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Top 20 Parks for Wedding Photographs in Melbourne

One of the most asked questions, when we are dealing with our clients, is “what’s the best location to get wedding photos in Melbourne?

This is a sort of depends-on-you question. Melbourne is the city known for its greens, the historical buildings from the Victorian Era, the stunning coastal line and the cultural diversity.

So the great thing with getting wedding location photos & videos around Melbourne is you have various options to choose from.

We’re often asked where are the best wedding photography locations in Melbourne? The quick answer…. it depends! The main factors are the location of your ceremony and reception and how much time you have. The last thing you want to do on your wedding day is to spend hours in the car driving around with only minutes for actual photos.

For your wedding album, wouldn’t it be fantastic if you had some insight into where the most beautiful photographic places in your city are? This kind of intel would ensure you get photos that are not only unforgettable, but that will stand out as exceptional against all the other photos that we see.

Now you can probably think of lovely scenic spots, but these aren’t necessarily the ones that translate the best onto the camera. It takes a very special eye to seek out the very best backgrounds and the most picturesque places for the ultimate wedding photoshoot.

Here are just some of our favourite wedding photography locations and nearby reception venues:


Table of Contents

Albert Park

Nature & Parks
Address: Albert Park, Port Phillip, Victoria 3206, Australia
Phone: +61 3 8427 2002
Great park to walk on a sunny day

Albert Park is a combination grassy park, large lake, community project (children's play areas), place to see wildlife (great birding for a foreigner), and F1 racetrack at certain times of year! 

It's free to walk through and quite large, and there is a small restaurant in the middle. Made for a nice stroll on a warm day and we identified lots of the birds shown on the education board. Worth visiting! Easy to get to by tram. I imagine it is nuts around F1 time, so wouldn't plan the visit then unless wanting to see the race.

Cycled around Albert Park - love it

If you are in need of a good workout, away from traffic fumes etc, then a cycle around Albert Park Lake is just the thing. Approx lap distance 5.2km. Awesome to lap the Australian GP track

A great running area ,just shy of 5k

Its a nice flat lakeside run about 4.8km loop. Its best to do it early morning or evening , not so much for the weather but to avoid running around people. If your a slow jogger than it does not matter, but if you want a hard run, then make the effort to avoid 10-5pm when the weather is nice

Lovely park area, plenty of cafes.

Really lovely park to visit, the grounds are beautiful and well kept. There are also loads of excellent cafes and bars around the area so it's perfect for a day out. Easily accessible by walking, driving or getting public transport.



Queen Victoria Gardens

Nature & Parks, Gardens

AddressSt Kilda Rd, Melbourne VIC 3004, Australia

Phone:  9658 9658

A little haven in the city

Really beautiful gardens with two large ponds where you can sit and relax - one has a waterfall and another has pretty statues. There is a large statue of Queen Victoria and stunning views of the city area, in amongst the beautiful flowers and trees. Also spaces on the grass to have a picnic on a nice day. Recommended.

I love the floral clock

The gardens are an interesting mix, of statues, duck ponds, shady spots, and the floral clock. Today I had a good look at the statue of Queen Victoria's son and successor Edward VII on his horse, the sculpture of the hammer thrower (with his hammer missing as it always is), and I talked to the Pacific Black Ducks in the pond. A nice little park.

Lovely Gardens

Queen Victoria Gardens are a lovely place to visit. They are extensive and they are meant as a memorial to Queen Victoria after whom the state is named. There are beautiful tress, plants and other greenery, as well as a memorial to Victoria. The Gardens are a perfect place to relax if you seek some peace and quiet, in the centre of Melbourne.

Good timed visit for festival

I am not sure what the festival was when we chanced by at Queen Victoria Gardens. There was booming Bollywood type music and people dressed as tall puppets on stilts, dancing, children's entertainment and families enjoying a beautiful spring day out. There was food on offer and a cafe set up and even though this was not in our plan we stayed and enjoyed the entertainment. Afterwards we wondered through the stunning gardens, looking at memorial statues and the flower gardens. A stunning garden not to be missed. It is a short distance from the city and opposite the Art Gallery of Victoria.


Albert Park Lake

Nature & Parks, Bodies of Water

Address: 3 km south of the Melbourne CBDAlbert Park, Port Phillip, Victoria 3206, Australia


Sunny Sunday Afternoon Stoll

It seemed a good idea to go to this place on a lovely sunny winters' day. It had been years since I was last here, and it looks better than I remember it.
The black swans in the lake looked to be sunning themselves also.
Nice kids playground made for a lovely afternoon with our little one at the lake

A Pretty Lake Close To The CBD

Melbourne is a city of parks and this one is large and just south of the city and has a lake used for the Grand Prix and sailing and it has a golf course and sailing. It is a beautiful park on the edge of the city and a great place to walk.

Lovely place for a walk

Doing a lap of the lake has become my go-to exercise in Melbourne. Despite proximity to busy roads, it is a tranquil and scenic place. The lake itself could do with a clean up. It supports plenty of bird life as well as sailors and rowers. I haven’t yet ventured into any of the lakeside eateries, but they do look inviting. It’s refreshing to find such a lovely walking area so close to the city!

so much more than a lake

listed as a lake but that’s only part of it’s appeal. the reserve had numerous sporting ovals,indoor swimming pool,great soccer ground (formerly a vfl/afl ground) which is home to South Melbourne FC,numerous great eateries and amazing views of city. and don’t forget the most famous thing about albert park- the swans.
TIP: during F1 access may be limited


Fawkner Park

Nature & Parks

Address24-88 Commercial Rd, South Yarra VIC 3141, Australia

Phone+61 3 9658 9658

Great local's park

Whilst the Botanical Gardens has got the amazing plants and scenery... and Albert Park has the great lake and City views, living in the area I find myself going to Fawkner Park a little bit more often. It's very relaxed, lots of open green space. It reminds me of some of the Parks in London. If you're in to team sports there are lots of things to do, cricket pitches you can hire in summer and tennis courts open all year round.

I personally love just going for a nice walk, run or kicking a ball around with my daughter.

Large park almost devoid of native trees

This is a large park used by many to walk between Commercial and Toorak Roads.

There are a number of sporting grounds.

Unfortunately it lacks almost any native trees and instead sadly uses introduced European trees that are largely not favoured by native birds.

Getting rid of the European trees is probably not achievable as many would mistakenly protest but it would be great to have native shrubs and trees for bird habitat.

Big park!

I have visited Fawkner Park many times. It's a great big park with sports ground facilities as well and beautiful walking paths (be careful not to get lost!) and gorgeous trees. It's located across the road from the Alfred hospital. 

Bathroom facilities are not the best and hard to find if there's a sense of urgency but they do the job. 

If you work nearby or are visiting the hospital it's a good place to come for a break.

a lovely park in the middle of a busy area

nice, green park with good access to transport. parking poor, so come by tram. nice for walking or cycling. good for footie, soccer & cricket players too. not much in the way of food or drinks locally, so walk to chapel st.


Alma Park

Nature & Parks

Address150 Dandenong Rd, St Kilda East VIC 3183, Australia

Phone+61 3 9209 6777

Great dog off leash park

I've only been going to the left side of the park (the right side of the gully separating the two is for children and has a great play area). It's a great place to take my dog for a run, there's plenty of shade, dogs and dog-friendly people. The path around the park as been resurfaced and is now really pleasant to walk on but there's also plenty of grassy areas and some bushes as well as nicely landscaped gardens with a lovely variety of plants. People here love and understand dogs and are happy to help if your dog is still getting used to the "social scene". Its wonderful having the whole park off leash so the dogss can really wander around and have a really good sniff. A couple of dog friendly water fountains and (mostly) stocked poop bag dispensers make this place a great outing for you and your dog.

Hank Marvin Market

Great foodie market held at Alma Park every Saturday 9 -3. Awesome street food vendors.... (try the sliders if they are there.....yummm). A really cool vibe, picnic blankets available for sitting back and chilling out with some yummy food, beer, cider or coffee.

Great park for children and dogs

This large local park is bisected by a railway cutting. This allows the west side to be an off leash area for dogs and the east side to have sporting facilities and a children's playground. As you might expect in St.Kilda, some of the play equipment is definitely " one off", especially the tree house built into a 100 year old Morton bay fig. Council has recently been paying more attention to the park, and walking paths and other facilities have been improved.

Sunny day in the park

I can't say the exact times I have been to alma park, but it is almost every second week. Living quite close, I think it is a good place to chill and enjoy the sun before winter comes. At night when walking around, there are lights on the footpath and it feels safe. There are 24hr toilets in the princes highway side. A flying fox can be utilised during the day. And at night there are always some friendly possums to see


Victoria Gardens

Nature & Parks

AddressPrahran VIC 3181, Australia

Phone+61 3 8290 1333

Beautifully maintained and very shady

Found these great gardens on my walk from Armadale Station along High Street to Chapel Street, great to sit and have coffee (none sold inside gardens) and watch the dogs socialize and play in the exposed centre. Lots of shade and even found the circular garden with Gymea Lilies. How beautiful. Can walk through to Murray Street and continue walk to Chapel St

Peaceful and relaxing

These gardens are a peaceful spot to relax with enough room for the youngsters to also run and play.

Stonnington City Council hold events in the park such as gardening events which attract large but comfortable size crowds from the local area.

If you live in the area you should pay these pleasant gardens a visit.

Lovely local place to relax

Victoria Gardens is the perfect place to go with a takeaway coffee or icecream on a sunny day. It is very dog friendly, with a large open circular green for all of the pooches to run around. The back of the gardens are very nicely landscaped and pleasantly shady. A bit of a neighbourhood gem! But don't walk through there at night ...

Dog Friendly and the peeps are ok too

This is a lovely European styled garden in Prahran. A big circular middle with is sunken down by about a metre, ringed in elm trees and a path. Weekends are filled with BBQ bring your own and a rug. Dogs run everywhere, so if you are not a dog lover keep away. Toilets are close by, the park is filled with locals and is very well maintained.


St Vincent Gardens

Fun & Games, Nature & Parks

AddressAlbert Park VIC 3206, Australia

Phone+61 3 9209 6777

A piece of Victoriana

Fabulous picnic spot, for wedding photos, or just a stroll.
Formal gardens surrounded by glorious Victorian houses. Play ground for the kids and lots of lush grass under shady trees to relax and picnic. Watch the locals playing tennis at the Southern end or lawn bowls up the Ferras St end.

Old style garden

Old style Georgian garden.Stepping into this garden is like using a time machine. Raised gardens beds and wrought iron street lamps makes you feel like your in my fair lady. This venue is rightly very popular for wedding photos. The highlight for me is seeing all the old terrace houses surrounding this lovely garden.

Absolute favourite!

These gardens have been a firm favourite of mine, ever since I could walk. I love the ambience; the old, spreading trees and flowers in carpet bedding. Also the memorial to the Boer War, which is quite unusual for Melbourne, and evidence of one of the first international conflicts in which Australians were involved. It's a wonderful place, surrounded by beautiful heritage architecture. Good for a wander, or to just sit and dream, and watch the tennis players or bowlers come and go.

Well maintained gardens !

These gardens are well maintained and a great place to walk our dog without the hustle and bustle of a city park. One part is children orientated with a playground and open space for kicking a ball or even a quiet game of cricket. I have seen parties in the first half of the gardens. The second half has some open space to enjoy, the lawn bowls are here too. Unfortunately, a few homeless reside in the second half and if it bothers you then stay in the first half. I have never been bothered by them and never been asked for money.


Birrarung Marr

Nature & Parks

AddressMelbourne VIC 3004, Australia

Phone+61 3 9658 9658

Lovely Place for a Stroll

We ambled along the William Barak Bridge, a pedestrian walkway over the City Link toll road, to reach the middle terrace of Birrarung Marr, Melbourne's newest major park. Its 20 acres, which opened in 2002, feature three terraces and open grassy spaces between the Central Business District and the Yarra River. 

A sound sculpture -- the Federation Bells -- attracted our attention on the middle terrace. Thirty-nine inverted bells of various sizes are mounted on poles in a large space. Computer controlled, they play compositions thrice daily, in morning, at noon and in late afternoon. We missed a concert but enjoyed walking among the bells for a closer look.

The upper terrace, which is street side, held no interest. It featured much grass, simply waiting to be the venue for the next scheduled large exhibition or event. Instead, we focused on the lower terrace, which hosts native vegetation along with big Elm trees. This is where the Yarra River Trail runs along a gravel track on the water's South side. Shaded benches invite passersby to sit for a while and watch the river traffic -- canoes and kayaks when we were there. 

Our favorite sculpture in the park -- Angel by Deborah Halpern -- stands on the lowest terrace. The almost 33-foot-high whimsical creation displays two heads with a ceramic-clad body depicting 16 colorful images that represent different life forms, such as a crocodile, plants and fantasy creatures. 

This quiet park holds much more, including a big children's playground, and we found the space much fun to explore. Though we entered from the area where Melbourne's cricket field is located, Birrarung Marr is easy to access from Federation Square, which is where we exited

Nice area for a chilled walk

When in Melbourne I often walk through to or around this area. This is generally the area along the river Yarra from Federation Square to the MCG. 

There is lots of space, multi level walkways and some unique views of the city. Sit on the river bank and watch the day or evening pass by. 

In November it's well worth visiting the noodle night market too.

Go for a stroll along the River Yarra

Birrarung Marr means "riverbank" in the language of the Wurundjeri people, the indigenous inhabitants of this area. It's one of Melbourne's newest parks. Birrarung Marr is especially popular in summer, when the people of Melbourne like to go for a stroll along the River Yarra. The temperature in Melbourne is usually mild, but it can get hot in summer. A gentle walk along the river can ease the stifling heat. The Yarra has been cleaned up, so Birrarung Marr is a popular place.

Great place for kids to 'run wild'

We often Take the kids here when we come and stay in Melbourne. 
Start at the base of Federation Square and head towards the MCG. There is s playground on the left with slides, ladders and other areas to run around. Leave this area to a large grass hill to run up and down, roll down, roll across. There are some large boulders in this area go make your own Parkour course. 
Ip the top of the hill are the Federation bells. We missed them ringing this time as we were too early. They only ring 3 times a day, check the times. Explore the other bridges and areas whilst walking back to Fed Square


Parliament Gardens

Nature & Parks

Take a break from the traffic

Parliament Gardens is a pleasant refuge from Melbourne's traffic, just next to the Parliament of Victoria. The small triangular gardens are always well tended and feature the Coles Fountain, which is a vertical fountain you can walk between -- it's always cool on a hot day. The park also has a statue of Sir Douglas and Lady Gladys Nicholls, who were prominent campaigners for indigenous rights

More Gardens!!

Another garden to appreciate in the heart of Melbourne. This one is only small but still worth a walk through. It has a lovely fountain, different for a conventional fountain, more modern. There are flower beds, and lots of green lawn and space. The old buildings viewed from this park in the foreground are towered by more taller modern buildings. Great photo opportunities. 

The garden has the Pastor Sir Douglas and Lady Gladys Nicholas Memorial. A magnificent statue of significant local "River people who turned the tide of history and injustice to progress the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people" Lovely statue

A city oasis

This triangular area is not large as some other nearby gardens however being in such a central area it is a real asset. It is well maintained and there is a water feature and a fountain. Also Parliament Railway Station can be accessed from the park. There are actually small garden on both sides of the Parliament building.]


Seriously nice gardens on the edges of Melbourne. Sure on the weekend you have to dodge a few hundred wedding photo sessions but its always fun to photobomb those. Lots of possums at night if you're into that sort of thing and very late in the evening you can even go running from the people hassling you for money. During the day, its fantastic, bring the family, have a picnic, sit in the shade, Visit Capt Cooks cottage and even a little fairy garden which is actually quite a feat of workmanship. 


Caulfield Park

Nature & Parks

Address280 Balaclava Rd, Caulfield North VIC 3162, Australia

Phone+61 3 9524 3333

Nice Park

Attended the park for weekend sport with the kids and have to say it's a great set up. With a plethora of sport going on there was still acres of free space to walk the dog. Plenty of nice native trees and a great playground for the kids. The sports pavilion does a great coffee and cake if open.

go here daily with our dog BEST PARK

beautiful park with swans, trees, dogs, birds, lush grass, lovely plants and a closeby Cafe, Uffizi, a dogfriendly cafe where they bring out a water bowl for your dog plus first time visitors get bacon and treats for their pooch. Lovely views of Caulfield, a huge park, and suitable for all size dogs, fitness walks, nature lovers, and beauty lovers.

Such an excellent Park!

This is a great park, really huge with small lakes with wildlife such as ducks and geese. Lots of trees and nice open areas to lounge around on. Bandstand area and you can book certain areas. There is a small arbotoreum to check out, flowers to purcahse, cafe's close by. Parking which is free and reasonly easy to get to via public transport. Play ground equipment and barbecue areas and really good if you enjoy a bit of Pokemon Go.

Pleasant Large Suburban Park

This Park must be one of the largest in Melbourne. It has well maintained lawns and gardens, kept clean. Has two separate play areas for children, a bowling green with club house, several football ovals where your kids can play sports or throw a Friday or you can book for an organized game. These a barbecue area under shelter. An interesting area of Australian native plants that's attract birds. Great for a walk, too. Plenty of on the street and also off the road parking.


The Conservatory

Nature & Parks, Gardens

Address298 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne VIC 3002, Australia

Phone+61 3 9658 9658

Small Conservatory In Fitzroy Gardens

The Conservatory is one of the many beautiful places in Melbourne's parks.It is small and built in Spanish Missionary style it sits in Fitzroy Gardens with an interesting fountain and beautiful gardens behind. Well worth a visit.


It's a small conservatory, over 80 years old. When you wander in ... it indulges your senses in it's beauty. It's Spanish Mission style with an adobe colour palette is delightful. 

You wander past a gorgeous fountain of Diana And The Hounds ... before wandering into the most exquisite garden. It's joyful to be inside and well worth the visit.

Much loved flower show a Melbourne favourite

The Conservatory is somewhere a true Melburnian is certain to take out of town visitors. The Conservatory has a wonderful display of flowers, which are tended with loving care. The flowers are real plants, which seem to bloom all year round.

Wandering around the Fitzroy Gardens

After having an appointment at the Eye & Ear hospital, I took some time out to walk around the gardens with my camera. The floral display in the Conservatory was beautiful along with the birdlife, trees, water features and Captain Cook's Cottage. 
Certainly worth the wander around these beautiful gardens.


Studley Park Boathouse

Nature & Parks, Sights & Landmarks, Points of Interest & Landmarks

Address1 Boathouse Rd, Kew VIC 3101, Australia

Phone+61 3 9853 1828

Beautiful Day enjoying nature

Three friends spent a glorious day basking in winter sunshine at this beautiful place. Parking was easy and plentiful. The food at the kiosk was delicious and very reasonably priced and we sat under blue skies enjoying a lovely vista of ducks, boats and beautiful scenery. When the orders were taken at the kiosk counter, buzzers were handed out to let you know when to collect your coffee or meal, however buzzers became the new bird call for the duration of the afternoon at varying decibels. We went for a short walk across the wonderful bridge and thought we might make it to Dights Falls (the sign said 2.2km) however decided to turn back after a while as time was getting away from us. The paths were comfortable to walk and were a hit with dog walkers.
To round off the day we drove a short distance away to Bellbird Park where we followed the pathway from the car park area, to admire hundreds of Flying Fox Bats hanging like pendulous fruit from the trees across on the other side of the river. Lovely lorikeets too. Perfect Day, perfect weather and a beautiful venue.

An excellent vanue for a party

We booked the café for lunch my wife's birthday (a gentleman does not disclose his wife's age) and there were 29 adults and 5 children at the party. The service was fantastic and the quality of the food was commented on by the guests as it was excellent. We had finger food and a choice of 3 mains and used the birthday cake as the desert. The children had a great time and we all enjoyed ourselves.

Feels like old England

What a lovely ambience of the old boat house on the Yarra River. There are beautiful old garden beds and a multitude of wildlife ! 
We had dips and bread plus a magnificent modern style lunch for a good reasonable price! A world away from the hectic traffic of Melbourne! Felt we were in the country ! Very relaxing and quiet place to relax with very good food and service!

Different part of Melbourne

Taking around some English visitors, they see the Yarra running through the city as they walk around Southbank. 

Was great to take them down to the boathouse, jump in a boat and use the Yarra in a different way. The boathouse is in wonderful condition, it's quaint style makes it a tourist attraction itself, let alone with the river along side it. 

We had a drink each afterwards, I wasn't all that impressed with my smoothie but everyone else enjoyed it. Melbourne can be hard to find some "destinations" to take tourists to - end up just eating and drinking - but this was a great change of pace when showing a few overseas people around.



Studley Park Boathouse

Nature & Parks

AddressRichmond VIC 3121, Australia

Phone+61 3 9205 5555

something for everyone

This really is a citizens' park.
People walk their dogs, the local cricket club trains, junior footballers play Auskick, children love the playground. Plenty of shade if you want to read a book. And we are here most weeks for the adjacent food market in Gleadell Street.
It's not too large but is an important buffer from the bustle of Church St.

Great kids playground

As a Richmond resident, this is my go-to park for a quick visit with the grand daughter. The playground is divided in half with younger kids equipment on one side and school aged kids equipment on the other. Both areas are always full of friendly parents, grandparents and kids. Citizens Park also has a footy/cricket oval with a dog-off-leash area, barbeques, picnic tables and toilets. There's lots of fun to be had in this friendly local park.

A Quiet Getaway from Tourist Activities

Melbourne and two of its suburbs, Fitzroy and Yarra kept me busy with an overwhelming number of wonderful sites to visits and hours of sightseeing. I got to a point where my body was tired and I just wanted somewhere quiet to relax my feet and my brain. I found Citizens Park in Yarra. I saw quite a few dogs on and off leash and learned that this is a designated dog park. I also saw few tourists, so it seems that Citizens Park is used mainly by locals. Enjoyable and a pleasant oasis in the city.


This is where many Richmond residents go to walk their dogs, run around the oval, kick the footy, and play Cricket. On the weekends wether its winter or summer there are always different teams playing (Footy in the winter and cricket in the summer). There are coin slot bbqs for families to enjoy a picnic lunch and a play ground for the children. The park is conveniently located near the shopping area and the local pool.


Barkly Gardens

Nature & Parks

AddressCoppin Street and, Mary St, Richmond VIC 3121, Australia

Phone+61 3 9205 5555

One of Melbourne's inner suburban parks- an attractive option

Melbourne is full of small and medium sized parks that are one of the best features of the city. Barkly Gardens is one of these in the increasingly popular and now very trendy suburb of Richmond. There is nothing particularly special about this little park but it has the tables and BBQ facilities that Australians like to have and there seems to be children and adults around at most times I have visited.

Attractive local park

as others have said, this is an attractive park mostly visited by locals with dogs and children. If you are in Richmond this might be a good picnic spot or just the place to have a quiet walk and get a sense of the character of the area.

Spacious park in inner city Richmond

Barkly Gardens is a surprisingly large park for an inner city suburb. When I visited, lots of people were walking or just taking in some autumn rays, Children were on the swings, or in the playground. The park has picnic tables and a BBQ. Please note, the park has toilets, which are clean and reasonably well maintained. Another feature is a full-size soccer pitch. For dog lovers, ghe park has an off-leash area, but please pick up after your dog. Barkly Reserve is a park, not a doggy toilet. You will be surprised by this park, the City of Yarra is to be commended for keeping Barkly Gardens in good shape.


A great place to walk the dog or just take stroll and relax.On many a visit i have seen small and large groups of people just enjoying the park.There is a BBQ area and for the children there is a area for them as well to play


Westgate Park

Nature & Parks, Nature & Wildlife Areas

Address4 Wharf Rd, Port Melbourne VIC 3207, Australia

Phone+61 131963

Interesting to see pink water

Worth the stop. Parking is horrendous on the Summer weekends when the water is pink. It's a short but interesting walk around the lake to see various shades of pink. Must see the lake when the sun is shining brightly to see the vibrant pink. Beautiful with the Westgate Bridge behind the lake.

A beautiful park in the middle of industry.

We recently moved location at work and are now near this wonderful part of nature in the middle of Melbourne's industrial heartland. I have walked through this place many times during lunch break and though there is noise from the bridge overhead it still feels peaceful and relaxing. It is a pity I missed the lake at its pinkness but I will go there again when this happens

Amazing colour!

Been living in Melbourne for nearly 10 years, finally I visit this famous Pink Lake!! You can drink to the park or catch a bus, however there's another 5-10 mins walk to the park from the bus stop. You don't see this colour everyday, so visit it when it's PINK (in summer time only)!!

birds, lakes, big trees, but noisy

The park is easily accessible by public transport with the #606 and #235 routes terminating right at it in Fisherman's Bend. The park has a lot going for it in terms of varied bird life, both water and woodland varieties, bushland (with large trees now) and picnic areas. There are walking/cycling paths, toilets, picnic tables and chairs and some BBQs. There is not a lot of undercover shelter, so avoid wet weather or the summer extremes. I am not sure how well it suits wheelchair users as many of the tracks are hard sand.


Herring Island Park

Nature & Parks, Nature & Wildlife Areas

AddressAlexandra Ave, South Yarra VIC 3141, Australia

Phone+61 131963

great way to spend a day

we also with visit this place in our own kayaks so have no idea about other complaints regarding punt. we absolutely adore this place with its great artworks. live having BBQs and pretending we aren't in the city.

Interesting place!

This was a truly unexpected pleasure. This island has an interesting history, including that it was not truly an island until recently. They have lots of activities out here, or you can just go 

Melbourne,s Hidden Treasure.

I recently visited Herring Island with The Maroondah Bush Walking Club.
What a delightful experience it turned out to be.
I had never visited the island before and would encourage people to visit.
We walked along The Yarra river from Flinders Street Station, caught a ride across the river on the punt which was driven by a friendly Parks Victoria employee.

Nice couple of hours in a beautiful setting

Worth dropping in on a nice day for a walk, gallery visit and a lovely lunch at canteen by the Yarra.. lovely


Herring Island Park

Nature & Parks, Nature & Wildlife Areas

AddressDocklands Dr, Docklands VIC 3008, Australia

Phone+61 131852

_Nice time

Lovely blue sky breezy sunny day. 
All had a good nice fun time.
Toilets comfortably clean.
Using the toy but large actual digger was fun with the water involved.
A nice tribute to a champion in Ron Barrassi’s father. ‘ interesting learning about him!
Something to eat picnic style at the concrete seating and in the shade of the over- way. .
And it’s nice being near the salt water yarra River outlet_
We were there just after midday; and parked for the few hours, Lovely_ in the adjacent car-park, seeking out the 3 hr parks.
Eventually visiting urban alley and parking for just 10$.
Malcolm and Karen and co from S A..

Leash free Dog Park + Children playground

At the "very back of Docklands", nicely laid out park for off-leash dog walking and playground for children.

Situated almost under the Bolte Bridge just past Docklands Studios - but is very quiet and not noisy from the traffic at all.

If you are in Docklands area, you could walk there easily.

Picturesque location for a playground

An elevated grassy sports field. An interesting children's playground with sand beneath the play equipment. Children's Water pump. A sports club-house. BBQ with picnic tables. Toilets. Wide flat path circumnavigates the park - good for children's bicycles and wheelchairs. Bicycle holding frames to secure bikes. Plenty of Car parking close by; including disabled-specific parking. Attractive Views to city and Docklands. Not much shade. Trees planted nearby but not fully grown. Close to Docklands waterfront and the Bolte Bridge. No smoking and no dogs in playground area. Dogs on leash permitted in other areas of the park.

Great Toilet Stop

Great toilet stop as we rode past on a recent cycling excursion around Port Melbourne / Docklands. Kiddies playground looked impressive (no time for us to play) Great views to the 


Point Gellibrand Coastal Heritage Park

Nature & Parks, Sights & Landmarks, Historic Sites

AddressWilliamstown VIC 3016, Australia

Phone+61 131963

Relaxing location

This park allows you to walk along the for shore
Allows you to park and watch ships arriving and departing
Great vantage point to view our bay
Food van is present every weekend and on special dates during the week
climb on the rocks and look to see what you can find
Play ground and BBQ area near the football club

Part of our early history

Visited on Tuesday 20th June. This is an area of Williamstown which has been preserved with a building from the early part of the Hobsons Bay settlement. We parked the car nearby and went for a closer look at the shot tower. You also get a fantastic view of all the ships coming and going from the Port of Melbourne. There is also a walking track further around the bay if you feel like a bit of exercise otherwise it's a great drive.

Historic area

The port-town of Williamstown was most important in the early settlement and development of Melbourne and affords interesting walks. You can get to the town by train or ferry from Melbourne. Fortunately many old buildings have survived including an old morgue which we entered on a walking tour which left from the excellent Visitor Information Centre. The old Time-ball Tower is of great interest also.

Beautiful walk

If you have some spare time you should definitely pop down here to have a look at the lighthouse and walk along the bay. It's relaxing and scenic. You could pack a picnic and have a very relaxing afternoon. Walk from Nelson place through to Williamston beach


Edinburgh Gardens

Nature & Parks, Gardens

AddressAlfred Cres, Fitzroy North VIC 3068, Australia

Phone+61 3 9205 5555

Nice well keeped park

Were there for a short walk. A lot of green area, very well managed. I particularly liked the view on the city skyline. very much recommend. Nice sunset views

Great place

This is a magnificent place to celebrate and especial evening or just do a bbq like we did. The place is clean , green and wide. A lot of shade to cover under. 

Highly recommended! 

I went on a Saturday, there were many people but no problems finding a place to
Make our bbq, maybe we were lucky but no problems at all. 

There are toilets, water and bins available as well.
Lovely place and lovely to see so many people just having a great time outdoors

A lot of features

The history may be hidden, but remnants can be found. There was the spur line from the Inner Circle railway line that passed from North to South through the park to Fitzroy station. Trains still came through into the 1970s. A retired steam loco used to sit at the Northern end of the park as a silent reminder. There was also the Fitzroy Football Club's home ground at the South Western corner of the park. Nowadays we have more open space, with public toilets, a skate park, playgrounds, picnic tables, BBQs, avenues of trees, walking paths, seats, and of course, a lot of grass. Today I saw large groups of people doing their dog training on the large grassed areas.

Sweet, well-kept green space!

Edinburgh gardens is clearly popular, well-kept and a staple meet up point for people living in Fitzroy North. It doesn't really offer anything worthwhile to go out of your way for, but a beautiful location nonetheless.


Gahan Reserve

Nature & Parks, Fun & Games, Playgrounds

Address118 Park St, Abbotsford VIC 3067, Australia

Phone+61 3 9205 5205

Good park where space is short

Gahan Park is in Park Street, Abbotsford. The inner city is short on space, so this park is welcome. Gahan Park is an off-leash area, so your pooch can go for a run. The park also has a BBQ area with tables and seating, with a drinking fountain. There is a playground for your ankle-biters. As usual, the City of Yarra does a first-class job of maintaining the park.


This park is a community asset in an inner suburb which is bounded by transport lines and has many quite small, old houses on small allotments. It's rather like the squares and fenced-in private parks in older cities in that it provides a place in which locals can sit outdoors, kids can play and small dogs can be exercised.
On an afternoon visit after shopping in Gipps Street I saw several young fathers supervising their pre-school aged children. The park was working well for them: the children could climb in the playground, or pedal on the broad smooth pathways, or rock in the boat (the Waverider), or play in the sand within the fenced grounds of the childcare centre.
For other park users facilities are minimal: there are lawns (warmed by unobstructed sunlight), a few bench seats, and a couple of handsome palm trees. However sporting facilities are not far away.
An entrance to Collingwood railway station is close by.

A few native trees would help

This is quite a serene, delightful, 'pocket park' next to Collingwood's elevated railway station with its double line for trains from Flinders Street to Hurstbridge and South Morang. The park is surrounded by residences. Some native tree plantings would enhance it.

Lots of activity in Abbotsford park

Gahan Reserve adjoins the Collingwood railway. Dogs can run free; there's also a basketball court and two playgrounds for kids. Thee's also a Maternal and Child Health Centre. I like it for the BBQ. As usual, the City of Yarra has the grounds in tip-top condition.

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