7 Wedding Makeup Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Makeup is the reflection of our inner emotions, from the ancient civilization to the modern era makeup has always been an expression of beauty and desire. It’s obviously necessary that you look perfect on your wedding day, it doesn’t matter what kind of wedding you are planning or what is your budget is, all brides deserve flawless hair and makeup on their big day. Unfortunately, when it comes to makeup and hair, things can get very complicated and annoying, even if you have a massive budget for your makeup but you don’t focus on avoiding wedding makeup mistakes you risk ruining everything. There are many makeup mistakes you could do without realizing them, learn some most common wedding makeup mistakes you don’t want to make.

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Not Paying Enough Attention to Your Hairstyle

Although you may not realize it, your hairstyle is at least fifty percent of your makeup; hairstyle naturally complements your beauty. It’s essential that your hairstyle matches your overall bridal makeup and the kind of bride you are planning to be. Different types of hair are more suitable for some hairstyles than others, and some hairstyles are ideal for specific face shapes, so its best if you start thinking about your hairstyle as early as possible.

Getting Any Skin Treatment Especially a Facial Just Before the Wedding Day

It’s critical that you give rest to your skin at least a few days before the wedding by avoiding any skin treatment because getting your skin done is the most common wedding makeup mistake that brides do without even realizing. There is no sure way to know how a product will react with your skin if you do a skin treatment close to your wedding day, chances are you get a reaction, so it is best to be safe than sorry. Even if you do facials regularly and our skin is comfortable with the type of facial you do or get from your beautician it’s still too risky because your skin can get irritated by a wedding makeup, the best time to get a wedding facial is four to five days before the wedding day.

Experimenting With Something New Things on Your Wedding Day

This is an absolutely no-go area; please don’t do that! Don’t try anything new on your wedding day, it’s just too risky, and you may end up ruining your big day. There are many different types of wedding makeup products available in the market, these variety of products are for different types skins and skin tones, it’s impossible to know which product will suit you and which one don’t without trying them on first. One other problem with experiments is that they can go terribly wrong, and you don’t want things to go wrong on your wedding day.

Not Blending Foundation Down Your Neck and Other Exposed Body Parts

It’s vital that you spend some time experimenting and trying different foundation shades, applications methods, a variety of products and formulas to know which suits you best. Once you know which one is perfect for you apply it according to your dressing, especially if your dress reveals your arms, chest, neck or back, make sure you perfectly blend the foundation so that there is no mismatch from your face.

Using Foundation to Cover Imperfections and Pimples

This makeup trick is the worst, and if you believe that you can use foundation to cover up pimples just know that thick layers of the foundation will make you look artificial and cakey. It is disastrous when people do that, it looks so unnatural, and it’s useless because everybody knows what you are trying to hide behind those layers of foundation. One thing you can do to hide pimples and cover imperfections is to use a concealer that reflects light and has a greater pigmentation level, in this way you will successfully cover specific areas of your skin without getting noticed at all.

Not Focusing on Your Eyebrows

Some brides don’t focus on their eyebrows, they don’t pay attention to the shape and shades of their brows, and this is one of the worst wedding makeup mistakes you can do. Your eyebrows define the shape of your forehead, and it’s best that you get professional help or advice if you are not sure what suits best with your face. If you are entirely doing this on your own, remember not to put too much weight on the front side of the brow, and a thin line towards the end, the more balanced your eyebrows are, the more beautiful they will look. Don’t make them too long or short, also try different shade and strokes to make sure you don’t go too light or too heavy, you don’t want your eyebrows to look as if they are painted.

Not Matching Your Eyes Color With Your Makeup

Unevenness and unnatural feel of your makeup are normal if you are not considering wearing matching color eye lenses, also correctly selecting the color of the lenses that suits your skin and your bridal makeup. Most brides don’t know the significance of properly matching eyes color and makeup, this tragic wedding makeup mistake can not only make your makeup imperfect but can also make your overall appearance look less attractive. Matching your makeup and eye color will give you a more sharp, vivacious and definitive look.

Being a beautician its very painful to see so many beautiful ladies, especially brides, look not as good as they easily can, just because they didn’t pay much heed to learn how to do a perfect wedding makeup or to avoid wedding makeup mistakes. The primary goal of a bridal makeup is to bring out the best features of a bride yet keeping the overall appearance natural and excitingly attractive. The last but not the least thing to remember is to use only artisanal makeup products, don’t go for a cheaper solution even if your budget is tight this is not the area you want to cut from. I am happy to out these wedding makeup mistakes for all the lovely brides out there- I hope I was helpful, and you enjoyed reading it, thank you stay connected!

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