20 Things to do in Melbourne While Here for Vines Wedding


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St Kilda Pier

Nature & Parks, Sights & Landmarks
AddressPier Rd, St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia
Windy & Penguin

Before you see any penguin, expect a long path (around 300 400m, I'm not sure) with windy, especially come at night. Therefore, don't come here if is raining. You will definitely see penguin here, enjoy.. P/S: please do not use flash when you take picture.

Delightful Fairy Penguin within Melbourne

Although living in Melbourne nearly all my life it takes visitors asking to see Penguins that prompted this exploration of where. Due to time constraints a whole day to Phillip island to view these fauna was not an option. 

After dinner it was decided to visit St Kilda 
precinct/pier in the hope of viewing these cute birds. Around 9pm on a warm night we strolled down to St Kilda pier and were delighted to see a few trying to cross the pier from one side to the other towards home & their families. 

Volunteers are on hand to assist their safe transit & to ensure no flash photography happens. 

The pier is a lovely walk in the breeze of an evening and a platform opportunity to showcase a natural aspect of Melbourne, after a long day of snaking through laneways viewing street art followed by a sumptuous meal in one of our creative eateries. 

A nice way to end a day walking leisurely on a balmy evening.


When we arrived at the pier we didnt even know there were penguins. Not having any prior planning it was the middle of the day. We didnt think we would see any but were incredibly amazed to find them in among the rocks. Without a doubt the highlight of the trip to St Kilda!

Little Blue Penguins

The pier is a lovely walk especially in the evening. Watching the guys and girls kite surfing, then the pleasure of watching the little blue penguins come back from the sea for the evening. We didn't see many penguins, but the dozen or so we saw were lovely to see them in their natural environment.


St Kilda Botanical Gardens

Nature & Parks, Sights & Landmarks

Address11 Herbert St, St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia

Phone+61 3 9209 6777



More parkland with flower beds and lawns than a botanical garden, but there are some interesting plantings with labels and a glasshouse. For start of spring there were colourful annuals like poppies. Nice place to stroll, take in fresh air and see some nature in the city. Includes exotics and native plants. Some nice examples of mature trees and hedges. Giant chess game area, pond, benches, pathways

Garden is an ornament to St Kilda

The St Kilda Botanical Gardens have been around for many years. The trees are mostly mature and make a grand canopy of green. The Conservatory has a collection of tropical plants, nurtured in the greenhouse. There's also a nice pond. Best time to visit is in the spring, when the roses are blooming. In summer, there's enough shade to spread a blanket and have a picnic. Children have plenty of space to run around and play. The St Kilda Botanical Gardens are one of the finest suburban public gardens in Melbourne.

Tranquility In the hustle and bustle

I love coming to these gardens. It has very old world charm and the variety of species is vast. There are beautiful walk ways, magnificent trees, ponds and an amazing glass house filled with tropical species you can walk through. Its a great place to picnic and also walk the dog.

Great escape

This big parkland/gardens is close to the St Kilda cafes, bars and restaurants. Plenty of green grass, trees and plants for all to enjoy

Conservatory is a nice feature

The children love the swings and activity play area

Would love to see the gardens when the roses are in bloom 

ideal picnic, play, relaxation station


Jewish Museum of Australia

Museums, Speciality Museums
Address26 Alma Rd, St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia
Helping to understand

As non Jewish visitors this Museum gave us an insight into another religion and was extremely helpful in that respect.The Amy Winehouse exhibition mostly concerned details of her early family years, only touching her singing career a little.
With almost every religion being amongst the most wealthy institutions in the world , we find it difficult to understand why it is necessary to make charges to enter their Museums and Houses of Prayer but it seems to happen almost everywhere.
This is a small Museum but it is well run and not difficult to find as it is on the no.3 tram route from the City.

Non Jewish Visitors To Amy Winehouse Exhibition

The static exhibition devoted to Amy W was really good and anyone into her music will find it a fascinating peek into her life before fame.
The $12 admission charge was a bit steep I thought but I guess they have to pay for the security, power, etc.
The museum exhibits were interesting and seemed to be genuine relics. If you are interested in the Jewish faith as an outsider then this is for you. Explanations of customs and traditions, beliefs, with a timeline set into the floor marking major events in Jewish history including the arrival of Jesus of Nazareth. It doesn’t dwell on the holocaust but pays tribute to those who were lost and those who survived that awful time tactfully.

Well suited to school tours. Loved the tefellin (phylacteries) a always wanted to see them at close range.

Well worth a visit to discover more about Jewish culture

Interesting displays about the history of jewish culture, beliefs & traditions as well as jewish immigration to Australia.
Guided tours of the synagogue behind the museum and the museum itself are held a few days a week and are well worth timing your visit for.
Amy Winehouse exhibition itself - Quite small and consists mainly of a lot of family photos, clothes and household items. Not particularly revealing or illuminating much further about her music or her personal struggles.

Amy Winehouse exhibition

Really enjoyed visiting this small museum, packed with interesting information about the history of the Jewish people, Jewish life and Jewish immigration.
The Amy Winehouse exhibit was really interesting. I liked reading about her history and seeing her clothes, record collection and photos.
Definitely worth visiting.
I spent just over an hour here and that was enough time. The gift shop is also beautiful.
There are 1 hour parking spots out front but I was lucky enough to find a two hour spot in the side street.


The St Kilda Esplanade Market

Shopping, Flea & Street Markets
AddressThe Esplanade, St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia
This visit the market was on!!

We were in Melbourne late last year and went to the market and could not find it!! That was due to the weather unfortunately. This visit the weather was glorious. About 30 mins out of Federation Square on the tram (very cheap travel and the MIKI card available from the adjacent Info centre). There was a good turn out of stall holders and they seemed to have interest for everyone. We certainly found some unusual pieces for Christmas presents. Plenty of restaurants nearby in Acland Street for breakfast. Well worth the visit. We got off the tram a few stops before the market & enjoyed the walk there.

Great Experience

Whilst visiting Melbourne we caught the tram to St Kilda beach and went to the esplanade market.
The market took about an hour to look at everything and had a great range of foods and goods 
Were able to sample some of the foods and the goods were interesting and a good quality
Whilst at St Kilda we went to Ackland St for a lovely lunch
Overall a great day

Great variety

Visited yesterday. Great variety of items. Not just Jewellery and candles. Clothes, bowls, shoes, concrete items, paintings, prints, dog items, sauces, dips and lots lots more. A great walk along the Esplanade with a great view. Also a good variety of food stalls. Worth a visit for all ages

Something for everyone

Loved wandering up and down the market. Really has something for everyone which in my experience is unusual. I got hand painted boomerangs and the wife landed a neat silver hair bunch. Perfect way to spend Sunday morning


Acland Street Village

Sights & Landmarks, Neighbourhoods
Address: Acland StreetSt Kilda, Port Phillip, Victoria 3182, Australia
Phone:  90 365 256 418
Perfect position

Very happy with our stay at Catani 1,accommodation had everything we needed,comfortable beds,quiet area, secure parking,pool which we did not use. Close to Fitzroy and Acland street shops to trams and beach, Luna Park and McDonalds down end of street. Perfect position, would stay here again.

So much to see and do

Acland Street is easy to get to by trams.

Loads of fashion, homewares, cake, gift stores and of course loads of great places to grab a bite to eat too.

Great place to sit back, drink or cutlery in hand and enjoy your surrounds and the passing parade.

You won't be dissapointed!

Acland St. Cake Shops

Acland street is a busy place for both locals and visitors with a lot of visitors here for the cake shops.. 
This is where my comments are directed (the Cake Shops) you need to choose wisely as most of them sell poor quality product that is made else where or been sitting on the shelf for a while or both.. It's generally hard to get a piece that is on display as this is the good fresh stuff, they normally get what you choose from under or behind the counter.. I normally point to and pick my piece.. 
A great shop with house made product is Monarch which has a great French vanilla Slice for 6.50.

Watch your Waist!

Acland Street is a short walk amongst some trendy small eateries and traditional patisseries shops in the ever popular St Kilda beach area.. It can be reached by tram in about 20 minutes from the city. Acland Street sits behind Luna Park and the foreshore of St Kilda beach. The walk along the cosmopolitan "strip" will open your eyes to the enormous variety of the many shops carrying every imaginable sweet treat available. (This is what Acland Street is famous for). Indulge and treat yourself as it is not often such an array is available in such a small area.


Palais Theatre

Concerts & Shows, Theatres

AddressLower Esplanade, St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia

Phone: +61 3 8537 7677


We went to the Rodger Hodgson concert, first time ever at the Palais. It was amazing. They had technical issues for sbout 10 minutes but he soon made up for that. Chairs were a bit uncomfortable for a 3 hour concert but okay. It was stuffy as well, could have done with ceiling fans or something as it was a 35 deg evening. Beautifly renovated though.

Iconic venue for an amazing events

CAT EMPIRE at the Palais. We had amazing seats, then sound was spot on and everyone was in the mood for dancing. This was a memorable night in a truly beautiful theater that's anot iconic back drop to any event.

A wonderful theatre

Such a beautiful venue. The details make you feel like youve stepped back to a time gone by. The chandeliers, golden trimmings , velvet curtains and old leather seats all add to the atmosphere. Its a real Melbourne gem!

Snow Patrol Concert

Haven’t been to the Palais in decades. I’d forgotten how beautiful a venue it is. Great view to stage from seats, easy to get into, excellent staff across the board. Sound is just amazing, sensational acoustics. A fantastic place to see a band.


Luna Park Melbourne

Water & Amusement Parks, Theme Parks
Address18 Lower Esplanade, St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia
Phone: +61 3 9525 5033
Great fun

Plenty of great rides to try. The scenic railway is quite an experience and everyone should try it once in their life. Park is always clean and tidy. Only disappointment was the ghost train. Needs a facelift as I do remember it being much more exciting in years gone by.

Loved it ...

We were a little uncertain as to whether (because its been around so long) Luna Park would be a tired and run down amusement park - it isn’t! The place is clean and well maintained with safety conscious staff. No overflowing bins, strewn rubbish or dirty cafe tables like you see in UK theme parks. When we went it was only open in the evening (7-11) but we wouldn’t have wanted to visit in the 38 degree daytime heat anyway. Because we weren’t sure what rides there were in there we were going to pay for rides separately, however on Thurs and Friday evenings there was a 2 for 1 offer on unlimited ride wristbands (50AUD for 2 people) so we decided to go for it. As there were 3 of us, it cost 100AUD in total but we stayed a few hours and went on lots of rides so was good value. Would recommend.

very fun!

half of the rides were decent and the rest were either bad, for really little kids or sketchy. The scenic railway was so rattly and shaky i thought we could have died any moment. Entry prices were really expensive considering i'm a teen who pays for everything myself and the food was overpriced (as well as the mini games that are usually at carnivals). Overall it's still iconic and would go back with friends a couple more times. Not good for hot days!!! Go when it's warm for the best experience. It's also very cute to go there for dates and stuff 🙂

Lots of fun for everyone

Although I didn’t go on any rides it was fun to simply walk around and watch everything going on. It was a blast from the past for my teenage boys and they also enjoyed it. It’s in a great location for cake and coffee along Acland Street or lunch in Fitzroy Street or a stroll along the beach


Catani Gardens

Nature & Parks, Outdoor Activities

AddressSt Kilda West VIC 3182, Australia

Phone+61 3 9209 6777


Place to chill or play

The much-loved Catani Gardens are defined by the mature Canary Island Palms along the foreshore. The park runs along Jacka Boulevard, named after Australia's most decorated World War I combat soldier, a St Kilda resident.. The park is a credit to the City of Port Phillip, who keep it in immaculate condition. The St KIlda Beach, the Sea Baths and the St Kilda Pier are nearby. The Gardens have lots of things for kids to do, with a playground and a pirate ship. There's also a BBQ and benches to give your feet a rest. And remember, it's a short walk to Luna Park. For generations of Melbournians, Luna Park has been "just for fun."

Chill out zone

Come down to St Kilda and enjoy Luna Park, go for a quick dip in the water, then chill out and dry up by lying down under one of the palm trees in this serene place. Read a book, listen to music. 
Easy to access off the tram from the CBD. Tram 96 is your best bet.

Lovely Gardens in St Kilda

These gardens are almost on the beach but not quite. They do offer some peace and quiet from wat is a very busy area in St Kilda. They are very well kept, have some barbq areas and stuff to keep the kids amused. We never cease to marvel at th orws of palm tress - stately and imposing.
Well worth a visit if you are in the area - though parking is not aways easy. Normal stuff along Beaconsfield Parade

Nice area

Plenty of space in these gardens to play some sport or just chill. There’s some public BBQ’s at one end that we’re very popular on the day we visited. Took a fair while for us to find a spot to cook our food.
The park runs along the beach road so it’s not far to go if you want to pop down for a swim.
There was a couple of homeless drunks living in the bushes not far from where we were sitting, who argued all day then the guy came over shouting at us, so beware as we felt quite threatened at times.
We had a good game of cricket though and a bit of frisbee. Plenty of drinks made it a great day


Veg Out Community Gardens St Kilda

Nature & Parks, Gardens

Addresscnr Shakespeare Grove & Chaucer Street, St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia

Website: https://vegout.org.au/ 

Dream about what you could do!

Always worth a visit no matter what time of year. We just love seeing what people can achieve in even a wee patch of soil. So great to see all the work that goes into these allotments. Great to chat with the gardeners as well. They will always impart some knowledge. Not far from Luna Park & the markets. Inspires you to go home and create your own wee garden patch.

Nice little walk around and great idea!

We stumbled across the community garden whilst going for a Saturday walk. What a great little place. It was nice to the kids playing there, people gardening and growing their own vegetables. What a great initiative. Would be great if there could be more places like this for people here.

Put a little garden in your soul

The Veg Out Community Gardens are in St Kilda, not far from Luna Park, which is 'just for fun.' I asked if anyone stole the vegetables, and I was told that that was extremely rare. There are other community gardens in the Melbourne suburbs, such as the Sustainability Street Community Garden in East Keillor, but the Veg Out Garden is almost in the inner city. I'm told that plot holders range from labourers to lawyers -- only possible in St Kilda. Plots are in demand, and those who help on Working Bees and join as Friends of the Garden are favoured. The garden, with its vegetables and quirky art works, is well worth a stroll.

It's a community garden, where people grow things.

This is a very nice community garden with quite a few different things growing. It's laid out quite nicely. The paths are a little hard to walk so and they're quite thin in areas so it may not be the best place if you have troubles walking.

There's not a whole lot to say really - it's a community garden! 🙂 Worth checking out if you're in the area.

Note that nothing was open when I was there, so I've probably missed out on half the experience.


St Kilda Ferry

Transportation, Ferries

AddressPier Rd, St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia

Short and shaky ride with great skyline views of Melbourne across the bay

We took n impromptu ride across from Willaimstown to St Kilda straight vafter arriving after 22 hours of lfights. Best way to keep awake , blow the cobwebs out and sty awake to combat jetlag. Water was slightly rough but sitting on the open bag was refreshing. Stunning views of Melbourne skyline . Reasonably priced and very courteous staff.

Relaxing trip to St.Kilda

Travelled from Williamstown to St.Kilda for lunch. Very friendly & professional crew of 2 at a good reasonable price. Do yourself a favour and whether you are visitors or locals like us, take the time to travel with these guys.

The gorgeous St Kilda Ferry trip to Williamstown

I would highly recommend this lovely trip. Really easy to jump on at St Kilda Pier. The views you get of Melbourne are great. It gave me a real understanding of how everything is laid out. Although I have used the tram many times to get in to town this view let me see where everything is in relation to St Kilda, the CBD and the Port of Melbourne. Williamstown is lovely with nice cafes, bars and fish and chips. We walked to the botanic gardens and the beach which were both very nice. The two guys who run the boat are both really nice, chatty and helpful. Well worth the trip. Thanks guys.

Perfect day

We left St Kilda pier at 1Oam for the 25 min journey to Williamstown. Guys on board really helpful in helping us with Oran and small children and making sure we were well looked after. A really good service, great value and highly recommend.


F1 - Australian Grand Prix

Transportation, Ferries

Address12 Aughtie Dr, Albert Park VIC 3206, Australia


Petrol head heaven - with class

The F1 GP was everything I hoped for, and more. It certainly helped that the weather was simply brilliant, overcast running to clear blue skies by the time the main events come around.
Melbourne is famous for a pretty good public transport system, and despite some delays and closed train lines the overall impression is one of total respect for the coordinated and friendly way that the organizers and transport operators sort out moving hundreds of thousands of people.
Then there are the cars and racing... just a petrol heads dream with the variety of marque cars on display, the multiple level of races running
Then there's the . I had never seen a F18 close up, that was awesome, plus more amazing planes, cars, motorbikes.
Then there's the entertainment zones. Heineken stage had a whole heap of new talent in a very cool zone.
I strongly suggest that if you love cars you wont be disappointed, if you dont like cars you still have plenty to enjoy. 

Then theres Melbourne - a delightful city that will mesmerize you with all of the shopping/dining/bars/culture you can handle.
Fair to say I will return

Awesome event

We have attended a number of Grand Prix races in Europe and the Americas and I think this one was the best. 

Excellent organization at the event made everything easy and convenient for the fans. Easy entry and exit, fair prices for food and drink, decent bathrooms and fold down seats in the Brabham stands 

The only minor complaint was the TV screen across the track from Brabham was hard to read. Pro tip - bring binoculars. 

Everyone was super friendly and the Aussies made us feel welcome. 

We especially enjoyed all of the many support races. 

If you are a Grand Prix fan, this is one of the best.

Simply the best

Australians are even more sports mad than Brits so every day of the Grand Prix was packed. I liked the fact that you could get a ticket which let you sit in different stands on different days. So much to do in the circuit unlike my recent experiences in Bahrain etc... Easy access to the circuit from the city by free train or bus. Will go again.

Great experience

Was visiting Melbourne Australia for a few weeks in March & by stroke of good fortune the Formula one was on in Albert Park! Lots of beers, nice sunny day & some motor racing, great part of the world & a great event, will be back again without a doubt


Alma Park

Nature & Parks

Address150 Dandenong Rd, St Kilda East VIC 3183, Australia

Phone+61 3 9209 6777

Great dog off leash park

I've only been going to the left side of the park (the right side of the gully separating the two is for children and has a great play area). It's a great place to take my dog for a run, there's plenty of shade, dogs and dog-friendly people. The path around the park as been resurfaced and is now really pleasant to walk on but there's also plenty of grassy areas and some bushes as well as nicely landscaped gardens with a lovely variety of plants. People here love and understand dogs and are happy to help if your dog is still getting used to the "social scene". Its wonderful having the whole park off leash so the dogss can really wander around and have a really good sniff. A couple of dog friendly water fountains and (mostly) stocked poop bag dispensers make this place a great outing for you and your dog.

Hank Marvin Market

Great foodie market held at Alma Park every Saturday 9 -3. Awesome street food vendors.... (try the sliders if they are there.....yummm). A really cool vibe, picnic blankets available for sitting back and chilling out with some yummy food, beer, cider or coffee.

Beautiful city park

Gorgous attractive park near Chapel street. Lovely for a picnic or a walk and ideal for young children with shade from the trees and playground..There is also a dog walking park too. Melbourne does inner city parks beautifully

Great park for children and dogs

This large local park is bisected by a railway cutting. This allows the west side to be an off leash area for dogs and the east side to have sporting facilities and a children's playground. As you might expect in St.Kilda, some of the play equipment is definitely " one off", especially the tree house built into a 100 year old Morton bay fig. Council has recently been paying more attention to the park, and walking paths and other facilities have been improved


Albert Park

Nature & Parks

Address: Albert Park, Port Phillip, Victoria 3206, Australia

Phone: +61 3 8427 2002

beautiful environment

Albert Park is a must see park while in Melbourne. It has an athletic arena, an aquatic centre, sailing and rowing centres and fabulous walkways/cycleways around the lake. The park run is on there every Saturday if you would like to join in. Such a great environment to enjoy while in a major city

Great relaxing park in Auckland

Come to Auckland for business and love to walk to the Albert Park to relax and find a peaceful place in the busy city. The exotic trees and lush flowers, central fountain make a perfect place to enjoy a coffee and read the paper to unwind. Many nice views of landmarks and close to the university for cafes.

Relax, it's Albert Park!

Albert Park Lake was originally part of a large delta plain that spread across extensive wetland swamps and lagoons as the Yarra River wend its way to flow into Hobsons Bay at nearby Port Melbourne. 
The Lake lies around 3km south of the Melbourne CBD in the historic suburb of South Melbourne and boats many ovals, a 5 km riding and running track and a large 18 hole public golf course. There are also numerous shady picnic and BBQ areas, shelters, water fountains, exercise stations, playgrounds and public toilets that are linked by a vast network of trails and sealed paths. There is an excellent gravel path that circumnavigates the shoreline of the lake, showcasing beautiful views of the sporting fields, play parks and the city. It’s an ideal place for a walk, jog, bike-ride or to get married!
Many visitors to the lake like to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet either with a coffee and the newspaper or walking the dog. 
It’s hard to believe this beautifully tranquil lake is a mere 3 km from the hustle and bustle of a world city! 
The Lake is also very popular with school and club rowing and dinghy sailing from two historic yacht clubs. Albert Park Lake offers safe, sheltered and a convenient place to sail all year round in the heart of Melbourne. Albert Park is also home to the newly established Victorian State Sailing Centre (2016).

Saturday morning parkrun

Visiting from England in march & decided to do the parkrun on Saturday morning, was off the first week I was there due to the Formula one being on & I wasn't too keen on the 8am start as I'm used to 9am, but what a place, sun still rising over Melbourne & the Formula one track still partially set up, lovely run around the lake in a rather surreal place!!


St Kilda Town Hall

Sights & Landmarks, Points of Interest & Landmarks

Address99A Carlisle St, St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia

Phone+61 3 9209 6777

Fine example of mid century architecture

I love this building and have been inside for a variety of events over the years. You can't miss it - a large white building with classical style portico. The green lawns out the front and the library across the road give it a real community feel.
This place originally started being built in 1890 but finished in the the 20th century. Lots of events happen here - expos, conventions, parades, ceremonies and more.
Staff are always lovely.
Wheelchair friendly. Kid friendly. Parking isn't too bad. Toilets available. No food on site.

Grand old venue for gatherings, civic and private

This is a landmark historic building. Look out for a large, ornate white structure with a classical-style portico. It's on a corner site with fine lawns and trees in front of it. St Kilda Library is opposite. Construction began in 1890 but soon slowed owing to the economic depression of the 1890s. There was more work at various junctures during the 20th century, the outcome a big complex capable of serving a lot of functions, from practical local government administration through to catering and entertaining. A huge variety of gatherings have happened there.
Most recently I was at the Town Hall for a full-day convention. Sessions were held in the vast ground-level Main Hall and upstairs in the Council Chamber. Council's security staff were polite and helpful.
If your organization wants to hire the Town Hall, be sure to get full information in advance about matters such as vehicle access for deliveries.
If you're a traveller simply wanting to look inside, go to the portico, where you'll find Art Deco era leading into a foyer. There's a grand staircase to your right and the main hall ahead of you.

Halloween Spooktacular

Visited with a friend for the haunted houses on Halloween night. We got to see some of the actual building on upper levels, as the bar was located there. Great building, fabulous night!

Grand Town Hall now city centre

The St Kilda Town Hall is a grand building, one of Melbourne's finest civic structures, Dating from the 1890s. it has been cursed by lack of funds and worst of all, the fire of 1991, which burnt out the inside of the Hall. The Hall was refurbished and it resumed its role as the social heart of St Kilda. It is now the headquarters of the City of Port Phillip, formed by the amalgamation of the Bay Area suburbs in 1994. The grand portico and the refurbished hall are amongst Melbourne's most famous sights, making St Kilda Town Hall a Melbourne icon. Rooms with a variety of dimensions, including the Council Chamber, are available for hire.


Alex Theatre St Kilda

Concerts & Shows, Theatres

Address1/135 Fitzroy St, St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia

Phone+61 3 8534 9300

great little theatre

Saw the wonderful Courtney Act here on Fri 13th Nov 2015. Great place for an intimate independent show like this one. easy place to find, taxi from city less than $20. Lots happening in St Kilda so plenty of places to eat and drink before or after a show. Few steps to 1st floor though there is a lift, just a bit hard to see when you first walk into foyer.

lovely old theatre

located on the site of the old george theatre is this amazing performance space. great historic old theatre that puts on amazing productions. easy to get to on a tram and located on the vibrant fittzroy st

Puffs the Play

Visited St Kilda just for the night to see this show and was not disappointed. The theatre was transformed into the Puffs common room with the foyer and most of the public spaces decorated with all things Puff.

Great show, talented cast, wide selection of beverages to enjoy at the bar and clean facilities led to a great night out at the theatre.

I love these smaller community theatres that really have an intimate feel to them and really bring a show to life.

Saw Puffs at the alex

For any theatre the important thing is seating and view. The Alex seating is well spaced apart and comfortable. We had a great view of the stage. The foyer is nice. Like anything in this area, parking is the main problem but there is the Metropol car park opposite which is reasonable. Just make sure you pick the public side, not the resident side


St Kilda Public Library

Traveller Resources, Libraries

Address150 Carlisle St, St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia

Phone+61 3 9209 6655

Accessible for public

There's a Community Room attached to the library, and that's where I was on my latest visit: hearing a popular author being interviewed. The entry to the general library and the community space is shared: a ramp running upward from street level. On this occasion attendees didn't need to use the library; however we had some contact with the librarians and found them friendly and willing to help with information.
Cafes are close by and there are tram stops right outside.

Brilliant literature section

Love this place, they have an excellent section on literature and history that kept me pretty occupied. The WiFi is fast but it can be pretty crowded on some days making a table hard to find. The staff were very helpful with anything i needed. Only real downside is that the children's section can be very loud and distracting sometimes. Would be improved if the staff could better enforce a silence policy

Lovely library

Love this library. Lots of talking books both for children and adults, books in other languages, big range of books generally, board games to play, DVD movies and games to borrow. Staff are very friendly and helpful.

Guided heritage walks and other events

If you're staying in the St Kilda area and are keen to know more about that part of Melbourne and its people, drop in to the St Kilda public library. You'll find there is a schedule of organised events: guided heritage walks, exhibitions, author talks, live music, workshops (e.g. art, indigenous gardening), story telling for young children, and book launches. My last visit to the library was for a talk by the two authors of a book relevant to the area. The event was free, with refreshments included, and I was impressed by how helpful and enthusiastic the staff were.


Christ Church St Kilda

Sights & Landmarks, Churches & Cathedrals

Address14 Acland St, St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia

Phone+61 3 9534 3892

Church needs help from community

Christ Church St Kilda is over 160 years old. This fine sandstone building has stood the test of time since 1854.. The Church is involved in the community, but now it needs the community to return the favour for urgently needed restoration. Estimated cost is $2.6 million, and it is conducting an appeal to raise the money. Christ Church St Kilda is an Anglican Church, On Sunday sung Eucharist is celebrated at 9:00 am and informal Eucharists at 11:00 am.

Great for a visit when on holiday

You can catch up with fellow Anglicans, take in a Eucharist and share some morning tea whilst away from home. Be aware the advertised events and opening times may change without notice.

Sandstone church + community welfare

On my first visit here, years ago, I found the place daunting: big old trees, stone church, a quite dark interior, a formal liturgy. Since then, through a few sources living nearby, I've come to appreciate how hard the parishioners and staff work for their church and community. The church building dates from the 1850s and it and its associated buildings (including the Parish Hall, built early in the 20th century) need a lot of effort and $$ to maintain. The church community does sterling work in its Community Centre, with about 70 people volunteering to help with activities such as the free weekly meal (on Wednesdays). The Parish Hall is used by outside groups; you'll see a sign reading Theatreworks at the corner.

Historical and beautiful architectural Church

It's not open for tours but what a find. It may be open during the week but go there for their Sunday service at 9 or 11am and the architecture is fabulous. 
It is religious and gives a serene atmosphere with peace as their underlying quality. 
Give a donation for the church's preservation of the building and admire and be amazed and enjoy the company of the local residents.
During service there was a choir of one and boy, did she sing beautifully; like an angle in church.


O'Donnell Gardens

Nature & Parks

AddressSt Kilda VIC 3182, Australia

Website: http://www.portphillip.vic.gov.au/event-maps-resources.htm

A great spot to rest

O'Donnell Gardens are next to Luna Park, not far from the Beach, and right at the start of the Acland Street Cake Strip. You might need a rest between activities and the Art Deco water feature is worth a look while planning the night.

Love this park to enjoy our take out fish and chips

After walking through the Sunday market, we get some take away and sit in the park to eat it. It’s next to Luna Park so you get a lot of amusement park background sounds

Home For The Homeless

A patch of grass with a non functioning fountain placed in its center commemorating St Kilda's centenary, it now appears to have become a home for the homeless. Unattractive in many ways, it is not a place to put on your "Must See" list (unless you have a penchant to be a Social Worker).


Albert Park Lake

Nature & Parks, Bodies of Water

Address:  3 km south of the Melbourne CBDAlbert Park, Port Phillip, Victoria 3206, Australia

Website : http://parkweb.vic.gov.au/explore/parks/albert-park

Sunny Sunday Afternoon Stoll

It seemed a good idea to go to this place on a lovely sunny winters' day. It had been years since I was last here, and it looks better than I remember it.
The black swans in the lake looked to be sunning themselves also.
Nice kids playground made for a lovely afternoon with our little one at the lak

Sailing without Sand, Surf or Swell!

Albert Park Lake was originally part of a large delta plain that spread across extensive wetland swamps and lagoons as the Yarra River wend its way to Hobsons Bay. The Lake lies around 3km south of the Melbourne CBD and provides many ovals, a 5km riding and running track and a large public golf course. There are also numerous shady picnic and BBQ areas, shelters, water fountains, exercise stations and public toilets that are linked by a vast network of trails and sealed paths. 
The Lake is also very popular with school and club rowing and dinghy sailing from two historic yacht clubs. Albert Park Lake offers safe, sheltered and a convenient place to sail all year round in the heart of Melbourne. The Lake is also home to the newly established Victorian State Sailing Centre (2016).
Of interest, the Albert Park Yacht Club (APYC) was established in 1872 and remains the oldest continuing yacht club in Victoria. Each Saturday, despite a decline in numbers, the club regularly hosts fleets of modern racing dinghies such as Laser, Sabre, Solo, Impulse, Mirror, Pacer and the historic Moth class. 
Albert Park also proudly displays the first Moth class sailing boat. ‘Olive’, the original Moth, was designed in Inverloch, Victoria by Len Morris in 1929. Ninety years on, and in her original condition, the ‘Inverloch 11’ Olive can be viewed at APYC. Today, a small number of classic Moth class yachts, restored from the 1960-80s compete at the Lake.
Another historic yacht that also calls Albert Park Lake home is the classic timber 25 foot Acrospire II, which lies at a mooring a few metres off ‘The Point’ restaurant. Acrospire II was built in a Melbourne boat shed in 1911 for racing on Lake Wendouree in Ballarat. 
At the time, Acrospire II was the largest in racing yachts designed for Victoria’s inland lakes, winning an extraordinary number of races throughout the 1930s at Lake Wendouree and Lake Colac in western Victoria.
Since 1973, when yachting enthusiasts acquired and refurbished the now ‘flag ship’ of APYC, Acrospire II has taught a new generation about traditional sailing and handling the shallow-skimming hull, configured with the classic long bow-sprite and long boom. 
Today, beautifully restored and boasting the classic lines of a gaff-rigged sloop, Acrospire II is a living reminder of those early days of Victorian lake sailing.

Lovely place for a walk

Doing a lap of the lake has become my go-to exercise in Melbourne. Despite proximity to busy roads, it is a tranquil and scenic place. The lake itself could do with a clean up. It supports plenty of bird life as well as sailors and rowers. I haven’t yet ventured into any of the lakeside eateries, but they do look inviting. It’s refreshing to find such a lovely walking area so close to the city!


so much more than a lake

listed as a lake but that’s only part of it’s appeal. the reserve had numerous sporting ovals,indoor swimming pool,great soccer ground (formerly a vfl/afl ground) which is home to South Melbourne FC,numerous great eateries and amazing views of city. and don’t forget the most famous thing about albert park- the swans.
TIP: during F1 access may be limited


Princes Pier

Sights & Landmarks, Piers & Boardwalks

AddressPier St, Port Melbourne VIC 3207, Australia

Phone+61 3 9209 6777

Awesome spot for photography and a nice walk

This is an amazing spot if you are into photography!! Best time would either be early in the morning or later afternoon when the sun is close to setting. The stumps jutting out of the water, cruise ships moving in and out amazing sun sets and sun rises make for some beautiful photography moments.

Even if you are not into photography, it's still a nice place for an evening walk with a nice sea breeze washing over you.

A beautiful place to take an evening walk

My family and I took a sunset walk along Princes Pier, it was the first time we had ever been there and were pleasantly surprised. It wasn't that hot on the night but even so the sea air would have made it more comfortable even if it had been.
There was plenty to see and lots of areas for the kids to run around. The old buildings are well looked after and the entire area is steeped in history. Definitely going back.

Amazing spot for SUNSET

A very interesting place at Port Melbourne!!
Sunset time is about 8:25pm that day, we went there at 8.
Took lots of interesting pictures there!
Sunset view is stunning at this spot!
But right after sunset, the temp. dropped a lot and it was very windy as well!!
Remember to prepare a jacket!

Amazing Scenery

Princes Pier is by far the most cleanest Beach I have been to in Melbourne. This beach is a great place to take photoshoots or just casual photographs, it definitely has some breathtaking sceneries, especially near dusk time. Princes Pier is a nice place to go to away from all the commotion in the city, where its so loud. The beach definitely gives you a vibe that you are in a vacation as it is very peaceful. Definitely a lovely place for a first date or even anniversaries. 
I've included my photo of the infamous photography spot of Princes Pier.

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