Best Fireworks For Wedding

A wedding firework display should be one of the essential elements of your wedding entertainment, but contacting a wedding fireworks company and booking a firework display isn't something that you do every day, so it's all a bit of a mystery. You know exactly what type of car you've booked. You've chosen the menu for the wedding breakfast. Dresses and suits are fitted correctly. But as for the fireworks for your wedding… you've got a couple of dodgy DVDs and the choice of a bronze, silver, or gold option and you'll have to see what you get on the night that doesn't seem right, does it? So stop right there!


Looking for a way to inject magic, glamour and undeniable sparkle into your big day? Why not light up your night with a dazzling wedding firework display? Once the sun goes down, there's no better way to crown off the end of a fantastic day – not to mention the excellent photo opportunities that go with it. It will give people something to look forward to after the speeches and first dance, and will perhaps wake up a few flagging relatives in the bargain! Not to mention it will make your evening guests feel like they're a particular part of the celebrations too. Little ones will be especially delighted to see the sky all lit up, and it will make the day all the more memorable for everyone involved. And if everyone has a sparkler in hand, it can look all the more incredible.


As you know from Bonfire Night, there are quite a few safety regulations to bear in mind and plenty of prep that goes into creating a terrific display that everyone can admire from a safe distance while creating minimal disturbance for locals (and their furry friends) who might live close to the venue. And where sparklers are concerned, you don't want any accidents or clothes getting damaged. The venue organisers (and the photographer) should be able to advise you on the best course of action to take and ensure you do enough preparation to ensure everything goes with a bang.


So while fireworks are a plus point for any wedding, it's not a case of merely setting up the rockets and listening out for the "oohs" and "aahs" of your delighted guests. There are plenty of things you need to consider before you light the fuse on your wedding fireworks.


Why have an off-the-shelf firework display for your wedding when you can have a unique personalised wedding firework display? It's no more expensive than a set wedding firework "package", but you get some input into your wedding firework display and excellent service from people who treat you and your presentation as important as a client booking a major festival firework or bonfire night display.


We want to meet you. We want to know what you like. What colours? What effects? How noisy? Do you like Gold Willow fireworks? No problem, we'll make that the finale sequence then! Is it a surprise firework display for the Bride? Brilliant – we'll set up discreetly where nobody can see us. Do you want the show choreographed to music? We can design your wedding firework display to a bespoke mix of the music that you love. Does the venue demand quiet fireworks? Easy! We've developed a range of silent fireworks that are just as good as their noisier counterparts! Most people don't book many firework displays during their life, so we'll help you understand how it works and what the options are so that you can book an Alchemy Fireworks display for your wedding with total confidence that you're getting what you want for your big day.


Alchemy is a service driven company that creates unique firework displays for weddings. We don't do off-the-shelf packages. We don't pigeon-hole you. You're not a Bronze/Silver/Gold couple. And we don't send out the trainees to fire your wedding firework display, because you're spending a lot of money and you want to know that everything is going to be alright on the night. It will be the same people who design and fire Alchemy Fireworks displays at venues such as Thorpe Park and Leeds Castle.


Talk to us about what you want from your wedding fireworks display. We'll come back to you with a proposal, recommendations and prices, and we can take it from there.


It is common for wedding celebrations to have their unique twists and surprises to make the experience more romantic and memorable for everyone truly. For some, it may be in the program, the theme, the dance number, or even the special guests. But you know what would make it even more spectacular? Fireworks! If your venue allows it, our GirlTalkers highly recommend lighting up the sky on your special evening. Well, if you're not sure how to pull it off, you can start by inquiring with these fireworks display suppliers just around the city.


 As long as you do not get married on the 4th of July (Like I did), FE can do great things for your wedding. We can spend the time to develop something for you that is simple and inexpensive or elaborate and choreographed. 


Some Of The Ideas We Have That You Can Explore:    

  • All permits and insurance are handled by Fireworks Extravaganza.
  • We can shoot indoor effects on tables, or above the dance floor.
  • We can do outdoor set pieces, that make pictures in fire like your new married name, hearts, pictures. We even have a double heart cupids arrow that starts as a star and then spins like a wheel (see below)   
  • We can match the colours of your wedding dresses in a volley of shells above the site.
  • Outdoors we can shoot any size display, but the amount of room dictates that you have. However, even if you have less space, we can see so something amazing. We just need 75' of space.
  • We have an array of high-end gold, white, strobing, glittering and classic effects. We can make them quiet and elegant, and it does not have to be loud and earth-shattering (unless of course, that is what you want)    
  • We can use pattern shells that are Hearts,
  • Faces (Ladies, Men's and Children), Cubes, Stars, Circles, If there enough lead
  • Time we can even make your initials in the sky in a shell.


Lastly, as long as it is not on the 4th ofJuly, we can spend the time and choreograph your show to music. The display will be timed to 1/1000 of second to the music. Imagine dancing your first dance under truly magnificent stars and effects all while choreographed.


This is the party you have been planning since you were five years old, the dress, the ceremony, the flowers, and you know exactly what you want. However, have you thought about what it takes to create an unforgettable evening? Wedding Fireworks add instant star-studded glamour and electrifying entertainment. 


Wedding fireworks are also an excellent way to thank your groom for the hours he spent following you around venues and listening to discussions on table settings. Let's face it, guys love fireworks, so why not surprise him with a mesmerising display your friends will be talking about for years.


By choosing Star Fireworks for your wedding firework display, you will not only have a professional fireworks display from the British Fireworks Champions of Champions, but you will also have the assurance of advice and support from a company that has performed at thousands of weddings. Star Fireworks has over 40 years of experience creating fabulous wedding fireworks!


Each of our wedding packages has been designed to create a stunning display that will remain firmly placed in the memories of all those present on your special day. We have designed packages to suit every budget and venue. Choose from one of our stunning packages or contact us about creating a bespoke display intended to fulfil your wedding fantasy.


Star Fireworks Wedding Packages can be customised to suit all types of celebrations. Anniversary's, sixtieth birthday parties and renewing your vows are all great reasons to throw a party. and your party becomes a glorious, unforgettable celebration. 



 What could be more romantic than a display perfectly choreographed to your favourite music? The song that was playingon the night you met, the song you danced to when he proposed. Take That's Greatest Day or Chistina Perri's A Thousand Years, the soundtrack of your love makes an incredible accompaniment to our emotionally charged displays.    


Pyromusicals are computer fired, typically with three firing positions. This allows us to create a visually full, high-intensity display. Creating patterns and crossing stars throughout the show is all part of the package, stand back and get lost in the moment!


Noise Quiet Fireworks For Noise Sensitive Venues

Restrictions are an issue for some venues throughout the UK, which is why we have scoured the best firework factories to bring to you our quiet fireworks display packages. 


These packages have been designed to bring you the most vibrant colour combinations and fill the sky without causing distress to local livestock or wildlife.


Colourful streamers from our roman candle bundles or the dancing fish and strobe effects from our low noise display barrages are just a few of our fabulous results. As the display culminates in a shower of golden rain from our individual brocade crown and sparkling silver strobe waterfalls you will lose yourself in the fantastic colours and visual effects.


Small Wedding Reception Fireworks

Whether your wedding is big or small, at a grand reception hall or in your backyard, you can find the perfect combination of July 4th fireworks to make your day special. For small outdoor weddings, use strobes and pop-its to keep your guests entertained during the night. These are great ground-based fireworks that guests will love shooting off on their own. 


End your small gathering by shooting items into the air like parachutes or rockets that will have all of your guests mesmerised. If you are looking for a special send-off from your reception, provide your guests with sparklers to hold as you make a magical exit through a tunnel of sparkling lights.


Aerial Fireworks

Aerial fireworks are massive, colourful fireworks that propel effects into the sky from a single mortar tube, or several mortar tubes fused together.


Finale racks are multi-shot aerial fireworks which can have several mortar tubes inside. Typically, there are nine shots, and each one varies in colour and effects. They are considered to be the best part of the show as they are the biggest and loudest fireworks that end the show with a bang. These will display a wide range of colours and effects to really get your neighbours to say ooh and aah.


Five hundred gram repeaters, also known as cakes, are pre-loaded into tubes and are the largest multi-shot aerial fireworks available in the United States. Depending on the size of the mortars in each container, they can be large and loud. Five hundred gram repeaters are very easy for consumers to use as there is one single fuse to light which is connected to the other tubes.


Two hundred gram repeaters are multi-shot aerial fireworks that are pre-loaded into tubes. They are smaller than the 500-gram repeaters, but they are unmatched with the phenomenal effects.


Mortar kits have launching tubes that are attached to a base to help keep the tube level on the ground. Consumers have to load the containers individually with the shells. When they explode in the sky, they are rich in colour and have mesmerising effects.


Rockets and missiles are either attached to a tube with a fin or a stick that shoot up producing a variety of effects, like whistles, bangs, crackles and stars. Consumers can stick the rockets and missiles into the ground or on platforms and light the fuses individually. Fun fact: rockets are actually one of the most recognisable and one of the oldest types of fireworks.


Aerial spinners are lit on hard flat surfaces. Once they are lit, they spin fast enough to fly into the air emitting a shower of colourful sparks underneath.


Roman candles are in tubes, typically made out of cardboard, which shoots out comets, stars and other various effects. They eject one or more exploding shells with superb colours. They can also be significant, producing more substantial results.


Parachutes have a single tube with one or multiple shells with a weight or an army man toy attached to a parachute which allows them to float to the ground. Some chutes are made to be daylight parachutes, and others are night time parachutes. Daytime parachutes will leave a trail of smoke, and night time parachutes will have a strobe trail. 


Non-aerial Fireworks (Ground-based Fireworks)

Fountains are the most popular non-aerial firework. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They don't shoot into the air and don't generally make loud bangs like aerial fireworks do. When the fuse is lit, fountains will emit a shower of colourful sparks and can make whistling or crackling noises. Most last, long time and different components create varying colours and effects.


Smoke balls are coloured with a fuse out of the top. When lit, smoke is emitted, that is the same colour as the ball.


Firecrackers have to be individually lit and are small in size, but they produce a loud report. Crackers can also come in brick, which are packs of firecrackers fused together. When you light the package, they all go off in a matter of seconds. The last way crackers are put together is in a strip. Firecrackers are fused to a connecting fuse. When lit, the firecrackers go off in sequence—fun fact: firecrackers are said to be the oldest fireworks to be made.


Jumping jacks are similar to firecrackers; however, when lit, jumping jacks jump off the ground. Each one jumps, pops, and may emit colours.


Ground spinners are products that when lit spin on the ground and produce sparks. These often change colours and give off the right amount of light when spinning around.


Wheels are often in a card or plastic disc with a round shape. Attached to the drive are a number of the rocket-like propellants which make the disc spin around creating flames or sparks when lit.


Sparklers are wires layered with pyrotechnic composition that can be stuck into the ground or you can hold them. They range in size, and some can be put on top of cakes for birthday celebrations. Sparklers are considered the staple of Fourth of July.


Party poppers vary in size, but they are mostly used for celebrations. When you pull the string on poppers, they make a loud popping noise and emits confetti.


Lanterns are similar to little hot air balloons, so when you light them, the flame will make the lantern float into the sky. Most of the time, lanterns are used for festivals around the world.


Now that you know all the different kinds of firework products, you can be confident you'll leave an explosive impression on your family, friends, and your neighbour down the street. If you want a mixture of aerial fireworks or ground fireworks, there are assortments available that have the best selling products inside the package.


When you've chosen your crew, make sure you get the appropriate permits to complete the seal the deal (some of the suppliers also offer the processing service). Having a fireworks show may be quite pricey for some, but it will make your wedding a night to remember! 



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