5 Winter Wedding Tips to Keep You Warm and Comfy

Wedding in cold weather has something majestic and beautiful about it- there is nothing more magical than sunlight shining on snow, reflecting the profound beauty of nature. A winter wedding is a slightly budget friendly idea as venues and suppliers are usually cheaper, because of its off-season. It’s a win-win situation as you can plan something unique and special for one of the biggest days in your life; however, there are also a few considerations that you need to pay attention to before planning the ceremony. With a little extra planning all the weather factors can be eliminated, and by following some tips, the wedding guests can be kept perfectly warm and cozy.

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It’s better to choose a daytime wedding on a sunny day

In winters it gets dark earlier, it will be more convenient to pick a sunny day as you will have plenty of sunlight and warmer temperature for the outdoor photographs. In general lunch menus is lighter and costs less than dinner, plus you get to enjoy the beautiful sunlight shinny on snow giving it a bar of gold like glow. Sunny days are mostly warmer in winters, and there is no alternative to sunlight when it comes to taking great photos.

Keep booze coming with hot cocktails and drinks

It’s very important to make sure there is an ongoing supply of drinks and cocktails to keep the guests warm, hot soup and water bottles in another good idea. Kids love hot chocolate if your budget allows it will be a nice addition to the menu. If your budget is tight and you cannot afford quality alcoholic drinks, then its best to serve guests coffee and soup. There are also plenty of other pocket-friendly options such as English tea, hot lemon water and Green tea you need to bring out your imaginations for the day of your life.

Choose a vintage style theme with lots of flowers and candles

Roses are traditional and very popular wedding flowers, adding them with a classic vintage style theme will bring the ultimate cozy effect to the ceremony. You can also use scented candles to add the extra light, warmth, and scent. If you are not really into vintage and classical styles, you can choose a winter wedding theme of your choice keeping in mind that whatever theme you decide it has a lot of indoor lighting to give the environment a feeling of warmth.

Be wise when choosing the colors of your theme and clothes

Have you ever heard of warm colors? Did you know choosing colors is a science? And it’s better to seek professional’s advice to select colors for winter wedding themes. Favorite warm colors are red, yellow and orange; you can choose a combination of your own choice to add a warm touch to your reception. You can also choose your favorite colors if warm colors are not your thing but doing that you will have to add an extra heating system, to maintain the coziness of the event.

Select meat dishes for the menu but don’t forget to add cheese for the vegetarians

Eating meat makes us warmer, and especially in winters, our bodies need more proteins and calories to stay warm. Barbeque is excellent and tasty, and most of your guests will love your reception menu, you can also add fresh seasonal salads to the list. If you have the budget than seafood such as lobsters and deep fried pomfret will make your wedding menu memorable. Delicacies as Caviar and Roe will take things a whole new level. Also, keep plenty of snacks for your guests as eating will keep them warm.

There are many fancy winter wedding tips to keep your guest warm and cozy at your reception; the more original your ideas are, the more significant and memorable your ceremony will be. Take your imagination on a roller coaster and allow yourself to discover all your option according to your budget freely. Remember this is one in a lifetime event, so it’s better to personalize it, you should be able to relate yourself to your menu, decorations, colors, dresses, and venue. Your wedding reception should reflect you! We love sharing our experiences and tips with you; it’s essential for us to help you plan a perfect winter wedding. Looking forward to hearing from you, share and stay connected if you like our tips and tricks.

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