How to Keep Your Wedding Bouquet Fresh on a Hot Summers Day

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Summer is the season of life, love, and energy- it has a unique smell, beautiful colors and from fruits to vegetables, everything tastes better. The colorful summers give you the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of wedding flowers, outdoor ceremonies, vibrant themes, and pretty wedding dresses. One important thing to consider is the summer heat; it is essential that you learn a few tips on how to keep your wedding bouquet fresh as the flowers can quickly become dry and wither on a hot day. Remember there is no rocket science, you can maintain the freshness and colorfulness of your wedding bouquet last longer by following these simple tips.

Keeping the Flowers Cool Is the Key to Maintain Freshness

Cut flowers are very fragile, and a hot summer day can quickly make them dry and lose their color. The ideal temperature for most flowers is somewhere between 34 to 36 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas for tropical flowers the perfect temperature is between 50° to 55°F. The best and easiest way to achieve the ideal temperatures is to keep the bouquet in a cooler until just before the reception and add a cold, wet piece of cloth at the base of the bouquet.

Sunlight Is the Enemy-keep It Away!

Sunlight is mainly the main reason to dry the flowers, and it can dehydrate the flowers quickly making them look fade and withered. Avoid direct sunlight by keeping the flowers indoors, but make sure there is proper ventilation in the area you are maintaining the flowers.

A Simple Disguised Florist Tube Trick for a Wedding Reception

Wedding ceremonies and receptions can last several hours, by following this simple tip you can keep your wedding bouquet fresh for hours. Cut the base of the flowers up to 3 inches, insert them into water-filled florist tube and wrap the tube with ribbon warp to disguise it. Remember that the water should be warm, you can add sugar and chlorine to the water.

Use a Spray Bottle of Water-keep the Flowers Moist

Spraying water on your wedding bouquet in controlled amount will make it look fresh and colorful especially in photographs. Be careful while spraying water because too much moisture can make ruin the flowers.

Keep the Wedding Bouquet Away From Food, Ripening Fruits, and Other Plants

Ripening fruits and some foods can release ethylene gas, which paces up the withering and decomposing process of flowers. Potted plants often release growth hormones, which can cause a speed up the aging process of your wedding bouquet. It’s best to keep your flowers far away.

There are many great tips to keep your wedding bouquet fresh on a hot day, and we selected the most effective and most simple tricks you can do without spending much money. Now that you know how to take care of your bouquet go ahead and fascinate your guest at your wedding reception by beautiful fresh flowers and a gorgeous looking bouquet. Hope to hear from you, share and stay connected if you like our tips and tricks.

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