In need of something blue? Forget the traditional blue garter or jewellery ideas—a flower girl in blue is so much cuter, especially when accompanied by a flower crown. Alternatively, have the flower girl toss blue-dyed flower petals for a fun twist on this tradition.

Create a Custom Monogram

Add a custom stamp of your and your partner's first initials throughout the wedding for a personal touch. Then, brand it on everything from wedding signs to table numbers and favours for consistency.

Have Fun With Cake Toppers

The traditional bride and groom cake toppers are so 1980s. Top off your cake with an accent that complements the vibe and theme of your wedding. While this rustic-chic light bulb topper is the perfect touch for an industrial-style wedding, a flamingo topper could be a nod to beach weddings.

Play Up Your Tablescape

Instead of using actual plates for plate chargers, opt for something more befitting your tablescape; think palm leaves for a tropical setting or antique tiles like the one shown above for a romantic Italian villa-inspired look.

Make Fruit the Favour

For some favours that guests will use, set up a "farm stand" of fresh fruit and small baskets (or mini crates) that they can fill on their way out the door. Another fun idea is to adorn apples or pears with personalised stickers that contain your names or a pun along the lines of "we make a pear-perfect couple."

When in Doubt, Go Neon

There's no denying the charm of a wooden sign or the elegance of a mirrored sign, but everyone uses them. Instead, opt for something creative that reflects your theme, like a fun neon sign with a sweet love-centric slogan. Consider incorporating a neon sign with your wedding hashtag as a photo booth backdrop for the reception.

Set Up an Eclectic Menu

Take into consideration your perfect food day (breakfast through dinner, plus snacks and dessert). Then, allow your caterer to combine you and your partner's choices into the ideal wedding meal for a diverse menu.

Wedding Day Cookies

Why not match your cookies to your décor? For example, the wedding cookies shown above were "printed" with a toile pattern beloved by the bride. Another idea is to stack the dessert table with cookies frosted with your monogram or shaped like the numerals of your wedding date ("6," "20," "17") for a personal touch.

Don't Forget a Map

If you're having a destination wedding or have many guests from out of town, including a map of the area your wedding will be in with your invitations—they'll be spending the whole weekend there!

Customise Your Wine

Order custom labels for wine and water to put your stamp on libations. If you want to get fancy, you could order mini etched champagne bottles as favours.

Have Fun With Seating

Instead of benches or chairs, select distinctive seating that reflects your wedding style for your ceremony, like floor cushions or these laidback tree stumps painted with tribal print. While it's easy to get caught up in the aesthetic, make sure that the seating you choose is comfortable. Bales of hay, pouffes, and ottomans are all worth looking into if there's a specific vibe you're looking to recreate.

Bring the Boutonniere Into the Theme

Tie your groom's boutonnière into your theme—a seashell brings nautical décor full circle, while a crisp maple leaf celebrates autumn, and cacti evoke desert vibes.

A Coffee Table Book Makes for a Fun Guest Book

Traditional guest books often end up stashed in a closet. So instead, choose a coffee table book covering a subject you love (like this one about historical Los Angeles) and that you'll want to display at home; guests can write on the photos or in the margins.

Even Cocktail Napkins Can Have Some Fun

Give your cocktail napkins some personality by having them printed with fun facts about you and your partner. You could also include trivia questions about the newlyweds as an icebreaker for guests.

Drinks Coasters

Practical bespoke printed coasters are a fun way of making sure drinks are not cleared from the tables while your guests are enjoying themselves on the dance floor – they can also take them home as favours. These heart carved wooden coasters are a great option for something simple!

Bring your guests closer.

Why not change the seating style from formal straight rows and have the chairs set in a circular pattern around you? It can make you more visible to all the guests and make everyone feel more included and the whole ceremony more intimate.

Ribbon Wands

Simple to make and less messy than confetti, ribbon wands can be made in any colour and fit any theme; they can be displayed as a feature. An easy craft to do at your hen party, perhaps?

Give Cocktail Hour a Whimsical Touch

Instead of having waiters carry trays of champagne around, have them refill suspended platforms with the bubbly instead. If just a touch of whimsy is what you're after—and it fits the theme of your wedding—then we recommend adding cocktail umbrella picks or festive paper straws to guests' drinks.

Cool Down With Frozen Treats

Is the weather forecast for your wedding day blistering? Rent a Sno-Cone machine, popsicle bar, or ice cream stand and chill out!

Whip Up Family Recipes for the Dessert Bar

Give the backstory to any family recipes you're serving. Keep the explanations short and significant, and include them on the printed menu. For example, "Aunt Martine's French Onion Soup/Grandma Betty's peach pie."

Guests Love a Little Photo Booth Fun

Set up a mini photo studio at the reception for guests to ham it up in front of the camera. Send their photos with your cards for a fun surprise. GIF photo booths are all the rage these days—don't forget to share your wedding hashtag to encourage attendees to spread the #love.

Display Your Menu on a Charcuterie Board

Instead of displaying the menu on standard stationery, get creative and have it sprawled across plates, marble, or charcuterie boards in elegant calligraphy.

Skip the Party Favours

Is there a charity that's dear to you? Then, donate in your guests' names; leave an explanatory card on each dinner table.

Cocktail Hour Entertainment

Hosting cocktail hour outside? Set up stations of different lawn games—like croquet, badminton, and jumbo Jenga—around the cocktail and lounge area to give your guests some entertainment besides mingling.

Incorporate a Ring Warming Ceremony

Have a ring warming ceremony, in which both wedding bands are passed through guests to send their good wishes and love before they're placed on each finger.

Hire a Live Wedding Painter to Document Your Day

Hire an artist to live paint your ceremony or reception. They'll create a work of art out of the happiest day of your life that you can hang on the walls of your future home and treasure for years.

Put Your Birthstone Front and Centre

Incorporate your birthstone in your tablescape for a special touch. We love the boho glam of these amethyst napkin rings. But, beyond the décor, you could also take it a step further by centring your wedding theme around your birthstone–everything from invitations to the frosting on your wedding cake.

Find Bouquet Alternatives

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Give your bridesmaids something a little more untraditional to carry instead of bouquets. These greenery wreaths with statement flowers are gorgeous and eye-catching. But, of course, we're also into balloons and lanterns as bouquet alternatives.

Get Creative With the Guest Book

Another Guest Book Idea: Leave a glass bowl with cards (or postcards, if you're a wanderlust couple) and pens beside it, with a note asking guests to contribute a favourite memory of you or your partner, a bucket list idea, or a piece of advice for your marriage.

Don't Play It Safe With Your Wedding Day Menu.

Whether you're crazy about old-fashioned egg creams, Belgian waffles, or Philly cheesesteak, ask your caterer about incorporating your faves into the menu. 

Give Your Fur Baby a Moment in the Spotlight

Love your little fur baby? Let him or her inspire your wedding décor. One couple dedicated their cocktail hour to Charlie the pug, creating an escort card with his silhouette and the phrase, "Life with you is like a walk in the park."

A Wedding Exit to Remember

Forget wedding cars! Pick an exit that best suits your style as a couple or wedding theme—a motorcycle for the edgy duo or a sleek tender jetting off into the blue for the chic and glam pair.

Keep the Weather Forecast in Mind

Have an outdoor wedding? Think about the weather and your guests' needs. If it's cold, offer blankets for them to snuggle up in. Likewise, provide parasols for shade if sunny or umbrellas if rain is in the forecast.

Think of Fun Alternatives to the First Dance

Skip the first dance in favour of more meaningful activity for you and your partner. This couple chose to do their first Twister game as husband and wife instead. A round of mini-golf could also be an entertaining way to kick off this new chapter in life.

Win Your Guests Over With VIP-Worthy Welcome Baskets

Be sure to include a handwritten note, a gift card to your favourite coffee shop or bakery, and something locally made—be it a bag of old-fashioned hand-cooked peanuts or chocolate-coated espresso beans.

Bubbly on Wheels

A mobile bar will delight guests during cocktail hour because they won't have to wait in line. Instead, give the bubbly some wheels for a whimsical feel. Consider having a sparkling lemonade stand or even a sorbet cart for guests who don't drink.

Get Personal

Help wedding guests get to know you and your partner better by creating a cute infographic of your relationship to display as a sign on welcome tables. Jackson also suggests incorporating a custom illustration into your save the date card that unfolds to tell the story of how you and your partner met, where you went on your first date, and where you became engaged.

Incorporate Your Vows Into the Decor

For personal table runners, forget the linens and use a long piece of parchment with your vows written on it in calligraphy—très romantique.

Personalise the Bridesmaids' Bouquets

Personalise the bridesmaids' bouquets by selecting flowers that pair with each girl's birth month. Stick to a single colour (pink peonies, pink tulips, pink roses) or colour scheme (jewel tones) to unify the look.

Post-Wedding Snack Favours

Your guests will have worked up an appetite from the dance floor by the time they leave for the night. So send them home with a midnight snack (anything from shoestring fries to popcorn) to eat in their hotel for a favour that will get used.

Get Creative With Escort Cards

Are you a wanderlust pair with a travel theme? Then, go the extra mile and use leather luggage tags to hold the escort or place cards. Consider using beach balls or seashells as escort cards for a summer wedding.

Take Inspo From a Family Photo

Show your florist photos of your mother's bouquet so a florist can design a similar one, like this white '80s-inspired cascading bouquet. Then, of course, chat it over with your photographer first, but another cool idea is to recreate a special wedding moment (like the cake cutting or the wedding exit) from your parents' nuptials.

Use a Large Sign for Heartfelt Messages

Favours are great, but there's nothing like a heartfelt message to thank guests, especially when displayed beautifully. Show your gratitude by having it expressed in elegant calligraphy on a large sign for all to see.

Enlist Your Best Man as an Emcee

Have your best man emcee a trivia quiz about the two of you—ask each table to work as a team to come up with the answers. You could also play a round of "I Spy" or Bingo.

Try Out Different Seating Arrangements for the Ceremony

Circularly design your ceremony seating so guests can get a 360-degree view. If you plan on getting drone shots of your wedding, then think how cool a winding spiral will appear from above.

Sole Messages

Have the groom or bridesmaids write a message to the bride on the bottom of her shoe on the morning of the wedding. It's said that whoever's name does not wear off by the end of the night is the next to get married!

Dress Your Chairs For Dinner

Suppose you can't find a chair cover you'd like to hire. Why not make your decoration – simple coloured ribbons can look pretty, or a bow of personalised printed or embroidered ribbon tied to the top of each one will add a finishing touch but won't blow your budget.

Let Your Partner Know That You're Thinking of Them

Write your soon-to-be spouse a heartfelt message on their wedding shoe for a sweet surprise on the big day. If you're feeling sneaky, slip a secret message to your ring bearer or flower girl to pass along before (or during) the ceremony.

A Family-Style Dinner Adds Intimacy

Instead of the traditional three-course dinner, have your guests sit down to a family-style serving for a more intimate gathering. Use this as an opportunity to mix up couples and encourage conversations among different guests.


Wedding planning can be both fun and stressful. There are so many decisions to make that it's hard to know where to start. But, if you're looking for some unique wedding ideas, we've got you covered. We've gathered a list of some of the most interesting and different wedding ideas. So, whether you want a traditional or non-traditional wedding, we have something for everyone.

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