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Take advantage of a world-class video production agency

The value of video cannot be understated when it comes to modern marketing. Views of branded video content on YouTube exploded by 99 percent from 2016-17, while it rose to 25 percent viewership on Facebook. Meanwhile, a video on Twitter is six times more likely to be viewed than a photo-based tweet. Add to that the power of television advertising or electronic press kits, and you’ve got a whole lot of avenues to explore.

Not every business has their own in-house video production studio, though. Which is lucky for us, because we’ve formed our bread and butter to be based on impressive video production services for Australia. Based in Brisbane, we provide solutions to brands across all major capital cities – including Sydney, Melbourne and beyond.

By enlisting the services of a digital marketing firm like tprmedia, you’re given access to all of the latest equipment, editing software and experienced staff to go with it. It’s our passion to deliver the right messages, to the right people, so let us show you how.

Are television commercials still a worthwhile investment?

Over the last decade, we have seen traditional free-to-air television channels disrupted by the rise of streaming services. That includes paid streaming services like Netflix and free services like YouTube, which have taken large chunks of the viewership and advertising spend along with it.

So the question needs to be asked:

Does advertising on traditional television still work? The answer is yes.

If you’re looking to power up your visual content, but aren’t sure how to best be seen, the experts at our video production agency are well-versed in crafting high-quality TVC campaigns that impress.

With years of experience in the industry, we’ve helped a long list of clients across Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and wider Australia to land in front of their audience, through visually enticing video productions that do more than just sell. Impressing prospects to become loyal clients and customers, our work is the reason we continue to do what we do: we help business build an unparalleled following.

The rise of video production services on social media platforms

By creating clever and concise visual content that’s targeted to the correct demographic, your business can witness a huge rise in sales, conversions and website traffic. Luckily, there’s a huge offering of channels to take your pick from, allowing you to distribute your flawless videos across channels that attract massive audiences:

Facebook : The latest research shows that there are over 15 million active monthly users on this platform, with roughly 60 percent of the Australian population busy contributing to this channel. Half of this audience log onto Facebook every day, making it the dominant platform for showcasing video content to extended audiences.

Facebook’s video advertisements are also effective, allowing brands to take advantage of 71 percent of consumers who feel these tactics work better over other forms of advertising.

YouTube : Like Facebook, YouTube has an enormous domestic audience. Over 15 million unique Australian visitors visit the site or app per month, consuming their favourite viral videos and brand advertisements along the way.

On average, consumers are watching 10-20 videos daily – a huge opportunity for exposure for brands looking to tap into the space.

Instagram : Traditionally the domain of images, video is slowly taking prominence on this channel. With 9 million people using the platform in Australia on a daily basis, it is an important avenue to keep in mind when you’re looking for video distribution methods.


Visual Domain Video Production Victoria

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Visual Domain knows what works

We have revolutionised the video production process to be fun, fast and affordable. With Australia’s largest in-house production team we are able to personalise our service to be exactly what you need.

Visual Domain is your partner in production

We are Australia’s largest in-house video solutions company that was founded on the idea that video should be fun and accessible to everyone. We use our tech-led platform to ensure the end-to-end production process is seamless and scalable, delivering on your high content needs.

Visual Domain has created over 50k videos to date for some of Australia’s largest brands.

Dynamic Visuals Videography Production

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We started out as a YouTube channel, and now we’re an innovative digital agency and video production company.

Back in 2010, we were initially creating online content for YouTube. Our short films grew our channel to 30,000 subscribers and over 15 million video views. We began operating as a production company in early 2017 - offering short-form documentary case studies for businesses and brands, as well as music videos, TVC’s, online campaigns, and more. We have now grown to a tight-knit team with a full-suited production studio in the heart of Richmond producing hundreds of videos every year for our clients.

Set Yourself Apart With Video Content That Converts

We know online video. As a matter of fact, it’s how DV came to be in the first place. Before making our shift into a traditional video production company, we produced content on YouTube. Through our creative endeavours online, we learnt and now implement our analytical knowledge in all of our projects.


Yut Film and Video Videography Company Melbourne

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Yut Film & Video is a full-service video production company established in 1999, which services Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra and Darwin, as well as regional Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and the entire Asia-Pacific region.

We think our videos speak for themselves, so click through to our Portfolio page to see some recent examples of our work. Or send us a message via the contact page if you'd like further details.

Yut Film & Video provides the following professional video production services: corporate videos, instructional videos, web & social videos, promotional videos, event videos, film and drama videos.

Yut Film & Video officially began providing video production services in 1999, but was inspired many years before through the combined film making, business training and corporate experience of its founders, James and Michael.

Our difference is our double-barrelled expertise - spanning the techniques of film and video production and narrative development, and knowledge of the communication needs and objectives of business.

Our video and storytelling credentials

With over twenty years working in film and video production in Melbourne, we’ve learnt a few things about the elements that create an engaging story and what drives a compelling narrative. Even if the subject matter is dry or complex, we have the skills to translate your objectives and reinforce your message.  With our experienced script writing, inspired music selection, professional production techniques and editing, we create professional training videos, commercial videos, event videos, promotional videos and web videos.

Our corporate credentials

With degrees in marketing, business and finance, and former careers in the corporate world, the directors of Yut Film & Video understand the corporate and business perspective.

Melbourne-based, but Australia-wide

Yut Film & Video is a Melbourne based video production company, but has clients across Australia and travels regularly to Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Darwin and Hobart.

We work in diverse settings including corporate offices, city streets, factories, deserts, forests, outback gas plants and Bass Strait oil rigs. Our team of skilled video production professionals aren’t daunted by new or unusual production locations, and easily adapt to a range of conditions.

Corporate Video Production

“Every corporate story is different.”

Yut Film & Video works with corporate organisations around Australia to produce professional, high quality, commercial and corporate videos. With more than twenty years experience in film and video production we understand how to use the techniques of film and video storytelling to grab attention and engage an audience.

As technology-creative communicators, we understand the importance of pre-production consultation to get to know the objectives of your project. With our team of industry professionals, Yut Film & Video will translate those objectives into a unifying, accessible and engaging corporate video production that stands out in the noisy and competitive corporate arena.

We’ve produced a range of corporate videos for some of Australia’s largest and best known companies. We’ve worked with Film Victoria, Volvo, Transurban, V/Line, ExxonMobil, Woodside, Australia Post, Target, Grill'd and the Geelong Football Club. See more of our videos on our Portfolio page or visit our Vimeo channel.

We also create: instructional videos, web videos, promotional videos, event videos, film & drama videos.

PurpleMonky Video Production Melbourne

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PurpleMonky is a Melbourne video production company with a digital edge. Our talented filmmakers produce high-end corporate videos and work alongside a digital development team with a focus on publishing our videos through websites, apps and social media channels.


PurpleMonky started in 2009 with a group of friends and a shared passion for film and creativity. Our work has consumed our lives ever since, an obsession that has helped us grow into an outstanding video production house offering a complete creative service.



Based out of Melbourne and London, our team of creatives, videographers, producers and editors offer an end-to-end video content service.

We specialise in case study style promotional, corporate and training films, with a dedicated focus on digital communication. Throughout the production process we work closely with your team to align the outcomes with your digital strategy and ensure truly integrated and versatile content.

Combining the latest RED camera technology with our many years of experience, we pride ourselves on producing only high-quality natural video content that delivers tangible results for your brand.


LoveReel Videography Company

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Our wedding videography services

Lovereel provide candid and professional wedding videography services targeted to your budget so you can relive the best day of your life for the rest of your life.

Planning a wedding takes time – with our videography service we want to make sure that you can indulge in all the memories you make on your special day for years to come. We take note of the little details, film your emotions and the guests’ reactions, and we capture the moments you may have missed: the bloopers, the fails and all the not-so-secret tears.

Choose between a teaser film, highlight film, short film or a feature film – each with its own unique style. And there’s more! You'll not only receive your wedding film within 3 months, you will also receive all the raw footage. Lovereel is available for last minute bookings, just click to contact us!

Zero hassle guarantee

We promise our communication to be exceptional from the very first time you contact us. We are not just a bunch of talented wedding videographers and video editors, we are also business professionals and we understand your needs, that is, a relaxed and stress-free wedding day, an end result that will exceed your expectations, and zero hassles throughout the entire wedding videography process.

Teaser film

These are filled with the beautiful and endearing moments that made your wedding day so special, edited down to a short impression of your love story. Teaser films are great to share on social platforms while keeping the intimate details to yourself as they contain no narrative.

Highlight film

Short and sweet – highlight films are filled with the absolute best bits of your special day, edited to approximately 3 minutes in length. We let the visuals speak for themselves without any narrative from the day and instead edit the wedding highlights to a light-hearted track so you can fill in the blanks with your memories.

Short film

The perfect option if you are looking for a medium length wedding film of about 5 minutes that follows the narrative of your wedding ceremony and the speeches after, including all candid reactions and affectionate glances. Our editing focus lies on conveying the emotions: the laughter, the nerves and all the secret whispers.

Feature film

Our longer films follow the course of your wedding day and put emphasis on the ceremony, the exchange of your vows and the reception speeches after. The moments without narrative are edited to light-hearted music: perfect for those who want to share this memory with their close family time and time again.

Raw footage

Here's what you’ll get: everything! The videos, the audio and all the bloopers, such as a good ol' bouquet to the face (this could make a great gif, just saying). This is all you need should you ever want to have your wedding edited into a film at a later point. Raw footage is included in all our services.

Our wedding videographers and film editors

At Lovereel we pride ourselves on creating highly professional wedding films that capture the memories of your most special day. Our wedding videographers are skilled filmmakers and storytellers who'll go above and beyond to find the best angles while keeping everything natural and candid at all times.

Our team is caring, reliable and organised. Your first and last point of contact will be Lovereel’s very own founder – coordinating your wedding videographer while also keeping in mind the details that are crucial for the video editor: colour grading, audio correction and post-production. Our weddings are filmed in cinematic quality using the best equipment on the market. Our wedding videos are put together by real humans with real emotions who truly care about making your film everything you hoped it to be and more. Trust us, we get goosebumps, too!

Feeling a little camera shy? Rest assured – you’re in great hands. Our wedding videographers can create a comfortable and laidback atmosphere that will make you feel right at ease in being your natural self. We’re professional and we like to keep out of your way: no scripted lines, no rehearsed glances – just the happy couple surrounded by love and emotion.

Whether you’d like a full feature of your day, from morning preparations through to the newlyweds’ exit at night or prefer a focus on the ceremony and speeches – our services are flexible and can be fully tailored to your needs. You decide how many hours you’d like to book us for and which editing style suits your vision. We guarantee your wedding films will be ready to watch within 3 months from the wedding or they're free!


Final Focus Video Creative Videography Production

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Final Focus is a video creative and production company that was established in 2008 by Creative Director Stuart Stanton. We are based in Frankston, Victoria, servicing Melbourne and Australian businesses.

​The education and experience of our team allows us to offer the perfect combination of technical expertise with a highly developed understanding of target market communication. This allows us to deliver professional products that work for your business or brand.

​Our goal is to produce stunning video production solutions that demonstrate high production values and a clear message that resonates with the target audience.

​We know that the first step to an effective product is understanding the client and their needs. Some clients come to us with a very clear vision for the end product, while others do not know where to start.

Some clients prefer to work closely with us throughout the process, while others are happy to have a ‘hands off’ experience. We are comfortable in meeting any need you have and are fully committed to representing you and your brand with integrity.


Burning House Video Company

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We craft visual experiences for any screen and can help you integrate these with existing marketing, communications and sales strategies.


We aim to deliver the best we can every time, to exceed expectations wherever possible. We love what we do and our clients do too.

Quality images, quality messages, quality outcomes.


Think of us as your partner. We take time to understand our clients and their customers, before developing content.

Together we achieve results, we all can be happy with.


We understand you need assurance that your requirements will be met, first time, every time and in a professional manner.

On time, on budget, no worries. And always with a smile.


All manner of video and animation, depending on your desired outcome.

We see visual content as an ecosystem made up of a wide variety of products. Often existing together, each has a different approach and delivers different outcomes.

Together we can help you understand the types of content and decide what will work best for your needs.


Tazmo Studios Video Company

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Based in Melbourne, we provide real estate photography, Video productions, Aerial photography to real estate agents, developers, retailers and builders.


Melbourne Video Production Network Video

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Animated Explainer Video Company

Our goal is to create animated videos that help you explain your business, increase sales, educate your audience — whatever your mission is.

Make An Explainer Video

Partner with a top animated explainer video company like Creamy to explain your business with simplicity and clarity.

Use storytelling animated videos that help people understand what your business does and why your product or service matters. The best animation videos merge storytelling and creativity to deliver a compelling message that your audience will easily grasp.

Explainer videos increase the time visitors spend on your site by more than 50%, and boost conversions by up to 80%.

Tell A Compelling Story

If you’re going to tell your story, make sure it’s compelling and makes a lasting impact on your audience.

Use animated videos to tell authentic stories make your brand stand out from the rest. Captivate your audience’s attention and build brand awareness with animated videos that are engaging and deliver tangible results.

We’ve created hundreds of animated videos for companies around the world, and we’re ready to help you take that next leap with video.

We want to help you do just that.

Launch your Startup with a short 1-2 minute animated startup explainer video that gets you noticed and generates buzz.

Show how your new product solves your customers’ problem. Connect with investors and secure funding for your Startup. Animated videos make it easier to explain your complex idea.

Animated Video Production Process

Making an explainer video animation or any professional video whatsoever is a complex task that requires a team of producers, writers, artists, and creative storytellers. At Creamy Animation we’ve developed a painless and easy to follow process that makes producing your video a truly enjoyable experience. Our video animation services for business deliver the results you need. We’ll do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on what you do best, your business.


First, we sit down with you to understand what you do, your target audience, and why you do what you do. This is the very foundation that determines the success of your animated video.


We develop a video strategy and create messaging that easily connects with your audience and achieves your desired results. The video strategy aligns with the vision and purpose of your project.


We record a professional voiceover from the approved script, create a storyboard, design characters and assets for animation. You provide feedback and request revisions where necessary. On your approval, the assets are animated to create the finished animated video. Finally, you have a well-crafted story ready to deploy, with full copyrights to use as needed.

Animated Explainer Videos

Explain your business, product, or idea with animated explainer videos. An explainer video animation is your elevator pitch — the why-we-matter short and sweet message. We’ll simplify your message to the level your audience can understand.

Startup Videos

Find out how our Startup video production services can help you create an explanatory or demo video for your Startup company. We’ve worked with startups in multiple industries making product startup videos that stick. Launch your Startup with video today.

Educational Videos

Simplify life with easy-to-understand education videos. Why? Because people retain 80% more information with video than when they read. Educational videos should always be an integral part of your online marketing mix.

Corporate Videos

Corporate animation videos are an essential component of online marketing. Create an animated video that delivers a positive image, humanizes your brand, and builds trust. Our Corporate Video Production services will help you do just that.

Branded Videos

Make branded videos that drive a desired message whilst keeping your brand in the background. Content marketing is an essential component of every marketing strategy. You can create sponsored non-sales animation videos that can potentially drive traffic to your business and improve brand visibility.

Training Video

Training animated videos are great for training your team or educating your audience. Learning is easier when both visual and auditory senses are stimulated. Our video animation services help your audience can learn more effectively.

Nonprofit Video

Some of the best nonprofit videos tag on our heartstrings and appeal to our emotional side, compelling us to support the cause. Fundraising videos for nonprofit tend be be the most common. We’re ready to champion your cause with a whiteboard explainer video.

Product Demo Video

A product demo video helps you demonstrate how to use your product effectively. Take the time to explain how your product works in a simple product animation video. The result is more satisfied clients and a healthy bottom line.

Video Advertising

Online Video Advertising has paved the way for smaller businesses to use animated video commercials at a fraction of the cost of TV airtime. YouTube Commercials and Facebook Video Ads can get your business in front of the right customers.

Marketing Video Production

Video Marketing is the most powerful tool for online business promotion in industries like real estate, finance, technology, etc. It should be the central focus on your marketing strategy, why? because when carefully executed it marketing animation videos delivers tangible results.

Presentation Video

Now with the power of animation videos you can make a video presentation with engaging animation, highlighting all the key factors that make your product or service awesome. Make an animated presentation video that’s also a great sales. tool

Video Animation

Our video animation services are not limited to any type of video like motion graphics. You can leverage the power of video and to create a compelling message. We’ll set realistic goals and develop a winning video marketing strategy that incorporate well-crafted animation videos.

Explainer Video Production Benefits

Engage Customers

Engage your audience with our proven video content marketing strategies. Write a captivating explainer video script and create engaging visuals that elevate your message. We help you extract the most important components of your business or idea, to make your story stand out. Your final marketing video will be able to captivate your audience and connect with them on an emotional level.

Boost Conversions

It’s important that the visuals correctly reflect your brand and message. We determine the style that best suits your goals. Some explainer video animation styles include whiteboard video, motion graphics, or cartoon character animation. Animated videos for business boost conversions when added to the homepage.

Make An Impact

Accompanied by a great video marketing strategy, your videos can reach a wider audience and increase conversions. We can also recommend tools that allow you to collect video performance data, that allows you to analyze the how people are interacting with your video content. That way you can make continuous improvements to your video marketing.


One Man Band Video Videography Company Melbourne

wedding quality captures Melbourne



The One Man Band's tale

Hey there! How is your day going?

I'm Steve, the one man band videographer. I do animations, 3D visualizations, motion graphics, filming and editing: the whole deal!

Many businesses would like to have high quality web videos but the costs of hiring a studio are often too high. Being a one-man band operation, I can cut the cost and pass the savings on to you. No fancy office here, no middleman, no sales person harassing you with calls...

It's just you and me, so there is less "white noise" in any communication, which means a faster and more efficient process.

I bring to the table my 6 years+ of experience and my state of the art equipment to make sure  you have the best web video possible for your business. I’m honest, professional and upfront with quotes and costs. Let's work together!

Web videos

A brief presentation of your services or product, 360 degrees of your venue, special launches, clients' testimonials...

Instructional videos

Explain how your product or service works, product demonstrations, expert talks, How-to or DYI videos...

Animation video

Fun animated videos (illustration, sketch or icons) to engage your clients and encourage sharing on social media...

Corporate videos

A product launch, shareholders meeting, annual general meeting or a corporate dinner or event, filmed, edited and delivered to you in a DVD...

3D animation videos

Spruce up your video with a 3D rendering of your product or a 3D animated character. You can also add virtual sets to your presentation videos for that extra touch...

Product slideshow

Animated images of your products or services with text and music, perfect to showcase your product range in an efficient way...



Dream Engine Videography Company

Melbourne wedding videography services


Video Production Melbourne

You need to choose a video production company in Melbourne to produce your upcoming corporate, training or web video. When you select a company that really gets you, and what you want to communicate, you’ll get get the job done on time and on budget.

Clients choose us because they value:

  • Fair, transparent and fixed pricing.
  • Experience working with marketing and communication departments at Corporates, Government Departments and the non-profit sector in Melbourne.
  • Video marketing experts so that your video not only looks good, but drives the right action, and has measurable results.

We have over 15 years of experience in producing corporate videos in Melbourne.

Check out some case studies and view examples of our work. The next step is to contact us with your brief. Once we’ve established that we’re the right fit to work together we’ll schedule a consultation to help prepare your video production proposal.


You’ll avoid risk by choosing an experienced corporate production company that understands your industry, and what’s at stake.

A smooth process

You’ll feel secure knowing that you have selected a company that takes responsibility for this project so that you don’t need to micro-manage it.


A great looking final product and measurable results that will reflect well on you

An enjoyable project

Making a video is an interesting and creatively rewarding process once you’re working with the right team.


Pickle Pictures Videography Company Melbourne

wedding quality captures Melbourne



Pickle Pictures’ award-winning video production team will bring your ideas to life.


It’s simple: our people and approach. Competent, experienced and great to work with, we pride ourselves on crafting high quality video and animation in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra and beyond. Year-round, remotely or in-person.

A Little Bit About Our Video Production Team in Melbourne

Pickle Pictures is a leading video agency with extensive experience producing and directing for television, corporate and educational video in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra and beyond. We have worked with some of Australia’s leading brands, as well as clients across government, health and transport sectors.

Our team of directors, script writers, designers, animators and camera crew are drawn together to create productions of any scale, style or budget.


Video Production Melbourne Videography Company


Your one stop shop for video production

We’re a highly skilled production team who has been providing great video production services Australia wide for over 20 years! We specialise in Online and TV Commercial production, Corporate Video production, Promotional Video production, Animation, How To Videos, Testimonials, Web Videos, Safety, Training and Induction Video production, Events coverage, capture and live streaming.

Here are a few examples of our work

With a combined experience of 60 years in the video production industry, our team is renowned for weaving our magic on thousands of videos, spanning across numerous industries. Below, you’re in for a taste of what we can do with video. We’ve handpicked a selection of our favourites, while trying to cover different genres and formats. Of course, there are a lot more videos where these samples came from in our Video Production Melbourne vault. If you’re looking for something a little bit different or are keen to kickstart your next video project today, get in touch with us now.

We Make Video Production as Easy as 123


Our journey together begins with an initial no obligation chat to gain an understanding of what you are wanting to achieve and if we will be a good fit for your business.


Once you decide you are happy to engage our services we provide a detailed quotation within 24 hrs in order to deliver your project.

Quick Turnaround

Upon approval to proceed our dedicated team will endeavour to deliver your project in the most efficient time frame possible.

Post-production Service

Once your project is delivered our team will be on hand to answer any additional queries or meet any additional requirements at all times. Our number 1 goal is delivering projects our customers are happy with from every angle, it’s our service with a smile guarantee!

Why Choose Video Production Melbourne?

20+ Years Experience

Our team has had the privilege of creating some great videos for great Australian brands.

Quick Turnaround

We are known for our fast turn around and efficient delivery.

Great Prices

Our pricing is competitive, upfront, transparent with no hidden surprises.


Noel Evans Video Production Company

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When creating Promotional Marketing Video many factors can determine which camera is right for the job. To us, the most important component is colour reproduction which is why we chose the Varicam. We're abreast of Industry leading systems from Red, Arri and Canon from production to post production. Those names may not mean anything to you. For us it means we can always choose the most suitable system for the work being carried out.



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