How do I look good in a mermaid wedding dress?

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Also known as a fishtail wedding dress, a mermaid style is closely fitted in the bodice all the way down to the knee, where it dramatically flares out – you'll find that the skirt on gowns described as 'trumpet' or 'fit-and-flare' starts higher up, typically from either the mid-hip or thigh. The mermaid shows off your shape the most out of any of these styles, but don't be put off – it can be a surprisingly flattering silhouette.

If you have a full bust or broad shoulders, then the dramatic skirt of a mermaid dress can balance out your top half, giving you a gorgeous hourglass figure. Although many of our real brides choose a simple, strapless neckline, the mermaid looks amazing with pretty much any neckline or sleeve length.

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If you're worried about your arms, you can always choose to wear your mermaid with long lace sleeves – the figure-hugging shape of your dress means that you can look sexy without flashing the flesh.

For true knock-out style, accessorise your gown with a glittering belt to highlight your waist.

When it comes to the perfect wedding dress, many brides have a specific style in mind, whether it's a plunging sweetheart neckline with a flowing train or a beaded organza drop waist skirt.

Still, there's reason to caution against being set on one silhouette before you select your gown. While most experts recommend bringing along ideas of styles you like, it also pays to be flexible. Liking something on a model or a hanger is a lot different than liking it once it's on you. For that reason, trying on at least one of every silhouette can be helpful: you might be surprised what ends up stealing your heart.

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There are many reasons to love mermaid wedding dresses:

  • They Play up Natural Curves: Unlike ball gowns or A-lines, mermaid wedding dresses hug the chest and waist, which helps create an hourglass figure. Generally, the snug fit around the hips includes flattering tapering and ruching, and the fitted neckline complements the bust.
  • They're Great for Petite Brides: The danger of full skirts is that they can be overwhelming, especially on more petite brides. Mermaids are great for smaller brides because the longer bodice adds length to the body. Select a slim skirt.
  • They Add Allure: You certainly can select a beaded look, but mermaids sometimes needless because the dramatic and fitted silhouette adds interest and pizzazz on its own. It's a dramatic and stunning look that can be paired both with a daring and more modest neckline.
  • Modern? You got it. If you're concerned with being current and stylish, mermaid wedding dresses might be the perfect fit. This is modern wedding fashion, but can also be played down for a more classic look with antique lace or other nods.
  • You'll Be Memorable: All brides want to feel like they made an impact on their guests–and a stunning gown is a great way to do it. More fitted and daring than a trumpet, any mermaid will be a fashion statement.

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If you've chosen a mermaid-cut wedding gown, congratulations! This style is one of the sexiest and most timeless options for brides. The silhouette is contoured to the body, structured to give you the perfect hourglass shape and at the knees, the gown flows out to the floor.

However, with this gown, comes great responsibility. So, here are the five things you need to do before slipping into your dream gown.

Go Lingerie Shopping

This type of gown needs the right supporting underwear. We're talking some heavy duty Spanx or smooth seamless lingerie. This is not the time to go for wisps of lace and undies with sequins, embellishments or ribbons. Shop on this website

Book Hypoxi

This style of dress is all about the hips, butt and thighs; so if you've got some cellulite or need to get rid of some excess weight, you must book a Hypoxi session. This is a high-tech workout that targets stubborn fat on the thighs, hips and butt using vacuum technology. This is a workout that celebrities swear by, and it really works. We're talking 20cm of fat lost in 4-6 weeks.

Tan Trials

Oftentimes, a mermaid gown has lace inserts, and you'll be showing some serious skin; but there's nothing worse than a tandoori tan to offset your dream gown. Two months before the big day, start trialling which tan you'll be using. Test colour (opt for a green base), texture (smooth) and its durability. The day after you've applied the test tan, wear a white shirt and make sure the tan doesn't transfer to your clothes – that way you'll avoid nasty streaks on your wedding dress.

Add Height

One of the downsides with a mermaid silhouette is that it can make a gal look shorter. While this is perfect for our tall sisters, it's not so great for those of us who are 'altitude challenged'. To resolve this, make sure you look for a heel with a platform to get that bit of extra height. We recommend a feminine strappy heel or peep-toe for this style.

Go OTT With Jewels

A mermaid-style gown serves itself to OTT jewellery. Look for cuffs, large necklaces, chandelier earrings and opulent headpieces to give your gown a Hollywood-look. The beauty of this silhouette is that you don't have to settle for delicate chains and studs, you can go as bold as you like as the bling up top will balance out the full mermaid skirt down below.

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Don'ts When Choosing A Mermaid Wedding Gown!

Every woman has a dream of having a perfect wedding day. One thing that every woman is excited about is to wear the best wedding dress that will fit her perfectly. While daydreaming about that perfect wedding gown is really exciting, sometimes there are certain circumstances in which the expected ideal wedding dress can ruin a woman's wedding day.  

Mermaid wedding gowns are said to be one of the most popular wedding gown cuts as it accentuates one's curves. It is a kind of wedding gown that hugs a bride's body down to the hips (or below) and flares out to the hem. With the right fit, wedding dresses in the mermaid cut can make you feel absolutely gorgeous as if no other girl can look better than you. However, there are certain factors to look out for when it comes to getting one. Here are the top four ultimate don'ts when it comes to choosing a mermaid wedding gown. 

Don't Wear It If You Have A Short Torso or Long Torso

The beauty of a wedding dress in a mermaid cut is how it showcases your figure in the most alluring way. However, the one factor to note is the proportion of your figure. If you have a shorter torso, wedding gowns in the mermaid cut will not be suitable! Due to the tightness of the wedding gown, it will further magnify the shortness of your torso, creating an illusion of a wider waistline. Similarly, brides with a longer torso should not opt for a wedding gown in a mermaid cut. Typically, alterations are usually done to the size of the wedding gown, not the length of it! So if you have a long torso, you might look elongated in a wedding gown in a mermaid design. At the same time, the hem of the wedding gown might not fit very nicely, especially if you are petite.

Don't Wear It If You Have Broader Shoulders Or Wider Hips

Because of how body-hugging wedding gowns in mermaid cuts can be, it may magnify certain areas of your body, especially the shoulders and hips.

Typically, brides with broad shoulders look more muscular in wedding gowns in the mermaid cut. Wedding gowns in a mermaid cut will not be suitable for brides with a rectangle or inverted triangle body shape as it makes the shoulders appear much broader.

However, if you have broad shoulders and you always had the dream of adorning a wedding gown in a mermaid cut, then here are some ways to help balance out your shoulders. Firstly, select wedding gowns with thinner straps or go strapless so that the emphasis would not be on your shoulders. At the same time, go for a wedding gown with a trumpet bottom, which refers to a flare out design. This will help reduce the attention on the shoulders and give the illusion of pronounced curves.

Likewise, if you have wider hips (like a pear-shaped lady) as compared to your shoulders, a wedding dress in a mermaid cut will bring more attention to the hips as it makes them look bigger. In order to balance that out, opt for a wedding dress with off shoulder details! Also, select a wedding gown with a wider flare design at the bottom so that your hips would not appear too prominent!

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Don't Wear It If You Are Petite

Usually, in Singapore, Alterations are not done to the hem of the wedding gown. Thus, if you are petite (below 1.55m), then chances are that the skirt of the wedding gown might be too long. Unless you choose to wear 5-inch heels, then wedding gowns in a mermaid cut will look like it is dragging her body!

If you wish to wear a wedding gown in a mermaid cut, then it is best to go for Made-to-Measure services, whereby you will work closely with the designer to create a wedding gown that is yours (and you'll be the first to wear it too!).

Don't Wear It If You Are Uncomfortable With A Tight Fitting Wedding Gown

While this reason sounds a little obvious, it is true on many levels! Generally, wedding gowns in mermaid cut are uncomfortable as it hugs the body very tightly. Therefore, brides who are not prepared to feel uncomfortable in a mermaid wedding gown should not consider this cut for her wedding day.

Let us give you one scenario! At most Singaporean weddings, the bride and groom would usually go to every wedding table to take pictures with the wedding guests. If you are uncomfortable with being uncomfortable in a wedding gown in a mermaid gown, chances are you would not be very happy, which would show when you are posing for your wedding photos.

Another scenario to consider is if you intend to hold your wedding outdoors. With Singapore's unforgiving weather, it is only natural to perspire profusely under the relentless heat. Combine with the tightness of a mermaid wedding gown, and you might find yourself raging much more easily.

Despite the above reasons, it doesn't mean that wedding gowns in a mermaid cut are any less beautiful! Just that there are quite a few things to consider before finalising your choice with a mermaid wedding gown! Whatever the outcome, it is important to feel confident in your wedding gown! When that is achieved, all else wouldn't matter as much!

In recent years, mermaid wedding dresses have been taking over. Many brides choose to wear mermaid wedding dresses rather than going for ball-gown wedding dresses. Why so? Well, mermaid wedding dresses are lightweight, so they're easier for moving around comfortably and dancing all night long! But before you take your pick, do you know if mermaid wedding dresses suit your body shape, and actually flatter it? Read along to find out.

Here are the body shapes that perfectly go with mermaid wedding dresses:

  1. Brides with an hourglass body shape, who have shoulders and hips with equal width and a narrower waist.
  2. Brides with an inverted triangle body shape, who have broader shoulders compared to the hips.
  3. Brides with a rectangle body shape, who have shoulders, hips and waist with an equal width.

If you have any of the body as mentioned above shapes, then you can safely choose a mermaid wedding dress. Yes, fitted silhouettes will look great on you, and a mermaid wedding dress will cinch your waist and show off your body curves in the right way.

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When it comes to styling your mermaid wedding dress, just remember that height is key – you want to elongate your shape as much as possible to avoid being cut off by the flare at the knee.

For your wedding hair, we advise you to go for a high updo, or a style with a lot of volume at the crown – a high bun is perfect for this style. As for shoes, heels are preferable to add height – BUT (and this is a big but), make sure you try your shoes on with your dress and practise walking as much as possible. The tightly-fitted top half of a mermaid dress will naturally restrict your movements, so only wear high heels if you're confident you can walk properly in them! If in doubt: practise, practise, practise.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Gowns

While the national average cost of a wedding dress is $1,631 (including alterations), dress prices are based on various factors and generally range from $500 to $4,000. By shopping at large retailers and getting a machine-made gown, you can easily land on the lower end of the spectrum.

A Guide to Every Wedding Dress Silhouette
  • A fitted sheath, mermaid or trumpet gown will accentuate your curves (or create the illusion of them).
  • Pleats or gathers around the waist can magnify it. A well-fitted high-waist and loose skirt will combat this.
  • When in doubt, consider an A-line gown.

Classic wedding dresses are designed to be timeless and come in tried and true silhouettes. A classic wedding dress isn't typically ornate or trendy. Rest assured, classic does not translate to boring. Rather, it simply means relying on tried-and-true silhouettes, necklines, textures, and embellishments.

If so, consider lace; it is ultra-romantic and feminine and sure to lend a polished elegance to your look. Moreover, lace is timeless and will look good in pictures 50 years from now.

Bridal sizing isn't like typical streetwear sizing. While you might be a size 4-6 in jeans, you're in fact a bridal size 8-10, and if you're a size 14-16, you're likely an 18-20. Don't worry about it–sizing is just a number! You'll likely see most of our samples in a bridal size 8, 10, 12, 18, 20 or 22 to try on.

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