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Is it cheaper to buy or rent wedding suits?

Groomswear is often overlooked in favour of focusing on the bride's dress for the big day, but this should not be the case. Whether the groom should wear a tuxedo, suit, or something else may seem like a no-brainer, but there are quite a few aspects to consider.

Before the rise of the high street and quick fashion, it was common for tailors to create one-of-a-kind pieces of clothing for both ladies and men. Rental services for trendy items have emerged as a viable alternative to the traditional practise of buying new garments each season. Customers can now choose between buying and renting, regardless of whether they are looking for casual or formal wear. After picking on the style of tuxedo or suit you'd like to wear for your wedding, you'll need to decide whether to rent or buy your formalwear.

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    FAQs About Wedding Suits

    Ideally, ordering your suit 4-6 months out is what we recommend. This gives the groom and the wedding party plenty of time to get their suits, try them on, and get any necessary in-person alterations made.

    Buying. Tuxedos cost about $700 to $1,000 for the jacket and pants. You may be able to find a sale on a tuxedo, but generally you will be paying more than you would for a suit. You'll also need a shirt, vest or cummerbund, a tie, and shoes.

    Buying a tux can be more cost-effective than renting if he plans to wear it two or more times, either as a best man or groomsman in another wedding, or to any black-tie affair.

    By "most" we mean "simple" alterations like pant hems and other simple changes. Other alterations, like tailoring a suit or dress, or more complex changes, require about 10 to 20 minutes in order to obtain the best fit possible. Bridal and custom suit appointments can take between 30 and 60 minutes.


    How long does it take to make a suit? Anywhere between six to eight weeks. Body measurements can change in six weeks, so often small changes and adjustments have to be made to the suit, which is why the tailors leave extra space.


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    Is Renting Really Cheaper Than Buying a Wedding Suit?

    Weddings tend to cost a lot, and therefore the price is always a big, or even the biggest consideration when it comes to deciding on whether to rent or buy your wedding suit. Although renting may seem like the most sensible choice when trying to cut costs, this is not always the case. Calculating your cost per wear is an essential concern. Investing in a wedding suit that can be worn to other formal events will save you money in the long run if you plan on attending many events each year. In other words, if you plan on wearing your wedding suit again in the future, buying is the more cost-effective option rather than renting.

    How Much Money Do You Have to Spend?

    Obviously, you need to think about what's feasible from a financial standpoint first. Consider how often he will wear his suit or tuxedo after the wedding before making a purchase.

    If he will be using the tux for multiple events, such as being a groomsman or a best man in future weddings or attending other formal occasions, he will save money by buying rather than renting a tux. If your partner appreciates the style of a suit or if it is what you imagine him wearing to the office each day, then it is more sensible to purchase him a suit.

    If he only plans to wear the tux or suit once on his wedding day, then renting may be the more cost-effective option. Accessory items (ties, cufflinks, shirts, shoes, etc.) are often included in the rental package, saving you money. Are you trying to figure out if a tux or a suit will cost you more? 

    What Will He Wear? (Or) What Do You Suggest He Wear?

    The nature of the celebration should also be taken into account when selecting the groom's dress. What about dressiness? Does it happen to be the morning, afternoon, or night? Hall or stable? Think about whether or not the groom feels more at ease in formal wear or if he would rather feel more at ease in something more informal. What's more, which will look best with your wedding dress?

    Buying is the way to go if the groom wants a classic yet distinctive look. Custom cufflinks and other embellishments, in addition to timeless colours like black and navy, will help him stand out. But if you rent, you may enjoy the benefits of the season's latest fashion hues, textures, and patterns while still ensuring that the groom and his party look professionally coordinated.

    Does It Fit?

    What matters most when everything else fails is how well it fits. A rented tuxedo or suit should be adequate provided your groom is a typical size and will not need many adjustments, though he may need to have the sleeve lengthened or the pants hemmed. Making the investment, however, will ensure that your groom appears and feels his best in clothes that are made specifically for his body.

    Reasons Why Renting Your Wedding Suit Or Tuxedo Is The SMART Move

    Did you realise the average person wears a tuxedo no more than twice in their whole life?

    Getting married is the largest commitment you'll ever make, so why waste money on a tuxedo you won't even wear again? Your soon-to-be husband will be eternally grateful to you if you take the time to locate an inexpensive tuxedo rental business that offers the most efficient and user-friendly service.

    The best online customer service, dozens of suits and accessories, and a plethora of freebies are just a few of the reasons we adore Generation Tux.

    Chances Are, You'll Only Wear It Once

    We've already established that the wedding tuxedo will see use exactly zero times. Unless you have a regular calendar full of black-tie events, that gorgeous and expensive tux will probably never be worn. Also, give some thought to whether or not you'll be donning the tux on New Year's Eve. If you rent your tux instead of buying it, you won't feel any obligation to wear it again.

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    It Can Be Expensive!

    Tuxedos are not inexpensive to purchase. The cost of a tuxedo can quickly rise into the hundreds, or even thousands when alterations and other fees are included in. When you can just go on your computer, punch in your measurements, and have a tux delivered to your front door, why bother with bespoke design and waste time at the tailors? In addition, purchasing a custom-made suit carries the danger of your body shape-shifting over time, necessitating additional adjustments down the road, which may add up quickly.

    Styles Change All The Time

    You want to look your best on your wedding day, but picking out a tux can be difficult if you're going for a more contemporary style. This is because you may worry that your wedding attire will quickly become out of style. You're right; fashions do come and go, so feel free to hire that maroon tux or bright bow tie without any regrets.

    And Our Bonus Reason – It's Better To Bundle!

    You want everyone in the wedding to look well together, but you know your friends and family won't go out of their way to buy new tuxedos for one day. If you stick to renting, you and your pals may look sharp in the trendiest tuxedos, and you might even score a group discount. That implies you saved both time and money by avoiding the tailor in favour of more quality time with your buddies.

    The Benefits and Drawbacks of Renting vs. Purchasing a Wedding Suit

    Advantages of Renting a Suit

    Renting Saves You A Lot

    Renting is far more cost-effective if you only plan to use the item once. The going rate for a rental suite is about $150 per month, while the starting point for purchasing your own is $300 (for mediocre quality). Don't panic; contrary to what others say, nice, up-to-date apartments are available for rent at reasonable rates.

    You Can Splurge on a More Expensive Suit

    Seize this once-in-a-lifetime chance to dress to the nines! Though you might not be able to afford a brand new tuxedo for your big day, you can save a tonne of money by renting one instead.

    You’ll Find Something to Fit Your Preferences and Wallet.

    If you're looking for a tuxedo but don't want to spend more than $200, renting is a better alternative than buying.

    Getting the Groomsmen to Coordinate Is a Breeze.

    Looking your finest on the big night is easy when you rent tuxedos and accessories from the same place.

    Each Comes With Its Own Set of Accessories.

    You don't need a pair of shoes, a shirt, a necktie or a bowtie or cufflinks unless you truly want to.

    Disadvantages of Renting a Suit

    It Was Previously Worn by Someone Else.

    When renting a tux, this is the one thing that most men dislike. You have no idea who else has worn them or if they were worn without underwear. However! Don't worry; any good rental shop will provide you with a tuxedo that a professional cleaner has given the once over.

    It’s Not Yours, so You Don’t Get the Same Level of Control Over How It Looks and Feels.

    If you have a "normal" body type, shopping for a tuxedo shouldn't be too difficult, as a tailor can easily alter the length of the sleeves and pants to fit you. If you have a unique body type (e.g., are very tall, very large, or very little), a rented tuxedo might not be the best option.

    Intended to be Short-Term Only.

    One cousin's wedding or another special event could force you to rent a tuxedo even if you have no future plans to do so. Furthermore, if you're a true fashionista at heart, a tuxedo you'll only wear once may not feel exceptional enough for your wedding.

    Advantages of Buying a Suit

    It's Customisable to Your Needs.

    The sleeves and the length of the pants of a rental tuxedo can be altered to fit your physique, but the coat and waistcoat may still be too big or too small. If you want to buy your own tuxedo, you can get one custom-made to your measurements by a tailor.

    Going to Black-Tie Events Once in a While Will Be Money Well Spent.

    The study found that after two usage, buying a tux was cheaper than renting. You should expect to wear your tux to at least one additional formal event in order to recoup the cost of purchasing it (this, in fact, is dependent on the price of your tuxedo).

    It’s Completely Fresh and New.

    We get it if the idea of swapping underwear with another guy, no matter how thoroughly washed, gives you the willies. One's only real choice is to get another tuxedo. You'll have irrefutable evidence that no one else but you has worked up a sweat in that outfit.

    You’ll Have Fun Going Shopping for One-Of-A-Kind Pieces That Will Become Wardrobe Staples.

    Picking out your suit and accessories is a lot of fun if you enjoy dressing the part. The tuxedo is not the only acceptable attire for the shirt, shoes, tie, and cuff links.

    Disadvantages of Buying a Suit

    They Could Be Quite Pricey.

    It's known fact that purchasing tuxedo may be extremely costly. Buying a tuxedo is more expensive than renting one and can cost three times as much. Nonetheless, sales do occur, and having to wait for one is worth it if it means a better price.

    A Tuxedo May Become Unnecessary Attire for You.

    It will be expensive if you would only use it once, much like a wedding dress. Share your financial goals with your soon-to-be spouse and determine an achievable plan.

    Your Body May Change Over Time, Rendering the Item No Longer Suitable for Use.

    Suits are expensive to customise, and if you gain or lose weight afterwards, the suit may no longer fit as well as it did before.

    All of the Accessories That Go With It Will Cost You Money, Too.

    The groom, who is also a trendsetter, may be excited to go shopping for his wedding accessories, but the other men in his party may be less enthusiastic. The price of your already-expensive tuxedo might easily skyrocket with this addition.

    Why Buy When You Can Rent Your Wedding Suits?

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    One last bit of guidance. It is recommended that if you decide to hire a tuxedo or suit, you also invest in a new pair of shoes to complete the outfit. You'll be on your feet all day long, posing for photos, dancing, and mingling; therefore, you should choose easy shoes. A blister on your heel or a painful case of foot cramps can ruin your day. Don't try to see things from someone else's perspective if you don't have to. It's not a bowling party, but rather your wedding day. Your wedding day outfit is an important investment, therefore, only you can make the final decision between renting and buying. On the other hand, you shouldn't skimp on footwear. Put money out!


    When planning a wedding, much of the attention goes to the bride's dress, but the groom's outfit typically gets neglected. Customers have the option of either purchasing or renting wedding formalwear. In determining whether to buy or rent a suit, price is the primary factor to think about. For one-time use only on his wedding day, renting may be more cost-effective than purchasing a tuxedo or suit. In many cases, you can save money on your rental by taking advantage of the included accessories (ties, cufflinks, shirts, shoes, etc.).

    Once you factor in the price of changes and dry cleaning, the price of a tuxedo for a wedding can easily reach the hundreds, if not the thousands. Investing in a tailor-made suit exposes you to the potential need for future alterations as your body changes shape. Renting is a better option than buying if you need a tuxedo but can't afford to spend more than $200 on one. Accessories are included with each one. If you don't want to, you don't have to wear shoes, a shirt, a tie, or cufflinks.

    Buying a tuxedo is often far more costly than renting one. After two uses, a purchase is more cost-effective than renting, according to the results of a recent study. Your tuxedo will pay for itself if you wear it to at least one more black-tie occasion. Suits can be very pricey to tailor, and if you experience a change in your weight subsequently, the suit may no longer be a good fit. If you're going to rent a tuxedo or a suit, you should probably buy a new pair of shoes as well.

    Content Summary

    • The bride's clothing receives most of the attention during wedding preparations, but the groom's attire should not be forgotten.
    • It may seem like a no-brainer whether the groom should wear a tuxedo, suit, or anything different, but there are actually quite a few factors to think about.
    • After settling on a tuxedo or suit cut and style for the big day, the next big decision is whether to rent or buy the garments.
    • Cost is always a factor, if not the most important factor, when determining whether to rent or buy a wedding suit because weddings may be very expensive.
    • Keeping track of your cost per wear is crucial.
    • If you plan on attending multiple formal events each year, it would be more cost-effective to invest in a wedding suit that can be worn again and again.
    • Buying a wedding suit is more cost-effective than renting if you intend to reuse it in the future.
    • Before buying him a new suit or tuxedo for the wedding, think about how often he will actually wear it after the big day.
    • Suits are a more practical gift if you know your partner likes their look or if it is what you picture him wearing on a daily basis to the office.
    • If the wedding is the only time he'll be wearing the tux or suit, renting could be more cost-effective than buying.
    • The occasion itself is something to think about when choosing the groom's attire.
    • Consider whether the groom would be more comfortable in formal attire or if he would prefer something more casual.
    • If the groom wishes to stand out while still looking dapper, he may consider making a purchase.
    • Nonetheless, your groom will look and feel great in clothing that are tailored to his frame if you spring for the extra expense.
    • Finding an affordable tuxedo rental company that provides the most efficient and user-friendly service is a must, and your soon-to-be-husband will be eternally grateful to you for taking the time to do so.
    • After the wedding, the tuxedo will be worn precisely zero more times.
    • If you don't regularly attend formal events that call for a tuxedo, there's little use in splurging on a beautiful one.
    • And think about whether or not you'll be donning the tux on New Year's Eve.
    • You won't feel obligated to wear the tux again if you rent it instead of owning it.
    • The price tag on a tuxedo is quite hefty.
    • Once you factor in the price of changes and dry cleaning, the price of a tuxedo can easily reach the hundreds, if not the thousands.
    • You want to look your best on your wedding day, but if you're trying for a more modern aesthetic, choosing a tuxedo can be challenging.
    • This is due to the fact that you might be concerned that your wedding attire will become unfashionable in a short amount of time.
    • Plus, we think it's smarter to buy in bulk for another reason: it saves you money!
    • You'd like everyone in the wedding to have a coordinated look, but you know that your guests won't go out of their way to buy new tuxedos for just one day.
    • You and your friends could look great in the latest tuxedo styles, and you could even save money by renting instead of buying.
    • That means you could have spent more time with your pals while saving both time and money by skipping the tailor.
    • Costs are greatly reduced when you rent instead than buy.
    • If you only need the item once, renting is the way to go.
    • Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get dolled up!
    • You may not be able to buy a new tuxedo for your big day, but you may save a lot of money by renting one instead.
    • Renting is preferable than buying if you need a tuxedo and can't spend more than $200 on one.
    • To make sure you and your party guests look your best on the big night, rent your tuxedo and formalwear from the same place.
    • You can get away without wearing socks, shoes, a tie, or a bowtie and cufflinks.
    • This is the one aspect of renting a tuxedo that most guys find annoying.
    • Have no fear; any respectable rental service will supply you with a tuxedo that has been cleaned by a pro.
    • Shopping for a tuxedo shouldn't be too tough if you have a "regular" body type because a tailor can easily change the length of the sleeves and the pants to fit you.
    • A hired tuxedo may not be the greatest choice if you have an unusual body shape (e.g., are very tall, very huge, or very little).
    • Created with a limited time frame in mind.
    • Even if you have no intention of ever wearing a tuxedo again, a single cousin's wedding or other formal function could drive you to rent one.
    • A tuxedo you'll only wear once may not feel special enough for your wedding if you're a true fashionista at heart.
    • It can be altered to suit your requirements.
    • After two uses, the cost of buying a tuxedo was less than that of renting, according to the study.
    • To make your tuxedo's initial investment worthwhile, you should plan on wearing it to at least one more formal occasion (this, in fact, is dependent on the price of your tuxedo).
    • In other words, it's brand spanking new and untouched.
    • There is no way around getting a new tuxedo.
    • If you get a kick out of being dolled up, choosing your outfit and accessories will be a blast.
    • Cost is one of the potential drawbacks of purchasing a suit.
    • It's a known fact that purchasing a tuxedo may be extremely costly.
    • Buying a tuxedo is often far more costly than renting one.
    • However, discounts do come up from time to time, and waiting for one is worthwhile if it results in a better price.
    • Forget the tuxedo; it may not be required for you to wear one anymore.
    • It will be pricey because it is meant to be used only once, much like a wedding dress.
    • Talk to your future partner about your shared financial objectives and create a workable strategy.
    • While the fashion-forward groom may be looking forwards to picking out his wedding accessories, his male guests may be less thrilled.
    • This could significantly increase the cost of an already pricey tuxedo.
    • If you're going to get married, why not rent your wedding attire instead of buying?
    • The final piece of advice.
    • If you're going to rent a suit or tuxedo, it's best to go out and get a matching pair of shoes as well.
    • The day can be ruined by anything as simple as a heel blister or a nasty case of foot cramps.
    • If you can help it, avoid trying to put yourself in another person's shoes.
    • Your wedding day, not a bowling party.
    • Your wedding day attire is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase; consequently, only you can make the final decision between renting and buying.
    • However, shoes are an area where you shouldn't economise.
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