How to Survive Your Yarra Valley Winery Wedding Week


How to prepare for your Winery Wedding - 1 week out

Seven more days, and you will say the three magical words – Yes I do, to the love of your life. It is normal to be anxious and excited at the same time, but how you behave and what you do during your winery wedding week will define whether you will have a stressful wedding, or if your big day will turn out just as you had envisioned. With so many thoughts going through your mind, and a myriad of things needing your attention, here is how to survive the wedding the week like a boss.

1. Nail down the Vines Wedding itinerary

Your Vines wedding timeline should be realistic and this implies that you should leave some room for error. You probably had a to-do list or some checklist which was guiding the planning process. This is the time to revisit it and see that everything is as was planned. In this manner, it will be easy for you to notice obvious things which may have been forgotten, and since you still have one week to go, there should be adequate time to make necessary adjustments so that the wedding is not ruined.

2. Try out your wedding gown

The last thing you want is to put on you gown on the wedding day only to realize that the alterations were not done properly and it still need a considerable work to make it fit just as you had hoped. To avoid this, try out the wedding gown one week before the day and in case there are any last minute alterations that need to be made, this is the time to get them sorted. By five days to the Yarra Valley wedding, the gown should be a closed chapter and you should only be waiting to have it on during the big day.

3. Don’t forget about wedding shoes either

If you are like most ladies, you will be rocking a nice pair of heels on your wedding day, and though you probably are comfortable walking with heels on Vines of the Yarra Valley grass, it is important to try out your wedding shoes to see how comfy they are and if you will get the comfort you need to be in them throughout the day. Ideally, you should stretch them out in advance and to do this, all you need to do is wear them with a thick pair of socks then aim a hairdryer on the sections that might be pinching you while they are on your feet. The day may be long and your comfort is paramount, so be sure that you are very comfortable with shoes and if possible, carry an extra pair you can change when doing the photoshoot outdoors.

4. Drop off necessary reception and ceremony items at the Vines venue

Things such as unity candles, escort cards, table numbers, card box, bathroom amenity baskets, sign-in books and other ceremony and wedding reception items should be dropped off at the venue one week before the wedding. Ideally, you ought to organize everything and include notes with any special instructions on where or what they should be used for and then drop them off at the wedding venue. This is to ensure that essential reception and ceremony items are not missing on the wedding day. No so many people usually think about them, but they are important for the success of the wedding.

5. Get the rehearsal dinner out of the way

The rehearsal dinner should be done at least two day prior to the wedding, and not on the night before the wedding day. If you plan it on the very last night, there may not be enough time to make any adjustments should you find that sometimes are not you had planned or major changes need to be done. The last thing you want is to be disappointed during the dinner, and the best way to avoid it is to have the rehearsal dinner when there is still room to make any necessary adjustments.

6. Make final payments

The last few days to the wedding will be a buzz of activities, and the last thing you want is to miss out on certain important payments. You should check your to-do list and the terms you had with the vendors to ensure you release every payment that needs to be made before the wedding day. If possible, set automatic electronic transfer payments and if the terms allow, make any necessary advance payment so that you get some of the payments out of the way before the wedding day.

7. Learn how to delicate

It may not be possible to check on all the aspect of the planning on your own, and even if you were to do it with your fiancée, it is a sure way to get wrecked on the actual wedding day. Don’t be afraid to delegate some of the responsibilities to your trusted friends and family members to take the pressure off your chest. Just trust that they will not disappoint you and let them help you plan for your big day. After all, you are the bride, and it is your big day and so many people will be willing to help, only if you will reach out.

8. Hire a wedding coordinator

Hiring a wedding coordinator can be a great relief during the last week to the wedding. They will take care of confirming your vendors, taking care of the welcome dinner, helping with the sitting arrangements, and taking care of any last-minute concerns that might arise a few days to the wedding. With them, you won’t have to move up and down a lot in the last week, and you will get the time to rest and relax and approach your big day with a lot of calmness.

9. Take care of yourself

Finally, you have to take very good care of yourself one week prior to the wedding. Be sure to eat healthy, do a lot of exercises and get enough sleep. If possible, take time away from the hustle and bustle of the planning and retreat somewhere to decompress from the pressure you have been under in the last few months.


How did you find our tips on surviving your Yarra Valley Vines wedding week? It is a crucial week which holds the key to a successful wedding, and if you don’t take care on how you go about it, unpleasant surprises may wait for you on the wedding day.

Kindly let us know what you think on the comments section and feel free to share this article if you have liked it.

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