What Are The Wedding Lighting Ideas?

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Inexpensively, lighting may have a huge effect on the atmosphere of your event area and the experience of your attendees.

A wedding reception that makes use of strategic lighting draws attention to the dance floor or the head table, for example, and overall improves the aesthetic appeal of the location.

Wedding photographers adore special lighting because it enhances the aesthetic quality of the photographs they take.

One of the most undervalued aspects of a wedding is the lighting. In any case, lighting is crucial since it creates the atmosphere for your wedding and allows you to display all the little elements you've spent so much time planning. Not only do you want stunning pictures, but you also want your guests to have a great time on the dance floor and eat deliciously. Without enough or adequate lighting, it is impossible to complete any of these tasks. This manual will help you every step of the way, whether you are unsure of where to start, unsure of what to ask a lighting designer, or need some inspiration to fit your wedding style.

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FAQs About Wedding Venues

These include chandeliers, candles, mason jar lamps, and lanterns. Underlighting and Uplighting: While underlighting will illuminate tables or other items from below, uplighting shines light upwards-usually onto a wall.

The only thing you need are a ring and a marriage license. You probably don't need uplighting. But if you're having a party, you may want to look into how lighting can drastically affect your event space. Uplighting is one of the more popular wedding lighting options, and for good reason too.

Without the proper lighting, your photos may be dark; your guests won't be able to see their food or find their way to the dance floor. Sure! It's an extra expense, but without the proper wedding lighting, the romance and whimsy of your extra special event may be lost.

Wrap fairy lights around greenery garlands to create an ethereal and whimsical aesthetic. This soft decor feature fits in perfectly with a minimal, rustic or outdoor wedding. To incorporate this idea subtly you could place them on tables, or for a more dramatic look hang them above the tables.

The word "light" is key for informing guests that a full meal will not be served. "Extras" card: for specific info your guests will need. Here, you can communicate the details for the shuttle, light reception, wedding website, etc.


Rice Paper Lanterns

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This quirky lighting option is ideal for a more laid-back celebration, such as a barn location, garden, or beach wedding. Create a multi-dimensional focal point over the dance floor by stringing together a number of different sizes and shapes of paper lanterns.

Custom Neon Sign

It doesn't appear that the neon sign fad will be dying down anytime soon. You may utilise the neon sign to display your family name or a humorous message behind the head table for an immediate photo backdrop, making it a terrific way to put your stamp on the event venue.

Greenery Chandelier

A foliage chandelier is a tried and proven wedding lighting solution that always looks stunning and is perfect for exquisite rural weddings and romantic aesthetics. Consult with your florist to choose which foliage, such as eucalyptus, smilax, or seasonal evergreens, best complement the other elements of your wedding's design.

Rattan Lanterns

Going for a boho wedding theme? Rattan lanterns can be easily incorporated into the overall theme of your wedding. The chill mood will be complete after you add some plants and floating candles.

Wooden Beaded Chandeliers

If the classic aesthetic of crystal chandeliers isn't what you're going for, try something more up-to-date, like a beaded chandelier. Beaded chandeliers in shades of white and ivory give the wedding lounge an airy, bohemian vibe.

Love Sign

Big, bold marquee lettering proclaiming your love should be seen from a distance. All your guests will want to take pictures in front of this eye-catching background.

Candle Aisle Markers

Candlelit lanterns lining the aisle of your ceremony will create a warm and inviting atmosphere. It's one of our favourite (and least complicated) wedding lighting ideas for every setting, from outdoor ceremonies to grand ballrooms.

Bistro Lights

Strings of bistro or Christmas lights will instantly add charm and character to your wedding, whether outside or inside. You can hang them in rows over the reception tables or dance floor to create a beautiful canopy of fairy lights.

Tented Light Strands

Accent a clear-top wedding tent with a slew of LED string lights for a glamorous look that will have guests believing they are partying under a starry night sky. This wedding lighting concept is beautiful when combined with a sailcloth or a traditional marquee canopy.

Edison Bulbs 

If you're a fan of contemporary decor, Edison bulbs make for a stylish and functional choice for a pendant light fixture. Use lengthy cables to suspend them vertically from the ceiling for a dramatic, industrial look during your wedding.

Pillar Candle Ceremony Altar

Clusters of pillar candles and potted plants can make even the largest wedding celebration feel more personal. The candles will give the place a lovely white glow that seems pleasant and comfortable.

Custom Wall Projection

If you want to add a highly individual touch to your wedding decorations, a bespoke gobo is one of the best lighting ideas you can use. Display your initials, the wedding date, or a lovely phrase like "Love Never Fails" on an empty wall or the dance floor.

Mason Jar Chandelier

A mason jar chandelier adds a whimsical touch to a wedding with a vintage or rustic theme. The fact that this country-style detail is being put to use in a non-wedding context is quite exciting to us.

Paper Luminaries

If your location has a pool, fountain, or other water feature, paper lanterns, votive candles, and styrofoam will create a lovely appearance by floating over the water. Walkways, stairways, and patios can all benefit from the use of luminaries.

Illuminated Letter Sign

Imagine Lite-Brite for your wedding, but better; that's the idea behind this lighting scheme. Display your surname with pride using this illuminated dotted letter sign.

Hall Of Chandeliers

Instead of buying just one chandelier, why not get a whole bunch? The addition of crystal chandeliers to your wedding reception will provide a touch of elegance and drama. If you want to add some sparkle to your event but the venue doesn't have any chandeliers already, you can hire some from a local event stylist or décor firm.

Vintage Chandelier 

If you're trying for a shabby chic or French country vibe, a light brown patina on an iron chandelier in an old style is perfect.

Hurricane Lanterns

If your event is going to go on after dark, make sure your attendees can find their way around by lighting candle lanterns and placing them along the main paths. Even if candles aren't allowed at your venue, you may still create the same ambience with battery-operated candles and other decorations (no one will notice from a distance).

Gold Beaded Chandelier 

A golden chandelier can give ethereal Greek goddess vibes to your ceremony or reception, so be sure to ask around at local event rental and lighting companies to find one.

Pendant Lights

Consider hanging a series of dramatic pendant lights from the venue's lofty ceilings. Your futuristic, wedding-reception-ready utopia awaits once you add ghost chairs and glints of gold.

Chandelier With Spanish Moss

Southern charm is added to a brass chandelier by Spanish moss, but other types of foliage, such as eucalyptus or olive leaves, would also work.

Suspend Votives As Chandeliers. 

You want to add some glitz and flair to your lighting scheme. You can use any of these chandeliers with votive candles as is, or you can be creative and make your own!

Combine Led Washes, Gobos, And Moving Lights. 

This successful mix can set the mood, entertain guests, and highlight architectural details even if you don't have much room for other decorations.

Create A Waterfall With Delicate Strings Of Lights. 

Use clear wall hooks or thumbtacks to avoid damaging the venue's walls while creating your design with individual lights. You can assemble it yourself or buy one premade from a store like Pottery Barn or Amazon.

Spotlight Fabric Curtains And Drapings. 

Make use of a UV bar or accent lamp with a multi-use LED spotlight to create radiance. Try a clip-on mini-pin light that you can simply secure to a curtain rod if you don't want to take up floor space and can't place them on the wall.

Use Pillar Candles In Tall Hurricanes To Light Pathways. 

These are ideal for indoor events where guests may require assistance finding their way from the parking area to the entrance or outdoor events where the weather is nice.

Create Cascading Chandeliers Made Entirely Of Fairy Lights. 

You may either go out and buy them or make your own out of hula hoops. Improving the event's aesthetic can be as simple as adding flowers, greenery, or holiday decorations.

Use Outdoor Lighting Strands With Naked, Oversized Bulbs.

Start from the plug end if you want to avoid dragging them so far that they won't reach the outlet. Moreover, you should buy glass lights. They give off better light and are more aesthetically pleasing.

Place Pin Lights In Or Around Your Table Centrepieces. 

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You should think about including this in your lighting plan if your event is going to take place at night or during the day in a room without windows. It'll add depth to your lighting design, make your centrepieces stand out, and make your space feel more luxurious.

Create A Light Show With Perspex. 

Perspex is a brand name for custom LED light panel signs and edging. Their wares, and others like them, can instantly elevate the style of any room. Corporate events frequently make use of them to advertise participating companies, feature event sponsors, and emphasise event slogans.

Add Colourful Projections To Boring Presentation Stages. 

While coloured projections are most visually appealing on surfaces that are light in colour or highly reflecting, even difficult surfaces can be used to great advantage.

Add Vintage Lanterns To Dark Corners Or Spaces. 

Old-fashioned lanterns are a great way to brighten up the unused space between tables at a banquet hall. Instead of spending time and money searching thrift stores for authentic old lanterns, you may learn how to antique one yourself.

Spotlight Building Exteriors. 

It's crucial to use LEDs that can withstand the elements. In addition, the building's age should be taken into account while deciding on a colour temperature. Historical sites, for instance, must be illuminated with a colour temperature of 5000K or greater.

Hang Glass Orbs Filled With Candles. 

Be sure to choose battery-operated candles that can be turned on and off from a distance so that you won't have to climb a ladder to light them when night falls.

Use Giant Initial Letters. 

Marquee light-up letters are available on sites like Amazon, Etsy, and Wayfair in numerous styles, from modern to rustic.


An image is projected onto a surface using a metal or glass insert placed in a specialised light fixture. In order to protect the couple's monogram on the dance floor or the wall behind the head table, many couples choose a personalised gobo. It's a stunning effect that gets people talking as soon as they enter the room.

Break Up Pattern 

Throw a big design onto the dance floor, a wall, or the ceiling with the help of a gobo. It's an excellent tool for setting off distinct zones or drawing attention to a particular spot. You can coordinate the lighting with the rest of the decor by selecting image patterns that fit in with your wedding theme. Tented weddings benefit greatly from break-up patterns because the entire tent may be used as a canvas for the wedding's decorations.

Outdoor Event Lighting Tips For Success

Lighting for outdoor events can be damaged by the elements and requires creative power solutions. When planning an outdoor event, it's important to follow these guidelines to ensure perfect lighting.

Your best buddies are rechargeable batteries and solar panels. Extra batteries should be kept on hand for the big day. You should also check the brightness of your solar-powered lights before relying on them in dim places like entryways.

Get some LED candles so you can see in the dark. You may set them up anywhere ordinary wax candles look nice at your party. If you're planning an outdoor celebration, enquire about the venue's power sources, whether or not a generator rental is also required, and how you can ground any hanging lights.

Once the lighting for outdoor events is taken care of, we can turn our attention to the indoors.

Indoor Event Lighting Tips Worth Considering

There aren't any limits to indoor lighting, so you can get as creative as your space and budget allow! But here are some things about indoor lighting best practices to keep in mind anyways. 

If you're planning to use real candles, double-check with the venue first. They might have a policy regarding open flames in closed spaces. 

Get recommendations for lighting companies from the venue manager. Someone who has rented lighting equipment before will know the ins and outs of their space and what's possible for your event. 

You'll still need to visit your event venue at the same time as when your event will take place, especially if the space has many windows that could affect how much daylight will enter. You'd be surprised what a difference natural lighting at noon can make compared to natural lighting at 2 pm, especially with West windows. 


Strategic lighting on the dance floor or at the head table, for instance, can be used to highlight important aspects of a wedding reception. You can make a big difference in the mood of your event space for very little money by changing the lighting. If you're not sure how to get started, what questions to ask a lighting designer, or how to find inspiration that works with your wedding theme, this guide will be there for you every step of the way. Your ceremony will have a more intimate feel if you line the aisle with lanterns illuminated by candles. Pendant lighting with Edison bulbs is both trendy and practical.

Clear-top wedding tents can look elegant when adorned with strands of LED lights. Weddings with a vintage or rustic theme are perfect settings for a mason jar chandelier. The addition of crystal chandeliers to a wedding reception is a certain way to up the ante in terms of both style and drama. You can hire them from a local event stylist or décor company if your venue doesn't provide them. Use a UV bar or an accent lamp with a multi-function LED light to add a touch of lustre.

If you don't want to ruin the walls of the venue, use clear hooks or thumbtacks to hang up your decorations. Make your event centrepieces stand out with a mix of modern LED lighting and vintage lanterns. Light up the empty aisles of a banquet hall with some classic lanterns. A room's aesthetic can be instantly upgraded with the addition of Perspex LED light panel signage and edging. One way to project an image onto a surface is to use a metal or glass insert in a projector.

When it comes to the monogram on the dance floor or the wall behind the head table, many couples opt for a custom gobo for added protection. The entire tent can be utilised as a blank canvas for the wedding's décor, making break-up patterns ideal for tent weddings. Determine how you will get power to your outdoor event location. The time you visit the venue must coincide with the time your event is scheduled to begin. It's important to consider how natural lighting at midday compares to natural lighting at 2 o'clock. Inquire with the event coordinator for recommended lighting companies.

Content Summary

  • The lighting at your event could have a significant impact on the mood and the experience of your guests without breaking the bank.
  • Strategically placed lighting at a wedding reception enhances the ambience and focuses guests' eyes to the dance floor or the head table, among other focal points.
  • Special lighting is a photographer's best friend at a wedding since it allows them to capture more beautiful images.
  • A wedding's lighting is one of its most important but sometimes overlooked features.
  • Regardless, lighting is critical because it sets the tone for the event and highlights all of the carefully curated details.
  • You can't do any of these things without sufficient lighting.
  • If you're not sure how to get started, what questions to ask a lighting designer, or how to find inspiration that works with your wedding theme, this guide will be there for you every step of the way.
  • Using paper lanterns of varying sizes and shapes, you can make a striking focal point above the dance floor.
  • Lighting a wedding with a greenery chandelier is a tried and true method that always looks gorgeous and is ideal for sophisticated country ceremonies and romantic settings.
  • Talk to your florist about which kind of greenery, such as eucalyptus, smilax, or seasonal evergreens, would look best at your wedding.
  • Wedding rattan lanterns are versatile and may be used in a variety of ways to complement your decor.
  • Beaded chandeliers are a modern alternative to crystal chandeliers if the traditional look isn't what you're striving for.
  • Your ceremony will have a more intimate feel if you line the aisle with lanterns illuminated by candles.
  • It's one of our favourite (and simplest) ways to add ambience lighting to any wedding venue, be it an outdoor ceremony or a lavish banquet hall.
  • Whether you're having your wedding indoors or out, stringing up bistro or Christmas lights is a quick and easy way to make the space feel more festive and special.
  • A magnificent canopy of fairy lights can be created by stringing them in rows over the reception tables or the dance floor.
  • Guests will think they're dancing under the stars when you decorate a clear-top wedding tent with a swarm of LED string lights.
  • Coupled with sailcloth or a conventional marquee canopy, this idea for wedding illumination becomes breathtaking.
  • Edison bulbs are both a fashionable and practical addition to a pendant light fixture for the modern home.
  • If you want your wedding decorations to stand out from the crowd, one of the greatest lighting options is to employ a custom gobo.
  • Hang up a sign with your names, the wedding date, or a sweet saying like "Love Never Fails" on a blank wall or the dance floor.
  • A mason jar chandelier is a charming addition to a wedding with a vintage or rustic feel.
  • Floating paper luminaries made of votive candles and styrofoam look beautiful when placed in a pool, fountain, or other body of water.
  • Luminaries are a great way to brighten up your walkways, stairways, and patios.
  • An elegant and dramatic accent to your wedding reception would be crystal chandeliers.
  • If the venue doesn't have any chandeliers currently, you can hire some from a local event stylist or décor agency to add some glitz and glamour.
  • The high ceilings at the venue would be perfect for suspending a series of dramatic pendant lights.
  • Any of these chandeliers would look lovely with votive candles, and you can use them as-is or get crafty and construct your own!
  • Utilize a mixture of LED washes, gobo effects, and moving lights.
  • Light up a waterfall using thin wire.
  • If you want to create a design using individual lights without damaging the venue's walls, use clear wall hooks or thumbtacks.
  • There are places like Pottery Barn and Amazon where you may buy them already assembled.
  • Make a chandelier out of string lights or fairy lights and let them hang down.
  • You can go out and purchase some, or you can improvise with hula hoops.
  • Adding some greenery, flowers, or seasonal decorations can do wonders for the event's visual appeal.
  • If your event will take place at night or during the day in a room without windows, this should be considered as part of your lighting design.
  • It will give your lighting scheme more dimension, highlight your centrepieces, and elevate the ambience of your room.
  • LED light panels, signage, and borders can all be made with the Perspex brand.
  • Products like these can make a huge difference in the overall look of a place.
  • Brighten up presentation stages with projections of moving images.
  • In addition, the age of the structure should be considered while selecting a colour temperature.
  • One way to project an image onto a surface is to use a metal or glass insert in a projector.
  • Many newlyweds choose for a custom gobo to shield the dance floor monogram or wall behind the head table from unwanted light.
  • Use a gobo to project a large pattern onto the dance floor, a wall, or even the ceiling.
  • The lighting can be coordinated with the rest of the decorations if you choose image patterns that go with your wedding theme.
  • The entire tent can be a blank canvas for the wedding's décor, making break-up patterns ideal for tent weddings.
  • Outdoor activities that require lighting require innovative power solutions to withstand the environment and prevent lighting from being ruined.
  • In order to have perfectly lit outdoor events, it is essential to adhere to these rules.
  • Before relying on solar-powered lights in low-light areas like entrances, you should make sure they are bright enough.
  • To improve your night vision, invest in some LED candles.
  • Be sure to find out where the electricity will come from, if a generator rental will be needed, and how you will be able to ground any hanging lights if you are having an outdoor party.
  • The internal illumination will have to wait till the exterior lighting is taken care of.
  • Indoor lighting can be as elaborate or simple as your imagination and budget allow.
  • Check with the event organiser first if you want to utilise actual candles.
  • Inquire with the event coordinator for recommended lighting companies.
  • Experienced renters of lighting equipment will be familiar with your venue and the options available for your event.
  • Especially if the location has several windows that could alter how much daylight will enter, you should still visit the space at the same time as when your event will take place.

FAQs About Wedding Venue

  • Table Centrepiece Decor.
  • Entrance Decor.
  • The backdrop for Photo Shoot. 
  • Light in a Jar. 
  • Decorate the Props. 
  • Stage and Ceremony Area Décor.
  • Fairy Lights Curtain Wall. 
  • Decorating a Photo Booth.

Fairy lights are the bread and butter of Christmas decorating: the atmosphere-creating, life-giving backdrop. But they can just as easily be tacky and headache-inspiring as they are magical and sophisticated.

Your basic bistro lights generally allow you to connect up to 5 strings, giving you about 60 feet of lights to work with. First, identify the most accessible locations to hang your lights.

Fairy lamps are glass lamps that were lit using small candles. They came in many styles and were marketed as nightlights, lights for nurseries, and home security devices that would deter possible intruders.

String lights, also commonly known as decorative or fairy lights, are special lights used for outdoor and indoor decorations. Initially, you mostly used string lights during festive or holiday periods, especially Christmas, and this is why it is also often called Christmas lights.

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