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What Are The Unique and Different Wedding Ideas?

In this blog post, we'll discuss some of our favourite ideas. So whether you're just starting to plan your wedding or looking for new inspiration, read on for some great ideas!

Table of Contents

FAQs About Wedding Ideas

  • Traditional Religious Wedding Ceremony. 
  • Civil Ceremony Wedding
  • Formal Wedding. 
  • Informal Wedding. 
  • Destination Wedding. 
  • Cruise Wedding. 
  • Elopement Wedding. 
  • Vintage Style Wedding.
  • Unique Ceremony Seating. Give your guests a WOW factor as soon as they enter the venue. 
  • A Unique Bridal Entrance. 
  • Non-Traditional Processional Music. 
  • An Enthusiastic Celebrant.
  • A Unity Ceremony. 
  • Guest Transportation. 
  • Reception Entrance. 
  • Meal Choices.
  • Get plastered. 
  • Skip meals or dehydrate. 
  • Wear killer heels. 
  • Miss the cocktail hour if you don't want to. 
  • Host too much and party too little. 
  • Lose your husband. 
  • Have it out with a vendor in front of your guests.
  • Complaining about your in-laws.
  • Wardrobe change.
  • Switch up the bouquet toss and garter toss.
  • Try this fun spin on table numbers.
  • Organise games for each table.
  • Set up a satellite bar.
  • Book your favourite food truck. 
  • Have a campfire. 
  • Try a fun alternative to a photo booth.
  • The Rings. 
  • Location of the Ceremony. 
  • Location of the Reception.
  • The Bride and Grooms Court. 
  • Dresses and attire. 
  • Tuxedos and attire.
  • Wedding Planner. 
  • Guest List.

Reducing the Flower Arrangement to Its Barest Essentials

selective focus photography of chair beside table

The modern bride can best express her sense of style with a minimalist bouquet, making a much more striking statement than the abundant bouquet. As you go down the aisle, let flowers arranged in the style of the Biedermeier or nosegay serve as the focal focus of your bridal ensemble.

Accept Requests for Music

Have a spot on the RSVP cards for visitors to write down or email you their prefered music selections. Finally, provide your DJ with a big list of song requests to ensure a diverse playlist.

Something Blue for the Flower Girl

The world would be dull without some blue, right? Compared to the standard blue garter or other jewellery, a flower girl dressed in blue, particularly when paired with a tiara, is much cuter. The flower girl could instead spread blue-dyed flower petals instead.

Make Your Initials

Make the wedding more special by having a custom stamp with your initials and your spouse's initials. After that, for the sake of consistency, stamp it on everything from the invitations to the table numbers to the wedding favours.

Enjoy Some Fun With Cake Decorations

Classic cake toppers of a married couple are very 1980s. Make sure the cake has a final touch that complements the theme of the party. This light bulb cake topper is perfect for an industrial wedding, while flamingos are more home for a seaside bash.

Spruce Up Your Dinner Setting

Plates can be set with palm fronds for a tropical feel or old tile such as the one shown for an Italian house ambience.

Do Yourself a Favour and Use Fruit

Prepare party favours in advance by stocking a "farmers market" of fruit and small baskets (or miniature crates) for guests to fill on the way out. Apples and pears can be made more special with a sticker bearing a pun, such as "we make a shaped couple" or your initials.

Go Neon When in Doubt

Even if everyone uses them, nobody can deny the lovable appeal of a large sign or the elegant attractiveness of a mirrored sign. Pick something one-of-a-kind that fits the theme well, like a neon light with a clever romantic phrase. Think about having a sign on the wall with the wedding hashtag as a background for the photography studio at the reception.

Create a Diverse Food Menu

Just picture your diet on a perfect day (breakfast through dinner, snacks and dessert). Allow the caterer to combine your two menu choices to create the ideal wedding meal.

Sweet Treats for the Big Day

It would make sense to serve cookies that go with the decor of the space. As a sweet surprise for the bride, the toile pattern seen above was "printed" into wedding cookies. Cookies decorated with your name or the date of your wedding (6/20/17) might be a fun addition to the dessert table.

A Map Should Always Be Carried

A map of the venue should be included in the invitations if the event is a vacation or if many guests are travelling from afar to attend. After all, you have weekend guests.

Personalize Your Bottle of Wine

Having custom labels produced for your wine or water is the ideal way to put your stamp on these beverages. For a classy party favour, consider miniature engraved champagne bottles.

Seating Can Be Fun, So Have Some

Instead of traditional benches, opt for creative seating like these tribally painted tree stumps or comfy floor cushions during the ceremony. Seating is an area where it's tempting to let aesthetics take precedence over practicality. Poufs, ottomans, and hay bales are all viable options if a particular atmosphere is desired.

Embed the Corsage into the Concept

You could use the vicar's boutonnière to carry on the theme; a seashell would go well with nautical decorations, a maple leaf would be a fitting tribute to the changing of the seasons, and cacti would evoke images of the desert.

Use a Side Table Book as a Novel Approach to the Guest Book.

Traditional party guest books tend to be ignored once the event has concluded. You might have people sign console table books about a subject you're interested in instead.

Even the Napkin in Your Cocktail Glass May Join the Merriment.

You and your date can add some flair to your whiteboards by including fun facts about the two of you. In addition to the standard icebreakers, you can also have guests respond about the happy couple.

Tableware Coasters

By giving out personalised printed coasters, guests can keep their drinks from dripping down the floor as they enjoy themselves on the dance floor and take one home as a memento of the evening.

Gather Everyone in Close.

Why are the seats in a circle about you instead of in a long row? Your visitors will remember you and the event more fondly if you make an effort to personalise their experience.

Curling Ribbons

Ribbon wands can be made in either colour to go with a celebration's theme, and they are much less of a hassle to set up and remove than confetti. An option for such a hen party activity basket.

Make Happy Hour More Fun by Adding Some Whimsy

Instead of carrying heavy trays all through the celebration, have the waiter use floating platforms to restock the champagne. Cocktail parasol picks, or colourful paper straws are a terrific way to inject lightheartedness into the reception without going overboard.

Indulge in Some Ice Cream to Chill Out

Do you think it's possible that the temperature on your wedding day will be high? Hire a mobile ice cream parlour, popcorn vendor, or Sno-Cone machine to help you relax.

Create Sweet Treats from Family Recipes

Involve your guests in the backstory of the traditional dishes you're serving. Don't pad the printed menus with a lot of needless words; instead, stick to concise descriptions. Some examples of such recipes include "Aunt Martine's French Onion Soup" and "Grandma Betty's Peach Pie."

Everyone Enjoys Some Photo Booth Merriment at Parties.

Convert the lobby into a temporary photo studio where guests can pose for amusing snapshots. Post pictures of them on your cards for a pleasant surprise. The hashtag for your wedding should be widely publicised, as GIF photo booths are becoming increasingly common at contemporary nuptials, and you want your guests to take full advantage of them.

Use a Charcuterie Board to Present Your Menu

Instead of dull placemats, showcase the menu with beautiful handwriting on plates, marbles, or cheese boards.

Toss the Party Favors

Which charity do you support the most, and why? Then, put an explanatory card at each guest's place setting and make a financial donation in their honour.

During the Cocktail Hour, Enjoy Some Entertainment

Are you prepared for a backyard cocktail party? If you want to give your visitors something to do except mingling, set up lawn games like polo, volleyball, and jumbo Jenga at several stations throughout the cocktails and lounge area.

Observe a Ring-Warming Ritual

Have a warm ring ritual when guests pass each band around to offer your best wishes & love before the diamonds are set on the fingers.

To Capture Your Special Day in Art, Employ a Live Painter

Hire a live painter to create a one-of-a-kind painting for your engagement or reception. They will create something stunning that you can be proud to show in your new home, commemorating the best day of your life.

Promote Your Birthstone to Center Stage

Add a personal touch to your table setting by including your birthstone. The wedding invitations, centrepieces, and cake can all be themed after your birthstone for a truly unique event.

Find a Substitute for Bouquets

party dish arrangement photo – free image on unspl

You don't have to get your bridesmaids the traditional bouquet if you don't want to. Balloons and lanterns are great alternatives to flower bouquets.

Have Fun Personalising Your Guestbook.

A glass bowl containing notes (or cards, if you are a wanderlust pair) and pens next to it can serve as both a standard guest book and a memories bowl, wishlist, or marriage advice for the happy couple.

Your Wedding Menu Is Not the Time to Play It Safe.

Be sure to inform the caterer of any unique needs you may have, such as the need to serve traditional fares like egg whites, Belgian waffles, or Philadelphia chicken fried steak.

Honour Your Pet by Putting Him or Her in the Spotlight.

Does your heart melt whenever you think about your fuzzy little kid? He or she may be a source of inspiration for your wedding design.

An Exit to Remember at the Wedding

The use of limos for weddings is so 1990s. The car you and your new spouse drive away in should be a reflection of the two of you and the spirit of the wedding.

Think About The Weather Report

Having an outdoor wedding ceremony? Ahead of time, make sure you're ready for the weather and the needs of your guests. In the case that it gets chilly, make sure to have plenty of blankets available. Umbrellas and parasols should be provided in case it rains or gets sunny.

Come up with Some Exciting Alternatives to the Traditional First Dance!

If you want to spend quality time with your companion, save the first dance for later in the evening. A round of mini golf is one such enjoyable activity for commemorating a new era's arrival.

Use VIP-Level Welcome Baskets to Impress Your Guests

Include something local, like a package of traditional palm peanuts or a tin of cocoa coffee beans, with a handwritten letter and a gift voucher to their local coffee shop or bakery.

Champagne on Wheels

Your guests will appreciate the convenience of a mobile bar at cocktail hour. If you want to add some whimsy, give the champagne a set of wheels. If you expect guests who don't partake in alcoholic beverages, you might wish to provide a sparkling lemonade or sorbet cart.

Involve Yourself in the Conversation

Make a cute infographic about your relationship to put on the welcome boxes at the ceremony. Your visitors will have a significantly simpler time learning about you and your future spouse. Use the save-the-date card to tell an illustrative story of how you two met, embarked on your first trip, and got engaged.

Be Creative and Use Your Wedding Vows.

Put away the paper towels and replace the tablecloth with a scroll of parchment bearing your calligraphed wedding vows.

Modify the Bridesmaid Bouquets to Reflect Each Individual

Make the girls' bouquets as unique as they are by basing the blooms on their birth months. Consistency is key, so stick to a single colour scheme (say, pink for all of your flora) or a small set of colours (like jewel tones) for the entire arrangement.

Wedding Party Snack Favors

Your guests will have riled up quite a hunger by the time they leave the dance floor. It would be a great favour if you sent them some late-night snacks (popcorn, shoestring fries, etc.) to enjoy in their hotel room.

Make Your Own Unique Escort Cards

How much of a love of travel do you and your significant other shares? Then, for a classy finishing touch, you may use leather luggage tags to display your escort or place cards. Beach balls and shells would be perfect escort cards for a summer wedding.

Inspiration: Look at Old Pictures of the Family

Send photos of your mom's bouquet to the flower shop so they can make an arrangement similar to it, like this white, cascading one evocative of the 1980s. It could be amusing to reenact a moment from your parent's marriage, such as slicing the cake or perhaps the exit. Discuss this idea with your photographer in advance.

If You Want to Convey Some Emotion, Do It on a Big Sign.

The best way to show your appreciation for your guests is with a handwritten note of thanks that is creatively displayed. Make a large sign expressing gratitude to them in beautiful calligraphy and display it prominently.

Select the Most Entertaining Person to Serve as Master of Ceremonies

One idea is to have the best man run a trivia contest about two of them, with topics that attendees will need to discuss in order to answer. Bingo and the game "I Spy" are also great choices.

Alter the Seating Plan for the Ceremony and See How It Goes.

To ensure that all attendees can see and participate in the proceedings, chairs should be arranged in a circle during the ceremony. Think of how wonderful a walkway that winds in a spiral might appear in drone photos of your wedding.

Direct Messages

Have the bridegroom or bridesmaid write a kind message on the sole of the couple's shoe on the day of the wedding. According to urban mythology, the next person to be engaged is the one whose name hasn't faded by morning.

To Spectacular Dinner Chairs:

Let's imagine you need to rent seat covers for an event but can't find any that work for you. We don't see any reason why you couldn't embellish them yourself. Adding a bow made from customized printed or embroidery ribbon to the top of each one is a simple and inexpensive way to make them look more special.

Send a Thoughtful Text to Your Partner to Show You're Thinking About Them.

Writing a sweet message on your future spouse's wedding shoe is a great way to make their big day more memorable. You can have some fun and show your creative side by providing your groomsman or flower girl with a coded message to relay to the happy couple before (or even during) the ceremony.

The Intimacy of a Meal Shared as a Family

Instead of feeding your guests a traditional three-course meal, try presenting a buffet-style supper. Make the most of it by switching up the seating arrangements and encouraging conversation among your guests.


A minimalist bouquet is a perfect way for the modern bride to show off her individual sense of style. Let a bouquet in the Biedermeier or nosegay style be the show-stopper of your wedding day ensemble as you go down the aisle. Have a stamp made with your new last name and the initials of you and your spouse. If the event is a vacation or many guests are coming from far away, a map of the place should be included with the invitations. Personalize your wine and water bottles with unique labels.

Seat guests in unique ways such as tribally painted tree trunks or plush floor cushions instead of the conventional benches. Guests can enjoy themselves on the dance floor without worrying about spilling their drinks thanks to the coasters and ribbons that have been printed with their names. Instead of using plain tablecloths, guests can admire the evening's offerings in elegant handwriting on plates, marbles, or cheese boards. Ask your guests to replicate recipes from their family's past to give them a personal connection to the traditional dishes you're presenting. Practice a "ring warm" ceremony by having your guests pass their bands around to one another as a sign of goodwill.

Include your birthstone on your place setting for a special touch. For your engagement or wedding reception, consider hiring a live painter to create a custom work of art. If you have any special dietary requirements, please let the caterer know in advance. Make sure you're prepared for the weather and your guests' needs if you've planned an outdoor wedding ceremony. The save-the-date card can convey the tale of how the two of you first connected in a creative and memorable way.

Create flower arrangements for the ladies that are just as one-of-a-kind as they are by using their birth months as inspiration. Sending wedding guests some late-night goodies to their hotel rooms is a thoughtful way to show your appreciation for them. Create a massive sign in exquisite handwriting expressing your appreciation and place it in a prominent location. Have the best man run a trivia contest on two of them if you are the master of ceremonies. Send the happy couple go with a heartfelt note written on the bottom of their shoes by the best man or maid of honour.

Having a groomsman or flower girl carry a secret message to the newlyweds is a great way to show off your sense of humour and inventiveness. Serve a buffet-style dinner to your guests instead of the standard three-course meal.

Content Summary

  • Nowadays, a bride's style might be best conveyed through a minimalist bouquet, which stands out much more than the traditional overflowing bouquet.
  • Bring attention to yourself as the bride with a bouquet in the Biedermeier or nosegay style as you walk down the aisle.
  • Include a blank on the RSVP cards for guests to list their prefered music options or send them to you through email.
  • At the end, give your DJ a long list of songs you want played so you may have a varied setlist.
  • A flower girl in blue, especially when accessorised with a tiara, is considerably cuter than one wearing the customary blue garter or any other jewellery.
  • As an alternative, the flower girl could scatter blue-dyed flower petals.
  • Have a stamp made with your new last name and the initials of you and your spouse.
  • Then, for uniformity's sake, use the same stamp on everything from the invitations to the table numbers to the wedding favours.
  • Traditional cake toppers depicting a husband and wife are so 1980s.
  • It's the icing on the cake, so make sure it matches the party's theme.
  • Instead of flamingos, this light bulb cake topper might be more at home at a beach wedding.
  • If you're going for a more tropical vibe, use palm fronds to set the table, or an antique tile like the one displayed to create the sensation of an Italian home.
  • Fill a "farmer's market" with fruit and little baskets (or miniature crates) for visitors to fill on their way out as party favours.
  • Gifts of apples and pears can be personalised with stickers with a pun, such as "we form a shaped couple," or your initials.
  • No one can deny the endearing charm of a big sign or the beautiful elegance of a mirrored sign, even though everyone uses them.
  • Find something truly unique that still matches the concept, like a neon sign bearing a witty love saying.
  • Make sure to provide a wide variety of dishes on the menu.
  • Try to visualise yourself on an ideal day, following the diet that would be best for you (breakfast through dinner, plus snacks and dessert).
  • So that everyone is happy with the wedding feast, let the caterer mix your two menu options.
  • Keeping with the theme of the room, cookies of a similar design would be an appropriate treat to pass around.
  • Above, you can see wedding cookies "printed" with a toile design as a nice surprise for the bride.
  • A cute addition to the dessert table may be cookies personalised with your names or the wedding date (6/20/17).
  • It's a good idea always to have a map on hand.
  • If the event is a vacation or if many guests are coming from far away, a map of the place should be included with the invitations.
  • The best method to put your personal stamp on wine or water is to have personalised labels made.
  • Miniature engraved champagne bottles are a nice party favour.
  • The act of occupying a seat can be entertaining in and of itself.
  • Seat guests during your ceremony on these colourfully painted tree stumps or soft cushions instead of the usual benches.
  • The vicar's boutonnière might be used to continue the theme; a seashell would complement marine-themed décor, a maple leaf would be an appropriate seasonal touch, and cacti would conjure up thoughts of the desert.
  • Try something different by placing the guest book in a coffee table book.
  • Sign-in books at parties are usually forgotten about after the event is over.
  • Whiteboards are a great way for you and your date to express yourselves creatively.
  • The usual icebreakers can be supplemented by asking visitors to share their thoughts on the newlyweds.
  • Coasters are a handy addition to any dining table.
  • In order to prevent drinks from spilling on the dance floor, it is a good idea to provide visitors with personalised printed coasters that they can use throughout the party and take home with them as a memory.
  • A simple and sweet choice is these wooden heart coasters.
  • As a group, please get in close.
  • When you put in the time and effort to make the event special for each individual guest, they will have a more positive impression of both you and the event.
  • Ribbon wands are easier to set up and take down than confetti, and they may be manufactured in any colour to match the party's theme.
  • Spruce up your cocktail hour with some levity.
  • Keep the champagne flowing without the waiter having to lug around heavy trays.
  • You may easily add some fun to the celebration without going crazy by using cocktail parasol picks or colourful paper straws.
  • Involve your visitors by telling them the history behind the traditional dishes you're offering.
  • At parties, photo booths are always a hit.
  • Set up a makeshift picture booth in the foyer so your guests can get some laughs.
  • Including their likeness on your greeting cards will come as a nice surprise to the recipient.
  • You should encourage your guests to use the ubiquitous GIF photo booths at today's weddings by publicly disseminating your wedding's hashtag.
  • Then, make a monetary donation in each guest's name and include an explanation card at each place setting.
  • Set up lawn activities such as polo, volleyball, and jumbo Jenga at several stations across the cocktails and lounge area to offer your guests something to do except mingle.
  • Before the rings are put on the fingers, have a "ring warm" rite in which guests pass each band around to convey their congratulations and affection.
  • Consider hiring a live painter to create a custom work of art for your engagement or wedding reception.
  • They will make something beautiful that you will be thrilled to display in your new house in honour of the most memorable day of your life.
  • Include your birthstone on your place setting for a special touch.
  • In boho style, go no further than these amethyst napkin rings.
  • You can have a one-of-a-kind wedding by basing the invites, centrepieces, and cake around your birthstone.
  • If you don't want to, you can forego the bouquet gift to your bridesmaids.
  • Flowers are lovely, but balloons and lanterns are also fantastic options.
  • In addition to the traditional guest book, a glass bowl with notepaper (or cards, if the happy couple has a penchant for travel) and writing implements can serve as a memories bowl, wishlist, or source of marriage advice for the newlyweds.
  • You shouldn't be conservative with your wedding menu.
  • Put your pet in the limelight as a way to show your appreciation.
  • Limousine transportation for weddings is so '90s.
  • After the ceremony, you and your new spouse should leave in a vehicle that reflects both of your personalities and the joyous occasion.
  • Prepare for the weather and your guests' requirements in advance.
  • Prepare for the possibility of cold weather by stocking up on blankets.
  • You should postpone the first dance in the evening if you want to spend quality time with your partner.
  • This newlywed pair skipped the traditional "first dance" and instead played Twister.
  • Mini golf is one fun way to celebrate the beginning of a new era.
  • Prepare a VIP welcome basket to wow your guests.
  • Throw in a handwritten note, a gift certificate to their favourite coffee shop or bakery, plus a local souvenir like a tin of cocoa coffee beans or a bag of native palm peanuts.
  • If you're hosting a cocktail party, your guests will appreciate the added convenience of a portable bar.
  • Create a lovely infographic on you and the future spouse's relationship to place on the welcome boxes at the ceremony, and your guests will have a much easier time getting to know you both.
  • Detail the tale of how you two met, went on your first trip together, and got engaged on the save-the-date card.
  • Put your wedding vows to good use and get creative!
  • Put away the paper towels and replace the centrepiece with your calligraphed wedding vows written on a scroll of parchment.
  • Make sure that each bridesmaid's bouquet is uniquely her own by
  • Create flower arrangements for the ladies that are just as one-of-a-kind as they are by using their birth months as inspiration.
  • It's important to maintain harmony and cohesion throughout the arrangement, therefore, choose only one colour scheme (like pink for all the flowers) or a limited palette (like jewel tones).
  • By the time your guests get off the dance floor, they'll be ravenous.
  • Sending them some late-night munchies (popcorn, shoestring fries, etc.) to enjoy in their hotel room would be a huge help.
  • Then, to top it all off elegantly, you might use leather luggage tags to present your escort or place cards.
  • A summer wedding could use escort cards in the shape of beach balls and shells.
  • Inspiration: Consider Some Childhood Snapshots You can have a white, cascading arrangement, reminiscent of the 1980s, made to order at a florist by sending images of your mother's bouquet to them.
  • One fun activity is to act out a scene from your parents' wedding, such cutting the cake or leaving the reception.
  • Pre-plan this with your photographer.
  • Put your feelings on a large sign if you want to get your point across.
  • A handwritten note of thanks displayed tastefully is the greatest way to express gratitude to your guests.
  • Create a massive sign in elegant calligraphy expressing your appreciation, and place it in a prominent location.
  • The best man could host a quiz night on the two of them, with questions requiring group discussion.
  • Games like bingo and "I Spy" are other fun options.
  • Attempt a new seating arrangement for the ceremony and see how it goes from there.
  • All guests should be able to see and hear what's going on, so arrange the chairs in a circle.
  • Consider how stunning a spiralling walkway would look in aerial shots of your wedding.
  • On the day of the wedding, have the groom or one of the bridesmaids write a sweet note on the bottom of each shoe.
  • Let's say you're renting seat coverings for a special occasion, but you're having trouble tracking out the perfect ones to go with your spectacular dinner chairs.
  • To our knowledge, there is no reason why you couldn't add your own flair to them.
  • Show your significant other that you're thinking about them by sending them a kind text message.
  • A touching gesture that can make your future spouse's wedding day even more special is to write a personal message on their wedding shoe.
  • Give your best man or flower girl a secret message to deliver in code to the bride and groom before (or even during) the ceremony for some added fun and creative flair.
  • Serve a buffet-style dinner to your guests instead of the standard three-course meal.
  • The best way to take advantage of this situation is to rearrange the seats so that everyone is compelled to talk to one another.
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