Is a wedding video necessary?


Weddings can no doubt be very expensive, and we all know that every cost, no matter how small, adds up in the end, so this leads many brides, especially those on a budget, to ask whether they need a wedding video. “Is it that important?” they ask. We’re here to tell you all about the importance of wedding videos and how this one decision should be pretty easy for you (Yes! Get one!). Because, while the cost is a factor for some, sure, the real importance of wedding videos come from their ability to let you relive your big day. Unlike photographs, videos give you the voices, the noises, the sounds, the action of one of the most memorable days of your life and keeps it saved forever. But if you haven’t quite made up your mind, here are some of the other reasons you need to consider having a wedding video.

Did you know 75% of all brides who didn’t hire a wedding videographer say it was one of their biggest wedding regrets while 98% of brides who did hire a videographer for their wedding said they would recommend it to their friends?

The percentage of couples who hire a wedding videographer continues to grow every year. But plenty of couples still ask Is Wedding videography worth it if they have a photographer.

The truth is Wedding Photography, and Wedding Videography are two completely different services with different intent and different deliverables. Wedding photography is more creative while wedding videography is more documentary. Even though I am a wedding photographer, I believe that wedding videography is important for key reasons. 

With so many Wedding Videographers out there it can be confusing to choose the right one.  Check out our top picks here. 

So, is it Necessary? 

To answer the question, I’ll be completely honest. No, a wedding videographer is not necessary. Gasp!

It must be strange hearing that, seeing as this is what we do for a living. The truth is though, having a keepsake like a wedding film isn’t a priority for everyone. You may be more focused on creating a truly magical evening for yourselves, and your guests, or maybe you want to spend extra effort on organizing an amazing cart of delicious treats for your foodies in the crowd.

If that’s the case, you’re probably less likely to be as concerned with capturing memories as you are in experiencing them with everyone. That’s quite alright, because everyone is different, and we all have our priorities.

wedding videography

Reason Why Wedding Videography is Necessary


You may have found the perfect wedding photographer who checks off all of your weddings must-haves—plenty of coverage, beautiful photos, quick turnaround time, all in an heirloom album. But no matter how incredible the quality of your wedding photos, they will never include sound or voice. Many people (myself included) hate the sound of their voice and cringe at the thought of having to listen to it. I get it, I do. But imagine how powerful it will be for your future children to hear you share your vows and show them where it all began. 


The human face has 43 muscles capable of making 21 unique expressions. All of which can be captured on camera. But what about micro expressions? Expressions that last 1/15th to 1/30th of a second. Like the joy right before the tears come. Video can capture that. That can be the difference between seeing your mom cry tears of joy in a video, and just tears in a photo. 

Extra Eyes

When you have a photographer and a videographer, you now have a second set of eyes. No less than one million different things are happening at once on a wedding day. It’s statistically impossible for a photographer or videographer to capture everything. Having both a photographer and videographer means your odds of capturing beautiful and meaningful moments and interactions skyrockets. 

The Reception

During the ceremony, all eyes are on you two. Your family and friends are seated, but once the music gets going at your reception, there are countless different stories to be captured with a camera. Having a photographer and a videographer means you get both your sorority sisters sharing shots with you at the bar and video proof that your favourite aunt does know how to dance. 


Like I said earlier, the difference between wedding photography and videography is bigger than you might expect. One is the intention of what’s delivered. Your wedding photos should be creative and something you want to hang in your house to remind you of your loving relationship even though there are several hundred photos delivered. Looking through all of your wedding photos takes time as a whole evening. Wedding videography is delivered in a 5-7 minute video that plays like a short movie. It’s like a double shot of espresso. You can watch it on your lunch break and then daydream back to that perfect day for however much time you have.

Builds A Stronger Family

This one is a bit morbid, but someday our loved ones will no longer be with us. While hopefully, it comes later rather than sooner, you will have no idea how powerful your wedding videography will be until that time comes. Being able to pull up the video of your mom helping you with your dress and necklace or walking down the aisle with your father as he looks at you and tears up as he smiles will be worth more to you than anything else in the world. 

It is no wonder why more and more couples are hiring a videographer for their wedding day. Ask for wedding photography and videography packages, and if your photographer does not offer videography, they are sure to have some recommendations for you!

Personal Moments With Guests

A popular feature of wedding videos is that family and friends can record meaningful words on camera for the happy couple to hear later. This is perfect for those who did not get to congratulate the bride and groom on the day properly. It can also capture the natural interactions between guests throughout the event. Seeing your family and friends brought together and connecting over your wedding is a special moment.

The Benefit Of Audio

One big advantage video has over photography is the ability to capture movement and audio. This means that the bride’s walk down the aisle, vows and speeches can all be recorded and relieved over and over again. Chances are you were a bundle of nerves and emotion during these moments, so seeing them again can be rewarding.

View From A New Perspective

With so much going on, your wedding day is often a blur, going by faster than expected. A wedding video allows you to relive this experience at a much slower pace, seeing things from a new perspective and discovering moments you didn’t know happened. After a few watches, you will have a full new understanding and love for your big day.

For Those Who Missed It

If a loved one could not make it to your wedding, then a video is a great way to share the experience with them. A good videographer captures the event from all angles, making them feel as if they were there. Wedding videos are easily sharable thanks to the magic of digital media.

Check out our list of wedding videographers to help you capture your special day.

Real Candid Moments

One of the main criticisms of wedding photography is that often photos are far too posed. The nature of video means that it is easy to capture genuinely candid moments, largely because people forget that the videographer is there. Unlike photos, video is likely to capture more unplanned candid moments, giving you memories you didn’t expect.

Budget Concerns

Weddings are expensive. A wedding videographer is an additional cost that needs to squeeze into your budget. Many brides believe that it is a service that cannot be missed and that it is worth compromising on other expenses to afford one. Alternatively, if you have a friend who is handy with a camera or editing software, ask them to be the photographer or videographer for the event and professionally hire the other. Another option is to ask your guests to be photographers. Ask them to snap special moments on their digital devices and send them to you.

Won’t they Get In The Way?

Many of the main concerns with hiring a wedding videographer to come from worries that they will get in the way of the day and the photographer. A good wedding photographer should be able to capture all your special moments without a big fuss. Additionally, if they communicate with the photographer, they can work together, make sure they both get the best shots of your wedding. Communication between you, your photographer and videographer are essential to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Editing Woes

Another issue many brides have is that when they receive their wedding video, they are unhappy with the editing decisions made. Editing includes transition, kinds of music and overall style of the video and can make a huge difference. The best way to solve this problem is to ask questions about potential wedding videographers before hiring them. Asking for work samples is the best way to get an indication of their style. Don’t be afraid to tell them what you want, after all, and you are paying for the service.

The Importance of Wedding Videos for Future Generations

Here’s another really important reason to get that wedding video; your kids. Maybe right now they don’t care (you have teenagers, don’t you?), or maybe they are too young to appreciate the whole thing (or maybe you don’t have any, yet), but having a video of your wedding day to share with them when they are older is a special (and easy) way to preserve your history (did you know you were making history, too?) for them.

Think about all the times you have gone through your grandparents’ things or your parents’ things. Their pictures and old videos. You might think “Wow! Look at how young Mom or Dad looks!”, “What are they wearing?”, or “Look at that old car!” Having a wedding video is a fun and easy way for you to be able to pass on your personalities, voices, and even those Dad Jokes to your children and their children and maybe even their children’s children. It’s a file that someone can easily upload to the cloud and add to their genealogy program to share with family members in the future that you may not even get to meet or those that may never get to know you. These videos can bring you back to life for those that you leave one day, and that’s a really powerful thought.

That little piece of history can mean something to your family down the road when they are collecting pictures and old collectibles out of the attic. Instead of just being a name and a picture on paper, you come to life for them. You become real again, especially to those that may not have ever gotten to know you. They can add this video to your marriage certificate, which allows them to put another piece of the puzzle to their family tree in its place. And if you’ve ever researched your family tree, you probably know how exciting it can be to find little things from those family members that lived long before us! Why not leave a wedding video for your family to find one day?

Wedding Anniversary Memories

Think about your wedding anniversary for two years from now. Think about it for five years from now. Ten years. 50. How many things will you still remember about your wedding day after all of those years? (For example, how much do you remember about your graduation day?) How many small things that happened that day will you still be able to tell your kids and grandkids about when they ask? Unfortunately, one very real negative impact of time is that we lose our memory of even the most beautiful or perfect events, and a wedding day is one of those amazing days in our lives that will go by too fast (don’t blink!). Some brides even say that they start seeing new things they didn’t notice before when they watch their wedding videos or realize there are things they’ve already forgotten, even after just a few years. Sure, we still remember the big things, like the vows and the dance, but those smaller, intricate moments, like the poignant toast from your best man or the sweet moment between your grandparents, can get easily lost. Luckily, with your wedding on video, you don’t have to forget any of it because it will have been captured all in real-time, in colour, and stereo. You can show the video to your family and friends, and relive the big day or sit down on your anniversary with your spouse to watch it and fall in love all over again. Photographs can’t do all of that.

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Experience the whole day recreated.

This isn’t your mama’s wedding video! All jokes aside, the modern wedding video style is more cinematic. Professional audio equipment, HD video, colour grading, music in the background — today’s wedding videos recreate the atmosphere of your wedding day coupled with cinematic editing. I truly want to make your wedding video a priceless memento and a work of art for you!

“You have to think about what you’re getting (or what you’re missing out on without it), “You’re getting a professional trained in capturing love and joy and little details, you’re getting a re-creation of your best day, you’re getting the opportunity to hear your grandparents’ voices and see them smile long after they pass on, you’re getting a recording of those precious words you vowed to your brand new spouse and the way his voice was so sure and proud when he said ‘I do.'”

Kaitlin tells her couples this when planning their wedding: “No one will remember what kind of flowers or linens or clever koozies you had. Don’t get caught up in competing with other couple’s weddings, Pinterest pins, or Instagram photos. Invest in a planner, a great DJ, food that tastes great, and amazing vendors who will capture it all on camera and video. These are the things that make your wedding unique and memorable. You won’t regret it!”

In the end, these videos are so much more than just a snapshot for you and your loved ones. The importance of wedding videos is the ability to time travel and relive one of the best days of your lives with friends and family that may never get together the same way again. Memories fade as people grow older and having those memories close at hand in full motion with sound and voices just like they were “yesterday” is a special experience that you never have to lose and will be able to share for years and years. It helps create a family history for future generations and loving memories for you and your spouse. So if you are wavering on which way to go on whether or not to get a wedding video for your big day, our advice to you is to go for it! Save yourself those painful regrets and Get. The. Video! It’s so much better to have something and not need it than to want it and not have it! (Plus, it’s not like Doc Brown can take you back in time in the DeLorean to change your mind in the past!)

If you’re on the fence about it, or you’re not sure you want to spend the money, I would still recommend it. Try looking at it as an insurance policy. You may not watch it all the time, but it’s there if you need it.

A beautiful and professional photo can do wonders, but it won’t let you listen to your voice reciting your vows. It won’t bring you back into the conversation you were having with your bridesmaids as you got your hair and makeup done together. It won’t let you hear the exchanges between your grandparents and parents during cocktail hour.

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