What Are The Wedding Lighting Ideas?

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Lighting can have a very powerful impact on the overall look and feel of your event space and the mood of your guests, all at a reasonable price.

The proper wedding lighting enhances the look of your venue and highlights the important elements of your décor, like the centrepieces, or makes certain areas of the room focal points, like the dance floor or head table.

Photographers love wedding lighting because it gives them additional visual elements to use in their pictures and makes for beautiful wedding photos.

When it comes to weddings, wedding lighting is one of the most underestimated elements. However, it is important to note that lighting is of utmost importance as it sets the overall mood for your wedding and enables you to show off all the finer details you have spent months thinking about. In addition, you will want your guests to be able to enjoy their dance floor and the food properly, and you will want your photos to be beautiful. You cannot do all of these things with insufficient or poor lighting. If you are not sure where to begin, do not know what to ask a lighting designer, or require some inspiration to fit your wedding style, this guide will assist you in every step.

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Rice Paper Lanterns

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This whimsical wedding lighting idea is perfect for a casual setting, like a barn venue, backyard wedding, or beach wedding. Use an assortment of paper lanterns to create a multi-dimensional focal piece above your dance floor.

Custom Neon Sign

The neon sign trend doesn't seem to be losing traction anytime soon. This eye-catching lighting option is great if you're looking to personalise your event space—you can use the neon sign to showcase your last name or put a cheeky phrase on display behind your head table for an instant photo backdrop.  

Greenery Chandelier

Ideal for elegant rustic weddings and romantic aesthetics, a greenery chandelier is a tried-and-true wedding lighting idea that always looks gorgeous. Work with your florist to choose the best type of greenery to match the rest of your decor, such as eucalyptus, smilax, or seasonal evergreens for a winter wedding.

Rattan Lanterns

Going for a boho wedding theme? Rattan lanterns will seamlessly blend with the rest of your wedding decor. Then, add greenery and floating votive candles to complete the laid-back vibe.

Wooden Beaded Chandeliers

Try modern beaded styles if traditional crystal chandeliers aren't quite the look you're going for. A cluster of white and ivory beaded chandeliers brings an airy, eclectic element to this wedding lounge area.

Love Sign

Let everyone know loud and clear that you've found the one with giant marquee love letters. Of course, your guests won't be able to resist snapping a photo or two in front of this statement backdrop.  

Candle Aisle Markers

Decorate your ceremony aisle with candlelit lanterns to create a romantic, cosy setting. It is one of our favourite (and easiest) wedding lighting ideas to recreate at nearly any type of venue, from garden weddings to formal ballrooms.

Bistro Lights

Whether you're getting married at an outdoor space or indoor venue, strands of bistro or Christmas lights will bring instant charm and character. Suspend them in rows over your lounge area, dance floor, or wedding reception tables to create a magical canopy of fairy lights.

Tented Light Strands

For the ultimate wow factor, accent a clear-top wedding tent with dozens of draped LED string lights—it will feel like you're celebrating under a sky full of stars. But, of course, this wedding lighting idea also looks gorgeous with a standard marquee tent or sailcloth tent.

Edison Bulbs 

Edison light bulbs are a smart, sophisticated hanging light option if you love modern style. Suspend them vertically from the ceiling on long cables to create an industrial-inspired backdrop on your wedding day.

Pillar Candle Ceremony Altar

Make your wedding ceremony seem extra-intimate by surrounding the altar with clusters of pillar candles and lush greenery accents. The candles will give the space a warm white glow that feels welcoming and homey.

Custom Wall Projection

A custom gobo is one of the best wedding lighting ideas if you want to add an ultra-personal element to your wedding decor. Project your initials, wedding date or a sweet saying, like "Love Never Fails," onto an empty wall or your dance floor.

Mason Jar Chandelier

A quirky mason jar chandelier fits a vintage theme or rustic wedding. We love seeing this country-style accent repurposed in a different way (instead of just for wedding centrepieces!).

Paper Luminaries

Floating luminaries create an oh-so-magical effect if your venue has a pool, fountain or other water feature (FYI: you'll need paper lanterns, votive candles and styrofoam to keep them afloat). You can also use luminaries to accent walkways, staircases, and patios.

Illuminated Letter Sign

This wedding lighting idea is like Lite-Brite for your wedding, but better. Show off your last name with a glowing sign featuring dotted letters.

Hall Of Chandeliers

Why stop at just one chandelier when you can have dozens? Crystal chandeliers bring a luxurious, dramatic spin to your wedding decor. If your venue doesn't have chandeliers already in place, look into renting them from a local event stylist or decor company.

Vintage Chandelier 

An antique-style iron chandelier finished with a light brown patina looks lovely if you're going for a shabby chic or French country aesthetic.

Hurricane Lanterns

Use candle lit lanterns to illuminate the main walkways of your venue to make it easy for your guests to navigate around the space after dark. If your venue doesn't permit the use of candles, you can get the same look with battery-powered options (no one will know from far away, trust us!).

Gold Beaded Chandelier 

Scout local event rental and lighting companies to look for a golden chandelier like this one, which will add ethereal Grecian goddess vibes to your ceremony or reception space. 

Pendant Lights

If your venue has high ceilings, accentuate them with an eye-catching pendant light installation. Add ghost chairs and metallic gold accents, and you have the contemporary wedding space of your dreams.

Chandelier With Spanish Moss

Spanish moss brings Southern flair to a brass chandelier, but you could recreate a similar look with other greenery, such as eucalyptus or olive leaves.

Illuminated Marquee Heart 

How cute is this heart-shaped marquee light sign? It's a perfect accent if you're looking for something simple yet sweet. Place a marquee heart anywhere that needs a decorative boost—above your sweetheart table, dessert bar, or venue entrance.  

Suspend Votives As Chandeliers. 

Looking to add a little glam and drama to your lighting design? Try any one of these votive candle chandeliers, or use them to inspire your own. 

Combine Led Washes, Gobos, And Moving Lights. 

Even if you don't have a ton of space for other decor elements, you can use this winning combination to set the event's tone, entertain guests, and call attention to any structural details you'd like to emphasise. Here's a quick primer on professional moving lights to help you figure out which would be best for your needs. 

Add Fairy Lights To Greenery For Garlands. 

These DIY natural greenery displays incorporate lights in many creative ways that you can easily replicate for your event. 

Create A Waterfall With Delicate Strings Of Lights. 

Save the venue walls using clear wall hooks or thumbtacks to create your design using individual lights. Or shop sites like Pottery Barn and Amazon for ones already put together. 

Provide Extra Drama With Tall, Tapered Candles As Centrepieces. 

Mix and match different coloured holders and candles for a unique and fun twist. 

Spotlight Fabric Curtains And Drapings. 

Use a multi-purpose LED spotlight accent lamp or UV bar to cast a glow. If you don't want to take up floor space and don't have the option to wall mount them, try a clip-on mini-pin light that you can easily secure to a curtain rod. 

Use Pillar Candles In Tall Hurricanes To Light Pathways. 

These are best for outdoor events when the weather is good or indoor events where guests need a little help navigating from the parking area to the entrance. 

Show Off Event Name, Hashtags, And Sponsor Logos With Lighting Stencils. 

Make your stencil light or work with a lighting rental company that offers gobo projection. 

Create Cascading Chandeliers Made Entirely Of Fairy Lights. 

You can buy them or DIY a few using hula hoops! Add flowers, greenery, or holiday ornaments to fit the event theme better. 

Add Drama To Bare Corners With Uplighting. 

Use LED lights and follow this uplighting planning guide to perfect the look.  

Use Outdoor Lighting Strands With Naked, Oversized Bulbs.

When you hang them, start at the plug end so you don't end up pulling them so far away that they can't reach the outlet. Also, be sure to invest in glass bulbs. They're more stylish and cast better light. 

Place Pin Lights In Or Around Your Table Centrepieces. 

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If your event is at night or during the day in a venue without windows, you'll want to consider adding this to your overall lighting scheme. It will create more ambience, highlight elaborate centrepiece design details, and create a high-end layered look to your lighting design. 

Create A Light Show With Perspex. 

Perspex is a brand name for custom LED light panel signage and edging. Their products (and ones like them) are modern and look cool in any space. They're most commonly used for corporate events to display business names, highlight sponsors, or emphasise event taglines. 

Add Colourful Projections To Boring Presentation Stages. 

Light-coloured or reflective surfaces look best under coloured projections, but you can still create some interesting effects on challenging surfaces. Here are some tips to help you do just that. 

Line Staircases With Wide Pillar Candles Of Varying Heights. 

These stunning examples of candles on stairs show plenty of options for minimalist and maximalist event styles. 

Display Logos As Cut Silhouettes. 

Use a program like the one offered by Silhouette Studio to turn a JPEG file into a DIY cut out for your lights. 

Add Vintage Lanterns To Dark Corners Or Spaces. 

Vintage lanterns add a touch of character to those overlooked event venue nooks and crannies. If you don't have time to thrift shop for actual vintage lanterns or have the budget to buy premade ones, learn how to antique a lantern yourself. 

Spotlight Building Exteriors. 

Weather-proof LEDs are a must. And you'll have to consider the age of the building when choosing your colour temperature. For example, historical structures should only be lit by 5000K or higher. 

Hang Glass Orbs Filled With Candles. 

If the event transitions from day to night, make sure you use remote-control battery candles, so you don't have to get on a ladder to turn them on when it gets dark. 

Use Giant Initial Letters. 

Marquee light up letters is available on sites like Amazon, Etsy, and Wayfair in various styles ranging from modern to rustic. 


A specially designed metal or glass insert goes into a special lighting fixture to project an image. For example, many couples use a custom gobo to project their monogram onto the dance floor or the wall behind the head table. It is a very impressive effect that always has the guests commenting as they walk into the room.

Break Up Pattern 

Use a gobo to project a large pattern onto the dance floor, a wall or the ceiling. It is a great way to differentiate different areas or bring focus to a specific area of the room. You can pick image patterns that go with your wedding theme and tie the lighting nicely with the rest of the décor. Break up patterns work incredibly well for tented weddings where the entire tent can be used as a canvas to decorate your wedding.

Outdoor Event Lighting Tips For Success

Outdoor events leave your lighting exposed to the elements and often require thinking outside the box regarding power sources. Follow these best practices to overcome these challenges and maximise your outdoor event lighting design. 

Battery-powered and solar-powered are your best friends. Just make sure you have extra batteries on hand the day of. Also, test out your solar-powered lights to see how bright they are – if you're using them in hard to light areas like entryways, you need to make sure they're effective. 

Stock up on LED candles for nighttime. You can place them anywhere you'd want to place regular wax candles throughout your event space. Here are some great ideas for decorating with flameless candles to inspire you. 

When booking an outdoor event lighting rental, ask the venue about their power sources, whether or not you'll also need to rent a generator for the event, and what options you'll have for grounding any hanging lights. 

Now that you've got outdoor events covered, let's tackle some of your indoor lighting concerns. 

Indoor Event Lighting Tips Worth Considering

There aren't any limits to indoor lighting, so you can get as creative as your space and budget will allow! But here are some things about indoor lighting best practices to keep in mind anyways. 

If you're planning to use real candles, double-check with the venue first. They might have a policy regarding open flames in closed spaces. 

Get recommendations for lighting companies from the venue manager. Someone who has rented lighting equipment before will know the ins and outs of their space and what's possible for your event. 

You'll still need to visit your event venue at the same time of day as when your event will take place, especially if the space has lots of windows that could affect how much daylight will enter. You'd be surprised what a difference natural lighting at noon can make compared to natural lighting at 2 pm, especially with West windows. 

Now that you have those general tricks down, here are some specific lighting ideas you can add to your next event design! 


Are you looking for wedding lighting ideas? If so, you've come to the right place. This blog post will share some of our favourite tips for creating an amazing lighting display at your wedding. We will also provide a few resources that can help you get started. So, whether you are planning your wedding or helping a friend or family member with theirs, read on for some great advice. Thanks for reading!

FAQs About Wedding Venue

  • Table Centrepiece Decor.
  • Entrance Decor.
  • The backdrop for Photo Shoot. 
  • Light in a Jar. 
  • Decorate the Props. 
  • Stage and Ceremony Area Décor.
  • Fairy Lights Curtain Wall. 
  • Decorating a Photo Booth.

Fairy lights are the bread and butter of Christmas decorating: the atmosphere-creating, life-giving backdrop. But they can just as easily be tacky and headache-inspiring as they are magical and sophisticated.

Your basic bistro lights generally allow you to connect up to 5 strings, giving you about 60 feet of lights to work with. First, identify the most accessible locations to hang your lights.

Fairy lamps are glass lamps that were lit using small candles. They came in many styles and were marketed as nightlights, lights for nurseries, and home security devices that would deter possible intruders.

String lights, also commonly known as decorative or fairy lights, are special lights used for outdoor and indoor decorations. Initially, you mostly used string lights during festive or holiday periods, especially Christmas, and this is why it is also often called Christmas lights.

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